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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 13th

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Paul Hamels CN either beat reporter Kirk a team that has known her and it's. So ridiculous how many people he has blocked on Twitter over the most particular place. You think being committed to grow up he's got a little bit. It done WGR. Sports Radio five this. Thought Hamilton joins us in just a moment that morning at 705 and WH ER Howard's off today. Josh Miller got reps with the ones that's the big thing that happened the other big thing that happens long hours on occasion. The US Canada and Mexico the joint 20/20 six World Cup bid has been awarded it. To a united two point 16 which is US Canada and Mexico. And I just tweeted out that way or might there be venues well united 226. Actually has venues listed. And I just sent on a map so the closest will probably be Toronto Bebo field apparently will be expanding as a part of this release that's one of the ideas. That beatle field would sit seats 30000 for soccer will expand to 45000. For the World Cup. The air the close potential again we're talking. Eight years from now so mark your calendar. Toronto I met life. Philadelphia Baltimore Boston. Cincinnati's on the list Paul Brown says yeah Paul Brown Stadium there in Cincinnati Washington DC but looks like to Ronald the closest one and this bid it goes from there the furthest that the farthest away and Edmonton in Canada and Mexico City in Mexico. And I don't know how works who gets the automatic bid that point 16 World Cup but. In the auto qualifying if you post you ought to qualify and I don't know who gets it -- with the US will need the help. Christ. US would host sixty of the eighty games all quarters and semis and the final games so Canada and Mexico kinda help. But the US gets the lion's share of the games and 20/20 six the actual World Cup this one. 2018 starts. Tomorrow Russia and Saudi Arabia at 11 AM and then Friday a full plate of games as well no US which is. A bomber for a lot of people of course. 80305 PP if you want on chime in on Josh Allen Oreo Riley trade. Mentioned some you know the the latest rumors were kind of tracking this Paul Hamels and on the eighteenth tee Allen Paul good morning. Where is kind of weird for the World Cup to go to three countries it's not eaten I would say yes it's a little bit unusual yeah. I don't old that's happened before I've I've without without knowing I'd say I'd bet it has. But. I'll double checked that either way. Yes thanks to Canada and Mexico for T monopoly gas. There I must say that or opera cement is doing well when you're talking about here are this goal with countries while I wonder yeah often that's happened South Korea and Japan in 2002. Were cohosts. And other than that it has not happened so this is the second time you're getting co hosts in this case you're having three different. Countries hosted. Sown. It up plans to 126. And I know about Aetna. But the sabres level winning record at some point by between on 20/20 six RB that make the playoffs by I'll I hope so if they don't. Rule. I don't say the benefit of our poll also the latest on the Ryan O'Reilly chatter do you find that you know we've been through this before we've been through. Rumors and rumblings and we've got different insiders saying it's more likely than not is this one strikes you as the same as the mall that you know these kind rumors will always spin or. Do you think that what we're seeing is more and more smoke that law ultimately reveal the fire. Wolf very often what you hear is are rumored. When it should phrase actually made you never heard. You know but. You know this is Jason bottles first turn through being a general manager so. We don't know if he plants things out there he knows this as some general managers to. Though plant things to try to get other teams to think they're doing one thing or another and moon god curse you were geared never did that a meet with Darcy or gear. Rumors are ridiculous because they never ever came true. I think into the Derek Roy treatment might have been the only rumor. That came true and his whole Rashean. With Tim Murray. I think he was always planting things out there you know he he wanted their brain to think he's in the middle of everything in. In the you know and the rumors were bound and plentiful and everything's so with Jason but surely you don't know war rumors there are like you don't know there. If they're accurate if they're not at peace planting things appeased knots if he's over and over there at the real laughing and Elvis thinking. Were they get this stuff because. We've never talked to Vancouver we've never talked to this team that team so. You know would just did he used Jason but girl little. Now find out exactly what he's looking for and when he talks about O'Reilly in the value that he has there this is the one thing about this potential trade. Paul that is well exciting to me and that's that he doesn't have to make this trade by any stretch if he's gonna do it it's going to be because. Well east these poker player at that to some degree here. He's holding something that he has value for and maybe someone out there values O'Reilly more than bottle doesn't is willing to give. Something that Bob troll thinks is worth a bet that's the thing when you have 31 different GM's you have 31 different values Furl Riley in your 31 different. Trade offers not that they're all gonna make offers but you know all Riley is a guy that almost every team want it's a matter of what they give up formed an all box has to do is not. It's not like an auction at the deadline instead it's shall we something that I think is worth more than this player is once he gets that he would freedom. Yeah I think common sense tells us you're not gonna get seventh overall pick I don't think anybody had to go out tonight and I think that's just common sense that. He's not gonna get you that that. Think about when if your want a new car. But cure carbo okay you don't you don't need a new car. But yeah I think in the moment me being yelled go talk about just seeing go to the dealership. And if you don't get close to the deal you want your OK because you don't really have to give your army major cards buying. Richard is kind of looking into it and seems like he might get the best deal we get a new car when you really don't need new car. And you can just go in there and listen to offers and there. And I record now. But it very closely you know that type of things so. He also is in that same situation it's not like the Evander Kane situation where. He felt Evander Kane news weren't moving him as simple as that. He doesn't have to move Reilly he doesn't have to initiate trade talks. From people are calling him he's willing to listen. And he'll see where it goes from there it if he doesn't think. He's getting maximum value for him there and find it play here next year. And when you talk about that it's basically he's got to walk away pricing TD with Cain if you don't make the deal you don't get anything you walk away empty handed so accepting a second round pick even though he might not like it. Which turned into first. At least that's well I've got to sell for pennies on the dollar because otherwise becomes worthless to me when he signs somewhere else and O'Reilly that's not the case for Iran. Four for Phil Housley one of the things I want to Paul is it the sabres plan on playing a fast style. Would they. Via shrewd as saying. Disguise is not want to do what he's he's not fast not he's not a good a skater would brat saying he's worthless but. It's very possible that when the sabres look at O'Reilly they've bought for one of identified this the day he came in and said like all right well we'll see if this'll work out. But in the meantime I'm gonna consider lots of options the stories that they were receiving offers or they were fielding offers at the deadline would tell me that. You know box troll was may be getting old Riley a trial run here or maybe Housley is well. You can make that case is trading and forget all the other stuff. Forget about what he says done. Locker clean out date forget about how he fits in well Michael forget about everything. You can just make the case that that put the sabres. Every time they played a fast team got completely and utterly wrong over it wasn't even fun to watch. And they're key players are the slow players. Oh postal O'Reilly. Reinhart. Pom and bill the guys who were getting the most ice timer the slowest guys they've got. And just no no foot speed though so that's where. You know if you're looking at how to change his team and Honda and turn this team around. That's one thing and everybody says including bar troll how pleased they need to get faster. Well they need to get master in the key spots on their team to their because these guys are the ones getting the most ice time. Paul Hamels on the eighteenth tee outline. Poll when it comes to playing with more speed IRS missed a lean should help that and where else does it come from in if you're trading O'Reilly for. No Hannifin or who knows where you're gonna trade him to where does the speed come from for this team and this Phil Housley. Start from scratch with that it's it's fun to go back to the season. The opener they looked fast and then it ended there was. It was a gain the deal looked like a fast team sodas he kind of start from scratch do you think. Well I think it's some of the return you get in some betrayed you make is going to make you faster maybe. You know if he has Skinner is part of a deal Earl Wright earlier. Wherever you get four O Reilly or wherever you get four player XYZ. Now army trades are make. Com I think you may get speed in return. Can Baptiste and Bailey finally make the NHL and make make some sort of a difference. And a third or fourth line role in that's definitely makes you pastor I mean it to them having elite speed. You know mills that's not the best thing in the world either I know he came advertise with it's speed. But once he got to the NHL I was thinking of keywords dispute were talking about here you certainly impressed. Mean I'm watching it wasn't impressed with the mind his Saint Louis a speech there by army pesto while in bed. And I heeding. There was an elite speed or anything like that was kind of like thinking oh but this I was bulls beat mass but he really wasn't. Soul. You know he's not a guy that's gonna really improve your speed. Pregnant Juli if he makes the team of course is going to improve your speed I mean he flat out can move Bogosian if he's healthy. Improves your speed you very fast skater. When when healthy and get a place in a big hurry so you know he's another one man if he's healthy player and that's the big air. He can improve your speed also. How about in gold ball waiting to plan with the rule Robin lettering is is there're. Is there recently that just won't won't even. All fine imposed lone walk. I think there is reason to believe that I don't think you want Robin won her ear splitting goaltender duties with Omar I I don't think he would react while about it. I'll think that's something that. I don't think you have to be good for your locker room. I think he believes he's in number one goaltender and I hope he believes that it be. He's not a good competitor and athletic he doesn't believe he's in number one goaltender. And I don't think he would. The very open to being a back up or splitting timer or anything like that so. Mean what's the point of kicker if he Campbell woman you tried to move woman. What's the point of all flying him. If the you really have no plans at all for him to be here so. It'll be interesting to see the two that too restrictive free agents and I'm wondering your car. Wetter and Hudson fashioning. Make your putts and bashing. Is a very slow skater he's working on his foot speed as best he can. He plays I mean this is when you're really supposed to be impressing. He plays the first game of the playoffs and is so bad he winds up in the press box for the next two. And doesn't play at all so not only are you a slow skater. A very slow skater. But she used started the playoffs on the fourth line when you're supposed to be one of the prospects of the sabres. And many Wanda from the press box watching so I wonder if he disqualified. Paul Hamels on the AT&T hotline poll one thing I I know the afternoon guys talk about this yesterday and I mentioned very very briefly I don't know that the sabres would be shopping the number one overall pick but. I bet they'd be getting calls and I bet they'd be you'd have GM's throwing names out Billick put up I was to put together a package and included someone so. How many players do you think about the topping your head that you be willing to have a conversation. If they were offered up. No and not know why I don't mean. Great they need. That big difference I would rather have Michael and Colleen then have make David. I would rather have. That the two players. Then so of Edmonton. Would offer up make Dave under. I. And you don't get Colleen than you I blight and all of a bit this way I'd rather have. I'd go. And doll Lehman eichel on the David Newton. I think your better team with the defenseman with a good forward and the good defenseman. Than just the two good forwards and the defense that the sabres have a your current piecemeal together and find some other trade you can make to improve your. Seoul. Honestly. I don't think there's I don't think there's a deal out there that I would do about any young defend me if you want to defenseman any. Young defenseman picked could be offered as part of a package that would get you thinking. No not at all because again it's. This guy if he if he turns into Danny Potvin who Lou that's was he's being compared to. You're talking about one of the top five defensemen that ever played this game. And any pot and so. I just can't think or anything that would that would put me towards making that trade. Paul Hamilton on the eighteenth tee outline the the draft a week from Friday and the free agency period July. 1. Do we expect anything in free agency it's funny Paulino EU always refer to it is silly season. I think free agency has died to a point that we don't even talk about with a free agents are anymore it's Tarvaris and a bunch of guys I can't even John Carlson. John Dumars John Carlson and that's about it that I can really think of off the top of my head. And it's seems like the bigger names before create she hits are starting to sign with Earl clubs. Mean stamp coasts. Albrecht and Larson is going to do the same time he's agreed terms he can't sign the contract with extension. Until after July 4 rolls by. But it's and you wonder John Tavares with Lou Amarillo now in charge of the islanders. It John Tarvaris did think to himself that he wanted out of Long Island. Lou Amarillo shows up in my thing whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute here maybe I don't want to leave long you know home. Our snows running the team anything and he. Work Moscow. But we have been little admirals there may be a wanna be a part of this low via could change things there drastically for. The best free agent that's out there. 1 thing that I am I'm looking at bats cap friendly dot com maybe one of the reasons that free agency has kind of dried up is that. Age in off if you talk about a free gauging your almost always talking about a player that is at least 48. And in this league primes are hit before Tony Tony it is the downside of a prime even a case of Tarvaris Paul I. I wonder how many teams would say you know he's great player but if he's gonna want eight years we're not gonna wanna pay that in the year 67 and eight. I think maybe teams are starting to realize what value it's. Dumars is going to be good for you I don't know Pete I don't know if I would agree with the downswing right now but it's coming. It's gonna come long before ears rolls around. So you but let's say you get to were three good years out of player a and then they're like on notice to rank. And and so many bad contracts are teams are stuck with them because a player that's why I wouldn't want anything to do their Carlson. That's why isn't this why would nudity which Phil Kessel he's thirty that that's. Eric Carlson is a great player it's not that I'm in disputing. The greatness of his of the way I play an injury army. I don't know if he's gonna totally come back from the injury either. But by the time you get to the end of that contract that's going to be a noose around your head. I mean it's just there's just. And to me it's just it's even got sillier now that people I think you realize what value is and the other thing about free agency is. Everybody was getting these. Long long long. Term deals. So that was taking. Very good players off the market for long periods of time it wasn't like it's a two year deal that back on the free agency market again. 78 year deals. Soul that dries up the market after awhile because. Players are revisiting the market so to speak. In most cases so you don't have them on the market anymore sort of free agency gets worse and worse and worse every year. Looking at the list here. And just the age when I clicked a free agency list in important that the top this is sorted by how much money they made last year foreign 38 Rick Nash 33 is the big names. Paul Stastny 32 Mike Green 32 mechanics 35. Tobias sensed from 33 Tavarez is the young guy he's 27. And the next young guys JVR boost when he nine. So free agency is it's not exactly getting set out to stud as a horse but you know you are definitely ain't. In the twilight of your career and as we've seen guys like comic David and I Colin Matthews will no doubt be next signing their. Their deals that take them well into 2728. Years old. You know the the league is kind of figured out that the Smart thing to do was pay your players that are great. Stadium as long as you can. And then once they get to that next contract let somebody else pay that one and less you know there are going to be examples Sidney Crosby's can be. In a hole Famer and weigh in is gonna have a longer peak then than others see you have exceptions were guys that are at the best of the best can. Indeed great past 47. But I think about like the map molest you contracts and designate Menino and I'd say they are slouch is in their primes but there are just. Maybe oppose so it's like this Paula the sabres are gonna come to regret that contract because of how long it is. I think they well I don't think there's any question about that and lets a Vander Cain how many times did you hear. Of hander came in for big shock. In the top how these early shocked now. All of Medicaid's agent he's in for a break surprise. In now. Because the the sharks did not hold his past against him they did when they traded form because they're trying to trade for for as little as possible. But they needed all the past against amid a contract and if Evander Kane blows up somewhere in winds up. In handcuffs again utter anything like that all the circular arrow keys now what do we do you know we'd we'd been on a grander rated and it didn't work. But he's gotten. My old there were a lot of people and you know he quote insiders who didn't figure Evander Kane had a player making seven million dollars because of his past. Now what. Tonight some team will do it and that's the thing about free agency some teams. There's always a team out there that'll get stupid and pay you what you war. Aren't Pall mall keep an eye on this. On all of us on the trade rumors we will be there are right baseball pitcher Paul Hamilton on the AT&T Alan quick tweet from Carl he writes in. You and Mike shall p.s mentioning are causing dynasty fantasy fever can you tell us more details what site you're using. How many roster positions. Can you disclose what twelve dollars a I was on the F nutria celebrate the first time in my life. I've spent money. To get a website that will help me be better fantasy football I spent twelve dollars while. It's five dollars a month of I did it for a year but I couldn't justify spending sixty dollars a figure into it for one month. And it would be the month of this draft which is Saturday. So it's a dynasty league. I and I finally started preparations. I have a couple guys that I live in my head Canon notched is like I'd like to get this guy for the next five years the next six years. Not all rookies of course you know anybody draft he can keep as long as you want. I'm excited. Ready for Saturday it's gonna be a long it can be the longest draft amber. I mean well it might be beneficial for you to get it just for that one month period snow yet just because. Dynasty fantasy leagues. Pretty important I would say mean and again and every year but I'm investing in my investment yep exactly almost things every bit big money league it's just from you know. Little bit scratch and right snap when we get back bills left tackle Dion Dawkins join and a joins us OTA's rolling along. From. One bills drive it is WGR Sports Radio 550. Yet Dawkins when we return here on WGR. Colorful coats so far we didn't get it done in these situations like confidence in that apartment I think in my book itself. That is. LeSean McCoy spoke yesterday bills mini camp rolls along. Jeremy White with you Howard's off today Greg Wilson producing quick headlines the US is going to host the World Cup along with Canada and Mexico. In 20/20 six. The united bid has potential cities to host games in Toronto. MetLife stadium Philly Baltimore DC in Cincinnati ills of the closest ones also. Spreading as far and wide as Edmonton. Mexico City LA San Fran Montreal but not quite 46 the US to host the World Cup and host most of the games. 8030550. Join us bills mini camp rolls along and working with the ones for the first time. Yesterday it was Josh Allen one of the ones is on the line of misty and Dawkins builds left tackle. On the eighteenth tee Alan. Morning are pretty good pretty good house house year two for use this. This is easy is it is it no big thing in me last year you your rookie year you appear in all sixteen games neither slate and in his as one of the ones on the starters and its year to so. Just old hat or is is it new because you got some changes on offense. It's never easy. Its staff Leo harder because we have all you'll often so it's not like we're covering here. With the same. Playbook so it's a totally different different life. And taken it to anybody. More complicated this offense how how would you describe the difference between this year and last year. I guess. I won't even know what to say it's it's a different it's Hitler it was a whole different person. Behind. There will also a dispute out of print driver. He got a new driver on their coordinator he also avenue you're gonna have a new driver it's a quarterback. Hi how's it been working with the all three in and what can you tell us about Josh Allen how he's looked so far. You know and so McDermott said he earned his spot to get some reps with the ones I wanna be seen on a Josh down. I think that it is special I mean he's he's a hard worker he's very Smart he's. He's definitely very intelligent like with what would of liked conversations. And he's just different I mean like you targeted. Its past it is strong arm and very athletic so. Elective. We've we've heard the term special but some Ol Shawn McCoy said yesterday you used in a right now. Is it's. Is it. What when your when your professional player when your when your you're got this in the NFL you don't rookies coming you're gonna see some that are wide eyed and you are rookies just last year. How quickly do you feel like you you can tell the guy is up up to the job up to what ever job that might be. Immediately like just just bugged. The way and that they movement and by the way that they speak can handle herself around everywhere. One out. And he's he's. He's either of professional. Already out. And he has grown day in and day out he's he's studying and he's he wants to get better. So him. He's deathly destruct in days and making great plays. He has got a couple weeks vote yea is this the final week of this portion of the the offseason program where you guys are now on mini camp. You know you talk about how did how different the offenses then we're part of my hard Josh Allen has grown a bit how how much has the entire offense in your in your eyes. Come come along in the in these last couple weeks the other goals you set ahead of time have you have you met then you on the got a today and tomorrow and then there's this big long break. Yeah so I would say. Where they're coming closer a closer knit family. Because of all these micro permanent working out together and are being being around each other law becoming one and we know. Everybody's personal life like not just there football like so. With that saying. What might work where we are all gonna play for each other just that much harder on the field we don't know who everyone has personally. You know what's one of things Sean McDermott seems like he wants to instill last year was that was. Accountability to each other and we talked about this we we were talking my you couple days ago when talking about what players might face a little bit of pressure. And your name came up just because you know according Glenn was good left tackle for the steam for quite awhile. And had to feel. Good for you and I'm not audible or Jamal that the bills when they made that trade to send courting Glenn away the first thing that the bills fans might look to was. This means they believe India on Dawkins. Yeah so. I wouldn't say pressure. I would just say confidence. When I heard accord or and got traded of course are wasn't happy. And that was a much humidity. One who actually helped me beat the players' outlook. But arms. I learned. Like others like like business goals early and you can never get comfortable and you could never do it. Arm. Complacent because. Everything shipped symbols around in this league so that that you never know who on that popped. Salaam. I just look at how exceeded them are either is he ready played so I did what I had you just say on the bill that we do mar 111. Did you in Korea have a conversation after after the news jet to June worse. Did he give any advice Salvador or was any advisory in on south I think you are and I'm Bret of course you you're losing a teammate. And you're stepping into that role which of course brings responsible. Let me just say keep on him and what to dawn and Cordoba and is it still. In connection with me and we speak often. And he still just being matter and a great guy that is. DR Dawkins on the AT&T hotline here is bill's many camp continues today and then again tomorrow huddle LeSean McCoy. When he walks in two it's a training camp when he walks in CO OO TAs minicamp. I've had maybe might think that. The the line wants to do well for him and this is a guy who has goals to get to 121000 yards he wants to get the whole fame. And share mean winning as a team that that's the primary goal but how much of a motivation Modi motivating factor is it to have McCoy back there. And wanting to help him have success. We take that very. Personal here and now we are going onto everything and everything ticket. Are you make so where they wanna go whether it to quarterback running back or receiver tight end. The center or guard to tackle anybody kicker. We want everybody. Achieved all of their goals and because we know clearly what should he wants we're gonna do everything in a car that's a problem. Get political. Hopefully it's twelve K you can change. Gentlemen there. You know thirteen gang why why sub now how many years do you think he can do it yeah I mean we haven't seen the slowdown yet. So who thought arm to five ago as long as you can and once you. He's also a different cat and I think he can play or who knows. 1617. Are more years who notes out you know. DN Dawkins on the eighteenth talent how but the new offensive coordinator the unity you're talking a different different guys behind the wheel whether quarterbacks driving over the according to Bryant able brought in to run this offense. When you for first impressions or impressions of how this. How the I guess the style of coaching that you're getting from him. Yet the swagger and he wants to went. If you just want to go out there and and just achieve he has no fear and he's gonna. You know let it in the song game one. But right Dion I got a and it's everybody your Twitter handle is 66 I saw your low your latest post where. Let's not do things vs LA picked the cavs to win which. But didn't go so well that's not your fault I mean you know is is that zap car overhead maybe. LeBron and yeah where's he gonna go. When those I have no idea hopefully. He comes. So to Philly. Or maybe him and eat curry can team up and take over and clerk artists you know enough match. You sixers fan. No but I'm Billy supporter. Gotcha all right. All right. Ball keep tabs on that enough best Lockett training camp and Wes what what are you gonna do in the 56 weeks in between between minicamp and training camp. I'm gonna return and probably for anywhere whether Rick you're one of my teammate might you you're still talk to Richie guy deal. Of course my brother and all right very good. How's he enjoying retirement or a potential comeback. You have a background check that the fifth I think's the thanks very much for so it took. Want one YouTube Dion Dawkins on the AT&T hotline as bills mini camp. Continues. Today it's day two tomorrow to a three and then the five to six week break. Before training camp opens up and things get rolling the bills don't have any of the drama. That some of these other teams have if it's Pittsburgh Levy on belt or go into the drama every year Julio Jones an Atlanta. The you know the NFL if they wanna get rid of hold outs. And they really think this is a problem. That one of the trade offs to a guaranteed contracts you could you can do that. How come other sports don't have pulled out the same way while. And the NHL contrary to guaranteed. So if you front loaded deal all the you are locked into that deal in the NFL when he's got a guy and let them loose with. And on the money he got he got in there are. Twenty million dollars in contracts coming up the next couple years you cut him loose. The reason the NFL players are more like an old honest because the more likely to be hurt immortal loose. And I don't have any problem with. Colonial Mac with Aron doll with Julio Jones of these guys Earl Thomas. That are. Independent contractors the can be released at any time by their team and sometimes contract means they get a certain amount of money when that happens but. You know he sent a hundred million dollar contract only fifty million that is guaranteed guys are looking for guaranteed money. And I don't I don't have any problem with that you're signing any contract no matter what you're doing a matter where it is. What businesses. You want guarantees guarantees. Pay the bills. Potential incentives that stuff that's all nice but it's guarantees for these guys that pay the bills and that's what that's for the don't want so with Julio Jones. In I'm sure that their play youth sports fans out there that are mad at these guys and one under sharpened playing. You know you're not the one put your body on the line you're not the one that if you terrier a Seattle gets caught by the team and then boom you've. You've exhausted all of your football life. And you're not gonna get that. That contract back so no issue with them use your leverage. And the players that had the players that. Have the lever to the ones that use it if you don't have any you're not using it. So it's nice the bills don't have any this drama right now but it happens to every team happens. All the league. And I'm sure that every one of these players will ultimately signed with the team it's the the rare thing is was it Vincent Jackson. Who set out for ten games and then. Played its accrue a year in the moved on from San Diego may be am trying to remember this the bills and rather sure hold outs. Whether it's. Gerris burden. Aaron may but it started training campus before rookie wage scale right but. Gerris bird and I'm thinking Jason Peters and guys miss the miss the first. Game of the season because they missed. All of camp. And I come back in their fine. 8030550. 1808550. To 550. To join us Pat Kirwan apparently says Julio Jones got 47 million dollars the last three years it's good that's good. He deserves that he's a profitable player. If you once they ask for more can ask for more. It looked real fighter if you wireline wanted to back and then itself upon Joe's report on how all things looked at bills. Mini camp Joshua Allen getting rough to the ones Nathan Peterman and sells words dropping dimes. We're itself topped the hour here on the beach here. I have for lunch today ham Turkey opt out of her hand so lobby. I'm guessing the Mets gave up a Grand Slam last night. Whiner line brought you by the owner group one made easy the premier group one of the week is gearbox Chardonnay from California just eleven and nine for a 750 milliliter bottle. Silver mayor's weekly specials that premier wines. Dot com. Now Howard gets stressed about the Mets and own I don't know why he does that to himself but he does. Something the wireline. Stat today on TV is that they've ordered by express mark stat they will be from. Christian hack and Merck. This is exactly a wind but whatever this is just month loss in the capital wireline. Christian Achtenberg was caught by the jets he is now all the only quarterback in the last thirty plus years. Trapped in the first two rounds that never took a snap in the regular season. Yet. That's the yikes never took a snap. How do you not even find like I I just think you found out during practice that he was never good but. That they're courtesy of an developing thirty plus years first two rounds never took an NFL snap pack number. The jets took a swing on that one and missed big time did it set them back five years. No no because they got Arnold. They did get Donald also got old during the course of that was second were taken they went ten and six with fits right. And it took him twenty. Four teens when it when he sixteen now so it was pretty quick to when he sixteen draft. Now Torre 1617 with the jets and apparently he's already with the raiders the raiders are gonna pick them up. Different. He's one of those guys it was supposed to be really good and then. Well here and hit a great sophomore season in college and then this junior year was bad and senior year was not impressive and he won the second round. Here's another that many were convinced was never going to be good and in this case they would been right. They're apply in cases where it's it's gone wrong by dynasty fantasy draft is go ahead and take some of the guys I I I think I wanna get. I mean I don't know I wanna I wanna be careful not to. Not to fall in love with the idea of getting young players. Because it's sure it's about winning the league. And I can I can play already and all the quarterbacks are devalued because you can just get a guy. That'll put up similar numbers to guys near the top luckiest don't spend too much and quarterbacks. But part of me would feel good if I were to pick the right cornerbacks. And a principal Mark Jackson if you draft Lamar Jackson in an auction draft and spent very little on him and he ends up being an awesome. You might not win your league because quarterback isn't the most important position in fancy. But I feel like it would and I know this is Hulk but if Philly could be a moral victory to silly guy drafted back guides the closest thing you have to. A sorry had to overcome by the raiders not him not the jets that battery capital of the jets. Until there a moral victory there and that's right I got Lamar Jackson as a rookie he's been in my Tennessee team for seven years. And that doesn't win you games necessarily. Because you're gonna be better receivers in the and he great running backs and when fantasy but no the dynasty angle. I am excited for this league we do this how long is this draft the last we have twelve players. Twelve owners and they are 24. Rounds. All of auction. The draft is supposed to start at 4 PM. But he at least three hour or like god you are way able we are way low really 24 rounds times twelve. We have fifteen bench spots for this dies you happy Al eliminate tiny and to make your picks. Well I mean it's not a snake Tressel there's no not there's no time it's a marathon of the rating the bidding process right. We are not doing it here's my experience of fancy in the last couple days I've had to look up. Terms in fantasy football but I don't know for instance I've been asked is this an IDP league. And Andrew. Google fancy terminology I DP and it's a defensive player league no it's not. I've never been one of those. Are they fun. This league's not gonna have. We don't have that defense we don't have kickers India a league of Chilton dreams. But we have bench spots ulta while zoo. Brayton 24 rounds with one with twelve owners there are 288. Players that will be auctioned. Right so it so at that point it's probably going to be until like ten. Yeah five hours how many minutes per player if it's one minute per player. You're looking at almost five hours. That's with no breaks. That's with. Bill main it's gonna be a lengthy one. For Karl tweets in midnight I'm here I think it'll go till at least ten at least six hours it'll be a long round of golf. Text arrests have we ever do an all rookie fantasy league no I mean I've. I'm my fan as he has been conventional fantasy football just conventional leagues nothing out of the ordinary. I have X I've done for. You don't since I'm in high school high school 1995 might have been the first time I was in a fantasy football league. And again this year is the first year I've ever buckled and spent dollars actual dollars to get advice from a website. I don't violence like this is the million of mouth there the nice thing about it though is it actually sinks up with the website we are using. And immediately imported all of the owners' names the teams and the scoring format and boom I've got my draft board ready to roll. The draft is Saturday it is gonna feel very strange drafting in mid June. But. At the same time. I'm into an into a fantasy Ryan writes in that many players in a straight auction you'll be lucky to be done by midnight I I know it's going to be long. Made the move is just spend all your money and get out. Spend at all and mother go to the waiver wire for the rest. Here's a another to tweak. Our league takes at least six hours. ID p.s are great we do too defensive linemen two linebackers to defensive backs I hate doing leagues that don't have IDPs since join in this league. It's fantastic record offensive guys other than a whole team's defense we don't even have. Whole team's defense we were not Borges not to a team defense or not doing kickers and we are doing return touchdowns are worth six. But the way from getting in and it is wrong to Mike Hsu open sorry. I just look at the scoring system like two days ago. I haven't done a lot of research I'm not exactly prepared. And just go you should all feel penal a golf feel an attitude just go and on prepared to feel an attitude that's that's my that's my game plan. Now. That's right I got to trust that process. So departure on the other side speaking about trusting the process we'll talk a little fantasy date thirty Scott. And 830 or get your thoughts in the 9 o'clock segment before we talk to Joseph long quest and I'll rest this Colleen. Just because. You know. It's fantasy season isn't exactly here but for a ball ferocity as my the president is a newbie in a dynasty league. Yeah any tips you've got and I'm looking for those from Scott at 830 inform you guys as well. 8030557. Pot you'll for the latest on mini camp where Josh Allen got reps with the ones. And neat things Peterman had maybe the best day of any quarterback on the roster yet that's next.