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His official World Cup music joke this is the fifa anthem. The fifa anthem Bulldog you know it. Not a gym I'm familiar with another champions league music you know. We're not gonna hear that I hope to become familiar with it in these days the fifa anthem. I like it. Met rejoining us from pro soccer talk here on the eve of the World Cup IMAP or Mike you Chris thanks for your time. What will happen in the World Cup what are what are a couple of things you expect to have happen here in the coming weeks. Where to start I think. The business. Newton obviously Prejean because it's not very often that you have a coach being fired one table or Portland art and there the morning paper to go on it when ornament. That's obviously big news. You're all wool hear them get their first World Cup I think. The only thing but boy airing live there are a bit up until this point is. They've done everything on the called page and also won the European championships two years ago so it took the matter. Whether they can only get over that open or the World Cup. And Lou this is probably the first ordinary and a wild. There are favorite place. I don't think anybody's really. All that you really haven't odds on paper bought when this thing because. They're they're so many deep into the competition Germany for France Eldorado in Brazil. Argentina I mean that there's a target in that can really make noise that. I think especially with a lead the effort inside their own teams that are really flying under the radar you can go on the toys that are out there and. Right that's what I was wondering what realistically how many countries do you think could lay claim to having a legitimate chance at winning this thing is it. Really just the group that you just mentioned narrower is a little deeper than that. Only because our partner about this book somebody earlier today. Mirrored. Trying to equate this to be a decade ornament but it exact opposite. This is that hyper competition where you've rarely eat in that order along the paper like don't want to make noise in the order they're only ever been deep World Cup winners. Of which are you its quarterly Italy the one that didn't qualify so. It if you're a betting person and obviously you're gonna go the teams that have done a book for. I've wouldn't really say that he had yeah. I needed in outside of that category are really have a chance. If they were though you'd Portugal just because ever and although it audit and and media standard Brazil Argentina. Germany Spain. Talking with Matt read of pro soccer talk here on WGR the World Cup starts tomorrow with Russia and Saudi Arabia. At 11 AM. What is Spain doing here Matt I saw a headline. That put it might might have been dead spend that put it as that they placed protocol ahead of just. Trying to trying to be real here and what was in the best interest here to go with this coach but what he. He took a job with Real Madrid yesterday and that alienated. The people who lead that club. Yeah so it's it's a really complicated situation and so Real Madrid obviously very coveted position unity and just decide that there article. About two weeks ago. You'd want to third chip in league with the called which is just unheard of return that does the success that he. I'm a net in coach. DeLeon. Pulpit that you. That did. And the new deal leaked out it'll apparently some of the rail would require better than that shall see in. Under caught wind a bit and then somebody on the team a lot of art richer through. And somebody's got in that are required. All but called it today and that was the story broke. And based on computer literate and we have to get this in the body and just go editor admit that we are at the added. Didn't they do currently at that because they're they're as good as being is there's a lot sent in routine dysentery and you have a lot of perimeter players a lot of parcel of the players not. Arguably bigger our rivalry in the world so. The national didn't just decide that they could continue within through the World Cup. You also want the focus on the fact that he's starting Real Madrid. A big honour at the big soccer and they opted to go with sporting director through they are now forget they're bureau. What. So how much I mean there they are one of the betting favorites. At least are looking at these shots and I'm not sure they're impacted by this news or not. Or reflect that this this change was made like how a big deal is this I mean he's the beat them the men and injured woods is seemed to be a pretty big distraction. Yeah eight. It's obviously big story like that led the open and put bureaucrat and you'll see that happen right or World Cup. Yet they are one of the Ebert they build a tremendous team. I quickly wanted to look deep seated in the competition to I think they'll. I don't think they're gonna get rescue. That's a big thing out on to knock it round or anything like that boy. They were like it to go on the World Cup because I think that they're probably the deepest into the corner but I. Now I actually am having. Some reservations about picking because. Into the big deal with our chemistry is something that don't really want that especially. Grateful for the biggest competition in the world. And for a lot of these guys understood yet. Certain you're almost under our peak at some of these guys this could be their last you know what the world and yet they're wonderful or put. This is a very very hard efforts in that once heavy paper the went. I'm also seeing now this is a leak so update on this that Spain has also fired arson of anger very interesting thing is that funny. But I do on his eyes are right. Are tremendous they are very dramatic effect all right. I'm sure you mentioned the story line. Messy and and her although seeking. Their first titles how old. I'm wondering of course Eric has been rooting interest and is me in on net nationality or whatever. Like that aside. Would would goal is we would would would those two guys be like the overwhelm being but. Would would most soccer fans eventually if their team is knocked out just get to. Our blog received a great player win a title. Yeah I think I think that the one of the few sports where you can kind of latch on to lawyer and it's especially situation where you have. You can really equate yeah NBA got all the lord brought loggers or speak of this with the caught the case there. You you're witnessing not being heard although we're RG through about what are all targeted. And you could burrow got. Hurt or there's nobody got it. So far there aren't it's unreal and they continued to produce here in and year out all the other thirty just show notes are at this stop being so. I know a lot of people of that unit thirteen are doubtful to watch on which are who wanted to the only competition. They met last thing the announcement today that North America will host the World Cup would you please sort of lay that out for us what do we know. And what does it mean in soccer. It's obviously tremendous honor this will be the second time that you have been involved in me. Hosting the World Cup release on the inside critical did to women's World Cup as well. But this is it kind of goes beyond just American. Soccer because it doesn't import alert saying we haven't. Seeing a situation like this or what the World Cup this will be the first time that. Three Haitians and ever co hosted the World Cup the only time that. Two countries had ever previously done that was in DWQ and South Korea and Japan co hosted. So there's been a really cool situation and obviously we're talking here now I don't know what will what's gonna happen I'm obviously very excited about the prospect of it. ID US a lot of goods promising players coming up and little know exactly what the situation is yet because he thought the vote on it but it looks like that all three of them will be automatically it. It doesn't take that thing out of the fact that the US didn't call Mark Luke walked up and were called about that this morning. I don't eat it tomorrow when he won that tournament start a way to beat it beat that were not been hit by. It is it that way your apartment that brought and it's typical situation because a couple of weeks ago even 23 weeks ago. Did they look like yours and you're really close vote in North America ended up where they want thirty courted 650. It was a complete blowout and there are a lot of countries that voted in favor of the united bid that we're necessarily egg pick. 130 for a 65 over Morocco souls like a dream team scores. Are good. All right Matt thanks a lot and I'm assuming you're gonna enjoy this I am too I'm excited about it Bulldog you are right I didn't ask you bottom. Visual sure that you Arizona it. And I love that just for Ross working in the afternoons it's great that it's on the morning because we have. Nothing better than pretty ancient old big time sports that are on the in the morning hours of your cool. They give Matt. Met Reid is from pro soccer talk dot com and NBC sports as well.