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Monday, June 12th

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Enjoy at all. Do you really. Reach up to. There's still remember Ryan geeks who gives them keep up a bit of debt. It costs each track. Who the real question. The question wrong. Then you're happy. Beats the nightcap well it kind of crash that they can't get past accent. Nice and easy. And the other side eighty seen fight KG odd name and Putin from running in gates' keynote at present. Yeah Adam West who seek the holy Grail but. He's the ads they'd better not be on Sunday was brought out. What do you mean Africa and all Europeans want it. I'm I don't act. Kucinich is the news. Well yeah he's singing in your opinion on WGR. Sports Radio 550. All rights. What's going on guys trying deeds. We've got an NBA finals. Are still gone on so. No sweet no sweep. Because the cavs won. I know that's the deep analysis you come to the nightcap for the cavs won game four and now there's deemed five. On Monday. Lest it become do you here at 8 PM right down our long pregame time 9 PM tipoff. If at the cavs win will also have game 6:8 PM on Thursday. Both last night the penguins the penguins' are once again your Stanley. Cup champions. Sidney Crosby once again your Conn smythe trophy winner. Any game that's gotten me L one point so outside. That I was wildly screaming it in words that I should be and using. Words on Twitter that I've sensed that chastised for and moved out manulife bites. Yeah that that game last night was. It was such a messy game to begin with EU you're watching the game and it'd just. Not a total float to let's just fair read. Both teams are being aggressive. But is just fractured there was no hole. Real clean play clean break outs weren't happening it was just a lot of jumbled mass in the neutral zone. And then of course there. Was the the noble. The called mobile. Wedge. They just. It's me good results not just because. All that had to be done for this rap Korea. I kind of understand though the position ball. The referee is in the corner shots taken and he thinks that it's caught by a Murray. Wine it is aunts and talks lying there in the crease. The whistle gets blown just as. It gets hit into the nabbed by cold season's biggest stick is right on the puck and that's when the whistle gets blown. And it's no goal which. I guess is the correct call and they said that on NBC sports last night. By the rule of the law by the rule of rule book what I've heard that is the correct call. My biggest problem is okay. Well. As a refereed. You gotta be about her position. You have to be. Behind the not a little bit more. That do blew the whistle in the coroner when all he could see is mammary he can't see anything else in front of Mercury he probably any gutsy call citizens there. Always always mammary and assumed that he can't talk because. I mean it's up to population caught. And he blows the whistle. And I know these referees are trained. For her. Blowing the whistle as soon as they lose sight of the puck but is there has to be. A little bit of discretion when doing that because of situations like best and obviously it being the Stanley Cup finals game six and elimination game and Nash bell. It's going to be. Maurer targeted. It's going to be under a finer microscope. Butts. You just have to do to be better there and he's tired I got the best in the business in the rough Korean world. But they're just have to be away for US are refereed to. Not make that. Whistle so quickly if you've got to be moving your feet as a refereed to as there's a shot on that you need to be in a position. A little more behind the net to make sure that their pockets and looks. If you're just standing in that position you can of never seen a pop a cap and you need to be moving your feet as well as a rough three. Should about a ball. Meade Brian has routes you're talking about a news like I'll probably going to be 61 and power plays in favor of national now because of that call. Wasn't quite happening there was five and three there Nash Ville. Just couldn't finish either yeah today they held play for the get a lot of time there were pushing a lot Pittsburgh was on their heels towards the end of the game. And national can never find. That call and do you think Brian Johanneson in May be. The the effect that he might have had on the seas series I mean the fact that you can't cold seasons as your number one center for the Nashville Predators when. No one had known his name for the Western Conference. Finals. Mean all the Sundays you're number one center if you figure with Johansson may be Dave Dave have someone who's. More of a finisher but that didn't happen and obviously. The penguins dealt with a ton of injuries. Without their number one defensemen throughout the playoffs and men hate on him so much but. What Iran again by the penguins. And you know what I look at it this way. For the sabres got a GM from that team. Who was. Reportedly. An integral part of what's been going on there from the development of the players. From. The salary cap situation. Hiring the coach that ended up being the two time back to back Stanley Cup winning coach. Yeah I was up there on the ice celebrating last night wedge. I have no problem went. I know he's got a lot of his plate right now. Put it he was a big part of that team was a giant part of that organization. And his fingerprints are all over what went on there some are gonna get upset with the guy for going to celebrate a little bit with the people buddies back. Ten years of his professional life way. That's a big moment I don't wanna championship last year but it's a big moment to. Be the first team since the late ninety's to win back to back championships the first team to do it in the salary cap there. And of course you know he's gonna be in the room with a wrecked pocket. We'd be like all right let's let's let's talk a little wreck or he could go over and talked Phil Housley a little bit. The shock our hands there fuel on them I don't bodies there to. So it could be a mixture of business and pleasure for what Jason by trolls doing down there. So I'm not gonna I hate on them too much because he was there. It was out on the ice celebrating with the team and I know says sabres fans up here we do it and wins and Cindy Crosby but. I don't think it was too big a deal. The penguins went back to back ups in no more hockey but we get to the exciting part. The off seasons here the off seasons here and expansion. Is. Gonna be comment fast and furious. We've already had some move. Made today wed. Teams asking their players to waive third no movement no trade clauses which. We were just listening to Gary ball list there and be. Vegas golden knights insider about the Marc-Andre Fleury situation. And I'm still incredibly confused by this whole thing because if he only had a no trade clause he one of Adam waive his no movement clause. So all. That whole conversation doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. But you wouldn't have to eat you can just put Vegas on the list of teams they could be traded to appear in our country flurry if you only had the no trade clause but. From my understanding now he has seen no movement and no trade clause which. What I I guess that means what he waive your no movement the no trade clause comes into a fact. So now we can make that eighteen team list of teams that he would be traded to. But then the reporting is saying that the only reason he waved his new home no movement clause is if Vegas wanted to take him. So is all hall confusing situation here but he did have a no movement clause. Because otherwise you wanna had to wait it. So area. Offseason expansion it's all here even trying to keep you guys. Up to date on the latest in rumors the latest in some ideas that we can use for the expansion draft coming up. And I've and just sitting here dying for more of the action the action isn't coming yet. I'm wondering at what point it's going to start coming because. If there's going to be trades made before. The it has happened. Before fell Friday the sixteenth before this Friday. The by this Friday there's going to be a league freeze. I'm movement. And this is another confusing part because. With the lead trade freeze the biggest is kind of exempt from all that's. So they can still all negotiate with free agents which we already knew but they also can still make trades. So we use if your team you can only make trades at Vegas on. That sounds like the way would be right away I heard it first us well Vegas trade but. Nobody else so right that's that's kind of what what got me is okay Vegas and trade but no I'll scan and so therefore our biggest can't trade but it. It must be that. You move can trade with the Vegas because they have this window where they can negotiate with free agents that you know negotiate with you so that has to be. Part of that is they're going to be allowed to trade during this period. And it. It's say it's gonna start coming real quick lag between did earlier this morning kind of I think was from camp for Ryan Lee yet he kept friendly. All of the dates that are coming up. For our expansion things that are involved with expansion solo coming June 15 which is what's that Thursday. I think it's Thursday Thursday deadline for first club elected salary arbitration. Arnold I mean song's gonna move on from all move up passage you know what that means. I don't. All right cool NHL first player buyout period opens so you have your your period here that's. If there is a player that you buy owl it's. Could you don't want to be forced to active and that could happen. Also it's like a can be AXA could be out there idea I think you know what they mean by does that mean first club elected senator Richards and so the question also club can right so let's say the sabres for instance wanted to go to arbitration with Robin liner right now. Which they will not want to do because it's numbers last year yet and all that great a deadline to do that. So the team wanted to go to arbitration as oppose right players going to go to no good exit exam was might be Jonathan Erwin for the lightning. These numbers haven't been great. He had one good year last year if he goes our it the team wants to take an arbitration and it court or whatever and decide. How much she's gonna make they're gonna look at his stats lie they're gonna look at compare herbal contract rights in authors are Jonathan drew went on. I don't my value is. And when I'm projected to be so. I don't wanna do that that's the situation where the team might want to do. OK okay and I'm now makes such an excess thanks Joey thinks configure here. So yeah that fifteenth which is Thursday. NATO first whereby Al puree it opens some teams can dial players. Not really expecting anything from the sabres here one expect a buyout more say in our minister Bogosian. Georgia's at this point if they do decide to buy any of those players out I would expect that column. Later rotten. Baton. The freeze comes in June 16 that's not on this list but that's when that will be happening 5 PM June 16 June 17. 5 PM which is. It's rendered yes Saturday. Expansion draft protection lists admission from all the teams of the thirty teams will submit their lists. Mostly for a little while. 10 AM indeed lists will be released to the public so you'll be able to go out there you'll be able to find sabres protected by a sea of Dave. God Tyler Ennis protective Evander Kane protective or send us your organs protected you'll you'll be able to see. Well what the sabres have decided deal with the protections. And nine. That's one really Vegas kind of takes over here. Vegas we'll have the ability to make trades with teams all the ability to song I mean. I'm restricted free agents and unprotected. Restricted free agents. So. That parts interest because. According to the sign sign you up days makes it sound like even if the UFA is protected. That they would be able to negotiate with them an unprotected. Our phase which opens the case. Not to belabor here. So the UV owners are free agents though. So like let's just for instance a Kevin checkered 'cause he's like the tough guy right self wash wash not protect while right now that that's probably what's going to happen but let's pretend we're in a world where Washington is going to protect him because I think there because they think they're gonna sign him. And wins. Does that mean that Vegas scale and talk to those guys to protected. And boy is it not you it's not suck if he's protected. Than out soon McCain as well autism. OK I just it's weird to me that it's signed UF pays an unprotected RF days and there's aid. Distinction between. The ball you know it would be I would think you sign I noises and Ginn caught up in semantics and get caught up in semantics. So eighteen of the 21 Vegas can negotiate and sign UF phase they could sign our phase that are unprotected. Then at 10 AM on the 21 they submit their players selections that night. Vegas will have their team released will be announced during the NHL awards ceremonies which is happening in Vegas so you'll hear. All of that happen live. Will be. I'll be here. I'll be here for that so will be hanging out checking that out. I think there isn't. Oh wait that those selections don't get out in them time 10 AM in the morning until. One of the awards aided night. Yes I don't know exactly why but something around there you know as insiders are going to be our teams are I mean those guys are gonna be working all day that's going to be. I almost don't want them to it. To get it out Melamine eyebrow CD or get it happen live. It and be a pretty cool event where. I don't know I don't know exactly how. They'd be able to do it because that would be cool if those like the NCAA turn him in almost three no more than got cameras in every athlete locker room. You've got all of the unprotected players Cano in the locker room and when the need gets announced they have to like get up and leave the room and board a plane immediately. I guess not even you know we don't even get to go say goodbye here's your family. It's like being voted off the island and survivor UNICEF. If you grab your stuff. He got her clothes on your back in a backpack your head in bossier go to the airport straight to Vegas. Sorry mammals and you can't say goodbye to your wife and children it is guy goes straight to Vegas. How they can do it a one radio but on signing day in college when you have an hats laid out and then you pick. You'd you put the hat on that's the team you're gonna Wear. That of George brief egos around he's got all the play on all the unprotected players via sit at tables. And he's got. It all every single player is at this about Eddie's got 32 hats. In Egypt. Oh look like behind them put a hat on each one that he selects it's like the bachelorette yes it's like the bachelorette instead of passing out roses they're gonna pass out. The biggest goal tonight caps and be like. Mammals and will you accept that this biggest golden knights cap and scum with me to Las Vegas where we will have. Years of. The Thai teams. Will have years old times where we've spent time together. Yeah that's so that's all coming up and adolescent Gary Wallace a little bit today. We've been hearing a lot about how this is going to be crazy time for movement in the NHL. In the way that he described it has been creeping up in the back of my mind where it was. Okay. Originally I thought was. There's going to be taught a movement because teams are going to value certain players extremely high and they're not going to want to lose them for art. Just nothing. And just give them up to Vegas for work for nothing. So I always thought that there would be movement between teams that wasn't Las Vegas. Just because teams are gonna want to get value back for their players. And some people need this point to me like I kind of ignored its. But it's. They would be getting players back. By in the situation of like Anaheim for instance. It appears that Kevin BX has not been asked or will not waive his no movement clause so he's gonna have to be protected in the we've got. Vet and and in follower and Manson and was last I'm missing. Cement went home let them. So they're gonna protect a couple of those guys they trade one so let's say they trade value in and they get a bunch in return. Maybe even a bottom pairing defensemen in a good foreword. And a prospect or pick whatever. It's potentially you could still lose Josh Manson and you're down two defensemen. So hell I'm wondering. If there is going to be a ton of movement between teams orbit strictly going to be between these teams in Las Vegas. Because the more I think about it I just get this feeling that's not going to be media major trade between the Buffalo Sabres in Minnesota Wild. It's going to be. All these ideals for the expansion draft as opposed to these. Big hockey traits that we've all been hoping for. Maybe just because the times here. But the the rumblings. Have him back in continuing we've only heard diss the small rumors involving Vegas and other teams in the east ideals of place we haven't heard anything about. Minnesota our Anaheim teams are inquiring about these players but there hasn't backed anti. Alter their really high there really hot I don't bar ban. There hasn't been a whole lot of that sell its its kind of its fueling a little too quiet for. And maybe that's why I'm getting this feeling is is feeling. A little too quiet and out expect pretty much right after the cup was over. Maybe there's this integration period they wanna be like all right let it breathe a little bits didn't go seven games so we got some time to breathe a little bit. But I mean it's Friday Friday or trade freeze is going on so there is movement between teams that's going to happen that doesn't involve Las Vegas. Scripps assumed. Only a few days left. Remember this morning peer LeBron did tweet. Subject to change my sense is biggest won't announce. Trades until June 18 21 window strategic advantage maybe. Yeah but. That makes a lot of sense for me in Vegas sands. The confirmed they exist perspective but I'm still thinking about the movement just between other teams is where I'm more at. If that does make sense you don't want if you're Vegas. They're to be. Deals coming out now words okay let's just use the sabres for example there. The biggest is going to take mammals an awful big as his roster and the sabres are getting all third or second second round peck. Somehow or other teams kind of know what the price point is and that all the sudden they are not enough either pay a higher price. Or are global trying to low ball Vegas because they seen that. So all I can see from Vegas this perspective illustrates not be announced but there's going to be movement elsewhere in the league. It asked pests are coming soon and I wanna see it happen and some kind of sick awaiting already and is being impatient. Missed being impatient it'll 305518885525. That your phone numbers here if you got thoughts about expansion. We got thoughts about it the cup final last night's or take NBA finals coming up. APM we're gonna have our pregame for you. What do you think of LeBron LeBron trying to Kerry's team back to another. Another big comeback in Ohio and then all of a sudden maybe the whole conversation changes about him leaving it down. It's a constantly GG conversation so that's why it's a great one to have on the radio. Are at Wright gate started the Osce were hanging out with you here for a half hour or so on WGR. They get. Let's get they may be you know I would expect your critical 73 and so. Maybe looking at a defense vulnerable tiger from them by effort got to beat buffalo was achieved that. It'll probably could help solve expansion problems for another team it'll be addressed to the big trade. Would another club prior to to these extra. There is that scary lawless formerly. Called TS. Involved he's the biggest golden knights insider. Working with the team. Get their message out. I need their social media has been doing an excellent job of you know really in the team out there. We ask Jerry Wallace talking there about potential trade with. The sabres. And it. Having them betray with another team not necessarily Vegas by another team to you make a switch because the sabres are. There sort of pre race or set a pretty nice if they wanted to add defenseman. They could easily do it and have that defenseman protected along with. Jake McCain and Rasmussen is the line and and then you're leaving. But OJ and Georgia's just talk available all along with some new phase in some. Guys Sina I was wondering when I first heard I don't think you can do this but saying it Minnesota rings up. Buffalo OK they know the sabres they really only monies to those defenseman spots and it would be the third defenseman you would want to protect their right now. But he just in fall. Like me who I want. Right exactly so so I'll protect Maine Minnesota calls it was like to listen you're not using that third defenseman spot we've got four we need to protect here. Will give view a peck the you can use to go in a different defenseman or maybe decently that so we're gonna trade you our defenseman. So that you can protect him in in your gonna. Section eight companion to send him back now weigh now and never have you can't trust these tunes like that. It's way too much trust way too much trust going on and that's an area of which could work in a scenario where like relatives were both GM like Tim Marie primary thing I mean back back when there was that go on and by a man there's no. I've heard another potter all around the yes there are others maybe maybe he's got a good enough relationship with the Pittsburgh people who do that but down maybe. Down now where. Be a B instinct like where had that Joseph but I just. That was absurd. That's the that was just absurd. Like the thought process like creativity but essentially you're loading out your protected spot right you're you're selling now. Knowledge let this go now could you you can really sell your effort to be like we have an opportunity here meal we have two defensemen that we really want. Protected. Greatest your defensemen in your first round pick and wall protect that guy traded back to you because we want to efforts pack or if there's maybe eight. Anaheim prefer us. A defenseman they prefer. I don't know sandy van and so they trade and into buffalo. Buffalo protects them on all they they decide to go for a fourth time to Manson to and then they trade vaknin for mansion back. Who Alec off well that's the defenseman. But it's but he Anaheim gets the one that they have a preference for. The C this is now we've yet that's juices flow and that's the creativity that that's interesting because. The sabres are one of those few teams that are any pretty good spot. To be able to. Have something like that happen. I really don't think anything like that what happened buds. It is this usually think about its exterior thing about. So I was off on FaceBook today spent some time on their most days. Post stuff from the GR page. We we keep in touch with some people. Today there is a message that pops up in my notifications. Just sides buffalo sports networks have won six to lead the event quote buffalo bills' super corporate. IA did not know that event was happening. No word by it was a happening in June or maybe whenever ballots for some reason that often enough. So you realize they get all these random. Notification sometimes under the FaceBook has really taken it to the next level used to be able to be on FaceBook and you only get notifications when someone. Commented on your wall where commented on the pitcher or you're having actual exchange with someone. Now they just throw all these notifications that you would too. I guess make you feel special. Like I don't need to know and every single one of my friend's birthdays there there's that there's if your income groups every single time I don't posts in a group. You get a notification for that have been used to be it if you if you like reply on someone's post. Any other reply to that same poster I get a notification that you. Well it's our yeah that's. Mr. much. It's because people want to feel all special salute all of a sudden. Yeah you go away for a little while in your off FaceBook for a few days in the comeback and you're like oh wow eighteen new modifications. People really do like means and then you realize that none of them have actually anything to do with you now we sure this is a Super Bowl creator not Stanley Cup parade for June because that would have made more sense that would make more sense and I don't recall. I've hurt seeing this event actually the have been or clicking on it's gone nowhere where it happens I mean I can actually tell you was deleted though and all sizes. Deleted the events buffalo bills' Super Bowl parade and now I can't access anything about it side can. Can't really tell you much more because I sensed weeded. Most of someone can find it on archive dot org. I would say it's it's going to be this India for the Buffalo Bills suitable. I did find an article about this scheduled at that. From last June. Only half yet and it was scheduled originally for February and then rescheduled to June. That's a wide but. It's interesting clubs not happening in 1000 people signed up its knowledge of a parade. Yeah I think they're hoping that they would be the first ones to start the event and then when the bills win the super ball everyone would it be like see yeah. Condit Arab and we we predicted it before it happens. And now maybe this is a move to cover their tracks there I try to do the same thing next year. Maybe that's what's going on. Speaking of the bills you know Jeremy Maclin he's not going to be a bill. That's too bad is was pretty pumped thinking about the possibilities of Jeremy Maclin enough bills uniform thought it would have been a great fit with the team. Ends up deciding to go with the ravens. And. I would like to move. Get a little more involved in the thought process put us behind the reason why he ended up choosing the ravens if that was. Maybe it was something as simple as the bills were offering one year. Kind of approved it DL and the ravens were offering to like I get that. Maybe he wanted the opportunity to be. So what we're number one wide receiver much like he wasn't Kansas City even though tight end Travis Kelsey ate up most of its targets this season. So he wanted the opportunity after two years ago when he was that number one receiver. He had a close if he had a great year he had a great year and maybe he want that opportunity got to put those kinds of numbers up. But it just made so much sense to me dug a fit in buffalo the fit in buffalo made a lot of sense to me if you're a guy who. And necklace 29 years old. He's 29 years old. It's got again later in his career. These these players now they don't really last too much even though the high level players they don't last too far plan passed thirty. There's UG a few more good years past thirty and that's. So now let's get anything you like. Play in his career maybe that's why he wanted to you want that opportunity to be the number one receiver put up the big numbers so they can continue to get paid. After his two year contract with the ravens right now. Army to the ravens did end up offering more money because the bills head and valued at a certain area. And what saints be willing to go above that because I think that's how this front office now operates they look at a player. They place a value on him. And it's. There's probably some wiggle room because that's how negotiations work you have to be willing to to move a little bit. But I don't think there're there are going to be team that's going to be thinking like okay Baltimore's offering. Acts and more money than we are we got to match that even they'll sell pot you did report that the bills to making a I'll call last day it stated make an equity US effort. Offer this afternoon before he did end up taking. The ravens' offer and then you've got Josie Anderson reporting of the bills were even involved that the kind. So it's. Kind of masked edit the Eagles were even after Doug Peterson said last week and bright to reporters faces they had no interest in Jeremy Maclin yeah Al I like that. Sounds like gay smoke screen there or does it sound like a GM and coach not being on the same page a halt all. Trouble in Philly this trouble in Philly is brewing with they GM and coach not on the same page that could be true jail. That could be your true or maybe it was just. Big smokescreen by Peterson. Made sense to Peterson was the offensive coordinator in Kansas City he would have worked with Mac when for a year. And I think it would of worked together with Peterson in Philly before. I'm lecture where that must mean like a college coach I was out because I know he was put Andy Reid and there's a connection there. And I expect with the Eagles and 99. So yeah that's that's happening delays with the Eagles 20112013. As well. As the system well so you would have had a lot of time Jeremy Maclin so. You would think that would. Pique his interest but he said there was no interest and did end up happening. But it Timmy adjust and a lot of sense for for Jeremy Maclin McGee's already accomplished to get him on his career he would of I can see what about the number one receiver here because I think that still obviously see anyone I Kinsley question markets hold. And you think bowel. Hey Maclin when he had his past season and DeSean Jackson let them there and was always trying. Kind of the number two assignments all that he can do that again. And it in book what happened last year I mean Watkins goes down with an injury which it's kind of common forehand or his career and Robert Wood steps and has to be the number one receiver and running. Once and that's Seattle game when he has had a great game and as Seattle game every game he turned last season into a pretty nice contract this year with another team I mean you don't you don't know what's gonna happen you can have a big season. You've done a one year permit deal. Watt in May be misses for five games. That's not super unrealistic and maybe he plays really well those 45 games that you could turn that into another decent contract for the and Decker yeah there's there's that part of it but for meal. Was all balls I got us the comfort level here in buffalo and I would think that. There was a lot of comfort here with the wide receivers coach who's now. The quarterbacks coach David Colby. And him being with Mac and Ford. The majority of his career. McDermott he was there in Philadelphia briefly. While Maclin was there with McCoy McCoy Maclin caught in the same draft that's kind of like a brotherhood when you get drafted to gather on the same team. One round apart they get drafted together or eat like that connection McCoy is there. So for me it made a whole lot of science but if there was solemn sticking points in the negotiations. I can see why he moved on and now Eric Decker is out there he has been officially released by the New York Jets. It would be interesting to see decorating here by its. Much like silk podshow pointed out on Twitter I don't think that's a player that the bills are necessarily interest and in due to the fact that he just came off. Shoulder surgery and had surgery he's thirty years old. He's aging player if he could come on a one year prove it deal. Yes you do depth do you I don't think you're you're trying to. Put extra money into the wide receiver position and Eric Decker for a longer term time. You're looking more at a a one year pro to deal after he came off all of these injuries. And try to find something like that for Eric Decker as opposed to. I would like to see Maclin on a two year deal much like gotten. Baltimore by the terms of his deal have not been released got the money that he's getting signing bonuses anything like that. That'll be inching see when those comes out just to compare. Okay well what did the bills have to do to get Jeremy Maclin in the bills uniform in a 30551888. By fifty to 550 if you might comment on Jeremy Maclin then. Eric Decker you see him here we got a few more minutes last call coming up before we had to the B eight. I mean BA finals excuse me. Game five tonight on WGR it's the nightcap with ranking it's Jody B Osce and WG. All right last call on the nightcap a few minutes before we're bringing you. The NBA finals game five. It's going to be a few minutes got the last call here Geraldine clearance Charles going on Ryan on the nightcap while the school embody. Hello Jarrell. There's no one else named John Farrell so if you're not gonna answer. All right Charles gone. All hey what's up either. Very. Honestly I think this act let. I'm owed a majority in both letters trying to I think upload still out now. And you know you're projected to win ships it was this year that care rehabilitation and now and I think you know. State. It is helping. Them and get the ball. Yeah those are all valid points I think that is certainly. Some of the some of the issues there I think you have got some Obama yet definitely San he's healthy he's going to be the number one wide receiver here there's no question about that. Especially the contract year they're gonna want to see what he can do and I want to see if you would target him. 120 times what Sammy gonna do with that. So I figured you're right there and perception around the league ball awful all I would assume is still. Pretty well. Guys. There were there were comments mean about when he was going to visit the ravens like oh he probably wanna go with Baltimore because he has a better chance of winning the championship there. I really just don't believe that Baltimore is in any unbiased you know on from buffalo pilots. I just really don't believe that the ravens are that much. Head of the bills when it comes to two playoff chances are in division way if the Steelers who. Pretty good they're not quite the patriots are they dominate division every single year but they're pretty good in the vandals who last year. Had a tough year but AJ green went down for a little while. Yeah I think errors. Improvements going to be coming in Cincinnati is well so I don't really love the ravens' chances of making the playoffs. Last four years ravens' 31 of 33 built a 3034 B I Soledad S that we as well so yes. I don't think there's much difference in the team I guess it's just the way that he saw himself as fit I think. Probably. There was money there was term and there's that number one wide receiver. Designation. Hold rates are going to be heading to game five of the NBA finals though. They hope to keep scholar. Paying off seasons here. How much talk baseball. Annoying the crap done the finals a little bit but I do like sports being on and background of one and hang out at home. Saw him open for game six and potentially game seven game five NBA finals coming up next on WGR.