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Here's presented by. Read the. I have no idea what to say how to start the show is is nothing to do that wide in Ottawa. Oh Bill. Maher is our Marty's forehead please guide the man we got a leader. We got a leader that's not a popular on his forehead you know down and that is I have never seen anything like this I have never seen. What did you try to. You always put your head open cracking. His head in the corner of the desk. What we're doing cousin and over to pick something I went so you guys a little table between Andrew and you read there's a little table to put to water bottles on your coffee and all that I don't have that luxury. So ice that's mine underneath the death like you don't I was markets. I think active sell its luxury here so I went to put the water bottles underneath. And I didn't realize that the corner of the desk was right here and it didn't even it felt like it needle went through my four. I felt there was a hole in my forehead right away is you might need to pitch. I am ninety year bleeding right now it looks amazing blah. I I want to feel tough. This is the gators you guys have gotten a fights I got beat up my fights I've figured I want god and you know that's. Let's just put it this way if we went to account I when of one but yet I got. A little bit of command on the iPad case a little tired out there. It looks like you see it looks like you shaved your forehead and nicked it. At a fast is gonna set me to re emergency room and you're trying so hard you literally years. They were laughing so hard your living literally in tears as the gators Andrew Craig and Marty's here on Wednesday. Arkansas I am not coming back Wednesday night here on Tuesday and he came in Monday wants is bad week for you. It live on WGR 550 amnesty would let. I was thinking about so I pointed out the fact that really exists text messaging and the growth and you guys are like not on all the text message stays. Where to attack mrs. we can't bring it on national. I'd drive him home Monday and I'm like this is complete baloney when you who had a ribs on facetime while ribs mistaken back. You took a screen shot of it and then put it on Twitter he knew I was gonna do. Nor did know he didn't. So you basically broke the code first that you're the leader of our show itself that's the way it works. Where and yet. You think I would've said are absolutely I got knife in my legs dangling out of the tub you think going in as that or Al Gore had put that on Twitter we're known higher place. It is your face. But still so anyway the point was is that you. It is actually a really fun segment called pub talk. But you started this. This practice whatever is on a text message goes on to express this yesterday. I am a whole islands and attacks late at NATO attacks and I eighth seed this article on CTV. Does he or whatever about. Eric Carlson's wife. I've taken an order of protection against Mike Hoffman fiance in Ottawa and that. The year from a Calvin has been. In Ottawa right so so I pick a screen grab and I texted to you guys. And the first response was old news Marty that's from grabs. Dan PD chimes and yet The Beatles broke up Blake and then there was event McCain sign a seven year extension. Have been here Gretzky was trip for you all thrown and I know what I'm hearing commander Cain is and I was there I thought I you know what I did its authority I I still have a group conversation. Reds PDB and Gigi our producer and I'm like that's. I'm like I just enjoyed article about how. This girl was being cyber bullied and I feel like I'm being bullied on the text message so I left the conversation. Brighton thinking I'm gonna get him you know that's about it says you know whatever you let me ask your conduct. Like Marty has left the conversation. June 12. 432. O Robert. While I thought I could jump back in the conversation pretty easily digest. Clicking but I can't I've left the conversation left for good unless you guys. I'd be back in p.s they can picture and earlier requests. They're there they're it's jagged. Yeah it's in the you hit you have peace of the deaths here you know hit the corner of the death Marty and punctured your head I can actually see where the death. I feel like you know where robbery is starting to swallow up. You know we're robbery is between the benches in late you've seen Pierre McGuire they can stick to that at. John Giannone with the New York Rangers took a shot in the face one time and he's leading. I'm I feel like I've between the benches that justice can stick in his. Adult neck and the 410. That would have been somebody else's accident this is your own view. To whom. Do we talk workers' comp here. Like I don't think so there is the only your your safety search. I'm the Larry you're all over or your own safety hazard party leader on and you heaters and Gregory here in the investigator in the days I'd Beagle get pissed at you used Iowa City tour. And goodies you're knocking Costner and we get great trying to play through it because you tops out at work today quiet room devoutly that America might it in the back room for sure. Oath that could mean any different. There's. All right yeah I would. All right what are we talking about what you know we're talking about. This situation ought to law is on an a and a quote Bob McCann tweet yesterday was perfect and I you know he said. If it's true it surrenders. If it's not true it's horrendous I mean either way you look at this weather if the backs come out that it's real this is absolutely disgusting okay well that. And we're about central Italy as it is all of what what school soul. What happened is Eric Carlson's wife for the white flight violent or a yeah Melinda curried. Ordered a file ordered a file for an order protection against. Mike Hoffman's beyoncé. And apparently she was. Cyber bullying her and making comments about you know her baby. Whining. L digital card that she well and in the unfortunate. Happening but this is that the Carlson's. Were expecting. A little girl I believe that was. And a BB was stillborn soul. In all. Karlsson missed a couple of days. The media some complications. Stillborn but the allegations brought forward by the Carlson's against my conference yachts is that. Thousands not like 23 time U thousand over of thousands social media com they're a dollar counts and paid hacked accounts had farm yeah a bunch of different things and we know with death Philadelphia 76ers incident that people slept. People of murder counts now to go on and and criticize whatever but was wishing their Beebe would die that she Miller that would guide guy Carlson we get hurt season ending. Injuries so we can leave. Maybe didn't stand a chance with the pain pills that she was taking that's that's what these tweets we chain and and comments on and social media and to grab whatever. It is a very very troubling. Accusation. And and sits wishing that. This could be through could be not through we don't know. Obviously for. Four dead dog lucky dog ordinary umbrella Hoffman came out and setter yesterday twice or three times in the same article 150%. 50% more than humanly possible 150%. Not not is really under Fiat apparently there was an. Incident karlson and Hoffman got into a verbal argument in a parking lot at the end season over this issue. The Ottawa Senators knew of yes since in March. April. Yes the ball on March you'd like towards before this season ended he knew of guests you know and now is just coming out. You know I I read a tweet from. Hamburger. Hammond I am a wife that said. This is terrible. Because. Air across his wife is a very private person she probably one to keep this private and the fact that it's got. To the point where it's in the public. Is showing how troubling guesses albeit for them and this is from a wife that is bid. With the organization for the last two and a half season that I've seen the this developing into a little bit when you happen we utility lighter you know transfer harrassment charges he had ordered the action is that. Private. You know is that private and that court filing that's a court filing dad is going to be and that's why like I I would think that over the last few months. Things have been trying to be sad like figured out privately. I don't I don't know what you thought about it under her name and she files and again so it's not what you're seeing Carlson Hoffman come up. No but anybody or anybody that was filed by me for through me. Yeah public does the fact that it's been filed or has been granted an order of protection there's also two different things there you know because once you file it probably gets in the court filing but once it's put out there and it becomes public knowledge that. In all so and so got an order protection against. You know. Jane doe in in year. You know this has become public but this and I've been on teams where girls did not like each other I've been on teams or players did not like each other. It is I Carmen. Fact of life that's gonna happen in the National Hockey League I've never seen it go to escalate that far but when it comes to. Social media. Chat rooms website I mean due course. I know of a situation where a girlfriend was worried that her husband. I got her boyfriend was going on the road and was partying and possibly cheating on her soul which she did this he went to these chat rooms. Like let's see. We were playing in Washington she would go into Washington chat rooms about you know players or whatever it would say. Pay anybody all anybody knows Andrew Peters you know and integrated mining because we're Evian cars a gain ever anybody notice carted her around. And and indeed did she did wait to get an answer. In a big got an answer a red and film. The restaurant yesterday or whatever well yes I I read until two weeks ago in Tampa line man we had a great time like we. We hung out in back to his hotel room. All eyes just to try to fish out information out there. Sold theory is situations. That have been really really troubling to players to auto Weis. Two children. And listened and so many more situation I don't even know. But just to meet tops it all well and I all this is type of that is very troubling in Mikey said before it. This this from. This type of stuff that's happened on other teams in the past. But another thing that we have to look at is the Ottawa Senators. Organization. In general. You have. Randy is only one other you know assistant GMs that guy charged last week at. You know calm bind. He news trying to figure that those issues though he's not going to be able to attend. All of the draft. On. You know the NHL draft on Yevgeny Alfredsson coming note saying that they publicly. Saying that he they need basically a new owner. I mean this is like your the year are. Okay Sharon M researcher EO. Resigned after less than a year and only decided not to replace images or to an. Really like anything that's happened with the Ottawa Senators last season. Is nowhere in comparison to what is going on right now there is small peanuts. You know they say it will move the team as it happens owners have said before. That an assistant John match or of a team. Official. Gets in trouble with the law it's happened before. I'll put the human and you did you mean side needed at the human side of this. Accusation allegation. From the Carlson swords Hopkins I mean it is to me that is bottom. The bottom of everything. Is the gators Andrew Peters Kregg remain Marty bureau here Wednesday Jeremy Rowell are going to join us adults 1030 -- really look forward to hearing what it's. What he has to say and Nicole hands these going to join us at 1130 newest awful abuse Olympic gold medalist to goaltender goalie a goalie. You must like that in Marty always have a goalie on the toll billing of but let's let's look at this from both sides. What if it's true. If it's through. You gravity very very bad situation. Because. Like Bob McKenzie says you can't win. What do you keep karlson and all of a sudden after boot Hoffman noted there. Because really how do you keep Hoffman but people question Betsy I mean job you. I know what if Hoffman didn't know that is his fiancee was all like called on. He then he has let me I'll do this with that any hostage jumper I mean you'd you don't. Firstly these dump anyway but all I'm saying is that I'm seemed to slightly larger not to fire I'm hopping you don't wanna be whether that's you that's always going to be. Carried around 'cause he's going to be out of league next year so. Please tell me what team in this league I'll tell you this please Tommy white team in this league is going to pick on Mike Coffman. With that baggage with having an incoming parliament breaks up there do you do you signer while silently said that it is in no way lately different there's no he had zero knowledge. Okay because I guess that one best hold our situation. Was brought up in March hate us and Europe grow. Is this is all over my wife witnessed baloney stuff but the and that it is back in November but then again Mike goes to his yacht since as a Carson gave up to me today it lately it's Mike Hartman has no knowledge of can't give up to me today and said this is going on whatever. And on that's not through that's not me when I ever don't you think your antennas are up a little bit at that point in your start to like to look for pants or whatever. How lord interacting in the white rooms when they're a big game together if there's tension and fighting. It's not just party on line at we all know how this goes. Are there wives they get along with. Every single wife on the team know there's a lot of times you know there's certain girls that don't go along I mean that you throw me into the lions Dan. While all you know we were that we finish the game get undressed and you know come out and go meet go meet your wife usually in that in the wiser call while you know what there's sometimes there's a lot of tension in those rooms. And you can't tell me that Mike Coffman does not know. Little small things leading up this because he might be going to dinner with another couple on the team that they're very close with the two wiser talking you know. You know yet you're landing near and say what's going on here. I think yet he's fair he has a good understanding of what's going on does he know the extent to wipe his wife has done. Or as is his fiancee have done. With the you know the. Earner counts like oh. If if that's even true to try to get realize oh it's a little bit and I don't throw it's true if this not threats or acts that job now to the other side. So now you have a massive situation. Where Erik Karlsson right and his wife RC and basically started I know what Blake. We felt victimized enough that. You know not only had maybe a cyber bullying isn't true but may be. The interaction person to person was bad enough that he's like I'm out and I was sure it was bad enough do you think that they're gonna sit here. And pressed charges against another wife on the team without having any nation dialogue back idle hour I don't believe you women. Obviously our our. Do you not like each other and you know we don't know is we're only we're getting a fraction of what as what's happened. Through the last number of months and what the Carlson's I've dealt with with. With. You know winter with their newborn who lost their child I mean there's a lot that goes into this and you know. Are there burner counts who sending these. These so suppose rapidly. Thousand plus emails and text messages and everything else. You don't goal. And get a restraining order against another person. If you're not physically verbally had a conversation with these people. Faced and you don't get the order protection if did judge doesn't seem to see some. Peru into what is going on like these don't just handled is this just on out of spite of happiness I mean this is their house baby. There isn't this talked about whites and whites like the Ottawa Senators two years ago rallied around Craig Anderson's wife Nicole Anderson and our battle to cancer. And the way it's got together and team got together and it it or give away over time we from one of the Stanley Cup finals Pittsburgh beat them in game seven overtime. He went a cop. Now you look at the Ottawa Senators this year and people hands teams can point out to the player to the locker room it's week more than just the players in the locker room. It's the wives and girlfriends is that the only. Jeep eagle after they won a cop I believe it was GB eagle he was on the ice with his wife when his dad with his mom it is like friends or whatever. And very interview CBC interview GB. And then and he said yeah your wife fear here you go out and she said. Let me tell you this is that note that was not to be eagle that was Brent Connolly. Andy says is she said this is the most. Welcoming group wise and I've ever experienced. We came in. Has to have. At an effect on the team. The fact that Washington won a cup effect that the wives of CN that was the best welcoming group wise. It has an effect on the team you see the Ottawa Senators completely go the other way. You've seen it for years listen. Like are you earlier heard the mile yeah I'll write a hole in all. Patrick raw and there was a ton of stories okay. About. Open bombers chelios. It would sought when he sort of story chelios was sleeping when the president's wife and that's why yet rated. To Chicago. Goal. Stories so in Montreal with so that those are the eighties and there was also a ghost in the forms who's gotta be careful. But I just in and JR will tell you will talk to Jeremy Roenick. He'll tell you he's heard a million stories but yes. Is probably the worse this type of wishful. Comments on social media about the death of an unborn each. About the death of a bother and all I why it is huge a guy I am patron of the you know and all of that stuff that is. By far the worst I've ever seen. By far. And and and it's not serve record net because we've seen. Where's happen between players player in players other player's wife we've seen different things happening but the F when you read I have a party when. You read it the first time and and and you had you sent it to me. Last night and I read it. And honestly my my original thought was. This have to be joke this has to be joke because these are insanely serious and for hours for it to get to this point it has to be so deep and so disturbing. That a that a player. OK a player and his wife. Are now going to get a restraining more order of harassment against another wife on on the team. That is so disturbing and I thought it was a joke that's my original thought OK there I said there's no way is going on this is just kind of like. And we kept on saying if it is true though if it is true though and they start reading some of the the wives. Fourth that I used to play for the senators coming out basically supporting. His wife Melinda curry which is Carlson's wife. That is what made me raise an eyebrow when you have. Why is on social media. Basically writing in with support they of of knowledge of what's going on line. In amongst that that that dressing room. You know I mean. This is this is gonna blow up I mean we have just heard. You know if fraction of what is gonna come out eyeing retiree now. There are I don't wanna try and keep this quiet but this is gonna blow up he's one of the biggest bases in the National Hockey League and his wife being harassed. By another star's wife. And the stuff that was said is sold over the top it it's almost unbelievable. There are way it was done it was just as Sunday they were expecting that was born stillborn. But still I believe is what I saw yes. There is the situation where you have a night. You're you're dead too much to drink your tired your stress whatever and you'll make a comment on a picture are opposed. Gat you wish you didn't say. Down one. It can happen. I'm sorry late in all media I don't like Q but I shouldn't of done. But a campaign of harassment a thousand comments. Trying to get in all. Everybody to chime in because the more you go it is like these these murder counts these bolts or whatever he called. You put a common out there ended their stunt people that we did comment on it and hopefully you get fight people that support you and in spite more people and it becomes like a pyramid. Of a dad campaign of harassment. Is is on. Comprehensible. To borrow that people would have died in mind. The case soul. Played on teams where your wives or girlfriends and get along it was actually was at times laughable in the locker room amongst the guys that was here. Which cursor speed and rate but. Book it like that's what I've never seen anything. To this extent I mean you hear about straps you hear about two players you know having an issue with how their wives or girlfriends are handling. Certain things and talking and because let's be honest I mean. They get can be very caddie scenario I can be a very jealous scenario it can be and I believe the miners are worse. I mean when I was in the minors I remember girlfriends were were being accused of going on chat rooms complaining about. Why this guy I was called up and act I was called up over this guy and act I. I mean so that this stuff goes on every sport I mean you can't put. When he man or twenty women in a room and expect and all get along. But they how were you on hold while the bachelorette the year while we could be I mean we've. But like you think about it sometimes I mean it's it's the same kind of thing and in some regard I mean. There is a lot of jealousy in all I mean there is. All kinds. In a professional dressing room you high school sweethearts. You last. Tuesday the cocktail hour where you and now you're going out. You guide stripper. You've got everything across the board it's in an initial. Just in the threat there while he did say stripper played in my thrill. Al-Qaeda right I absolutely I mean it was like. That Frenchman. Dallas'. You know you you know what I'm standing I mean you've got guys that are bringing you know you know. The a lot of high school sweet. Hurts they have been together for years they've been through the ups and downs they've been through. The skinny simply phased. You know junior kid and now all of a sudden your husband playing in the NHL you've. You've gone through the ride in and you've gone through the the downs in. And now you're enjoying the benefits but there's also guys that are. You know or bring in in you know the old Yahoo!'s as as you a call in all armor like that I'm just saying that. You know there's all kinds that come into dressing room as. And the wiser men not all the wives are getting along. We had a guy here in buffalo and I won't name his name. His girlfriend. It was a bit of a problem. And we can all knew it but again as in the guy like who loved his girl friend and I'm not an IRA would leave me alone about this or arms down. So. She would matter because that the player where is being sent home. That she waited. At the end of the game after denying it was a over an attempted to threat the general manager at the time. This neatly like pull out the leg and threat the guy to. To send a message I mean you see all of them. Write his name right right now right is named out right now you know as a witness you know. Witness credible witness through Curtis Brown rob ray. Credible witness. And there was never any did denying. All of this situation. Ever happen but. Now. So I'm telling you'd act. Things happen any even when data happen I'd like I realize she's she's not like whatever but I. Oh my goodness he's writing things down. Located. Now off guys over to. Anyway if haven't listened things happen. They whites get involved girlfriends get involved and how it but despite the situation like my there wasn't because I never got sent down eyes got bought out. All right let's. But Tyson this guy gets shut down. The girlfriend the. Here is that all my boyfriend's being sent down. There are being. Not fair to my boyfriend in this and that I'm gonna weed here. And then I can likes is like hang out by the wall here and there's a door and I luck NIC to Jim's comment. And instead of yelling. You know explicit through space I'm gonna stick my leg out and pretend I didn't see him and tried to trip to embarrass. All I know who it is. I don't let. No time. So that date guesses right now word. Pretty good guess is off I don't think that names can't sit and Ames who were gassing dots not cool opposite numbers. Oxygen both my guys were dug it up front and I think that. It could be a lot has been said. In anyway. Make a long story short it yeah. Auto has gone well law hello yeah our animal. Let's now let's talk about that when we come back we got to carry on this conversation your opponent's going to be are coming up with us in just a few more moments can't wait to hear this story we got to get to the capitals parade yesterday. I tweeted out old he's got to be put to bed someone I mean. I guess it is and our doors. Sues him entertaining goes after they did Greg ever meet Suzanne born missing a lot of minority view our businesses Roger's. Roger that Susie and and doors. We love it off. I've always had. Soft spot in my heart for Suzanne darn you know. Major leaguers right. Yes I'm an ultimate all right well we come back we're gonna talk more about this what does this mean for them value. Of these players at the to be traded that's an interest in case to trigger mentioned a couple weeks ago hockey was on the market. Now what does this do for a trade value to the Ottawa Senators want to come back the great. And always very opinionated and honest Jeremy Roenick so. Stick around if you wanna hear some great talked about this coming up JR. Back with more of the investigators. With Andrew Peters at great look. All right welcome back. Man. I I don't know where I'd it's still shocking to me you or came out yesterday that you know a news out of Ottawa Eric Carlson's. Wife and my coffins fiancee and the alleged. Harassment and when they call order of protection is Marty dab his forehead over there if if you wanna check us out on Twitter go to at the investigators he's act triggered me 52 at Marty here on 43 and IMAP psych Craig and I just weeded out. He picture of Marty's forehead for Banda Levy he was requesting once a day after listening. You're welcome. And Jeremy Roenick going to join us in a little bit. That I zoom in and he's a that's where I zoomed in just enough to see the angle of of which is either corner. Penetrated your hand hit it looked like look. It is unbelievable. How it shows the Angolan corner of the doubts that I didn't go ahead on what the little slightly. It's what Jeremy Roenick is just about ready to join us here actually know is not just related join us he is joining us. And JR man let's just get right to some big news out of our lock. Big news about this serving. Yes that's a better word that's a better work. I don't know that I I really don't get it is I think the results were. The worst. I've ever. Ever seen or heard of of spousal or girlfriend. Interference in Q if you you know the players. Players livelihood. And I don't get it. So this to me somebody's gotta go it's my Kaufman gonna go or Eric Carlson an adult child like Erik Karlsson wants out so that's what you might be. They guide to leave but. Barack Obama much you guys aren't what you. Right now this is my girlfriend. On the on the most single person from most single eligible bachelor all of Ottawa as of right now I never would have come as a defense. Now. It isn't it they're getting eye gazing getting married may be didn't know me being new media loves her I don't know but if they have to get rid of Erik Karlsson. Because of the allegations. How does the fans did a fans in Ottawa who have. Deep best one of the best hockey player in the world. Support Mike Hoffman amongst the allegation even there were found to be false or through India and make. If Eric Carlson going Mike opera's got to go to. They're just when you think yep that's a great point Marty I mean absolutely 100%. Because the fans are going to be there have animosity towards my cough and independently that that Eric Olsen on the cutest kid didn't have enough problems that the if the without white girlfriend's. I mean that's that's it you guys know that's the biggest hole pot you know those. Are aspects of professional athletes. Why they need you know if you. Do you know to be there to support to do things in the charity aspect with a guy and you put in a few of the things that. Know that that we need our spouses. Can help us and add to support this not be battling. With the captains. Captains lights don't work out any kind of animosity. All the teammates wife or player and this is this Britain nightmare for I was there. Now I JR let me ask you this I mean you've been on many different teams me did like a few different organization. And I think it goes unnoticed a lot of time and how. Much why apes and its surrounding group and their families. Are part of this the of a team and the makeup of the team where two years ago lot of law. Was a family around Nicole Anderson and last year it crumbles to the ground. How do you things. In all the rest of the league now is gonna be looking at that situation right how are their rights and girlfriend we go for yeah. Well I think it's definitely have become a talking. And that that Eric Eric Carle and it quite that went through a billboard that they went through. Lou. Tragedy in and there are and they are light. And to have this come about. The word. Is it's got to be one of the most disrespectful things that burden along side can. Mean there's got to be some kind of true to a girl who wouldn't feed this this powerful. So that we act I seen it got to protect the players they have to protect the players say Emily. And make sure that there's a protocol. In terms of of behavior. Well apparently care they've known Ottawa Senators have known about this since. The end of march April. They've known about allegations and you know. Might my thought my question for you is let's just say that Eric Carlson. Is looking to be moved he wants a fresh beginning. There's no way you can possibly true you know he might Kaufman. But my question is what team out there is gonna want him if he's still with his what the author. Then it becomes. The and and that much is we don't want data becomes part of the poll double. Negotiations contract break on the part of all of it's deciphering what you want a player. And as it. You know as much as we wanted to you know make sure that our significant others are part of the deal. Because they are part of the deal there'll be there'll be seen. That are going to. I'm Mike Coffman because they're afraid of what. What you know that other app is going to be in terms of in terms of getting along with everybody else huh. It's it's an actual being you guys know we've been in the room before. We've we've we've heard squabbles and and and disagreements between spouses are. Carnival off for charity stop you know stop and it's it's in our app. Everyday something that we don't need to think about where it needs to have bother us from we ethical. Weight gain for millions of dollars in front of millions of people. Or you know. How do you handle this is tuition now as a player or as a coach that's your. Mark stone are you or Craig Anderson or you argued was shaded that the coach of the Ottawa Senators how do you. Forward like moving forward handled this situation and do you have to have maybe a meeting now or idea have to just wait until training camp. But what's the meeting gonna do it if it wanted a situation where it's. A little bit that the that the ball before all have been dropped. Like is this something that's just gonna you know or is this something that causes it. It long lasting. Meant mentality or an epidemic. A lot of here's the other thing god did that come on do you not think that every single guy on this team knows that there's a feud with these two women are apps list is not something where all of a sudden you get. Drop the ball trauma the trauma that it 1 o'clock television show. That aren't aren't aren't on national television the senators were that the orders. Correct. So I know it's a problem the owner if on the GM. If from the coach I'm doing everything I can't get rid of the cancer. 100%. And Mike Coffman Tikrit occupier. And. Sealed and that the sabres should be offering by and lower right now. They lit by the neighbors that would compromise Kaufman a great contract. The garden girlfriend doesn't come. At a Jeremy Roenick joining us on the line with the investigators here Marty's in studio WGR Sports Radio 550. And MS GI you know I guess you know I. Like I what does the I don't even want to ask that we don't we wanna talk about things that we've seen in our days playing but I mean. I guess like what does it do JR I mean do teens. Want a guy like Hoffman I mean who they are are we gonna see this guy move him he can't be. Thank you can't be banished from the leads for this Kenny. Now. Here. But then he can be. He can be. Politically. Are. And I say ostracized by maybe now. Quickly let people kinda seeing. You know GM gonna talk here talk. Lies and talk. And it's like it's it listen if we can't answer. And that's that's why a lot of scenes at least that I've been on a day toward that. That's a significant others involve players. Are happy. Are wealthy care of are getting a long. Because. It's people have no idea what kind that can impact. It is that a player when they go home after losing or having that game or something and then having to listen. To their significant other complained that they have an argument in the light room. Or they were treated well by another another player's life. And it got that huge distraction. That. You know it's it's just. It's not needed and it's one thing that the National Hockey League. Definitely. And earned. A very very very hard. I do. And they worry about but they don't I don't I don't think it's fate. They focus on and not because you guys know is Lola site you. Marty PD. Last thing you want and I want it to come home and listen to our wired bit about. Something app that we have blocked or complain about something and it ruined our day it ruins our our our boot and we think about a girl for a long time. And I know what hard but. You know the record that can we have her in the quick answer. That once you start it's really hard to stop the art Kaufman I don't know who all year whether Mike Coffman girl worked Eric -- the girl we're not laying blame. But the fact is there. It's so hard. Two year. No I was a sand like. And endured different situation obviously but the we've just. Talked the other day about Slava born offices Suisse and I mean this was domestic violence and and it is a unacceptable. Anybody that has. To deal with domestic violence. Let the cyber bullying. And it wears full death threats on on social media. Border lines not the physical abuse but the mental abuse and we talk so much about mental health. And nobody wants level born of the National Hockey League. Unless Mike Coffman had absolutely no knowledge of discord on. Do you think you that you talked about cancer is a situation in locker rooms but you'd think we could. Have Mike Coffman be in the same situation as I have a point I've been in in regarded around every. Point. It's a great band and I think I think mentality of change Marty. I've I think in today's world. And with what we understand it did what we accept today. I don't think I'd pick boy not a can be accepted knowing that he that he can Rico woman the way he did I know I couldn't. Never never doing here but I every bank. A reading and or. Or the physically. Assaulting a female ever and I don't know and respect the man in my life that's that so. Terry and Lawrence joining us on the line we are used to gators WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG. So let's ask you this I think a lot of this what we're talking about speaks to. Howl. Players. Over the years well you know handle each other in the locker room because. You know like oh I don't think people really understand you know you put twenty different personalities are 25 different personalities. Into a locker and the wives are no different. You know they have to try to go along get along the same way as the players do in the locker room for the best interest of the team is were all there for one goal right. Isn't that is that. Is that fair to say. Yet it is but I think it's I think it's easier. For our players in the locker room to hash out differences. And it put things behind us in the locker room then it does outside the locker room with maybe. Feelings or emotions. That are a little harder to deal I mean that's that's that's that's not. Beat up beat around the bush is no question that women are are very very passionate they're very emotional Nate basically saying. Wait Mort bitterly that they're not that I know for me that's the case. It's when your notes in the locker room you understand it's a fair and so that you can help was sick but when it comes outside. If that locker room it becomes more and it. Right now at its size and you know that's. We're where do you draw the fine line. Every runner joining us why you talked about attacking those that are full on attack with a bottle has been all week. But the but the. There are very very well that old beat Carl then. He DOC. And if this is this the most epic. Epic. Cup celebration of all kinds of I can't remember. Being videos. You know guys guys swimming in and thousands and pictures with the president while daughter and you know. And yet there are made amount of alcohol being. Jaret did you double barrel corona is like GG OC did the other day. Not in a million years why it's so I could triple barrel of those bad boys back in the day. Let that let that Palin like if I can check out vodka and and you know in 33 point zero seconds but I can't you know. Security get those sixteen soldiers going about armed armed Martin gag reflex. Art we if you let if you wanted to Jimmy Fallon show. What that would be like Europe rose goes along he was nice and relaxed and just kind of like the cool dude. Colby was a little bit more like into it what would be Jerry wrought its approach to be on the debate challenge. Wow I I hate I would have got to you know those little babies when he pulled out. I would have been I would add that I would out of Davie were able force jello shots that we would have we would actually we were the body slammed and and and did a belly flop what are those and you're in the left and so every single jello shot was done. You like Adler. Blew the last year old school right in the mini cold air that's. Right in the Betty Holcomb there'd be many people Ochoa shot to admit that and it would be well his difference was. Blue was diving into a pool of Astro glide through July. What you like and are. That are made out of that web site right now you have it you have to go to fight. Out you're glad you're happy you're there right now. The result of now I know about survive. How could you put it on the pocket all the slides that are philosophies. Yeah what I'm really really joke go really be argued that Astro glide in and can't tell by the it's great thing everybody knows about this. Yeah there are joining us are so let me ask you this are her. Are you. Are you OK with oldies act are you you know all have you where you rat with the act. Listen I decided I think that there. I think they're taking over too far I I knew I I think there's a lot of people watching. And I think there's. Note there are kids watching it get you very careful about. The words that are coming out of the bowel functions. Of out all letters that saying you know scene. I I agree with celebration. But the fire is I was I was at Leo right now I'd say boy I'd love that you're celebrating have as far. But let's remember this millions of people watching us and that are being influenced by. By ourselves. Carly David given the green all right here's the thing like when you look it'll be obviously he's shown that he is quite over the off. He's leading the charge all the boys behind him her. Are are taken to it. When you look at the guys that of one in the in the past. You look at Pittsburgh Penguins and seventeen Pittsburgh Penguins in six the guy Chicago Blackhawks fifteen. LA and fourteen Chicago in thirteen LA in twelve. And your back to Boston Chicago Pittsburgh I mean it's been the same teams winning and who they let why. Jonathan Toews could be one of the most boring guys and National Hockey League along with. You know Sid the kid. I mean an end and score per hour or or or Bergeron and scope guitar. Brown. I mean I look at the guys that are leading the charge. It's a little bit more or it's little bit I think I need more on it. Do that but we knew that right we knew that about OP we you'll be with the party. We know me you know what it was it was crazy days she was fueled doubts. In drinking vodka with Vladimir Putin can do it all off and run in the nightclub in and and in Moscow we do it so we expected this from them. Now if you take it to another level 100%. And hopefully hopefully hit the wall here there. And you know prone to back a little bit. But that's it for her in the cop in franchise history. Everybody and wait for over a Kuwaiti more you know let's let's. But give him his due right now let them let him go out it goes when he went next one you can you can you can be drinking Red Bulls that a had a BO or. Yeah it's been actually kind of refreshing to see because like I said all the China. Boring. Captains over the years even Anaheim and others Carolina rob Brenda Moore need a Meyer. I mean you just keep going back and back and back through time Nicholas Lidstrom. All the all the captains were kind of a little bit more subdued him and carry myself. Yeah I'm awake by the way by the like it or you guys Latin fire. That much is I was I was watching overeat. That's that cup yes I thought alike standing like that fact that he took that con smythe trophy he picked up because you're right to the best. It is likely to bet he could give you crap. About that trophy. And dictate something like I went on the right after the game to do interviews. Back on my trophy was sitting on the back. OK without anybody near. Nobody could nobody can hear about that Conn smythe trophy will be everybody else it was all about that in the count. It was a bit it was an amazing thing. Throw me the car might sat on the bench without anybody watching. With no security. And won't care that it was that it will be a trophy. And that shows you how excited OP was progresses it was about winning that Stanley Cup. So our tweet the other day said she 0%. Chance. Washington repeats is over he's going to be ten until Labor Day. You know. Aaron Ward had a good tweed coat and I I think the word out before hand JR but he's he's gonna be canned like. We need to have a a hole right now what is gonna be all these weight over under 250. Not even over under I mean I want specific number of what you think he's gonna. He's he's 200 and. 800 you can get to forty Beck kept. You're forty you. He's gonna he's gonna be over 250 there is absolutely no question Aron north comment JR was like over you will really come to training camp to train just like the good old days it's not going to be a summer of training that's for. About it from the from the air and worked eighty. Air or it. I don't care what they're worse as nobody. Nobody listen what there would. Yeah. We will talk to resort to you next Wednesday. I'm so. Unfortunately I will be in Singapore. Oh. You know I actually know what if you guys can figure out why you can call me I did the notebook is going to be when I'm in Singapore. So figure out if it's. And I'll make. Or are you guys who think before I think you'll respond. W while terrible. And vote and young and bit critical before it's gone by the department. I. Well you better bring your own too because you never knows going to be certainty they are stool. It yeah yeah yeah yeah RJR thanks your time and addressing a moral talked to maybe next week. Aren't. You are right that's an erotic every Wednesday here and the investigators we went everywhere from. Carlson Hoffman's wife to Stanley Cup to Singapore to. Blu-ray and KY jelly top in what buddhism Marty. Holds little old school are right. Well what about now. The daily dose adult lean and there was a very special guest on WGR today that we've been trying to get for quite some time. But we've been denied at the door. Our boy Marty here's got to match it's. Claiming to be third how would you are I bet game MS gene.