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Howard and Jeremy
Monday, June 11th

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The one place that does make Morse or any other Montreal simply because they have. So it lacked. That is that scene that needs somebody need strength down the middle they have zero. John Shannon sports that ominous last week. Trade rumors involving the Buffalo Sabres big name out there is Ryan O'Reilly in one of the teams that's. Been suggested as a possible landing spot is Montreal. So honor AT&T hotline right now hours. And all of blocked he is with TBA sports. And he's gonna join us talk a little bit about potential Canadians interest in ride a rally Renault it's Howard and Jerry good morning thanks for coming ominous today. Well sit SS set us straight to give us slowly inside on Montreal and whether or not you think they would be interested in trading. Or Ryan O'Reilly. Yet if it. Obviously at the right price I mean though they're not gonna overpay. Or Ryan O'Reilly but that being said we're sure they're looking for a number one sentiment or number do sentiment. They don't have anyone right now in the organization. Who were so I think that title. Seoul. I think Ryan. Visa is an impressive player he's really good defensively you really good offensively. These you superstar type of player no but can he help there's no doubt about that. Couple thing that I and orders of the off on its contract up it I don't know I don't remember where I saw that yesterday but it's been report that he has the a no trade clause involved and hoping that he doesn't wanna go to actually there's no great. Normal trade or no no movement clause in his contract soul I don't know why it's been report that way but it's it's not a fact the only thing into resting his comfort the fact that. Is getting the majority justice pay on July 1 shall. On July 18 now on to lepers coming. You'll get seven point five million points. And is base salary is during the season one million so. These people league that the dialogue require him needs to think about that obviously it's a big amount of the need to pay. Right away on July 1 but that being said can be it fit with Montreal there's no doubt. But like I said if they're not they're not gonna overpaid and not gonna give. I think a first round pick or something else or line of wild they're not gonna give. Obviously they're they're terrific overall. Do you all he had no I wouldn't pay up they are will be I'll sign off on the deal adapt or run. Do you think that that part of the discussion could involved Montreal asking the sabres to eat some of the salary could they do that. Don't know I don't see that they're McCain and they have played a space actually. Seoul may be it that's that's an interesting point that. Also a bit. Two the Montreal rookie of the bandage made the other teams are gonna ask. The Buffalo Sabres to eat part of his salary. But it's not problem port of Montreal Canadians. And now when you look at the Vancouver could not but I do feel they have an interest Joop. It's not an issue for them but. Four or Lional rightly say. I mean on our normal nothing against Montreal or Vancouver black. It will be I think easier for him to play on the team that actually. You know it seemed that it is irregular in the playoff. And he's the type of player that can really help on the role. Make a team member media being a championship. Team. Because of all of his value from. Having him monitored lion actually don't know or second line on a really good team is could be as something really interesting. But that being said days are gonna happen you know but the good news is the captain got to go higher I do feel look at gonna go. At least at eighty million so we'll know more about that I think on June 8 being. And nom. Soul. Is that gonna have an impact. On his next destination I have no doubt in my mind. What about you know when we talk about a rally here. There are a lot of pluses to his game you know you you know you're gonna get you know 5560. Points. You're gonna get you do in the faceoff she's doing the penalty killer is on the power plays any minutes for you. But speed is not one of the aspects of his game in the Canadians for years have been you know you think of the committee to think about the team that skates pretty well that's pretty good team speed. What about the downside to that is that an issue from Montreal standpoint that if you're trading for rhino rally if he's gonna be your number once said it would all the pluses. He's not a guy that really is going to be you know I can't keep up with the speed of the game. Well you know. Understand that but there's something right now war really desperate with having a number one or number twos and it's a big problem in this week which is when you think about it. I will not remember. In the nineties the Montreal Canadians or yet the nineties he had done. Apple corps evil and not scared her at all. And that they traded to urge all because there were saying it had too many sentiment which is little knots today. And this be of age it's not. I mean teams are looking portals sentiment if there are available players. Applause value gone through those players and iPod I think that's what the ball wolf sabres are coming out right now. Yet that he's made is not. Exact depth par with the rest of the league but that being said is that the easiest Smart Larry's really Smart player. I've seen some. Sentiment in this league that are skating super fast but they're clueless on the ice. That not Ryan a lot of waste problem right now so speed is a factor but the thing that he's made their winning Khomeini. Faced off as you said in the fact that he's playing Tom volt power plant they'll be killing I think at the plot or any team's sole. Wolf. I understand that but I think for the Montreal gains right now it's more a question of getting somebody. Is it gonna be Ryan O'Reilly I can't I'm not gonna have bet on that one night I can't because there's so many things up in the air as we speak. Is that a possibility yes that is. When it comes to O'Reilly being traded not just a Montreal but we we've heard terms like it's more likely than not I think a lot of sabres fans would. Understand the value that Ryan O'Reilly has on this team. But it comes to Jason bottles desire to kind of remake it in and whether it's to tear the team down of the studs or to kind of get a different look. When it comes to the likelihood of an O'Reilly trade just anywhere out of buffalo would you say it's more likely than not. Yeah allocated yet no doubt about that there Ed there's no doubt that I feel like. Ryan needs that that the change. You know. That there is the way the way he's playing. You know that I don't kill off passion. But I the same time it stopped to be passionate when. Obviously you're team is not making the wealthier year after year. And that that's the problem. But yet I do feel it it's. Really good options. And I do feel like there's a really good chance they gonna be traded. It's 10100%. Guarantee there's no guarantee in this world and everybody knows but it did a strong possibility yes. I don't expect him to to ask portrayed or something like death. It's just a question getting. You know more. A little bit more emotion and gain. Passion in his game and sometimes. And got nothing against buffalo believe me I do I do feel it more about. Finding a place where. You can feel like teams get a chance to to win a Stanley Cup or at least compete in the playoffs. And four or. Veteran players like that an animal as a young veteran but still a veteran I think it it's important to feel. That you have a chance year after year and now we have to want there are the ball full sabres are playoff team next season. You know there are very young team. I do feel like. Every year but there on the bird joke. You know being a better team that they're showing. But it's not happening which is kind of strange. And you have to expect better and better things or that he bought. I don't know are I feel like they're trying to rebuild. I feel like they're trying to up. Get young players are black as you mentioned may be faster. Which is when you watch the Stanley Cup final again what we're that was that was the difference I think we're via. The capitals. So yes they're they're taking that direction and but. Like everybody knows what I know has value was really high because the tenements and tenement knocked up who took part right now so that's why. You know the sabres are doing the right the right thing by looking around and see what's available out there. We are with Renault all of often student from TV sports. I you know the one big question of course if the sabres are trading round around and if Montreal's interest and of course sabre fencer and I would wanna know what the return might be. One of the names that have seemingly been on the trade rumor mill -- Montreal for years now is Alex gal Chan yuk let me ask you about him specifically. What why is his name always come up what's what's up with him. You know roll that thing is that I think one or all of the reason why he's not he wasn't rated yet it's because beans are a little scared of them. I want one and saying that you know they're not toggle will emerge around the league and Wendell learners. Are getting out then being spread out the bulk may be out. The way he conducted himself off the ice itself the stall. I mean Dallek is not a young player. I think he's not playing and its potential but it didn't play yet there's potential. And I feel like you were better at his first year Ben media that is last year's shall let that not helping. But you don't there's a law being too long war are ready to take no chances. I know the Pittsburgh Penguins whose young hero. More interested in him and then they're there seems like that war. Looking. To get media a young talent player who can play at this sentiment and on the Winger. But like I kept. It's beat off the ice bingo card carrying out people and Woolsey. You know it. It is always depend on what you need in that cut and is it the right fit. The the question but it is. If you if a guy like Alex belching out is with the Pittsburgh Penguins keeping the pressures on him not at all the thing you've got to the perform better because of it. I actually believed so. If he's playing with the Montreal Canadians there's a lot of pressure on him. And under pressure he's. Not. Responding really really well if you look at it that in the well. They're not really really good. So you expect more than. And he's putting a lot let up pressure on until he's a hard worker. You know it. It is that a gamble too great for him in a way yes. But recurring could be really interesting. Well we'll meet our go ahead. Thought I was just saying that he's he secret surprise a lot of people but he needs to. I think you'll be better playing on a team with let's put less pressure meat may be playing. On the second line or turn my about not being the guy that's gonna make the difference I think gonna help. Well the sabres can still use you mentioned fit in needs and everything the sabres can still use. Scoring and speed on the wings for sure. And then there I think we're we think they're gonna still be rebuilding their defense group twos so if Montreal's got any of that stuff send them our way. Well. If you use it for sure beginnings already two to look to trade used CD needs to well. To make sure that they're not gonna overpaying or all the span on July 1 or. When I say over Europe dated may be more on on trade. On the trade side but. Dave Dave Dave did it got beat who thing with the Montreal gained this year. One they're gonna be known that they have access to really good players on July 1. And if that's the possibility they're gonna. Start quickly through make that team better. If they know that they have no chance on July 1 would talk players available. I think we're gonna see. Apple rebuilt it with that McCain did here. I'm not saying they're not that I'm not gonna going to compete. They're going to compete but maybe they're going to be younger team that they were before the sole we'll see how it's gonna turn out. But you don't theirs they're always. A trade can be made. But won't won't won't see it depends on what type of season or what type of success they'll have. With the US they and on the trading market if they don't have any I read you think that the next season will be another thought one Montreal. You know what that night that highlighted a one more question do you Mimi you triggered the Tavares question I wanted to get your opinion where you think he ends up and throw in a Montreal question on that because from time to time you hear Montreal rumored as a team that could make a run at the Bartz. Well you know if if they can there's no doubt about that it will be a great war for a franchise to have a player like him. And it's gonna beat Larry teams are or player or should they will be may be a little bit more interested we're in playing in Montreal. That being said you know the fact that Lou Lamoriello. Is now on the GM there. I feel it gonna have an impact on not on the that the talks with the others. Come and ask you that's one of the reasons why yeah Lou is now with that's franchise the world no country now next two weeks. I do believe that the Dallas Stars are looking at him. I do believe that via a golden knights are looking at him and what bill would those golden knights run. This year I feel like there's a lot of US grades are gonna be. Are really happy to get a call from that organization it's an unbelievable long. I mean the does that the atmosphere there is crazy. And it's I think it's an unbelievable place to play hockey you know somebody said to me well. You know they're gonna compete with the Florida Panthers with where players want to play there's no atmosphere. And in Florida. The only place where you you sense that hawk he is so big in Florida it's obviously and damn ball. Not not in on the right and soul pretty I think I think the last biggest golden Knight even if he didn't win the Stanley Cup. They were the big winners here because there's a lot of letters now want the play put up these. Colonel Bob with a from TBA sports Reynolds thank you for giving us your time and and coming on the show with us this morning. Problem injury and again thank you to know.