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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 13th

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Skopje and I'll ski and the AT&T hotline. Scott of Yahoo! Sports and fantasy guru we talked to a lot last year Scott could be here again. That part of all I don't do all right doing all right I've got lots of questions in part because you know we're. We're getting says some fantasy season I guess it's still over the offseason until we get into the the depth of training camp bought. I'm for the first time ever going to be in a dynasty league and I've that done plotting a fantasy football and for anyone that might be I think this is the time of year or more people can think about changing their league if they if they want to. Maybe year and a league that is the yearly league and you meet with your friends and say maybe we should switch to dynasty so. Let's talk about dynasty leagues how how much different. Is the mindset for a dynasty league that starting out this isn't a rookie draft this isn't a free agent draft its brand new. Got a brand new league should I just draft pretty much like normal or should I be thinking differently with dynasty. I don't think it's a major difference I think the differences get over played sometimes when my. Objective is always to win in the current year. Or to be competitive in the current year and obviously you get really caught between two players and and one player's point for all players 28. I can TI that would. Frame your thinking if the players were literally tied in every other way but my goal in any kind of keeper Don T need to be good now and also. If you're starting at about it leaked this and I look for any fantasy football league ready eventually in general. Especially productively make sure you picture arch carefully because it seems like indicted the the weaker owners of the last engage donors have made Google bit too much power in what goes on and the quality of ownership in the continuity of ownership. Your year. Is much more important and it I league rather than seasonal where you know somebody that's not come back the next year to the company precaution really. But it's a much different thing indicted he's just make sure you're getting the right group of guys who all have a mature girls. Who have a connection to each other too but the best part. Where how do you how do you approach. Is there any sort of I'm an old tried and true method in Europe and your eyes should I be looking at a coach Sherri looking at a quarterback you know our our. Our bears players Morrissey now because they've young quarterback and young it would seem progressive coach and while this might not be. The year that they break out if you believe in the bearers you would elevate them a little bit. Whereas in the bills or anybody like that is sits is it Smart to follow quarterbacks around as Smart fellow coaches should I just believing Sean McVeigh. Because of what he's shown and a receiver on the the rams would have better value because that system works federal Todd girly or something like that. You have to believe in the quarterback GAAP to leave the system and if you were able to get on board with McVeigh. Early last year not now maybe some people are just the matter that kept it short compared it to that that's that had been overhauled. If you were able to figure out a way to map they improved their offensive line other added I progressive up and to coach who had done while Washington and Detroit heart sometimes you know. When this is successful allotment for example the new Bob Baer coach is from Indy Reid's. Team and offense that we don't work on the building we don't know exactly how much of their often Andy Reid how much it was was Nate either new haircut but still. If you got to the rams early you could've maybe gotten talked earliest sec I'll Packers under market is well a cricket that would have been YouTube nitpick a cop off waivers. Thinking OK illiquid seven games the rookie that is really symbolic of anything to you look at what teams who could be the next ran it. The mystery that still is some antibodies and have a breakthrough that the rams bit. What what offenses are better situation maybe that the coaching by the personal turned over you mention the virtual work great example that. And I'm also really interest it in Tennessee county had the old coaching staff a week and it's been overhauled. Forged a new offensive coach Eddie at the time we wanna see a different up with the voice talked to market Barry go to. Last year they took a rookie receiver and Corey Davis number fit number five pick overall hurt most of his rookie year much of it. Did score a touchdown until the playoffs yet to live their playoff loss to England so he showed up at the end of the season but. Here's a team that desperately needed to remodel an update. In the new coaches are going to be better but it just felt like maybe the older coaches that they're kind of of their last leg says there's medical coaches and we just need something new. Certainly what the around you last year I think maybe that bears. Or the titans have a chance if anybody can't even quote what grabbed the western and the mistake need to follow that to the hole. Definition but I think the titans the bears are two of the most intriguing teams that I wanna watch closely this summer to get a sense of weather up and had. Do you think there's any danger in just and I am one to do it too. In hears any danger in this or is it just the way the league is going to just all of a sudden believing younger coaches. And I believe that. The way we've seen. In the last I don't know like 1012 years we've seen more morphing of college football and NFL. Were used to be if you watch college football and you want to ultimately could totally different things they were horrible and export. But now we see. All the different concepts that work in college are used in college being used yes vote on the rule little bit different a lot of people but. Well Shawn Watson great but that run pass option in college but the rules a little bit different NFL maybe can't do it. I know what he didn't play that many games last year before he got hurt so he still kind of an unknown coming back for a major intrigue me. Nobody could be that good right but I'm a book that became more closer together. In the I think he's just been a boom look up and to design and enough offensive problems philosophy has changed significantly in the last few years. I think it though it young person's game awful book which. Her heart chopped out I mean these guys. Goes back you think you'll you'll get per meal sleep in the office that all the media demand them you know the you guys are great but in number of them didn't immediately or prepping but if the top coach. Touch opt out and I think it's young person out of me you know. Belichick is an exception maybe Pete Carroll exception but I would want to buy all the football team I would. The hoping to find that Sean McVeigh and take up have it be good for the next ten or fifteen years with somebody. At the peak of their career. Skopje now ski Yahoo! Sports fantasy on the AT&T hotline arts got so the new the rookies that are coming in this year for anyone doing a rookie draft. Sic on Barkley got all the nice things set about him with. Generational talent. The deal like Barkley the best of the running backs that are available as were as rookies. I do you know into the champ Apache or might be a special coach. Injured three people Bill Belichick regular rilya reputation went to Cleveland didn't do well the no knock down a peg or two with a reputation before he rebuilt it charmer with the Cleveland coach didn't really work out for him. You can Minnesota pictured in meat and often mean nobody thought. That case you know was going to be anything about an apple back up he was a Pro Bowl quarterback last year struck by really good pieces armour goes to the giants now in that Barkley you we saw. Well and actually made a big. Bounced back and then he would develop people talked about receivers being dominating the first round gold zero RB don't take about early last year the running back got their revenge and a lot of that is because for using somebody in the passing game that was a big part of curly resurgence two years ago David job that was. Challenging to be a thousand yard rusher and receiver is back this year let him go nose is a multi dimensional player. Even though there may be two thirds of records the league may have a couple tune in the backfield the teams that have the go to shady McCoy buffalo obviously captured run it. It is the dynamic player. And that's Philip partly. Which armor I mean we don't really like Eli Manning at the figures career but it back it was healthy. Opening remote that it terrific player last year and not really traditional tight on orbit Jumbo wide receiver. Match up problem I even shoppers as forethought of the dynamite I don't know what the lead and held back. But I'm excited about turn on excitable Barkley in part she's so dynamic as the past catcher and he can be. There aren't a ton of these back you know there's been upswing towards them in the last three years but the guys to condemn the field and all three downs. We got to stay on the field it achieved ahead or behind. The guys to catch the ball catcher on the plane all packages get the short touchdowns. Really valuable Barkley immediately slot but just in the first round you could conceivably take him in the middle of a first round of fed to drop. And yet if you're talking all situations one of the things I was looking at yesterday in my prep was. For fantasy purposes is snapped percentage it would seem to me that's as important as anything out there are all what what percentage of the time is he on the field. Sure yeah out and you know we're a day and age now where we have all or access the date even something that is granular like that percentages being on the field. Is important and then being on the field at all situation that you've got to really need to know that. The used to be with the running back by popular with the largest that you want a running back from winning team. Because that you'll be running the ball began into the public downhill carries against defenses that have been worn out or got beat up. But if a player is personal opted to be used a different packages and it maybe doesn't matter so much on. For twelve or bubble of a scheme because he may be playing in the area BB planning. On third down so that it's certainly how much you're on the field that your usage in those situations as well. It's something we have to pay attention to understanding that to a maybe two thirds the league is just gonna have to and anyway I mean not but it seems they're in the Super Bowl the hatred and the Eagles new bull using. Multiplayer. Put in their backfield on New England went totally input and dropped a first round running back company rarely do. So we have some new situation that it took rack up there with with New England there. Seahawks draft and a running back in the first round so. The new ground to cover with these teams but how much you're on the field how much opportunity as you're getting certainly major and he questioned that we always. I have to ask and reevaluate. How about age Skopje now skinny AT&T outline for receiver for example 29 years old. Antonio Brown you might be the best receiver in the game. Is the best receiver to take in a dynasty league it's just starting at 29 years old the age curve for receivers isn't quite where it is for running backs but. One would think that brown has a couple of years last question is how many. Yeah as you're not worried about being the season and I am I am not with brown. Public education in with Emmitt I think this sneaky part of Pittsburgh but they don't market about their drop or how much longer he wants to play in the mid thirties. He's a quarterback who rarely plays a full season they've done everything they can't legislate quarterback kicked out of the game. It's usually really safe bet that most yet quite sixteen games Roethlisberger. It whether you hold the ball too long overdue to contact sometimes I just wonder what stage of each Korea is gritty that'll be it is that they be dire that you not any situation may be but. At first round goes certainly than a mourners here are my 2018 board and I I still think multiple seasons ahead. In Toronto Ralph we know and love and and right now clearly separate I would not take Beckham over him out not include don't over him out about it Hopkins. Who was head it ought to last year it would not take him over brown. As long position Q and the first number specially with a receiver I will treat him he's still multiple year player a multiple year contributor are crowned its peak. And that would push him down my gosh people. Finally how about the idea of playing the long game. For a launching a league saying I'm gonna maybe I get heavy veterans Tom Brady and eight LeSean McCoy guys that are not gonna be keeper for a long time many get them on to try to win if I don't win I don't have any problem. Trading him away for future draft picks or maybe that's my goal all the all along is all older players. But I can trade for draft picks and playing the long game is it worth it in dynasty league to try and do something like that. If I wouldn't go into a league. Without my objective but it got put the value was like that he's doing it you get up keeping now if if you are a diet Jillian really you can't win. Then it becomes a load up the track make sure everybody knows major you have leverage. And be sure you make it known that you don't coverage available to don't take into. The about utopia about in the comes over half court to the first shot threes I mean try to work the ball get open and get a decent shot try to try to work the room a little bit but remember that. When you least hard you have the leverage you have the peace that made for somebody over the top nature nobody knows it's available. I've valued guy if the rule push it that way if if the rule ought to add in new startup Diana Dooley you do see people are just so. Insisted on taking rookies and young players that they leave up oil would be great cowboy up proven player. A guy that source I think alt left in the tank but you may be because he's on the team that isn't a problem. They won the Super Bowl favorite that may lower some of the profile quarterback situation is obviously up in the air right now we don't know how good overall offense will be I think the court could be god maybe not buffalo is people couldn't get him but I can typically be a good value model he's just because. He's been a about the shoddy need to anymore and he dot com shiny often necessarily a lot I've. The quote on quote boring but established veterans whether BC's Hillary dropped her or dynasty or the the guy wind up getting because they end up being out. Around around around a half discounted value depending on what pocket we're talking about the draft I think they beat excellent targets for fans and players. And for McCoy in my gets an added value and that you know the quarterback situation being uncertain they'll get a heavy load. And if you're in a PP our league we're getting points for reception or even if you're not mean he he was the number one receiver on the bills last year in addition to being the number one running back. Right and it ye you don't you don't have a lot of running back. Say that about who leads the featured part of the passing game as well but now look at the receivers on this roster right now I think why would she eighty beat a guy who has the most target shortly the most catches. By the end of season. Scott you announced yards out talking again closer to fantasy drafts for more people and we'll do it again during the other regular season is well on Thursday as good talked again thanks for joining. Old Fort Hood that have been me and I Yahoo! Sports is open for your credit to football need to go their mock draft at least set up and out of seven on year. All right Skopje announced you can follow him on Twitter it's Scott's underscore. Piano WS KI. Scott you know ski Yahoo! Sports.