06-13 Bills OT Dion Dawkins with Jeremy White

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 13th

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Colorful coats so far we didn't get it done in these situations so much confidence in that apartment I think in my book itself. That is. LeSean McCoy spoke yesterday bills mini camp rolls along. Jeremy White with you Howard's off today Greg Wilson producing quick headlines the US is going to host the World Cup along with Canada and Mexico. In 20/20 six. The united bid has potential cities to host games in Toronto. MetLife stadium Philly Baltimore DC in Cincinnati Eagles of the closest ones also. Spreading as far and wide as Edmund tin. Mexico City LA San Fran Montreal but two points 46 the US to host the World Cup and host most of the games. 8030550. Join us bills mini camp rolls along and working with the ones for the first time. Yesterday it was Josh Allen one of the ones is on the line of ST and Dawkins builds left tackle. On the eighteenth he outlined yet to morning. Morning are pretty good pretty good house house year two for use this. This is easy is it is it no big thing and you last year your rookie year you appear in all sixteen games. Neither slate and in his is one of the ones on the starters and this year too so. Just old hat or is is it new because you got some changes on offense. It's never easy. Its staff Leo harder because we have all federal offense so it's not like we're coming year. With the same. Playbook so it's a totally different different life. And they didn't just they've weathered. More complicated this offense how would you describe the difference between this year and last year. I guess. I don't even know what to say it's it's a different issues that it was a whole different person. Behind. There will also are dispute as a Briton driver. He got a new driver on edit coordinator Yosemite gravity driver it's a quarterback. How how's it been working well all three yen and what can you tell us about Josh Allen how he's looked so far. You know and saw McDermott said he earned his spot to get some reps with the ones I would be seen on a Josh Allen. I think that to the special army and he's he's a hard worker he's very Smart he's. He's definitely very intelligent like with what would look like conversations. And he's just different I mean like you targeted. Its past it is strong arm and very athletic so. Elective. We've we've heard the terms bash oldest some Ol Shawn McCoy said he yesterday you use an a right now. Is it's. Is it what when your when your professional player when your when your you're got this in the NFL you don't rookies coming you're gonna see some that are. Wide eyed and you are rookies just last year. How quickly do you feel like you've you can telephone guy is up up to the job for up to whatever job that might be. Immediately like just just by the the way and that they movement and by the way that they speak can handle herself around everywhere. One out. And he's he's. He's either of professional. Already out. And uses Koran day in day out he's he's studying and he's that he wants to get better. So him. He's deftly to start and days and making great plays. You guys got a couple weeks vote TA is this the final week of this portion of the the offseason program where you guys are now on mini camp. You know you talk about how did how different the offenses then we're part of my hard Josh Allen has grown a bit how how much has the entire offense in your in your eyes. Come come along in the in these last couple weeks and the other goals you set ahead of time have you have you met them you on the got a today and tomorrow and then there's this big long break. Yeah so I would say is that we're we're coming closer a closer knit family. Because of all these micro permanent working out together and are being being around each other law but coming one and we know. Everybody's personal life like not just there Paula so. With that saying. Well like where where we all gonna play for each other does that much harder on the field beat because we know who everyone this person. Now what's one of things some garment seems like he wants to instill last year was that was. Accountability to each other and we talked about this we we were talking my you couple days ago when talking about what players might face a little bit of pressure. And your name came up just because you know according Glenn was good left tackle for the steam for quite awhile. And had to feel. Good for you and I mean I don't know the word Jamal that the bills when they made that trade to send courting Glenn away from it did the first thing that the bills fans might look to was. This means they believe India on Dawkins. Yes so. I wouldn't say pressure. I would just say confidence. When I heard according Goran got traded of course are wasn't happy. That that was a much humidity. One who actually helped me be the players' outlook. But arms. I learned. Like others like like business goals early and you can never get comfortable and you can never do it. Arm. Complacent because. Everything shipped symbols around in this league so fast that you never know. On that poppy. Salaam. Artists to get how are seated in our I had to be ready played so I did what I had do you stay on the field and tomorrow 111. Did you in Korea have a conversation after after the news suggest to June worse. Did he give any advice Salvador or was any advisory in on south I thank you are and I'm Bret of course you you're losing a teammate. And you're stepping into that role which of course brings is responsible. Let me just say keep on camera and what to dawn and Cordoba and is it still. In connection with me and we speak often. And he's still just being matter and a great guy that is. DR Dawkins on the AT&T hotline here is bill's many camp continues today and then again tomorrow how to LeSean McCoy. When he walks in two it's a training camp when he walks in CO OTAs minicamp. I've had maybe might think that. The the line wants to do well for him and this is a guy who has goals to get to 121000 yards he wants to get the whole fame. And sure I mean winning as a team that that's primary goal but how much of a motivation morning motivating factor is it to have McCoy back there. And wanting to help him have success. Some. We take that very. Personal here and the we are gonna gonna do everything and everything. Which it. Are you make so where they wanna go what they're cute quarterback running back or receiver tight end. The sent our guard to tackle anybody kicker. We want everybody. Achieved all of the golden. Because we know clearly what city wants we're gonna do everything in our power that album. Gay political. Hopefully it's twelve carrying some change. Gentlemen are carrying a thirteen gang why why sub now how many years do you think he can do it yeah I mean we haven't seen the slowdown yet. So who. Arm to Bamako as long as you can and want to. He's also a different cat and I think he can play or who knows. 1617. Are more years who notes. Due note. DM Dawkins in the eighteen talent how but the new offensive coordinator the unity you're talking a different different guys behind the wheel whether quarterbacks driving or the other quarter Bryant able. Bob brought in to run this offense. When you for first impressions or impressions of how this. How the I guess the style of coaching that you're getting from him. Yet the swagger and he wants to win. She's just want to go out there and and to achieve he has no fear and he's gonna. You know let it in the song anymore. But right Dion I got a and it's over buddy your Twitter handle is 66 I saw your low your latest post where. Let's not do things vs LA picked the cavs to win which. But didn't go so well that's not your fault I mean you know is is that zap car overhead maybe. LeBron and yeah where's he gonna go. Who knows I have no idea hopefully. She comes. So to Philly. Or maybe him and eat curry can team up and take over and look artists you know enough. Match. He sixers fan. No I'm. Billy supporter got you all right. All right. Ball keeps tabs on that enough best Lockett training camp and was what what are you gonna do in the 56 weeks in between between minicamp and training camp. I'm gonna return them. Probably afraid it would it would Rick you're one a much you make. All right you you're still talk to Richie guy deal. Of course my brother and I are good. Housing enjoying retirement or a potential comeback. You would have access content management that I think Deion thanks very much for so if you want what you do.