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They're so tall. For all guys are my friends used to be really tall guys like Pete mats horse in town last week 68 still succeed. He sixties and he's. Now he's you success rate and in oh Bruce missed and to announced it four. In all those guys and you forget how tall in these guys are 65 plus every single one of them and just forget. How moment shortly. After a cargo to dig yourself a good break into that whole idea about it there'll grade they have upheld the derelict full of energy and maybe yes Josh Al on the show you today your portal time money been here for a month and you know waving at an Ohio State here I was figured you this this is and it. That's the atmosphere that they're built they built here in this inside the building and it's these guys just cannot wait. To get in practice than you could just tell you introduce high. The energy is high the energy is pretty our show earlier today I believe and we got a pretty good one for you we got the training camp schedule came out to dates available on the website topple the bills dot com Google throw Korea. Talk about a little bit coming up but few minutes. Mom so that's coming up today in the show gonna get out to practice in a moment Chris Brown bills and senator Buffalo Bills backed out we call him brownie. Brown standing by outside in a minute here to bring us through date to be mandatory minicamp perceives it to remain Edmonds. Coming up a little bit later on after practice today getting a couple of basketball coaches in your Carlin Hartmann the assistant coach at Oklahoma. And NATO said coach UB you're out here watching mini camp today we thought we dragged your dark little hopes. From two successful. College basketball coaches native courses taken you people that he NCAA tournament when in ancient times beat Arizona let's bring. Carlin gardens at Oklahoma one of the top programs in the country former Grand Island standout Ireland Hartman will be here Whitney notes Lee during the practice session when. You know how it gets about an hour and happened practiced nearly. I can. When the ultimate an agreement here was I ever want to see practice but they don't stand up there. And yet his you don't wanna see it I wanna pick up my get out there and watch him do some stuff and when they start running around doing ice like cash. I asked her to. Go through the coach is coming in here to back starts heard for the fifth here. We're gonna hear from my. Some courts all of his comments. From yesterday we thought were diving into a little bit more today so we'll pick up some she these comments from Italy busy yesterday because we went after we showed she eighty live on at the podium when every got a chance to talk about what he said we went right on to. We had. My glove on the show yesterday defense and in so reunion a chance to talk about all stuff we heard yesterday life and the potency wanna go back and get LeSean McCoy and give guys a chance you listeners the chance to. React in and listen to what he said again because it. He's best player on the team now yeah I hear from Donna you're from. Ever hear from Chris Brown right now bills insider Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills back I'm standing by on the sidelines out a date two of the mandatory minicamp. A different weather than we had yesterday after Chris. Overcast skies goods. Looks like they'll be okay and they're supposed to get this practice and start to finish. So hopefully. You know they don't get wet out here in the. Think Chris. We talk to you before practice yesterday we did not get a chance to argue after practice yesterday. And SIA here have reporters who were there and and read reports about practice. It sounds like it was a kind of a standout day for the quarter wreck yesterday particular. Nathan Peterman is with Debbie your take on yesterday's. They want him minicamp workouts. Yeah I think that's a fair assessment I think Peerman had probably the best day of the three quarter. It's just from a consistency standpoint. And from. You know the standpoint of having the timing down with the receivers I thought AJ had some good timing with the receivers also. But on the whole I think Peterman had the best day of the three. He was just on point with everything command of the huddle bacon rejected the line. Touch passes. Timing route Z he just really had it all down. What is there anything go wrong with a scheduled a get any sense of that can do something different or what kind of situations they run through yesterday so that. We try to get a handle on what they want top run rooted there may be what they will. They did have a long blitz period during one of the teams segments. We haven't seen two minute yet this week and we haven't seen much red zone. There is a little touch your red zone in the final team segment yesterday. That was when AJ McCarron about nick O'Leary for probably the best throw of the day for him. But it was abbreviated because they were at the end of the practice sessions so. I would anticipate somewhere between today and tomorrow organizations are minimal and some red zone. What do you think about it. But the experience and assuming that something that and they haven't seen yet you gotta get into a but the normally something that would be introduced during the mini camper does it. Typically wait until drinking buddy thing. Allele you'll see that in many camp to a certain degree. Maybe not choose the extent you'll see in training camp where you might see it through three days in a row. When they're put the blitz packages in in the production packages and. But there was some exposure to that yesterday. And I was interested to see how Josh was gonna react to that you know because everything gets sped up a little bit those kinds of situations. So you know fortunately for Josh I think he did fairly well. All things considered he didn't look crossed up he did. Take off out of the pocket a few times. You can debate whether it was premature or not. Something you often see with rookie quarterbacks is once the pressure comes if they don't see either perjury. They're taking off and running. Then leaving the pocket maybe earlier than an offensive coordinator would prefer. I'll tell you one thing they got it flashed during blitz period was shag loss of I thought he had the best day of all the defensive line yesterday. He's probably factored in it. On about. Ten of his snaps yesterday he was a factor on about five or six of them yet have batted pass yet it would be sacked. It to other quarterback pressures and probably would had a quarterback hit he just looks. So much faster off the line this year and and I talked to last week you know week. Discussed that we streamed down reduced his body fat percentage. I always get it in the five weeks between now and training camp getting to work with former NFL defensive and chuck Smith and his training facility down Atlanta. And he wants to trim down even more. You it's a noticeable difference is a lot faster off the line I think when he first got here. His resume was largely that of a power rusher. Who won with power but. If he can continue to slim down even a little bit more he might be able to. Consistently win we speed off the edge ridges. Quite frankly guys a bonus I don't think anybody really anticipated he would do that even off the left side so. If he can continue on this path. He could be a real valuable contributors that pastor. Important things going on now Chris weeks as we watch you you watch practice as much as anybody would seem to mean it is their limited time on the practice field with these with these mini camps. Do they abbreviate the individual a little drill work that you get it right into the teamwork because they do have abbreviated time to do that they wanna get as much team work is they can't because they're so little of it. So precious little of they have time to do so to these practices have focused. On eleven on eleven more so than the individual girl work. That's kind of hard to say where they viewers they don't I know that this coaching staff values the fundamentals greatly so I can't. I can't see them cutting individual position drill short. When you are going over those fundamentals. You know especially with a team that really has largely turned over to a great degree here and does have an awful lot more you this year than last year. I will say this I think some of the teams segments. Our expanded a little bit in terms of the number of plays that they run there was some teams segments last year at this time. That would only last twelve plays and they've had a couple of every couple scenes segments like yesterday. That went sixteen to eighteen plays so. I think there are lengthening the teen segments where they're gobbling up that extra timer where they're robbing from Peter to pay Paul. I'm not exactly certain but I don't get the sense that the individual position drills segments. Are much shorter at all. Where are Chris Brown bills instead Chris Brown who's on the field Thursday to appeals my game is getting under way to breaking off into individual work as we speak. Chris we got a gas coming up here after practice that he can mean Edmonds Buffalo's other. Byrd's round draft pick. Can you give us your initial thoughts on what you've seen from him from the tree OTAs and one mini camp what you like doing. It looks comfortable. You know you you'd say well your got a twenty year old Ares physically gifted beyond belief. Mean he's ahead taller than every other line backer. He's got arms they go on for days and the guy can run like a war for five so I mean all of that is it's pretty stupid in one package. But then you add in the fact that. His football IQ is off the charts and you also throw in the guy is very mature for his age. He he has no problem. Talk into Lorenzo Alexander tell them what the check is before the snap its twenty year old talking to a 35 year old but it's the twenty year old. Who acts like you know 56 year that six year veteran so. The transition. From Virginia Tech here and the responsibilities being put on him. Do not seem too much for him he seems completely comfortable with the responsibilities. That job that he's got to execute here. And Lorenzo Alexander even set it I think it might even mention that on your show once or twice. That. It's a guy that does it. Come in the door asking you all had a light do this and I don't I studied film. How to lightly. He acts like a pro already. And I think that's helping him and yet a nice play yesterday it was a tip pass. And being the tallest guy he was the first man to it had an interception ran all the way to the end zone sixty yards the other way. Even though that the officials blew the play dead yet officials here yesterday. He kept running always the end zone so. I think the early still early indicator. Is are very encouraging. Couple of other rookies on defense audience about Chris in the in the secondary but Terrence Johnson in the corner from Weaver state and the CDS around Neil. What if he's seen from them a big flash at all through the practices you've seen so far. Not to any great degree. You know Terry Johnson is gonna be achieved a petition for Philip gains for that slot quarter pearl the nickel package. I think he has better change of direction skills. Then Philip gains but obviously built gains as the experience factor. Philip gains I don't think is gonna wow you with his atlantis' him. But he does seem to always be in the right place at the right time so I think he uses his football smarts to position himself. To make plays out I'm not saying this guy's gonna come out this year and have five interceptions but he's gonna be in position where. You can count on them you feel he's reliable he's not gonna have a lot of bus that kind of thing. So that it becomes a question of well how far along can Terry Johnson come. He's probably athletically superior. But Kenny is mine catch up to his body. To allow him to execute on a consistent basis I think that's gonna have to wait till training camp pre season things like that but. That's going to be an interstate competition to watch as her Syrian deal. He's come along a little bit slower and I think we all understand why he's coming from a small program. He'd ever really got the opportunity to focus on one position in college. Because he played a little bit of a hybrid linebacker one year safety and that he played quarter last year is a senior at Jacksonville State so. Here they have him working its safety and I think he's still trying to get a feel for it. In terms of the leverage responsibilities. Who he has to help in certain coverages. And and it's a complex defense I mean even. Like I said you know we may only had. Twelve to fifteen. Based calls but there are 504055. Different sets that come out of those. And I think that's going to be a lot for Syria Neal the process coming from where he's coming from the right now he's running third team and I don't see that changing any time soon. Talk a little bit about the other guys and in the a secondary. Chris Brown you. This is a tough group to break into you got to safety there were horrible nobody got one of the great corners rookie corners last year. Davis why you gotta Vontae Davis a quarter. Who is the next guy in a minute at corner and safety are there or you know because it at this point. But I getting deep into training camp. That beginning in two mini camp and headed into training camp. You know who's gonna be the next two defensive backs that make this squad because those are guys are actually in place significant snaps. Well I mean I think you're there at safety is rob feel bush the freeagent they side. In the offseason. You know he's got some years on his resume and he's performed I mean he's also help on special teams that only. Makes him. More attractive as a candidate because even if he's now playing on defense and you have Obama Sunday he's gonna help on special teams. With Todd Porter on the field. And then I think it outside on the boundary corner. You know you're next you guys that are running second team since probably the second we devote DA's. It is sloppy Ed kids who have got some playing time late last year when injuries struck quarterback contingent. And I thought played pretty well and and he's handled himself pretty well in this camp to he's been pretty consistent bill busts out there at least that we can discern from the sidelines. And he's got some lettuce is a joke and he also is a good specialty or they use him as a gutter upon. So you know I think another another dual role type player which is just what your look at port for the back of capacity and and the guys lining up opposite him with the second team. Is the undrafted Levi Wallace I think what's most attractive Oliva Wallace. It is not an off the charts athlete. But he's very long. And long corners are in vogue right now he's got law is a long lived player. And he can flip visited stirred Iran I think the only concern with him is if he does make a false move. His catch up speed is not fair. You know to break up the big play at this level so he bites on a double movers of the like that. That's where he gets himself in trouble we haven't seen that to any great degree to this point. But that's pretty much the guys that are run its second team behind the starters in the secondary. With Chris Brown bills and senator Buffalo Bills that come on the field the bills mini camp debuted today. Listen the guy who people talked about from money is where yesterday a guy we've talked about the venom on the show. On offense another rookie undrafted rookie wide receiver free agent Robert Foster who ran with the ones yesterday what do we read into that Yemeni good dose brings a party. Yeah I think he's played really well. I'm encouraged. You know I I think I talked you guys previously on the show about this. He's got all the measurable you want more yeah I mean he's like six to. Almost 200 pounds. Runs like a deer. That knock on him is football instincts. Which is why it was hard for him to get on the field and Alabama. But I think he comes in the door knowing a lot of what goes stable lots at an offense. You know how much of that terminology carried over from the college game to the bills' offense I'm not sure. But you have to believe he has somewhat of a head start in that regard. And understands the concepts and then. These guys he's just flat out waiting on routes I mean is he at a rally yesterday. Where he split wide to the left and the it was a double move. Wary turns it to a goes like its logo route so he takes the go up the field and he's got his may completely be and the care and unfortunately so oddly. So we couldn't put enough air under the ball he kind of had to put on a rope. And even then Foster still almost pulled in there is this a little too much mustard on it not enough arc on it and it just skimmed off his fingertips because it would have been as. A 45 yard touchdown. And I think that's just a small taste and even after the play. As busters coming back to the group that stands behind the other players that are on the field in the huddle stable even walked over to Foster is at Robert. That's a good route by you but that's not on new meaning you know quarterbacks are laid. Threw the ball too flat and didn't make the play these bacon plays every day and if you can keep that up you know he's gonna put himself in good position to make the 53 man roster forget about the practice. Yeah it was between him and that you drafted rookie wide receivers that to be pretty competitive battle we've talked about receivers a lot on this show Christmas. Doors wide open right for everybody after Kelvin Benjamin so who knows what they wind up with when they cut down to 53 blindly in September. No question and I would say if you want a stack those guys right now. It's probably Foster. McLeod. Troll. And he can even throw camp Phillips the other adrift here at Virginia Tech in the mix he's made some place. I think trolls had the toughest time. Primarily because Jeremy early in the toderat in the slot right now. And you know trolls coming on second third team and is having a tough time finding the reps number one. And then never to get the ball thrown around so. It's going to be interesting to see does that worry about troll little bit with the pads on in the game gets even more physical I was hoping he would flash more here. Because this is where the jitterbug guys. Kind of get a chance to really show their abilities this the contact is supremely limited. Pads are not guys are jam near the line that's an opportunity for a guy like Austin rolled to show was separation ability and it just as a flash and. Up here you know through the first three weeks OTAs and first damion again when we talk about the receiver battles Chris is there any indication at all through Hokies and nowadays plus and it's. They became any indication that the quarterback battle in the rotation acorda Rex. Might be impacting those guys as the receivers is a battle for jobs you know that look at it a different guy a lot as they rotate those quarterbacks are. Yeah that's a couple receivers about that and you know they've got a tow the company line that they look. We don't we don't know who the starter is going to be so we've got to get used all three of you know I I know that Andre holds told me. You know it might be a little awkward if one of the guys is a lefty in the other two were writing because of all this comes out different it's obviously spinning in opposite way. He said that might be the only thing that might cross some of us up if that was the case but it's not you know they're all right handed guys. So yeah. All the guys that I've spoken to you does it look. This is the situation is what is. If if we wanna be on the field they can place for this office we gotta get used all three so when the guy does get that we're ready no matter who it is. Well one last battle we gotta talk about Browning before we let you go is probably one of the most frustrating ones salute to watch at this point in the pre season because they don't have pads on as the offensive line these guys are in there. You trying to evaluate guys who can't do their job. At this point attorney campus is no contact allows a how's that going in whose rotating in and out and what are the things to watch in the office of line battle. Well I mean the first two weeks of those CA's it was Russell boat died running with the ones at center. And in the last week of OTA's and mini camp so far. It's been Ryan groin that's been Manning first scene setter so. It looks like that's gonna continue through the week left to take a look to see how they're lined it up trying to take a peek over there right now. I can't tell at this point out lineup as a group. But I think Roy who's probably carry through the rest this week as the number one center that is that meeting goes into training camp. You know as the lead guy I would say probably. I was expecting a little more competition quite frankly guys the guard positions but. John Miller glad you guys have been the ones that had left and right guard respectively since OTA's began and it has not changed one iota with the first team. That doesn't look like there's going to be much of a competition there than even at right tackle where I think some of us anticipated perhaps Marshall Newhouse the veteran free agent signing. Might push Jordan mills a little bit it's been mills all the way to start to finish as well so. You know when you think about all the turn over and change it did happen on the interior of the offensive line. Cattle wander the coaching staff said it was just change as little as possible here on out let's leave Dawkins and bills where they are. Let's just nailed down the center spot and go these two guards that both NFL experience as starters. Big Chris thanks enjoy practice we'll talk again tomorrow I hope thank you very much. I take it easy as Chris Brown bills it's out of Buffalo Bills I come in fact I know. We'll talk tomorrow is going to be kind of co hosting the show tomorrow and you're off on vacation off on vacation and I mean to a I don't wake up and enjoyed my dad you're the receiver battle becomes a distinct and hear Chris talk about the at the rookie Bonser. Robert Foster who he says is right in the middle of the mix now. And here we're just take it snapshot here of right minicamp practices put them. You've got rookies two draft picks and Foster and and really not an established pecking order when it comes of the receivers at the library here. Interest and we got to Chris Brown right off the top of the show and we set the Twitter pulled he had to get ahead do it best Twitter pool all car. Today you don't like this why don't my criteria what you come up with a well well that's that's a but 81 is that it's an even race. It is which Buffalo Bills free agent acquisition on defense are you most excited wash this season. Total between your responses starlet to LA Vontae Davis or Trent Murphy. 32%. For starlet to Halladay 33 for Vontae Davis and 34 for Trent Murphy and 1% has other. My friend is it worth it to Twitter poll that is a race war. Have free agents that they acquired a defense we are only going to be good debates spent their money defensively this year in free agency. Three key guys you'd think all three of them are going to be starters ultimately Davis and Fred Murphy. Split right down the middle three ways thirty through 33 in 33%. We talk about it with you have a thought on that 8030550. Tool free 1888. By fifty to 550. Or at Twitter vote on twitters at this point we gets pretty good tweets on this yeah we did and. And it's it's a distinctive because you can make your case it's easy and logically speaking a for those people who count followed team you know why these guys are going to be. Battier both all three of them have a chance to really do to really contribute. And take him and make a big difference in counted flash. For the Buffalo Bills defense for civil turn Murphy's starlet to a leg join a front seven who was who was. Who struggled last year didn't stop the run very well didn't get a lot of rushing pass rush. A started to look to LA was brought in strictly for that run stopping and collapsing the pocket on the pass rush of course Trent Murphy coming off the edge. You can make the case that he's going to be a huge difference maker. You heard Chris Brown a few moments ago saying that Shaq Lawson looks completely different what we have two guys are defensive in a 43. Coming off the edge. Heathrow Jerry Hughes and that it looks like they've got some guys can really get to the passer that's going to be. A huge difference in could be turned Murphy of course Vontae Davis playing opposite. One of the top corners in the league. Intraday is white he's gonna get some opportunities nobody's gonna get thrown at a ten year veteran guy who people are gonna perceive as being you know is going to be over there and throw him and the change I've confession Steve. You can up the political. Producer today's leader Suu Kyi teacher and I were talking about it just few mr. crow and the Aronson. Two Poland and get much response I was wrong right within 33%. At stripes are I doubted you. Well I've idea I I'd censure. I share your eyes your your pessimist about my abilities but not well. What he was the question I thought that we currently know who the free agent acquisitions are the answer is yes you do know bands that you do care they do Sony's tweet Brian crossing now. Trenton Murphy grabbed my attention during previous interviews that's good as we get one of those good ones yet he says with a supporting cast and system. He has now I expect big things from him and the rest. My opinion he's the most hardcore Vontae will be fun inappropriate here and you know our defense to back from wealthy but advantage Trent Murphy. Yeah here's I agree with everything that Brent Johnson says and that the the tweet got to have a field though and I'm announcing he's overdue yet that. It's hard for me to get worked up I love what Trent Murphy represents I love how it works out I love his his passion to his craft but. He's on the sidelines now you know from pretty serious knee injury the go to camp and that hopefully will change it'll start get reps at camp but I am getting impatient ones you know. This while of the that tweet sheet I mean people call and some number of really thought out and this is from Brian cocky is I have to say Davis. Everybody else on this list is an obvious upgrade over last year Davis is replacing it can treat key contributor DJ gains while on paper there should be no drop off chemistry was a big part of her secondaries success making. It one making it my one free agent signing to watch on defense so he had no question DJ gay it was a loss Lester but replacing the Vontae Davis. Is great plus I agree everybody on that list those three guys star Fontaine Trent are all upgrades over last year. You gotta think those that's gonna help that front seven even if it is Vontae Davis is a play in the front seven. To this. A lot to be optimistic about those just in those three games. It's it's good Twitter all eyes I acknowledge I confess I was wrong you were right it's good political will get more under the tweet cheap. Hopefully take some your phone calls and discuss which bills defense of free agent acquisition are you most excited to see. This offseason that was going to be the best. The most impact pole but we are excited to watch movies at the scene developed give us a call 8030 by fifty tool free 1888550. To 550. Where a delay here on this second day of the mandatory minicamp and training camp schedule comes out is out today were to go through that. Talk about it you know it was a wild west des prix at this year's eve. Every game or as a wild west acres area. Christmas in July. There's a princesses super hero today. The training camp in the that we speak for you would this market that is an act. All of that superhero data and we'll talk about the training camp schedule we come back Jabber BC cancer. Where underway one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills treaty. Vibe from one bills drive jumper beat Steve tasker. At our one buffalo studio and from the F pro sports drinks and all the bills work out. On the grass practice field. The stadium was quiet. Does the work out here is not quite we are but he DJ milked that and say hello we got Jones they play music just as they do pregame sitting BJP came up just as he does training camp. That was garnered her an OTAs minicamp and place two of them aside. I see him all the time at training camp and he's a great guy and I also see him at the arena before sabres came out in the in the Fauria stir it up there too so I. He spotted talked he's great and he's he's getting busier and busier night you know bumping into people saw Housley had dinner 19 guys maybe get DJ some Saber practice to use it. I think mark didn't have music. Current depressed you don't say what happened what we need music I'm not a well that but it just wonder why they changed. It's interesting because it has been an about evolution there's always music in the locker room right. And sometimes it's sometimes it was rap and funk in this sometimes his countryman country western depend on you know who who turned her daughter who was it was. You're in charge of music that day. But at practice. Mark in his research back then not there's probably other resources as other things now. But obviously everybody has this home field thing where if it's going to be a noisy stadium you wanna practice with that side of the ball it's noisy so if you're. On the road you have your offense practicing with loud noise me and I play music it's images crowd was played music. So he can't really hear and they Jack it up to mean they they make it allows you really have to a non CA yet to read lips chipped it signals that kind of thing. And yet to do that on practice if you're on the road it's the offense next week when your home while the crowd. Yellen for their offense they can't hear the signal so our defense practices with new ways on a home game. So that's kind of the thought behind it back then. In the last century when I played the there was Mars philosophy was peace he wanted to eat more was big on rest. And he said not the research I've said and and we all know this when you're out there and the music player you're doing something and there's always loud music it exhausts. Yeah because you do have to concentrate. It is it's exhausting Morse thought it was more important for us not to be exhausted. Dan to practice with the music so what he would do is say okay this is a silent practice you're not allowed to talk. When your call in the office when this week went wrong offense you can't talk so we would have to signal everything and Jim Kelly would not be endless yelled to the receivers he would merely so we would just go silent. Rather than have the music player and where everybody was getting worn out everybody was not in the play even was getting worn out. And then conversely we do on the defense side to deepen defenders like mark Kelso and and all those guys they would make signals Tony's been a Bruce Smith they would do it non verbally. We wouldn't have to music playing. We would just act like it was too loud and he would be an aide you know guys would you know you'd find a dollar if you you know. Break the rule so there was a different philosophy. And that and units in the Moneyline DJ. Different your equipment for the detector right. DJ milk up their point they may be over after all during training camp training camp schedule is out. Finally it's only six weeks away ladies and gentlemen bill training camp the schedule starts trip practice schedule starts. At saint John Fisher College on Thursday July 26 this is the eighteenth seasonably not. The bills avail training camp in Pittsburgh New York ants in temperature couch eighteenth season first one is. Which Cullen in the evening practice against 5:30 PM on July 26. Those ticket required to show up by thirty premium to a twenties right. For those people are looking out on on MSG all the red day. Or the ones you don't need a ticket for and if there's a blue date some of these tech tragedy take it for now the tickets are free. Right but because they let it keep you know fire codes and all that they wanna make sure they don't get too many people there so they have to give they give the tickets out. Different locations and some of their corporate partners help with that so some of the tech practice you'll need to take into some of them you'll not. The first practice on Thursday July 26. You don't need a ticket to just show up and it'll be a night practice and hopefully it'll be phenomenal weather we've will be there. What's intriguing their gallery a lot of shows. What's in camp presented by Connors and pharos. You're workers' comp attorneys are good buddy Greg Connors always around though and he he doesn't misty partied like finds himself but he doesn't. Went up the training camp practice there are all the time those starts Thursday the 26 next day Friday 215 in the afternoon that is to get to practice and then over the weekend. On this Saturday and Sunday the first weekend 2829. To early practices 8:45 AM and just mowing down the rest of the schedule wanna come back to some of these. Bomb a couple of days they look like off these thirties and thirty personals are probably going to be closed practice days not open to the public. And then August 1 and second 8:45 in the morning. No ticket required. August 3 they're back here and knew her field and Orchard Park on August 3 particular practice and by the way details on the ticket to practices will be coming out very shortly. So that's a new her field a practice just as last year remember that they did practice here in the stadium then you got Sunday August 5. Through fifteen ticketed practice back at saint John Fisher. Tuesday August 7 at 8:45 in the morning no ticket required. Then they got a pre seizing in August 9 big Carolina Panthers are here so's a couple of off days around that is they closed practices and take some days off as a matter fact. And go back to work Sunday August 12 2:15 PM at this saint John Fisher College to require. And they wrap it up with a 2 morning practices on August 14 and August 15. No ticket required 8:45 AM so yeah will be there when the bills' practice during the week Monday through Friday will be there what are we count about ten days he will be a 21. A floor. On this more than half but yeah I've Carolina game buffalo that we will be there will be over there will be here in buffalo right Clinton will be there was if wreck I think I count a gain eight page right. Eight days and now I'm. After you like Mona there yeah I mean it's okay B their but listen that the thing got me were we said just before when that last break they have like these. Theme days a training camp is and that's who I like this and you're probably abuse the bill as a coach a mile long married yeah I've I've adopted I asked him to everything. That's sixteen days of further enhance the Korean experience at Fisher. Bill's fans encouraged to come dressed the part. And participate in the fun associated with the each team. Sixteen days at camp Steve run us through my days if you the first one is July 29 Sunday July 29 at 8:45 AM it's Christmas in July a addressed. Just like an elf yeah. Christmas in July Christmas in July that is on July 29 on Sunday and practice early in the mornings at 845 main Christmas in July dressed like Christmas 0% clause or a reindeer. Whenever. And short there that's Christmas in July the next one is August 1 that is princess and superhero today. August 1 8:45 AM dress as your favorite princes or superhero show up in buffalo bills' practice over saint John Fisher College. And that is that that is awesome. And in the next day you can take this is like to erode this is great so princesses super your day on August 1 on August 2 at 845 in its wild west day. So you can. Where all of them wild west there and then they'll be and then the third so those three days the first second and the third. The first being princess superhero day the second being wild west in in the third is 615. Practice in new airfields that'll be the that'll be hard training Camp David Obi. That'll be that we how's the entire training camp. Year and then of course two days later on August 5 Sunday at 215 in the afternoon military appreciation day. Awesome idea and then on the seventh. Practiced at 8:45 AM Tuesday August 7 it's one buffalo. Which will be in Rochester. Right they'll be Rochester. So it and then and then of course two days later opening game. That reward initiative and wait one more this that the great. Tuesday. July 14 at 8:45. AM pirate day. We're gonna be on the air for that will be obvious they're going to be on the air for the actor ever wanna that's right but yet theme days it's like Minor League Baseball. It's great yeah I'm not gonna say it's bad I know you waited for me to. Be and that they get off my island and the Star Wars today though yeah well he's just different desired model at sixteen days dress the part more details on these coming up. But I a lot of fun. We're gonna have a Twitter poll votes here which seemed a best suits one bills slide is it. Pirate day princess superhero day and wild west day or other I think it's princess superhero. I really do training camp is comments made it starts my math is right I think six weeks from tomorrow. Probably. Won't be here in the meantime we've got some vacations to get through I was told this job would not have any man onus on them because. Yeah. It will wind and not get it you know I'll get a little bit of a refresher over the next couple weeks we'll come back and hit the ground running and about two weeks adjustment just under two weeks away from. Training camp starting in minutes. It's a sprint to the finish there until first week of February when the Super Bowl games. Let's vegan and we aren't we live different lives and most as far as at a fell. For me this season begins in treating it means you don't mean because you're just locked in and you never get out until season ends Lester went all the way to January 7 most years it's a week before that. But to me to start the season is the start training camp. And I love camp I can't believe you're so down on camp his wife like like getting out of the office we love our studio but it's good to be out of here firms would get in ten days. Great to be out the sunshine you get the chance to say hello to fans who are out there and those are the real hardcore fans are gonna print sustain superhero today at him. While this while Wednesday by pirate but I mean there's a lot to like poetry yet plus all of these stories and stuff we just talked about Chris Brown. Jobs you know battle for roster spot. It's accelerated when you get to camp it means something your weeks away now from playing game for real that I love training camp although I always have. The way back back when I was little kid I would go to Niagara University watchable plea before you're even a bottle at one built us up can't wait that that. But still do. I would allow it I will I will concede this it's better now than it was when I played in what way it's easier. I mean you know means snow for the coming year out they're running around for two and a half hours on the hot sunny after day afternoon. Working hard afraid for your job. Mean it's it's you know. It's not rainbows and unicorn is out there in writes it's it's a competition and and now Wallace fund for for guys like us I mean is it has its compelling to watch me go over there you see these guys tonight and for me even. To remember that mindset that your brand as a young player or even a veteran player going out there and competing. And you know every Rickie take particularly for a guy like me every rep I took I really felt was important and and on one hand I ice it was fun I'll be there are yet to admit that it feels good to do what you do best. But by the same token there's a lot of anxiety in a lot of emotions that go into it and a lot of pressure that you put on yourself to play well when did you find the anxiety would say that in that night. In the meetings when you buy yourself a night when your line embedded. In an uncomfortable training camp dorm room or was on the field you know I think there and I think for the most part Mervyn I think. Most players would agree with me the anxiety comes when your off the field and you're talking about it you're going through place and you're you're watching guys on film. Is when you're at a moment when you're evaluating your progress and you can't do anything about it right. Yet to stay out you know tomorrow I've got to use him tomorrow got to do better on this article work on this or I should have done better here should've done better there. It's the anxiety comes in when you're at a point when your when it's in front of you on film or whatever and Europe guy when you talk that coach you here and other guys played here in them do well in which you know you're happy about. But you can't help your cause. While you're being evaluated and that's that's the part. It's the self evaluation and the external evaluation that's really the anxiety or. And one more question about the integrity part of training camp for you know we're talking about her bubble players like again considers that does the media make it worse. Because there's more media they have more access there there every day for the most part. They get desperate for stories I've been in a position like wonderment today and there are always there firing questions day in and maybe. Maybe and I've seen it actually happened now and OTAs minicamp over exaggerate a particular throw particular play a particular thing that happened. And at a practice does that make it works. It just depends on at this stage your career Munich for young player yet made exams exacerbates the problem because you really think they know something where they know somebody or they. They eat they tend to put on and I. Listen at the media gets crazy or like Chris Brown bringing up that. Many of the Robert Foster right catch from and who were the incompletion to age from age in the Carey brings that up and all the sudden. You know as a guy like a young guy like Robert Frost giving me an enemy to team because of that he wants is one rap out of a thousand. You know it's one small. Spot where you looked really good. It's not gonna make a break. I just like making a mistake in dropping them a good catch able ball askew get a make or break it doesn't it's your total package. And the media has literally. It's. It's all. Ottawa on over to an arm domain are exaggerating a little bit to make a point it's laughable. How little effect they have on the process it's laughable on the players on the on the spot on the on that note on the coaches evaluate how you. They don't know I mean they have no they have no say they have no sway over what happens inside the rightly so the players really kind of caught up at what pace seen what they say. Things can affect it. And it's not. Our six weeks it is six weeks from tomorrow. Day one of bills that training camp Connors and first training camp you wanna see that your gonna print out the training camps get the news go to our website Buffalo Bills account. A complete list of all the dates all the times the tickets desperately needed ticket for practice or not. And the theme days likes. Princess day. Pertussis superhero and this superhero wild west days of pirate day and Christmas in July. They got one buffalo day and also military appreciation which is going to be awesome I hope they do some special like. It's practice I know me you know a commanding National Anthem or unfair or like. An honor guard herb you know something yet you know or have you know some military guys in uniform yet just the days and train him governor often go to buffalo bills' backup for more information on that Steven had back in a moment we'll talk more about our. Topic of the day which freeagent on defense bills signed free agent this year. Are you looking forward to the most three most eager to see. I do something give us a call 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550. One bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills were. Effective big show we hope one builds life from one bills drive jumper beat Steve tasker. Bills mini camp gone outside Steve and I inside talking about some of the additions to the buffalo roster of particular. Wanna hear from you what do you think who's them that you really look forward to scene and the defense of side of the ball the free agent signings will leave the rookies. Out of finale of one of them coming up after practice it is meant effect to me net interest round draft pick. Call your buck the days of training camp Jim and hammers on the line gym coordinator on Aramis. Our commitment. These are our approach so long that Serbs want when you you know force. It and. For their military scene do I think what would be nice. Would the Buffalo Bills results. Prepared script we do a lot of military cereals or else. He and turn it off. Just like a tribute to. The people that's ever been put there volunteer their service. Yeah and they. Feel for example couldn't hear the walk with what's been going on in the NFL week evolved in order all the deal only in pro. A whole lot of kneeling by the way but I know what you're saying mom again that's good idea I I agree I think it's good idea. But he too and I that's what Evan mind I think that's right the military appreciation leaking about the UC I do and I think to it and he's right the armored guards and stuff the guys that Goran if you've ever. I've father passed away. And he was in navy fighter pilot. In Vietnam and he was in his seventies when he passed and yet he served when he loses early twenties. And even then the military gave him a sendoff that it was moving. And I'm dying they just dude so much right when it comes to that stuff tonight I'm I applaud the bills proposed making them part of these these training camp festivities and it'll be great so that is on. July 5. Sunday July 5 215 in the afternoon for those do you want to come out and Aaron to the military which had. UF fund with a low what does another date princess then he superhero day and while west I don't but you know that. Some of the military appreciation days of the different I mean that's pretty cool to be a big crowd Sunday. At the last was much the last Sunday practice no excellent our analysts there's a one week later than twelve distribute our that it yep that's going to be view I think for training camp. That is the week if you can get there because. From one Sunday the 29 to the fifth. The next weekend that that week is going to be a lot of funnel one of those practices on that Friday are going to be in her field it's and it's training camp looks to be pretty active issues can be like well. A long we're talking about the bills' roster which free agent acquisition on defense are you most excited to watch the season. In colony and 8030550. Or from outside buffalo 1888. By 52 by fifty. On Twitter a couple of responses market and tweets and starlet to lay might be the most important in terms of downed it on impact but. I believe that it's Trenton Murphy if he rehab as well he can be holy terror in our defense makes it more likely to be the guy who lights up. Opposing quarterback with rushes its insects plus support portrait appease the guy that people the most excited. At least a lot of people who writing and tweeting at us our ID or. Citing turn Murphy mafia man also writes in most excited teacher Murphy with a great backfield to force opposing quarterbacks to hole on the ball longer. And Jerry Hughes getting the attention upfront trade could be appeased that we missed last year. So you know a lot of people look for him via a real force and if you look at that Twitter poll which is by far and away the most awesome would pool time. 33% for starlet to Halladay 33% for Vontae Davis 32%. For Trent Murphy and 2% other. Anything at this. That's that's fluctuated between 3433. And 32 between all four all three of those guys I mean yes. We're still getting votes and is almost a thousand votes in now so it's. Axe. Murderer yes this historic best part about the Twitter poll as the fight about the Twitter. Seriously were they are is Austria it was off the year. I did I I told I told our producer and I confess ST I thought this was finally broke that came on the top Perot. Now what's Kelly and I want to clearly not. People are gauged on defense or for I think so night and you know what though because people. Vontae Davis is the wild card in there because those for the two dozen fronts have either gonna get some help in the front seven Aponte Davis I think for me when they signed him I was. I was like 01 now because I was like a lot of bills fans they saw the contribution EJ gains made last year of one year player came in originally was to begin with. He came and played very well for the team and they lost now what that you know we're gonna backwards when Vontae Davis. And the prestige that he has put out there in the credibility he has because of a career he's had. That made people sit empty while naked they could do it again in the secondary that can be as good as they were last year and then you throw in starlet to Elaine train Murphy. Some real quality veterans up on the front seven that that wasn't as stressed out as it should have been last year. Maybe you really yet swelling of mirth and I've been going around about this too like these can be top ten defense is next year and just because of that just because of those names and because of the the building blocks they put in place which. Hey here's a future Twitter poll. Is that the is that bills' secondary better this year the gonna be better this year they were a year ago that's a good question I think probably yes right and well writes. They could be better they were you Alter anything to get help up front with a little more pass stretched. It could be better more effective than they were a year ago. That's saying something. Yeah I'm right they were they were as good as any secondary in the league last year didn't turn over the industry that first half of the season was mind boggling how many turnovers they got. Interception afternoon says you remember a couple of games where was kind of a down and also and a late interception it's over. That hadn't had like. It three times Atlanta. Dubbed the raiders game. And the jet game right on opening day. Earth to Miami on opening day that your dad was like three games like even think of the where they got there later section at that iced the game so. Fun fun to talk about and yet recant them and we're exchanging them that it. There that the number of occasions come during an idea that you would then yeah he's all good tournament that he's you're not allowed to use FFF. We got a break coming up we got more to come it is a steep Dexter Jon Murphy won bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio.