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Update from one bills drive it is day two of the Buffalo Bills mandatory. Mini camp going on as we speak started notably over around 2 o'clock today. Bills will have one more tomorrow than their off for six weeks until training camp begins speak at a training camp Buffalo's training camp schedule came out this morning. The bills heading to saint John Fisher College in Pittsburgh New York for the eighteenth consecutive year. They have twelve practices in all scheduled a pitcher twelve opened up public practices scheduled with Fisher. One practice here in Newark field now August night. Something days in the mix for the bills as well the complete schedule up on our website Buffalo Bills that come along with the X explanation with the days and the ticket policy for training camp training camp just six weeks away. Around the National Football League some news the Oakland Raiders will not be sending to record for the jets to the jets for Christian Achtenberg. After all Oakland released back emerge from its nightly man roster yesterday. Three weeks after acquiring him from the jets for conditional seventh rounder. New raiders coach Jon Gruden says the decision was made the cut at hammered because rosters but were needed to sign veteran defense of lineman Frostee Rucker in the top atop a Rubin. The Los Angeles rams have been ordered to pay former at a authority back Reggie Bush twelve point four million dollars in damages. Grew knee injury he suffered three years ago in 2015. Bush then playing for the 49ers ran out of bounds and apart return at a game at the Edward Jones don't November 1 through 2015. Slipped on some concrete suffered a torn lateral meniscus attorneys for the rams say they plan to file a motion for a new trial no comment from the rams on the issue. After an offseason addition source Denver Broncos ago prior to markets where. As they pass rush specialist. Selecting a working part time basis on select dates each month. Dirty work some of the Broncos during the offseason program where played for the Broncos for the last three seasons of his twelve year NFL career. And the US is gonna participate would Mexico and Canada. Four the World Cup as the US won a joint bid we US Mexico and Canada but the 20/20 six World Cup. Featuring expanded field of twenty. Sort 48 teams. That's big news Steve welcome him into the US you know. Who thought that. Candidate in the US and Mexico can act like they like each other so much. Who is well up until the I weaker so awesome candidate with school and our the last. Are you into work. Watch this bottle this in the next week to this year's World Cup are you going to be in there without the US and really you're like I am like that. With our guys in it. So I have no interest I mean I want to listen when the US is in it when the went US men's national team or the US women's national team is on an airplane and other country I am all about it I watch it and I'm cheered form to. But I'm not cheered for Tunisia against England. Anthony's even yes they are. I'm not I'm not gonna watch you know Russia play you know. Kazakhstan who cares mental care about that I wanna see US men's national team US women's national team and we could even get an. That's the embarrassment of the World Cup right there now I think it will probably hope I hope we get in a week between an automatic bid if we post it. I know nothing about soccer. All right we're gonna research that it doesn't get hurt Greg our crack research staff interns on that to find out if the host what do the host country. It's an automatic bid does that mean Canada the US and Mexico government bids. These are good players and seizure of huge question just a little work on the singer's vacationers and vacation I want that that a couple of I don't either. Our Twitter poll today is a pretty good when Steve came up a bit it's a three way split right now. Which bills free agent acquisition on defense is exactly three are you most excited to watch this season. It's just about 33% obviously starlet to allay. 33% of you say but they Davis 32% of you say Trent Murphy 2% if somebody else in mind but talking about it which free agent acquisition on defense. I am most excited to see to watch this season not necessarily. Who's going to be the best. But we've really looked over scenes give us a call 8030 by fifty toll free 1888. By fifty you're effective you we don't ever. Readers sometimes never take the time vote do you have a favorite of those three. Com. I'm gonna vote that Murphy be a first I wanna make sure that he's healthy outlook or seen him healthy and plain and you know he's right there's 32%. Secondly he has changed and maybe. Policy changed the dynamic of the defense what is pass rush ability. You know provide an alternate jury used for getting consistent and consistent is critical here consistent pass rush pressure on opposing quarterbacks. I would say Trent Murphy is to mean the most the most attention due to make it dynamic difference in this defense and most importantly he's gonna be good. The stuff he does we'll probably be. Analysts say unnoticed but not spectacular. I think Vontae Davis as Tennessee and upgrade probably is an upgraded the other quarter. Opposite previous white and plane as he is and is one year contract I think he's gonna. It's going to be motivated it will probably play well but green strip Berkeley that I'm most excited to see you're value. I agree completely I mean I that's the guy like to see make the splash mean Vontae Davis should be well the second are really good last year and even if he. If it's it even if it's a push for UVs bettors can is gonna look a lot like it did last year stark. Last year starlet to LA I'm with you mean he's going to be a guy that he could dominate which you know is it. It is not really sexy to wash it well I'm going to be soaking up guards and senators. And letting to remain Edmonds in the linebackers or whoever else rush the passer but Trent Murphy is the guy that. I would love to see make a big difference in what they did last year they just struggled rush the passer they didn't do it consistently and they need a guy and with that in this stuff we've been here and Chris Brown of the top Porsche was out of practice days and how unbelievable Shaq Lawson looked yesterday. Rushing the passer he's changed his body type. He's really worked hard to come back and make a splash this year is a 43 defense of any put him out there Shaq Lawson with Jerry Hughes and train Murphy. All of a sudden. It's a very very different dynamic on the field up in the front seven and it was last year so I'm with you I'd love to see it be trained her feet. And even those were sitting near Graham the short conversation now everybody's voting for starlet to day. He's 34% Vontae Davis 33 Trimmer he's down at thirty our our votes code -- it's a horse race it is. It's great we got some good responses of people have written and on twitters well mafia man tweets and most excited to see Trent Murphy. With a great backfield to force opposing quarterbacks sold under the ball longer and we Jerry Hughes getting attention upfront print could be the peace we missed last year. Like this through gathers and its really givers policy until people are really engaged with that with what's going on and they understand where they were last year. The strides they made this year. And what it could mean I think the the thinking about this whole offseason. For me mirth the more I think about it. It's going to be completely different look in football. Remember last year they came and they they struggle to store pointing never turned it over the defense would get turnovers they'd run the ball really well. And they win these close games in the only game that really was a spectacular comeback was the Tampa Bay game where they were down ten points with two minutes ago. They scored the touchdown got it got to an inner. A Fuller and injure. Turn over. And went in and got the touchdown or the field goal to win better and I can't remember exactly how were they get came back late when the Tampa Bay. Other than that it was kind of a grind all c.'s office of the thing that Lou makes this team so intriguing to me this last offseason where they've done it. It's gonna look completely different there office is going to be completely different their defense is going to be different because the front sevens been totally reworked. They're secondary looks to be as strong as it was a year ago which. Last year remember how surprised we were aware that it's including Barclays and a huge question mark didn't. Well it and you forget sometimes when all these teams go into the season with question marks sometimes the answers those questions are an emphatic yeah. And that's what happened in the bills' secondary last year it was a big question mark for the effects or completely new faces in the secondary and it was like O and who were really good these cats and that was a huge surprise so this year it's not going to be surprised but. Both on the offense and the defense side of the ball. They're gonna look different. Yeah I was units many can't object tweets and I am most excited to see Trent Murphy love is no nonsense. Blue collar approach but he gets healthy he could provide a boon to the past fresh and help preempt your use sex our money plays he says in capitals. That said star may mean the most of the defense who got. Yeah which got gash on the ground last year. Lot of people think that Murphy would Darryl have ordinances I'd pick starlet to allay even though it's hard to get excited about a guy whose primary job is either blockers. I'm looking forward scene now opposing team scheme for him and what his presence does for the rest of the defense. Especially the guys up front. Now let me get this to get these tweets and everybody kind of sprinkles and stuff you know you can kind of relate to what they're saying Tiffany Daniels. Puts in I can see Trent Murphy bringing some production and excitement to pass rush and need some pressure opposite Jerry Hughes. He feels like a buffalo guy I can see him being a fan favorite while taking an opposing quarterbacks especially the guy up in new England and that's. You know that. I don't think they get tweets like. Hey he's a buffalo guy quit when New York you know get new yeah he's a New York guy I don't think that in the I don't think you get exile all of he's a he's a patriot gap don't think you get guys like is those guys are interchangeable I'd be curious what people mean what Tiffany again has means when she says that spotlight seems he feels like buffalo guy what you think about is the same thing they get about a up above one mini camp Jackson is of no nonsense blue pot blue collar approach. You know I think that's what he can that we had him on the show. And may we had to go back in the archives and if you can't go back go blackened and listen to the interview we had with Trent Murphy. I told you this week he is. He is. A big scary dude I mean he's a serious guy had a good sense of humor don't get me wrong but many did you see that light switch go off and he is he's big tall lumberjack big beard. Lives in a garage wind because he wants to work out with a us you know I mean that's he is. He's stone cold killer and he is unbelievable. He really has that. It looks like it's a menacing. You know sweetheart of a guy when he couldn't hear but you could tell a guy. Who just is built to rush the passer he's big tall ranging. He's not a very heavy looking guy. But lot of fun to talk to if I'd encourage listeners he can't go back in the archives and picked up that that interview we did with Trent Murphy when he first got here about the environment he likes to surround himself and where you can't look through our house is dead and the way it worked out when he was a kid he has a brother the same thing. It's pretty cool to listen to and that's why I think when people say he's a buffalo guy. Yes I mean that I have to agree. Needs to be healthy guy. Write us at again again to me that's the biggest question about am I think he has a lot to contribute here and I think they mean what he can contribute but first and foremost. He's getting on the field he's not in team drills this week now. We're six weeks away from training camp in months away from any meaningful football but at at some point. He needs to get on the field in practice on a regular basis I get that and for me though I mean I'm because I've seen it happen and been through Cumberland we come back you're coming off them for a significant injury. Particularly when you sit down talk with a guy about what he's going through the kind of mindset he's gotten where he's been where he's headed where his plans are. That doesn't scare me like it does I think people who have been through and I've seen a lot of guys like Trent Murphy come back from from. Let's drop the entries devastating injuries. And come back in play. As good if not better. Because they become dedicated not just in their physical abilities but also in their dedication to their preparation in the dedication to their study. That's their film work and their their scouting reports and all that's the extra stuff that mean nobody oversees the become back. More dedicated to all of that is well that makes them better in so many other ways so I've. That stuff the injuries never really scared me less becomes another injured another injury and others in another injury and then it's an issue but. Forgot my turn Murphy is being really the first time we've seen him get nicked up in his career. I'm not as conservative media the people are. What do you think which defense of free agent the bills have signed are you most excited to see give us a call talk about it 8030550. Tool free 1888. By fifty to 550 when we started talking about this legendary Twitter poll. We talked about which news week we talked about maybe the question is which newcomer to the defense. Most excited to see and we said. Boom it's going to be trimming Edmonds right now poll would be 95% forming habits were all excited about him he's coming in here by the way after practice and shortly after 2 o'clock. We'll get first round record Korean Edmonds in studio with us right we're getting the real answer the poll yeah I thought well under create on on the ship upright. But that's all right that's how we do that would pull weeds does. Com great little tweet to Twitter poll was going to be landslide now it's this horse race and somebody said. Our process of discussing the portable what they say it's entertaining nerds. I don't know that's putting it mildly. The attention and attention was palpable between us and our Twitter tweet us and well it's competition we wanna have missed what apple that's right right there was. Well that's one reason like mission the next week to see no more Twitter apple cup petition. The other first round draft pick Josh yeah we talked a lot about him over the last few days. (%expletive) McCoy talked about him yesterday show McCord meeting with the media. After yesterday's workout. He was as cities have a chance to look at did you watch him throw the football and what does he think equity what does he think it was arm strength was I think the first round trip recorded his which idiots. I gotta be honest he's. Is pretty good. And I'm not a big fan of rookies. From off the best rookie out there a light. Semi careers from Lehman. Cherry trees really and and a lot of guys as rookies. They're not like him. This not straight pitch anyway. Quarterback is on a level he's good Smart insular of course it goes past that provision in the room. One other and that is strong on his very intelligent. These two swore a thousand we have conversations they made easy it's not like exams taught me you can say yo say it was a boy as a talent level. Guys were relieved to have a lot of years all of it part of that he takes over eventually meet certain early drafts as is common sense way. Especially. Us that's for sure. Only thing is from things like that they study carried away and got to give saleable. Suite five times in Vegas that you go. Though here and there. We'll still early. I don't make Obama Jim Kelly already well. Just learned that things are rookies in quarterback is such an important role he's like a colts on the field. As far as making the right reads. And being confident. Yes it was just learn from is positions it seems that line protections. As Islamist plea. Other net this talent wise and intelligent. He has lost or equipment and also friends. These oppressive he's saying he's confident when practical to. He came back to newsroom Cano scored. He does things like put the ball in the right places. Jump balls bachelor's. Audit things that you have to like kind of a mind. If the Sox will player he's com and I'm not sure. Anything about why only with Antonio. Players he's given players NFL level in gone about like me. Where matchups. This makes life easier for him and now. You'll see these for the use of years or. This and that will be legal career. I'm calling out his new teammate Josh Young court a couple things here Steve that echoes and Christine no she said them. One of the practices through pick came back. Human drew came down this group with this part and I notices to watch in Russia and JD says. He does things like he puts the ball right places jump balls back shoulders all the things that temperament and emphasize to where said the EU. You can make all the throws if you watch audio to season. And the Dominican peak in May I mean it's a cliche people sit around before the draft what the court ecumenical approach we stopped with Josh Allen you see. He can make any throw you want now that you consistently can do an on time on a regular basis that has to be worked out but. Shady he's noticed that I nosedived weaker to go the guy is. He's got the full package that you want a corner where yeah I eat. He always seems to exceed expectations mean everybody has expectations about a guy coming in and for. Number seven overall pick at that position the expectations are pretty high. Who he can still come in and exceed them. And in the early stages of his career has no question is exactly where you wanna be want the guys to do things a little better than he thought he'd be able to always wanted to see a guy who. Does a little faster a little bit better makes little few fewer mistakes are overcomes mistakes better or. Sees things communicates better just surprises you at every level I think Josh Allen has checked off all those boxes but it. Like his same old thing amino ever looks good to get in amount of you know analyst and he's gonna get hit in the mouth and he's gonna struggle. We had him on the other day and we asked him and that's Z and a chance to go down and sit and talk with Bill Parcells for an entire day. He and Sam Arnold and he said that's what Parcells told him he says you're gonna get hit in the mouth and he goes you're gonna get lumped up and you're gonna get beat 35 to ten and and it's gonna be your fault. And how you handle it after that. Is gonna say how successful you're in this league because it happens to everybody. And you'd need to be able to grab those guys and make them believe in Uganda after you let him down for a week he didn't play well from weakened. He seems ready to do that but. You're right I think that's the thing at this point. To see you guy exceed your expectations. That's a that's a really nice place to be had because we've seen before in and in fact just yesterday Christian Achtenberg. Got cut again I pick for the New York Jets quarterback never solid down a down never saw life play in game for the jets after being drafted by them. Was cut and now was cut again. You know he never exceeded expectations not ones that never met expectations that let alone exceed him in and now he got a guy like Allen who's done nothing but the reverse of that so we'll see what she did he mean when he says it's. I'm not a big fan of rookies. And got. It's to be like that you have. For one thing is that it's it's. I get it I mean these guys command and they they're all this hoopla guesstimate is that they've never been played the game yet and yet there. You people say things about it they say good things and it's always good stuff it's always great like they're talk about Josh Al exceeding expectations and as a veteran is going. Did you know I want you do it against. A player in now once you know this isn't this is Colorado State right now and now. So you kind of get weary of hearing how many good things can be said that got these players who have never played out in the NFL prediction is likely she'll. Write who's all Perot. So it's I understand it again but it has that having you with him personally or does seem to do with factory has to do with them had being unproven. And had only nice things said about when. Sometimes working hard in your unjustly criticized so it's pretty easy. Disparity. For shape it is saying I have to be honest he's pretty good that gets people's attention. You know I did at radio interview with. Radio in Boston today patriots nation. And that was a pursing they asked it was also lowered. If an established outstanding NFL pro like LeSean McCoy says to be honest he's pretty good that gets people's attention that you think. Yet it came across as genuine. You know was like he's just saying I know he's uniting and there was there was well realignment right. It was I gotta be on the season he's pretty good that's and I think that gets back to exceeding expectations and the he has done. And the expectations were pretty high. And to have him come in and meet them or exceed him in certain instances I think that's. That's a nice place for him to be at this early stage of his career. And. JD talked a lot yesterday late after practice and a one of the things she was asked about this really does impact from the law the changes up front and the offensive line right Eric Wood gone. Richie Incognito on a couple of new faces may be moving in she was asked about that. Ozzie feel about the offensive line not to feel about losing Eric Wood and leveraging impact needle. Here's what McCoy had to say about that. Those are Richie there. On the line and vote so it didn't matter. So you might say that the common. In the in the bulletin you don't wait and got great players. Eric is very Smart intelligent plays are veteran. He's been in different scenarios and situations. And you know so. Have a net and leadership this is this big deal as it sees evil you know. Talk or some people say they want about Richie blew it. So the best blockers I'll play with its aggressive was well known as soft. It's almost more so bottom of those runs on him. It's the totally. For money or it's always known congressman what. That's that's one thing in other part of that is also got to step up. I've been a place is Brian Westbrook is hackable player memorable first here. Well from in this next year when the big stores we're going to what I was back on the drove me out okay. So sanctimonious guards whose columns on the opportunity. What are you doing so we will see less and tobacco since you guys competing. For starting jobs in the NFL is all about. I mean was harboring for summary we got absolutely made investments and everybody has obviously humans are Macbeth. McCoy talked about his offensive line the one thing and again moment that an injury did this morning in Boston. They asked about losing income and Ewan woods among the leaders. Profits and what strikes me about accords responsive Stephen is that he talked about what would a good player he is with a Smart player he was now he's retired. But most of Osi talk about what they will miss his leadership. They asked via on the Boston radio station this morning. Who replaces that well and I don't think you can sit here today. June 13 whatever it is and say. You're the leader now in office no latest rumor it's it's organic. Yeah it is exactly right has yet you can't. Rubber stamps and they say you're the guy I mean. I mean I. Mean look look listen we live from buffalo you can look at hockey team in the same thing I mean they're looking for a guy they can do that there's no place place you can do they got a date whoever it is gotta earn it. They got to earn the respect of the guys in the room and it doesn't matter if you're a starter even mean it can be anybody can be a role player. But if you stand up and you say some things and you do some things in Europe and your effort and your production match. Your words you're gonna get a voice in particular and I think this in this culture here in buffalo is healthy enough. The guys have respect all around the room they'll listen to guys who even and we've army can you know a gazillion dollars who don't have long term contracts weren't household names. They will be given a voice and if they can if so it it doesn't. It does help no question about what is the best for like a LeSean McCoy when your best players like Kelvin Benjamin or. Who whoever you want to choose to it to throw in that it to remain Edmonds. Packed Kyle Williams you can throw those names in there but it. It doesn't matter what role they play it matters that kind of guiding or in the locker room and yet when you lose a quality guy who guys loved and respected. There's a void there you're looking you're listening for his voice your listening for is input you wish you could ask him what he thought about what's going on. And they're just no way you can because they're not there in somebody's gotta fill that void and and like much like I was seeing just a minute ago. There's going to be completely different team on the fields can look at is going to be different lot from him. Morphing from shady is he had a lot of it is you don't hear from shady enough right and we don't we don't come on the show we gotta we gotta work and we got a huge unions should he was asked yesterday. The shuttle coy about his new office Rainier Brian Cabell bomb it is McCoy is fourth offensive coordinator here in four years. Up every year she's been here right table. And and and neatly and Antonin India. Other sport for years. Cash the guy went to Baltimore. Held more and foreign Greg Roman Greg Robert Rodrigo. Yeah of course last year's coordinator for four years she was asked what you expect right gable what do you expect from buffalo offense fishers were accorded this. Always says success with the patriots. Is their last assessed development. Is run the ball for sure. You'll see a lot of similarities from Allison pages. That's what it calls for. Want things where is always targeted matches you lost pictures and play. You've got to guys like. The grounds is going to his old Islamic please put. Is all the different match ups you get a running back linebacker we wanted to collate a particular loyalty so. Even with the big target you know there's one in doubles is always from confuse the defense and foreign. Investments. And malls offices success as they do. And so on one ball in different formations keep Gaza bounce. On the on an attack. That's mortgages. Quite simple offense. Similar so. We'll see homicides Beardsley. First offices this is crazy long please. Lot of studying. For. Great calls. Now. Should you McCoy Brian gable all it's gonna get a match up I mean they all do but I do think that is going to be maybe the main focus right now looks sounds like we don't know what happens is yet. But it sounds like gable will try to get a matchup and will switch personnel and switch pace in order to do that I think that might be maybe the fundamentally. I think that puts a lock on the played the quarterback down when he sees it because because when he gets in line you know what's gonna get an a defense we looking at current figured out got to look at the defense got to anticipate what they're gonna do priests now knowing that they're probably gonna disguise. And then you've got to try and find the matchup you wanna get an either change the player called the player you know you gotta get to it. Make me with motion with change in protection that kind of thing to get the matchup you want. And if you do it I mean really before the snap and that's that's a lot on offense and not only does a quarterback camp deceit to make the changes in all of it. The everybody else they'll skill positions and office last year as well so. It does seem complicated first but that's that's the level you have to be yet to win championships I think that's the that's the goal obviously. Some of the comments from LeSean "Shady" McCoy yesterday's practice we've got more to talk about we come back including their Twitter poll which defense of free agents tiny are you most excited about. Moving forward it was a call will discuss that 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 Stephen I've back but more. One bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. Live in studio with us via first round draft pick a linebacker from Virginia Tech or pursue its sit and talk with him. From all of thing this quick note Steve. Andrea Kramer ESP a long time is paean reporter NFL reporter has been named the winner of the Pete Rose Al radio television award. She will be honored during the 2018 entrapment I assume she will be there even though or loans will not. Andrea Kramer gets the award for longtime exceptional contributions to radio and television and professional put post he has done that that you weren't. They Miller whitbeck in. 2003 or being the first local broadcast you receive the people were you probably Kramer's around the Super Bowl bills a lot back then for him right she covered here is pretty that's. Yet but you know. Quarterback off sit there and also she's on the really good players to deny that you're supporting the damage didn't get down Melissa Beth or not to get doctor we got a couple of tweets you want to threats yet you know we're talking about Josh Allen and how. Shady it says that he's not really a fan of rookies but hey this guy looks good in in and we talked about how Josh out exceeded expectations or has exceeded expectations at this point and we spoke about two that when he went down visited Bill Parcells is listen every it's like old Mike Tyson saying erased got a plan to get hit them now. And Josh Powell has been hit an amount yet and he's gonna look bad at some point during his first part of this career here at some point when he gets in early. Is going to be is going to be a struggle at times form no question we said you know how he response of that. Is going to be critical we got a great. The great tweet from bill Lutz who. Who hit it right and any his doesn't Josh I don't have that very example that means example of bouncing back after failure on the roster in Nathan Peter and is he the perfect example of getting hit in the mouth and learning how to bounce bags and they Peter almond. Everywhere you know he lives in these near buffalo with us guys. The listeners. Everywhere he goes he gets five interceptions thrown up in his face that LA game. And your right yep I mean he can't shake that until he gets on the field and prove that he something else. Assay and I appreciate this week but. Is Peter and as he bounced back immediately the colts game and get a chance to do much because of the weather. So he says he said Ian good day yesterday but when do we say he's back that these over the five I'll have I don't know what can we say that yet I know he intends on doing and he's working and it. Is he back that's that the public perception is Nathan Peterman. Has he bounced back from the by pick. Game I don't know that he you know he hasn't because he has a chance to get on the field and I was an example offered Jessica because of his attitude. I mean you go he talked to anybody in the building anytime I've even Josh Allen told us he's of the group room is great Napier has been great ever and AJ McCarron same thing they Peter's great one of the great guys this is a walking Angel. Right so I love that that kind of attitude. After the kind of outing that Nathan Peter men had in in San Diego. To have him his teammates speak so glowingly about him even the guys he's working with any competition with think the world of the that's says a lot about. The kind of person nieces and now and how he's not gonna let their five interception gain first half. It you know it's not gonna define him. Right for his life that could be certain people you know and you particularly on Twitter and you know the social media arm and you know people taking pot shots at the after the rest of his life fort. But you know what. Those who know we're gonna know better. And I think that says a lot about the atmosphere it is and about what Josh Allen should be able to do when he struggles maybe not two for five interception half but. When he doesn't play the week. You know he was back so that game was mid November and he started the colts game which was December. A couple of weeks later right last year yeah was backed by then I mean you know in terms of his attitude he was you we talked him on the show here last December for the colts game he was. America's Jay was fine with a five interception game but he was I guess that happened. Now I'm ready to start again it starkest tyrants hurt him I think that's how we is. I think it's a great you're right. Orange bills fan is right it's a great example I think a computer rigs example. A lot of good things about this team and be in the pro in the religion and I as a walking Angel. Well that any talk and you know even you can appreciate whenever you see it. Like for instance where we're gonna talk about a little bit today about other guys who bounced back one of which is Teddy Bridgewater. Who is a guy who showed a few things in Minnesota it was a execute came out of college and he was a high pick. And then had a devastating. On contact practice injury. That left him out of football for you guys on the team but he wasn't playing football for like two years. And then to have his team be built around him and have a the years that the Minnesota Vikings had last year. While he sat there and had to watch him really you know by our super secret to manage have been ninety artist should have been me. And he didn't get a chance to do it and now in New York. By all accounts he has been the best performing quarterback. In Turkey one I mean looked like well we're taken steps cuts. Just we say reducing it to the bills did a lot of mini camp taper toward a good date that's good good for him. It comes down of the fact he's exceeding expectations yet you know just like we talked about with that says that theme of the day these quarterbacks may exceed expectations. And Josh nobody's expecting Josh McCown come out and play differently and he's played for. 1517 years that he's been out there. But Teddy Bridgewater their some questions and haven't come out and play well. You know there's so many people there Poland Foreman. Just because of the way his cart path in his career took because of that and knee injury. Really cool to see it got bounced back after after that go through this is a little bit like the Trent Green thing years and years ago when it. When Kurt Warner burst onto the scene Trent green was going to be the quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs are no idea of the St. Louis Rams. In the last pre season game gets is mean injured. Kurt Warner stepped in they go to and win the super walker warned the MVP entry Greenspan warned that what I was going to be me. I was going to be me that's what Teddy Bridgewater went through last year when he was talked case Keenan resurrect his career. And I take that team's miserable so it's it's. I think everybody. No matter what team they see the guy played four doesn't have to be your team a bill steamer or whatever team had a report isn't the guy on your team that you can certainly appreciate guy. Like Teddy Bridgewater bounce back and and have a chance to. Play football again. Speaking of quarterbacks jets quarterbacks. Christian hack amber who's done nothing really but but he he was let go by the raiders so there's that trade is been avoided a hum. Then. I don't get Christian heck number I don't get what the jets were doing when they had drafted him. You know second round 51 pick a couple of years ago drafted him never let him play trade him away. The raiders don't let them get to training camp with him pub I guess my question is how bad his Christian Hackett Bergen. And what on earth did the jets see a couple of years ago just two years ago when they chose him in the second round. Yeah I mean I don't know. I get to think. There's some underlying thing that's happened because it did in the even in the highlights that you you see it's all pre season games he never got into regular season game was inactive virtually every game of his career. And on a team that was looking desperately. For quarterback. Never even got it sure jets yeah. I'm getting I don't get it in now that the raiders cut and any noticing well raiders got to him. Can't you would have three weeks after they picked him up and maybe it is yeah gets him yet it's got it's I am. Does not mean it's him. I just don't I go back to the original decision by the jets what do they see. I'd love to get into its distinctive because we're looking at it on the highlighting for MSG viewers and we were watching highlights of a hack amber in a pre season game against the giants he's thrown all over the join me looks you know he's thrown at Macon throws he's. You know I it was pre season but. How bad must you looked or what must have happened to his career coming must be that he can get on the field project team. That. Would have done anything to have a guy emerge yet crazy they never even gave him a law. That's amazing there is absolutely amazing to me and I don't get it. I don't get and I mean AME really delved into Dominic. And get a chance she financed somebody and find out what the deal was with him slightly I have some closure on that Iowa culture riddle. That is a riddle stain and AFC east. Gradkowski patriots back in the news. The owner says what do we call it hogwash hogwash the report that they were gonna trade. I arrive Gradkowski but the report is from several different terminals that writer on the tab of the draft they were making calls about Rob Gronkowski to other teams. Whether making calls are fielding calls it either way it and listen I don't doubt it people GM's and we found this out this last Aussie we found a lot of people making phone calls about everything. So I don't doubt that people are teams GMs have a senseless and what would it take to get gronkowski out there. You know particularly since he's always unhappy. Or seems to be unhappy with his contract every year. He's the words of come out that he's you know a little bit keys to the grind is kinda getting to him late last season. Not having fun not Evan fund all ads that are coming out there so it's easy to see I mean you would bit. Then you hear the owner. And and we suspected this before with with the jury drop below and Jimmy drop on how he went to the 49ers off the rate rape off the patriots roster. You you hear this stuff about how that owner passengers and yes or vetoed everything that they were thinking about doers and no you're not doing what are you doing this are real what you do that be can't be this. And I heard that mean the word was he vetoed any deal that they were gonna make with gronkowski or at least a specific deal that was on the table for broadcast. It Florio pro football participate treats engaged indiscretions discusses about current koskie quote as recently as three days for for the draft. And he said the patriots may even try to move up with an iron court Rick Baker mayfield who obviously when number one overall crock. Last Friday he had a great classic rap gronkowski response about the trade reports fake news toll said. Bob Kraft said there was no truth here's a quote from Bob Kraft when your team is good people who are looking for things. I'll just tell you it's a bunch of hogwash and I vetoed some trade that was never in the works just completely made up. And he goes I think we have to be certain there we have three careful and society people just can't come out and say things mister Kraft. They do. Actually that but twitters about yet is saying this to say things. But I don't know what to net interest it would that it wouldn't surprise me at one place the patriots for exploring you know what can we get for a a great tight end who is best days may be behind him number one. He's got a little bit of a back issue that players represent other injuries. Will help to blame for not exploring especially if they're interested in moving up to debate me I think the. Yet plus two things one I think it's interesting if it on the fake news side of it that no other specific team was mentioned. At least and I haven't heard right I mean they know the trade partner edit and save your partner was generated none of that came out so that's interesting and the second thing. Is that you know. I just don't I just don't see it. Happen and I'm AFLAC. Big trade big they've played big name I've really accomplished players before. Yeah Abbott Richard Seymour Robert Kraft is Agassi on the on the other side of it Robert Kraft saying hey it was never just to make sure gronkowski knows they would still want him. His saying hey it was never in the works it was never consideration we never did it never rob we still love you. Because there in a contract negotiation right now. Right so that's the other side and as my second point was the other side of it on the fake news side it was that there was no with a trade partner on the other side of his Robert Kraft corner oh. Nothing was ever in the works and I don't know it's all fake news there's nothing to see here we were trying to peddle brought rob encounters where it could get because we don't wanted to get angry with us here's who could get it Christine if if the man who runs the football operation your Bill Belichick. Went ahead and made those calls without mr. crafts approval now craft comes back and says. Hogwash didn't happen but maybe it did happen and Intel craft about it and you're right Kraft says that it. Passed by around wrecked it or not with the drama it's dropped I love the drama anyway. The connect that's pretty evident now he or make Merv happy just just to stir the dog and I knowing that I love when they have issues. We're gonna take a break for breakfast more in his job Murphy Steve tasker. One bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills three. Call one bills live from one bills drive Jabber PC castor Steve Gatorade for big long. It's well deserved but you've only been here a couple of months vacation a I had this every day things start to be back. Used to us and nobody else is in the works right this time have we barely bit. Analysts say that we worked a full five day week since we have the well one or two in one and a yeah at a ethics in now bye week. We have to me etc. et yet but I got to edit a kiss me we meaning me and directing is. And don't take this around white folks we love doing the show but. This time a year and once tomorrow ends. Once we begin ends it's what's gonna be talking to today as it's gonna be quiet it's going to be hard doing chose the hardest part of the year coming up and so Steve's going to be off on going to be off. After tomorrow show or after two nations. He will be off that's all by design we all work together until July 9. Two weeks from Monday yep. I'll be back and we and I'll be listening show. But. And be your turn. Yet refresher so good yet we're excited about that we. We are tarmac and as we went to break about we just talked about the gronkowski thing I talked about tape record things might just have more around the league and did you hear the story he made in Europe. Reggie Bush Reggie Bush got twelve point four million deaths man hours yet so we'll. Getting his knee injuries slide on concrete. After it happened during game of some people soaring usury we've got that for the Mitt image GPU we've got them the video of him getting injured. And it and it looked innocuous no question that some somebody's a lot of injuries do he takes upon. Goes off to the right side goes down the sideline and outside the turf. In this big dome in Saint Louis they had this concrete it's real slippery shiny concrete he hits it with his cleats and there's no way can stand out. He hits the ground and blows his meniscus. Lateral meniscus out on his knee. It was November 1 one to fifteen it was a 49ers at the rams in Saint Louis Edward Jones don't please call up there that plays and though there anymore. The place was very impressive Stephen very bad NFL venue in Iraq you know you Reggie Bush called the area where it fell quote a concrete ring of of death. Yes which hopefully he said that in court which way he's getting at twelve and a half million dollar war the rams say they will file a motion for a new trial. They did not decline bush says after the verdict the Pete of people Pope spoke and decided very fairly. Twelve and a half million suffered torn lateral meniscus and it is 115 season of course he was here for a little bit didn't do much here. That's a huge award but that's I don't blame players for saying we gotta be better in that we got to you know this is not 1948 year. You got all this money making all this money what are we don't play with a. A kinda doubt they would ring around the there's no reason why isn't it a facility just gonna put on an event of that nature wouldn't have. Because you can't if the players are wearing cleats to make it impossible and walk on concrete they have carpets all the way up the tunnel or rubberized surface the players to walk on up and down the time we do here buff later every place. They got to have a place to walk because the shoes they Wear on the grass don't work anywhere else. And and then to have that. It was an ice rink dad virtually when people leaving off. Twelve point. On. This thing come. That's not you know that that was a bad situation Saint Louis they're gone there obviously but Durbin other venues that have been suspect. And infects even and dumb what about Oakland right they still play with the skin portion of the infield early in the season debts that help the nets that. Upgrade and they get away with a so it's not as if you know the league has a new service that it's a book stadiums that seat he agreed stadiums are set up better now for player safety. Then they were twenty years ago when marshland Twitter is screaming women down. Click old Cleveland State volume was or was it a sandbox literally as the sandbox and you go down and many years ago before they built. That if FedEx heard the link your way with the Philadelphia Arabia the vet that vet the old vet take canceled. A pre season game because the field was unsafe and our member. I cannot remember the player's name news I wish I could. He blew both his knees out just jumping up for past because his feet grabbed that turf video vets stadium. Both patella tendons were injured and it's just amazing now a days particularly when you got a place like the new minutes well. Every stadium is new and and even here in buffalo got a new surface every six or seven years brandy surface it's a football only stadium. And it it is good at the surface in the playing surface at and at the new areas is good as any in the league but you got. You know Mercedes-Benz. In. Atlanta you've got jury ruled in Dallas she got Levi's stadium you've got. Century Lincoln Seattle all the every needs all these new stadiums every one is more beautiful than the last one and go back in your plane in Saint Louis. And I got a team plane in a soccer stadium in in LA. It's just crazy to think about how it was not that long ago when he got a team in Saint Louis you get a in the even now when their an Oakland. While I don't roster moving but Oakland is it is a joke on the field in and around us and it is it's an atrocity it's it's. Yes it's it's snobbery is it it's horrible episodes of horrible surfaced player on vacancy with a one of the stadium is dilapidated. When and that's one of the reasons why San Diego had to leaves. The chargers had to leave San Diego's because that stadium. Wasn't equal atrocity. It was that underneath the workings of the stadium there in the house than it was just horrible place to go and play and work. And as bad as the seats in the stands in the stadium was the field was XX aim and I remember the worst deal ever played on was old Cleveland Browns state that was a playoff game. Face it the you know they spray painted green and that wasn't a baseball related thing Larry wasn't there was just that it was no grass grow under was found yet there was no Greta they had. There was some grass there because they dropped a two by force foot strip a sought in the middle of a sand box or thicker and expected that to cover it up yeah they they were you know they are spray paint net and it was horrible and now I think you know us and Tennessee 2015 with the Reggie Bush incident that he's got paid twelve point Foreman for me that's way way past. The level of tolerance for. Relief like the NFL. A UN what are the tweet about the a Butte we were talking about soccer World Cup soccer few minutes ago the strike had a question about whether the US would be eligible in twelve right all those all those. Questions that we had. That about. Who gets have this UST automatic bid yet it goes up to twenty stay goes up to 48. Bids. And the host countries do get. A bit on the CI and I commend them having trouble finding the tweet but it it it's it's. We'll find. We'll find it online and I got and I got a got an hour to go on the show will find that tweet I know you're waiting for that and we also have to remain had been scheduled to join us in the third final hour Buffalo's. First round draft pick a linebacker from Virginia Tech going to be in studio with a says they start to wrap up practice outside my back for our number three. Windows live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio.