06-13 Sal Capaccio with Jeremy White

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 13th

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These cell comply GO. Well cup unsealed federal government shields I'll go bungee don't sound gut punch yields down upon GO. I'll look upon GO sound go to our geo on WGR. Yeah sabotage on the eighteenth gallon in just a moment real quick though an update on the WGR golf term which will be July 9. Marty and Iran and Andrew Peters have been added you can bid on them a Sal is one of those that's already been sold off. There to buy now price if you bid on one of us it's a three some with so. But that's an older you get three golfer and sell or three golfers and bull blog is they've already been sold. Are you can also just by four sums for UN three friends where you don't have anybody specifically with few. But Edgar Peters and Marty bronze just added to the golf tournament and attacks arrest is at best ball it is not it is a scramble. And scrambles are fun so good morning. How are you idyllic scramble severe plate does she gamble by the way. But what's the scramble is the scrambled a best ball is the same thing as an arm no no basketball is there but he plays their own and you take the best score. No best ball is every shoes you take the best ball where lies and every shoots from there no that's a scramble. Mean. I think that most people that if that's if your. OK I've only know that the best ball and every time I've played a basketball tournament that's what happens if the people call those moments like that even though with the incorrect. The think that's correct that the people sometimes referred to what is best ball yes but basketball actually is but a two person best ball. You play your own balls and take a lower score. So for person bass balls you play all your own balls and all of a deadly. Asencio. But I think I think that I think I will say I think the delete your term is then a scramble that rat which is often incorrectly referred to as a best. That's right we can educate our governor did you notice that you're right you're right about that but does make more sense now that. And that's usually the way that you playthings but and I'm excited you know I mean I I got sold in a matter of three hours and twelve minutes so. I think that's the record I don't know so I brag a little bit about that but shortly after that. I believe you Bulldog people pencil yes do you notice she gamblers and leader heavier play I want. Gone now I notice and proxy cards during what is a sample this Campbell is everybody hits their own drive. You pick the best drive. And then everyone plays their own ball in from there. So you do get your own locker you do get your own score. But you are always using the best drive on the whole it's not often I don't know that I've been in very many shambles maybe one or two. It's not a consistently used format but it it it. And one of the things you'll learn about it. Is if you if you're like me if you think man if only I can hit the ball straight off the tee I'd be much better turns out you're not. Q score does not drop as much as you think it is necessarily one. I I totally get that in my as I've gotten older my golf game. Has progressed to the point where I totally have learned that you know it's way easier to play the Smart play and battery should takers scored just play the Smart play and oftentimes that's because your drives is bad and evenly not like Obi yourself like that. And instead of it's at a trying to you know hit it through tree just to punch it out and you get a bogey here like I am guide them and I think that's what you're talking about I've also played. In a format where you probably have to. Where you must take a certain number of hits from each player yeah you can't because if you're if you're with some sort ringer silly distraction you're not that good. You just take a person's ball every time a scramble what you can't do that. In the format where you have to take everybody's hit a certain. Or write the door you have to take a certain number of tee shots luckiest person yeah used to tee shots my it's my stance on that. Is it tournament shouldn't do it because people don't keep track and don't care. Generali yeah I mean if I'm in those you know you get six holes in and you're like what. Ott who it was that we use screw it and nobody really keeps track of that so I'm I'm usually against that. Our eye on a business cell yesterday at many camps sounds like it was a very interesting day especially from the quarterback position because. As Howard has been asking for not only do receive Josh down with the ones but. You'd reference to Nathan Peterman looked really goes 41 to begin with one of those two is is the bigger story view. Well I think Josh Allen playing with the ones is the bigger story because we've yet to see it and I think that's what everybody's been clamoring for and waiting for so I think you know that's. That's number one how each guy looks I think it's kind of secondary. Q what kind of where they're lining up on the rap chart and of course coaches will continue to run you. That it is just a rep chart it is not a depth chart but it is noteworthy that Josh Allen took snaps with the first team. He was you know. I wrote eleven on eleven and detonate a radical it was nine and nine other media members I didn't. I guess I didn't pay attention enough to notice it was only 999 but either way it was against the starting defense. And he. He gets six place. He the first four drop passes the first four or shorter and then he threw what I would say it was his signature throw of the day Jeromy witches. You had helped mentioning and a wasn't I wouldn't have a caller fade route is kind of running downfield like a fade route a fifteen yards downfield. It turned out to be like a back shoulder throw I don't know that was meant to be that way but certainly was meant to be in the only spot that he only that he could catch it because he's 65. He climbed the latter turned his body came down with a perfect throw main guy that's exactly what you wanna see that was a man coverage. It looked like it was he was tight to its tight coverage and and if he went up he turned his body to the inside. Walled off the defender climb the latter grabbed it and came down and there was a lot of who's going on right there like it was a nice throw I think I think. Clearly Allen to me put it in the in that spot on purpose and knew that's what he wanted to do. Now on the very next play. He tries to throw only maybe seven to ten yard curl. To Charles clay. Tight coverage in a window. Couldn't get it there in fact Micah Hyde comes jumps it gets its hand in their ricocheted off a helmet pops up in the air to mean Edmonds intercepts it and that was how. His section and it but you know I think I mean as a rookie mistake. But you he did not look out of place he looked confident and look his arm is cartoonish it just is in. I had this analogy yesterday that I said to Josh three which are there watching exit Josh as a younger son like I do. That's a Josh knowing your plan. Baseball or catch what you're young son and you kind of just tossing the ball over him sometimes talks in the ball real soft with your wrist you know if you're armed you'll want to hurt the kit. He says Jacqueline that's when I watched Josh Allen it seems like that's what he does the difference is it goes forty yards. Yeah. We'll sell you met your your mentioning a couple things the number one thing I've won none of the bills passing offense is a complete a quarterback that. You don't have to avoid any throws and you don't Tyrod Taylor had his strengths but I know that there are things that the bills really didn't do or that Tyrod didn't do. And you know the world doesn't live and die with a back shoulder throw but that's something that isn't a lethal weapon in the passing game for a lot of really good passing offenses in the bills. Haven't really employed so to meet granite its meaning cam what might get not a bit. Ever and get net if you've only got six throws and you're gonna be evaluated for throwing picks but you're willing to throw. To a tightly covered receiver on a back shoulder throw like that that's to me that's a step forward that's something this offense has needed. Totally right about that especially when you have you when you know your personnel right you have a 65 guy named Kelvin Benjamin that you're throwing that too you know. When he was drafted one of the things that Knoll was brought up that I sent and the air was you know if the bills. Know that he's not going to be let's super you know he's got to be pinpoint accurately Tom Brady. And they're gonna just you know and kicking the can load up more on some of the bigger receivers as a bigger wingspan guys that you can. Maybe missed a little bit more but they can still come down with it and you know that's the kind of guy Kelvin Benjamin you can do something like that with you don't have to put in the perfect spot. But give a guy like that you can put a spot or only he can get it and there's a difference there in the up throwing there two. Julian Edelman you know in that situation so I become that those guys he has to know his personnel as one of saying I think he did. And that particular regard we also don't know if he's being told Jeremy like for an act but I don't know for example if he was being told I don't think is the case but what we watch practice he can be being told. I'm watching it through Charles clay her on the pearl. I know he might be covered I want to throw it to maybe they wanna see that throw they wanna see how he can. Kind of go in dictate their coverage and try to put in that window I don't think that's the case but we always have to remember those things where I think people. Would like to note here though is that after that interception that he threw. Which remain Edmonds got up and got it. He Josh Allen went to raked the side like top in the computer and after that he talked a Micah Hyde he set how did you. How did you jump that so quickly Micah Hyde basically said something about reading his eyes and you know that's good that he went to my eye and asked them that. And hopefully it's something that he can take with him and improve on you know that he doesn't telegraph that next time. So departure on the AT&T hotline on Phil's mini camp all right so how about Peter man. It was a good day for him was at the best day you've seen from bill's quarterback. This entire offseason is it the best we've seen. Not your life but I mean just how public it was Peerman and in how many rhapsody have. What he where he wears the number one quarterback deal with the ones for the most. Time other than what Josh Allen getting his wraps it was pretty much all the new computer Magellan. Again this goes back to the rotation that they've had a throughout this because it's really bad and Peter Mahan McCarron Peter McCarron on a daily basis we'll see today if it goes back to AG McCarrick. On what actually did yesterday was he was dropping dimes out here and people had fun with that what you get that I think most people understand the reference if you're talking about a quarterback that means that he's really put the ball and some really good spots mean look at a computer minute. I don't know I'd say it was you know the best day I've seen overalls quarterback maybe it was but I will say he made three of the best rose I'd seen. Throughout these OTA's and mini camp so far he dropped them into buckets over top of defenders right in two receivers hands. When there was not much room to do it. And ironically I say though twice the receiver income now that once packed DiMarco just flat out dropped it when I think you try to turn to Iran and the other one. The receiver didn't cattle who was in really bring it in quick enough so or the defender who was close by just reached his hand and and you know. Well the ball in little bit but. Nathan looked good yesterday in. No we said from the beginning you guys know this I've been kind of teller but he don't sleep on him as the starting quarterback this year and I know that people make jokes about it. And data sets and there's no chance or anything I don't know I don't think he's going to be the starter week one as I sit here and talk do you like I don't think I would put them. Number one in the who's Jack but I will tell you he is a legitimate option he keeps playing if he does more of what he did yesterday. We're going to be talking about a computer and possibly starting week one Baltimore. Would you put him you wouldn't put it as the favorite though. I wouldn't I would still put AJ McCarron I just until they I would not change on that until they go to camp and I see something I need to see. Pads. Real live action and what's going on there I just think for me right now I can't take what I see. And he's OTA's and mini camps and think that changes anything about the plan quarterback the only thing that's really changed our regular season plan is how they perform at training camp. And as much but I'll have in the back of my mind it up I'll be quicker to do it though Jeremy apps and I'll say I'll be quicker. To put it the Peter Manhattan if I see these things because now I'm I'm gonna put it altogether but I'm just not gonna do that right now before we can trade. About the front seven on this team Selma I unmasking used to set up a question about training camp but does the front seven this team looked like the strength is team. Another strength is so an airing yet histories at their butt. I think is defense can be really really good in that front seven if they stay healthy and can really be. Missy I'm Alex Haley won best Aaliyah to to have some issues at linebacker still but I think he'll be consistent. I think you'll be able to do more needed last year the bill to stop the run a lot better. They really concentrated on fixing the middle their defense that's why they sites are the tulips when they drafted Harrison felt this way they drafted remain at did you think those are three really. Tremendous additions right there we go along with who they party have there. But they are a little thin at linebacker and it's kind of showed itself yesterday Jeremy I mean Matt Colombo has been Al ways he's got a bit of a hamstring. So Ramon Humber is your starting. I'll weak side linebacker and you know last year I thought Ramon Humber started off the year while the kind of struggled as it went on and then that's why met a lot of took over him. Lorenzo Alexander was double shifting yesterday he was playing with the ones in the tubes as are strong side backer you know behind those guys you got. Xavier Woodson luster. And you know who right and then you have. DR only see you have to interval I hope these are not names that inspire a lot of confidence at this point to say you to go to a game with these guys as your starters. The you're gonna feel good about it so mean they have to stay healthy there because if you talk about more Lotto. And Edmonds and Alexander I think you know that's a that's a pretty good like backing corps now granted you know Lorenzo's not to be the guy that's gonna be runner up covered people all the time but you have. Good athleticism next to him but beyond that they have some concerns there so I think that is the concern with the defense although overall they're healthy. I think the front seven can be good. And I think when you talk about the reason I asked about the front seven is will. Will we get to a point in training camp. And any it was it's it's tough to predict this but. Just wondering sell as will the defense it always ends up ahead of the offense right as the cliche we hear every year of defense and the offense when I'm wondering is. Ken the kick and the offense hold its own against this defense we think the defense are going to be pretty go to the office is gonna go through and some struggles. You know I training camp you're gonna wanna make sure he now works for you coach QB that sometimes you play dummy defense because the offense does need to work. So how how all the bills balance that if their defense looks like it is. A legitimate strong unit the strength of the team and you're trying to get Allen and Peterman and and McCarron. There appropriate wraps using lever CS spot where. At the defense has the kind of lay often and an I guess does that ever really happened. While it did a couple of years ago remembered Rex Ryan had to do that right he is he said that the defense I mean. Every say to Jerry Hughes now because you lose your reckoning offense. And I think there were a couple times where they think the opposite the defense was so far ahead it. You know the kind either laid offer let him go against the second team or thirteen or something like that I remember but. Sure I mean by that you have to be careful doing that you know we wanna teaching Goji unique. It's not a bow us laying off on one side it's about stepping up and doing what you're supposed to be doing. On the other side that you're able an eagle on the plans everything is so finely detailed. I'm quite sure that Sean McDermott would tell Leslie Frazier. No paper this particular series today when we go 1111 this is what I want you to do and how I want you structured defense while he often does this because I wanna see how they react to this sort of defense I think you can kind of he had a stage at new content set it up doesn't mean those guys are backing off it just means it at least your putting profits of positions where you can see certain things that he had either is doing. Or is not doing and like I said if you were. Are really want to you can have the offense go against. You know the second unit it if you think that you are unique they need that to kind of show even for our own confidence and that's the case look the offices. We've heard everybody had he had dockets on this morning I'm I'm I'm guessing he told you that you know there's a lot in this office you told us that a couple weeks of peace. It's different he can meant he almost seem awkward speechless but just like it I don't know how to say it but it's just it's just a lot different. Yeah. And LeSean McCoy said the same thing yesterday he said it's a lot there's a lot of studying he said it there's a lot that goes into it. It's all about getting the right matchups and that's a theme we're hearing over and over again. Missed LeSean actually said something interesting yesterday when he was asked to bow. The offense and what it looks like he said we'll look similar to the patriots he said because that's where Babel comes from. He's all about you finding this mix match mismatch is he said and he does I know they have groggy as would you watch them play there was trying to fine. The mismatch and that's what we're trying to do use an example getting Charles clay. On a specific linebacker that's the case or Kelvin Benjamin. On a specific player and that's what you're trying to do so. From that regard. That's kind of the philosophy of the offense but every person we talked to says it's a detailed. In depth offense that has a lot of moving parts and has a lot of I'm not gonna use the word complication because no one has said that yet no one has said it's complicated they've all just said it's very detailed and in depth and there's a lot there's a lot of studying it goes evolved into. Maybe sell you know the the lineman I'm thinking about them guarantee an idea and Dawkins saying it's just different. Do linemen have a lot more to think about. Now than before because it's not the power vs the zone blocking its whatever that week requires so it's almost like. You might have to teach the offensive linemen and install every possibility in each week it'll be a different group of plays that should be using. Totally writes is this is how this is how how offensive systems normally work is as long as you stay true to a system. You have certain rules of that system so. No matter kind of what play you're running. You're all you have certain rules that you follow whether it's outside zone system. Inside zone. Whether it's I don't know if it's wing each year mid line option or something like that you always have certain rules polity can deviate from those rules. Are certain things the defense does but you always got to try to stay true to offer to coordinator you teach. Your players this is your rule when in doubt stick to your rule while. If you go from one system to the other and you're going from. Outside don't systems to power that it is a gap scheme and all this kind of stuff. While you can't stick to your rules all the time she ruled gonna change. On a weekly basis as you point out so yeah I mean that that's why it's a little different you can't fall back on a. Oh well you know what I can unsure who are lockyer of his stick to my rule because. Not your destiny that's at the same players before it's how we did last week so. Your rule would be totally different because these systems are completely different when you go through them and think about how each of them operate. So about your on the eighteenth tee Allen are sell anything specific you're gonna watch for today. Yesterday concentrate a lot. The offense and seeing who was you know. Rotating in with first you offensive line's second offensive line things like that. They wanna look a little more skill players had to know that Robert Foster and I noticed this time I tweeted it. Beauty FAA air under the free agent wide receiver was getting reps with the first team I talked them after an even he says like you know it's everything is getting raps no it acts I wouldn't read too much into it but I do think it's noteworthy that. It Robert Foster was in on the first two plays that you men around summit trying to get more the skill position I'm kind of one of the one years I haven't looked at enough I don't think is the running back rotation you know where that's going Chris Ivory seems to be the number two guy. To our Tibetans in the U America's Murphy they have some guys back there so you know how is that how is that. What is that rotation so those are things that I'll be looking ports that eagle that more the skill position players and how. You know they're rotating in and now because I've been looking at the line in that pretty much hasn't changed by the way. It's been the same offensive line right right back at center you costs to Miller at guard. Dawkins and bills tackle and then the same second third unit as last week as well which point. All right well all be glued to the station for this afternoon when you appear with the the guys this afternoon and but you're working W your pocket that I com. Our thanks a lot they sell.