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Wednesday, June 13th

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Stop the draft either very good player we are excited to be in the situation we were with the lottery and I think you wanted unfolds you know wolf Selig guy has but we're thrilled to be the position we aren't in our history number one overall I think you're usually getting a very talented player that can help your team so her opposite route and it's an all these other guys that the top market situation. Star break who was that I just came across something might wanna talk about. Online the tell his side of the sabres assistant general manager Steve really on the the number one overall pick grass was the only guy. Where it gets some Rasmus to lean talking a moment and Nigel long Quist comes as well. To join us at 915 and just posted it to the players Tribune a piece by Nick Boynton. Titled everything's not okay. And he talks about his battle with the depression in concussions. And that's really what this tilting is about that he thought about dying he's thought about death. He mean he mentions Steve Montana or we'd be like Derek who guard Rick Ripken. I knew those guys those people are real to me check this out the players should gonna just twittered out a link to this and read the whole piece. I hop is I highlighted one party in here because as the NHL all. Faces lawsuits about CT eat about head injuries. There's a reason. That the NHL. Is is sued for this and it's because and I am of the belief and I would absolutely. Side with players on this. Boynton says in this piece a region one very quick passage. You wanna know how I played the game I tried to hurt people. That's when I was there for a lot of people don't wanna hear that but it's the honest truth so yes for instance it would try to injury you if that was the difference between winning and losing a hockey game. I do whatever was asked of me and I can tell you that yes coaches do actually sometimes tap you on the back and try to get on the ice and fight. What you wanna believe it or not it happens. So. To me this is one of the major spots that. The league is culpable for head injuries and four players that have. Fallen victim to long term health effects. PDAs. 100%. Something the league could have. And should have discouraged more aggressively it is 100% something a league could have moved away from. This league has been built on toughness and there are guys out there that put their body on the line put their long term health on the line. But. More than any other league guy you know football and hockey have these these these issues you can say it's about concussions you can say. Known as a lot of different things that seat he does size is not entirely set yet sure fine there's still stuff to be determined about agent. But the NHL. We've all watched it happen over a decade. Head shots go unpunished. Head shots are really punitive. In the postseason. Hurt somebody on purpose if you heard him and you knock him out of the series you win. If you are crappy Taurus and you knock Marion host saw unconscious you win. You are employed to do that the league has long employed guys. That are there just to hurt people that don't add a ton of value. Other than the value that they are expendable. And they can eliminate some of the better and more talented players. And while there might be a spot in the league for guys like that the finish checks and play hard. You know Boynton talks about he eat you know he doesn't have a concert a bunch of highlight reel stuff. You know they eat that there's an element of hockey that shot dead on every level cheap shots on every level. And this is the bad that the NHL has made so if when. The lawsuits all finish out and they are found absolutely. Have responsibility. And Ole. Millions whatever it might be so former players. Mean you know there are emails about it there are emails that have gone public the league is looked bad the league claims to not know about CT. It's just it's not a good look for the league and this piece by. Nick pointer at the players Tribune is powerful and here's another one from. Dan Carcillo another one. He's got a one of that your players Tribune. Take my name off the Stanley Cup twice over I can't live like that anymore he would have walked away from hockey if you knew the damage was going to do it was boring. He's now focusing on improving his melt mental health it bill league has. Personal league has problems. And I do think that they are to blame I really do I I I think they're culpable I think that. Management. And old school hockey guys running the show. That. Appreciated that part of the game. Hung on for too long and the science of it was sneered at and the next generation of hockey I'm not gonna tell you it's not gonna be about. That the division eliminate hitting altogether. But. Head shots there's not been nearly enough done not even close. The text on this from Mike and tunnel Wanda the extreme part of a CT issues if you took hitting out of hockey largely with the game not be better. Football there's no way around it but hockey can eliminate 90% of the contact and prosper it's part of why it's so frustrating watching the NHL knowing how poorly it's Ron. I agree. I'd I agree. You do you could. Without eliminating hitting entirely you can take a lot of it away. And the game would probably be better we came would probably be fine. You cannot take the physical side of the football you cannot take all the there's a kielty out of hockey but. You can take a lot of it. And you can. The league's job is to steer it in a direction right. How many goals you wanted to game how many hits you wanna game the league can decide this UK and didn't change things pull different levers. Adjust it's it's. I mean it's not exactly like a video game where you were just a slider but the league and any proactive measures they can do this. When you add the forward pass and football you did it for entertainment. When you take away hand checking in basketball you did it so guards could drive to the basket. When you make it illegal for defensive players to hold receivers more than five yards you do it so you get guys open when you protect them. From head hits and you make this new rule the NFL's got it's going to be tough to implement. And going to be tough to see how they. Get through little. The leagues decide. The direction that the sport coats and especially when there is one league that is in charge and that makes all the decisions. You know. That's where the game goes and the levels below it follow. So if you are the NHL and you change the size of your net guess what else changes every other net. The college level at the high school level all the way down. Which is one of the reasons I think that there would wouldn't change the size of the net the league's Ron. And it's about. Scoring it's about skating people go to the building for that. No other text or take oil but I sits you can still rough people up in front of the net push around the boards take out running people in the game would be better example like international hockey it's not illegal because the ice size it's impractical in practical. It's way more fun to watch. Head shots and cheap shots shouldn't be in the game this from hunter I also don't want to watch an all star game needs to have some physical play. Like to hear about a happy medium right there's a correction they can go it's about adjusting the slider. Mean I watched that a lot of that caps. And golden knights series and this new game is about speed for a little while bill and each got to be about heavy hitting and lately it's gotten to be more about speed. And move in a moving in transition. So something to watch and with two more compelling stories from the player Tribune and I just waited out one from Daniel Carcillo and one from Nick Boynton you know just some thoughts on that. 8030551888550. To 550 on the AT&T hotline is Joel Lundqvist who played with. Brass ms. Dolly Angel good morning my name's Jeremy thanks for Coleman thinks Rihanna show. Herman we've talked to a lot of people about Rasmus Dolly you would have played with him. So I guess the first question is how much of the hype is justified grew when we Buffalo's pretty excited to win the lottery. Everybody's been paying attention to him and not just how good he is all the comparisons. In your experience playing watching players how good is rest is stalling. While. You could go related to a call for help me in. You've heard auto. Well yeah it should go. In my about it current practice. Without. The only team I'm all. I mean it did well well. Under way at a colorful creative this is there something we're 00. I'm calm down. In batter and is your. Natural law and is a call later we had on them not been a whole we're excited. Maybe. There. Opal hit them. Do you I think we don't may buffalo fans are probably counting on the fact that it that it will be Dali and goes first overall. Do you get a sense that he would be an obvious he wants to play in the NHL how excited he would before how much he thinks he's ready for. I mean I think is. You gotta bought an Olympic. The sun. Quite a map so can gain on out of the polar. Or wallet and it is incredibly that you're here I am still not. Glue them. Better. I'm Donald. This deal as well and I haven't felt what sort of a close eye on the auto if reporters over the how good mood I'll read it. So. He dealt though. So go read about or even include some blood. I'd see the support actor. Even though we need to go be a big adjustment for the for for Dolly when it comes to changing ice surface. I mean of course it's they couldn't open it. A lot of prep her body but it comply with stricter. In Puyallup. Since he. Now all talk about him are courses. Gotta be the Mormon. Clinton that oh four. It is a more one player. Is upbeat Lou you know if he didn't put there pretty quick. Like if or report on him I'm. Hopefully they don't got enough. Our. Current right. So little bit of patients about how about dull leans patients in himself I mean it is there a level of maturity there that you seen in him that you know he knows he's a young player he's sees immensely talented but. Is he the kind of guy that's gonna be coach a blizzard kept the kind of guy that's gonna be patient with a self. Yeah. It's going all. They're big strong Cooper in his first here and now it's going to pick you up in patrol all of them. You learn why couldn't. I mean you. It special forward Louis did walk home arm around them they're stuck with our work. You have to learn what could live on our they see here you really thought oh. And he can't play caller yeah me all you have. Good people. Stop well so I think that's what you cram to who really. Read off this went through. That. The order welcome your quick sample of about what they. A bill on his the I. What he's playing with pro London Reese playing over there you know it's is it is it normal for a player that's that young to be playing in that league. Not invalidate our military. I'm certain they now on our call volume was coming up all acquitted you're. I will not be in birdie on what. You can't eat. They're. And written a book or go. He is. What when it comes to someone that's that young in a locker room do you feel like it's. That the team has a responsibility to make sure that the environment is good public is is it does it make a locker room different for you for your team when you've got to. 1617. Year old kid in their. Well we're we're probably won't need from the order a lot of where. Inclement. You know achieved should Colombo oval UConn guard them. I mean on the play and it didn't. Like golf at all. A record crowd is the mark where do you don't want. You mature and what would require it in the home buyer for a lot more possible. Now. It is or more relaxed in the group. Of course it's important clues. Players to help them on them out the were in upper. Now Joseph Lundqvist on the AT&T hotline on harassed missed only in future I'll likely future first pick of the the Buffalo Sabres Jill thank you for the time and you know best luck. Wait wait wait all under Brit brightens your question yet July Eid religious one pastoral quicker also topic Earl of course rent a lot of time playing with. The trolls and for the past years just wanted to get your overall thoughts of his game the year time playing with him for Alando. Hidden the great concern. Improve the lot of those who. Meanwhile equipment in all but now he looks like who you're more it goes couldn't. I think. Like he incurred apple couldn't you couldn't. Really good. Off guard who's good young school. Hopefully we will do. That the bar and that is not fair ball well are there were hopeful. Do you think that he can make that transition to the NHL right away or do you think he needs some time to learn the game a little bit. In North America. He dish. Eat. That off book tour. Darker and do what hurt the model that all up so. Good. Who. If look at it and go on their computer and those numbers with them that this is well. He told you. So. Like because even. Off so. I mean just think our our rural period in it it is. Or other Claire wanted to ask you real quick on and I know that you didn't get the chance to play with him but you did get the chance to play against him for the past few years. Lawrence pilot the sabres just signed him to a new deal. I'll watch what's it like playing against him and can you give us anything about what you thought of his game. The employer with or he Lou. I mean. No moon but they don't they're cool all the players all their utter lack they're going to be moved. The the puck flew all the I mean could it it's a good player career. All right Joseph long Chris on the eighteenth cut the island til thanks very much. And night. Prolong the teammate of harassment styling with the sabres will be picking in about. Eight days it's a week from Friday. I got a text during this brain this'll be a fun little exercise and see how you can do on this. The text or asked. What a top five worst number one overall picks in the NHL Colby wrote in and asked this number one overall number one overall picks the war the five. Works. I've got the list here I want to eliminate goalies because I would say. Any goalies are bad picture like is Mark Henry Florie good pick I guess you would say yes but. You know in today's game you would say no was Rick DiPietro a good pick and he got her so. Alicia is non goal baseless the war the five worst first overall picks OK okay. I kind of know the answer will go back in time and count them oak act 4013 between twelve now Yucca off. Yep he's deathly right up their top five point twelve now Yucca pop up then you've got to go back to have. 2006 for Eric Johnson but. Keys in the league Eric Johnson still a decent player Ruddy he's not terrible it's just the 2006. Draft was. And all of that good anyway I installs number two Jonathan Toews is number three back from four castle by pat Patrick Stephon. Yet he's right I'll cut out Stefan yes he was 1999 the thrashers he went before the sit Deans who played in 450 games in his NHL career the Abbott and not eat did not put up the point production that it was expected of him. On another battle will be of course Alexander date date is under on the people remember that 1993 Alexander date. And then you've got to go back to 1986 for Joseph Murphy. Who did not play much. Backed do you think you're in the your LeMieux and 84 and going back before that's like the modern era the you know that the number one picks he ha. It just it's the most reliable thing in the draft it's the most urban it's the most reliable draft it's the most a while spot. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the sabres room as they just. Four with the idea not that they're gonna trade the pick they're not going to but just floor with the idea just to see. Like. Who could week yeah. Take a phone call hey it's. New Jersey on line our right. Ratio grow. If if you would be opposed to say to you would you give me for this. Receipt Taylor Hall I mean what all what do you offer. And it the sabres. Are. Listening and are. Shoot the breeze over who they might want in return for the number one pick won't fully without the intent when no intention of actually. Using it. They can't that a more reason they can't trade it is because you can't win the lottery. And make T shirts that you sell your store and have your fans go bonkers about winning the lottery and then not using that lottery pick to take the guy that. Ever one thinks pass the older but the sabres have to take oh yeah cannot even consider. Any trade. I mean the trade would have to be bonkers. Yeah. And it would have to peace but a top top top player in the NHL from eighty eating considerate. Mean we we you gotta throw a couple of names out there earlier with Taylor on I'd still say no. Matthews. Would be one that may be considers. And actually thought Neitzel signal. It would it would have to be like a Sidney Crosby your economy David type of player for me to say OK yeah apple will do the trade but it. The docket it's just not going to and a second it's never going to happen but. Two to the techsters point there though. Mean it's certainly looking like that nail Yucca pocket PD worse first. Overall pick in the history the NHL Evelyn on the history because will not it's let's go in modern history our history center attacks the texture points out there are so on the didn't play right but the sort of along time ago right exactly but I mean I I deathly would say -- off the pot it's trending towards being the top one but I'd pick one right now. Just based on history of his play I'd probably seen Patrick stop on. Alexander date number two and in Yucca POP3 that it pops climbing the ranks they asked. They did play a lot male bodies even the busts plight GAAP there there was a rule over the Vancouver. The seventh overall pick for Ryan O'Reilly. Which you know should you do that you wanna look at the last few seventh overall picks here you go. Darn old nurse not much going on there Matthew dumbo march I fleet Jeff Skinner Niles and concrete column Wilson a for a check posts oh. Ryan Suter loop pole going down the list here for some of the big bigger and Erik Rasmussen. Former sabre seventh overall. I don't I am on the sabres talk about trading O'Reilly I'm thinking about player and player out on that's that would be my hope. For what Jason Bob Earl is is looking for if that's what he's doing if he's indeed shopping O'Reilly. Also just depends on which type of prospect is available for senate if the sabres were of course to acquire the seventh overall pick because I think there are a couple of players this year that could mean. Arnold I'd say have a chance to play the NHL this year but their development might come a little faster than just. You know couple of years it might be. One year like Casey middles acted this past Jiri their there's some players out there that could be available at seven for the sabres that wouldn't have that advanced development to their. In their bag so and needed out this year the played them certainly next year they could possibly make the line. It'll real 551888550. To 550. To join us it is W jar of a thought on trading O'Reilly a thought on Josh Ellen's timeline now the up first team wraps. Journalists so VCR. Score but there is a different oh parent of a lot of character but I think is complying with her career in what is he now a lot of talk about him but of course this. It's going to be even more years Clinton and all are part. It is a more one player. Is upbeat Lou you know it. You don't put their critical it was like get cited a report on I am. Hopefully they're go. God in the the wire two games. Still Lundqvist on the HTT Allen moments ago former teammate. Of. Rasmussen d'alene. Jeremy White with you on WGR. Headlines today the World Cup in 226 awarded to the US Tora to Canada and to Mexico it's a North American. United bid. International relations haven't been exactly all that good. But in 226 hopefully things are squared away. Yes so a united bit the World Cup coming back to the US sixty of the eighty games will be played on US soil. A go to Edmonton Toronto Mexico City Guadalajara. Among other places so very cool in the World Cup starts tomorrow. I am name I I think I would go so far saying I'm big soccer fan. And you don't. Relentlessly when we talk about it you've got people who will say nobody cares about soccer it's one of the strangest things that I come across. Is. The people that are still doing that. They don't. The people that don't care about things generally don't comment about things are there's lots of things I don't care about. That I just I don't feel Benito vehemently say how much I don't care about it. But the don't care about soccer crowd Walt is to say they don't care about it's very very strange until those people I think it's like a man that is too bad. Until that for you. Could be told me you don't like pizza out. That's it that's terrible pizza is good I'm sorry that you don't like a thing that's good that's all people should feel about me without eggs I don't like jags it's not for me. It's not my fault. I don't like eggs and if you love legs you might actually feel bad for a while that's too bad omelets are great. At Brandon that's I feel on people coming I got the World Cup who cares don't care all really not all eggs are great yellow all course. So if you miss out. I mean sorry men. Stinks for you I guess it's gonna be great can't wait. Mean it's the reason. I guess the reason that I still carry even though the US is and it's because all of the players I enjoy watching are still limit the only guy on the US team. That to me really moves the needle would be Christian ballistic when. He plays for the Portland and he's he's one of the best players he would be the US has bass player but the world's best players US isn't going at stakes. The world's best players are still going so it's like the Olympics. It's like if the can aid if you let the hockey Olympics were happening without the US should be missing a lot of the best players the World Cup. And be honest they're not really missing. In all of the best players in the world that are missing would be natural lens would be Italy. The US doesn't really move the needle for the bass players in the world they're still there Spain Belgium Germany England you'd you know. Stunt amused Portugal Argentina. That's battles of the stars the stars are still going to be either. The US team isn't and there's no denying that means it'll be harder for some people the kind of plug in. I'm just not one of those I'm gonna have I'm gonna be all and are you running as I wish I really wish the Netherlands with a that's the team that I root for outside of the US. And that's just because. And 2010 I was in Amsterdam. And I was there I was in Europe for a good two weeks of the World Cup. It was in South Africa Viet that your I was in Dublin to watch the Netherlands in Europe why. And I was in Paris to watch Spain play Germany they're put montella television next to the Eiffel power. And I just had to be in Europe during the World Cup was probably a big part of what led me to think like are right I I've got to be. I've got to get into this because I'm clearly I'm missing out. And you know made an effort to do that and I no longer a missing out. So the Netherlands that's that's why I'm kind of leaned toward with Robin and then Percy and Lesley Snyder reckon 2010. I was in Amsterdam during the World Cup final in music implying with 80000 people. A picture were the caps cup parade except the game is on and that's how many people there. So you know it's just. I don't need the US to be unit to care 8030550. And 1808550. To 552 Joseph in Rochester Joseph the morning on WGR. Sporting art great great. Don't hold us to get in but I could only spared over forty years. Ed I follow these critical Toledo follows they were grizzard you know the airport are obviously it. But I'm here it's a pretty. Your first well I'll always legally rumors everybody knows but there's a pretty good overflow crowd in Toronto. Delete sent out there use the islander and Anderson. The sabres. For the number one pick O'Reilly and Duaner you guys turning things that no. Okay he's he's pretty good after all around now. Well her outlook and be. Disassembled a rumor. The Matthews chatter has to be because Babcock doesn't get big he he doesn't belong to Babcock that's the story yeah. Neil Lander I don't know why they would do that Anderson my don't know what it would do that either. All right Lee and the first pick and you say someone else and let her letter has no value non. So. I mean almost no value. But it's pretty Matthews in the lender for Colleen and all Reilly I just. I don't think so. And the sabres do that great where's the defense think IE not interest didn't talk about trading that doll lean peck. Well pretty much period but most certainly not in lesson involves a stolid young defensemen. That's gonna be my number one. It's the hardest thing to find in the sport maybe ever and I need to find it. I can even figure the guy and he defined Seth Jones in that deal I need to find a a young Drew Doughty in that deal I might just doesn't happen now I I yeah I agree I need. Not even Mickell sort of chabot like he's a young good young defenseman wearers go to the young defensemen. On this team otherwise you know trust me on Austin Matthews short. But. I think that that rumor going around is a little bit to block blustery for all for my taste. Next up Jersey City I can see who it is who is this in Jersey City marketers market. Course mark Kelly mark. They hear the hard part mother when both of them but those aren't sure. I AF law of the Netherlands I love the Jersey all of the crest I have another Lin's Jersey. I like that they Wear orange I also like the red white and blue that they Wear and I have one of their jerseys that's. Like red white and blue sash it's it's great IA. Iowa to sell missed the Netherlands more than the US in this tournament but you know the Netherlands. They've they have a chance to win it sometimes. So I will definitely miss the Netherlands in this tournament. Yeah I mean you're the same ballclub walked the order moral historical more story I don't have the the first game. All cataloged a lot this summer when it comes on but anyway. Looked like it would week on the pitcher on the first power last week Bruschi put out as you know. Although it true trooper tweet about how patriots you know player but don't like their experience so. They call or visit that they that they want things handed to them and you replied that sweet thing but only just armed greedy. Settlement suspension all the stuff going on up there. How all these things. It's gonna take so great he retired after he retired we should say that we start that your there was a lot more than that longevity. The net BI it wasn't just the PP twelve not fit these peace and bureau trips over with Giselle close quote rejuvenation clinics. Because I I just don't bother with this magical. That he's been able to maintain this all that well or it's just. I don't know. I think you're starting to hear that stuff now whether or not it's true whether or not it's fair it's tough. But you're you know you're asking how long until after birdie retires to things start to come out and get. Weird I don't know I'm first off you have to be true. And now they're there they're been plotting of I don't know whispers is the wrong thing to say I don't speculate too much but. Andelman getting busted for some unknown substance certainly wouldn't steer ya all wait from that if you are already of that belief. And the patriots I just think it's so weird. What's the explanation for canceling two days of mini camp is deciding yes it is scrap it. We don't want anymore. Robert Kraft spoke with the media and and they gave them the players two days of mandatory minicamp is canceled. Per watt. Job well on their I had a schedule I it's. It's strange it's very very strange. And the patriots the other thing about them is they've. They've cheated before cell. In out here and I have speculation if you're gonna have a team franchise that you say no wonder they're doing something shady they've done it before. They've earned that reputation. Thanks mark. And enjoy the World Cup. 8030550. Tomorrow morning 11 AM things get rolling extend a sports is on the way next and will continue right and the investigators we've seen here the guys have anything to say about. The piece posted by Nick Boynton and nine Daniel Carcillo also opened the player Tribune just 43 minutes ago some powerful stuff. To a C at the players Tribune dot com. Breaking sports news airs first here. Kenny our Sports Radio. Don't know if boy this. Our external sports here as we wrap up the show breaking what's your stance on wearing. What amount to be swim trunks in public. As shorts. And if you're not near Beecher you're not near pool ball where I'm currently doing that. Are you really yet but. It is swim trunks I mean they don't look like swim trunks so at least the last what do they look like that what other shorts are. Many many many many many striped. With no pockets I mean I don't they don't have the the line furthered the board shorts I guess is what you might say something like that. I I may Wilkins I mean granted I don't exactly have a job like most people where you can just where. Swim shorts swim trunks or I guess and I swim trunks like board shorts. But yeah it's you know spice up today's Milligan the seventies. I don't always wanna Wear big clunky pocketed. Pants and shorts so. More and swim trunks. I think if you're just out and about wearing swim trunks randomly like axles and trunks. How much you're going to the beach or a year ago which in what somewhere ones Latin what's that what's happened more often you've been frustrated that you're wearing swim trunks. And and you never find a pool or you find a pool or beach. Randomly. So hey look at surprise pool party and our man and an in my trunks in this case I'm ready. We can go swimming in just normal clothes normally you could you could put. All okay if that's the case then are all shorts swim shorts. Technically crafts and yes I via. Then again Agassi can if you wanna say you can do the swim jeans he could swim in them an appeal that but fun. Investigators on the way. Where are counted on the days until Rask missed a lien is drafted by the Buffalo Sabres that's going to be exciting whenever it happens whenever it happens and on Friday. What what do get a sense an exciting is tracking these rumors. The names that keep coming out I like. Maybe it's a different year maybe I'm just more treating mood and more of a field that something's gonna go down I like all the names I hear I likes Skinner if you could be short term as a as a piece. That you could use to try to make the playoffs and think about signing or trade at the deadline he's been healthy fitness that we were here and concussions stuff about Jeff Skinner forever and it's just not real anymore. So that's good I like Skinner I like to Hannifin name I liked guilt Chechnya I like. My Mike Coffman also got a little bit weird with that whole thing about the or protection against Michael Altman's girlfriend Mike often the guys that. Mean the senators and we've we talked about him as a piece the sabres today he's not always been valued the most Sonata with seems Ottawa. Men there's one if there's one team it's a mess. Ottawa is truck fire Ottawa's a disaster. And pain from. Poor relations with Daniel Alfredsson after he retired. To losing Karlsson. At the Carlson trade there's a great example of the O'Reilly trade verses the Carlson trade if the sabres trade O'Reilly. The team that's getting him he's he's got term they know what they're getting their their planning for multiple years. You try to trade Carlson. The team it's acquiring him has got. Have a deal in place and if they don't. Like Carlson asked the signs still in it Carlson has to places that one he wants the sign with. You're negotiating with the only two teams and if you're negotiating only two teams and he says I don't want. I don't go to Vegas if they're gonna give up marks so brought on to go to Vegas if they're gonna give up. Whoever. Tossed names up there it really puts auto and a spot where they have to accept less for Carlson because. Year earlier narcotic trade for him unless he's gonna stay. And what not he stays up to him so Carlson kind of gets to dictate where he goes and also at the same time gives the dictate how much. You get in return. And O'Reilly does not have that kind of kind of power over the sabres or the team that he ultimately goes to. Two minute warning about what else what else is going on in the world their brain a model for my notes bird wrapping up the show things that you can. You do a quick guess the country in time it's definitely can all right let's get under way eldest start right off with. The National Anthem of this country. Well getting your clues here yesterday to population of this beautiful countries over ten million people. This country's northernmost point is keep Angela. And still it's also the northernmost point of this continent it lays it. All right. This is going to be Sweden. I. This is going to be. Columbia. It is OK everybody at every knows Kate and July. And nobody knows Kate Angela is. And then. To the north of this country's coastline of crystal clear waters lush vegetation and wild clips while the southern coastline has a desert landscape surrounding a Rios is Australia. Carry. Right northernmost. Part of a continent. When the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark was shot in this country crew members had to remove 300 television antennas from homes for one scene in order to make a roof top shot look like 1936. Everybody knows. That. It is words raiders lost art films. Egypt. Morocco. This country's most famous Olympian is Mohamed good melody who won four Olympic medals over three games. The French colonized country 1881 in the claim their independence in 1956 Senegal. Nigeria. Last cut less clue this country opens their World Cup on Monday against England. Russia. No high England plays Tunisia. While. So that's a bad on you know high New England played Tunisia files because it's on the fifa eighteen squad building challenge this this week all right which. Might as well be a different language to most of our listeners but England Tunisia is a squad building challenged in on the fifa transfer market Tunisian players are out of this world expensive right now. That's it for us into gators is on the way next sorry for the brief foray into fifa.