06-12 The Nightcap Hour 2

Tuesday, June 12th

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Reps with the ones that's all part of his development plan and really a chance for us to direct our entire roster as well from top to bottom so we'll still work with that threes by and large and Nate Nate you will continue with the ones and twos there but we'll throw Josh and for. From time and time for. Now as a coach Sean McDermott not participating in practice due to some injuries age Jones Matt Milan Logan Thomas Malick had to pre antennae Palepoi all not practicing. Many camp for the bills it goes until Thursday. Run the NFL some players holding out of their teams' respective many chance cardinals running back David Johnson rams' defense tackle Aaron Donald titans offensive tackle. 201 are all skipping their team's mandatory mini camps attempted to leverage for new contracts. Quarterback Andrew Luck is back on the field and during again for the Indianapolis Colts want to miss all of last year while recovering from a shoulder injury. Texans cornerback Shawn Watson he's been able to ditch the knee brace in Texas many camp. That shows more progress to his rehabilitation and being ready for training camp for Houston. Giants wide receiver O'Dell Beckham junior he's been medically cleared to start practicing again however he is not expected to take part in team drills for New York. Pataki ten days away from the NHL draft one team that's been linked to the savers as a potential trade partner the Carolina Hurricanes however. Rumors are and Ryan Reilly possibly being linked to Carolina aping cooling off. I think they're predicting the burger living out of orbit was here sentinel rock that others such a doll or pretty good shot whoever they're looking at a Filipino that the guys are gonna plug in you're not liking your Riley cooled down down here in Carolina. That was my mask Alco of fox sports Carolina he was on Howard and Jeremy this morning in progress that interview on demand at WGR by fifty dot com. Round NHL TS and stare Andre reporting the red wings are in the mix for free agent Winger Ilya Kovalchuk this comes after. Kovalchuk made visits with the kings and the sharks earlier this week. Trigger also reporting the coyotes are reaching an agreement. On an eight year extension with defenseman Oliver act in March in the deal cannot become official until July 1. To baseball fisons loss to Lehigh Valley in the first of a double header today. The second game is about it started you can hear that over on ESPN fifteen to point. The under partly communities shipped means volunteers player and locker room attendants hospitality and rep reason you can help. Go to eleven to power play dot com it's the eleven day partly community shift to liked it to the fifteenth at Harbour center. Supporting cancer research and wellness programs that Roswell park make a wish foundation western new York and camp good days. I'm Dierker for WGR Sports Radio by picked you for breaking sports news techs were sports at 55550. WGR. Sports Radio fine. No effect at all. Welcome back to the nightcap I am Judy the Osce and their Kramer joining me here tonight. And rotating this game throughout the next few weeks the next little bit here in the post right gates' heir of the nightcap. Just and I kept running and out thanks in Alice. I just wrapped up like fifa World Cup draft. Drafting countries Brazil. England Croatia Russia Denmark and Japan. Of those six teams. I think I have the team that I am rooting for. Combination. Of having a little money on the line having them on my a team there. Having some of the Swedish jerseys. And also having. I would say the ability to win the World Cup well it also not being likely so than a front runners. I think. I've settled on Croatia. As the team that I am going for. In the world before cup those red and white checkered jerseys. Or kits because soccer are awesome. So I think I'm go with Croatia. In the air plus 3300 to win the whole thing. That sit on that for the next day or so as well. And Nevada last hour we got into it a little bit on cereal. And a lot of reaction. Right now on the tax line matter on I didn't Twitter machine I did not give might now. And there's there's a couple that were not mention it needs some. Honey smacks. That doesn't somewhat but no it doesn't the frogs school but got. It's it's it's it's it's all right you know it can be appreciated number two focus recent post uniter unanimous on this number number one. Oreo C Andrew Lockett cereals. Or oh split Orioles ahead of third very nice tricks. Honey Nut Cheerios asks for a tricks yes silly rabbit unit tricks. Tracks Honey Nut Cheerios. It's you know it's got a solid combination of being good for you and it still tastes good we didn't mention fruit loops. And then rice crispy treats. Not race Christie that's not a cereals rice crispy treats are not a cereal just they they are not a serial suited you do and not what they were stressed the tree in a bowl with milk and eat it that's not serial. Rice crispy treat is not a serial if you are a great Christie's. Rice crispy seasonality in a box rice crispy treats are its own thing and is not a serial. It is not a cereal you don't you can't. You can't put cereal in a rapper. That is why it's not cereal it's rapper went to go to vending we are vending machine right now give them rice crispy treat it did a rapper. You can't put cereal and rapper racecars retreats is not Syria with us and Allen as a cereal boxes rather mention apple jacks. There's a bunch of series solid solid let's go to let's kick the hour for Dave Dave you're in the nightcap what's going on. They won. The match. And it don't play. Out our. Or. Right. Nobody bought all. On a chalk it up now and then then. Hard earned. Money like that I'm. More options but. Yeah honey bunches votes is it to get to play there's versatility there. But I don't feel as though I can rely on honey bunches of votes I know I don't for you it's not sugary enough it's not know I needed to be sweet and you don't need the sugar. I need pounds of sugar in my cereal let's go to. While we got the cable guy the cable guys on the ninth camp gonna get back. Say what what our guys pretty good area. Are great I appreciate the transition you guys what a great job of you know I think human appreciate appreciate the words I really do mean that. I now erupted late and gotta go number one. And why visit to go number one or you don't want to spend their generation's. Gotta order should not get everything you guys want. It doesn't have the staying power is being one of the traditional cereals. Its powerhouse what I got one orbit that are. You just said it was number one. Well I got one more day you would think it oh count ahead hit me are gonna be what college Cheerios and beer. Are adamant that takes the call. How I have not tried that and I can't say that I several. Frosted flakes it's compelling. I'm not putting a one but I acted I can respect that there's not many cereals like a respect putting number one Annika respect Captain Crunch their reasons parts. I guess Honey Nut Cheerios. I would and no I'm not gonna see Cheerios honey pitchers or be okay with and frosted flakes. Anything else you got number one I figured years to stretch it stretch but frost lecture. As yet it's got portable it's Alec it's kind of like a Captain Crunch that way it's bail outs not too sugary but it's. You know others will. Even people who don't sugar cereals like frosted flakes Italy university in Michigan football you know like. If the power house everyone recognizes it but it Bruntlett but right now we kinda takes a backseat. Michigan. Takes a backseat right now. Yeah I'd get up against second field. Mom I'm looking at this top fifty cereals ranked Biden on your stock come. They have. Honey but to vote ranked sixth. Golden Graham seventh. Peanut butter Poppins never heard of its ninth I'm not sure that is. Brazen branding. I mean it's so boring. Coco pops not the best of the pops. Up best of the Coca existing account jocular as batter cocoa pebbles are batter. And a local policy Cadillac and not what what's your take on Franken Berrian boo me. Not big fans like to go with other. I could I can do better. I think I could do about it I would lean more toward Franken buried and to Mary. I'd couch any count chart that's the only that's the only seasonal serial. That I think is worthy. Everything else. Just get down here. Cookie crisp. Other things in French toast crunch the just made a comeback a great cereal but you know French toast crunch is great when I first came back but it's old. Pretty quickly to maple syrup flavored rice it's later it's in our cereal you need to be feeling a grape nuts of course because of via the jury central joke. Why they called grape nuts no grace no knots. It's a very sign fell dish joke are if you wanna continue to chime in on. Your top cereals and who you think deserves to be number one. God give us call it a three off by fifty we're gonna transition though to the Buffalo Bills and they are coming off of their second date. Of mini camp down at one bills drive in Orchard Park and we are getting closer and closer to training camp getting closer and closer to pre season. Getting closer and closer to some meaningful I think play when it comes to the quarterback competition today if I saw correct. All three agent care any argument and Josh Allen getting reps with the first team but it's. The biggest thing I took away from today Robert Foster. Undrafted free agent wide receiver out of Alabama. Getting first team wraps. Occur opposite Calvin Benjamin. Now there's two ways look at one is OK nice Robert Foster. Pretty talented wide receiver maybe to get a ton of opportunity at Alabama. He gets an opportunity here may be can make something out of it and so far so good east that's number one wide receiver. He's gonna first team reps are ready. But you could look at on the other hand. And say this wide receiver corps is so lacking for talent that. It took. Not even. Two months. For undrafted free agent to get first team reps. It to me that's the side I'm going with right now because a lot of the guys that they have on this roster are veterans but they are veteran journeyman. I'm Gerry Holmes brought Streeter Jeremy curly these are guys that are. Journeyman in the NFL that a bad around the block that have never. All actually all of them and kind of the same white aunt had won a pretty good season. Alex super good none of America and 2000 yards but you know 800 yards a few touchdowns. They had pretty good seasons. Curly homes and Streeter and talk about specifically here. Bought. They have never been guys you can rely on to be a number two receiver or even a number three receiver consistently Curley did for the jets for a little bit other than that. The Mora for number four. And I think this what's your course and a bad spot and I think that's not good it's not a good situation to be throwing a rookie quarterback. So. I think the discussion obviously eased past the start turning to. Dez Bryant he's still out there and I know he's not he is not as good as. Is part of this he's not as good as the Brady the name recognition Indians. Everyone knows who does brightness. Everyone knows best right was once you know the wide receiver in the NFL he's not that anymore. But he still productive. Eighties at a spot now where he's been a free agent. For one a month and a half a decent draft he's been a free agent medium before that. And he hasn't found a landing spot. He got one contract offer that we know of that was from the ravens it was a multiyear deal that he turned down because he wanted a one year prove it deal. You don't go somewhere like dream date which apparently the team he wants to go to my what do you. You're try to go to prove it deal you'll play with Aaron Rodgers you put up a thousand yards maybe more maybe you put up 89 touchdowns and boom you've got that season under your belt. You can show people you still got it. And then you can go get more money in a multi year deal. That isn't what yacht from Baltimore which I believe a seven million dollars per year. Would buffalo be enticing him. Probably not considering if he's looking for that because. This would be one of the most up in the year quarterback situations in the NFL. We have no idea who was starting week one it could be AJ McCarron it could be Josh Allen could be neat and human regardless of which three it is. That's not a very attractive situation for desperate come into. Allen is kind of a wild card this point maybe heated look at Allen it's a in this guy's got a cannon for an arm I could show that I'm still deep threat in this league in the bills don't really have another deep threat. So I could show iso got speed in this league I can still stretch the field a little buffalo I got a Corvette with a giant arm. And packages beat guys downfield he's gonna get it to me and I can prove myself in that aspect of the game. But he can also look at and say rookie quarterback he's gonna go through growing pains the offensive line maybe is not so good how many times even gonna be able to get the ball. Out to me. That deep. But I think the bills from their and maybe doesn't rank goes through training camp without being on a team and you start to get a little desperate. In these sites are any time somebody can be sitting out football freer. Then maybe that's the spot where the bill strike because I think that's a move they need to make. Their receiving corps is not it's just it's very. Underwhelming. There's not a ton of talent there and the fact that in on Dave one injury to say Jones. And that allows for a draft free agent to already be in first team reps I do think is a red flag. I hope Robert Foster. Is good enough to earn. First team reps in the NFL but I'm not so sure it's not just a product of the situation. The only guy. That could step in here right now I think are that they would even be likely to comment and take a step forward would be easy Jones. And I was not impressed with what I saw last season can't I'm not saying he can't turn into a number two wide receiver even this season. But from what I saw last year I don't know if I'd be guessing he's gonna do that. Because he doesn't have the elite speed he's got decent size he was supposed to have really good hands the that did not. Come to fruition in his rookie season. So do you think does bright to remove I think it's good move. Even though I don't really like the player I think the player is overrated. I don't think the player does bright is still number one receiver in this league. But I think he steps in. To this team right now. On the Buffalo Bills and I think he would immediately become your second best receiver and I do not even think it would be close. The other names were talking about like I said on her home's front street Jim Curley were talking about veteran. Journeyman or we're talking about undrafted rookies Brandon Reilly last season. Robert Foster this year you've even it starts that the sixth and seventh round pick bravery McLeod. Austin Proehl. None of these guys are high profile prospects. So yeah maybe you get lucky with one maybe you get a David Nelson. A guy that can come in and get the 600 yards Indian decent slot receiver or maybe you just don't get anything. And that's the series that's a scary spot for me to be in when you have a rookie quarterback that you invested as much as you did in Josh down by not just. Drafting him the top ten been moving up into the top ten again. You need to surround him with solid weapons exactly with the Philadelphia Eagles did exactly what the kids city chiefs are doing right now Patrick Holmes. They know other young critics coming at full what do they do they make sure they retained Terry kill. They select terms Kelsey there they go out expense sixteen million dollars and Sammy watched insurer probably more money you'd like to spend. I'd say any Watkins but you gotta know. That when you have a young quarterback like that you need to give him every opportunity to achieve. Being a franchise quarterback. You have to make sure that he's been given the tools to do it. A not to mention eighty read. Who's. Pretty much since he came NFL's head coach has always known how to place quarterbacks to get the most out of them. See with the Eagles Doug Peterson former quarterback. When it what do Carson what's commend you when he. Stepped into the Eagles he had Doug Peterson former quarterback head coach frank Reich offensive coordinator for former quarterback. As is off it's according he had veteran backup quarterbacks behind Chase Daniel year one nick foale's your two. Right now jot and and then yet they added Al shot Jeffrey they had a bunch of pass catching running backs Darren Sproles one to small what Corey comment. Kenya on bartered to a lesser extent tons of running backs of arguing elite tight end exact hurts. A really good offensive line all pro left tackle. Jason Peters. All pro center Jason Kelsey where these Pro Bowl and a fees opera. Every tool you can ask for. What are the tools Josh Allen has now. Kelvin badger and a nice tool. Charles clay sure is solid tight and I would call will be tight and my aunt by any stretch of the imagination but he's a solid tight and he's above average. It was Shawn McCoy good running back. Really good running back pass catcher to. Our. What else. Not much terms of players. Not much in terms of offensive line. Brain gable. He's no quarterback whisperer. By. Most people's opinion. He might be a really good offense coordinator he's been an offense according to before he did an effort quarterbacks some wreckage of too much and at. But when he was in the NFL browns chiefs they were run heavy. He was an Alabama last year sure product of team always being had they were run heavy team. Here is no precedent really for brain gable being an air it out offense and offensive coordinator. So that worries me a little bit too jury's out on him obviously he's not even coach to gain after the bills and any of defensive minded head coach Sean McDermott. Whose only big quarterback decision. Wit is horribly to possibly could go starting need to Peter and over Tyrod Taylor. So while even Josh Allen wasn't the rookie quarterback that I want it. He's not surrounded with the tools right now I don't think to be it'll be quarterback at least right off the bat. That's indicate to a designer cap room coming up but as of right now he doesn't have tools run to the elite quarterback that's why when stardom in year one but that is also why. I would sign Dez Bryant because maybe at some point Allen has the play. And having a guy would Dez Bryant. Whoever it still stays a solid number two receiver in the NFL. Is another tool that can help out. Your rookie quarterback. 830554. Your thoughts. We are going here in the next segment bills running back LeSean McCoy he talks a lot about Josh Allen positive things. About Josh and also keep the keep the serial takes common right now I've got a a guy here on Twitter saying that I shredded wheat. Is the best of the boring cereals. I don't necessarily know how to take that one of the boring serial shredded wheat white light I don't know cookie crisp. Cinnamon toast crunch number one. For loops and apple jacks would you bottom pair. I don't know. Now Derek she's an Dora bottom pairing that their two year our race Krispy treat. The Lima and where I say it's not a cereal and I still do not think it's a serial. Wal-Mart dot com has it listed as a serial. Right but but I again I think that it did they sell it as serial. And as well as you know selling rice crispy treats but. I'm talking about the serial one with a purple box. And says rice crispy treats I I just hit an issue calling rice crispy treats a serial. What if it was under different means. Apparently there is also braced crispy treats breakfast cereal that's talked about no I think my budget brits for why it's. Watch what I say that I don't know I didn't notice serial existed rice crispy treats serial yes. Called the sugary version of race Christie's. Rice crispy treats US 250 a box. Poking you sound looks. Where my getting this. Mark aegis is that the only place now there's also a target. It might mean like ball pretty easy missed some big ones we did apparently there are some very intriguing varieties of Captain Crunch. There is sprinkled. Doughnut crunch. There is a blueberry pancake crunch. And oops all Barry's crunch. And this serial. I think I might have to put into my top five. I completely forgot about it I do nothing I've had this year us as I was kid I don't know if I seen the cereal since I was a kid. It's more it's. Ask am ORZ. Remembers small worse. That wasn't a lead breakfast cereal. Graham crackers chocolate and marshmallows and what else you need. All me and I am and it puts more in my top five I don't know whom kicking out might be free doubles. I'm archer 83 affected you for your thoughts if it's on cereal on the Buffalo Bills. The dot Dez Bryant who I've been up. Talking specifically about over the last couple minutes gives your calls before we had a break let's go to mark marker and I campus going on. But director Jeremy. I just want to say real quick I don't think. That Dez Bryant it's secure terminal that is clear that. The German bean are trying to build here awful and I just don't put everything on me eat a good fit in that sense but I don't know what you think. Yep let an extra man. Thanks mark it's definitely eighty points that it's I think is a vis relevant invalid. Because I do think they take that into consideration. At some point I think you need to start looking at Tampa. And not just character. And I think it can't factor in but it I would never sign Dez Bryant even if he comes out next year he Petit played for the bills next season. And had a season I don't know 65 catches. For a thousand yards and seven touchdowns. If you bet season with the Buffalo Bills I still would not sign him long term. Not even and I'm sure they would neither because. Yes he does if he's a meat he's been described as a meek guy. Which I guess a lot of receivers get that but he's been described as a media. But to meet at some point don't you want this head coach. Who was Ben. Praise for the character stuff and having a good broom a good locker room. What do you hope at some point. That coach that locker room would be strong enough to withstand. A personality like that if it's. In the name of upgrading your talent level. I'd notch maybe they're not that point yet it's still he's only the second year and there's going to be a lot of different players in their room. But I would hope that we one day reach a point. Read our locker room is strong enough and that coach is confident enough that he can make it work with a guy who might have some character flaws in the name. Of operating yourself tail lines. Maybe it's not right now. But I would like to think that they could do it right now I'd be fine I'd like to think they can add Dez Bryant. In the locker room when crumble. Or at least BA may AB's be a major distraction I don't I would like to hope that. Are coming up next year on the Nike ever gonna hear from a Shawn McCoy he spoke to the media. After day two of mandatory minicamp today in Orchard Park day three is tomorrow. And players have not have off on Friday night believed training camps next. After that. That's coming up next LeSean McCoy next. I'm an iCAD Jody B Osce enter Cramer you're listening to WGR. It is the nightcap Jody B Osce and there Kramer joining here. On your airwaves here at 830 at night on WGR Sports Radio 515. Bills wrapping up their second day of mandatory minicamp today at one bills drive. Bills running back LeSean McCoy spoke to the media after practice here's McCoy with the media. What an asylum has been a great ride man in the room for some of the year again. We have some special pieces. The Germans really put together mean me being there. Group togetherness and self defense office on one doubles points. Talk about Dave walker and hear the impact he's having the players whose very intelligent. Office cornea and Smart person. He's always trying to find ways to the backs of space. On this guest of playmakers. Or showing it in the mall you know so I'm excited outside about this year. I'm excited to be backing that All Saints weird zone. The signal cylinders from vulnerable to actually find ways to get the guys in space. It was said the best. Your. Comment yet probably five good years left you for now or do you still think acts of plan. We will see a lot against a lot to do when you know when and other achievements that I want to make him an accomplice. Libya China. Jot down somewhat some goals to achieve. This is weird because like every year means like. Not that I expect to get this far wages. Mentally like backs like. But offering gore is not allowed a lot of guys like that out there. Sullivan Charlie chase that he went on guys let's fire hang out with an all season a lot of running backs. Early season those. And not the way to view Mies liked it the old eight ball you know so. It dries and Delis like. Armor being when he fought when he for them at the older guys Sonoma kitchen. When and so now was reversed that's okay. I'm still X league player when he's on Garth could moments on. Continue to do better and better notes that much on results that the winds up. On dismay that the portfolio is a ball you know solid already that catch you. So far is there a sit in the chase and 121000 replica. It's both dolls which is that. All and also but it sure was our first time play also since he is so capitalize on that move forward. So lot of exciting things happen what Florida. Will be part of. I gather the it's as close look yeah it's. Huge hole and Linda Linda had just hit home for you. Almost sucking your buffalo. Yeah my first year was it was rough. Transition from buffalo Philadelphia for Philadelphia to buffalo himself together. And he also was mordant and just compete. I find myself in the next Schiavo Karabakh. Some of Austin produce in my name that was supposed to be to my mind clear and are kind of took off again. On the national Sully you know and so far my site near buffalo comet hit me again. You can order Richard. Yeah. A. This meat was lawyer. Thanks. I mean. Those are Richie there. On the line but so it didn't matter. So you might say that the common. Nip it in the bullet you know weight and gotten great players. Eric he's very Smart intelligent plays are veteran. He's been in different scenarios and situations. And you know so. Having that leadership this is this big you know it sees all. Talk or some people say they wanna vote receive. So the best blog as I'll play with its aggressive was well known as soft. You saw miss them all so bottom of those ones on him. You calculate. For money or it's always on received well. That's. That's one thing the other part of that is also got the stuff well. I've been the place is Brian Westbrook is likable player Vermont first here. What form in this next year I won the big stories we're going to what I was back on the drove me okay. So cycle starts as economists on the opportunity. What are you doing so we will send us in the tobacco since gossipy. For starting jobs in the NFL is all about. I mean was somber for a summary we got absolutely made investments. Every wise ops movements on the best of always been a fan of ivory was on Gaza once extremely are. You know make jokes from now it this year for sure. Or when a guy over and he's Smart to do so. We'll see below before working with them on short of the love the short yardage. Type of downs Kimi for us. You know hope you don't take its us now from other net that it worked side silence. Yeah. Think it's good it. More difficult for. We'll see itself about our folks are especially he was there is productive month us. Lot of plays for some games that he's one. Games we've one cause of defense. You know we'll we'll see how shall we different social climate change of the plays a little bit. Maybe not as much read options was very helpful and productive. So we'll see how we're so good thing is stables elephant coats so far ways that the get it done you know in these situations. It's a lot confidence in that department. I think in my office so nob of them tyra but ought to quarterbacks I was it is an onus on special. He sees each each day emailing me. I'll saudis or two might think only two departments such. Centers so he's active player. That's the sun angle to this bird just. Actually wash in place has been a rookie and he's Smart girl he's doing an onus on them. Even Asia on the first with. AJ green you know we've talked those policies when. When you went down we stop them first. On May mean what are we getting you know. Which are what does this summer we traded column in Philly. And there is they'll call me right away at what are we get over. What they say he was say these are Muslims said it is a heck of a player plays are. You know he's on the offense to meet the right reads the laws gossip Romo should be fun. It's different from actually the star quarterback so he's as an add them up so he's Smart play I think the best thing with the young corners and player. It's getting reps repetitions is made and we have to change here and give them faux news or. So we'll see the worst thing is like not all our economy right. Applauding it supporting each Cordova with the good thing is I've been. Or for awhile is they like that so on the basis of their offers here it's like for where does this story. So abruptly that rule. At practice but it's not so much about Josh Brown's arm strength. Have you had a chance to look at it see it. I had to be done is he's a pretty good. I'm not a big fan of rookies from off the best rookie of the like. Semi careers probably men. Cherry trees really do. And a lot of guys as rookies to not like. It's not straight pitch anyway. Quarterback is on a level is good Smart insular of course it goes and message that probably should have been thrown. And other and a strong on these very intelligent. He's too Smart tones you know promises they made easy it's not like exams taught me you can say he'll say it was up. Well as a talent level. Guys were relieved to have a lot of years before that he takes over eventually meet certain early mr. processes. Common sense way. Especially. Us that's for sure. Only days and things like that they study carried right now gotta give saleable. Suite five times and they get that you don't. Though here and there. I. Well still early. I don't make Obama Jim Kelly already. He's learned that the things the rookies in quarterback is such an important role he's like a colts on the field. As far as making the right reads. Being confident. Yes it was us and learn from is positions are seen as the lineman protections. As Islamist plea. Internet its talent wise and intelligent. He has in store equipment and awesome friends. These oppressive he's saying he's confident when practical to. Came back to measure came down score. He does things like put the ball in the right places. Jump balls that soldiers. Audit things that you have to like kind of a mind. If the Sox will players he's common answer you know I'm not sure. Anything about why only. With the tone there our players he's given players an NFL level and gone about flu like me. We're match ups and it's and makes life easier for them and now. But you'll see is these were used in computers are. This year that you would probably be Coker. But. We'll save our soft because I think. Vinson is really really good thing emerging as a superstar. Column products and personal that allows them miles better like more polished. What they'd like to start there's growth you know by two guards indomitable. Way out they work don't tell evil crazy you the wrong with the failed to. Well this shot walls of the ball so be. A lot of times as far. We're close enough he bought tickets houses day. Game. You know and nice he's he's happy where is that these were a team that also told them it was for sex about the about the trees and I was. There is things like gold so pleased that they want so we're asking you have to run. I've Venice where it's welcome to speak on. This off the teen starlets for ways to treat me anyway that you definitely in a cinco of them. He understands that he's leave that team and have a lot of weapons on those are score really well losses. One costs top ten top team TARP found. By the way thirties waits long. Thirty. That's bullish. All but not any kid from a Miami. Jarvis as we go to. New ideas Carlos Austin obviously awesome players. Happy Easter songs that you please and so news is that he's an industry's positive. Positive place and that's that's what matters quarter. I. Now I think that public someday man we'll need a fifth able. There's other good already but. With the what. Always had success with the patriots is their last success development. Is throwing the ball for sure. You'll see a lot of similarities from awesome pages. That's because. Want things where is always targeted matches are watched anxiously place that you've got guys like to grow this is going is off Islamic please put. He's all the different match ups he had my back linebacker who wants it to collate a particular loyalty so. Even with the big target you know men's and woman in the walls he's always sort of defuse it defense and find. That investments. And malls offices success as they do. They do so on one ball in different formations keep Gaza ballots. All be on attack. That's mortgages. Aren't simple offense. Similar so. We'll say homicides here actually the first officer's office is crazy please. Lot of studying. Or. Great calls and. Want to work for the third test is there I feel aides turned thirty so is how to make. Let's lot of great players owners are happy to be even on the list. Effort points here. No. But he Galloway gaga not core Mac so hopefuls say that often it mattered debacle. What not a lot of good players on that list is excited to be on the list home. Personally I think I should never go. It some thought might put a five Doonesbury BR I'm thirty years old when he when his little girls. That's my thing and I don't have. Thursday bills running back LeSean McCoy missed any that you find in our on demand audio. At WGR 550 dot com coming up on last call in the nightcap a yet to really interest in quotes one. That I think is. Bear the relevant in the NBA but he superstar player and where he could be long term the other. I think is our first clue. I knew where the value lies. With guys that write a rally and maybe a another player who's been talked a lot. About on the Carolina Hurricanes the quote from Elliot Friedman that is making the rounds right now. That I think. Tiger is a sign over the value could be. On the these players odd day for you coming up next west com and I kept 8030 by the former segment coming up next are here in the nightcap on WGR. I. Through the use. Last call on the night cap here and WGR Judy B Osce there Kramer 8030550. Tease the couple. Quotes before we hit the break one is NBA related one is buffalo sabre related look at the NBA one. Out of the way first Tyree Irving. Says quote signing a Max deal will not citing a Max deal with the Celtics quote doesn't make any sense. And Kuo. And that's and seen a couple ways sought boss and succeeding in the playoffs without Irving. And without court erred and it took seven games for LeBron James to finally take them down. DC Jason Tatum emerge you have breaks even or getting tabs league boy genius head coach with the new Popovich. Exactly so maybe it's not carrier means T after. Yet I I can totally see how he sees it that way and now there are reports that LeBron may have interest in Boston in the Boston may have interest. In LeBron and if he doesn't want to play with a bra and then. Why would he sign a Max deal maybe plays one year or the next long term deal he could play one year and then leave or you get treated. I don't know I aids he's also been linked to the next I would guess he ends up there. Because it does seem carried does want his own team I don't think Boston is his team. He would go to the Nixon it would be his teammate forcing guests is a unicorn and his amazing bullet. Tiger it would be carries the if you wanted to it would only help. Forcing a stamp carrier exactly so there's that out there carrier mixing he would not sign or doesn't make any sense of signing long term deal with Celtics. Then we have a quote comes from Elliot Friedman was a big who were sports at 650 this afternoon. But I guess year be evening because of the time difference. He says I'm benefit no Hannifin Carolina Hurricanes defenseman and right rally Buffalo Sabres center. A pertaining to the Canucks. Quote. The one thing I've heard is that I think the conducts were aggressive with what they have prepared to offer for Hannifin. But I do not think they were prepared to offer the same thing for Riley. And I'm assuming that means the seventh overall pick. I know there have been rumblings out there they offered the seventh pick for Riley from what I gather. That is not true that they did not offer it for him but I do think there's a chance I really do. My first thought is. If I think Vancouver maybe is a sign into. Where value stands around lead in terms of a Riley and Gallagher no Hannifin because if a team like Vancouver is willing to give up. More for Hannifin that are Riley. Wall maybe you could think that and then at the sabres were gonna make a deal with the O Reilly to Carolina. And of the Hannifin was included in that deal. If some teams they can think more valuable around the league maybe Carolina also thinks that. Soda can either be hockey trade one for one. He needs buffalo would have to give up something else at that point I'm just not interested whatsoever if I have to give O'Reilly and something up for no and then. I'm not in on that. They could ever say they don't want offer the seven Perot picked to me is mind blowing because you're not getting it that type player they'd board they don't have much in their system that isn't their true star young players in Brock passer and ball or bad he'd have to think they're not. Getting rid of they don't have anything else that's even close to valuable enough to get a player like Bryant rallied and the seventh over OPEC so essentially what this says to me is if they're not willing to trade the sever thorough over OPEC takeovers out I'm right. They're not enough time yeah I would say that and mean the other the only other thing is with buffalo. If you talk to Vancouver. Why else can they offer you that would actually be worth noting that the point they're the only other thing is both Corvette or Brock passer in the air and I would be stunned if they would give up either one of them. Jim Benning has done things. And that's why it's true he's one of the he's one of the few GMs were I personally truly believe I could maybe do about it. After a lot of meat Beason. Trying to protect myself they're trying to protect yourself but you know I had a car I was one of those I personally don't believe I can do a better job Jim he is Pete's really bonehead decisions. Now he could be getting pressure from ownership to site. There are other factors you know total yards rules write the logical thing to do was to rebuild. That team is. A tire fire right now. And they just lost their 22 of their best players they're veterans mr. dean's that probably should moved on anyway. So I don't I don't know why they think they can compete right now. Other than their owner is. Telling the GM you need to win right away. We're not rebuilding. So that's probably the case but. And all the bees from Vancouver's perspective it looks like right around you may not have as much value as a guy like no and so that is definitely something to keep and Diane are. Tomorrow on the station. Jolo in qwest's bonds quest. Brother of Hendrick Lundqvist. Captain of for Alando teammate of roster stallions he will be on the morning show with Howard Jerry tomorrow morning at 915 is a good get. Roster style means actually talked about him is being. One of his icons growing up playing hockey in Sweden and and getting to play with them. Joseph long quest tomorrow at 9:15 in the morning turn on the afternoon show it to golf that. Mike Hsu open Branko zeal to 6 o'clock much more coming up on the afternoon show is well. Myself and their Kramer will be back tomorrow hosting the nightcap but ESPN radio coming up next right here you've been listening to WG.