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Update from one bills drive where date to the mandatory minicamp is just completed here at one bills drive the bills have one more. Minicamp session coming up tomorrow. And then their offers six weeks until training camp begins beginning training camp victory camp schedule came out today from the Buffalo Bills here he tees consecutive season. Which training camp. It's a temperature college in Pittsburgh New York. Outside Rochester twelve training camp practices on the schedule at Fisher. One training camp practice on the schedule in buffalo on Friday August 3 with 6:15 PM practice. Your nuclear field some of these practices training camps Arab ticketed. And some are not. A training camp opens six weeks from tomorrow Thursday July 26 there are theme. Practices as well this year go to our website Buffalo Bills back now. Border management training camp six weeks away. By the NFL the Oakland Raiders have released quarterback Christian act convert from there that the man roster three weeks after require in the backup quarterback. From the New York Jets for conditional seventh round choice for the raiders will not be sending that is conditional seventh it did get after all. New raiders coach Jon Gruden says the decision was made the cut Achtenberg because rosters but were needed. Sent veteran defensive lineman. A jury. As been ordered to pay former NFL running back Reggie Bush twelve and a half million dollars in damages for a knee injury suffered in Saint Louis. And Edward Jones dome on November 23 member first when he fifteen. He slept on concrete suffered torn lateral meniscus and was awarded twelve and a half million dollars yesterday. And Denver Broncos are gonna hire DeMarcus Ware as a pass rush consultant for the upcoming season there working a part time basis on select dates each month. Dirty work for the Broncos during that some of their offseason program. The markets where played for the Broncos for the last three seasons knows what your career including the victory in super bull fifty struggled with back issues its final season with the team. And retired after 2060 that is the update from. One bills drive as we said the bills training camp or training camp the bills. Minicamp practice is over and joining us in studio right now first round draft pick remain Edmonds from Virginia Tech linebacker Jermaine good heavier we talked on the phone at your drafted now that junior Patrick remind you we appreciate it answer that's how to go today which it. It was good to know the detail work you know is getting better every or every day. You know it's not certain aircraft. Steve tired hearing me say this but I say a lot. They're asking a lot from your heart you don't have to admit it but they're asked get a lot from you governor right from college at a at a very young age can step in in here. That's just plain but count them. Managing what goes on out there defensively with the first team. Yeah I mean this is this a big staff everybody has sought to discuss transition from college today and the Fed up. Amigo and made mistakes out there and I think the no more things is a min today like you you you know you not going to be perfect out there you gotta learn from these mistaken. You know move for from now what's it you know what's the biggest been the biggest challenge for his have been the complexity defense certain how personally is the speed the installation of what's been the biggest adjustment. I just learn and everything I think that's how it is with every new system that someone's and you know even in college you know exist you gotta get that system down Pak India and you not think things historically can't. You know you stop land faster and and and things happen that way. The training we've talked to you about this before it chemical acted draft night person to draft first round. Bills of party made a big splashy move will open up to get the quarter catch him. What what or where were you in what was it like for you we have home it we have Virginia Tech we only project I was actually at the draft or error our standards rafters. No I am a fan me there and in with our seven minutes on just waiting for the call and what is the draft went down to you know where you came up yet you think it's coming Mike Pence coming your soon grounded which I mean I was ready. I was very different things that. You know from from the beginning hundreds routes or its alike got picked it today and other you know houses I was ready man houses ready to see what happens and where and how bad America and be more proud to be when you think when the bills made that trade him for a team to treat to get to you indicates what it means a lot to me. You know just to see in me as a template it fit their system and you know I can't be more thankful for the opportunity in take full advantage of what your dad says for gulf and you're going buffalo. He was as happy as a native rain on and I don't know former animosity again when he did say it's tough to discipline but you know nothing bad about he was just happy you know support and stuff for visitors keep happening different for all you guys is this your home field right yet. Yeah. Tell you about your Brothers and the Steelers camp this week as well. I believe so they're talking among the astronauts are Yemeni count every day he talked he reached hotshot it's not some every day both my Brothers you know try to save a little summit is not marked as our Moscow as a kind of different. Maybe sort of protection and I'm always on the forward on but maybe you should much sexier everything going in and move for from her house have been going off the like in the classroom in the film study and you've been. You're in the defense of roomier work with the coordinator mean how's that been going with the film study with the group's position groups also tongue in defense of meetings and talk talk about the atmosphere in and the attitude guys got coming in those. Yeah I think helps out a lot because you know some of the veteran guys and they they do on a whole lot of communication and there. And I you know talking about what they see out there on the field and is good for us young guys to hear that so weak it you know here before we actually this plan out there and do we can already have a feel for. And I just action on a quest is in there and getting everything. You know corrected so we could take to the foods you feel like your kitchen because these guys are illnesses there a year into this system I mean not change too much indeed couple players and there are a couple of veterans who also like you brand new into the system so it. Do you feel like you're catching up to those guys Imus a long way to go right. Yeah I'm just China every day it's you know to study not study moments here you. And I just couldn't control the things that I can and has his meat market in their playbook and making sure emblems on. Tell me about some learning your assignments and he you know you were got here a couple of Steve's that a couple weeks after the veterans. We're here they throw playbook catcher how much more work if you had a duty kind of get used to what's in their playbook and understand what. You got to do a lot you just got to study study study and I think that some of them weren't paying you know. Whatever it takes to get that thing down pat he got a mention dormant. And you know is different things but you know has been ceded power so to. A little bit about you know we got out there I mean obviously. You know you. When you first got of how did you find now like to listen your guy is top down a bit depth chart I mean how to they tell you like. How they communicate with you about the role you're gonna play which seems to be right in the middle of everything him in years they've put everything on your plate. And how to they tell you that how would they say. I mean it's kind of just you know just keep stressing the fat and I got to communicate out there you know I'm I'm I'm you know I'm in the middle so I gotta make sure I'm communicating now they're total defense and united saw a lot of guys that cheat on your assignment that's one thing they told me as well also make sure do that in maegashira get a job. So. You college defense isn't in your learning the playbook of aches and the defense and you basically have to repeat it everybody right you've got to vote yet but what about other than that I mean do you are you at the point our you can notice things and say. A shape this way you're eight take a half step back or something record will that take some time to get to that level of your understanding and his defense and start moving guys around movement. Yeah definitely you know I've got some things down you know just trying to take a step every day you know getting those type a things down pat you know sort of star recognize images react and but you know like I said I'm I'm I'm didn't. I'm understanding the defense more every day and I think that's going to be and for me. Yurt twenty years old right yet armed your playing with you know resort standard cal wins or fifteen years old and you hear any hesitation at all kind of move them around tell them what you see what you what you sense what you think people should do. No sir I mean in this game you gotta be firm what you say and I want to make a decision has got to go would. And and so you know that's what I'm doing out there allowed back on those dots for help delay and advice while I'm out there are so they darn good job with that and can thank him enough. We asked Josh Alice listen after this week you know you're kind of they capture (%expletive) out of the building for like six weeks until you training camp very become anxious to make may be taken deep breaths I am ready sit down and kickback for just a man I mean what your plans are for the next six weeks after this week is over to get out of this building go back to start train you know and taking his stay in shape and mean are you kind of ready for that. Now I think I think we are common it was not really very I mean it's a break but at the same time you gotta be logged in in because when we come back is go time and gotta make sure you have everything down packed and I think that's going to be a lot of his break does me. Maegashira get back in the book you know stand in shape and things like that you know channel my Brothers. And estimated to account for me so as we can boats we can all talk about. How we viewed game and from offices on defense so it's a break is not a break her. I. Featuring your your play is. Here yet teammates noticing it we have Lorenzo here on the set a couple weeks ago when he said. I don't hear this and that he said to me is going to be all pro performer and a couple of years. Com why teller college teammate of yours from Virginia Tech on her show just last week sets up the news affected I said Duma. You know how did you know that in Virginia Tech victories can be good and he said. Just look at the what do you think when you get teammates knows senior play and how you look at what you've done so are very short time. Appreciate it. You know but I a lot more thankful for improvement. And I you know things that I have to get better with you know us on the set out to get down. And so you know in order for him for his team you know to take the next step is just Columbia but everybody's is out there you know communicating everybody got their plan is one. And that's going to be my my my responsibility for myself to making sure I have my son in down. Can all the stuff that you've been through all the drills and all the stuff now eleven on eleven you watch who you noticed. From just offense and defense was it was him there is it while it as a really good among the viewers for their abilities and their you know like like wow I never saw anything like this Virginia Tech that kind. Well for me right now is this is conned everybody for honestly is this you know just need China. I'm kind of locked him Tomas on there right now so you know I see a lot of guys out there making big plays and and things like they're from both sides so. It's kind of hard for me it is just you know. Give you a couple of names but. It's is this is a lot of market is going to we talked a lock it down to your assignments we're joined to do that when did you start doing it to be that serious and that focus on what. Was being asked him. I think getting engaged. Both my parents have a good job with that exist always kept our heads on straight. Just speaking on my desk is he playing in the lead just just told me at a young gays would have to be successful. And I he was my coach at Haas school so it'd be several times when I want to do other things it. But he said no about a wise found so it's it's it's I'm learning on gays that. I mean you got to sacrifice in terms and you know that's the number one thing did you make sure you focus. Do you think when you get playing here regular season I guess well or maybe in pre season. Would you would you deck and watch film now or we can all get film all point to fill you think he'll compare notes with him what do you see here what did you see there any beaver rivalry. Source our producer our producer is always my ass on the said the my game just like in college. It is on tomorrow benefit like is going help me out. Just in what he sees because he played tight end so soon when he sees from office perspective so I can apply to my games on producer would be tone with the family and do. And get engaged and I got a brother played Pittsburgh and your Brothers at the saints some with a video. It's put up a figure they have figured out administered and out my whole life so we have three different spots now. Hey I'm gonna do whatever it is they always planned for us. Is there like us and tell me about the rivalry here that the competition between your your brother's I mean you're all playing in the league now mean you. I mean you've got up like apparently you gotta measure yourself against your Brothers how they're doing what they're doing his journey that door on you guys get get this Thanksgiving dinner and say. I had a better year than you did. Right and I don't know what's gonna happen this year because you know just be an effort should we are on the lease on nationalist I have on most can be a little bit it's on target. Read a little bit reflected on you know will be you've been through and you know you're out on the driveway playing hoops against each of these units off. Oh yes we always talk like perfect right. At the train a couple of years ago the Gradkowski you know rob had two other Brothers playing in the Lee Christmas played in the league and Danny was put in the league all three at once. Ever called talking on the they grew up front here. Did you guys into as I said to him did you guys anticipate this would ever happen in the early. Well yeah this was the plan Ottawa is this the plan the Edmonds family to have you when your Brothers in the NFL the same time. I was there was definite plan that was our plan professional ball whatever was. And we all played multiple sports. So so you could choose NBA NBA you know we could never you know you can't really tell and other brother stake and so yeah you don't know one wants to be a basket Butler wants to be a football player but like I said we are played on those sports. We we ought to be allowed Goran of so. We I want to play professional ball so whatever that was note note that knowledge of plans what do you think you got something now playing multiple sports I always thought as well I mean I've iPhone is great to have. You'll kids choose one sport not play anything else and yeah do you agree with that wouldn't. Would you have been better office better served as maybe pick in just football you're shall never mind not think is good just just my perspective but I think is a plan multiple sports discuss. You don't know like what those other sports have offers a refuse to sell yourself to play one sport. Did and I mean you miss and I don't mean what what may be an opportunity for yourself and I say from there you can kind of pick and choose was when he won a plea which when you think yes assessment after law right there's some. What is your question about. Yourself as a player. And I know you're gonna wanna see I gotta get better understand that but right now what's the best thing you think you do what's that. The biggest thing that you provide the Buffalo Bills right now encourage your skills what do you do well. I think I'm talk Vatican bin. You know doubts on Vatican do low. I think you know talk about sometimes have been average slid you know not be enable them to be in the knees but you know I think are again low. I do a couple of bad here a month 56 weeks when he thanked me ally did you know but I got him a fan I haven't really done much is because you know this kind of moving fast kind of been locked in and so. There's been trying to give my son is down and things like this I really have a have a whole lot of chances to actually explode but from what I've seen everything's opinions on. We're glad you're here we're glad you're locked in we encourage you to take a look around buffalo at talented you know beer while Leo. Drink thanks for this a good luck to you we pray for me thank you pursuit terrain Edmonds bills linebacker first round draft pick in studio with a Stephen I've back immortal moment. Why windows live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. The faster one don't fly from one bills drive day two of the bills. Mini camp and today one more days ago we just hit pretty mean Edmonds in studio with us Buffalo's other first round draft pick. In impressive guy put on you with Steve of impressive graphics. Right I mean talk about a guy's got his nose on the ice it can't get out of work it sounds like he cannot get enough. My gimme market incorporated take a deep breath yeah exactly but your feet up for a minute I hope it does I hope he does so I hope he doesn't. Wanna tell us that but I hope he does especially in the upcoming six weeks you know take a break NC. It's a grand scheme mean it's funny because it yet it's grown. It's funny said yet that it's a brain in a break. You can't it's it's got to be Lulu break right. It's a in some ways it is in other ways it's less of a break because now it's all on you you got to do it every you don't get a coming here and be coached a game coming here and run through you know have somebody else at a price you gotta do yourself yeah out finds a minute workout with younger around. Go to the Jimmie said the got to you know get a workout partner you got to get somebody to train you gotta. You know you got to find a way to watch film on your own you gotta you know it's all one you'd and so in a lot of ways it's not. A break. Jeannie actually go to work and and it's it's the times wind. A pro athlete. When you stand in the end zone or when your stand over the quarterback after making a sack when you're making those big plays Houston at that minute celebration these are the times that. Nobody sees. When it set you up for those times you know he welcomed by yourself nobody knows how hard you work nobody knows this sacrifices you make and its that was time to make it worth. His demeanor. His approach the way he answers our questions. I think. I think shed a great deal of light on why he was so highly regarded not just by the bills with several teams in the NFL sixteenth pick in the first round. Hum tremendous physical ability you know these huge. Big stature can run all day. But you would he says I'm tall and I can band so he knows we can do well athletically athletically. But it is approached it maybe lifts him from just the first rounder to a guy that you really wanna keep an eye in the first round here a team looking for line record you agree. Yeah I mean you think about where he came out in the drafted sixteenth overall in a draft where there were four quarterbacks taken in an in depth. Four quarterbacks and you know that's. That's three yeah I mean that's pretty high. And why the bills would make an aggressive move Connecticut want to get it yet and I and I I agree it's he's an outstanding kid in east. He's just one more guy that we brought and we got to keep sane is excelling broken record their impressive yet there and not just football players impressive young men and it's it's kind of nice to see civilians. Wire here today the phone lines open maybe you'd like to participate in our Twitter poll which deals with the defense of the difference makers. The veteran free agency so and that's a question we asked today on Twitter and reporter poll. What should the veteran additions on Twitter or on defense. Which had a veteran additions are you most excited about seeing which Buffalo's free agent acquisition defense team most excited to watch this season. If there's a razor thin margin between these three names it is the greatest putter call. Of the day starlet to allay 34%. Say starlet to the day. 33% say but they Davis 32% say Trent Murphy 1% have somebody else in my attic yet imagine that might be. Let's call let's discuss 803051512. Free 1888552. By fifty. It is the greatest Twitter poll in the history of one builds life. Without question. Well I won't idol or six weeks into right I just don't feel like on backward to six weeks in reviewing and I agree it is it is just gotten much border. Much more traction and I thought it would yeah that's as now I think finally late in the going starlets who relays started to take over because he's 34 herself wondering takeover of what that boy that's his big lead Z base had 1% Murphy's down to 32%. In Vontae Davis holding steady thirty statistical. Significance its. 12100 margin of error over 12100 votes. That's amazing. And it's been funded it's been fun to watch because we when we. You really do you can make a case for all these guys started today we and I mean buffalo may be more so than any other market with a guy like Kyle. Kyle Williams and then the significance that he's had on this team you see another great guy coming in up front a big body. Whose penetrating and been in a dominant in this defense to come in and help and you think wow that's a guy who could do it again. He meet twice as good with him and Kyle. Hello Harrison thought I mean starlet to that I could be that guy so that's why people vote for him Vontae Davis getting into a secondary that's already populated with Pro Bowl players. He's the last he may be the first option matchup teams look forties can get a lot of opportunities. With an added pass rush up front that's gonna make it even more. You know great for the defensive backs in buffalo and of course Trent Murphy who. You sprinkle him in to a revamped front seven. With Jerry Hughes on the far side Kyle Williams and it's and starlet to lay on the inside trip Murphy could be the guy either really is the first guy may be awhile. In too long to get double digit sacks for the bills so all that stuff it's pretty fun. On our tweet sheet couple living accuracy responses Ronald ball off to start is gonna help remain be great out of the gate hopes O Alan McCoy. I think stars look to label be the most exciting because he impacts everyone else on the field. He will open up gaps and allow the defense of ends and linebackers to attack the quarterback and stuff the run two good points to a good vote for starlet to. And then we Chris Rolex as I pick Vontae Davis I can't wait he had dangers this secondary can be this year some pretty high expectations for this group I think that's justifiably so. And then one from and Blake. Who tweeted I'm looking forward to see what star and Kyle will do the other on the interior of the defense of lines throughout the response and I think we're all over the board nice yeah. I senator in the show. As good as the team was far as the team was to watch last year's and is kind of the over achievers that they were a year ago they're gonna look completely different this year on both sides of the ball can't get over how. Much I anticipate that and what is gonna look like they're going to be completely different looking football team even with the same secondary returning. Even with you know skill position. Of shady and charles' claim Kelvin Benjamin they're gonna look completely different offensively as well I. I it's really an interesting offseason for me and I 'cause I don't know you don't know what the identity is teams can emerge. I'll give us your thoughts on that 8030550. Tool free 1888552. My fiftieth call from. Larry and hammers hello Larry go ahead you're on the air. Diced too quick topics I'd like discuss with you and John these Serb items that you discussed earlier in the year the first one being Thursday night football. As I recall in the NFL started Thursday night football. The college football. Had a prime time game every Friday night which is why the NFL this Thursday's. I am. Steve since you work on networks I'm wondering if you think the networks might ever consider moving Thursday night to Friday night's. One I think it would get better ratings because the majority of people in our country don't work Saturday morning so they could stay up later watch the games. Teams could have a little more time for preparation players would have what 24 more hours to. To heal and I suspect it would be really popular thing little a lot of the sports bars to go out there Friday night in and watching game. The other thing is John you would talked one time about. The length of the gains and and the problems it's created some times. And I thought maybe the NFL should consider starting games at 12:45. Instead of 1 o'clock. And allowed twenty minute half time when you watch games on TV or when I'm at the stadium. At one half time is over with a lot of people aren't even back in their siege you have to pay him enabled sits. Go to the restroom or get their food or whatever I think with a twenty minute half time and starting the game fifteen minutes earlier. The networks would have a little bit more time to around their commercials they would get higher money. Instead of the pre grade excuse me pregame price that they charge. For NFL. They would get a higher price for the commercials in the game itself and that the games would get done a little sooner possibly and then the games that normally start at 425. Maybe they could start at 415. And it wouldn't be a problem so like I wondered if maybe. Yeah a couple of interesting things are Steve unaudited Singler Friday night that the issue historically has been the the feeling that the Friday night is high school that's right nobody wants to step on high school football that's right there aren't a whole lot of college intemperate they do not wanna touch Friday night because of high school football that's and that's it sounds kind of crazy but that's that's something that the NFL. I'm sure they did the research on it and they got a lot I think they got a tunnel push back. From high school football. About. You know not. Encroaching on that time slot in the NFL so that's why they went all the way to Thursday it should have been Friday night. And in fact when they college season ends in the bowl season begins Saturday night becomes an NFL so. They don't wanna touch Friday night football because of the high school football and that's that's been kind of the the unbreakable. Rule for the NFL when their and their TV negotiations they wanna do it on Friday night just as high school. Burglaries. On different games start times. I don't know how I am sure the league has done a lot of research and into what all of it means for television ratings because that's really what drives this. Start times I did read. Found the sanctioning and this is several months ago people you know did people get obsessed with ratings declines there not that bad most of the declines are Thursday Pope ultimate effect. But one thing I read about Steve which I thought was fascinating was a concept of having different start times for every game for instance bills jets starter of one. Dolphins ravens started 108. Cleveland and Cincinnati started 115 and sort of staggering at that weight so that every game is a little bit different start time and maybe that would help reading too little bit. Hum course you don't wanna get to backed up for the the second game of the doubleheader but to me it sounds like that's something that that is something it has been considered by the league. Federal 1245 I mean if you talk about. Out west it's 9:45 AM you're talking about Hawaii. What are we talking about 1245 to 745 and. Morning right so that's pretty your yeah and that's all they dole goes into the into the into the hopper about the ideas that have been discussed there's no question about I don't think the length of game the length of games is is what it is they want the games. From start kick off to and to be three hours exactly that's what they want last year I think what Eric trio for yes Israel for so what and with the play Clark with halftime all that stuff it's all centered around being a three hour games they want to be from one to four. And that real secret to our you're talking about have in the game stories and restoring a forked warning they would started for fifteen whatever the four clock. Window on Sunday afternoon is an an is that he. Ratings window of the week on television in America. That is the highest rated. Television blocked in America because the four clock game. On television it's either on you know CBS or fox or what have you. And that's something they don't want a tanker with too much so you're right they could start the game at 1245 I don't think anybody cares that much about when it starts. At least on the continental US but when you get out of wild West Coast that probably do you care and human on Pacific time. So you can't really tinker with that too much I mean and if you go later than that then you start getting into what really makes money -- at 4 o'clock window right the second game of the doubleheader so I think they are what they are they're gonna try and keep the games at three hours. And not tinker with it too much is for Thursday night football I don't think it's going anywhere this past year the had a little bit of an uptick in injuries but that's the first year it's happened. And and they're not touching Friday night because of high school football so some of these other issues twenty and half times captains currently twelve minutes now. I don't see an update tonight from fifteen to twelve the other that was the direction grown they're going less halftime not more time. So I think that'll probably that probably won't reverse. I'm at times quick. It is having you it is very quick break it is very quick it is very quick hearing time Needham and you're right a lot people can't get back to their seats right and they're fine and an excuse to get out of their seat early in half before halftime get somebody before a crowd gets there's they get back to their seat watch the second half. So yeah that is an issue and I. I wouldn't mind a longer halftime but I don't know how you gonna fit the game into a three hour window if you do your that's going in the wrong direction exactly. Patrick colors of undersea thoughts 8030515. Toll free 1888. By fifty to 550 Jabber. Q3 o'clock today. Time now for NFL troll or false rocky by yet these fancy New York's artisan cheese true false. The shot McCoy mentioned this the other day home evening NFL's top 100 came out of at a film network he was number thirty. He led off the show the other night Monday night is the thirtieth bass player in the NFL as voted on by his peers so we have a pro players. Poll by an echo networks and Shawn McCoy is the thirtieth. Best players last year 2072. Or possible quite users to be lower or higher you look at it. Somewhere between 130 in the NFL's top 100 proof falls Steve electrical first. He can go a little higher. I think you're gonna take the top guy from each one of the two teams and go down of the thirty teams he's probably he's the best player on the buffalo bills' roster no question about it. I think he's as good and probably the most versatile running back in the league got the east. Dangers posed the running game and the passing game he may be able to say you get him off to a guy and then there's a better running back guy when he handed off to him he's better. Or maybe there's one of the guy they can run pass routes or catch the ball better but there's nobody who does both as good. Ash to LeSean McCoy and be safe that quality alone puts him in the top thirty. I say it may be even higher than that may be top 25. Top twenty. Certainly there's a bunch of quarterbacks that are important in May be some pass rushers but I think when you talk about the tie matters most important players. In the league I think get a stick to the skill positions ultimate put left tackle in that group. I'm not gonna put a guard in that group. May be a pass rusher or two maybe a quarter two but that's about work stops the show McCord belongs probably in the top twenty some missy true deserve to be. Thanks for getting to that position thing because that to mean that's the key look. I think the unifil top 100 as presented by and the network is. A classic. Offseason time right that's all it is nobody cares really what but Evert as ours were discussing. Yeah I care guys you don't you lately and I think all right I like yeah did you watch the other night while I watch you won't want to remain new number one. I was in on now on equate it exactly. What is that I get exactly I guess I'd be most interested in in what they're running backs are ahead. Publish on the court because I think there might be only a couple who deserve to be ranked higher than him. I can't find a list anywhere at my fingertips here where there are the temperament players. So you tell me who is ahead of him at running back knowledge you know he deserves to be higher obviously false. Because I think it's as a setup phony offseason issue that no one pays that much attention to. She even Cheney didn't take it seriously Steve right right I mean easily. That. He was thirty I'm definitely just go through feeling. Who work here go through thirty point one. Met Ryan was a 29 sheen's third. I mean meeting that Brian I mean quarter directory and regardless of the top players at a value probably in your mind anyway start with record currently rate the quarterback first. Right yet it's 32 B and he eased one of the top. Players in the league there's only 32 teams one of the top. I don't have a problem that I think he does not deserve to be ranked higher or lower them that's that would mean that right. At a Belcher (%expletive) was that it dismissed that. An affair. And a culture post number two Julio Jones should sit out training camp of the new deal is reached true false. A safe false idol I don't think I don't think a player enhances his bargaining position by. Sitting out the mini camp or training camp. I think you know your numbers are there they know you are. You sit out training camp I don't think you get a better bargaining position in the end so Nolan middle falls on this. Tom look. The players sit out a year doesn't happen. Right player missing. Time happens so rarely that it's not even a factor so you know it's gonna play. You know he is 95% certain a plan opening day so sitting out training camp hurts him and his team more than it enhances bargaining position. I say false this is false mr. tester I say. It's true you just try to do is group because. Here's the thing you go in their train your way. Or he can go in and not do anything. We're gonna do why would you risk a non contact injury why would you risk going in there and getting hurt breaking your ankle and he's under contract yeah -- is under contract. But that contract is outdated so he's under contract is names on the line yeah well you know what. He has a recoup recourse if he does wanna Contra he can stay out he want with I just you know we won't you know they'll play. He'll play if he asked to. Falcons probably won't let it happen but he'll play if he has to. The difference between walking away from that deal what do you paid or not is millions Corso play he's under contract. Out of leaned against choice. Here's what I think he does here's the thing and it comes down to this does he think think the Atlanta Falcons will cave in. That's the only reason a hole if he thinks he can get them to cave in if he holds out and got a hold out. If he thinks there are going to repeat things are gonna have to make him come in if he's gonna go a year without playing you gotta come if you don't think you can get that deal done. You come in you're right if there's no deal to be had if the if the falcons are the kind of organization is and listen. You're deals you deal got two years left or three years left for whatever it is you're gonna play this deal out then you have to comment. That you have to come in. And that because. That's the crux of the whole issue if you can get if you can get a new deal you should get a new deal if you cannot then don't try come in play. Played a contract out and making franchise you transition you. And then move on with your career after that. Would you played. You're in it was different era. So some of your teammates set up training camp right Thurman had a long training camp cola. Yes he did I remember. Did he did did their deal get better because it interrupt training camp I our time. Now but I think it's a pot it's at a posture you have to take yet telling series about it. Otherwise they won't get the deal of the deal never get done Meena just yeah okay we'll talk about next week Willie got you know eight practices between now and then. And then what he did you come up with a hamstring pull him he's your your position get weaker yet kinda does. There's even if you do revenue give you can't practice so they are in on any hurry to get it done at all so. At that that's basically what your risk in football is different than it is in in any other sport because it is. There there is some inherent physical risk in Europe they're practicing and just play. All right finally and a filter faults. This does Elena I've our time Travis Kelsey tied in Kansas City is a better number 87 and Rob Gronkowski. Now knows that. No. False bomb kicked Kelsey in fact has been talking about how he is better it is investment and and football. NFL's. Top 100 which we just disparage a moment ago as a number 24. In the NFL Travis Kelsey chieftain and no. That better than Rob Gronkowski when Gradkowski is healthy he is supports. Is a force to be reckoned with. Travis Kelsey is good really good. I don't think he scares the defense is the way reverend counts as healthy Rob Gronkowski. You can't and we can't like quarreled qualifier like that. Is he better or not is is Kelsey better for set sixteen games than gronkowski is for eight. That's because the other of them counts that's the thing I think that's that the question you gotta ask Kelsey is available. And if gronkowski not always so. When you say that the halting what tracks costs from his league that he's he's really good. Great hands. Great route running. He's there he shows up in crunch spots. They ask him to do everything that the patriots as gronkowski did do he's come through Foreman and so I. It's close but with you when they're both healthy I don't think anybody touch gronkowski because he's is significantly bigger target even Kelsey has Big Easy is. Gronkowski is catch raises unbelievable. And now that's he's good blocker to ease yet and I agrees to win their healthy I I agree I'd still take gronkowski over Kelsey the man you mutually I'll take either one you don't. Expect I would I would dude it's and it felt true or false and Steve went Boston element. And a filter falls brought to you by Yates these fancy New York's artisan cheese. We're back in a moment one bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills three. What have we learned presented by advance alarm for writing western New York's homes and businesses with the finest in security and home theater. People Pearl Harbor known Peter Ryder the Buffalo Bills. You greet me at the opposite from trees green Edmonds was show today yours where polls fifth. A Jermaine Edmonds I've visited the show today will have to who will Wear purple. Those first round draft pick linebacker Virginia Tech we asked him if he's got any hesitation about. You know taking over on the field he called the defense of plays he's got to move players around a little bit and hesitation about doing that with some of the veterans on the defense. Roster with bruises which would mean Edmonton this. No sir I mean in this game you gotta be firm what you say and no one should make a decision has got to go with a and so you know that's what I'm doing out there allowed back on those guys for help and advice while I'm out there are so they've done a good job with that and think thank him enough. Mean Edmonds all business during his appearance on the show today we heard from a Shawn McCoy. On the show today yeah a lot of good things to say about the other first runner about Josh you know here's what you said. He's good Smart he is aware of course those and that's that probably should you know. One other that strong on these very intelligent. He's too Smartphones. If policies they made easy it's not like exams taught me you can say go to say it was a what a talent level. As well with a group a lot of years I want part of that takes over initially. Took an address as its common sense. Especially. Stressful. You just blow it you know as the new program showed you can see you owed me. You can to what that premium group that that's you know it comical moment that the governor said I could we don't know yet what we're told me. Or what's. Or what's. For. Our wonderful city Steve thinks that was the highlight of the show and we should revisit the Twitter poll here's what we got which bills free agent acquisition on defense. Are you most excited to watch this season. It's so close I hate to call but we got to college starlet to allay. 34% of the vote goes to starlet to allay. He is the one defense of free agent acquisitions that are respondents are most excited about seeing a dead heat but they gave us and Trent Murphy 32%. Two percentage of the councilman Steve what a great football graduation. Wants. Us immensely well. Now. Week in and out or you or so. Because the man in Europe now for about a week and a half were in need wonderful. Texted him buy you everyday I'm Christine good stuff while I'm here. You're here to tread water in your room. Aren't. Wonderful day I told our producer before we air so I think it's easily portable. But it was too tight there's not enough. With room but he writes which to. Make it tough call it was a tough call I. It was it really was it. Those three guys and girl gonna contribute. And it's going to be it's about which one you most excited about it I was kind of surprised at the defense attack. Yet that's. Now granted by a 2% marginal if it's you guys nevertheless. I think it speaks to. What the fans Puerto difference in. Him we knew them so there's one more. Dave mini camp that's coming up Chris Brown will be with us in studio tomorrow but also via on the field reporting from mini camps or -- steam leader. Here at twelve noon to treat him mark one think our great crew chief jittery though in typical neck and Kelly route in now. Who limits. Are. House under George blasts. Kevin charges miserable pretty. You know. Our producer. We'll see comparatively well noon sometimes forget your first. Tomorrow with windows live from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills three.