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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 13th

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It's always Simon Jeremy why moral verses Yani. Will play the South Korea text in and you want what you hear Peter laurel or you hear. Yani. Was throwing me. Another one hit wonder and another one on 130 yeah. I've been effectively Rick rolled. Thank you Don WG ER Sports Radio 515. Hi this morning it is classic soul for power is off today. Brains here producing my name's Jeremy White we got lots come on up to there are going guests today. Paul Nelson and suck a pot you with a respective 7 and 8 o'clock spots. Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins at 730. Scott yet I'll ski Yahoo! Sports fantasy guy we have a last year Skopje now ski he's on an 830. And we'll get our Rasmussen Dolly you fix will dial in to Dolly and that's what we call right as the as the gators trademarked. So we dial in the dollar lien with his teammate former teammate jewel long quest coming up at 9 o'clock so another Swede on the show who. Who's got you got the pipeline to the Swedes right yes and you allow. This is our twelfth Swede dish mean it would be looking at about Charlie seems like he had been a lot. Iso Joseph Lundqvist at 915 and lots south along the way your phone calls texts tweets all that good stuff something we will watch there's something happening. Right now. And that is the volt for the 20/20 six World Cup it's happening in Moscow it's going to be Morocco. Against North America. It's a joint bid between the US Canada and Mexico for the 20/20 six World Cup so to vote today. In Moscow. Picks the host for the 20/20 six World Cup and as that plays out we will lucky get there because you might. Reclining on the World Cup being in. The United States Liz wells Canada and Mexico in 20/20 six. You're like me don't know which gonna have dinner tonight but hey you can plant for Somalis sucker in in 20/20 sixth. Are so lots to get to today I don't know it's exactly the big things happen when Howard's on vacation but Howard took the day off. And today's the day were we could say hey you got what you wanted Josh Allen got first team wraps. At minicamp the bills. And a lot of conversation from yesterday's Campbell get to the this with soccer pot you coming up at 8 o'clock this morning and of course mentioned it throughout the morning. But a lot of yesterday was not only the news that Josh Allen got first team reps but also that LeSean McCoy. Matt McCoy I listened to his press conference and mark what was act weeded out and this this comment I thought this is exactly right he held court. In a McCoy was. Really good yesterday oddest in announcing he's not honest normally but just took a whole bunch. Topics talked about his place in the league in where he views himself as. A veteran running back how he used to be the young guy looking up old guys. And now he's the old guy in young guys look up to him he spent time with Todd early in the offseason and he's got a made it seem like there's a fraternity of running backs the kind of hangs out male talk amalgam together and that he knows he's one of the older guys. But you want to keep playing he he he clearly has. An incredible drive you can you can just tell that he wants to play as long as his body will will allow as long as he can keep it up at a high level and hopefully this year we don't see. Any sort of drop off so as I mentioned McCoy yesterday pills mini camp is about Allen getting first team reps. And a lot of it was about what McCoy had to say about Josh Allen as well yer little bit of their. In not the open braid put together but it's also. More than that. He talked about island's special Europe apart about how he's Smart strong arms jury makes mistakes but if he's got a strong arm. Which we don't know but. He just he is a field at that that he knows what's opera that is needed and he knows what he's doing to a degree. And so far the the scouting report on Allen has Ben dead on. It depends which scouting report you read for the final product but most of the advertisements on Allen as a draft c'mon. He war he's gonna make some throws that blow we away and that is gonna make some throws that morneau away on the other side of the blood or. That's not a good throw we should make them throw him McCoy said that in the open the idea that. You know he can he can really uncork it he can really make some throws and others don't and he can sometimes lead you scratch your head. But Allen getting first team wraps at mini camp and the bills saying that he has earned those wraps I would say is. I can't look at it as anything other than good news and if there's there's one way I can say. I have a little bit of pause here and all of a lay that out for you because. With Allen getting third team reps and earning his spot on the first team all not make a joke about how would you know first team offense. And ulcers ms. Allen. Rising of the depth chart a little it doesn't mean he's the number one doesn't even mean he's the number two which just means that exactly what power has been asking for. The bills are gone on ever once in a while it would appear give it looks it looks like C Powell he. Performs with the ones and if you're thinking about the timeline for when Josh Allen goes in the if your if your predicted or would you say when does he start. I know I've got some guys that did tweet me that say he's gonna start week one and I still don't really think that's the right time line I don't think the bills are in a rush year. So I mean yesterday I thought he wouldn't get Percy reps and mini camp so I've clearly got a readjust what they think of him and at the same time. You know keep the the long term keep the big picture. In mind Kawika give it to the big picture in sight when it comes to Alan. So I don't I don't think he's gonna start the opener if he did it. I'd be much more locked into the open a can tell you that if if that's possible. Allen is the guy that we're waiting to see you McCoy even mentioned it McCoy talking about. His place on the team says he wants to be here when Allen takes over. And then quickly corrects and cut in Europe backtracking but McCoy said on the go effectively you know he's the use it in the first round that's pretty much the plan. Not intending to throw any sort of shaded AJ McCarron or he and Peter may and but the story is it your bills player and you wanna be around for a while. The plan is that Josh Allen is the starting quarterback. And from acorda wanna stick around of that that you don't always good to hear peaking continue to play in. Who knows what his contract would be if he continues to stick around pass this year and and next as well. But Allen getting rep the rough to the ones so few things happen his fictional who was dec price goes up a bit who stack being. You know we were selling shares in the starting quarterback. Instead of Ian five dollars a share he would be about maybe twenty now. Because there's a better chance that that he might be the starter he gets an opportunity to show on self of the ones. Many gets and an opportunity. To show that he's the best option with the ones now the other story from camp yesterday is that Nathan Peterman looked really good. And by several accounts may be as good as any bills quarterback has looked at any of these OTAs or mini camp so far. So we might really have made. Flat out competition for the spot McCarron is in that makes somewhere he does appear to me. Both McCarron and Peter may and our seat warmer right there just. Hang out have the job until Allen proves that he's ready for or until the bills out of patience and decide the Alan's going to be the guy that that gets that job. So. It's been on the track. This OTA easier you have like three sessions a week. The last three weeks and this one. Everything is wide open and immediacy get to see full practices to get to see. Three straight days you know Peter and has a great day yesterday and follows it up and another good one today and another good one tomorrow. String together a couple straight days of looking like Buell are the best of the three. Me too we should start to entertain the idea that Peterman could be the starter Allen getting reps with the ones. If that happens again for a second day and then for a third day. And we should start to think about Allen and one when training camp rolls around. Mean there is one thing that gives me pause though about Allen getting first team reps and it it it does it takes us back to last year. So last year when they made the switch at cornerback from a Tyrod Taylor to Nathan Peerman. I was excited about that switch not because I was convinced that Nathan Pearman was going to be better than Tyrod I I was not of that belief I was. Of the mind that blunt find out and I was also simultaneously of the belief that the bills had to be off the belief. The Pearman is ready and Pearman was going to be better. Taylor comes up that 67 yard passing game against the saints. And they make the switch to Peterman a in my belief that our ID they wouldn't do this if they didn't think it was gonna work. Looking back. It didn't work in Sean McDermott said that he didn't regret it he would do it again and then they moved back to Tyrod Taylor may be at the urging of the veterans who who knows how. You know inside the room that decision to go back to Taylor went down but. The rushed Biederman day in sort of a quarterback that was not prepared. Or they didn't do enough to help help them or protect him. And he made mistakes and it went terribly on the road in Los Angeles against the chargers so. One or looking at. Josh Allen and I am thinking about well look at him he's on his way up the depth chart he's got us first team reps a mini camp there's. There's an undeniable. Truth that the bills are going to want him. To. Move up the depth chart they're going to want him. To. Pass the other two guys and maybe they wanted that with Peter into. Maybe they won that and kind of talked themselves into yes it looks like he'll be better he'll be the starter he's good to go let's go to Los Angeles played the chargers and Peterman will be the guy. And clearly he wasn't so whatever they saw and practice whatever they. Led them to that decision that that that mindset that thinking it betrayed them to some degree. And I wonder in on their patience. In there are long term vision and they're trusting the process. Howell. Faithful the bill's art actually trusting and how faithful they are to not rushing Josh talent not putting him and had a time that you gotta think that. And so global brand and being in and bright able the offensive coordinator. On some level they have to be as eager to see Allen take the job in beating guy. As you and I might be or as. Anybody. Mean of your rank who wants it the most I would say Allen probably first and and everybody else's and always tied. Right to see Allen take over the job let's find out. If the bills knew what they were doing and taking. The kid from Wyoming and the result endless coverage about this draft and Allen was the guy they picked him. From me I've said all get excited about Allen as soon as I see something worth getting excited about Eaton in the meantime all just gotta wait. I'm not going to say he's gonna fail not gonna say he's gonna succeed allied I can't really see much outside of if border go to practices and watch these wide open practices training camp is worth things probably start getting rolling so as soon as I see something from L to get excited about I'll get excited. Meantime it's a bit of a waiting game. And I have to respect that it it might take a little while he was advertised as the guy it's going to be the project. We still hear that he makes throws that maybe he shouldn't he threw a pick yesterday to train Edmonds. Because he got tipped and picked off by Edmonds trying to fitted into a tight window and I expect that American worry about that kind of stuff. He threw deep touchdowns liquid we've heard some good stuff. Instill. I get a little bit of a Reza may hey you look at this throw look at this guy command of the offense whatever it was does a lot goes into it until I get that I'm coming. Gonna stay reserved on this and not exactly trust the process but I'm gonna I'm gonna wait no this is the guy the bills identified. And the guy the bills want for this job so I think about. His who Zach I think about playing with the ones and it's it's a good sign in it's certainly better than if he hadn't on this. Then if he was still with the threes all the way through me camp there are other guys in this draft that are gonna play this year whether it's Donald Rosen army field. The one thing about Allen that separates him from the others is that Allen has the lowest bar to clear if you are bigger mayfield you got to beat up Tyrod Taylor and you know Taylor has. Look listen we've seen plenty of Tyrod Taylor around here he's not the worst he's not the best. But that's a higher bar to clear than AJ McCarron released so far when it comes to established starters you know at the NFL. To beat out Tyrod Taylor will take more than Thabeet out AG McCareins Reza may and in Arizona Josh crow's nest to beat out Sam Bradford. That's a much higher bar than AJ McCarron and New York San Donald has to be out Josh McCown all these veterans for the other teams have done more in the league than anybody on the bills. And that's one thing work Allen doesn't have as much does not as part of goal. To win the job as the other guys so. Here we are. One day enemy camp get another one annoyed today we'll see what happens we'll see if he gets more reps with the ones I wouldn't think they'll drop him back too much. Unless they don't believe he's really in the competition and wanted to get a bottle looks at McCarron and Peterman is that makes them in the ones as well. 8030550. Is our phone number 1888550. 2550. If you like to chime in on this that your Allen timeline what's I wanna say ideal time line. Is. He starts the week one he wins the job. And the only reason we would say that's the ideal time line is because we just want that to happen because until Allen steps in the it's gonna be hard to really buy into what the bills are doing offensively because. It'll feel like you seek warmer it'll feel like someone that's just minding the store until Allen is ready to go. So for McCarron it may be it's unfair to him for Peter man that's different visa bills draft pick if he turns into something then pay great. But it it does feel like it is an inevitability. And were all just kind of wait for a I don't wanna have to wait a full year I kind of felt like may be we would be waiting that long and maybe we will. But yesterday. And I didn't quite excite me but it it and the ears perked up became all are right maybe this thing is moving along. Faster or that I thought I mean just yesterday. He's in better forget Howard asked me if I thought Allan give first team reps and I said no. Three hours later he's in first team reps so. Or we're slowly finding out the bills plans. Were slowly finding now what. They have. And what they're open to because if they are looking in Allan willing to put a with the first team at the and that means that they're willing to accept some success. And I I'll sit again it would it would only be afraid of that one thing that they rushed Peerman that they wanted to believe Peter and was better and he wasn't. And I don't I hope they don't do that with Allen in a first trumpet vs a fifth round pick obviously is much different as well. So eight a real fight fifties or phone number. And it's you can also tweet us you can text us you can email all that good stuff Alex tweets in. Keeping the Allen situation is similar to what the Eagles did with wins or is it something different something he's turning a lot of heads in opening a lot of lies in camp. Much like Wednesday his rookie season. The oh look it's different about that. Wentz. Was not supposed to start the Eagles announced he would not dismiss it like he would not play. Author of all find the article I think the plan was Carson once won't play this year. This is rookie season he will not play in his rookie season. And then they traded Sam Bradford Carson once became the starter. Seoul at some point during that. First season during those OTA's many camps training camp what do the timeline would have been for Philadelphia. As soon as that happens and Bradford gets traded it's clear the Eagles are comfortable there're. Readied. Ruled Carson once they got offered a first round pick and sent Bradford off to Minnesota it it was a domino effect were Bridgewater injury. Forces. Minnesota. Trade a first round pick. And get Sam Bradford then boom Carson Wentz is the guy the difference here is that I don't think there's anybody that's going to call and say here's what we'll give you a few. Essentially make Josh on the starter. So that's what's there that's one thing that's different if somebody offered your first round pick for AJ McCarron you take it and immediately limited amount of competition. And need to be quicker to move to Josh Allen so. You know the Eagles got an incentive to do it but they wouldn't unless they believed in it. Bright in your inkling was right whip. Carson went sitting out for the 2016 season they did say that according to the Wikipedia page the our original intending you know the original intention was to have once sic similar for the 2016 season but those plans changed when they treated. Sam Bradford T I wonder how much of those plans changing we were all being offered for trump pick verses while he looks like he's ready. In his first season he showed some good things. But he certainly wasn't an NFL MVP candidate he wasn't a quarterback of one of the best offenses in the league that. Ultimately goes on to win the Super Bowl without him yeah okay so they did. They did have that. They planned on whence sitting. And doubt the offer is to to do want what do I got to do one ally got to do to convince you to give me that guy and you go to your back up plan. Dan writes in this is following what I feel has been in the plans since day one McCareins no threat to start he's not one of the established vets. Peterman no threat Peter and maybe have. The first attorney in My Cousin Vinny I don't know if that means crest but an owns the plan 100% all in. Maybe that's true may be that they have. Not secret plan but. You know when McDermott and being sit down and talk about this with both the office according to a brand able they sit there and say. Alec after yesterday. I guys how to do it belongs. To right the right he was. Wasn't too much form let's see it again tomorrow. And then let's see it on Thursday and take a 56 week break tellem what we want on the work on a comeback for training camp opened up the competition. And the bills have to decide. As training camp opens and the group the questions going to be lobbed at McDermott this week so do you have a quarterback competition. And they can deflect and say does competition never position you know our our depth charts filled in with pencil stuff like that and that is probably true. But at some point it's going to become very clear. A is it a competition. And be who in the competition. Because raps are valuable training camp you'll only get so many exploding them three ways seems. To be on my quick counterproductive but splitting in three ways would mean that your. Having. Fewer reps for the guy that is number one you wanna get that competition. Finished. As soon as possible so the guy that wins it can be the guy. And yesterday at least for me with a Allen getting first team reps yesterday for me was. I'm not taken an erection of maybe he will be one of the final two in this competition. I feel like by the time they get to camp. If it's a three way competition that's less than ideal you wanted to be down to two as soon as possible. And Lieberman's day yesterday was apparently very good we'll talk to sell coming up. It's 8 o'clock also the latest on Ryan O'Reilly lots of rumors there with Paul. At seven it is hokey hope day huge week hash tag hokey hump day to WGR 550. For your chance to one point five dollar gift card to Jim's steak out happy hokey hump day. Get a gift card tweet hash tag a hoagie hump day to WGR 550. At our Twitter account. Hump day Wednesday gonna rain today which is. It's good for the plants. What to that would. Bogey on that speck on the other side your phone calls or text your tweets we'll keep you updated on the fifa vote for who gets the World Cup in 2046 North America is the favorite. And we're tracking that. All levels and 7 o'clock your phone calls Josh Allen reps with the ones Howard asks and receives on the beach here. OK okay. I and. Brad gable and David Kelly I've done a nice job of acclimate gash to the system you know in the right dosage but relief to justice credit we've not held back all that much to this point and one of the things that goes a little bit under the radar is understanding the defense as well so before you walk you've got to crawl them. A big part of the learning curve for quarterbacks understanding the opponent and the defense in the way and it felt defense work. Bills and coach Sean McDermott on the Josh Allen who got first team reps. For the first time that we know of at mini camp yesterday. So Josh Allen forced team wraps at minicamp yesterday and will fall today and see what happens Paul Hamilton joins us at the top of the hour. And suck about chew at 8 o'clock we'll get the very latest yet Dawkins also built a tackle. At 730 as the bills. Continue preparations. For the upcoming season other NFL news the this furor over the holdouts is beginning. Heard Bill Polian. Talking about. A little Mac Aron Donald. Some of these players that are holding out the fact that they don't have the right to hold out and and he signed a contract you've got to honor the contract. There's some truth to that but. At same time ending the number of people that. At least acknowledge that since and the NFL teams don't have to honor the contracts they can cut a guy at any time. That's maybe what why should players on them to their. Fullest to the very end of the deal a jury has ordered ran the rams to pay Reggie Bush twelve and a half million dollars he suffered a knee injury. In Saint Louis before they moved to LA. The rams were liable for the injury because. There was a quicker concrete circle around the track around of the field. And he had to be paid. It's twelve million dollars for that. Guess that's a pretty good way to finish out your career if you need a little extra money yet. Announcers are having but the injury but dia twelve million dollars might help him in tandem probably call a career anyway the now on the story on ground. Robert Kraft called trade rumors a bunch of hogwash. Okay patriots did and there are many camp early. Which. Britain this strange do you edit the New England Patriots might take a few days off here. The had three days scheduled and Robert crafts and everything's going great or is gonna come loose early. Two days off. Mini camp over. Strange because the motto is no days off right and they're doing this. All the sun now the blue for what reason and he did have some sort internal. Strife yeah yeah exactly. It makes you wonder appears about to be a bad story. And they just wanna give everybody away and not have to answer. That have to talk about it. Whenever that might be I can it's let's make sure nobody gets out of here before the media comes and asks us why you know XYZ would of the story might pre. Well but it's. Strange you certainly don't do that if any team other than the patriots had done that they'd probably be mocked but you know with its New England so. I'm sure at some point today you'll see that's the patriots. Understand. Taking some days off is good. It's it's it's good for everybody all knows it's a great move it's it's the that. Smart humble move that the patriots did for their play even mold their motto is no days off on. A real 551808550. To 550. When it comes at quarterback competition how would you play out. And does Josh Allen getting first team reps does it movie at all visit the kind of fiery up because. If he moves up the depth chart listen he wins the job out of training camp in his their starter. Opening day. Opt out I'd a probably did the same thing ended last year with Nathan Peterman giving them the start that that doesn't mean. Celebrated and think it's gonna be great. But I will at least be moved to acknowledging Hank. The kid must've done something to convince the coaches. Sure we know what happened with Peterman started to New Mexico so well but if they eat if they draft him in in the offense. Fits. And he has a good grasp of it and things look like they're going in the right direction. And they wanna start him against Baltimore. Then. Cory and think that's that's that's exciting. To me I I. I don't know why I did I just. I can't say I would be all war but it would mean. A per couple of it demeans the opener has a little added value to meet them that they open up in Baltimore against the ravens and you know if it's Peter mean if it's. McCarron I mean I'm watch and I'm ready. But if it's Allen then we go into quarterback evaluation mode earlier in you know what that is that that is. No matter what the scoring is no matter what the situation is your breaking down for rural life role. What. Do you see from the guy. Maybe some of you would do will do that with McCarron because he's never had a chance to be a full time starter either. And I I suppose we would do that with Peterman too because he's on the team and he was also a draft pick. But balance the different story as everybody knows Allen is the guy that. We're waiting to see take the job. And LeSean McCoy speaking out yesterday he talked a lot about L a plays some of the big the clips here from McCoy because. It's not often you get of veteran running back talking about a rookie. I'm gonna say so extensively he had an awful lot to say about Allen will start with and his general feeling on rookies. I gotta be honest pretty good I'm not a big fan of rookies from office rupiah down lights in my career is probably man treachery really. And our guys as rookies they're not like him. So doesn't reflect rookies that's fine. But here's Allan Smart yes aware of course he goes and passes that probably should have been thrown one dollar and it's strong on his very intelligent he's too Smart a tone are we have conversations they made easy it's not like exams taught me. You can say go say it was up. What as a talent level Iceland relieved to have a lot of years I want you part that he takes over eventually took an early madrassas is common sense worth my special. Let's shorten. Yes it was a similar. From his positions are seeing is that line intentions for us Islamist play. But other net this talent wasn't intelligence he has to be a star quarterback and also French escort back. He does things like put the ball in the right places jump balls back shoulders all the things that you have to like kind of remind that the Sox will player he's common as you know I'm not sure anything about why only. With with the tone there are there as he's around for giving players an NFL level. And got about flu like me we're matzo snow ice and makes life easier for him enough but you'll see this these pretty good you use in computers are. This year and actually when. That will be bigger career. You know get an NFL players that's that's wanting the bills banked on that. If Colombia us of all why I was terrified of the bill's drafting Josh Allen it's because. I you believe a lot of the draft analysts and I mean I'm nothing like I don't leave him yet they could still prove to be right. It's not often that you get sole. Such. Strong wrong opinions that a guy won't make it. And on the first one to tell you wanna comes through the draft I don't know which one of these guys is gonna be good it's an inexact science there are some things you can know there's some things you can't know. And Allen was. Polarizing to a point where it was you know people to people joke about the Josh don't smear campaign which Kearse hasn't happened. More so was asking a different guest every day about him. And Allen had the fewest. Big fans is certainly a big fans is a doubt about that you have plenty of draft analysts that thought it was pretty good employee that thought. He was worth the number one pick that he was maybe the best in this class. But you had more detractors than most of the other guys at least. Four. A guy that fits the prototype. And you know it's all big crazy good athlete you have a lot of detractors. And whether or your bring you fall victim to. Hearing a lot of bad stuff and buying into it. Or if you watched him yourself and we a lot of bowl lawlessness on Eagles fans watching all these guys I watched them a bunch of his games with Wyoming and I didn't come away all that impressed. So coupled that with. Some thinking he's pretty good and a lot saying he wouldn't be I got out I got scared of it and I just hope the bills got it right. And take some time before we find out but. I guess what I'm saying is the first it's the first encouraging sign ahead is that he is with the ones already in the but he got some work there so you know continue to chart listen. See how it plays out. Leon tweets and worst case scenario you rush Allen when he's not ready in week one or he camped out Peterman and AJ for a backup roles we starts as the number three. And that sounds like your best case scenario is. He's back up he's in the middle because you don't want a roster and you don't want a behind schedule. And I think that would make sense if he finishes at number two it's hard to be all that upset about it if you're at number three with him at the start of the season. You might be nervous present number one. You might be nervous that they rushed him. 8030550. And 1888550. To 550. Sean McDermott on Allen. He's doing well he's a student of the game and he continues to work hard and that's part of his progression mentally you know in terms of developing and in that regard both off the field and then of course on the field as well. Student of the game working hard. So today back to it and we'll see if he gets a few more reps. 8030551808550. To 550 the World Cup starts tomorrow. Brayton. Spain's team is the red fury. Yes and they fired their coach. I'm sorry no sacks they've just sacked their coach oh. Yup just it's just one day before the wolves one day before the World Cup two days before it starts big time tomorrow was only one game. He except that the Real Madrid job this week rather than waiting for after the World Cup so apparently. They. They fired him. Nice going Chris but yet they fire their manager there're there're. Their coach their manager whatever you call or soccer and he called me that one but they fired their manager Spain did soul. Mes like hockey where you can get a boost. I guess it's possible it's less than ideal you would think you would think tomorrow is Russia and Saudi Arabia. And I mentioned that the 20/20 six World Cup is being voted on today and earnings if you know what kind that vote comes down. And got a New York Times piece up. That as charting the votes but it doesn't appear to be happening life. Bloc voting is expected it. But not certain. South American marine from the article here they commit their seventeen votes to the united bid south American Central America have. African nations are withholding their support to get 54 votes in there so comes Wednesday. A simple majority is enough to win. And these two these legacies countries and on announced their 119 countries that have not announced how they're going to vote and that's where it. It rests in the middle between Morocco in North America giving the World Cup bid. And most seem to think that North America is most definitely the better bid. But with the World Cup being announced her being awarded to Russia this year and Carter in 20/20 20 and the rampant corruption that exists in the world of the funnel World Cup. It is entirely possible that. Morocco just wins over the North American bid despite a lot of chatter that Morocco needs like drastic. Infrastructure. It's the united it's called the united in North America. Canada Mexico and the US is rated higher than Morocco and make every category. One report noted the amount of new infrastructure required for the Morocco bid to become reality cannot be overstated. So this is the kind of thing where. We should see the World Cup here in point one. Six well. And you know Dayton they said that it's hard news soft mom and the Didier infrastructure and they've gotten it but there's been eat lots. Bad bad PR and weld an exit and come out of Qatar with the whole building of infrastructure that's what slave labor will do to give you bad PR right they've returned ethics slave labor yes it's terrible. Are 8030550. Point able to 7 o'clock the latest on Ryan O'Reilly IE found something so ulta is gonna get back. I woke up and I Twitter surged Ryan O'Reilly. And I found an account with no followers. But really good stuff. On O'Reilly. I know right. It was called the eye test. And had some really interest in numbers of gold through some of them and you tell me if it's worth buying into. An anonymous account no followers. Good stop funneled right. The very good burst out or he's comfortable playing better right and he can be it offline senator Barack lines that are you're really eat work you know he can play the winning if you need him to do that I mean he's an energy guy who can also score and he likes the physical aspect of the sport as well -- I'd be pretty scene if I were a team in need other betterment so I don't think they're decent water rose in an awful lot of trouble drumming up theatres you know Ryan O'Reilly between now Wednesday June 22 you know it's Carolina is curious to vote renovating and getting back on track them they need to listen the only weight gain to that game is if you are willing to part with a piece like Noah had a. That is. Elliot Friedman their driver their records are. Darren Gregor on the oh latest on the O'Reilly rumors the sabres will draft rest missed only first overall the week from Friday. Maybe those O Reilly's stuff doesn't happen until. July 2 because whoever they're talking to wants the sabres to pay that seven and a half million dollars that's one way the sabres can sweeten the pot if treating all Riley. So anyway I mentioned go to break good morning Jeremy White with Britain will struggle with a simple Hamilton a little bit later. It does up up this morning get ready looking for the latest O'Reilly rumors so why. Ambled just ever withdrawal also all Twitter search something to see the what are people saying is there a rumor out there that I haven't seen yet it hasn't come across my feet. You know Hannah fenced off dodgy Hammel in the island ski in her and Carolina. And I came across this Twitter account called eye test hockey. It's at I test hockey. And it's nothing but a bunch of stuff about O'Reilly it seems like it's a sabres fan that's put this together with some advantage you know some analytic here. And one of the one of the things they have here is entries per sixty minutes which now carrying the puck in is better than dumping it in and there's a graph. He uses data from. Cory Schneider a shot now line hockey. And it ranks the sabres. Ian entry passes for sixty minutes carry ins for sixty dump ins for sixty. And the point that is laid out here is that Ryan O'Reilly among sabres forwards at even strength and getting the clock. Into the zone. Is ace among sabres forwards. Who's number one. While making gas it's pretty obvious Jack cycle the moon far away number one he doesn't about twice as often as anybody else. Ryan are two post so three keen for. Jordan Nolan was five. Q you'll hum Larsson six. Zambia's Jurgenson seven. Ryan O'Reilly eighth. Entries for sixty minutes old Riley knew this counts how many times you have an entry pass every time you carry it in how many times you dump it in. In a Riley is a dumping guy. More so than anything else really he dumps it in more than he carries it more than he'd. Makes an entry pass Michael is an entry pass guy and a caring guy. Seoul. Just inching like booking and a number of these. These these numbers and I wonder that when it comes to. Analytics or whatever you're gonna look at the sabres are looking at something the hurricanes are looking at something. Maybe you're looking at face offs maybe Carolina's looking at K Koreans may be with a post so and so and also with Hannah fan at the Carolina Hurricanes are looking at. They don't like his toughness I understand that's just a guess on my part. But. Again this account at eye test hockey with a month to fancy graphs and we know all works. You don't have to be an NHL GM to have access to really good data about what might happen. But the idea that the sabres to trade O'Reilly for Hannifin this account is of the belief that the sabres should walk to Carolina to do this. That Hannifin is going to be a star. These really good that a lot of numbers indicate he's gonna be really good and then O'Reilly even strength if you can get rid of them do it. The you can get rid of him because. The contract. Refers to as an albatross. And I don't O Reilly's gotten value. But the league isn't exactly all the same you know it's kind of like football with fullbacks there are teams that think fullbacks are important there are teams that don't employ one. There are teams that think you have to play under center for quarterback their teams that you don't. There are run pass options there in hockey it's. And for sport obviously but there are gonna be some guys that a team would value very highly and others that don't. Montreal paid a goalie ten and a half million dollars a year I would I'm sure there are plenty of teams that wouldn't come close to that wouldn't even considerate. Seoul with O'Reilly. The power play has banned a bit of them at a garage but the exit the existence of the sabres power play at the last couple years it is really define who they are. Why did they have a decent season honored in Viles Monday and we were number one on the power play. And and by decent they were still bad. At five on five they've been a disaster. And O Reilly's a part of that his five on five numbers. It's. It's not a impressive thing you went about to face offs that's great you play defense you play two way hockey that's good to. But and there are definite concerns were the lines numbers came up this year but hasn't been bad for the most part I know it's not just looking at this number just illustrating that some. Well a lot of these teams are are reading too different road maps it's not. You know everybody's at the same fantasy guy meanwhile a bit of breaking news is that we're following at the USA Mexico and Canada have a been awarded the 20/20 six World Cup. It is official that from TSN. North America award of the 20/20 six World Cup. Cool god. A mood to talk to nick Lendl coming up Friday morning on Leo World Cup preview was tourniquet started beat time on O'Reilly. 8030551808550. To 550. It is WGR Crist tweets and can you get a gas tell us how amazing all Riley is but how we can't get much for him and a trait that. Has stakes are can and it does seem like dead as a consistent message right that guys he's really good outlook if you get formed are now march. Went. How do you but he make those two go together. Also Brayton. My I sabres got my super secret sabres guy says the sabres. Are exactly the fielding offers for the first overall pick. But the the offer is and the names that are being thrown at them are. While names and and I don't think I wanna know. Right different. What if it were. Who always a while owning in the could be thrown at them where you would actually be given pause outside of me David or Matthews Crosby. It's anymore that he's too old Malkin tools too old too expensive but just to be young dominant forums. I like. And Matthews may be the wrist let's start that let's start that rumor apple Dell Babcock wants Matthews out. And wants treated buffalo for Rasmus Colleen. I mean hey he had Lidstrom for the longest time right Babcock wants Matthews I'll. I'd still say no. Yeah I mean I don't wanna hear the names and I don't I I asked to follow office in which names he said he couldn't say what Taylor Hall. No vote me now now in all its that in their names would be big ones. Paul Hamilton on the other side we'll talk about the latest on the O'Reilly rumors and yeah like what about Patrick Kane. What about no matter what Patrick and his team say the tailored Tyler Sagan I don't want anybody that's expensive. Because. If you're gonna get a great player for chief I wanna find a way not a lot of part of art and cook. I do love the crazy rumors about number one but at the same time I don't wanna hero because I don't have to say now. And I'm saying no Paul Hilton on the other side here Indonesia.