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Inside High School Sports
Saturday, June 16th

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GR. Why maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly hearing brought to you by mighty taco my entire school. Would go great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by gender lines you can. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced in our view. Good morning welcome inside high school sports on euros Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf Roger Weis. Francis back and temperance here for awful Western New York athletics. Good morning guys take in morning Mona and you doll thank you Roger. Frank Roger. What we're doing it and Francis what were we doing this date last year. June 16. 2070. Yes we were all together. Is that well we're just talking up before repayment exactly where the prices game. I'll wolf insurance. Had suite at the buys his game. And we had a great time in Asia and owners who who dat is that FaceBook you get the memories thing and it was hard to say the pictures. Of the game and as I've brought a couple of friends of mine. And I saw a picture of the fireworks and when is. Shipped and what's the other mascot was a buster was blue cheese. Not knowing what I wanna mess deaths order applies in Europe more Oscar buzz and soon it's not buster buys. It was chipped in I don't know what it wasn't buster as sort of picture of the kids with that they've thought that was great course Nicklaus liked all the chicken wings and hot dogs that he can be eaten. He was asked me do you perceive doing. I don't know medical and find out. July 6 July 6 it's actually W and one last night the ballpark. Nice flow will have some fronts of W one Netflix will be out there are some award winners throughout the year. Course when you sequester issues artwork and for greatly annoyed Xiamen reformat. Are there are fireworks to. Usually isn't is another thing going on that night. Forgot what was they called had Snyder's dad's an aunt or Britain go wrong called. Let me vote beer is the best he's got that call had guaranteed. Get a warm beer from me and you drink it for Rudy. I'm sure why I'm since 1980. I felt it yeah he was Eagles react. Last year maybe to Iraq I'll write and dealer is remembered. There was a foul ball it landed in mortal landed on him if we did their bad call that time. And I mean I was higher up and things and I heard that noise when that ball hit bad call and I don't think I was that they took. Everybody smile. He has been doing this for literally. Thirty plus years old tires down to probably one or two cases back in the day using -- three and Warren. Using the man begged him and only. They cut me reference off that spices keep appointments. It's legendary legendary indeed. I happy Father's Day to all the dads out there tomorrow Gerrard is your day so you'll get your tie and you do your hero bag of popcorn pleasure pops over although there those who was warming outlast your rock dead rocks hill. Meanwhile Bob gets you onto BMW. I. Everything venerated I was running for my mirror every morning and left it about her dad did exactly. You know we're still supposed to go out there cut the lawn into everything else that we do. So happy Father's Day to all the dads out there of thank you for all that you do for your kids involved in sports really appreciated. Guys today we're gonna kinda give in to you know owners you're all western new year western York athletics are all star baseball team. What do you guys call it now all WNY. Eight cars at launch and ask you a line question in our. Frank here that she has she's on this guy. Nobody died in a different conference on this he's done an incredible job ball with spring Clinton you know recaps you know with. Guys at three hits and win game four RBIs. Accelerators have time that an exceptional job only. I just want an all we had news and notes on our rush. Yeah at a couple things. Besides garbage plate. Yeah I had won and went home they were off today here in town yesterday no hall. Anyway again three three things on hammering out number one knows prep talk announcer athletes of the year. Coal athletes of the year for the boys. Met Meyer and Justin Johnson from Washington Michael wise. Girls athlete and Oprah talking athlete of the year is Caleb blasts from sacred heart. She plays field hockey ice tacky and lacrosse. She is going to north western war. Feel cranky. Have a little problem what this. My contention is if they can hamper a Cole players of the year no boys why can't they have written a girl's. Because there's a most deserving young lady from Concord High School her name is annaly Hamlin. Pitt loses she's now a three sport star of the good news is she's a four sport star at. Dunkirk. Her third spore if you wanna call it is soccer. I'm sure there's a lot of College Soccer coaches that would love there for a team she runs indoor track. She went to the stage for an outdoor track and I jump. General she made his in the states in this brand. And outdoor track she made it to this not only made it to the states. As we speak she is in North Carolina in the third in nationals provide job. And not. And we can you guess which of those sports sites you doing college now none of the above. She's going to the University of Tennessee took place off. So she's at our sport athlete that. Arianna you vote was the first mortal indoor and outdoor attack completed two different story as soccer insult so I thought she played basketball too. Known how well you've probably could if you want to do it she's like those that really show off if you decide who show up or drop. Try announced Monday for basketball if the girls were probably breaker like Susie notional make the team and hired me. Now the oh by the way I soldiers Tennessee so have a little problem would there are wildly never show. I I hate can see why they did that for Wes on the west. They are on the same day is cool yeah I mean mad did a tremendous job in football they both won a state football terrible man took his. They ask is hockey team he was a catalyst on the Nike team they went all the way to honor understate finals and Justin. Venus is off fantastic round notre terrible hurt all on for player of the year. Yes I can see why they did that I am and I don't you marry definitely agri if you did it for them to do your hand one hand. You know and it's a blogger mine and I cannot prove this button. You know that's the other chair small school. Does that give the law that I feel they deserve Elena had just hit the nail on the head. OK also. Speaking of track and cross country a year ago in a couple of girls graduated from mine and iron Anthony. Danielle and Gabrielle Lorie and at the Ivy League guy championship to interact this year Danielle finished second a five K and second and ten K. And which is Tanguay was the first race she'd ever roll ran. First ten K ever. Her sister. Ali took third and out 3000. Steeplechase. And then two hours later takes third place and a five okay. I really champions all by the way Danielle. Academic all American four point all that's outstanding that's crazy both of them ran in the NCAA regional. And by the way Internet teammates. Pena goes of the University of Pennsylvania. Gabriel goes to Cornell in how crazy is that. Just. Again anger out. Graduates a year pass. Good on track and field and cross country program and our. In college we never give them an outlawed acknowledgment. Finally softball. I just wanna say. Sections six girls softball is still these court. One state champion one runner up to other DeDe facto runner ups because that team and eliminate them went on to win the state championship. Period graduation is a mission talk law. Ladies seabirds thunderbirds. And no one I really feel bad about Anthony is Lancaster high school. They lost the Victor three you know Warren. Basically and a swinging what turned out the real swinging bunt where they couldn't get the force play at home plate. Stricter Roseanne the way the state championship. That could have been Lancaster were not a simple. Come back as to recuperate at least eight. It's true that. Well let's talk about broke it up decades if not the place you want to ivory get a tie in any way out congratulations. On our softball players. And at a good time. Down there and it Borough Park himself Oakland's balls and of course. Topped it off on the way home was NG pretty pain bring me one as Jai and all. Have you here's write your blog posts and it is an audience for any which means grave. Or France's vineyards only then that he would be richer when that dog would whose brother. I hate them I can't make them I did very matched up in the best for your brother Marty talk. Room with. That is tough room in here fresh issue at track. Information forest willing key CA's you know it's kind of sad day that Swanee sixteen Tony seventeen years officially over last weekend. It's not as nearly two softball and track and baseball championships. And her list. He's 172018. And no that's next year I'll wait all year. Huntley and oh. Gerald dude I am and doing really yeah. They have try to forget 2008 team. One year old timers like mark Allen now works hard or not you don't drink my body. So we had three he's obviously Ryder said Ian that's a top relate softball on their first date title in school history and track we had two state titles to. Cheektowaga is Jalen mosque. Won the division to you all hundred meter dash with each file with the time of twelve point 31 seconds. And then link casters on Sergey one poll the public school and federation meets. He won the federation title the throw sixty feet eight point 25 inches in the shot put. Cool other notables orchard parking your can return. Police second in the division 1200 meter relay her 200 meter dash in 400 meter dash. Speaking of Lancaster read some more signings. It's beat him Lancaster softball. Many perhaps he is going to be on a saint John Fisher and Olivier can can is going to UB. And in from sweet home. We have signings from Jordan jets how she can nieces and Mathewson an Alley to our ET for swimming. And then in field hockey any of the commitment firm Reilly crawler sweet home she'll be playing division one Saint Francis. That's pretty cool slaughtered about scholarship part that's neat. Our guys skated it oh did you have anything real that's real fast or good buddy Jim turning the medium bouncing Mary sent these along. They got some camps coming up one for lacrosse. Basketball volleyball. And this one caught my journalism. Mount Saint Mary's they got all these different camps coming up for other number 71687713. 58. Fear of what you're planning on attending mount Saint Mary's or not. Still even attend these camps and their fun and they're very affordable in the McCall across basketball volleyball and in this journalism one really prequel. That's neat to know coaches and a mountain. Soccer anything Massa the former coach from and trip is now diversity coach of the lady thunder is that the league and it's sizzling under just the thunder okay. And under their arms argument flashback and Joseph Cahill on how is the cross country while it means sounds familiar ever heard of it. And I can say amounts they are there is a blunder and the coach came from Niagara. And entrapment and trips and all the thunder and under his unit to change in the long Carolina brings a lightning. Oh. And yeah. I'd start this all over the and I just couldn't cash in your Marty well. At least you're grown when frank as a matter of law. I would have done a unit called secure a look at Fred have this man removed the prince's got off the Romans that yeah in general like. That attacks us exactly what. REE news I titled the facts of breaking news. We're going to breakfast and just ahead three makes it. No he was old attitude he's calling me like it. Nine when he after I told me for breakfast already polar Renwick always look for your disease of the and that that we walked in the GR. And you guys had to think for sandy yesterday figures is coming to buffalo is a great show when I was a lot was caught on. Listening to Joey Reynolds was then and a huge tax law calls then in effect that you heated and Margaret are you kidding me. Any never was and Jerry Rio. Phil Arnold from WB BC two it was in. And Mike Randle came in opera channel seven an. So I DVR edit to you know but I was I'm at 7 o'clock in my kids are and there are. They come up to the scene where Mike says and you know Tony challengers and produces sandy you know for a long time and my daughter yells as. Massive screen it's. Or she went how could she was all parties but thanks to Margaret we have a lot of fun a lot of food yet we have a lot of food based illegal Apollo is ours. Food up there I'll Olson's bakery. Well how much time in the break went beyond repair now. But we had a great time and it was celebrated fifty years. A scene to being on the years that in buffalo started in TB. 1968. Games where for TV. Rate here WGR. 12 point 51 gulf war. I think that's yes and that's in the second stint with KB. That I got to be a part of several years ago and that was that was great the fact that I've. This fifty years I've been with him for 21 of those years as long time. That this is Sammy had caught bits and pieces of the one question. I am blah. It was all outlay kennel but our hiring of the end junior or he might have been added challenge for. That was what portal for the team that sandy put together with Susan hunt. I DN junior. And I think Darren. Also. Yeah well Darren was lower than better actor Darren is a day ahead though Olney foot wasn't. And the manner. Did you hear what he's about to take it yeah I accept the assignment at a town may have been I Steiner and you know it's. There was much of that show there was a lot recorded yesterday. Errol as you can go to whoever you are real help available at WB yet I just I might do their actions seems to me and played over SEC's history can stand junior now it would be so you or go all first responders yes yeah yes days to a what while really doing a good job. Very impressive. You sit there and and like I'll look across an Aussie these guys that compete to win and Robin nobles what these legends. And it blows right my eagle in in the big before improper for the show are going on YouTube and finding a Jordan Reynolds give anybody out there might get a lot of young listeners out there you have no idea. How huge TV radio was back in the day the most powerful station in the country. Home to the god father of rock and roll a Georgetown dog friends who's actually. He started rock and roll and and KB in just these. They history behind it is absolutely amazing story so I was going through YouTube and I frank Joel Reynolds being sought Frankie Beverly. Horse he's recorded it are you kidding me you don't one of the top at musical acts in the country recording an on air personalities sting song. And that's a bit. They worked surely Al powerful you know there's not good enough. When I got to went into the military that was march's 67. I took my. Basic training at Fort Benning Georgia and I want to operate advance infantry training out at Fort Lewis Washington. And don't ask me how I ended up out there a bunch of on national guards or do owners six months active duty were and it. Fort Lewis Washington they were from Maine and Massachusetts. And is whose research rocket where your from price at Buffalo, New York. An eagle all my dad WK BW radio this is up in Maine I guess the whole East Coast as a big capable of fifty. Thousand watt station. That's a jolt yeah I mean did they have heard reports of Vietnam guys in Vietnam we're listening to keep the that's how he'll at night and everybody else has the power about a 150000 watt signal. Travels the globe it's and he's earned. Yes and I'll tell you when I lived in Maryland. Back in 07 I mean don't again it would proves I've Annapolis towards DC and I get on the if that was the 495. Yes. I could tune in to sabres games. I can hear generate it and Lawrence calling savers schemes clear as day. Home gone the rounds this. Yeah I I went I don't know anyways I'm net no we're taking a break when we come back we're gonna go to Tom prince or not. Breakdown now some of the best players in in. You know high school baseball. But I have a question or they can Uga clubs on there. The legacy Geovany abs of dialogue on there maybe Carson Smith or Connor more so than nothing and it could be some honorable mentions. We'll just we'll see I will be back with more you'll listen inside high school sports and WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back what's inside high school sports Tony Killinger frank. Roger wise flexes back and top French Western New York athletics. Right time he's seen a lot of baseball this past year allows home recuperating Euro there. Catching all the games are you got you really dialed into the top players in western new York and now. You've put together your list some of the best. I don't know how you want to our delivery gold second team first refers to whatever you however we you wanna. Do this lay down some names for us tell us who are the top players in Washington New York. I've done three teams I know the bomb Buffalo News those two teams but I've done three teams you remember there is almost a hundred schools that we're talking about. That are giving kids into the into these all Western New York tight tees right. So a hundred schools think about it there's just one good player and each team. Hundred kids compete for these spots and listen. A lot of these teams have more than one good player on these teams are assuring look at all or will east and Mary outing c'mon it appeared anxious exactly so there's no doubt. Bomb so how I got to kick it off is let's start up quite game player of the year. Coach of the year in the mogul from first team right now store aren't so player of the year let's start it off. Cole O'Connor seat Francis is who are player of the year is gone and our coal Connor 610. Batting average in the monsignor Martin division. I've watched him play in regular season as well as got a chance to see him play in the playoffs. Unbelievable back. Definitely. We should be our player of the year. When Taylor mentioned you know a lot of people don't realize it. My senior murder now on to use aluminum bat right. What and that's and they won Georgetown cup title they stop seeing Jones up no doubt a night it there's just. Seen him play this year was just you can just see with someone who stepped up was unbelievable. On will be division one players this year. I'd definitely via wood which I thought was the players that took the ones that. Cherry. Coach of the year. We've talked about a couple times this year definitely took it ski. That we didn't think was even going to be one of the top teams competing in the area and was probably part of some of the most memorable games we've seen in Western New York. Apple we need a coach of the year Jeff Ulbrich Danica at. So. But I guess Danica blasts was. So definitely I mean what that that team did this year was just unbelievable and you can just see something. The way that team came together the way they came out a double play they had some big wins in the double A conference and come down. To beat teams like Grand Island and Hamburg in the playoffs was just an unbelievable Ron. And someone that you had to recognize. Are you sure Pinochet has some mega power points playing off. Kids six points six power points for every win in their division games and alana because there clash say school playing a class double A schedule basically. Om and still didn't have the best ranking mean to 888 K now with a very low ranked guild win some close games. So no doubt about it. So let's talk about now hard to our team won. From people do is I'm just going to awesome stats I do not do it is a specific amount pitchers a specific amount outfielders a specific amount infielders. I believe we're just gonna pull it the best statistical. People that are out there. Ought to be on the first tee so you got 421 baseman so be so Libya because they were the ones that did the one thing that all of them deal is it all. As a matter whether your first baseman catcher at third baseman Aaron all have to. The cash hornets are somewhat important and I thank you. Isn't so let's start no particular order okay so this is no particular let's start off we've only had. Dylan Vincent with a 586. Batting average this year another odd division one commit. Unbelievable year had a great year last year and again another great year this year. I'm so our first one to be recognized on team one. Second one we'd like I'd like to recognize from lake shore John Wilson finds sixty batting average you heard me talk on the show. Probably the hottest hitter in Western New York. During the season. Got a chance to see him play against the iroquois. Watch him go three for four in the year quite game saw him on a more tight game hit streak was an unbelievable that this season deserves to be team won. And bearing in mind when you say a batting average 560 you can imagine what they're on base percentages rock so. Up because there are times see how do people often and and your relatives are courses 7:50 am gonna members and don't. Now we're gonna pitching staff we're gonna go John boss over to appeal. Eight listen this Sierra point 496. ER LA. Unbelievable. Season and he had offered to pew this year so that's 101. Runner re eighteen innings he got it. He's got it. Now the next hole we're gonna also do. This person. Is. One of the leaders of Lan cast are maxed your Donell. 85483. ERA in 29 innings another fantastic. Job. Op I pitcher that was out there and as well as somebody who hit just shy of 400 this year through. Next one now we're gonna go over to monsignor Martin NC Joe's. Will car alone a one point 56 ERA end eight were 44 batting average monsignor Martin division. Unbelievable statistics and in another player you're gonna see that division one. Next one also from the monsignor Martin from Tunisia this Jack Collins. Licences that. 55. Strikeouts in thirty innings. Almost two strike counts it didn't he had hit 87 on the gun is digging you this year. Unbelievable will be going to SUNY Binghamton this year is also more efforts teams. Man it's Sony's. Next we got here coming from Roy Hart. Shake up running one of the leaders of the team. That was for Roy Hartnett are on their team to the semifinals at state championships. 81 point 27 ERA in 49 innings. And then oh by the way look also at 438 batting average. So again you can talk about being here is a pitcher and hitter unbelievable statistics but you talk about it humble player that was out there. The next hole which will be good socket not not too many people heard this name. Comment from Springdale. Dan Robertson. 8508. Batting average I got a chance to see this kid play I got a chance to see him play after he had just I'm Nicole lapin for eleven. In straight three straight games they've gone eleven for eleven I watched the last freeware he had gone three separate. Unbelievable hits also was one shortstop for spring bell also went to the mound it was one of his top pitchers on the mound this year. Definitely somebody that people do not nor bow and deserves to be recognized on a first team. The next one comes from Orchard Park. Thomas seven is the one you've heard me talk about the Georgia transferred Thomas Edwards at Evans eighth ward 93 batting average. Is out what he finished with for Orchard Park this year. Again. A great job great season for Thomas Evans. The next one we need everybody will recognize. Our drag out one of our traps. That got trapped about a Major League Baseball. Charles Mac friendly as well east. Who while winning 475 batting average this year with five home runs. Unbelievable back no doubt the future's going to be break can't wait to see what he's gonna accomplish. The next grand infielder to upgrade no doubt about it. You off and is he made the decision is gonna go to college you're signed. I don't bomb. If already give you my gut I mean I I'll be shocked if prices and signs is because it's so early in the draft. But I'm giving you my god made me play Canada. And I think I have heard that well it's actually makes more sense because of the signing bonus you get to go to the pros first and for the guys who choose go to college he actually lose leverage when they get slack this is what I've heard from people so. Paul shares is there anyone here and callous they won't probably will act Kamal what the numbers and they came up with a high school do these. Because if they don't and they go to accounts they go back in the draft the following here doing that and each of us successive year. I don't think is the sick the media here after I think it's a couple. If I am a look at 10 OK let's continue. Next one we're gonna go back to Lancaster again they're catcher Ryan Boise. Hot on believable season I think every time I covered a Lancaster game he either had a winning hit. Had a hit that was to tie the game. Hit that was the blow the game open was unbelievable. Stacked team I think team that was exactly what stack to boo. On UV and solve wanna put down he was player of the game at the at this sectional championships purses of at least he saw them social media came out it was. This should be player of the year this should be a candidate for the player of the year. I meet people realize the season he hadn't absolutely deserves to be first team. The last two come from her own. I listen to grace where I want to hear some of these that's ready for this one. Century here from for going off I 74 batting average ready for this whole line. 697. Lead batting average. Almost hit 700 and is in league games. That's like softball numbers. On believable and then the pitcher also preferred all you'd terror Walters. 41 innings. Right I ate only gave up three earned runs 67. Strikeouts up 451. ERA. Closet no matter. Or. Acknowledged that got to argue how they hate her that's no surprise there amazing you can see exactly why this was such a strong team to be a fairly on team one. And this stacks do now lies what these kids did and they do this every year by the way oh no doubt I mean we saw last year. There wasn't an average under 500 last year to me team won. And same thing happens again here from YouTube but to see that the couple letter below we'd be able 500 average or by the way mixed in some pitching with a unbelievably Harry. Boot to this town half hearted I guess you're going to play out they lost the first round at the the next and it's sucks is that there. Over dated when the section yes so obviously against lankans who would be baseball slash capital. Although she softball capital of Western New York this year because it will only Roger they went four for four in the spring. Baseball softball boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse they are safe outside gas to save face Lancaster had what they re sweet wells breast cancer every year or girls were brought to go around saying I mean yes they did have been handed to home by. Front here early and you're what frontier was on down the class a therefore. You know Julie who cheer your friend from law of the you know the legends. Now it's automatic just about for Lancaster and congratulations. And legends. Unbelievable season just stories this evening we're talking about the what's article story. Right is the story every year it seems like one or two schools will have that magic here where they're just clean it up and in all sports oh. It was pretty cool to see mister Griffin and year and I Grassley should mention now Roy here to. All in Atlanta says his name is softball and baseball. In the guy from Victor by the way not to take anywhere from Lancaster. There coat. Also won a state title. Hockey. In music memories for a mainstream and you know your time to eat all these image anger can more wise guy given plaudits to account Maurice. For an all cash more doesn't it that the so hey John how frank I'll get this plug in next Saturday twelve neutrality camera still remembers Kim raced alumni if there mckinny's loses France's develop reports of some studio and we why now agreed to. I tell you what can east may have lit a fire under a that's all I'm relieve the rate in let's leave it rate there you might want to catch this team. We're gonna take a break we'll come back tumble finish off in and talk Ross morrow players from when a great year. In a high school baseball don't forget sports talk Saturday follows us at 11 o'clock keep a race here. A WGR Sports Radio 550. That's what shall. Trying to figure this one how deep. And a familiar with the act like there are apparently back on Friday are okay. There are not familiar with them. All right we're back one last segment and sat high school sports once again have to file has stayed while the pops out there. Who do such a great job be involved in your art children's sports teams in. The sense that dance to step dance to father they punish those. Father figures are is that better. Little and other would be technical us aren't won an open letter to. Go back to hurt our work for me. Pictures of its sister Deborah. Our rates outlets British are talking about us from the players there. So that we are went to team won let's go already on the team to get things. Sean McKinney from block port 491 batting average this year saw him play wild when big free unbelievable that are. I'm definitely somebody you're gonna see the next level. Alex uliassi Joe's wore 46 batting average 25 hits twenty runs twenty RBIs eight doubles three triples in his 695 slugging percent and a partridge in the pear tree hold on power and I would brands you know. Now another name which do you recognize from last year's one of our top players comes back to teach you and John Bender from Wilson upwards and Z batting average. Next the comes from Lancaster name all of you won't recognize Ryan man's cell with a one point 27 ERA in 29 in the news Donna Brock for right now. Next one from star point. Jill pillows so. Final record one point 89 ERA 42 strikeouts in 33 point one innings unbelievable season that got him to see him pitch to. Odd in the sectional Corey season he had. Next one comes from Roy Hart Charley brining. And that's an EU is the brother Jake up there Charlie airport 32 batting average and a 2.4 four ERA and 37 and and 37 innings pitched. My car and from C Francis unbelievable season saw him pitch head to head against Jack Collins in the in the monsignor Martin playoffs. Did a fantastic job this year or no with a one point 75 ERA. Michael Bryant from Clarence our next 18 for sixty batting average ended EC EIC one division of great season from him. Zach club plant from Ken Warwick last before 84 batting average this year another great season. The next CBO last week and other brother brother combo jolt Mac Williams Middle East with a 483 batting out. Rich. He's like a sophomore. You know the bomb. Freshman is where it is what he has. Especially young players out there that you have to him I know we'll have a sister in between have rallies what is bad losers two Brothers. So here's a name most that you have not heard coming from your point Tyler Burt. Thirteen batting average. On also known for golf. Apparently too low but an unbelievable season led the Europe quite tee with a 513 batting average. Next on console less cynical last Patrick card and you toe off force 75 batting average the lead out west Seneca west he had such a fantastic season. And then around out tee into Google backed all Leann woods Jack Paar who finished with a 579 batting average an unbelievable season. Right behind own advances so yeah you can see it top. To be able to make any of these teams. Pot next we're Google real quick to team three. Started up Atlantic password and army Ronnie wood from Lancaster for forty batting average another unbelievable season. Well take this kit from leadership and just from a standpoint of just being out there on the field you want this kid on your team. Next we're lots of Mary Bell. For Connor desert area 05 wins and end five seats for Mary Bell. Played the closer role for them didn't unbelievable job Conor has an aerial has to be one of these teams absolutely. Yeah. Now we're go to C chose this Kapalua bow seat Josep port that the average 27 hits 22 runs eight RBIs and was fourteen for fourteen stolen bases to boo. We're gonna stay in Lancaster. I need everybody recognizes one of the top pitchers in the area Tom and our scheme for Lancaster. With a two point 935 ERA at 31 innings. Unbelievable plus the perfect game you all heard about it in Jamestown. I'll take this economic team and he's an all time is unbelievable pitcher Roger put their whole team and there are not. Really back at the year did interchange almost these sure it'll premiere. Please you've heard of and followed football and basketball while. What year they had. So the next we're gonna go out to Niagara Falls for Trevor Genesee not a false starting pitcher unbelievable season. All one point 21 ERA in 34 innings. That's why we're gonna go is the lake shore duty would one point 66 Siri and 25 innings. Four and 02 complete games and won 74 battery against average. This kid's legit watch him for the future talent he had 64 frame unbelievable I've seen it since he was and years old. Act it what are they feeding kids in lake shore I told chapel for the the shall we I was watching the and it took you go. The other day. And I see this giant. Of a kid walking in there is to be about six foot two. Somewhere to ten to twenty range are bottles and coaches and all that's a twelve year old kid a year. You see the video NE SP and the 610 this greater claim to hire her abolished. Learn more of them probably don't I get like short handed out. Brave Williams 7401400. Pounds I think it was a little soft Francis when he plays and 610 theaters succeeds him. Ten foot hoop and he's of what it's all this plan and a foot eight foot hoop and he links over sixty minutes off. The soft article. Apps are not your fired I next want BBC and a beef from west Seneca east 34 innings pitched 45 strikeouts. Next one comes from Nichols. Ryan Peterson in this can was unbelievable monsignor Martin and fortunately each team was on board the weaker teams that are out there and monsignor Martin. But every time monsignor Marco played this could he go to the mound and he knew it was going to be a game it would be 2132. He would shut them down. 447. Batting average at two point one ERA. 52 strikeouts in 36 innings unbelievable pitcher deserves to be there. That's one EN Evans from Wilson a one point 14 ERA in 24 innings. Next what comes from Niagara we still James Phillips Ali and in the you've heard me say here that nagger wheat field team assault than this year. There had to be representation from them here. A two point eight ERA in thirty innings plus a port that the two batting average to boo. So he did it with the back and on the mound for them. Next what comes from silver creek their capture their leader. Unbelievable player this guy's a bully boy loved watching him play from silver creek CM Mullen. Our next one comes from Cleveland hell Brett could chance ski from Cleveland held with a four and 81 batting average. And that her last one for team 3COM some seat Mary is Cole a scout ski from Saint Mary's with a 416 batting average. Right there are eighteen threes plus I'm an honorable mention which will be on the website also. But you can see. We have for top three teams some unbelievable players any of these players can be moved. All I give you a couple of players to watch in the future catcher for our Mary Val seventh grader. This kid is going to be something you guys control of the game as the seventh grader. Is amazing. His form every he's he's. East and relentless defensive player of the game of the sectional championships yet you unbelievable biscuit another one. Four are you now we feel fans keep an eye out for Shawn Watson. We'll be seventh grader next year he can do it all pitch. Field and he can't hit. The you know what out of a ball. Keep your eye out for those two. We're in good shape baseball wise. The ploy you're gonna see names are coming out and eat I eat it sees through Twitter is the Max fuel from port they'll need greater. Through completely this year it was believable now as it needs greater use awesome so huge well like even better the the fields the turf fields that they put in the last few years and last will east will north again the hard time about the way they did but. Still these fields are phenomenal Niagara Falls. Mary reckless talk to mark Lori about possibly having. We have let the mayor's copilot championship whatever in the halls with a different little leagues whirlpool Hyde Park a Yugo. And midtown. Says you let's do showcase deal at the high school and I I think he was OP picks it's a great idea so. If the powers that be that run the mayor's cup. If you guys are are interested mark Maurice who protect and falls. Would accommodate a seminar some games I think they have the throw for the kids on the boat anytime they get a chance to showcase themselves at a high school level. And feel like Ayers on that C. Showcase that seat speeds it's an unbelievable obstacles they just can't they do. I tapped for a stake you so much you know amazing job you do following high school baseball. So much information out there you are truly treasure. Thanks to Aaron you are you guys and oak reference again 4030 any lions team in July this last Wednesday July lessons lately having cheerleaders this year and north squad in the south swat. There will sell LaSalle Rodger frank should be on non game and I think we know I didn't stop the user yeah who'll pick them and tell people. His minute to puke right. In the rosters are announced there on our website awesome the end similarity there Kramer thank you for producing happy Father's Day to all you dads out there we'll talk to next week with more inside high school sports.