06-15 Bills general manager Brandon Beane on One Bills Live


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Joseph be Joseph what's your idea in studio with us today he'll be here this until. 3 o'clock this afternoon to talk bills football and do some of the interviews with us today we got that Greg cosell from NFL films. Coming up at 1 o'clock today we have a special guest joining us in studio. As we speak happy to have the general manager of the Buffalo Bills. Brandon being in studio with a grin and welcomed the semi there you go this is doing yourself radio hello a couple of veteran thank everybody enough and seeing guys use medal with a time I'm meeting meeting today and I guess forecasting. Maybe looking back a little bit at the draft is that what you went. Yeah we cannot talk rack we even some questions were back some years ago it's what it's hard for years and and you know that we did homes in different areas whether freeze drafters seventeen. What did you think your Medicare. You know follows good the thing they came up bit in talking to the media was. I really felt that you know you can set a standard Seau made the playoffs were we can let off. I thought show on the coaches did a great job of setting. You know fast paced well organized tempo he's still got a lot of new people that were not here that don't understand the tempo and they came from colleges are different teams that may be don't. Do with the way we do it and you know and this like military is routine yet building guys up and and I was really impressed with how quick the coaches got. All 89 of those guys we have nine olina and those guys that were out there. Roland. In sync in getting the most of the time because it these rules limit how much time you can actually struck with a known field. I do yeah how much do you have to be wary this time of year fool's gold as compared to when you actually get to camp and things get a little bit more real because. You know just being in this job for however long that I haven't found them all look back has been great minicamp and and get to camp and it's like okay where did you a better. You got to remind yourself of the shorts and teachers and especially when trauma the linemen the running back the linebackers. Because just because the guys in position now in shorts and can hit him what's he do at the moment of truth and you know guys can you know do certain moves in pass rush moves are linemen can't do things because of the rules it's you know it's just it. It's limited contact word is it's not limiting contact once the pats well. My friend Chris Brown you know Chris mills and sort of goes back them up Brent but really interesting point that was earlier this week. About how difficult it must be in nobody's really said this you know coach chip. But it must be able to install new office and evaluate quarterbacks simultaneously and figure template used by it to be the case you think there are working through that. Yet. Yeah its it's probably not an ideal scenarios to. Have a senator battle and a quarterback battle all the same time it's you wanna be very strong up the middle in any sport I truly believe that. And so. That's not Nasr who we drew it up but you gotta play the hand you're dealt. And will all that said. I love the room of the quarterbacks those guys. Nathan was the only returning guy from teen years ago we brought AG and who'd been in Cincinnati. In then and Josh to the mix and while they've all competing you want guys competing they all wanna start. They all have support each other and I'm not you know I've been around where that rooms not always jive and and and really feel good about the dynamic in there. How much credit does. Right table for the two identical car accident yet recorder you know it's it's it's if it's a fun room to walk into and you go in there you gut. I receive Bryant. He's fortress usually in that room and he's in charge. The coach calling. He's been in this league a long time in Bahrain to read some good ones. And that was part of what Sean brought in here for and in he's got a veteran. Calmness that he's always constantly key here on the field you know Dave wells corner he's orchestrate everything. He's given those guys I heard yesterday Josh broke out of the pocket. And he can switch to Bosnia's ball security ball security just little things like that. That can be big things in games mean differently and lose and. But. Going back to that just kind of finding the fool's gold and what I said what what position I know you brought up a lineman what position can you get more of a true gauge. From in workouts like these cause I know it's difficult but what kind of transition a little better moment. I think the skills you know you conceive the movement of the corners and safeties. Receivers. And the quarterbacks. The running backs you know where they hit their target line. They read their blocks and then obviously aware of their hands look like and in the passing game. I think those are the ones you can get the closest. Engagement. Although it's a little bit of fools gold to your point. With Brendan being the bills general manager a couple of minutes with him out today to get our show go you make your receivers. I think Castro and I were talking earlier in the week about that group. An interesting group titles like an old. 1950s rock band Calvin in the question mark to sort of you know I think your because after governor Benjamin who knows who's gonna wind up playing knows who's gonna emerge when you get to a when you get the trinket. It's natural everybody's special people from the outside that don't know who the DNA of all these young man in that room. Her or who models among different names I know Calvin Mandarin but I don't know you know Jeremy currently as well and unfortunately he's a he's been hurt. Hope to get him back. You know close to camp starts if now camp starts and then. You got a lot of guys you know we drafted a couple of guys and Andre Holland and under Holmes return kind of pre was here for you we got a Brandon Reilly there's so many guys in there and they all have different skill sets they're all compete it's a really good room. We had a terror Robiskie on staff this year I think Terry is brawl. A really good father. Leadership mentor he was just an OC you know he's stuck right now so there's a lot of veteran experience that he brings he's been around guys he's coach Julio Jones and and others that are. Talented receivers. So it will settle at a people who are for names that sometimes. Gets his term from government. Sometimes to answers on your roster let that play out before you even you decide that names but what are looking for along with government to receive work you know five or six man group Q okay September. You want to verse you know you don't want all big guys you don't want all fast guys. You want different things because it's a match at least in you wanna give teams. A variety of things they have to game plan for if you have no speed in their stack the box on shady in those guys are not worry about. But if you don't have any size you're gonna get hurt when you're down in the red zone. And so we've tried to have a Nixon you know in that receiving plan is is some tight ends you know Charles play. Nick O'Leary. You know we got some guys piracy she eighties couldn't get the ball in different ways than just in the ball also. That's were you know Brian is really good he understands match at GC New England how they do it. Look at their receiving corps how many guys. Have they had that people were just raving about we see again twelve but there's a lot of different ways to put it together. And things can be a fun competition to see how it shakes out I don't know house shake out but. I think there's some guys that are viable that shows worth. What is the expectation for saying I know he's he's injured right now but when he comes back are you assuming that he immediately. Gets right back to where he was last year and in a starting role or or how wouldn't it how has what he did in his prior year impacted what. Europe's Euro look on him is in the future. You know first. One have to get him back in there he missed a lot of reps. This offseason unfortunately. And you know than the latest knee was really frustrating for him and you know for us too but. You have to deal with it and I think he's and a good mind you know mindset of talked and several times since. His most recent knee clean up and he's excited he's got new goals new motives and he's really done a great job. In the media. But we know it's still got to translate to the field and he has Tennessee's reps but he'll he'll jump in and have to earn. He's not just on national ago right to the top of the line he'll have to earn his way but part of out to be be just getting his field. He's only play when they competed. You know he has not got to play would Josh Allen or. AJ yes you know just that bond there will. Laughed form that he inherited ago when once kept its own you know I don't wanna put it. That he should be close and I can't say day one yeah but he's progressing well he's doing everything he's going to be here the whole summer we've got a great plan for him. Mind body spirit physically everything and I think he's in a great spot as I sit here today and looking forward to seeing him back there. With bring him being the bills general manager you mentioned strong up the middle and some of the offensive line issues going up. I find myself fascinated by John Miller story a guy who last year sort of lost his way it seemed. Right got knocked out of the starting lineup on around a theme is an active most of the second half of the season each Sunday. And now all of a sudden he's running with the ones did he change did the requirements change that the job change with that the new coaching staff with the new offensive coordinator. Yeah you know. Thing about John. You know for whatever reason it wasn't meshing well last year we John but. Johns come back with a here we have yet next to me to these guys and we just talked about what went right what went wrong. He was he's a competitor he was frustrated he wanted to play in he is starter early his you're. In so he came back in here. Refocused. And you know find her spot and I love his energy he's really you see ECB smile on his face like I got this I know what you're looking for. And I'm excited to see what he's gonna bring we get. He doesn't have to goes too far back to remember what it was like not just play but play pretty well moving in his second year he was regarded pretty. Yeah yeah I think he'll he'll assembly well and and I think he's done these had a really good offseason really offseason. And it was fun seeing the smile on his face out there like I'm backed him roll and then and I have no doubt that he'll show on camera at Roland. And feel good about them you know his opportunity to win that says that starting job Brent what's caught your eyes the most about what Josh has done the spurring. Mean nothing Josh has come and and he hasn't. Said I expect the starter I expect not to start he's just come and put his head down and he's followed directions of Brian Dave Ball coach Cawley and chew on and you know he's managed in the group. You see it if he wasn't matching those guys from the health and I've seen many times were agent concerns over there saying hey you should do this in this or this was your read here. And so I that first and foremost I love how he's come in here and just he's embraced earned the right to you know and competing every day. You know I was very aware his arm talent and I think others now see some things that we saw you know as we scouted him. But he's you know he's competitor. You look at the last play yesterday. Don't film's more and he throws that ball to Austin to finish it. And instead of just kind of walk off like I did it. He sprints down there and he was like the third guy even though he's the deepest Gabby and he was like the third guy. They got to Austin. In you saw him lying just. Like in this up and Joseph Shane I have this thing he cares like you see guys on motion you're not they're yours watching film and maybe some outside Houston that you like he cares. And so we Cadillac where watches more or like. He cares it's who did you catch when when he went I think he jumped with Austin polar you do roots at a moment I lost a lot of and I actually at eight tomorrow. That keep your feet on the ground when you can't please we have just on the show Monday this past week in. I asked him the question pretty routine question about. Even in the long run it Wyoming in the and you get ready for All Star Games and you're ready for mine and you do become my and you work with. From Jordan Palmer outlast. Andy come here it's that you probably look forward to a little with a break exit. Now on jones' what I like to do he says that its football your report seven that's what I wanna do this he says it's up for the Pope Oakland. I was lifelong dream to be you're working on Pope well every single day I was surprised that he's a sponge. He loves it he loves going in the year and they've all pull up. Plays that he ran an Alabama I was in their one day and Ian plays they run an Alabama. And then plays that. New England runs and they've all was there and he was making a call play like what's this what's in and not a hero took no well it's it's plays that he's taken over that he brought from Alabama or plays that. Maybe they ran in New England certain place you know he basically pull out some of the plays that match what Josh should know record and say our call this play is just he loves it was like they were playing jeopardy there is it was coolly he loves that he's embraced it. You know one other thing I thought about when John's question was. That day he threw a pick in two minute. And you know that can put people in the tank camera bag down and threw touchdown you know he did and that's what you want you're gonna get knocked down and things you're gonna happen. The good ones they know how to handle adversity and they rather troops are right last plating a well rough start over or make it right. They bring you're talking a minute ago about Zeta-Jones coming back from his injury and a guy who. A ports leading get to seed and all this spring Trent Murphy WB pre agent signings are you confident that when you get to give up that hill. Eventually be up and running and ready to go and ready to contribute on defense she's an emperor reason. Yes you know Trent. We probably took it very cautious with trip to be candid. May be even more cautious intro. He's a veteran he's played he understands he's very Smart he's in every meeting. He's been to an individual so he did everything other than those team periods and that. And while we would've loved Adam out there. We just felt the prudent decision was to. Knowing that you have a five week break are right these last 23 weeks that gives and 78 weeks if we don't rush out there. And just to make sure unity coming company CEO and you don't want any setbacks. In I have no doubt that he'll be you know be greater role once we get role. Now you you brought up earning the right with Josh. It a couple of instances where we saw maybe rookies didn't have to do that as much. True to excuse me for devious last year. And remain this year where they were both inserted into the starting lineup immediately what made those situations different than what Josh is going through. Well I think the quarterback position is always different beaches. You've got to know what every person is doing you got to know if some money's not lineups in my eyes on the ball is or eleven guys on the field. What's the protections. They're so it's such a vast. Ask of what the quarterback storm vs slotting somebody in in a receiver and cornerback and linebacker now. To remain you are the quarterback of the defense so he does have to know a lot. But we just thought let's throw him in the air and part of it is you know we had a hole there. Mean it can be honest opinion can be sure can fool anybody we we had that was a gaping hole. And a gaping need. That we had that. Had we not been known draftsman like Germain we were gonna have to work two to fill that spot so. That you may set a good job he's really come then I think the vets. In a really have embraced him. Taken that leadership role in their even as a young guy and the greens though and those guys put as the storm rademan schooled him up when things he could do better but. Kind of a trial by far for him and can't miss them. Now he's huge DC is helmet when he's in the Holy See is just a little bit higher there so. Aren't you knew starlet to Malaysia had him in Carolina. You can now for the list for five weeks and work out here are you getting what you expected to get the seat which we expect to see yet you know what's its stars are very quiet guy I mean in saline Carolina. But definitely knew he was he succumbed to work lunch pail type guy. He's very selfless. And I think the thing you'll see with star will we get the pads you know is. He loves to take on the double. And watcher Kyle Williams or Jerry Hughes or whoever it works to. Because he was a part of even though you know those guys are getting there Boone record of it you know in the stat book. He was a big part of that in he loves being that guy he did it with KK short. In Carolina. I can't Tammy towns topple key clean and Luke was like. And those two guys up front help mean enemy place. He's going to be a big part of what we do you may not Siemens stat book every day. But if you watch in India understand what goes on up front he'll be a big part of what do. Brandon what these. You know like this question. What do you need to do between now and training camp Euro roster would you see anything you like you think you're so. Like at this public to do this yet X you know six weeks down to a tree. Yeah you know were always looking we really are. We do have to try and hit to reset button here. So that we can go for the long all the seasons then. We haven't stopped yet this season is over it's it actually stepped on the gas after that game in Jacksonville. I'm so you know my staff is off but we're still plugged in through that all the technologies we haven't. Will still keep in what's out there but emotionally Kana. You know Deke press a little bit so there will be a lot of movement player wise. And with ninety guys almost rosters there's not a lot out there pretty candid but. Once we get into camp in games in goal and will be following guys in finding ways and things happen. Some team sees one a young guys playing well and they become willing to move on from a higher priced better and so. There's trade there's there's different things we you know we're gonna live to get better everywhere and there's not a certain position on site and we got a do X or why before we get last year when you've got to camp you were active you meet trees was that a one year anomaly here is happening in. You know we were probably. You know. Very active last year. Knowing what was come up with a draft and known that there it looked like a quarterback in the draft in and chance to get one but. Were always looking improve our roster. You know we're always looking to win today and went to more so if there's the right opportunity. To do something that helps us today and some more will always entertain and that there's not a I don't have a plan to say hey I wanna. You know trade for or trade two or three players. You know we'll just we'll see what comes to us you know as as August gets here. On your list of priorities for the next five or six weeks where do you put. Shaving your two handicap down to us at that lower net as add up there you're gonna play a lot. I am gonna play a lot. Looking forward to it if I need to get it down it is not accorded to. Yeah they were to actually gives I we played nine holes. Last week I was knew he he he played well yet. He's he knows the course where I know we played Kramer on you could yet he owns it who. It's being looked at Steve's handicap since he started working here five days a week yet it got lower then winless dolphins indicate a lower but what Manzi was over think things that happened last time. Greta thanks for this time with a today so will it will be around to see yet thank you ideas and some.