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You've GR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. Okay here's a sports update the buffalo abuse announced yesterday to turn the forward Danny Cameron EC on a one year contract cam and he's he recently won a gold medal with team USA. At the 2018 Winter Olympics and Yung Chang South Korea. Senators captain Eric Carlson's wife Melinda Carlson or curry Melinda curry. Has filed an application for order protection against Ottawa forward Mike coffins fiance Monica Carrick. For allegedly harassing the couple online since November 2017. Mike Coffman has denied the allegations that hear his fiancee were involved the senators issued a statement yesterday saying that they will investigate the matter. In cooperation with the NHL. The bills and or its second day of mandatory three day Manning hit mini camp tune into one bills live today where John Murphy Steve task will have a chance to sit down. With bill's first round draft pick linebacker Jermaine Edmonds. You be basketball head coach Nate oats and we'll hear live from bills insider Chris Brown from practice. The raiders have cut former Penn State quarterback Christian hacked and berg yesterday afternoon. Open acquired hack and her from the jets on May 22 in exchange for conditional seventh round pick. And 2019. Open will keep the pick pack and Bergen linebacker Bradie Sheldon we're both waved to accommodate the team signing up defensive tackles. Rubin and Frostee Rucker I am I a op Ahtyba Rubin I believe I I I messed up my. Micah Hyde yesterday mean you that those fast greens the rams have been ordered to pay former NFL running back Reggie Bush. Twelve point five million dollars in damages. Yesterday for an knee injury he suffered in Saint Louis and 2015. Bush was pushed out of bounds during the game and slipped on some conquered it. At the Edward Jones dome on November 1 when he fifteen the last season the rams were in Saint Louis Busch suffered a season ending left knee injury and after sports update. For today back over to the investigators Andrew Craig Marty beer on child answered what I did. I should get done well when I will be very dollars fiftieth or hitting my head on the corner of the death that is that is the way I look at it like this could be. A season ending head injury and deal we can all be so lucky. I'll share we need I'll share. You Bibi. Secure this whole studio while I was not we leave you just picture had in the course isn't that. You heard did it hurt not hurt because it's and I believe it did exactly because I've hit my had many times you know like you in on that. Dead at corner. Whenever. It happens a lot like there's this part of my basement if I go up the stairs really quick to go to the garage. Does ceiling comes a little lower so I think gets stuck up I just never had on there have to be careful and no word in. This is funny did not hurt but I knew I was caught right away if film like somebody just. Yeah you know how highly do you view map you you know when your car but it didn't hurt it cut me in the right spot likes are must have a soft spot right at your brewer that's worthy of the wrestlers like take a razor blade and cut their foreheads salute to a big lead right because the skins really thin there is that other work desolate they'll take a razor blade the haven't liked their wrist thing. And that when you don't when you can't see that we down elect cut themselves in the head and that is the blood comes out I think it was just that killed at the exploded on their forehead so that no job actually they were college little cuts it up in their hairline lakers back in the old hacksaw Jim Duggan days I had yet now they go out. Well number also in jeopardy cut. Aren't yours on the top of your hands and just ahead in Latin black. You never like a caught the used to be a five minute and an injection that was the whole Wayne Gretzky. 93 playoffs with LA where he got the high stick. Doug Gilmour and Kerry Frazier didn't see it and. It would've been a fight in a game for Wayne Gretzky because Doug Gilmour was leading so back in the days. And I remembered this so Matt Barnaby one's got hit in the face of these in downton tempest only. The trainer ran on the ice like OK I gotta go take care of them. And Barney is down and Jim it's so yes that the rubber gloves like a latex gloves over his hands and knees there and parties like pizza cut me cut me. And Beasley can't pick your glove off and cut me like you wanted to guide to get a five minute major so he's like just pinch me hard. Like right Beverly whatever that your tong here be here that to make you bleed now. Why would anybody wanna do that as you get the competitive advantage mr. You've never done but I know that there's guys that I've thought that. Mario do. Blood the blood that it'll apple blog McCoy for five on the like that's what really believing what I think it's not for and you don't take yourself out numbered died you're gonna get this five minute part Dodgers rock them sock them hockey listed due to get them marked the years ago I am morally I got look at their it is it occurred at the lottery here route to prove it to five. I'm great tweet is Andre tomorrow or whatnot and a finger. And and you can't yes and showed it and just you have blood on it. I got bitten my arm and I got the penalty. That's not a joke either. What put your finger. In the transports. Four put your finger in his remember what it was for what was your finger in your guys that wasn't in his mouth I was trying to couches I moved his ultimate off so that doesn't deserve a bill if I think is I. Felt my fault is I would I ever saw roots again I would take my thumbs exaggerations. On this article your uncle did and it. It's far it is like that right as odd ball great tweet right here from my Jamie key. Marty you're on can see pucks coming through traffic and a hundred miles per hour. Can't see the corner of the best retirement problems. Retirement problems and I'd visit. Easter or don't use our users used to Wear glasses for a fashion statement Marty. Yeah I think in the NBA always do adolescent where he's big and we have some people openness out here go over there and watch. Singapore. Joseph Lyons and GO in GA were. Weakness in your twelve hours ahead so we if we already get GA are Indian prime agenda there everybody you know 11 o'clock for finishing dinner. Aldridge before he goes out to the buyers. Just finishing dinner perfect beautiful perfect but he did tell us what happened that day. Number we had a that we had a conversation with a when he was MP young Chinese arrow boy's a Michael over the Russia house federal targeted auto marriage or go to bed. And I had over here is couple parties going on to going over their four just. I think the least looking to expand in Singapore and they want him to be the spokesperson for users now. Auction for a more different. Couple of areas don't hit me negatively he got it. Are right we got to do our daily low shot we got into our daily dose of Dolly's here and now let's get that those tunes going. Because we do this every day and this one this one hurts a little hot line. This one stings a lot. So old what was the draft slaughtered in April 28 to have that right. At all knows beefy we're. There. There so after that liberal who are we trying to get on the phone for the longest time. Not Hendrick local not Henrik Lundqvist. So he's the king suit would be prince Lundqvist. The brother the king's brother. No way yeah. And yet the idea or going to. I think yes and I know he doesn't know anything king's brother yeah what about dole Jules yeah. If you it was the on you with argument how hard it did go to hear about it you've. Some are gonna get the Mike get off if that right now you're done. I'm dead serious listen you're one ought to do in the last few my labor Lundqvist brother and any connection to a I soldier everybody lesson is this that the problem she is Mardy has been I raised by the right as Grassley and not using is. North American full wood in Sweden. Us. Bloom. There. Brought the sad I believe. Letting your medical leave of absence because of those guys get Jules long quest. I just requested him to the right people mean. We all the faith in Marty to be able pull this off to get jolt as he played with a ross' miss Dolly that is. I I'm telling you. I dropped the ball I thought Kinney hey. You know you have segment with Howard and injure. Not anymore but during hockey. So you do have a segment we enter use and I am gonna tell you right now it would I would not put it past Marty. That they asked the same question that you and I did and Marty got the information and like you'll never gave it to them law who asked me for hours that's Melissa there well. Who is that they got and how the how the ago. Our being here but I have some quotes here on the first part was. Actually listened to it. It was only Jerry I don't think there's. We got some sound bytes of. All right let's here's retires the first sound that troll and Chris made on the shall this morning with our journey. You could go related to a call for help me in. You heard her auto. The ball more yeah go. In tomorrow and the crew practiced. Without. Literally see mom ball. I mean did did well well. Under way to court so says this this could do something but so well. I'm drawn down. In batter but. Is your. Natural law and is a top player we had on them I mean I've been a whole community excited. Maybe. What cricket cup this year. Opal if I'm. Hopefully it's him we all know it's him. Two things he really sounds like his brother does he ever. Hendrick I haven't been in New York a little longer as dozen of us think of an accent but still sounds very much candor. I'd so maybe they got Hendrick any pretended to be jolt we were really trying to schedule here so doubts may be one thing to. What I like out of jewel in this instant is a fact and he said you know we he came in early lows. Reyes on the water with that we can ski you can play. So I mean this they got to the scene he was in Dallas and he's seen prospects. Come through many many times around and this is a special guys are. But everybody's being so careful. Not to say he's the number one guy he's going to buffalo we all know this has happened in but everybody is being so careful. Are around d'alene scamper on the sabres around the world to not say. Delhi to buffalo who is that too and what it what did you pick there's the 1% chance that he's not coming in a 1% chance 1%. Because. There could be some team out there that the least sell the farm just to get. Rouse missed all lean and you don't know. He just you never know so you have to keep the percentage open all okay do you orders bought for going and saying yeah you can make it make me whatever offer you want but I I can't move off this peck you know I went in quietly happy to Wheaton seed don't chat doesn't Jason bought for all just have to how of the opportunities today. Listen I'm not gonna commit anybody I'm going to real rats with only the great hockey player but. You know my options are open and you know we'll see what happens on rowdy really like I would if I'm Jason bought brilliant light on dirt under 1% open. If it were going to be taking Rasmus Darlene unless there is some completely. Off the church unbelievable. Package that almost you can't you can't hasn't organizing Asian. Way to lower Colorado ago prediction that's that's adding that they're looking at a three way team right but but but I don't. As a question yes today. If Rasmus d'alene were addressed the stallion be a top two picks if you can ruin all the top prospects. Of the last five years percent. But David Michael Matthews. Martyr like you're like no he's not a top to pick but you know why Jason bog turtle has to call. All the the other thirty teens because he is the position of power not just because he would be raiding. Raskin is now lead but the fact that you can doubters so much information around the NHL. By eight making the phone call and dangling this prize and trying to figure out who is on the block and who's not. You called in leaking and you say. They have to start now at number ones that it was to be available and see if you can start a conversation. To find out who. Would be LE kings be willing to part because it may not have. I direct effect with Rasmus d'alene Innospec but he could have an effect later in a draft or an effect later in the season. Find out as much information. Are around the league. Because you're in a position of power you have the number one pick right now and what would be available out there. What our teams willing to part ways it. I think you trade the pick if there's uncertainty as to who should be one and who should be too late to go back to the act black year you know is Reinhard bandits. And then act black but I wasn't the first overall rated pic from the start of the year when he was a very easy gradually. I think the sabres would have picked Reinhart have yet number one. And and I would. Are you no I don't think they would I completely horrific thing that I guess there are caps on any they had to I think that. The lottery tonight and after their decision to air man that guy they wanted was samurai and art that having to go number one. He would've really does that idea around should we pick right arch are we not should we move down. But the fact that the lottery did that for himself it was fine they wanted samurai and are dead here without. Here there's uncertainty. Where you can afford to trade away. The first overall pick and you don't maybe not. I don't know if you trade away the act but picked. And picked up a bunch of pieces and your team was better off would you look back and act by now after three year recently and say and we made a mistake I don't know if you were win but. I can tell you that it if the uncertainties there that maybe you can do it but when this when it's a sure fire. Who might see it sure fire everybody says that your fire this guy is is a generational type defenseman we didn't hear that about Mac lad. We didn't hear that about Phillips we didn't hear that about Joseph announced he. And all the other defensemen that went number one overall. I just don't think you can afford to trade. The panic and pass up on any. Jack NightCall tight height defenseman. I absolutely can't treat I'm not disagreeing with you and 99% of that says we are going to take grass missed only. But you do not know if there could be trading partners out there and Marty alluded to you know. Well Colorado got what they got because there was multiple teams involved well you know what he's very well can happen in the same situation that there's one team. That really wants. Something that. You know. One per one team really wants Rasmus Colleen and they're willing to give a lot. On there's other teams that could be involved you don't know what's out there. And it would have to be. One of the biggest blockbusters. Trades. Of all time like literally of all time because lately we don't know bear absolutely. Off the chart big. That it would be mind boggling what would be coming back to this area. Interest rate will never be gotten cancer hunky so goal anyway have we seen on go to Google these areas in earlier trade tree. It's Morton 33 the fact that it got. That of tires towards Quebec or to access to work out again now again it was ten million dollar cash and it benefits oh and let's get rid of that cash and talked with the players OK that was Ron next all. Anyways Mike Ricci who is. Drafted 14 overall her. 4 o'clock. Thought it was Peter Forsberg report rob was you weak group. Part of that deal as well it was received machine they believe that was. The did end up being like six players and draft picks and fifteen or ten million dollar cash and there was a battle between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers to know because. They made two deals. Andy basically. The Rangers Doug had to deal in the flyers study at the deal and had to go to an arbitrator. Days later to find outside the draft David Dillon days later. They found out the flyers and made the deal first and got the deal that at the stick to. But that deal would never meant get done again. But. I mean remember the movie money ball when. Brad Pitt's character is trying to find out who is as. Who's wanting to trade Andre Meyer really been. Billy being right and he called the GM and he goes I hear this guys on the plight because as you know what you want for this guy I would like I left handed relief pitcher okay. Man who's got a left handed relief pitcher that he wants to retreat. Old this guy we got offered this guy IDS because we don't want this player to go would dad the you by making the conversation. You know even on d'alene you know and so much about delete. You learn about who does the Carolina hurt you want me they need who's gonna who's on the backs so that's a weird Jason Walther right now is work enough phone using 1% IC. Point 1% at rest and Stalinism Buffalo Sabres sure. And thank me. 9% one way 1% the other. Through it six and one half dozen other 89 and point yet point 1% iron in nine point 9%. I'm going a 100% and a 100% I Nicole Hadley is gonna join us she's Olympic gold medalist to sign with a buffalo abuse goaltender. We're gonna talk to her when we return and we're also gonna do our buy sell trade presented by buffalo sports. Right here investigators to be GR Sports Radio 550 and MS chief. Hockey talk that hints he thinks he's the investigators. And with that group. Here's a great web page. It. Let me. We doing this or that. How we doing this or that. Doesn't do it okay well Ed is not having a great show might weigh jury Roenick was a stand out as usual. But PD ribs it's time for district in. Let's start with. What is an adverse right now the music offers. News that. In your immune. Little problem image I don't know my head is hurting right now so line. All there but anyway. Obviously I Eric Carlson Mike Hoffman situation is pretty good in Ottawa and we talked about it talked to Terry wrote it about it. Earlier this year there was some of the billboards in Ottawa that popped out it said. Past act melnick out so I am asking you right now you have a lot of money to burn in Ottawa. And you want to buy a billboard. This or that has stagnant melnick out or ash tag Hoffman out which went eagle I got an easy one. Hoffman now. It's melnick. And because melnick. Probably could've. Delta where it. All of this on me. You can't blame order for what's going on between why aids especially when it comes to us he not know. You may know but still like. Before it reaches the owner they went through many guy asked if he and I and I don't know this answer when was the harassment. No amber there was no it away and what when where when did the harassment charge charges late believers like me. For former. Fifth signals are so happy for all we know me. That the Ottawa Senators knew about this situation. In April. But in me. The charges are laid. Why isn't the with how serious this is and internally. Why can't this be dealt with a internally. Why can't this be dealt with on this is serious diet because Hoffman and his fiance are denying the allegations. So that's why they ended up having to file an order protect so this might come out that the cyber bullying is not even coming from. Paul could it could like just the thing I mean. You have your Mike Coffman coming out saying it's a 150%. Non dots okay I'm asking you passed bill that out I'm gonna say hash tag melnick note and the only reason I say that is because I wanna give the benefit of the doubt to Hoffman IE do you know hot. I like everybody else out there I don't know anything I get these little snippets on Twitter you read an article from sports natter whatever it is. And you you get very little information we do not know internally what's gone on there that's between the two girls pretty I'm not gonna sit here and period girl and talked out of order. When we just don't know what's going on maybe there was. A little bit of a feud. But is it enough of a feud to sit there and church another another. White on the team. Maybe that cyber bullying was coming from people that are on the outside I don't know it's ugly 80 wait I already know I'm aspect Hoffman out because I think I care about my hockey team. Being good idea ace and the owner. Yes they may you're willing to bury a person and you don't know they're guilty or not there I gotta keep movements he wanted it ought to that's what I as a delegate Eleanor. Two ribs point. Social media is bad for one thing. Everyone wants to be the first to get the story out there with very little facts that very little fact this was wildly sport and we argue the big his message or whether or not it really is okay Hoffman's fiance is out there that did not hijacked my segment you can disgusted and our guys. The second dump. Dumbo not about download a movie the actual movies coming OK so I'm asking you yes. When it comes to those Nazis classic movies 2000 do you play trailer for it's going to be fantastic. I'd ask you do you want. To watch those type of movies the animated version of it or delight version of it jungle book had delight verdicts Allison flying than in listen. It lasted that trailer okay but I'm asking you do you like animated version of those movies better or do you like the life. Action movies. Of those version I am 38 and you know when I was between six and 1011 I might like the animated ones I'm more about. Real. I was in the real. Let's say between six and 37 you'd like the children one because you are big kid you'd just Richard a little bit this year so I'm a coveted around. I am I am I'm gonna go I like the I'd love cartoons I'd love cartoons in the movies but I'm gonna go I watched the trailer for dumbo. And it's coming out 2019 and I anti I think it. It looks like it dandy yet but the difference also as we remembered jumble as in 1985. Version of this cartoon and it made it one yup FDA did a 2000 in nineteen animated stumble it would be completely different. For me I like the animated one like if they came out and said we're gonna make a real life version of the Lion King. I it's a dog give me the original ones like I like the original one the way that I for side dumbo I can still remembered elephant like coming down. That animated but what I like about this is were talking a vote animated and bringing it live July and and you know it's like watching Peter hand when we were kids you know it was unbelievable a year year you could take your eyes off the TV. But now you look at all the versions of the real Peter Pan and I think it's been amazing did the see what some producer can invasion PD is Peter Pan. I don't agree I just anywhere at all and I I do and it's not because it likes wearing tights yeah men in tights. A legal and break did you. Okay we're gonna break I don't I don't want to be an old dogma and another segment you know we have a guest coming up yes we do being rude to your guests well we'll finally coming up she populist notes. Goaltenders will talk goalie in just a second here we got to take a break because Jeremy Roenick we have so much what we know that we missed one earlier so we'll see you in a couple of minutes there. Audience gators W job five that the intimacy. Back with more of the investigators. With Andrew Peters that Craig was. All right welcome back to the show before we have our next guest Nicole Hensley who we are very excited to have on Olympic gold medalist and knew his buffalo view goaltender. Marty beer on has a couple of corrections he needs to me I realized I wasn't at my head really hard and I've got. People want to let our fans are fantastic so the art making a live action Lion King. I said yeah they were to make a live action that they are making a live action linking and time in the back said the same thing. And GM which came in with the probably outbid the great Houdini and greatly Dini is usually really good. So jam on Twitter right now says oh my god speedy Marty massive in his head really hard thinking double team out in 1985. They came out in 1941. So all I was way off on one it's an animated movie Disney animated movie that Cuba in 1941. So I was only 44 years off dynamite stuff Marty you probably watched it that's yours dot com joining us on the line right. Now and I don't know these days if you introduce people by their given names or their Twitter names. But it's the cold hands clean seas act and Katie Hensley on Twitter as she joins us right now on the us gators is that still your Twitter handle. Oh well there you go got to do a little research on that what is Twitter handle Sweden we can pop that out their for a. My my crew and LA Vick had great and I. Eight yet you know irons. Now Y 29 obviously you where 29 the white you pick 29. I'm actually hectic 29 today I pity you are on paper plate then they're really long time itself. A lot of fun watching those biggest playoff run the past couple months here. Well are you disappointed that I mean what did you think of his performance in the finals less than stellar we'd say. Yeah I mean I I didn't realize that there are off he struggled a bit in some get a lot of kids that she's done but hoping who has. Also the capital also. You know it comes down to it though equally to place you roll it in that usually. Police. Marty loves that goal is complain usual. And it's all about Colton its golden to the goal it is sure. Fleury kept. Took him to the finals because of an YA had now lost the moves knowing that probably you can be a day hero to zero in and no time and I was eighth. And in four games absolutely and so the ball let me ask you this question you know you know we're we team USA inept young Chang Olympics he played a game against yeah. While the united athletes of Russian or whatever they call it independently the Russians. And had to shut out how that field to play on such a big stage at the Olympic Games this year. It was so much I'm really happy that we had a breakthrough for our girls in later this year. A lot over a period today it creates doubt policy such as such a massive offensive. You know it was in his budget audits it is done it yet. He US PGA DNC able to walk what's so great athlete is it opening ceremonies. You don't just represent that the United States there is back color out of my family is your daughter and we make sure we had a lot of fun doing that. Before we get to you agreeing to terms with the buffalo view expert joined right now on the line with Nicole Hensley she's a goaltender played you played with USA won a gold medal. I got to ask you this I I've met some people about them they're great for some reason people have won gold medals and I always ask. Where's your medal what do you do with it. You know I mean. Some demon three of us will never house. Has to have. I mean right now it's it's actually an it has backpacking. In the can you hear how it you know it's it's catapulted to get to share with so many. We'll good doesn't it doesn't necessarily have like as cynical yet has. It could take it how are great talent in surely it's OK so it is set of glasses to see people's reaction Buick but now. And actually and I hope we evidently had a. Cool spot or yes Bernard it's and it just does. Goes with any on different adventures. Weekly so it's been fun. I've questioned quickly. Because at the Olympics. Brands they commitment brands a lot of time are not. Expose like sold like somebody wearing Vaughn gear Waltz Avon and their equipment. What kind of equipment do you Wear and why because I look at some of the pictures and I remember some of the videos and I'm so I can't really tell because there was this right right the red stripe down the middle of all that's yeah what you are aware for dear. I Bryant that's the builders yeah I still very. After my CPA call it that or. He PM prepared and I tried Bryant stayed is sending a pair over the summer to try and I was just. Floored with how late they Wear how much faster analyst. Sliding sliding not via. So I I. Which dealt with immediately I was so impressed. Yes it nobody would really care about the equipment other than the goalies and since I don't like I care because. My little guy is thirteen and he's already thinking of next year dad media I'll go to. And Brian's is just so I always like to ask and find out why people change and and what made them change. It's great where. And I expect us. Nicole let me let me ask you this how did you get in a hockey I mean what inspired you to get in a hockey women's hockey has grown immensely. In the last night easily say twenty plus years and I'm just wondering and where did you play your youth hockey. Like where you now. Just out of Ohio. I always says Colorado with us and Ohio sorry my bad at. So did you did you always play with girls are at some point did where you playing on boys teams like how did it work when you were growing up as a as a kid. Armed so as a kid all the way through myself we're quite likely with local boys associations are played anywhere from. Like he seemed eight Ian they've aliases to double eventually but. I've played with them all the way out and I I started playing. Right after we don't want to add it till you repeat our network can't sell. Hockey without actually building in in Colorado. At that time and they indicted neighbor across the street it was solid play on the street so we invited me out to play like I've felt that it took off from there but. I started playing six Colorado's elect girls association when I was you see your arms. To be able they get doubted or a college. So what does this mean that I mean out here you're going to be. You're going to be a pro goaltender. He had I don't know that aren't in yet. So excited it is to be part of their vote will be our position than by the chances to come visit. Well we'll about about a month ago and hours extremely proud that. With their facilities. Our thanks our eyes. You know Ali honey there there they keep their players is our second or not I think it would it talking to acknowledge. And I think god I think they're really exciting pennant this economy be part of this organization. Well literally drove Zaki is really big in buffalo and in the southern Ontario area. Is that something good alert you to come here and set yourself as a role model and and a good. In owned something to look for for somebody young girls in this area to play and continue to play hockey. Definitely I think there is October properties. With with a professional he is in North America effort. For a role models that's something that they'll say a lot with he would say it or a part of something bigger that are open. And that includes. You know seeking that's fair for the next generation of eagle hockey player the last three. That it Beijing rule. Broke their dream just like we were able to grow our. Did you talk to other girls' hockey players about. You know. The hopefully the future in this size of the league that you're playing in and how great it would be to have more teams and continue to grow the sport. Definitely I think that's something that that plated vehicles are a lot about it and go back and forth on quite a bit is is you know how can. Grow it. How easy it. You know how can we how can it be seeing more how his little girls professional hockey players so that they can. They keep dreaming street about it you know really see it either belly he would see. And so I think you know yes they definitely. Definitely a lot of talk among a lot of players on on how it. Do a better job. You know getting this two little girls however it may be streaky game having it collide. And the public that I think that that the key part of the goal of. All the professional hockey players right now. We you're part of the group. With women's US team dat we're fighting for the equality when it comes to women's hockey and the resources and all of that. Before to wall championship a couple of years ago. And how was that experience I mean that you truly like filled the bond between the girls stand and fight for our cause. And be able to win that and then go on. I to play right away after that. It was. It was. You know it would it would depend moment but I I think. Our whole season this quote everyone within the yes there are you for all the players felt that we are doing the right thing to advance the game it isn't. You know we. We go forward then not sit. You know that's the be taken in our negotiations with your. Bring that would that vehicle outside the mad then. And does so it was. You know that they feel for us we are putting. Putting tires you know what we trade. Every year for a line that that's perfect candidate every year that it is not an Olympic year and and you know for us this is that we are willing to do that I think was the first pick up the men. You know for all but with that topic I think it's that was as women and that it is. Spoke volumes and to be able to get that deal done and then we had yet it is rare bird there in the air and so we turn right around it. And now it's kind of like you know better. Said that I'll talk to you're really felt like let's see it so I think for us is elated that accurate. That there's a lot of and and I think that you know well like you just sit together for something so big is there at that thought it was gonna separated audience. We are joined by Olympic gold medalist and knew his buffalo abused goaltender Nicole and sleet from Colorado. I have a question I ever played growing up I never had a girl on my team. I'm just wondering how hard is it for a girl to play with boys at a young age I mean. Do you get tackled on the race I mean what's what's it like it must at a lot to the mental toughness. Opera on it clear I like it but it was very positive and I started so on with. And ended up being on the same team with a lot of guys all the way up through what I switched over to say where it on the girls side itself. For VIP tickets at twenty older brother had every single team around. You know somebody out another key that something. They're getting an earful and probably on their backs from the guys on. I'm like you know I was I was so fortunate blessed with with. Guys that are in the play with dried out then and I don't really get right down so. You know I I know not everyone is great that they're like that but. That you regret blessed the guys that that I played less. While Nicole we wish you all the best and now you have an Olympic gold medal we hope that the utes can now win a championship and get yourself a ring. Yes unbelievable coaches and a great organization a place for so welcome to buffalo and congrats on the contract and we look for to watch you play. They keep so much excited to get out there and get it started. All right well good luck to you and we'll have you on again soon. Yeah Nicole Hensley Olympic gold medalists newest buffalo view goaltender. And you know be it's regard they won two years ago we lost in the finals last year so. Maybe this is the piece that puts him over the hump this year and now we're gonna be right back with. WGR Sports Radio 515 MSC will be right back. And hockey talk that she ends weeks he's the investigators. With Andrew. Craig repaid. RA it's time now for buy sell trade presented by Buffalo's sports go to buffalo sports you can buy sell and trade union sports equipment on McKinley parkway and with our buy sell trade. We go all the way back to. Auto lock. The nation's capital up in Canada and and we ask you this karlson and Hoffman will both be traded by sultry. I minute cell death it wall bold be treated. One of bomb will be. Gone. Most likely will be my office. That's the way I look at it as they Carlson is the in this situation from the outside looking in right now is the victim he is that a top player is the player that should remain in Ottawa senator. And so from the information we are right now. I'm gonna save my Kaufman will be the wind gone. And it. I'm gonna sell this also. I do believe that air Carlson will be in Ottawa senator for. The rest of his career Hoffman will be moved note but in order to sign Carlson you have to get rid of some horrible contracts. In Ottawa and I think that will happen overtime and and by. They they're both gone well. There's. I just reached weeded the all sides a Bulldog on player trades and where Darryl played game one the next season Carlson plus 116 to play for the Ottawa Senators. And Hoffman plus 170 to play for videos so. They're about the same 5050. They're gone. And work done and we're back tomorrow with Matty Ellis mr. bang on right here on WGR Sports Radio 515 MSG one bills live next.