06-13 Frolunda captain Joel Lundqvist with Jeremy White on Rasmus Dahlin

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 13th

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8030551888550. To 550 on the AT&T hotline is Joel Lundqvist who played with. Brass miss Dolly Angel good morning my name's Jeremy thanks for Coleman thinks Rihanna show. Armored we've talked to a lot of people about Rasmus Dolly you would have played with him. So I guess the first question is. How much of the hype is justified movement in Buffalo's pretty excited to win the lottery. Everybody's been paying attention to him. And not just how good he is all the comparisons. In your experience playing watching players how good is rest is stalling. While. You could go our way to a well I felt I mean. You heard a lot of the the ball more yeah. Yeah mom about it current practice. Without. Elite team I'm all. It did well well. On the way to court so there's there's there's there's something but it's 00. I'm strong done it. In batter above. If your it is. Natural law and he is a call later we don't have I mean I've been a whole career. Excited. Maybe. A lot critic. Here. Opal hit them. Do you I think we don't may buffalo fans are probably counting on the fact that it that it will be Dali and goes first overall. Do you get a sense that he would be an obvious he wants to play in the NHL how excited he would before how much he thinks he's ready for. I mean not I think is. You got bought and Olympic. It's the son. Quite a map so can gain. Out of it or. Or is that revered here where it billion I include them hit it up better. I'm old. This deal as well and I haven't felt what or. A close eye on the live reporters over the I'll remove all these. So so. You don't go. So go read about or you lose some blood. I'd see the support actor. You can really need to go be a big adjustment for the for for Dolly when it comes to changing ice surface. Are of course that there is a different oh bear. A lot of pro career but but it can play with scripture. In Puyallup. Since he. Now all the talk about him are courses. I believe a Mormon. Clinton and I tell them all. It is a more one player. Is upbeat Lou you know this. He didn't put it pretty quick. Like if or report on. Hopefully go Johnson after one. Current rent. So little bit of patience about how about dull leans patients in himself I mean it is there a level of maturity there that you seen in him that you know he knows he's a young player he's he's immensely talented but. Is he the kind of guy that's gonna be coach a blizzard kept the kind of guy that's gonna be patient within self. Yeah. It's horrible. Bit different Cooper in his first fear in the technology is there. He stuck in neutral ardent you've heard one good in the I mean you. If special quoted they would did while I'm home I'm entered stuck with our our. News you have to learn what could live on our they see here you really thought oh. And he can't play or. 80 yeah. Let people. Stop well though and that's what he cram to who really. Lead off this glad that there. That. Ordered up a look quite simple odd about what big. Bill on his the I. What he's playing with for a lot of grease playing over there. You know it's is it is it normal for a player that is that young to be playing in that league. Not invalidate another. I'm certain they on all the volume was phenomenal book could put it you're. I will not sit in birthday and what. You can't see. They're. I noted in the report go. He is. Or. What when it comes to someone that's that young in a locker room do you feel like it's. That the team has a responsibility to make sure that the environment is good like his is it does it make a locker room different for you for your team when you've got to. 1617. Year old kid in their. Well we're we're probably won't improve there are a lot of hurt. Inclement. Unit chief should kilometer oval. Miracle and I them. I mean of the grand in nineteen mark felt at all. A record crowd is a mark where do all. You make sure and what we recorded in the home buyer for a while I want all people. Now. You or more relaxed in the group. Of course this could order a boost. Players to help them help them out there there and a. Now Joseph Lundqvist on the AT&T hotline on harassment don't mean future I'll likely future first pick of the the Buffalo Sabres shall thank you for the time and you know best block. Wait wait wait all under Brit brightens your question yeah July Eid religious one pastoral quicker also topic Earl of course rent a lot of time playing with. The roles and for the past years just wanted to get your overall thoughts of his game. In your time playing with him for Alando. Hindu the great content. Improved a lot of those who. I mean equipment is all but now he looked like going under more could go to. Speaking. Like he it's hurtful to him he couldn't. Really good. All that aren't as good young school. All who knew. That the bar and that he's not there ball well they're hopeful. Do you think that he can make that transition to the NHL right away or do you think he needs some time to learn the game a little bit. In North America. He dish. Eat. That off book tour. Worker and do what hurt the Bravo all the ups. Good that who. It's. Look at it and go a bit of game or something this film does this youthful. He told you. Bill. Like the quote even. Off so. I mean just think our our real growth period and make it. Or other player wanted to ask you real quick on and I know that you didn't get the chance to play with him but you did get the chance to play against him for the past few years. Lawrence pilot the sabres just signed him to a new deal. I'll watch what's it like playing against him can you give us anything about what you thought of his game. I yeah importer with or he Lou. I mean. Not normally make they don't they're also all the players all their honor like they're going to be moved. The puck flew all the good. Oh. I mean it is triggered political career. All right Jill long Crist on the eighteenth hat yelling Jill thanks very much. Our anchor.