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Welcome into another episode left doors podcasts on there for a conference Mercury and my girlfriend is not harassing your life. Well that's also it's because we're forever alone like I. But my girlfriend is not harassing your wife. Yeah these are facts is his or technical facts. Also literal back in little facts. It that the apocalypse I mean roof. Well way to start it I mean I have to I mean. You were the one that said we gotta talk about this so let's do it I mean are right so for those that don't know the Ottawa Senators in what has come into a case of could this team get any worse and somehow the answer became yes. Yeah Ari frank please explain to the but to the kind people what the hell is going on and off. So it's coming after the whole. Senators assistant GM Randy the being rested buffalo. Yeah yeah. That's a completely different music has gone after this yet. Slow Erik Karlsson life. As recently filed. A but the restraints. Restraining order yeah that. I against Mike Hoffman's girlfriends. Mean suppose and she's. Carlson's wife is accusing all of his girlfriend. A putted pretty simple leaps and its call it cyber bullying right. Pretty much at I think that's what you can simply doubts though. Hoffman's golfer has been accused of making you know a lot of remarks about her about. Carlson himself. Apparently she Sheen. Carlson's wife has said that she wished that car air blew out his knee and ended and is drizzle over. She's yeah and she also made it in Hoffman's wife also made was kinda like making fun of both of Eric and his wife. A doll. Losing their son. Else lake commuter marriage you know that was a real sad story fair Erik Karlsson and his wife is. Unborn baby was four was the still war and. And and and yet. So this being linked though this the strangest part is it being linked. To be now beyoncé all of Mike Hoffman is issue after issue that we got there she is she ago because I've heard I've I've never able. I've heard a long time longtime girlfriend and then some are saying fiance idea I. I don't know which one and as you know it's it's really matter actor. Those men is not good ye that. That's the thing. Yeah. Apparently this is going on around for awhile. Yes the senators have known about us. There X. And applause there. Of course of course they would. They would I don't know of that seat. OK I think of that and I don't think it adds I don't think that part is as bad. To me that means to me me coming out now kinda sad that they have been maybe even try to deal with it internally. Maybe that's the reason why they were trying to trade off. And beasts. Man. I don't know that could I mean I'm not we don't know what's going out we will proceed or analytical about the management there that you know all over the place but especially the older. But be less of our models and to pretty much almost treat everybody. At some point out especially towards the trade deadline Michael Hoffman's name was up in the old rumor mills. Winnipeg was a team that actively tried to get off then. And there was a deal in place for them but Hoffman's adult he'll wanna little. For some odd reason. I mean. Would you willingly want to go to impact. Of the season and yet it. I mean they were still one of the best teams in the lead at the time yes yes. But don't even even spell. The fact that they were trying to trade off then and now that this is coming outs. And it's been said it ate the senators have known about it. And this is probably going out for multiple years now because this makes sense now closed off all third players' wives have come out and also had said I know I'm not surprised because this happened before. One in particular injury hammonds life. And remember what the kind of run that and it and it went on a couple of years ago yes with Ottawa and he was part of the to change rates so you have to are so seat he was gone up to beat early this year. So that means it has been going on for multiple years and now this makes sense as to why a player who's been. You know getting fifty points per season at least over the last four years. Is being considered perjury. Yeah exactly. Now the biggest thing is his contract. Does have the modified no trade clause which is why you've vetoed that deal when a packed yet. Five point 187 million. Over the next two seasons and mean an Iowa coffins that he's a great player yes he's haekkerup I'd love to have him on the sabres problem is this look. They love someone and everything like that. And it's also can hearken back to a lesser extent to the triangle Angelo. Yeah and in another's in another aspect. Brett Ames whose wife is someone that seems to be a pain in the ass yeah. Listen to jeopardize. Someone's career. As soon married to them or marrying them. I know that. I know that a husband has got to go to bat for you know that's just got it like. Otherwise walloped highly mannered for yet. Did you do anything that person and in yet that however. When they screw you to us. There's got to talk. Big talk because along talk. The men. I date someone and they say oh you can't talk this one friend that happens via girl here's. How step. Mr. best of it if that is what I don't want like my close friends and I'm not a lot of talk that personal just like. Peace out yeah. Yeah an ugly though but for this kind of destructive. Behavior of talking about. The stillborn child. Talabani as a team mates. Talking about and being. It's the same teammates career. It just it it it boggles the line. To think how truly discussing some people really candy yet. And yes I should sound less and I. But at the same time it's still baffling. Yet it's still something that perplexed me to know and allies again. Who would've thought basic human decency would be. The focal point of what's going on here what's. Yep. The stroke and he'll Hoffman's Adam really bad pickle now. Because one of we don't know look if he was involved and that's because there's some saying that he could've then. Involved with it himself. And he'll hope to god he wasn't so yes I'd at least like one less crappy person here yet. Yeah and the real pro real thing is now. People are gonna wonder is he gonna wake up with her because. Iffy for a few breaks up at third then you'd know that well okay he he did the right thing. He got this this really. Add person. A lot of out of his life. But if he plans if you if they are engaged and they do plan I get married. And he does play not say it or does planet say with our anyway. Even if the Eagles to another team. That those players on the LA team are gonna have real big trust issues with Altman. Look this whole thing to me speaks bizarre. Terrible. And almost Austin necessary you'd think yeah have to even be able talk about this yeah. Because again you would think people. Especially. The wife of player that happens DA teammate. Captain of the team das. Let's let's throw that art in there I don't way. You think. Of your terrible person. Please be smarter than that. I guess the answer is no none has always now. Like I said I see stupid things. Trying to make them a thing here on the spot after thanks for listening by the way that that's at a. But are you kidding me. And it's all pledged by the way yet vigilance to slightly I think. Part that really kind of makes it. Mixing it really can make it true it's a fact that other as being an investigation. Players is not even that defective multiple players wives have come out the saints and said that the sentence. Not just if those just. Carlson's wife. Than there's added there's there's a 5050 but it's leaning towards that this is really does the real thing. When you guide. Other player when he got there's at least two other players whose wives of sad that. Offers girlfriend has done that's. One of whom is not on the team anymore because and got traded. What has and his wife is on Twitter and she quoted the original article for radicals from. Analysts on I believe. And sad and I'm totally not surprised because she's done this before. But she did it to her to hand it's disgusting. It's very disgusting. And again let's I think and I feel really after really dapper for Michael and I feel really bad for him IE will it. If as long as he is not a part of it as if there were reports come out later that he had nothing to do with all of that's. They I continued to feel really bad for him. Because he's in a really bad situation group that. I'd ball right now I'm gonna feel bad for him because he's in it because he's in a bad situation. Bites. If he is if he was a part of let's let's Google era currently well and he's got I wouldn't be surprised if he faces disciplinary action from the week. Allan ray that he should I am a bit looser on this with my feeling bad for him thanks. The only way I'll feel bad for him is if he does happen to and leaving as well. Because I'm sorry yeah oh yeah absolutely are but I'm sorry but were allegedly eating it crazy hole for seeing yeah oh yeah. And you're gonna. Day anymore. And those slow things got canceled I would hope. That is where I feel that the Mike off. If he continues to stand by her well you know what you major choice you're digging your grave son. That's that's what I and as a as of right now he is standing by her. But we're still really early sign down weekend. There's really generally. I know you can't really do much right now. However. Here it is have written off Ahmed often -- denying the allegations the C 13150%. Chance that my fiance Monica and I are not involved and an easy associations have been pursued coming our way. We totally understand that there is no place for cyber bullying. Uses 150% twice actually in the yeah in the statement that he gave up to the Ottawa citizen. Otto says that's what analysts. And it just them. To think that this team came one overtime goal away. From the Stanley Cup last year two years ago not now lasted two years ago right well. In his last I guess a year ago and now yeah he's a low it was a year ago yeah. Analyses Alderman of the minds doubled they would have. You've gotten tomorrow but national. Are you on go to some happier share. Of action slowed answered the Stanley Cup last. On an empty dance floor. It. He can do whatever he wants. This lord answered. It's like it's great it is this has been. This is the binder to and all benders as the summer movie. It's the Bender and all binders. The green over is putting ever. Who would've thought that all of that's in winning the Stanley cop. Was going to be the greatest thing ever. For hockey. I mean I did that there was already a very good person do you expect yes. All this what the celebrations. Afterwards. Yet there was a there was TJ ocean drinking a beer through his Jersey. Their oil is. But Denny does not solve getting these firsts aware of the of the day at the parade yeah. And and Avastin followed shortly thereafter. We're not gonna be bleeping socks this year yeah I mean yes and no he always has spoken and some broken English but now as great as it was fantastic. We're not going to be sucked this year that makes enough sense to me. Now we'll benched in however. Will. He finally had to relinquish the cup. Yet but he finally had to let it go it was not by his side. For 24 hours. They held a parade yesterday. And now a cup goes back to the keeper and now each player gets their day with the top you know get. So. Think of it it is final moments with his beloved trophy although on the dance floor he shared one last slow dance with the count at. That means his date when his day Olympic cup comes he's gonna ever biggest hang over of all time it's going to be the biggest party. What sort of like today. All they have got to be the biggest hang over his life Alia it always does for. Occupiers at this time. It's incredible. I just. Alex is etched in. Bizarre he's always and re always bend it personality yet. Fun loving on the ice like the way you itself revise any player reminding you Brett Favre when he threw touchdowns yeah every every time was a good time. And now you're seeing. One of the more jovial players of the NHL. Someone that doesn't give you the typical players speak all the time. Giving you the celebrations that are that are there for you. I lost it. And needs to be more personality in sports really does coach speak boring gimme people they have some personality yet. And so loosely. But I may not like Kevin Durant necessarily for what he for what he's done but just what. When he says it's not his job to make sure the NBA is running legitimately. It's not his job to focus on. Misha is competitive balance is only guess what he's right. I don't like for what he's right. He has. And again the league to step and say are you guys that are get Olympic closer. Orally posting your. It's salary cap that's on there. You know there's ways around however. Again at the end of today be honest Josh Rosen people adjust Rosen Mike he speaks his mind on well. Crap. Hello he. But man you want Sean McDermott talk all day we can give you that year especially and a major factor to Dhaka. Again we are she's being OK coach Butler coach speak kinda gets to me sometimes. I'm not a person that likes the mundane the boring the the seek answers. And Josh Rosen and set it when he when he basically said these words. When we give you players Peter coach B you don't like that wanna do something honest man and now. And real pinion real talk you'll like that either I guess what I'm not of the latter. I will always appreciate someone having the stones say they want us. Yep and law and by may not necessarily agree with some things that are said. American hate them because they set. You know whether it rides Leo but let's talk about it. But this whole topic to. Relates to a Reilly. Yes. And we will talk about it. And think there's no better transition and out of it. Sure. What nine days away nine yeah days niners on NATO draft nineteen days nine days to Dolly. And Eileen is a saver but more importantly it's nine days to general managers being on fort together yet that's where deals get done. It lists and this is where the Ryan O'Reilly speculation gets wrapped up. To fifteen we don't turn up to eleven we turn up a fifteen year meant that. Ryan O'Reilly. I mean in the coach speak thing while we while in transition this mean Ryan Randy says the same thing constantly yet. And a man. He finally sense that wasn't that he yeah he finally said something that was mentally and to say it's the same thing. He was always saying the same stuff and we relate relate dismissal bore yes he's always fascinated that reacted I have to be and now he comes and netted in here he comes out and says. All of that with the you know yes lost love for the game whenever he says all of that he was being completely honest. At least 84. I don't him. Well Mueller and my real zoo and my reasoning behind treating Ryan rally has morals you eat. We'll talk you reason yeah oh yeah and add in yet but the speculation starts a couple of rounds. Because of that because of what he sent. Because because a lot of media people who did it like it was say the sabres have to trade a Riley because of. And here's my. First thought it proves that how that athletes are humans. Yeah we do. Get that you lose so many games start season of course it's gonna meet its gonna take it toward your hat. Especially if you're the kind of person Michael rightly tends to be himself up in the media. When you start saying something enough you start to believe and when the losing happens combines that thought it kind of makes it worse. He's still produced. Bristol thought that you better however he's the key still produced however. Someone needs to remind him that well what he did it was more or less his career average. Based on point production not a surprise. Does he think he knew better probably course the only thing you do that he thinks he can do better news and work hard towards that that's all that matters. But if you if you got to tell me that you're gonna pay seven point five million dollars. Offer a guy who's gonna win you a lot of face offs typically in almost any situation. Often don't pay off its own. Defense and didn't know it was all you know he's again he's your go to faceoff guys for key faceoff like especially ones like Ian in the game. And he can get you sixty points. And that's why are you training that's just because he's just because of those comments just because school's commons Beers. Yes very irresponsible and my reason I was bringing up is this. Ryan O'Reilly. It's not with the sabres want to build towards with speed. That's fair. That's why I suspect. He that he doubts and that's fair because a he doesn't fit the sabres small for what they want built right now what you some box on the hulls and wanted to. Whether they see the end of this time your or not is going to be you know something we have to wait NC. However. Its second year for these guys it's not they're not going January. But here's the second part that's. Ryan Reilly still holds value in the NHL a lot you can get me that Mike Richards type deal that bottles looking for. Yet you take send it yet full cent. Get O'Reilly and the fastest plane possible. And give me all the stuff. That's the only way that you logically do initially anything Jason bottled it and settle for anything less than he wants yeah. That's why there's but the talk about Carolina. Really doesn't make a lot of sense and actually a lecture dating the only reason it does it. Make a lot of sense means if if if Carolina. Is willing to trade knowing Anna who is an RF. Who yes is Michaels each Vieri up. He was I think that the world when he fifteenth. If you're willing to trade debts. Don't you think there's something wrong with him. If Carolina wants to trade him. Well in the NH and I know that they'll hat they have if they want rhetoric they got to get something up to do it. I don't know if they'll yet willing yet if possible once the new champion some yeah right absolutely Carolina wants to get something had to give something up. As a matter fact Mike messed Alka fox sports Carolina used on Howard Jeremy yesterday okay I'm now on demand on. He'd said that same thing. That Carolina and Ryan O'Reilly doesn't excites. There's less to do is less on the rumors of a Riley Carolina and which makes me suspect something for. Savers are penetrated Carolina it's for just fall. Sports for Jeff Skinner. Which means. But my biggest audience hatred for Skinner. That means a Riley is on the outs. Somewhere else I think but here's the on here's the other thing. We know what box a lot for rightly it's O Mike Richards cut a deal so that means. A young any child per and it tell player. He'd. Prospect a good prospects. Who had been recently drafted probably at worst two years ago and at least a sack around back. Because that's what so that's what the Richard Steele was when he went to ally. Carol Y nine has been reported to want a prospect any first compact. For Jeff Skinner. Now for Justin Faulk with Jeff Skinner. So ball that's why so yet that's not so that's another reason why don't think all right when it's not academic lives with my other. On the other issue too. How. How desperate do the sabres need to trade for a defenseman. And now. Exactly they don't. Could you have crystal line and you have scandal. You have Jake decayed come back. You and Yuri York's you get your expecting. Branding Dooley and Casey now sensible to make the team next year. You're drafted the league's number one they've been discussed is budget McKay were Zach Bogosian possibly being. That's a disable put Betty but then you Salina hacked we need advances what you're saying I think you're onto something yeah because. Even as after Bogosian is an usable I'm willing to give him another year the next. English silent pilot. Up. Who I think I think that is a dark horse to make this team. Nelson can end up being seventh defenseman. Yet. It may very well be. Now down so. To me. Why are you like do you have to trait for a defenseman out here. That's why suspected they are going to deal with Caroline might be for just ball and and the traders the lane in four. For something let's see note. That's the only reason I think that deal I think on with your right I think you're right in that that's the only reason you could see that happening yes that's the only reason you deal with Carolina gets done at this point I think cell. If they come back with just ball not necessarily jet ski I do agree I think that's. I think that's one. What it would it would it would be. I don't think it happens because I I would suspect they wanna give Bristol lineman of the year especially with Colleen. Ants the and see if Dell lien can. Street interests align the gas. I suspect. That your more in play for Montreal. That is yeah that's a team that really I think stands outs in the same respect as you can get a player a young player like an Alex couch and yuck and then get a prospect. Like Ryan ailing. And a second round Pakistan app for a boatload of those days platform. That is to say that's a pretty easy way to look at things. Yes. And while it was a different regime sabres did take a chance on the personality of Evander Kane and for the most part it checked out yet. Save for that one offseason where. Kaine did a dumb thing. We Leah. But he cleaned it up after immediately. And that is serious threat. And now he's been rewarded for. Yes. I think dealt Chan yuk a lot of what's going on is he's being pushed out amongst real. Well it's that's been apparent for a couple of years now. And I'm not sure how much is the rumors around him off the guy aids archer. Yeah. Sometimes of where there is smoke there's fire. This is true. So. I love such an because great player he has had to admit I think he should be a signer I watch simply senator. When I U was in the juniors I watch simply center. During that 2013. US junior team now one goal. Think about he was a top senator. You looked really good. And he was drafted as a senator by Montreal. But at some point they decided to move into weighing. Which is there okay. But then he started to play him on the fourth line spot and five seasons ready and vices including those stents on the fourth line. Way to keep jerking around not putting on a cell lines with sent line mates. 31 points as were 46564451. Thirty yeah well. Place on the voice is trickier actually. Is he played all right right he played the shortened season for a solid. 31 point sixty in six if I game second year okay ME announces first full year in the NHL. You know you got but then again third when he's 465044. Days since you've 56 and in it thirty goals. In 1516. And that was the indicate that was. And Carey Price stadium played most of the year because he was hurt and Montreal was. Relief at the whole year and schools corporate eagle's nest is afforded a 44 points yeah. Benefit to a point slash in nineteen golf. To. Even play and load. Amount immunity to it. Still getting points exactly at the fact that he wasn't playing all those minutes I wonder well. I wonder how much of that was on the power play. I appreciate late hour. So that's what I'm an let alone enough. Let's take a look rained out sang it is a guy who he really does seem to. Office's own start percentage by the way 55%. Ferraro last season. Where in Europe with 51 points. But his ice time never eclipsed anything more than sixteen point six and that was his. Those thirty goal season. The reason Montreal may not be seeing him as senator though is that he has always been a sub 50% are at the dot. Yeah but it's not as bad. I mean besides his true rookie. His troop his first full NHL season which he only played 65 games. His face awful really bad at 32 sides everything else has been in the forties. 42 adult couple 42%. 45% last season and 47%. In 1516. And 141549%. But it last year on that power and actually that's a lot better than people think I'm powerfully by the way. He had nine goals and fifties S. So I'm an important points and so did so that's when he saddened. But as that's twenty at 27 but that was final five. Yes. A man. Sees him prior was up fifteen power play points. Out of the 44. And then sixteen the year before out of the 56. And looks like twelve. That was a career high by the land power play LA yeah well actually I mean. And a career low and shooting percentage while lots yes. Here's an eight point nine. And rhetoric that team was really that. And that's worth that I think it's worth it absent of that especially if his value is not perceived to be high by Montreal. He easily turn out right and now my question is did you see him as a senator. Or do they see him as a winner and now be tricky a look at. And now I think that would effect. In within its greater evil rat in it that and if this trade does happen. Before free agency that greatly affects what savers don't like first even strength got you nick has been fine oh yeah. You look at it and bullet but might but what I'm saying though is 100 Naples seven either them or even strength only thirty aren't powerful pregnant. It's really nice percentage of doing bowl yet. 147 assists. On them. Even story. Yeah so. Again you're looking at a guy who he can really be. Someone that. Can give you a lot. And I think that don't Chechnya key again is perceived at a lower value. So could you even ask for something higher from Montreal because. If your buffalo he could strong arm here. Mark version any necessarily what it called Smart. Maybe you go counting nearly a second and another another guy. Maybe just another second or more packs two seconds and went on a second and third. You can do that I think so. You can get more out of this deal because of how Montreal priciest option. Via. And think that there's really a there's a lot more to Montreal. With O Reilly then you hear from Carolina or from Vancouver. Vancouver as a matter of fact came up yesterday Elliot Friedman had spoken in Vancouver about. Any street deal being made there and it's been said that Vancouver was not offering their first round pick at all for a round yeah but not surprised. I'm really not surprised. Yes plus the. I mean a matter of me with all that's what the teams that we're talking about you know with Carolina I'll whip. Montreal with Vancouver or rather he's been talking about losing as becoming become accepting. Heels of one of those teams. He still going to be losing. Yes. But at the same time I think that. It's there really is something to. That is something to a lot of what savers are doing here and here lest the quote familiar for you and I know there's been rumblings that. They offered the seventh overall pick for Ryan rile it does mean Vancouver Monica and data that is not true. They seem to deal more aggressive on Hannifin. Then we'll get. Which is where you might get your deal. For Jeff Skinner is Skinner is someone that's been linked to the sabres. Saving two retreats and that trades for an opinion. Men next scene no. Well maybe. Carolina says are right we gave something up. Now we wanted we wanna move on from just Canada to now let's put the hole that we just had because of the fact there were planning on moving jobs. Maybe that's why happens on the trading block they might be doing this to for kinda thing trying to move on from core that they have. And carrying on with some fashioned a hole and two it would terror vine and being there. Being their lead cogs in the right right. Stalinist and bought. From what I've read about and offend his hockey sense is not greats. So he doesn't really have a have. Good all weariness on the ice. Yes Wachovia were other reasons why they do while they are accident training. To have fun to get about the sabres I wouldn't do it. I think that's that's someone you stay away from. Yes. I think there's a lot. It will for what you want for Ryan rally Vancouver's team I would stay away from. I think so. Montreal is one that I'm kind of leaning toward it's kind of their the most intriguing yes. There's a lot more options I think Montreal than anywhere else and I'm Bret first doesn't ask. But I've I've been able to look at it more and more and think that Brian Reilly with Montreal kind it's it makes more sense. Any end. I'm more. I'm more prone to being OK with trading right around. I'm OK with that as long as it makes cents as well as the trade makes sense. Is calling is. You're getting something back that's gonna that's continuing that plan of what you wants. Which we have to remember. We have to remember. What was the biggest state bar troll has preached. About how to how he wants to build this team development development develop develop its houses buzzword that yes development. What else well what else was using NATO. Will miss the sides are missing something here senators. You can never have too many of them. At timbers. Then again it's priest and preacher bought it. Well. No it does is this stuff with some models. He's saying gee he did say you built three senators. Right now sabres have three really good ones yes. And a lot people want to trade O'Reilly because they think he's going to be the third line center next season. And you date a lot of tea I guy seven point five million does the play third line. That's another reason. Well guess what's. Fun facts. At a rally is your satellites that are. He's not if they're like senator I know we have heat emails that. But he's gonna start the season on the third line. Yes plain dishonest if they see it as a Saturn which I think they do because he played center when he came up after the Minnesota season ended. And I would suspect he's gonna play center on cup death camp which is gonna be really soon naturally. Now you have a Centre court shoes of Michael all right Lee middle stats yes you can like anybody else for that fourth line. It to be Ivan Rodriguez he v.s and it's very that's. Rather be robbery as he seems to have a natural fit for center. Nick about occasionally thought yup depends on that but yeah yeah I agree I agree. Soul. If you're trading Ryan O'Reilly. You would want ideally a lesser trading Aiken and other trade in gaining a center back you'll want a guy who can replace them. But only got a guy who could fill that spot in out sketch and you could and outfits and it could it. Right hailing definitely cut when he is right. He's very gut. Much and again mark version and idiom and count on to. To make a mistake. I that's that's that's true I'm sorry say it but I am I'm targeting a lot of these Canadian GMs right now because they tend to make that their moves right now. That. So. That's that's why in my very hesitant on training O'Reilly. Unless you're gaining a guy back who can fill his spots. 'cause I I'm not really I don't really see any other traits sabres are gonna make I don't think they're training personalized and. Are they gonna trade planner to get notes that because I didn't NL they're gonna move on from him probably pre and I can it get much forum. It probably only gonna get them and mostly mid round pick because he's a freak Aziz of our thank. You just treating his rights Nia. But that's really gets I don't see them training feelings and a team terrorists line I think if they do that's gonna be after next season. I think I do think they wanna see we he can do with d'alene. So trading O'Reilly you would want to get a center back yes. Angry about Edmonton. Randy Hopkins a name that has been dangled around yes. And I like the idea. I'd. I don't know if Edmonton's gonna trade him. They seem to more be willing to trade off Bob first visit GM it traded Taylor Hall I don't. I know. But we've mentally I have interest in recent crystal line yes but they do if Dave. But what their interest to wrestle line and includes training Clough Bob. For any help I need those who is speculative idea. But again they have but they have bought shown. Tim Murray did say he was offered that. Taylor and. Especially knowing that we would have ended up winning the draft lottery at 100. Yes and no. Spots. We have you would meet have a friend who writes for the Oilers. He writes for SB nation comparable. Yes he's the head guy there actually dated ahead editor. I've talked to him about this he said. It if that if I maintain is trading a player one player this off season. It's Oscar clock. It's nobody no one else for a team that needs more defense. Trading one of the better defenders is their best defense then is there a count attractive yes. But that is what I've dental. That is not that is what he has sad. Keep burning car David scrutinized if new job I I would maybe get another lottery I'd what do you do to Hopkins. And if you don't get. A center back for rent a rally and you do trailer signing union is not is that I would I would complaint right when I complain Labatt. But I think admits he wants to move Nugent Hopkins to wait. And play Olympic Davis. Because that did have a lot that did have success at the end of last season. So I it's I would suspect that cleft Bob does get moved in the offseason at some point probably. And if they are training Jihad in its same thing like after next year. Because they're battling give him a year with David and site and see what new John Hopkins can do. Does and I think they wanna bet I think they're gonna have try saddle play second and senator. Right. Now. Just down. Which made him hard transition Josh Allen has there in. In me can't sneak in some reps with ones yeah I think he's doing right now actually he's doing right now and everything I'm seeing on the Tweeter is. Doing good. Yeah let me Peter it was doing really well yesterday so yes I. Again I don't know maturity in this in the many camp however there's 1 thing I am taking and that's. And the fact that they're trying to give it counts some raps of these number ones to get some chemistry with them that I think that during the pre season he will play with that. And see what he can get yet this is as open a competition is going to be but they're still trying to protect yet look forward the most part. However. This does tell me that you know they're not gonna just go ahead and truly sit him. Unless they think that they need to they wanna see we can do with the ones. And when the pads goal life that's when things in your. Yeah. Yeah when training get at least that's that's when it pre season now. I would. I would be shocked if he got the first pre season game. Thank got it's actually the ones is you know I do wanna protect implied. In the pre season. Let him play let him play with the ones. If you if to see you Aussie we can do. Give them give him the time give them the more you play it's. The better his develop minutes. So we you want him you want Ellen to play as much easy camp. Especially game action. You need you that's how you that's how he's gonna do now is through the game action. The more heat the more he doesn't. I think the batter the batter will be no it to be what the once it needs to be with the twos. But just as long as he's play. So. If he had to invest some stock in the whose stack. It. We have we've put in and there what what are you some cooler you put all your stocking in the whose stack. I'm. I'm not knocking put all stock in any one player. Now how ever. Call me crazy. Among put some stock in anything. Used to looking good so far. And again bullets go lie yet in late July. But this coaching staff. Why don't you know. They like to enough to draft says could this could peak. I don't know I'd like. I really have no idea who put all my stock and you but. Both do it happens. I'm. I would probably lean towards McCarron more. Because I still think it's his job to lose. Mean. Fly it if you know. If Peerman wins and a friend yes NFL is that. A friend not my biggest question is this. The wide receiver corps Robert Frost undrafted or getting first team reps yes Jamie camp. Kind of shows that the food bills really are one injury away from having a shambles. Of wide receiver corps Yan. And that one injury being held amendment. Yeah goes down again. You're looking at. A bearing waste land at wide receiver yeah man no we no offense to all those players the offense. Yeah but they're not Nate gear you brought it up on a sports talks that is past Saturday and basically to point out. And receivers in the if cease as a whole. Not great. This is trail to which Joseph then looked into it more and thought and you know he went team by team witness. Is Nate what we compared the bills and patriots receiving course. Because Adam is going to be suspended four games all patriots wide receivers wide receivers that's a big point wide receivers. Wide receivers for New England don't look that great yet yes they have a rock and have a Brady. To monopolize receivers. You could argue that grunt is the best receiver in the AFC east is tight and piracy. But he's a guy who catches the ball is best pass catcher in the his exit yet. That's not all I I can and it's also not a running back debts but I'm saying he's best pass catcher I would even just say that point blank yet. But he's not receive these Seaver. And receiving core even in New England doesn't look great Miami's H rated. Jets Robbie Anderson's all right. And you get RS that he did it. And bills. Yet telling Benjamin injury away from all. Not doing good things. Talent management might beauty. Best receiver. Out of here at this even if even with an almond back acting Kellerman is best receiver. Of the AFC east. Brock still best pass catcher yes. But I think vengeance best wide receiver. I think though that. There's a there's a real problem at this at this position. And it really does bring back a lot to what Carolina has done over the past several years. Funny how the name of Al management is still and from their tips yup but you saw a team in Carolina over these. Past several years they don't really have that after Steve Smith left they didn't have that bonafide wide receiver and tendencies still get it on. Yeah so maybe cam Newton's actually include people. On. So canyons that it's don't despite no help at wide receiver. Next to no help why this year he had help you lost count amended for an entire year. And he made a simple one of the peak. They won FL MVP. You went to sue ya ya. And then you reentered the bills really do have kind of a little bit of disaster especially Zeta-Jones not fully healthy for training to do. Or for the regular season. It just goes show off frazzled chorus. Maybe they find something in Robert Foster or Ross and parole or greater McLeod. Or maybe rod Streeter can have a random Goodyear or Jeremy curly. I banking on that though well we've been under Colmes that. I can't think on that flight has led the team in touchdown receptions last year that. I don't. Timmy it just it just still says that. This is what they are going for. In a way. Yes I just taken me there. Goal and very similar to the Eagles approach when they drafted Wentz you know. Who were the eagles' best receivers in what's his rookie year. Toward Matthews. To use well Jordan he's a Specter was going to be better you end up getting hurt up for snap. Yet at training camp. And posted to our management should step up with pitchers. It. A I know Reynolds led the team in her into national elections in guess how many touchdown catches on drones that. Design leader. Your high. Not by much as it. Not by much four really. Now it wasn't for either ticket and are. The leader on the bills and tossed our receptions for the entire season. Was three. Under homes. Thirteen catches. Three of them were in the end zone. Of almost ups angels aliens gasped at the Jones by the way had to. He also had 27 catches on seven before targets. Year A horrible percentage yet. And part of that has to do the fact that he had some shoulder damage last year. But. It's just at the end it's is it tells me that. It's this is is if they really. Are trying to build for this year they would have addressed receiver corps. They were they were they are they ditto for this year and the defense. By the brain have been nose cap situation for next year. And it's gonna take advantage of that to build the office. And only team that's more impressive though than what the bills. How bills made the playoffs despite this. Receiving. Total from last year in the passing game Charles clay led the way in yards by DA. Shawn McCoy was second in 448 it yet bills receiver nick O'Leary was fourth on the team in receiving yards dude. And you wanted to they did does it was the leading receiver in yards at 430 desktops and whites. Yet cut and then signed back. Yeah actually cut a couple of years ago. Yeah and then released by the bears and brought in it's by the bills yeah. I don't want to I don't like to see them resign Thompson yes but whenever so both legislative cycle back so. What was the eagles' receiving corps. In Wentz is rookie year. Jordan Matthews mangalore. Nelson mangalore had a very bad rookie year yes additional Rosie Jones people people who out there's hope for Zeta-Jones. Who else. Not much else right ms. trying to think. Nominee need to look. We've got a pro quickens all right so deals wide receivers. New Internet when he sixteen right yes. Okay. Door real creepy. Note Don I forgot they did that at Ellis soda jobs. Yeah it would say is angle or Matthews and not much else after that yet. And ready does not screen. That are similar to what the bills are doing. There is one difference. They at least had duke players get over 800 yards. Well yeah. As an air bag Dora green Beckham his yardage souls and Nelson had or no less actually. They're receiving totals fourth and fifth on that team by the way. Would have been the bills leading wide receiver. So to me be okay quiet and Charles clay lights. Sides the actual stats. Look at their receiving corps the following season. Because they had atomic cap space to use. In the area to build an office. With now. Second year Carson Wentz. Announced an angular. Al Shonn Jeffrey. Torrey Smith. Was your top three and a pretty good top three. Man. Does help angler took up that Aaliyah Aaliyah has released be development and I think there's agents could take that step. And catch a little more than 27 catches on 74 rose yeah which I believe is a pretty easy thing to do. No I believe in angels I didn't that I think he's going to be fine. Why it. Ages it tells me that. That's what they're going for. They want there. They're going to be built they built their defense. The deeper the date the defense is basically. Where it is in almost in the picture of where they want it to be. They got that done bet that's. That's all that's almost sects. Now with the cat's face that they have this offseason of is Laurie is Ellen has taken no steps up. You see the bills with a lot of camp no dead cat into when he ninety. Exactly. Sign players. For the offense that completely. Build around out just. Yeah I see a lot better receivers failed but I I'm looking more to Carolina model where they've just Devern decided on having met speedy wide receiver that can. Hog all the targets. And it still works for Carol. Is it a tighter capital. These have a great quarterback well you don't need to be pressuring yourself yet wider series that are. Bonafide. Superstars right. And Josh downturns that does is great. I think that this team. Takes a step back this idea oh I don't. Is it went six and two and one score games we also I mean yes you know an actor to repeat we have to remember though. Summary turn it didn't come from Carolina so under the Ron Rivera coaching tree. Who came. Who. Was go to j.'s round of America come under mean. Injury. Along with the Peterson you know. So there's going to be easily got to think there's going to be some similar sister network in Philadelphia 02 under and you read so yeah I would even to say that he's more direct and round affair here. Now stands. At my thing is this. What was McDermott in Philly. For a nose for that. No. Yeah some internal there are back 1998. He was and then he was there until. He was their 2007 into 2010 as well 2000 of those one parent and gas whites. Peterson was there too that he was I'd say using your reads I've lighting you mean media. Ron Rivera mark yeah I'd on just point out they are are putting out that. They all come. From the same coaching tree which is Amy read. Soul I would suspect's. With what Peterson has done in Philly. Beat Darman who knows Peterson. I can think we can do that till. Yes and again I think though that. Here's the heat he did take a lot from all from his coaching stats and everything from the I'm there yet Leah I'm not worried necessarily about the wide receivers. Going forward they'll have their plan on Hussein this year Josh Jones got to get in there with an offensive line that I'm not sold on wide receiver corps that I'm also not sold on. Especially if there's an injury combined human. Maybe it's best that you put them in the. In locking in locked box in just keep my way yeah. From the field yet. Yeah I'm not sure. It's it's a little it's low interest to and look at this and that is. And it's. But it just based on the moves that they mean it is that's cardinal and it tells me that's that's that's the direction that it's now. There'd been an outlook and it this year. They're gonna do everything they can't this year yes the cycle to cycle passionately passionate you know you got a bit lucky to make the playoffs. This year they're gonna continue to build they're gonna build off that and you know you got Chevenement. Your. Secondary looks. Just as good as last year not matter. And leisure a second year two game is light. The year two of high and employers together and you got Monte game was on a one year prove it deal who's in accuses all every game. I mean. Each against signed note to any JJ is defined yet probably wasn't all that out promised it was available. But you're telling your depth is there as well. Hear your front four and adopt Terry Johnson played him the team gets me via. Candidate for that third position yeah. It's by. Your ability you've built your building that defense and it's pretty much cents. Saffron now in for the future last year there now safety apnea safety debt now yes hind quarter net and employer and hide and Rafael Bush's solid depth safety. Surround Neal seems too via opening some eyes early on yeah and looks like a promising prospect in that regard as well. So. Yeah the defense looks fine me I'd rather they not have an injury and an at linebacker particularly in the Middle Eastern men and absolutely. Matt Milan are getting hurt. Would be a bit of a problem for me yeah and with the Laurence Alexander. You could say that would like you've seen that with anybody I know but the depth at linebackers not the same as it is at the defensive line or certain that's nurture that's nurture. Life. So it's not account management or any linebackers attack all those guys this year guys like the port. The the new dad and the defense and they needed to build something that and they've done and it's looking good for now it's a and it can look good for the future. Now. You go go through this year dirt you day I would suspect that they X don't expect to meet the plants so expect the probably ghetto. Six it had seven and it seems seems very realistic proposals terrible Frankie Mike a lot of expect. It's true I don't I've. Then again I'm guessing you're gonna go to imports uniformed exactly. Why it's as bad as it happens. Why it's. You'll look towards next year. All of ice cap cap space none of them and they penalties and think. I can build them right wants yes. And that's I and I think that's what they're gold for us angry. I think that again this season's gonna be you gotta take it as it goes yet they don't it's less enemies bless they're not good enough they're not enough this year. Because for the third year in a row we're going to be looking at a bills team that is far different from the one that we had the year previous. Yet. That's the big thing is that there's been a lot of roster turnover with this group but there's seeming to be able to put the pieces together in order to make it works yet. A lot of those big contracts come off the books next year. Yet. Expect that this is Collins last season yes. There's no cap heavily on air what anymore if that happens yeah. There's no cap Elliott any. Player. Anymore. Next year for the Buffalo Bills. They're eating their medicine right now it doesn't taste good. But is gonna make them better yet. Next year. This year which contain as goes whatever happens happens then up foretold in afford twelfth cares. Just look for the positives but for the pauses and all. As just a company like that can be easy to guess what. Twelve monkeys off the back. It is that's good news it is. Dad bought this regime a lot of time to build him to do it whenever they need about a lot of time but that we've bottom sometime at the bottom extra time. It divine well because it it was still going on to be more pressure this year yes exactly. But it's not it's done we don't have to talk about the longest playoff drought and the NFL. Over that part so. Will we do need talk while those on what direction you guys had yet. Shall nuclear plant. And showing there they're looking probably toward next year being when he released are becoming a problem for the teens. Yes and I think so so and you can say is sending about savers. You really can't. Sabres are the ones that. People teams still need work on the rosters. All the time the sabres to get a Dolly. And hitting it as well and I think that as a whole team under performed. Yet to what even what the roster was on paper and a reform and a lack adapt really really show. Yeah I mean yes a team that had Scott will sing their first line. Is of course not going to be good but did they play Ian worse than what they should have yachts. Even with the lack of depth I still think anybody else and but even an and then despite all that. That's why it's about we legal Allen also had to recover from an incident that put him in the icu for. Couple months now he's Lyle. And he was able to get back to his normal training Reggie did he could get on the ice until August he couldn't get a normal training regiment ya. So and people want to trade him now because he was next year again he was point. I gag icu. Yeah tell me. How well you do it your job immediately coming out of the icu. If I don't care what you do is your job or you're still coming out of the I see you. Ivory tweed did. Yes RS audit yesterday yet what I trading Kyle post and does nothing for you right now than make you worse. It's still the guys finds he's good he's solid player yet he still put this career average in his first year yet. You know I think that cal wells is going to be just fine detail. And now and because of the fact he even knew. He said it and and honest way to yet he said I couldn't get myself and no training I was neatly do what I normally do. And it took me a couple months to really get everything going. And of course. Because you use those couple months right now are also proud turning right. Or exit went when he finally started getting go and again. You looked really good now he looked like the cult mostly east that you assigned. So of course. I. Frank. Ninety's way to Eileen. Eileen focus our efforts to get either Chris Baker corporation Wilson and. For the next ones next to podcasts yeah. That's not to stress this for you to listen thank you for always listens leftovers podcasts and there Kramer. And stricker Perry and hey. It's ramped up that dollar leaned a Dolly height. It's lit.