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Wednesday, June 13th

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Might she go. No bull dog. Oh yeah guess what day it is guess what day it is. Everybody. It's Mike Hsu OK okay. Mike Mike Mike what does it Mike. That and a Bulldog. And guess what day it is. I know you can hear me it's Mike Shields and a Bulldog and guess what today is. Tungsten and on WGR. Well. Sports Radio five yeah I wish for around one minute ago. Here's what's happened in the last one minute. The Mets braves game was on today it started at twelve time Kyle just told you it's already over pretty cool like. The game is over before we start a dismal for half an hour here. The Brohm and stroke good it was fast it was too Rudolf thing and just the hospital it was a short game. Like the old days there were talks somebody about games used to be there and surer so. We're just getting started the music starts. And boron SNY. And the game is over a week to watch something else now what's your watch now what are we going to watch now for the remote. And I mentioned golf. The US open starts tomorrow and ordered these babies people talking. Or practicing or something but you know maybe golf were there with that some people talking is exaggerating ice it looks like it's raining. I said that we probably can't get any other baseball. And a what's my phone. While by the way. All. So I have MLB at bat. I think it's like forty dollars for the year and that in that entitles me to. All the radio broadcasts of games fun. Believe video wise the one MLB TV game of the day sure parent I've had sent a repeated for the service for mercy get a game provided its. Not a team that's in the blackout right last night the pirates played in Arizona. And I am extra innings. But I myself both broadcasts forgot it which I always think that means I'm supposed to be at the scheme of right if I care about in Arizona and Arizona. So today the hall. Today the MLB game of the day is called brewer's elect prove they got the horses is conversely we just had mom. I am all I can watch. I bought a new phone today blog. Look at this. Look at this picture. Now all. That's pretty good. Pretty good is an understatement it's perfect as a result and it's perfect Lorenzo change at all it's unbelievable it's perfect. The perfect picture I've got good TV is just a phone I've had all injured but it's appropriate but here goes birdie brewer now the so I'll clear that it is it any. Look at how clear the brewer colleague is going down on the sly burn Bernie. Oh my gosh I'm blown away by Vodafone today and good. Mine has had required a pink flying. I think flying days are over for now. I've often wondered what you did. Would do with the pink I had I had the notes seven. Why was this two years ago. I had the no seven I love I love that phone. Then no seven started exploding. So I went into the store as well as my phone going to explore biggest load what is the deal. They said. Somebody told me. Perhaps officially perhaps not. What's happening is people are plugging in the notes seven with cheap chargers from China. And they're having these problems as long as you're not using some knock off chargers on the you're not gonna have this problem but okay aren't I I choose to keep the notes and then. Then. I am on a plane. And on the plane they announce like they always do about your electronic devices on and on and they said by the way if you have the galaxy. Note seven you have to keep it off you in it was like that flight to San Antonio I think are some flight while at present. My whole plan was to use my phone and I was not allowed to. Do you know why they don't express it because it sort of explosion announcing that he doubted him because they were not going to click OK but wow turning. Like that's it now gonna go in a different phone I I went back when I got home I went back and all have the edge seven. I'd never liked it. Just something was different about elected you've heard me say this many times we get it just. It goes to the edges. For your pictures like that's part of the lower than one texting I was always texting or spelling words wrong I'm. Having it I just met I dropped it. I had cracks in the screen that I got the pink line one day at least a year ago. Right you've had been quiet for a long time I've taken these beautiful sunset pictures in my home in. Any time I show when he picture on my iPhone there's up pink line across the screen what do they say they don't say while it's beautiful is what are you doing with a pink slime under follows rob your phone. What is your problem I compliment you for her. You could knowing you know the way I know you that you who didn't just go give it. A new phone the minute the pink one showed up what you rolled out the pink line. I I was. August was when the contract. Ran out but I went into this today as it happens but yes thank you mean you hung it was like it's an easy pass suspension from me OK I like the story of the pink line IC right so I wanna use it and it was like I did want to buy a new phone again I didn't like any part of this story of one of the phone that I had to turn and by that. I headed toward an end because they were blowing up right wanted to keep the phone that was blowing up right. Now on a plane. This is incredible I wish people listening could see what this looks like so. Like entered the picture could what was. We've watched. It knocked on my phone and tweeted Joseph he's got to thank temperature it is unbelievable that apple however is. Got to see this picture show did you hear all the holes are. After last hole old. As pretty share. Explain to replay it hurts a commercial that our. Wait a while noneconomic. Even if it's an. Well I mean all right I'll get back to you don't even heavier per tournament and the new phone means two things so far. One is no pink line. The other is when I write my knee after right Mike is sort of my phone knowing that it probably want to show afterward if things somewhat Huckabee. Huckabee is there is the light that you would most often right after the word Mike. But he's the number one Mike right now is that surprise motion that they. So Roca Sarah yeah propping up thank you get better precision. Mike's or Coca the brave a bit of a closure I don't know accord should be but mimic how much this is a new phone means. Better retirement right Michael released for awhile I don't think I wanna write Huckabee after that which like who was texting about Huckabee. Yeah I don't know man. And people I don't texting about it is that guy at desert somewhere you can asserts that you the most frequently. I don't know the Mike should be about ms. Michaels out there could be but it's not the same. After Michael announcing Huckabee was saying after Michael Jordan probably. Still yeah. Or Colin yeah now that's probably it now it's you know I'm so a lot of new downtown I'm ready to accredited to emerge between picture here. Picture was yesterday cool huh. What what would go on what was yesterday. Yesterday. We had. Two callers who brought up the way it goes is. The caller calls in and the producer answers the phone and they talk. And the producer writes on a screen that we can see each of us separately in what the caller is calling into talk about. And so we have not worked with Joseph that many times and Ryan had his style. Greg did Tom did through the years at Ryan's style could often mean. The very worst things in the world would be written in that box. Which is we may just stay away. Whatever. Right like to argue with people sometimes. Joseph wrote game you know we had gone a day and a half without taking a phone call. And a guy called in in his he is. What does that on the screen was. Something about should the sabres lead the number one pick in the draft right. And to me that tends to mean. Stay away like you would not take I would tend to not take your congress us right. But. It'd been a day and a half. And I don't know it to see your moods are better out there my my moods vary but okay. And the guy was great yeah the guy basically said just for fun right. Let's say another team offers you their number one peck. And it's. Player acts or players some. One that comes from getting in this case study and he got yachts or did he get specific added I suggest. A dogs he said is Mick David. And the one the only trade you would make. Is there another team mountain where they offer you their first round pick and a player from their roster you would do it. And Michael that's interest thing we talked about that for a little bit you mentioned Matthews at some point right at the major I think Jobe Carolina. And another caller called on solving leader should finish the Stanley said another thing and he says it's on them about Michael that's what if Carolina offered you the second overall pick. Skinner. And Hannifin. For. Dolly Parton. And I went I've sort of be on that wants or what you know men are not thinking about the us at all I don't know I don't know by answers no. And you went well. Carolina would have to be insane but if they were insane I would do it another there was cool like you would have you would do that trade. Yeah I'd do and I'm glad I'm glad your leaving the show with this because this doesn't happen all the time expect by all the time I mean did rarely happens. But one of if not the first thing I thought of I woke up this morning was. I think it would need it to be I'll hold instead of Skinner. But I answer that that was the purest weakness the first thought I had was I. Do that force give her. And can't have been and what would amount to to me it would be your doing it for. Why might forgive him guy's name doses of Genco. It to wait is that such offsets Mikhail thank you the guy who is I think expected to be the second overall. Big bass scoring. Like. Skinner Hamptons enough I think maybe now I'll always like to play. He's the one guy Carolina he he might be he's not check Michael but he might be whatever subject like that if they're gonna. Mean big changes to their culture he's the guy they probably have a circle draw a relic. Okay we're not treat whatever we do does not include easy on and fast and awesome and threatened oh don't talk. So you know. I think I would I would I think that would lead him not scan I don't think I would do it for Skinner and and it's all of this jumping. Here's your bureau reporting what you're doing is I mean of course mean if it is not Colleen but he's good. And I'm putting. I've got like my top two wines have gotten their top two guys. Met but that prevalent right arsenal on there lingers for both of those lines but but Michael's playing with. Will it with though with a hole and I'm gonna played mill says. With the with the did I draft this year and I'm good but that's a that's nights. So when that would give pretty tempting. I just thought I left here and a great mood yesterday because of those two guys like 'cause they're both calls it like especially the other people on hold I don't think I would ever picked up. But we picked them up and they were interest thing added to their own traditional Alec they both these police. Basically I walked away going we could do that without taking the called to thank those ourselves like that would you do that we do sometimes aren't. So I wanted to declare that as far as from from my standpoint and that's big for you. But from my standpoint. A train idea debts said on the air. I feel from this day forward. It is my duty to give you an answer. Hate. To give you a yes or no moon you know and may be you make fun of it maybe I make fun of it right I will still I pledged to always give you a yes. Or no yeah I mean the the the stumbling block it again I did said this yesterday when talking about this Carolina scenario is you know they'd they'd be nuts. You know your body's different word. This is the there's almost no way if you got to pick that's of such great value. The the amount that I would need in return. It's never going to be offered so like that stops me from even wanting to invest in the count in conversational as it. Sauce wholly unrealistic but like that's not to get in the way the caller presented it was. Soccer happen public just put bluntly it's an exercise like what what would it take to get you to do it is not to say I think it's realistic that Carolina would offer you all that stuff. And there and for me day in particular and I don't know maybe there's other ideas out there that involve roster players and not the number two pick but like I will. I am. And this could be a mistake maybe your more intrigued by Isaac Dina. As a prospect or one of the other defensemen even so the fourth of the fifth of the six really Brady could chalk. So you don't need number two but to mean the reading I've done what I've watched the number two pick is is slight bit. I don't wanna Tony Parker Matt Spotify were warning to entertain this idea. But so. It's it's very specific for me when I want I'm gonna need that guy upon doctor Liggett. Dow Lehman and I'm gonna need a bunch of other stuff that's gonna you know make it enticing. Which leads you back to there's always something going give you three incredible pieces. I don't think. Because if they wanna get out from money. That is the theoretically that is the scenario where somebody could want to. Meet you bet kind of an offer is reached wanna be when economists hit reset on our captain. And get a great blur the same time it's even better and teams get stock our team is kind of stock. Has been stock now also in yesterday's show. I don't wanna try to recount the conversation Google probably mess it up but at some point he came up and I tweeted it. If you drafted the whole league over again tonight. Is it possible we use use that first is it possible that doll lien would go second button. If you included this year's prospects in what is it possible that dollar lien would go second behind me David. Almost all the responses I got to that were sarcastic. Were critical what are you nuts you know one guy. One guy said you know of course it does come with this kind of response is typical when one that I wrote. Oh this is just click bait sad. This has nothing to collect. Like there's no article. A bit about trying to trick you are trying to get you to click something and then there's nothing there. It's she's already decided it was click either though Clinton's ad on there there's no way to motivate them either. Well. There's one guy gave me a list. Can I give analyst blog editor analyst all right so where. What are those like so of course it would very opinions would vary but so where would he go right so maybe he too is notes. Maybe what what is it nods. So here's one. Responders list of top ten that does not include Dowling if you drafted the whole NHL over again. Now but before I read it doesn't include contracts. No I don't think it matters. No all contracts terrorist I think it doesn't matter to whoever. You are talking about here eventually is gonna be paid ten million dollars. Or more. Sold like OK I don't care if a guy is in his rookie deal or he already got like invite like articles going into the first year of his big new deal I don't care. But Ford Colleen that could be. So elementary years before you end up paying him that much maybe got me you won't do that but it could be that it could get that's right you do have control of him. But how many is it I'm assuming for him it's three you do it three years rookie deal and then there's another contract go. Were you still have his rights that were talking about that with Ryan well sure but right. You're going to have to pay them what now. Sarah knowing what you like if it turns out we figured it out and you do to do it like I know what you don't you have to do that necessarily right. He's got headed to how many years is it before he would be a USA is the question. It's it's except yours okay so that's one cents a long time all right so we're draft thing. Were imagining drafting the entire NHL from scratch. Here's one responders top ten list does not include dialing one man David I'm fine. Sure to Crosby no no that's not how this works these thirty. No I'm IE you might not even be in my top one. Right so no two Crosby. Money is your advice might you might not even be in my top OK I've not bought a lot about this but I I I just my first reaction is Humana payment. Three McKinnon. Who goes first. Who probably goes first or more often goes first. In an NHL re draft neither McCain and or dialing. I don't know. EU you are running up against. The notion. That. It is possible. That every one who is telling you how great Colleen is going to be is wrong. And that he's gonna get to North America and in two years would be going the smaller rink. Rarely saw something something that we didn't force the became a problem. For him. And we just never reaches full bloom where you've got guys who are established. Nineteen point or better players in the league. And what's a safer bet Nathan can it'd age what is he 25. Point two points cool art. Meat opportunities forty do. That's a Saber and Dolly in. Was I mean Dolly is eighteen Bulldog but you don't know really which guy's career ends up and ends leader. Like at that right difference right. You know the life expectancy of those two guys be pretty close sure. An injury or whatever happened yeah you wouldn't expect necessarily going to play for four years long reporters deeper I I think I could I could talk. For maybe until the end of the show. About. Rich I prefer. And what makes more sense I have no problem with Nathan McKinney going before rest misspelling and this one Rick David vying to Crosby no no three McCain and okay yeah for Michael. Who goes earlier. More often in an NHL re draft Michael or Dolly's hi say Dolly. Yeah yeah yeah why because within about oh what I just said about McKinnon and even about Colleen why you might take McCann ahead of Dolly the what you don't know hole that Colleen is going to turn into so far this kind of analytical. Think he looks like he's gonna be great but. It hasn't really happened yet. I mean he has yet to play he hasn't had a year where you goal but all you doubt he's an MVP candidate. And that might be all that might happen this year when he plays 82 games but he said he injuries and it just hasn't worked yet. So old. I I don't know I don't. I don't know that I take him ahead of Dowling. Oh you won more than we have to take a break the five Austin Matthews. Sure okay sure maybe OK did you think because McKinnon but he's he he. Sadly for us he ranks cycle he's he's had the year or two years that you grow our area. And Jack still hasn't put that you're on the board yet. The team's success were really his team's success in his his year I mean he's yet of he's and he doesn't have any points and nine point game but he had an injury right. Okay. Humble talk about this a little longer eagle 30550 we've got cell next hour we've got. A soccer guest today and we've got. If Matt read is his name from pro football talk are pro soccer talk sorry and we've got Bryant leader. And the US Opel Merkel but today I have to go figure out how to take a screen grab all of this videos you can see well how big picture I'm still waiting between picture at some point I know I know on what I've I tried to do you her background a lot of our strident but. It's a new following a figure out and do stuff that much over the bulldogs 8030550. This is WGR. Thought about it I'm 36 on you know volume was somehow look to put it hurt your eye and not to invalidate clinical. You can't see a bit here and you know the poor soul it. Jolt long quest teammate of Rasmussen doll leans. Much over the Bulldog here you can join us at 80305 that they were talking about sports and life. Phones. Took a picture of a fraud today. Although I'm not sure it's a fraud I don't think that's a frog it's either a fraud a total or crab. It's definitely. A frog or toad. I am. The ruling out grab and run I think number I could see it that closely but I emblem outcry. And I think it's told in the fraud would be more smooth skin that looks that looks pretty rough America and it's right. Big it's it's a big nature summer from from cracking the thumb when we were last talked. Nice to go get that again I forgot that the news that page tour last talking yesterday. It was brought up in here is it possible. That if you re drafted the entire NHL including this year's prospects. That dollar lien would go second behind me David. And so lots of people responded that most of whom thought it was a ridiculous. Comment. When that was mad that was quickly. Not realizing there was actually nothing to click on. So what that's Twitter might include an Everett there I think mine too and then here is somebody who wrote a top ten like this is what should be and I like him. Respect and appreciate that I didn't do valid it was asked the question. So this guy did the work one that David fein to Crosby note to all three McKinnon okay for Michael meet meet. Five Matthews OK that's where we are six Erik Karlsson. Get here it's these two. All I appreciate your trying to get a defenseman in here. We don't. But yeah I don't think he's not old buddies to all I think he's too old I was. Thinking during the break here about Edmund. Who. I am not positive I didn't I didn't I thought it would just as we were starting here so I didn't pull him up to tell you how old he is he's. What are draft who after karlson and I don't think he's he's coming up that much younger early he's he's Tavares right yeah. Right yeah right same here yeah that's right pick after two point seven. Point seven Natalie is eighteen. Too. Lose and no I don't know on the groups it's just these two but dowdy to know it too old now. Shelley flee. Maybe beat me beat slightly above Michael or blow Michael. Below. Pick from Malcolm. And no. Genie back and know. And and Brent Burns. God that's lists so you know OK I'm not saying he would definitely go you can't even know there's definitely. It's just sort of what would happen earned. Somebody pick Ryan leaf number. And draft somebody just texted me their version of this list and there's a couple of names on leadership sharply among them that I think our bureau not. Mean but not awful suggestions Taylor Hall is the one met this guide it to send me. It's actually sent the ball almost. I Gyllenhaal. What normal like what's that defeat 2526. To hold a seat twenty music and six yet but. Again the tax journalists. This does maybe a little too old but would ease. He's also so what are we gonna settle on that dollar lien might go in the top ten. He definitely goes in the top ten I think you Michael on the top. Top five is. Possible top two. Remote. Problem. Probably top two remote top five possible tough time definite yes I think that David for sure I think McKinney and I'm I'm Wilson and all day long. Him. I beat you could argue Dolly in there but I find Matthews and I think it would be done. I think I might be done. There is not. In the middle like surfing to about who but who's. I think it'll turn of the Cuban defenseman that fits this profile public circuit television we guy I'm thinking of and I'm not there on him yet young and big and really good at bled. You know that's. But like I wasn't alone isn't know Albright these guys don't rate to me like as what these very best players in hockey. And saw it I can't I can't really I can't get there. But I think senators and defensemen are where you want to be. But if you're if you're thinking about all about doing this or not I'd gonna hope that I'm gonna find scoring on my wings and eyes and to drafted. In the top five or maybe even the top ten. If I'm putting together. This kind of a list. Two there we can't test. Hole. Eat poorly you really tested at all is to just ask of the world right arm Rea I mean. It would be great if someone with more access these men who like put these questions to general managers and they would actually respect them what it anonymously or not. Lake Powell Powell I just ask the question I just rest mr. Ali go wanted to wrap of all current regional players. Think about so this point about how you having the fans would do this I think sooner than GM's most GMs would in any sport. You haven't seen the guy so you're going to be more reluctant. There's no. There are no games played no NHL game played so even HL uneven any thing like it's. International competition in the Swedish league. So you have this natural reluctance to believe in that you wouldn't have for guys you've actually watch play in the league when that David went into the NHL. And you had this we might be even had this conversation about him and Jack Bennett we didn't like so. I mean it's hard to remember nobody else. Three years ago it Crosby's three years younger veteran and so on but it. Would have not. When this seemed ridiculous three years or go to say that Conner met David. Would go first. Of all players in the NHL and a draft I don't think that would seem ridiculous in my did even bend. Build consensus. If you ask knowledgeable people about that I think. Yup. I think so I think so and that's why he. I don't think it's absurd. Effectively David exists. Prevents you from asserting that now leaned would would do that. Your three years later. Because you're only three years in David's career in like in Europe are all good if you do that. I think he would be the first place you would pick I don't think it's absurd to consider Dolly import. I really don't. I'll guard and air and furthermore I think if if the people like. Were or were really if they were engaging in it like we are. The conversation like a the hockey people with the acumen with the with the you know the methods of evaluating and whatever Reno recognizing that it's not an exact science like somebody there. Maybe a lot of home. Would would really believe what Britain babe watch them they watched him in person. They've madam at the com mine they've talked so they know what he is and what he's like. And I'll bet he would rate very highly of them even though he has not played in the league. You know what's good one. Do the same thing for the NFL. Who is the first you know it's dynasty weekend Joseph which believe shall and dreams and senator who is the first player. Taken. In an NFL re draft. You know it's funny when I was in Philadelphia last season for that Monday night game against Redskins they had the radio booths set up outside and a big. Panel of guys on their station and that was the question if you could start your. NFL team with any player in the league right now who'd be in the also Carson. There are of course many got hurt they won the Super Bowl anyway without him. Well I mean that's a name. Who you wanted to be a quarterback yeah if if you you know can pick the right one like Rodgers is. Over thirty. So would you pick Rogers or somebody else to give you like a decade morals of play. By to pick Watson. You're talking about knee injury ended his college or to the injury now was parole. Hikes I don't think I caught it also not a large samples eyes like he played what five gains yeah I'm not. Sure I'm Watson I think it's right to be not sure on him I just. The knees part of it just the sample size yes of whom don't I think what this stuff like for fantasy players really were it's practical. Don't lose sight of what you thought when there was more action more play just because something came along that was shorter and change people's minds. You don't loose sort of don't lose sight of the bigger. The bigger piece there. Maybe he'll just. Stay great but maybe you mountain. And you know with football you have the scheme element like your reporting whoever you whatever player you peck. Ince who your own system that. To the best extent you can plan this. Would soon depth players or you're not drafting him to a certain offense or anything like that. But I don't know who would you go athlete who is the best I don't know the aspect I'm really I'm I'm really struggling. Audio golf Rogers. He's young enough quarterbacks and Brees is still around Roethlisberger radio that he could have 67 more years I think laughter what he's doing right now he has. To meet with Brady clearly like on that action on the top guys. I think you would do well to have six or seven warriors because he's probably 32 were 33. And I know bragged that he's 34 so they go back door and I can't I can't. Brady confuses this when it that's a long time I can't I can't make him I just no way he's he's Crosby. In this conversation you wouldn't pick a lock anymore you know maybe Russell Wilson. Mean he's been he's been super productive. That the name I wanna pick is I can't do it I think but I wanna pick back home. But I think I can't do it I think they can't do it. I have Beckham let's say we have round let's say we have 32 turns right and I think I picked old L Beckham. On my read draft in. I think it's even real football of all players in the league I picked old L Beckham's first how good is by quarterback around to. I mean there might be. Ten to fifteen quarterbacks may be the last. In the first round of the draft like that means certain Erin Donald gets picked certain certain lineman would be peck. Running a running back a few running backs be picked Barkley would probably be picked. And can I get to. You might let Ryan or somebody in round. It's somebody who's near thirty or over thirty. So you'd have somebody who's good for five years me GE. And like that in what he what are we trying to do what you're trying to draft a long career that's one of the reasons you skew young. So I mean I think that's been the stealth I think you almost half too. Goal young quarterback. But. You know not to be on like Carson once is also coming off of an injury now they don't soul what it. What are you wanna do we that like that's that's I think that's pretty tricky. All right so football or hockey. Re drafting the whole league. Joseph this is another area that the NBA just is so good because every single year they hold their general managers who would you start. Your NBA franchise with and then they post the results on the website every year. Think that's out there Carl Anthony towns this year 29% of the vote from all the NBA gentlemen. If you re draft of the hole lead up today or a year ago it's awesome you know. You know what what would people we've listened to over the years say it or not at liberty to talk about the other teams grabbed it here's Kyle on WG RI Kyle. I hear that Dylan thank you. Some look the show up like crap my nobody sabres. But dumb. Like I thought couple player in the top ten list that you guys that he had been mentioned or whatnot but I gala Leon Wright I don't eat it up and know. Yeah I think so no. And. To me is is going to be rated lower like I'm gonna go I'm gonna go defenseman and senators. I think almost exclusively. And this is a player to me that I am I at this point in his career I'm trusting. A lot of his successes dude who is playing. That's out the point out and it how'd you obviously don't think it's been about that yet but a goaltender. Again that Matt Murray got left in them up your little list or is there someone else the next. Murray's head. Injury problems. I'd be scared of him vessel huskies' young and interesting to me. But nowhere no re MIT gonna goalies anywhere near the top on this. About bank that would be a problem or a vessel askew because of his age I I think would be someone I would consider pretty early. Yeah I think thanks Kyle hired I think I agree with all of that. The goalies are too. Opened down. Even most of the good ones you would think of and also there to like there's too many of them. Like talking about a quarterback in a fantasy football draft right hole much. More production and are you getting. By drafting. The best one I head over the pack. If you look at seasons and a lot of times it's not that much so that's why a lot of guys playing principal won't do it and goalies in hockey. What's the difference between 91 he and 915945. And 915 like break that down into goals ago well. I can get the best. Center in the league or close to the best generally I would easily do that for a get those harmony gold that is Terrence Parker. Our urban eighth ninth or tenth us small people crowded there's a right up to keep going there until I feel like. You know it does somebody start taking goalies like I I my sense would be that. Much like maybe waiting on quarterbacks and fantasy draft put. GM's in the league would wait on goalies until someone goes. OK I gotta have who pitched best last year whenever I'd better have that the 25 year old guy who looks like he's got a good solid eight or ten years ahead among. Then I don't take them and then maybe ever real starts taking them. But I don't think that happens early in any kind of regret to be an Angel. Sell about Joseph coming up in fifteen minutes talk about bills' practice wolf troll some of the stuff for him to he's always game that guy. Fail as the management via. Moisture over the Bulldog here at 8030550. This is WGR. We really don't pay a visit to a at all we understand every year we come and you know people are gonna count us out so we understand that this is actually chips that we cut back on ourselves muses on the working just weren't that much harder I mean we understand that he would normally you look for us to win the division or even go to the playoffs like we did last year with that first year. Head coach but we have and that's just talk we we know that we got to play the game and give the fans what they want. Bill. Not so not the end Dawkins who is on the phone right. Trey white cheering news cheery news I should have. I'm sorry. Has been on the team a long time. The lots of interviews I should know his voice. I don't think I've ever spoken with him. An earlier training camp no I don't think that's we've ever had Jerry Hughes when I was there me I might Don it one tournaments with him when you when you missed today. Me neither was one and I'm not sure. They're talking about TCU with somebody what's TCU. That came up with somebody and remember to. About TCU retained Carter. Do you yeah us to dirt bike actor played. Via. Horrible neck injury the unit dirt bike accident. He was still he just got caught by somebody like he was still in the lead going you know that he didn't even make it up camp with the Eagles team. Him but I saw his name like in an transaction at some point in the last week or two. It was an improbable shall within those that put a smile on your face and you see tank car has never. I use a really interjected I mean I've white like sitting with him and he was from TCU's made its work. Following a little known fact that a short for Texas Christian University TCU it makes sense we think about it and frauds. These bills announced their training camp schedule today it's pretty short again. And as far as were concerned looks to loss like to be their the first two days and that's it. As far as like when it overlaps with our show and they have. Up five. Thirty yourself practice the first day of camp and then 215. The next day it's a Thursday Friday at the end of July now. And they do a thing again where they practice at the stadium in the middle of camp. Their off days in there there's a deem in the. Or an awful lot of morning's Chris and there's a lot of mornings right about a additions they a lot of warnings and it's been the majority of the practices are mornings. There's not a lot of really anything. We hit it just seems more were abbreviated that I can ever remember camping and probably about the same thing last year. So there's still going to saint John Fisher but it seems to me like they're just not bearer for as long and amount of time is. Aside from the training camp being years I wonder if if they didn't have sponsorships they would bother at all. You know or this relationship in an agreement going to be in place with a college objected to continue to do it yeah I mean I wonder. But it is it's up to the coach does he bother at all. I wonder you know it probably says he does for sure it's of course he does but my my my guess there would be no they would ego. If you had a choice they were going well and of course he's gonna sailor lava there is very accommodating and there's value in going and being weighed in all the Bobble block. There's their schedule to me. Looks like the schedule of a team that's doing as little as they can to fulfill an agreement. That's how I that's how I see they're trying to schedule and that's just one man's view but I'd I could be completely operates on that just that's Margarita. Another question for cell coming up thanks to a listener named Ben who tweeted us. The top defenseman young defensemen scores from last year the names that jump out to me you were talking again about. Quickly here about re drafting the whole league in word is Colleen slot and are the two Columbus guys Seth Jones and were in ski. Are they not candidates more yes first defenseman. Yes on a list like that I think you re drafted the whole league. There might be riskiest when he and Jones 23. Guys up. Carlson is what Carlson is mid to late twenties now Erik Karlsson thanks Terry probably too late. Sell the botched joke coming up also next hour Matt read. Pro soccer talk dot com that is a thing the onion and a headline today. To the if to the a fact of you can tell it's almost World Cup time because people in the office are talking about countries. Britain. So why should we be any different I'm excited for World Cup which starts tomorrow morning no love for my personal schedule of the teams are gonna fall in dog teams in the morning. Our time to watch like before our show so that'll be good for me. Much over the Bulldog here were at 8030550. Cell next on WGR.