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Back with more of the investigators. With the Peters that Craig was. Welcome back to the as the gators enter Peters program bay and we are joined in on not in studio Marty's not here but Daryn Gregor live on Twitter aren't Twitter on now recall the State's tightly it drags on Skype TSN hockey insider. Darren Gregor joins us every Friday 1130 we'll just dive right into the conversation right now we're having. The hop and break up this girl over this Yasser now. For identity. And eyes closed the you respectfully answered me now. Them. Yeah I can't believe that you know. If it's true and I think we have to continue to stress that right I mean it's allegation. Prefer to order all that stuff but. You know pass my mom's fiance been officially found guilty and he had been there so. I'm willing to to attitude at least go on the side due diligence and wait process. If she's. Some help on guilty that I'd be surprised if the relationships. Hands but. Wilder things about but he. And if she's not found guilty okay. If she in any way has had a beef with Carlson's wife or created any kind of drama entity even act has Hagar and accusations like this. Stood on spla. Luck can and not that we sugar order will put a whole lot of stock in hearsay. But knowing you've gone. Other wives. Now. Most of them there are no longer part of the Ottawa Senators but you know shining again and you're suggesting that there's been this longstanding rift and you know air Carlson what I been victimized and all this process and it's sketchy but thankfully I think the hockey and weather and bodies tradable asset. Whether or not there's a market for my com and all of those things don't have to do well. It's going our place life. General burner counseling not even hurts. Well again. It. It is it's suspect this is an enemy you're talking about it and the allegation. The trust Yost and now it's not the Obama. Now it looks a little suspicious the information that's coming out of lesser count. I don't all of this account but you see he's very period each adult and perhaps some damaged neutral from within the Ottawa Senators let. Yeah I'll. All that stuff maybe it queens though given everything a Brian Michelangelo and his wife have recently been through the ice axes so. Maybe that's the new trend with multiple bird well I've got enough impostor accounts that don't need anymore. We are being joined on the line right now Skype with TS and hockey insider Darren Gregor he's that Daryn Gregor on Twitter. Let's talk about hockey let's talk about stuff that's actually a pretty quiet hockey. But I feel like you should've had a lot more noise and that's John taveras. A lot of speculation I've said it all year never thought he was staying but your tweets yesterday were you know kind of alluding to. They're negotiating and he sounds like he could be staying. Well no decision has been made let the work the focus is on. Negotiating. Amaral and the New York Islanders and you know given everything that Lou is invested in the daily conversations with that are eight actress on the last 23 weeks. The other number conversations that apparently lose the admiral is directly with. Suggests obviously that he in the islanders earned ousted. In extending beyond the bears who I'm with the islanders so you know knowing not. You know the term is going to be it's going to be your Macs moment. Lou admiral as a Smart executive he's going to know that money's going to have to be there as well and the fact that taveras is fully focused on negotiating with the islanders tell you. That he's heard enough from Lou that. He's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and at least get through this process but. The door on it leading officially been closed and you know the interview period opens up June 20 or June 20 up. The money after the drop in Dallas and you know I would suspect that if there's no deal with the islanders in the next number of days maybe even. Our two week from today rob one of the drop in Dallas. And maybe that we know kicks wide open to explore through the interview period but it seems more hopeful that these days with the islanders. OK so let's say that the first order of business. Getting John to Verisign. What is going to be the next order of business for Lou I'm morale or do you think it's. Try and obviously he's putting feelers out for. The coaches and stuff but. What's his next order business. I think you have to be it coaching staff. You know our. Excuse me he got a lead of hula girl. Is stuff. Dowling if not more interested in Perry drops than simply just inquiring. I'll buy you there's a process that they're frauds is willing to go through it the old Washington Capitals and you. Here in Washington that can break from the owners does because trust is going to get eight. What he's dessert that's going to be relatively big number so for me for the islanders. It's here Robson who else and you know there's been speculation DJ Smith. From the Toronto maple leaves shall we keep knows Lou admiral very very well he does on the call cop. I mean he appears ready to step in National Hockey League I'm not sure that. He'll get the chance with the New York islanders' coach and for me would be near the top priorities beyond October Lou. DJ Smith is very interesting. Drags I've not heard that name at. All obviously the assistant coach there in Toronto and I'll say this is what I've known from Lou and not even from playing with a just just you follow his his track record. He likes to to surround himself with people that he knows. Yeah not and you know Scott Stevens was another game. And to me it's a little too obvious. But the one that sticks out for me was it liberal address the media recently. Any talk about how it affects the culture right and that was and it. And with firing guards known is under fire coach Doug Weight was pretty popular. Among players understand soul. What about the culture trying to fix it and you don't land gardener maybe you bring in Scott Stevens used. You noted for being are sent maybe he cleans things up for a year or two. And gets you back on track and that's his while speculate on why are you think yet you know they might go deeper than that but he adds if you sign you get on birds extended. I I think that John Cougar salute you want to influence or pull in plug EE he's gonna how some conversation and who that coach. Gates amazingly just said that because my the next question coming out of my mouth and if you're just tuning and Darren Gregor joining us on. On Skype here on WGR 550 and MSG these theaters every Friday 1130. Is will have will John taveras have. Any influence and say on the coach I mean a star player like that he's going to do if he could go to free agency. And garner out contract maybe that he wants he has to be able to say if I'm gonna stay I wanna has some say. And that's very unlike Lou by the way to to operate like that. I need a lot I don't know that it would be as cut and dry. Immediately suggest because of the experience salute admiral. I mean this guy NC very often I don't think Eddie. He needs the Sinai heart I know he doesn't water heaters are from a player but could he be influenced I don't believe that. Yes on the conversations that they. You know have to be beyond player person what is what do you think of that goalie. You know it would make sense to me that they would extend into coaching and if it's not a direct conversation with our. I think that there be some dialogue. All right so let's get you some odd trade speculation. Obviously the sabres Ryan Reilly number two on the trade bait list. Wondering what you heard about O'Reilly and us sabres obviously starting to make some moves yesterday wondering if you hearing anything on the trade front. I'm not a lot harder then obviously the most popular player among the ball close neighbors from what matters is so. I think he calls continue to come in decent water. He's an old Russian expectation is that the interests and perhaps the aggressiveness of those teams most generous. In the days ahead leading up to Dallas. I guess of fire and and the Buffalo Sabres that you guys wearing an astute. My concern would be. Are are you really willing to weak in the middle of the acts and he's he's metals that ready to beat a number twos are. Behind act like if the answer to that is yes you think he's ready to take on that responsibility. Then maybe the outfits are turning your going to get right it's all the trigger on it feel like outlet. I gotta think that there's at least some apprehension from well. To make a deal unless it's perfect meal for that reason is there any talk about buffalo on Montreal. Not a lot. Have to be fair but you know we know the needs of Canadians are and yeah. I gotta think that they would love to get their hands on. Cost. Markers out as pretty aggressive last year in net moving a good young defenseman of the tap in liking in exchange for Motorola. I still you know that trade doesn't look good today. But I think with the right sentiment in Montreal with Johnson grew that he's going to be a very productive player so. Eat it would makes a lot of sense to me and markers that would be pretty eager to be one of those general managers in on Riley. Daryn to drag your joining us on the ice gators right now he's at Darren Gregor on Twitter TS and hockey insider. Is buffalo likely landing spot maybe for Ilya Kovalchuk. Governor buffalo is being keenly interested to be costs. Others there's a number of teams and and a list is growing at a gut. The other at least double digit tire kickers to be sure and there's a group of more series teams and that includes the likes of the Los Angeles Kings this Jose sharks. The Boston Bruins believe that are not Don Sweeney is looking to be pretty active. And he's had that at least a couple of conversations with the illegal drugs agent. About that possibility against the fit would be the replacement right now after they acquired at the tree line. Is laws determines right and it seems more likely than not optical track is going to commit. At least two years. So we'll see which direction Boston moves and you know I know that their teams calling it great here as well and the Bruins would like to move back this. I I I think there again a little reluctant to consider trading David Ritchie but. Every player is a price states I think we need to look at dawn Sweeney GM of the Bruins as being perhaps team and it GM who could be very active in the days ahead. Dregs. Bio two window was opened. Today. Two part question. Any thoughts on what to buffalo is gonna do with what they have yet gates embark true obviously wants to make some changes to this line up. Do you see any of the sabres being bought out. And the second part is. Are there any other players that are going to be by the code is Milan Lucic did lot of talk about him either being traded or bought out. Are there any big names that you could he being bought out. Unknown. On the floor for a but it's still relatively early in the name that I was zero early this morning. A decent bets that the Dallas Stars believe Dallas come out to say they're not going to do. On soul you know perhaps they're looking for. You know bit more time he's spent explore a trade opportunity I'm not sure they're out hurt his game out there. As far as we La Lucci should mean not curious and I I think entities would do welcome yet another rest our soul. There's an opportunity there but. That's. Hefty contract obviously it's thirty million still blowing that six million per now if he gets is getting knocked. Beat trimmed up his weight maybe adds a bit horse he was gamely she definitely needs and there might be team that might but. I cannot be packaged deal where you now take on. Back on track to make it work but beyond that specific the bio. Nothing really hungry. Darren Gregor joining us on the phone right now on Skype investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty if you wanna follow him on Twitter he's at Darren Gregor join the millions of people that already do. The last question I wanna askew is our in regard to the draft have you heard any rumblings about teams that might wanna move out of there. First round draft spot or anything like that there was an article somewhere about Detroit. Yeah maybe there's been speculation around Vancouver. I you know I mentioned Spezza and Dallas stars and a couple of minutes and back. Excuse me I look at that Dallas. A team that. It definitely is is interested in making its last year lowered down middle of the pack the first round. So maybe Jim Hill will do something yet to move up baby blues down as part of a packet that historically the host club always likes to do something so pretty keep an eye on the Dallas stars and a lot of teams. Always the week before the Oprah. There's the rumblings of this teen gang in this the law that it in the opt and it doesn't happen very often well. I don't that was the light changed and talk on maybe. They get to all depends on you know and a number of factors including what's going on and on law we end the conversation where we started. Yeah the Ottawa Senators from drop perspective. In all the movement being go on could be triggered team and all. Yeah I don't they have to decide whether there keeping this pick or. Taking next year's. Now I think they've already declared they're gonna keep it this year just like yeah highlight of where they're picking you know it's it's too good of a player. So you and I because it really aren't accurate I'd real sorry for are you a potentially picking. To chuck. Yeah I mean you'd potentially you know city has another player you know obviously depends. On what those ahead of the Ottawa Senators are are thinking but. Yeah I. I I'm not sure it's a bad move to hold on that because you're obviously likely he's in this for and there's some danger going chasing one player and now one player course would be Jack Hughes next year he's L hockey player no question about god. You need to determine number one in the 2019. Dropped it is no guarantee Ottawa can win now lottery and we knew defer that pick your basically telling your boundaries that you're going to be lousy for at least a year. Do we get to have you on sat with us on Friday in Dallas. All love 30 in the morning. Yeah. He's I think Reagan did that'd be amazing we're going to be in Dallas strays we would love to have you right there with us if you argument that time. Good lawyers.