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Wednesday, June 13th

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And a lovely spot in the. Read the Mets got caught this now Mike Hsu open. The no bull dog. Mike should put the Bulldog. Yup. That's it. Don't view them Gerald taken a lot of excitement right now. Golf bet today World Cup tomorrow we're getting a roll World Cup if we can all make any more years. We the baseball I got a new form watching cubs and brewers in this amazing picture on a new phone opening line. Here. Eight more years. While. My sit here with you went boom when when I met when North America is hosting the world. Will be sixty. To be 61 years old. I don't know how does that sound. What would you say yes or no. Acting before me more than. Odds are against it mean to write it took a long time even more years or more years organizer for one reason or another. I think I get taken up. Accompanied by sixty I don't government. Well yet another top military folks say start planning it. Yet another cup a flurry of debate epic about an undated do when they. We've also been talking today yesterday was hockey and then available hockey and then football for this. The idea of re drafting the league's. Who would be the first player picked in the NFL if they did that. And having not realize it before it came up and these are really hard question and there are. Probably at least ten. Reasonable. Good answers for that questions like who was the first player picked if you re drafted the league. You have a couple of great quarterbacks. Who are. Mimi to hold a mean Brady would certainly be too old I would think. But that other positions where there is young talent do you need the plate pick that player at the beginning. I don't all we bettered with better answers at this ourselves they've been different world open to hearing yours eagle 30550. Or 188 by fifty to 550 is the number here's rob with a solo rob. Think calling them. So I think. Oh and maybe get it out at weird drop below or. Somebody like golf side. Not really my question I kinda wanna know where you guys being Josh would photographs like this like obviously I don't think he's going number one. But does make it the first strike out. Were. It. Well I would need to really go through it and answer that I mean he wouldn't. He he wouldn't do that badly that the young quarterbacks who went in this draft would eventually get you know picked pretty early I grant. Because there's the possibility that you have them for. Fifteen years or whatever. But. The Earl so iffy as players in the first place. I did I mean I I don't know how to really got to I'm I'm thinking the exercise for me the point of it is thinking about the high end of it. And he's definitely not going in the high end. Nearly so outraged. By this year's draft by guys that were chosen this year ahead of him. Then let alone guys that are already in the league and established. That are that old yet. So. Tested on a few really global portend well. I think yeah. Think yes there's injuries there there's just sort of you were just don't you know media and blockades do you know you're not. You do worse to better look I I think you'd taken hoping he'll be better than Kate. Merry Oda no. More homes no. Definitely don't definitely know right now we. Derek Karr. Yeah probably gotten. I think football likes their car you now deck press got anchor football. Dora I know it could to triple X Chris fresh gut or Alan press got. Sure. Cousins. Cousins. Or is that it's easy to all he's he's 27. Greater zeal of the match even caused us. I think he's way dumb it would only in June of age to me that a you know the edge of age. I don't I don't you know I really love the player very emotional he'll be thirty when the seasons there's no no way. No way. Josh Allen over cause the jets in a re draft yet. These quarterbacks picked this year would probably go and a different order. Than they went in the draft. Because that because there were varying varying opinions about them. I guess it would depend on whom who's doing the picking it bait maybe. Sure Sam Sam Donald Michael ahead of may feel depending on who's on the board. I don't make it improve as the bills or don't have maybe they really wouldn't if they had the first pick it would have taken the that it they took it seven I don't know notes. Right you don't that he buried. I think Von Miller is a good idea. I think what do you think about Beckham. I've mentioned this a few times I think I wanna pick Beckham. I wouldn't go near receiver for us I'd just I'd just wouldn't I wouldn't do it. Because I need I need a quarterback to get a Moffett a pass rusher. Is going to just doom dogs. So. And it cornerback also is is should facilitate the guys around him being bears at least the best they can be. Receiver like I I don't peninsula trading up for walked in three don't have a quarterback and I'm not gonna take over receiver. Person would take a receiver had a running back. In this for sure but I don't I can't get to a receiver wanna overall us. I'm trying to think if there's somebody as a pass rusher. Who rates. Who's the new Von Miller what you because he's not super youngest Adalius draft. Time soul miles here eleven miles Gary what do we know that yet. Labeled the young one right Carly I mentioned earlier like that might be a part of really good idea for this. But I might want someone who's. You know three year four years younger than Miller Lite and find that guy. Then I might only think about him someone tweeted me Jalen Ramsey. At all like that I have some really interesting idea what he's he's right everyone agrees he's great. He's very young that's a very important position. Saw I'd I'd I'd like sort of adding the idea of the problem big time corner. Tune this conversation he's so. Oleg I would I would consider that. But I think I'm gonna always come back to I've got the first pick in this thing. The first right. But I'm gonna try. It see this as high as such it can really take you up amid a really try to find a divide who I think the best. Quarterback choice is an age plays a big role in Matt and it's Britain's bat and beat up at I think it's not a slam dunk that I would I would take it quarter. It thinking about this past Russia point org or jail and Ramsey. I think I would wanna be open to doing something else is as much as we know old quarterback matters so much. I don't know there's a perfect fit for number one but Rob Lowe is young and all bloodied played seven games. OK maybe that's a great idea. It's risky yes. The proven quarterbacks are too old. That's all I got to Wilson Mike Wilson is young enough that I still think you could look for. Is it's ten years. All of too much to ask for him it might be eight. So that's that's good. He's put up numbers he's been durable so. Again like I like him but I don't love what I could. I could have a bunch of Kaiser in the courtroom drama for her how to do this and I I think I could be talked into given Ramsey or some pass rusher whom I've who thought. I think Wilson is a good choice. I think he's a good choice but it's jarring to think about some of these guys is like the first player you would pick out of the entire NFL. It's just you have to sort of get your equilibrium right to meet its age is important. You're not looking for the best player in the league NFL network right is running through its annual thing where their ranking all the players only that's not this. That's you want for your franchise right now which player and age matters. And I. I think back of his good. Because I think all have a good quarterback eventually. It's just not gonna be the perfect one and for that matter who is the perfect one. Maybe it ends up being Brady and and I you have to start over eventually but like I'm gonna get there with that and I'm gonna have a player in Beckham. That is. So. Excellent and everything that that position. Provides lets you just don't like him off the field and then you would say there's a point to be made there about how about that by. That's that's a phenomenal worry about I think I'm getting either I think I'm getting the best receiver in the league and I'll go from there. Willow and it's not perfect start Wilson has already 29. He'll be thirty. By thinks. I. Couldn't that's that's. What yours is for him six or seven. He older coming out I don't have his and tiger. He'd people read. A full but he come out earlier and because he was at Wisconsin and hurt the NC state in the Wisconsin. So I don't have he's taking a year off out of high school to study abroad. I don't know either this will be his seventh season as rookie year was at age 24. And he played as a rookie yes it all sixteen games are half here's Kyle with us like dial. Hello hi. Our goods. It so I want to talk about it yes well that draft work and when I was younger. I mean like five years ago I'd play it out of the baton or our friends and we always knew you know the Madden franchise. More you draft you know our entire team. Might do that also at random people online there's so. I mean you got these talking about you know really young quarterback but even Josh on the fact that Josh I'll talk. Even in the first round but I don't think that I mean you have to remember there's 22 position on that he'll not including the partner picker. And that 32 team these are gonna give you starters that over 300 players. Now usually you would go first overall I mean sometimes quarterback like you know guy as well neglect Cam Newton inner. And I'm think not not literally around the world but yeah it is one you know server all but on the I mean I think back to back money immediately people like to rotary. Air shutdown of entire player on the field. You pick up a quarterback or ground quip like a hero mark. I mean you don't you don't have to get about about quarterback I'd say you know they draft you nickel he'll act all they've got her life back. Thank you colonial Mac that's that's a younger player of that and then bond that's a good idea it's a point. The idea is you're going forward for years with these teams. If that wasn't clear but that's a good point. Here is thank you Kyle here's Erin next hire him. Although I didn't want to call. Yeah Andre Upton who might suggest I didn't have. You did not have the recent injury history that oh belt. And he is it felt. Sub par quarterback and yet he's 88 arm avid. Up Brock I Wyler and really. You know not much of a running game either side I really think that he has and in addition on. And I think it was number one overall bad you're receiver last year and projectors do. He you know in that role again this year so I think that he should be in the pac vs O'Dell. I don't I don't mind this at all either thank you turn right I would not wanna poke holes in Matt Hopkins is tremendous. Four and I'm not sure this is even write little provable book for me Beckham. Offers. A an explosive. I I'll certain level he is capable of bigger and more. Then Hopkins but I don't know if I'm right about that Hopkins is tremendous Hopkins is. Every week. And there is a highlight reel catch every week you mean he just he was consistently great. So in this fantasy draft were doing Saturday which is a dynasty leaving to a point it's the same thing. Hopkins and Beckham are two of the very top players there are. Because there are young gun and productive like they are aren't approved a proven to be. Hopkins or Beckham show. In fantasy. In balls Kindle. In fans see and in this I would take back imminent read draft that would take Hopkins and finesse. Welcome what's the difference less injury risk to me on the short term for Hopkins whereas back on I think. Just his ability is incredible to me nine if I had to pick between those two quarterbacks and Watson's batter in the short term and he lives. Giant alien crossing giants and so interest in all I hate them but they are going to be interest thing I have to admit. Right well I would hardly means and what I want them for for taking Barkley who could pick a subtle log on to regret what pleased. Please do this yeah it's so I don't want to I wouldn't do it wouldn't want my team to do what I want you do. Leave me as many guys is you can do is I gotta get one. And so thank you giants for being you is nobody's there they are threatened with Eli it's all that they passed on the quarterback Beckham coming back from injury. Yeah I mean that is a very. One of the most interesting teams in the league this what if coaches were included. Coaches were included I would take the I would take the public with it will. With the with the with the quarterback or just not just our job to pick a coach that's my first peck. I really think that it programs. Overall players in the league two overall the coaches all the dollars a week the first person. Player or coach you pick in the whole NFL Sharma back and now. No. One year I mean. When you can go above bell check. McVeigh is 32 with 33 Belichick is 66. Becoming really factor in ages of coaches because yes yes we can just wait some. Or at risk to die. Wal-Mart. Is Paul Getty house shall probably the older guys right. We c'mon I'm within missile if I know what it's like I Mort wrist defaulted Amish are the new larger oh. We sure I'm positive. A lot older I'll always happened why it times a week what did you think it was important. Opposite thing of getting out of the shock recorded that confront it just it acts what about reaching into voting machine. That's the same thing. I can't pay down part of the OK that's alpha. Maybe your baby it's the other way that maybe your actually lesser risk of these sort of bags of is that you can't reach half of them. Yeah I. It. But coach suggest it's always impressive what he did it with a guy that in a whole lot of us thought oh. Group what do you grams what he was the first pick overall who wasn't angle he wasn't. Somebody wasn't drafted Ers on right when he looked back at me just what it is Google ugly for them for him so. All the thing about it is but I don't. I don't light any of these quarterback ideas on the off. Even Wilson like bush talked myself into them the very first. Time we were slightly through this conversation. Now all he's going to be thirty. I don't I don't like that. And. I am I'm intrigued by that by the coach. To moving toward Evan Ingram for first overall print expect it at the young tight end I don't know prime position to do a lot there. Here's Evan with a us I haven't different Evan. What's going on tonight. I'm I'm thinking through the draft it's possible I want a trip out of that. First pick I think there's too many good options but not enough. Clear number one option longer traded out get a not a picnic and for that wooded bank. I mean I get it but we're trying not to do that you know trying to figure out boot to the right player is I think I'll go all take your. Idea Evan the the next step and say let's get Dan filed in the league and then I'll trade with him you can draft just pumped her. An old draft someone all I'll get an extra good player Ottoman bridled refereed guys. There was a thing where as you may you may not know there was a thing where. Hall of famers why is it or broadcasters who did it. Follows was one of them and it was all the players in the history of the NFL. And he had the fourth overall pick I believe was before effect and he picked ray guy. Which I mean how you get just to keep talking after that I don't I don't know you must be super nice and it's just incredible that it's. I commend. Was he even. I mean not to not to over think it. But you wanna look up yards per punt even do you wade now because that was in the seventies we now that's over thinking it. Even the first point is over thinking not often an argument is the first thing you say over thinking. No this time of the proceeds. They used to be able say he drip of potter for four world ablaze it's the environmental. Even beat down but god and everything else is the punch that Ollie didn't throw dormant. It's just I mean. Here to pick kicker round for a lot of people forget a lot of people don't have that I am one of I stutter route. I am such a person was and it's on the road yet stocks that are I mean. Well. Was it all did you did you look at it up was it hall of famers or was it like just broadcast crews like who was who was the more people that were doing that raft looks like it was a broadcasters. Broadcast crews. While it was a mixture serie a hall of famers and hall of fame writers. A bulldogs on TV yesterday join her on TV anybody tell you that they saw you on TV. We all know they didn't dumb I saw you didn't come up you sure you saw me on TV and I saw you seeing me on TV so when I saw myself on TV. And that was the I did not hear much more about. We'll give you. The details there are coming back and also there are real odds on whether Ryan O'Reilly will be on the sabres opening night you can actually bet this. And if you want to think about which side you would bet in May be which side is the favored side of the two is the on the team or not. We'll tell you what the numbers are after the update much over the bulldogs WGR. Have you heard from right now. I've known her influence and are you surprised that. No on the surprise. We didn't really have you know your relationship anyway so. That's prize all right so you don't mind looking in the rear view mirror. And saying those things about your Ural two. I mean I was a child in the back and review mirror and you know filed focus on here and in no way we ticketing here in. You know I was trying to take a shot them understand how. Hard every guy in this in this in the NFL works you know a specific decision especially at the quarterback position but at the same time to you know. I give credit where credit to. I also knew that. Credit where credit's due. Jarvis Landry now all of the browns says he has not heard from Ryan Tamils should he have. I guess. That like I think you had a decent relationship with a guy that you throw the ball to. And he leaves I think you might like cinema Matt became an anonymous thrown ball you. When we went through some stuff together you know I'll miss you Soledad. So. What he says there early they didn't have a particularly close relationship so he was surprised to not hear from Seoul. You don't have a close relationship and no but being polite. If but Ryan Fitzpatrick. Whites wide receivers deployed with what you probably saw as a good relationship there's. We'll also follow up to last week entries said that is cornerback situation and Cleveland was a lot better than. I mean you're the type who would always be sending that message somebody has something happened in the lives and that is. You know some trauma. You can expect attacks from Bulldog. I've got your number and then the oddest and this is an even trauma necessary is is just like the guy took a new job and put it right you might have wanted to. Right but it all might be I mean I don't know trauma. Again if tan he'll like playing with this player. And feels he would miss miss him and had a good relationship with them. Trauma is reviewing strong but like hey you know and you caught ninety passes for me this can be taught funded I'm gonna miss you. Three hard for me to be my best without you there or something like that. You know but again he doesn't have that relationship when him and you know no surprise. Antenna tilted missed all of last season some of those passes last year was very much for from. Tamil him but you're right I'm I'm the I'm the reach out you are. Christmas cards or boom thank you notes all that stuff. No role. Merit no new. What if someone sings your Christmas card you did not send one to at all who wrote this morning your house you're right on that note send them one know doodles are the only. The only Christmas cards we did it. Are from people. Mean I have not received one from us because I don't know the last time that we sit down and accept Christmas cards and you're right you don't send them in our league will mean it just does not happen you guys can send us one. Hand we like making them it's good for you it's nice. You'd look. It's amazing. People as the guy who would you say you like making Christmas cards he's right there with good for you guys nice to hear President Bush but it wouldn't. We no we just don't. It is never and this is one of those things that. I. Totally. Have. All kinds of time to take out. Guy I think I could hit wrote. It'll look different content that. You sit there and blue. In its battered waterboarding OK I went and ran for two miles who. After the well but no I just don't do are you asking or telling I don't know I just don't all out war I don't know what I'm dorm. I've not sending out Christmas cards it's. Incredible that we still get the number of Christmas cards we do with the lack of which are application has been happening on aren't we just do not send cards. It is not anything harmful at all. And borrows balls a friend who's going through tough time which. Easy Shia Arab and that's fine Gail do that doesn't require looking at me envelopes. That's the key race for writing and addresses I don't. It's pretty easy. That is the point is the first two letters of their name and to my phone rang they are. Do you get mad now when you have to pay a bill by mail. As opposed to just pushing. A button on your phone owners aren't you know going to the website all clicking submit mostly because my bank approved for a long time I did not. Try to pay any bills. Online adjust it a student Digital's 11. Step. Beyond my capability. Two to die I didn't do that. So. But we we should be no change banks. And I've I've been doing more online banking that I ever had to have before. So one of the things that was available there on the website was mine to play OK so IE. Made note of all the account numbers for all of the utilities all the solidly went noted at all and and then one day sat down and like put all that information in two. The bank website and thought. I'm home for arms consumption page views builder and it still compliment paid them ready I'm not from a stop sending out at some point stamps some good. And dumb. About half. Of the bills. What happened was the bank. Sent a long. Checks for me to man will. Tune. Bryce. Just verse for example. So it. Resisted it I didn't do something right I I I double checked the account numbers I did all that again sacks it's still the update I. Rather then just move the money for my account to move the utility that I have registered on their website. Days instead mailed me a blank check that I then had to mail to the normally. This is pointless I cast checks I could and this part myself when I'm trying to do was avoid having to mail let me put a mile and hear what you dawn news. Waste more people are sending me something in the mail and priority was in possession of and so I eventually went to the bank. To a bank branch for something else and brought this up to. It regarding Garcia teller I sat in that little area and waited for one of the managers to come over in the they are made a very awkward are you next yes I'm good thank you yup. And I like I told her about this and she went. Well. That was. But couldn't minutes I swear to god that was there was the whole image waiting for you to talk no solution offered I listened to what should I do too. Much of never really heard of that before. Only digital media ever went and worked here we go walk. The news it was it was off a. And really not a match right notre what this is but should he be able to this goal to through your bank. You you put good numbering your account number and some sort of other number and then that's it and and every month. You just send your money goes to national greater reverence goes. Oh you can't do that no. Do you don't have that inner life. I can do that with roughly. Half of the things that I tried to do with Blake. There for a broad front we have bios. And our cell phone cells are two separate accounts. And the cell phone bill goes through. The final build off. I don't know this is weird yeah. The more you got something some issue of the mortgage that's clear but I'm more the mortgage. Did go through national fuel mole problem National Grid will. Really. What I sentence very strange I don't know and I have well double checked all that stuff. I don't know maybe now we were having this conversation on the air again I'll I will. Begin a new my question so all this issue but it just. It frustrated me but I just kept hitting these checks that I then had the mail from bills I thought I had already paid. And his mentally forgot to start mailings again and riding tractors stupid. Don't think that's enough of that. To me about these rotten liar no final Riley trade hides. He's Ryan O'Reilly there's a way to bat on ball bot. Will he beyond the sabres or any other team. Which is favored over those two options. I'm gonna say AI I I solve. This tweeted about but I did not look at the odds. I do that sometimes thinking you may wanna point asked me yeah I'd rather Goodell says it is more funded yes I'm I'm gonna guess that. He's favored to be treated. Right. Minus 160. Is a little steep. For will Ryan O'Reilly open next season on another team Obama has eight NHL players all like this. And here are the odds and I'm gonna try to do this in order which means I have to sort of scramble them here in my head but I think I can do it. He case who ran really play for national. Or another team. Opening night minus 600 he plays for Nash heavy favorite yeah so plus 350 plays for another team Phil Kessel is one of the names. Minus 280 place for Pittsburgh. So the bettors think he probably plays for Pittsburgh. Then you have Max patch are ready with Montreal minus 160 plays from Montreal. Then it's O'Reilly plus 1 morning he plays for buffalo opening night that it's Erik Karlsson. Plus 160 he plays for Ottawa what seen seen as being. Likelier to be traded then O'Reilly. That it's Philip group Bauer he makes a cut. When they show you can bet on any thing this is either better weather full groove hourly beyond Washington. To open next season plus 165 he's on Washington they have a prospect coming to rights. And can blow a few others there bitten it but. Boy minority piece on team. Then it's Mike Coffman. Ottawa plus 17 these are the odds are that both karlson and Hoffman will be traded years individually. And then lastly it is Jeff Skinner. Plus 200 he's on Carolina come in this action it's it's seen as likely he is a traded. So you can bet on hockey players being on teams that weather and Ryan O'Reilly is one of and while he's kind of in the middle there the the odds are according to this that he will be traded. You could always call us up and tell us whether you think you want him traded or not. 8030550. We've been talking about that a lot here in the last couple weeks the NHL draft is next Friday night. I did hit a breaking news taxed this morning slash afternoon members who was its. And it just. I write what I saw isolated recognize the bottom even sought upside down and a solid but 55550. And my heart of the reserve. Could that be training camp. The guys you've been saying when you see those you think maybe it's right abuse ring O'Reilly like theology I referenced Jeremy saying he's officially act. Breaking news taxed from the station I'm expecting you to be orally trade I had a moment like this would. We know today it was the training camp schedule right is that something people are like waiting for. Oh. Sure. Sure you kind of know when it's going to be yeah August view and in the morning. Usually like you got you don't really need to schedule the plan that too well maybe to be specific you do what you want. To go out there are for today you might wanna schedule being a you know a day off from work or for a not one of the night events or something. I suppose that's something people do like to do but you can pretty much to do that with all the schedule. You can like a lunatic who is the first Tuesday in August they're probably on the field. Not definitely right I'm probably saw you can. We don't speak today often Woolsey. It's something but yeah I mean I'm not being counted it is mostly because I know it's going to be like but last week of July representative Rick but. I think if you wanna if you. I'm the sort of person if I were thinking. I'd it's. I wanna pick a day we do this every year then I would care about the I want a no way around and take my kids or whatever I'm gonna do. And make that happen and that's one of the my practices or whatever it is so it would be of interest I thought maybe we would see the NHL schedule today we have not seen it. Maybe that's tomorrow or early next week I saw a tweet that referenced it being the day before the draft so net next the next Thursday the twenty. First in the sabres have had a rough draft for more than a week. But so yeah some people have seen what it could be maybe do some changes after that I don't know how many changes tend to get me from the rough draft but. I thought maybe you'd be today it'll definitely be before the draft in your saying you saw that it might be the day before the draft right it's all right O'Reilly bills camp. Who would be the first player taken if you re drafted the NFL we talked about that for awhile earlier. The gulf that coming up at six US open starts tomorrow. 8030550. The number Mike show in the bull dog WGR. Or remind everyone that. And a pound championship got a bigger event. On the whole here their car for awful this happening on Saturday. At canal side in the forecast. Views sunny. And Temps in the eighties. Prefer awful alternative Buffalo's proposal that is starts at 145 the featured nine acts. Including eight wall nation Taking Back Sunday and Manchester orchestra details and tickets are available. An alternative buffalo dot com so I assume the first one you mentioned is the one that if this were Hollywood Squares would be in the middle. The first one of those the first Greece or the or NYNEX and sure right so the biggest name there would be in the middle. And so like I think the first name mentioned is one would be considered headliner like I'm assuming. From what I just read that it while nation will be the last band plays that. Okay. And loss would be yeah sir square yeah right sure. The division at some concert she set it up that way. Not against huge Hollywood Squares boredom the band's old Goer won square. Merit. The other been sent to stay in there with their judgment while the other death. Supporters and somebody calls on them and then they play they're real decisions that are in the last one and dances or whatever. Yup Hollywood Squares style about that festival your promoting after we have that. Who go in the center who wouldn't go in the Centre square all of Borland. All wore it while it's to me John Oates is going to be going in the revival whistler the other nationals. The biggest names through to Oates is on his own how long you'll have. About that Oates still love the mustache. Kicks. Ass too I say no at all you go because he's on his own. Try to forge a new life and asks me you know how people do that when they break up vacancies or walk a little bit. But I I went out to the this is possible borderline and the folks at 42 Norris are promoting this thing resource can be September. And I was involved that's why you mentioned awhile ago I was on TV they have an announcement of the wind up and they asked me to come do that. Yesterday's afternoon at Knox farm state parks like I did. And then I went back out their last night because my buddy we were towns. Were playing in the brewery. As sort of look like launch party festivities and there are also part of this possible blues like five or six local bands that are going to be a part of this festival. And so all went back out there and my buddy who is the booklet that singer and we were towns he draws up a set list. For every show that they do. You know would get used every everybody in the band hasn't around them so they know what songs to play and last night he'll he always he gets he loves to do it Matsui. You'd appreciate this with the way you write the names of our guests on the drudgery sporting here he gets very very. Creative Werth is writing the law of the set was ended often will have drawings on there and he drew a cartoon. Of John Oates on the one side of the a set list and major to give a copy of that to the man whose group Johnson the man who owns the marine is also the behind the festival. Gave my copy of that yours John Oates on the so it was from close circle. All right and there was a mustache on that drawing but I. Mean UV tough call because you would want to have your own identity but you also are John Oates and you are known for that most national pretty much you might. The beat to be hard to decide known for the mustache and the singing next to or you could be one of these people who would just decide whether you wanted to have a mustache. Merely on the basis whether you like having one. And not dawn superficial reasons like that what are the everything I care about I wonder if he hates the most. There might be a story there as we know there's a cartoon for kids Brian cozy old coming up the golf that is next here on WG yard.