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You might show. I know you'll go. US open starts tomorrow before we get into that with Bryant cozy feel here. But I've mentioned this once or twice my latest. Fascination is flight radar 44 dot com and I'm loving of these summer nights sitting outside. Tracking planes guessing where there going I don't know why elements almost but I do now sort of following their Twitter account. And what a weird thing happens on a flight crew they sometimes will tweet it. Talk got a flight you're going from London to New Orleans. When I guess along us. Along as a flight from London to New Orleans. Whom. In. That is going to be nine times. And why it's called up here is that there was a medical emergency on the plane a passenger had a medical emergency. So it's stopping in Newfoundland. We're so about half way from London to new worlds. And I'm just thinking like I'm looking at this thinking how what I feel about that. Haven't stopped hitting orbit on a plane that. Why did prematurely because of someone on the plane having a medical emergency and. No. I don't think I have known. Know them I am very rarely even had I had delays on the ground but in the air. But nothing is ever. Going to coast Rica this January. We had Serb goal for a little while. The glued. Radar. At the airport in Costa Rica was out. And so they need to take extra caution with incoming flights they wanted to make sure instead shall we had we just don't fly around. That's the bold dramatic thing that ever happened to be like as far everything else is always just been were were which falls if you read about by the way a pilot. Describing what it's like when there's a power outage on the ground. No while via the Clinton. Wasn't quite a power outage but it wasn't the radar bridge that matters is Apple's lost. So I wonder if there's just a wonderful weasel out kind of dramatic for the pilot I. An essay on this in this case. I gave it its it's a Curb Your Enthusiasm. Episode waiting to be written like you have met someone on the plane I was leery David B if someone on the plane had a Buick I can't believe this is the worst get up. It would just yell at the person who was in distress right. No load the New Orleans I might like the break it's about five hours now. Each way a community and you don't do you have to you pay on the plane you probably can't just walk around that in all the country I'll bet that that's right so you're probably stock company he's gonna have a domino like that that's not good. Moon's our Brian anything to add here at Korea to gulf. My worst flying memory was coming back from my honeymoon from the bridge. They were actually. Duct tape being one of the Doerr shot I felt very six year. Word it was it was probably the worst transportation feeling in my life I was. How far how far from whole. No it was we were actually at raw but ward. They couldn't get it that close to the sit in Madrid. It is. You can and see how strong the safety precaution aren't Iberia air if you ever want to go on the all which I will never again the week they actually couldn't get the door. Shot to the point where. Apparently hit it locked itself in that the little bolder in going off a front. So they pushed it and then duct taped it and they had literal duck. And I'm thinking. They were ridiculed our notion you know. Lot of pressure in the air witnesses. That is not good but I remember that being the most nerve wracking like that I was I could not. For however long flight was 56 hours which is not stepping up door like what the possibilities where. And then of course I'm playing out how I'm that a plea here all say OK. The door wide open it. How might spring into action here too. They've today which you know course at that point I feel like. What ever gonna happen gonna happen but you know I was of course is trying to. Just figure out how I was gonna get out of it. That's admirable I am I am honestly I feel little nauseous just thinking about the story it seriously it is affecting me. Could I. I don't know it is I don't know how I'm I don't I wouldn't I would have really struggled in the sooner you're drawing up here this is the feeling I have when the bills punt on fourth tournament. All right well it's US open we very exciting and happy and excited to watch them excited about. The senate to pick these players. Brian works and talking you're looked like as we watch some of the coverage today in here that it rained a lot. It was raining when I was just watching some of the covered about an hour ago and they were actually showing tiger was on the rained all by himself in the rain. Going through whatever he wanted to on the range hitting driver. It probably I think. For the US GA they have to be happier that getting raincoat that might remember the last time. That the US open with that chick got killed in 2004. It was the year that the seven. All of our three became all multiple playable and guys are hitting the ball basically dead center of the green and it would. There are watering it in the middle class homes right. In between groups opposing. And I'm not going to hear about it with barrel for and I was there and I've seen them they were in between group. They would have may be a minute or two before they actually came up and they literally dragged out fire hose and were hosing it down and guys that hit. You know they were obviously even concerned about the pain it would hit dead center of the green and it would end up all. You sit there at the crowd would would moan and grown and all that they just kept going and though owing. I got quite out and that we got so windy so dry I would. I would imagine that they're happy that it rained today because now they have a little wiggle room in terms of what they can do it. Speeding up or slowing things down. Okay. So who. I'm looking at the the lines the favorites it's it's all the familiar names to Austin Johnson is the clear betting favorite. In this tournament he just won what by six pulling out on the 72 hole. So how much. How. And solid of a favorite is he right now especially compared with guys like speed that McIlroy who are always in that same conversation with them. And. I think he's. A year fear that I'm doing a better level giving you one and you. Know yeah I think I think it would be. I mean to. To ask a guy win who weeks in a row on whoever it tops in the sense of not necessarily that it not guilt all of the Buick bite us. Knowing what goes with the winner whether all the media obligations the sponsor obligations the actress and then end up making it quite a long. Procedure for them at net you court to collect from Memphis. Two way out of Long Island like I can imagine that he's probably not gotten that much downtime as he would have wanted this week but. He's been so good I mean look it is. Track record in the open all within the last year but remember last year he got hurt mastered all on the air in play. And it took him awhile to get back going but its previous open course he won at Oakmont a few years ago and pat them. Each he really should of won or could have won here at chambers bay when eat three or they'll last Owens beat senate up. Getting the victory so I mean you could argue here that. Johnson maybe three the last four years would have a great chance to win. And this week the fairways are at wider. And 87 the opens we've others seen in the past. Which I think it's right in his wheel out and he hit it long and far even if for whatever re in their brain and it played longer I mean nobody in the iron and I. I can't imagine. Going anywhere else if you're saying but god. How pudding and this golf course is it. The kind of course where. The greens are like if it can be said more of a variable. Or less of one that you do you think your speech that all the long putts he makes if that's so true. Just what about this course and that point if they can work together to mean anything. I think maybe that's where actually maybe you could argue away from Dustin Johnson I don't know that I would call a bad potter but I wouldn't sit here and say that. I trust him more than others on the green I think. Eat greens you have more regulation to them. Likely chambers bay to hear that before those are really flat screen remember a lot of shot the next couple in on the green. These are more film you'll see more shot kind of rolling off the from them and the terrain. Is I think a little more. Similar to what you know what sought Oakmont where there's more hill and things like that they'll. I would bet maybe putting through the ventilation it was going to be a little more challenging the one thing what's gonna cut to it not overly long. I feel like the way that they're going to defend the course that it. Does come back the car is going to be around the green and make it tricky there last year and when they waited Aaron Hill that new course. What do we do it's sixteen under sixteen under I'm sure they don't want that to be anywhere near though I would guess that. Try harder in place in order to decide that score I don't think you want anywhere near that yeah well. Yeah. And what else are bold argue well I'm Wes and I'm curious what you think about tiger Mike Reid mentioned earlier like looking at the field. He like he was for the masters is within in this case the top and he was in the top seven betting favorites. So I took him and I I admitted to Mike even before the tournament began. On Thursday. The masters Utley but so Wednesday night after we did this like. And I take. I should not have taken him he's not someone like rooting for and I don't know that he really earned his place here. I'll get furious again one of the top ten betting very rich what do you think about tiger. I think you'd be tough. To take I agree to your point about the seven at the masters but he knows that course so well the white understood why you get a here might get reactor peck so maybe the argument could be that same that you still with it and but he still hasn't won yet and he's been in this it back. Which is still something that I feel like he is the we've seen enough good things from him except he hasn't been able to actually close the deal which is something Yahoo! it. Like at this trademark of his career he always want the closer. Better than anybody but he hasn't been able to clothing in his. They be what two or three into it this year where you really had a legitimate chance to win and a part of your game it's still. I mean it's not back to. The year of the tiger called it's pudding and how many. Seven to eight footers and have tapping in for par this week I'd feel like the couple more those. Mix and that you would normally go in for him which is why aren't picking I would not put him out. Well let's. Thanks great America. If all right well I guess I should start I don't know he'd sure. Most of the top betting choices are guys that have won majors. The player you get to. That hasn't the first player you get too down on the betting rule that hasn't is follower it's not surprising. You've thought on him. Well the only thing I would say we're news worthy of him is that he just got. So. What all that goes with that I'm gonna say maybe he's not a 100% lock in on golf so I would. Okay McIlroy I'm thinking of here to do and I have a conversation about McIlroy the week before he got married. Number that's right what sort of what was that with the PGA. I I knew. A friend of affront I knew McIlroy it was getting married the week after a major I was allowed to sing like nobody in golf newness or this. Welcome people close to him probably knew but it was not it was not a news item. And Mike Morgan picked McIlroy here is getting married what would this mean I don't remember. How that went. But so. This isn't a wedding coming up this is he got engaged last week Rickie Fowler he also another thing about them. He stole I think it's I think we know he stole that big piece of turf. In that is that commercial. That he actually he doesn't know who stole it I think he stole. I think you're right that could be on his mind. Well at tennis player that whole ad campaign. You're don't want it all of this off my daughters in the league quite like that guys steal the turf. Good question I said I think that the question. Dustin Johnson is on my team elect welcome home. Given jurors whose name I had Johnson its Internet but it is the Jersey. I will. In vs Juan I guess that works for golf right. Right not your eastern number one pick normally given that the wonders. If eighteen of golf like yeah. And a year you know I figure oh yeah the give those guys the teens. Well lead I think Dolly will get an eighteen Jersey went on he gets it. All right so Johnson of course McIlroy. And rose are the next two betting guys are mean McIlroy to me I would have to take. Rose I'm I'm happy to take he's a former US open winner. The next name down or is Justin Thomas. Did you see his outfit for Sunday. Could did its. I want to root for that. I want to root for them. The bought out cardigan sweater sort of thing yes it looks like he's coming out of the 1890s or something with who with his clothes from the club I'm down for that I want to root for that. So Justin Thomas whose good as anybody when he's playing his best Celtics him. That's for. I will take Fowler. Despite the turf. And the engagement. And I'm go to a little hold off on Jason Day for a minute. What kind of form is Ian. Scottie one. In what was colonial. It about a month ago he won. Sorry I don't have the name of the term and buddhism you won a month ago. All right I'm gonna hold off on him I'm not sure I'm still thinking about a couple things right so I've got five with Boller. There are three guys at plus 2000. Woods speed. And John Rahm why don't you why do you think speeds odds are better. Cutting and putting terribly. Lately he's been near the bottom. Alt. Almost every turn him in terms of all the new statistic that they love you know putt. Stroke gain on the green popped around all workers but he's been putting really really Corley. Finally know that it's finally happening. For speed it's finally happening I've study was sort of sneaking his way to these championships because the public you just. Fifteen footers can look like it's nothing to him sometimes. But that's not happening all right so many of those and not taking any of them yet the ability. Is hurt and you're you're happy to. The listing your personal. I know I just don't I bet I did right now it's really just for show to say that I don't like the root of a problem with them. The bombs although the plus two thousands lost 4500 is Mickelson stands and in the last year's winner Brookes cup cup. And then there are a couple of their names and moment all right so five. I will take. Speech. I will take John Rahm. Thoughts. I'm John round. Eased. So talented he's going to win a major at some point he hits it a mile I like the heck you would you would take them I think it was yeah. That's seven. There's one guy I know I'm taking that I have not mentioned yet he's at plus 33 on birdies don't molest caring and that is Branden grace. He can't just show up for sometime in bigger turn and he beat turn him and I discussed with. Johnson three parting with speed great also could've won that yeah just respect you do the you do the train. Yes the train tracks seventy called Larry at its side later. I have a question. Yes have you said the name Patrick reed yes no he's tied with the grace of plus 33 ordered I'm definitely not taking better read. I will take also a plus 3300. Dish Campbell. Right young you are 12 weeks ago. Two weeks ago the memorial up running. I like it also good clothes. Yes and then he does look good. I I told you what I think two years ago and HMO as the rookies that I thought it's be a guy like it. This study of making the swelling the same and you know I'll yet quite all right the same like we had a reduction act that could be a guy that you could. You could rally behind and headed rookie appearance two years ago the you know you would you would look even smarter doing back then too. Thank you won't thinking man's player to compliment them there. All right so there's nine players Johnson rose medical Roy Thomas Fuller. Rahm speeds grace in the shambles I've done by by. Reaching here with those two guys it's not like their big reaches in for me it is down to Jason Day. Tiger Woods and Hendrick stands and I wouldn't pick Mickelson. Ormat C com or Capcom is down today. Woods and stents. For my last spot. In your ruling I'll read it. Didn't you get burned when US sold out speech he can enjoy Edwards won the masters and always when you as open and I did write good. Analysts say that diapers and remember that from the that a gas ago today he's in the same reasoning here and that is that went into one row. You're right Britain. Are probably right. Dave woods or stents and how much more time to have. The minute a minute. Well you want it I mean. I'm echoing her hat picking tiger obviously. Makes it more interesting for you but. I would be signed rooting for about adding that it makes a great story I'm happy that you're living a nickel at the item. Always rooting for him hard go as more at this event than any other that is the last what he needs grant. Never wanted to hold a senile. 464747. Years old 47 years old it's old I'm 46. I will win with Irwin younger he might have been 46 from the audio what he would be all the right. I don't know Nicklaus was 46 at the masters masters right for his win in 86 I want to think tiger is I want to win. I tell him that I look at why aren't well. I will day is yours. All right guys I want I want a day I was a god that you've got to be happy I'd be happy with wherever you go. It's a bigger Brian thank you guys and your editor at. You two are you a few next time there's lots of gulf Saturday morning with Brian Kevin Sylvester. A couple of pros from the area team green 7 AM. On Saturday here and Johnson rose Matt Johnson rose McIlroy Thomas follower rom speech woods graced a shambles. The time the autumn winds but keep my streak going what is it. By tomorrow it's five in a row. I've not always picking the time if you guys do like desperate to win if you miss it wrong it's a nice run after a winless. 20s16. Sports can do it you. You never known sports woman. All yes. Who would sell pick in a re draft of the NFL. And why is Josh alum like to watch in person that and more or sell about you know after the update or the break rather. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. T cell comply GO. I'll tell unsealed sound government shields. Jump on GO sound gut punch yields down upon GO. I'll go post geo sound good I feel on WGR. All right yeah. Bills practicing again today. Cell was their off course. My friend Carl Hartman was there who has been on the show he was a basketball star in the area thirty years ago we were Grand Island together. And his down assistant coach at Oklahoma. And I was talking to Carlin and he was at practice he went to bills brags he knows their boy go from the bills program this that picture legal to sell. Because he would like that and Carlin likes the station's only think he would like doing that and that happened right. It actually Derrick said case you know Ireland and down and walked over he says W ours has. Follies listen while Twitter and he has not in east conference like shall that I know that I said I've. I've had many conversations about you with Mike and then and then coach McDermott came over. And they were all chatting. So Carlin wasn't the only one there were several other couple other guys there as well and he said I started talking there about how good Carlin was in high school. And then I said coach McDermott said you know basketball is at Tulane right basic counts as yen. Of the posse and says yeah he's had a smile on his face many got a good memory and I explained to coach McDermott what the policy was at Tulane. The five guys off the bench. Don't give it wants that Carlin was a part of and coach McDermott was kind of blown away about that consecutively you remember that I'm like well yeah he was like legendary come from this area. Perry Clark was the coach that's right good Carlin was in the posse yeah go. Whatever time of the game five minutes into the game or something he replaces a lineup. Yeah Brian oxen was there to assistant to assist and coaching QBs and Errol hang out a little bit if you guys. As well so nice it was it was cool though is as funny it's no Carla we talk a little college basketball. Got to know a little bit and I look forward to talking some more. So there was nothing about this practice and that was so private is like a lot of people from all all parts were able to watch it rollout. That's true pretty much anybody with a credential or that you were invited in by the its immense capacity. Was allowed what's today's Joshua Allen report. So there was nothing about this brags and that was so private. Is like a lot of people from all all parts were able to watcher rollout. That's true pretty much anybody with a credential or that you were invited in by the its immense capacity. Was allowed what's today's Josh Allen report. He actually today was a little bit of a look at the new wrinkle. He was the starting quarterback for the very first offensive series but that was only a red zone work. Opportunities away I mean is they went eleven on eleven but it was reds don't work so Josh Bell was the stars the very first time we saw an eleven on eleven. Starters Josh Allen was the quarterback but it was just for red zone after that he was not with the starters I don't think for the rest of practice. From what I remember so I don't know what that tells me as I was thinking about that this Mike and I said. You know that's probably to me part of the plant part of the process which is. They'll probably give them okay and one day we're gonna give them you know six snaps yesterday with. Regular heel first team offense and the bigger the situation. On Tuesday he can work red zone may be on tomorrow he does two minute drill with the starters or something like that again you know I think that's part of the process here. And how old I mean the risk of really really. This is finally going through this and how to read how to do you do with the stars today's oil. I he looked confident finally happened was the very first pass. Was the very first play it was a pass a screen pass he tourney time rolled left turn right and when he threw it was knocked down a cure ever how it got knocked out what was knocked down. And then on the next play he didn't see he likes he ran around right end had about a fighter game. But then on the third play guys. He made just a fantastic throw Jeremy Curley was the wide receiver to the left side of the formation. I was standing next to hobble job Scott Greg Boerse a Specter news and. As Jeremy Curley was coming how. I said I I said Leo while throw it now as I said it and Sharon up like he did you get it right then because. You like one of those tiny those anticipation throws where you wanna see the quarterback throw it. Right when the break is being made and he did that he didn't wake form to get open. Andy did it like right to a very tight window by the time the. DB turn around the bullet whizzing by his head it was a laser and early caught the back Indians over touchdown how athletic Dawes Allen seemed. Very athletic keys. He does not he runs like a smaller quarterback you know he can move on you know I mean when these movies. I guess I always order lumbering but he's bigger you know Amy lake each year he has that he's a bigger target out there for guys were running up if he's not Tyrod Taylor. But he can move when you watch him he's fluid. He decides he decides he wants to run he's going to run and weaken his his big strides. He can make up yardage pretty quickly and get to where he wants to go. And I think he's pretty fast actually you know just kinda from a quarterback's standpoint watch him like he runs. Much better I think in the average quarterback does and it's a sight to see because he's he's so big what he's athletically what do that. When he Campbell when he moves right or left SE roll out a you can tell idea let the system is there and he has the option of isn't. Like what he sees he can take off and I think that's you know really underrated part of what they can do. I am seeing some reference to. I I saw something today contradict previous white. Complementing it Allen and just the arm. Some by any level football I've ever been and I've never seen on might have to dictate the outplay. The ball look like it's been I think the exact quote was shot out of a cannon. Everybody we talked to talked about is our right and you don't have to talk to guys you can just see it day you when you're there it's it's freakish league. And when I say that it's not hyperbole it's their and there are very few guys. That throw the ball with as ease as he does as far as he does and the analogy I gave Jeremy this morning I tell you guys is. You know when you're young when your kids were younger I have a four year old son now but when you guys had your kids were younger. And you were playing catch them in some capacity you kind of just use your wrist to throw rightly didn't use your army to kill her Communist kind of tossing it would your wrist that's right with Max. And it's like that's what he does sometimes but the ball just flies out of his wrist he doesn't it's he doesn't put a lot of into his throat as far as. Using the pork and stepping into it there was a video I posted yesterday to go find it. And I didn't realize this Y posted at the people pointed out to me which is. I have a video of him atomic so much Twitter feed end of the story arrow for practice I keys on the left and it impairments on the right. And they're both throwing the ball you know to a different receiver. If you can see the difference in the effort that Peter may puts into his row vs Josh Allen. I didn't think about it until someone pointed out you know what back Washington's edgy that's yeah I mean that's exactly what I mean he does not. He doesn't have very much movement with his body and get the ball still flies out there yeah like. That sort of thing with baseball in fact this is actually true my wife and I last night we're watching the Dodgers Texas game. I wanted to see Cologne approach like 1030 last night he got hit. But the doctors at a pitcher Ferguson young pitcher and I just was telling her early she was too interest it. But I'll call the conversation look how he has power is right click to such a beautiful motion and it is easy power. And in football too Ryan Fitzpatrick was somebody watching him in training camp he just looks lever what he's throwing the ball. And so it's got to be like a scout think if it's even solving a scout thinks about this just got to be something notices or she notices just how smooth it looks. Agree you know on two things and that Mike it's them. It's like when you're playing golf for somebody who has that beautiful young and it doesn't have to over swing it hit the ball still goes. 260. Yards on the middle of the fairway you're like how did that just happen like you didn't really swing. And they just let the club do the work that's what they said as they say because they're just so talented that regardless case and so physically gifted with the arm. You know he's not putting a lot into it. But at some point out to me if you go back and watch his pro day. He did put some into he stepped into it and what happened was overthrowing guys remember the throat the pro debut or like I threw the ball ADR for the guy couldn't catch it. Well you watch that Prodi he stepped into it he's you know he's slinging it around around that fieldhouse there wherever they work he was stepping into what he's using his arm. And you saw the result was overthrowing guys a lot during that day in. Guess he just doesn't have to do that and that's really the freakish nature of his arm and where that it's for real when you're out there watch and you'll see it training camp when he does it end. Even those little there was talk on the one to Jeremy currently. Like he throws this ball I'm just telling you there aren't many quarterbacks I see who would've thrown it the way he did. And got it there that quickly and that type of trajectory. And that but here's that. Here is the downside to that. A few plays later I think he was in for another red zone set. He threw a ball to like. This indians' on again it was kind of in the quarter he felt wide open guy but he it was it was I think it was curly Q who was. But he took it as if it was Kelvin Benjamin because he threw it so hard and a little bit higher at like that was the throw that you did touch on it but you don't have to throw that ball now and. That's the incompletion that needs to be completion that we talked about a lot because he threw it too hard in a little bit too high because he threw it too hard. Well there is just give me a minute here if you would please like there is the anticipation for the upcoming bills season that is always there and then there's the added anticipation about this guy. Like excitement to he's supposed to be good they drafted him early which you see sometimes on TV is. First top ten bills quarterback pick of the common draft aero X or its historic. There's all this going on so you're excited may be anxious. I think what I AM mostly about Josh Allen is curious and I think I mostly curious because this is really as we talked about a lot leading up to the draft. But an all time tasks. Of a gun with this kind of talent. Verses. All the things that if you look at performance make you worry or would or showed. Like where where the good games where was his dominance up against. You know relatively weak league where where was the confidence that his own team was some sort of shown in him given how good he is like none of that is there. But then you watch him practice like in shorts. I think he's probably the best of all time right so I just more than anything else I'm a lot of things but I mostly curious frog is gonna ago. I agree and down on I'm waiting for them to put pads on not even just get the training camp on a C with pads on things are a little bit ratcheted up. It's been more physical obviously there are obviously not in a sack him but they're gonna be in position in situations where you know he would get a sack and it would take a sack and things like that. So you know those that's what I'm waiting for so I'm not in I'm reserving judgment I can just right now to tell you what I see and he his arm is as good as everyone said it would be to this point and I also think he's more accurate. Than people give them credit for but I do think he. Has some issues when he doesn't. Figure out the right type of pass to make it that makes sense rightly I just describe it did not call for him and that particular play to zip it in there. And he did if you had a touch past six point but instead he threw it hard. And it was too high because of that engines the nose of ball never came down in the that the receiver and galloping. Yeah that's. I feel like you do you've just sort of alluded to. The the ordinary throw that I'm I I've I mentioned you like I don't know when that was DO few weeks back now like what are you most interested to see. But I'm I'm sure are we are gonna get. Any new legislated out this girl. That that he made that he anticipated insipid in their curly. I'm sure we're gonna get better examples of him on the move in making the big long row and there is an idol who are training camp practice when they start. Belated how old does it goal when he's just got to throw the quick the the quick pass to his left. I'm what looks like a third and short or 36 or whatever it is they that role. I am going to need to throw to put the the big one can overcome. Some amount of miscues. But. I need any ordinary plays made two I think that matters. Yep I agree the UN you know. He's missed a few of those there's no doubt CEO he missed another one today where he was short in the dirt on an out pattern that he should be completed on the ball came out poorly. And it was in the dirt but I mean like. Though those throws do happen but they're not a lot it's not like every single time it's either one or the other. You'll keep looks like medical quarterback out there. And he's he looks kind of like the other two guys if you. Wanna compare contrast different things they do that's fine but we just talking in a general sense it doesn't look like there's these two NFL quarterbacks in this guy who's registrar to figure it out and and there's three guys out there who were battling there all do it some nice things and they're all doing things that you might say. Oh he won that one back they need to Peterborough was not as good as it was yesterday they the Biederman yes it was I thought fantastic. He wasn't as good today but he still made a couple of nice throws one. Meet the team it was rolling to his left in red zone and threw across his body to the middle of feel and. Austin for all went up and had to catch of the day came out that a little hole tapped and the back in the end zone but that's a throw it. I'm really glad I saw on the computer to make because we all talk talk about his lack of arm strength. That's a hard throat and make but he made it eighties rolled into his lap he turned his shoulders and threw it. Across the middle the field in the back of the end zone he got there was some zip on it and that's what I wanna see but he also had some throws today that. You know definitely were not as good as yesterday I'll say and you know that those are gonna happen there could be days like every each of these. We'll continue talking bills with cell comply GO after this short break Mike show with a Bulldog WGR. So Quadrani AT&T hotline with us bills those day two of three days of mandatory minicamp practices. This week in self report today is brought to you by Chester staging grill when your region for cajun you know on into testers cajun grill. In Cheektowaga. So we talked some about the wide receivers yesterday and I. I'm I'm betting you brought up Robert Foster. Alabama. When when we were talking about this sort of shuffle that seems to be on going there. What do you think of him as a prospects elegant and why do you suppose he was not drafted. The production just. Wasn't there at Alabama on the others a five star recruit coming out of high school and he goes to. Dubbed best college football program in the country the problem with going to Alabama though is it your wide receiver unless you're this kid like. Rightly or when Julio Jones was there there they don't get. Lots of guys that just throwing all over the place it's gonna be one guy who's gonna pretty much get. The majority of all the the main throws and that was racially Orly is that when Julio Jones was there but this was not. Necessarily spot for him to shine it was in the spot for him to go and collect a whole bunch of catches and if you look what he did it. He only had what we look it up right now fourteen catches 174 yards I mean. That's nothing yet no production whatsoever but every single person. That I've talked to interact without social media about Robert Foster basically said he's always had tremendous talent and he's the taller Katie six to. You know he he should have any problem adjusting the that musicality of the NFL game hitting off press coverage all those little things you talk about. But he never was really put a situation where could succeeded Alabama simply because of the offense they ran. They didn't have a quarterback was gonna throw down the field and you know he was behind Calvin Wrigley so I mean that there's a lot of strikes against him as ours put up numbers. So we know you're very busy you're covering these practices you go on golf trips your throwing passes to your son trying not to her room at a did you have a chance to listen to us before you came on we're talking about our league re draft. The NHL yes football to audit that part I affect only the first half hour with the NHL so maybe you'll be thinking about this for the first time here. If the same thing were to happen you heard us talk about hockey to football and all the players in the league. Were available as free agents and you draft of the whole legal over again. Don't worry about their contracts but you are can to consider their ages who was the first player packed. In the entire NFL yup. Todd Gurley. Okay. Even even an arrow were running backs try to get slighted like this. You know I'm thinking fantasy stats Mike Latin like and that's probably why said that there and so but but if we're just talking real football and how running backs are used then your probably right it would probably shy away from may be taking running back. And I going to O'Neal brown maybe but I look at his age and I still think he has several good years of production left so probably be Antonio Brown I want that way. Actually might take early I mean I still the activities because he can be a weapon in the passing game as well. And that's you know that would be a big reason. At put a put them all their guys who can do it all from the running backs product equity put up there at the take on are we would be up now. But I I think it you know given what you just said is right so I would seriously consider saying I don't know about running back to Michael Antonio brown and that's. I'm trying to figure out who the best. Who's the youngest quarterback that's established enough. That I that I that I can count on is because there's you know there's that whole group of guys that have been are aging out and you don't wanna address someone that's that old. First overall to be if you re drafting the entire league. But a lot of young guys we were talking about whence it Watson both of those guys are coming off injuries right so like more like dude there. And I I ended up and about Russell Wilson and I haven't really thought of a better idea. Now I area and I think actually I don't think you can think like I can't that would take him I mean with his struggles rightly that would be the guy do you wanna take its interlocking he was ever thrown. Rather than a high school ball but I mean you know look at it I mean that's that I think that's the guy you might wanna take it in that situation that you can't even do that so. That's why I would shy away from. Quarterback as well like I said your additional question. I was thinking more fear that she's ready to think a lot about the quarterbacks. But even if I do think about them yeah maybe Russell Wilson might get to him. I wonder like I even thought about the defensive side of the ball at all public. Why are you were a championship is rob Miller the best pass rusher in the league still whom was that guys. Do you take JJ watt the first ever picks I'll injuries while I don't know the Dallas guy all the sacks last year. As I obviously the the right answer is crucial and it because he played across in but there are a lot of you know good second choice to hear you say Barkley that Barkley wouldn't win might. Shifted the conversation over to the NFL. The first name that popped in my head was partly because of age. And it went very quickly a team and bring back first team and what that's like it. If you think if you would consider Barkley or even girly for that. Then party of bang on the giants for picking. Write like writes. To me that's kind of the same yeah I think that would. Wanna make sure I didn't pick a running back but I don't know what I like MIT shared off shore or Jimmy or awful. Younger quarterbacks below were not coming off knee injuries yes I think I think out that I think about it look at all the teams. Our I think I would like to Jimmy Rob Lowe maybe jerk off can I get the rams coach if I get it right you're right off what if it. Coach image it maybe issued a statement coach of every trip to be entirely blocked a shot but I would bet I bet it is you who. I mean let's say you actually could do this and you come down with Goff rubble or you'd better have the coax right right but those are not guys that. Mean golf we sort of appropriateness that you would expect. From what you've seen to excel without a very good system and lots of talent. And you know maybe that's everybody. The legends are the ones who seem to transcend that right but agreed to use his forties he can take him. You know that wild card isn't all this I think would be a guy like Patrick Holmes yeah I think that there would be people who would say to jump on that guy but I guess I wanna see it like I. I read all the stuff and they did make a lot of moves that kind of put all their eggs in his basket maybe Reid is not done so I mean I I I trust that. But at the same time I wanna see it first. He tweeted about suggesting him Aaron bright rooms and and that's a bullet that's kind how you wanna do it. But yeah I mean you just you've got one game I want I want Beckham but. That's also got there's holes to poke in that and he's got an injury to with that matters. I think if you really did this new took Beckham who was it just the transcendent talent and his position. Then I go all the way around the league and I get my next turn in my picking first overall I guess that's the game. And then I'm picking first in the second round and I'm getting you know a good quarterback there by whatever sort of think about. Our excel questions for us. Hi. Coming up BC don't ask me every days and now I don't know when it might have yesterday and I get deep it is. How important is winning the AL east and Larry this because you have to avoid the one game playoff right very via. I agree I think if it's more important people realize because of those two teams and people might say. I had a conversation with some of the other day and they're like what are you worried about they're gonna make the playoffs anyway I'm like but I don't want yankees beat the one game playoff that's the problem. No it's big anything can happen you be favored at home against most teams you might have your race going if you're set up for it. Yeah out there and you don't have your race in the beginning of the next round even if you win so I think it's begged. All right thanks for the question. You're welcome thank you guys. So does it would sell again tomorrow is bills wrap up. There week of mandatory minicamp and they will be often told what we learned today the 26 of July is when they will lead off. Training camp at saint John Fisher College in Rochester cells appearance on the AT&T Allan without brought Cuba outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet. We'll talk some World Cup next the World Cup opens tomorrow and there are official odds on whether Ryan O'Reilly will open the season with the sabres you can about it. Hopefully more fantasy football coming your way shortly. See you tomorrow at three Mike Kelly of TS and talking NHL draft among our guests. Mike show for the bulldogs this is WGR. Devlin. Petrie.