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Is to gators Andrew Peters Gregory evade Michael park WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG we're talking about the unprotected or protected list for editor after team and it was just about to tell me a player. That Vegas pink suits. The golden Knight and we're taught as Christopher their minor league team yet you're not just you're not just trying to build your NHL team you're trying to make sure that you're minor league team has players that are our popping calming that house upside. And and when I think of this type of player Edmonton Oilers has Griffin Reinhard. Griffin right hurts defenseman he's only 23 years old he was drafted fourth overall in the 2012. Entry draft. And it hasn't really found his game. I would take him. And I would stick amendment in the minors and I would let him try and flourish and develop his game in the minors because you know if the kick went fourth overall in in the in the 2012 draft. The kid is a player. He just hasn't found his game yet so give them some time. In the minors he can be the big boy down there get all the minutes and you never know what you're gonna get out of this player in any year two from now. Are right. Well we're gonna do we're making a team's starting right now what the Anaheim mighty dog Mighty Ducks no deals in place I don't care what they've offered vague as to not take that no final pact doesn't care pax gonna draft that right now I know is. But I shall take our first pick forests the Anaheim Ducks up on the board because the interesting thing is hears it all the talk is it Sammy batten and probably won't be selected Drake is unique and I I'm gonna have a deal place but let's look at this. So when you look at Anaheim. Is there are there any other players on the list other than a guy lakes and he's gotten. Who do interest yes and we don't even have Sammy gotten and. Yeah I I I think after watch them watching this year's playoffs. From that list I'm gonna develop a good young hockey team with the right people. I like Josh Manson over Sammy batten and I just think with a little politicize a little bit. More physical ID you're not really losing all that much on the offensive side I think this kid showed. Me a lot in this year's playoffs he can handle the pace. He wasn't rattled by the situation. And I think he. He really showed well for himself nationally. On the way he performed. I'm I'm 100%. With. With tax on this I would definitely choose Josh Manson. Over Sammy Vonn in the Deal or No Deal you're do you Deal or No Deal I would want I would you want charged Manson 100% I think that his his upside in moving forward as a defenseman. He is going to be a great great player in this league for a long time. And right now you're starting your starting with the younger kid. Making a lot less money one guy's making wide 70800000. One guy's making four point five. There's a big difference between the two players and I would definite start. Darkness is to gators were just were drafting our. Our own expansion team but without the deals and these guys still passed on a guy like Sammy gotten and minus a deal in place using they went on to take Josh Manson. Our rights sole OK so DE got a big rugged young defensemen. Move over the Arizona coyotes. Interest in list appears on the coyotes. You got. Is there anyone on there are a whole lot there the player he struck doesn't tickle your fancy you're no not whatsoever he's bounced around from team team I don't think that he's even when I go back home once before. Yeah I have we don't like to have Cashmere at all and as my choice. Peter Holland's a restricted free agent 26 years old. And he's you know he's put up. I you know a few points. Nothing nothing too crazy but you know he could be. He's gonna be a third fourth line type player. But I think that's the guy that you would take off yours here I pier all to me he's got he's got some national artillery experienced by the other I think the age. The age range Phipps. I think what you're looking that he's a guy who I think. Yelled can even be in passive viewing your minor league system went with some young players come and he's he he's become a professional. And I think would be a good pick. So wait. Now can I ruffle a few feathers here and tunnel ceiling and it taken to consideration Jamie McGinn. Why. Oh why Craig. Via what what would you wouldn't you wouldn't could well I know the world everybody here before the button and dress and Clara Arnold why you're not gonna look at and consider Jamie any era go a boat teaming again and I got crap on because I said that I didn't want Jamie began for our team here in buffalo. Just because he had nineteen goals when he was here. Didn't mean that he is gonna be fit long term team again lax in one major area that you need to have in the National Hockey League in the new air. And that speed skating ability he does not have it he's a great net front presence guy. He's a workhorse but he is not what I would want on my team moving forward I would want speed I would want skills. We speed that have that tenacious hockey. He has not to speak for me but he is a scoring Tony and he doesn't he's making 3.3 million dollars which is another thing that would turn me at that. All right so opt text note you know Jamie McGinn I guess is what is what we you know what I mean. Tier point and I think everybody will be considerably can only pick one. And I just think that there's going to be a lot more guys. As you go through the draft that could fit that role that Jamie McGinn plays for a little bit less money program. All right fine I know it's just you know just thrown a suggestion out there. Boston Bruins Boston Bruins I don't know if you guys got a chance to look at their list but was Akron all those on the irony. Requires Akron all the for a third round pick from Philadelphia. But there is the few players on their yacht map olasky. Jimmy Hayes to show haulers and interest in one. Who's Akron although Brian Furlan. Rushing guy Alexander. Coke which have. Drew Stafford Dominic war Tyler Rendell. Adam McQueen on. John-Michael Lyles I mean these are so many players. Sold my my thought here is a call and Miller Colin Miller was in the top six on Boston last year 24 year old defenseman only make it a million bucks here. You know I mean I think that he has that ability moving forward to continue to get better as a hockey player. On he's at the rightfully age where he's had. A couple years in the NHL right now and I feel that Colin Miller moving forward is gonna get better he's only 24 years old and he's making a million dollars she's got a lot of upside. Facts yeah mercenaries while I was torn between Colin Miller as well I mean you get young defensemen that have you know. Some some road good potential. It's never a bad decision I mean but on the other side you know Jimmy Hayes has big big strong for who had. You know a lot of a lot of promise come in the league you know it he. He may be kid that was a lot of responsibility and a little less pressure playing in his hometown. Made me find something you know you know what Griff. It is just you know why here's why I just think that you're going to be able look maybe not could be wrong but fill up your. With maybe a better pick in column Miller so big Jimmy. Let me ask you one question but it really is our desire I agree with what taxes sane. What's the hardest position in all of in all of the NHL to pick up. What's the position of I don't know on our power forwards know what's the position right handed defenseman left. A right handed defenseman is the most sought after player in the national actually. Colin Miller is a right handed defenseman. He's making a million bucks and he played in the top six. Four for the Boston Brooks I think very is a real asleep at nine if they don't pick Colin Miller I I I'm sure they won't what you want to acquire these picks. Moving forward but you know what I I would let's just go with Hayes. Because I autos are over there we let it says Craig's choice here I think both picks are great all right Buffalo Sabres probably the one that all the listeners out there a majority of our our leader in his. Yeah we picked a.'s market. We picked is now I'll throw the I'll thrower with his first name. Jimmy. It. Yes Jimmy case. We're doing the it's a Gator. Expansion draft minus deals in place disease deals or are just messing everything up. And gospels noble them anyway panel thing you know so. And you know. Forget seller. Who cares what are right let's do this Buffalo Sabres. Analysts is one review it and nine needed to well my my guy is Omar pressure. I would picnicking. And it's all mark from from the sabres I was. We move on Mike. You know. I take a look ocean I think I'm sorry I mean it appears I love this plan I loved going to be here's a thing so let me ask you this then don't let Paxton is is the goal and we educate the go ocean right now over dumb. Would you take him over Josh Manson. Packs go ahead bridges. This here is so not and that could have any concerns with was Aqua goes but I mean you've got to do your due diligence on all these decisions you may expect with the new franchise. Zach Bogosian we've talked about it at length today. Can come up in the greatest system has really figured out his game more or ruin his role is. And now is a veteran player. Now do you want somebody who has a really figured out their role to be an environment. World leadership and character really matters I don't think I again I don't think he would be good in that situation. You know but does it become a case where you know he's going to be looking for opportunities that maybe again don't best suit. What he needs to do is at the environment he needs to be and again. For he's known as you know 143 organization. Where there's no success. In the in the immediate future. I I think. You know Linus hallmarks of good pack there are other goalies. That are going to be available Marc-Andre Fleury the kid out of Washington you know George McPhee like and you know that GM is he such hemorrhage do with. McCain being critical here now whatever so they like their own guys they like the guys that they may be drafted that they've maybe seemed the development and so I don't know if if if Linus is a kid that we get picked here. So I think. You may even look at Theo will carrier because now you're looking at a prequel maybe. You're getting a guy that can be a death where for your fees operate can be a really good minor league player. If he's. So tweet it's me actually not long ago I don't know how much stock are put into Oprah you know they believe that they've left Kerry. Unprotected. So that they would take Kerry to avoid Linas hallmark and that's why they also protected programs so. Deal or No Deal. The drug does. Steel and audio. A deal and so we're taking will carry. Read I did Bjork norm I think I I think it's I think is probably the most likely case though regardless member of the Deal or No Deal we're not talking deal but right I think in that exact scenario that we're talking about with. Vegas and building their minor league team like what's the point of all of this can't just stack gift draft thirty players you can't put him on the NHL this is a guy you can use in both your team's next year olds all mark. I 232323. All star in the minors last year. Made first team all star. Make 750 grand. Kerry just just to me but I love Ali and care our stuff are traveling as a market in order works better for me let you carry it. On our electric nauert and Kerry are. Andrew Peters Craig or for a while with Michael packet here we're doing our investigator. Expansion draft minus deals because again none of those deals are actually confirmed until done. Seoul were trying to avoid all that and let me just view the team right now we have picked we've picked any four players. So all we have we. Drafted. Up front. Jimmy Hayes William Carey and Peter Holland. And on defense the boys drafted for Anaheim with the first pick overall just based on all of the medical they drafted. Josh Manson. Over Sammy on are so after the Buffalo Sabres at the Calgary Flames. Calgary flight who actually by the way just wanna say picked up Mike Smith over the weekend who called that but. Called electric but called on our show. He called my xmas now does that make Calgary team for you have to watch next year as we talked about the other day. So when you look at it Calgary's. Available players to be selected by the golden knights. Without listing all the on notables on the ovals or on main guys that we don't know is who are some of the guys on that list that you think would be most treating two intriguing story to. Vegas. Well Michael Stone but he's an undershirt freeagent he's the most in an intriguing to me on the defense and Alex chase on is. Would be my guide and I'd be interest in from Calgary. Galaxies. He was cute and use a first tolerate. It he was originally with the Ottawa Senators but either way. But yet another big young kid fits them on the ratings group give him opportunity I mean there's a mixed bag here you can. You know what that a kid like mats to agent who you know can via a calming veteran presence put. There's a great question for you packs are they gonna be looking for any of that in this expansion draft I mean is that like how much of that matter I think I think you have to I think is you can't do. We can all be placed on. Gerard a lot move us the coaching steps plays to be leaders you know you and you guys well know I mean you need. You need good leadership in that locker room you know it's going to be a team that's in the struggle. For the most part and you need the right people. The right character make up about locker mechanic keep everybody focused on the right things and if they have any chance of developing that you know my culture that everybody trying to create. Carolina Hurricanes left everybody meg yeah a whole lot of nothing yeah Alexei son had twelve goals 24 points last year coming into 81. So solid a solid season in in Calgary big body 63200. No. Yeah I drafted to learn to madrassas that you would have taken packs Yonkers I died draft and free press say that I'm in control a computer. Carolina Hurricanes. So that list up there they had a whole lot of nothing. Work you know we'll do worst list at the end of the show the worst. Available list I think Montreal's up there and so it was Vancouver. Anybody on here interest you. Yeah I guess some interest you okay in a nice term. Tokens I need to 45 year old forward Macon one point 25 million dollars. He. You talking Yoakam and Norstrom Norstrom not measured Nordstrom's same thing. You know that's all gut and that's really only guy with with Carolina they would vote and they don't have a whole lot to lose a plane that went about Lee stepping act why wouldn't you take a shot at least an act. He's a USA and 2018 he's he's he had a good year. You need to threaten. Texas mentioned you need to better presence at 2.5 million miss holly it's gonna kill him yo regardless of the fact he's been in so many different organizations you just place you know the Q can shoot the park he works hard he's a true professional. You're right not a bad guy to have. In your locker room in the gym on the bench. Serving got to have a really have you mean you don't use him as an example around the organization in your in your your team. Arnold river you are where that I am totally OK with that because I think stemming act's been now. An under appreciate it one of the most under appreciated NHL hockey players know and in the last number of years. I mean he he just continues to go from organized nation organization and no. And he just produces keeps his Moshe and he just goes home produces it's it's a it's awesome. We are drafting. Our instinct years expansion team for the Las Vegas golden knights coming up next after the break the Chicago Blackhawks who have driven who are riven pax gonna take off the hawks. We have we'll show you the play airless we come back of players we've already drafted. We got a bunch to get to William carry on and as according to us no longer a member of the Buffalo Sabres that we take Omar. We gave you Omar no we. Pardon me. We'll tell you when they come back are you break outta we draft after from the sabres we can't even remember. Tiger we come back instigators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty. Welcome back to the investigators Andrew Peters Craig group they were joined in studio ready in the full two hours I'm. With the Michael pack up. Live on WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Protected and unprotected list came out over the weekend so we're drafting our investigators expansion team minus the deal is Texas and Deal or No Deal. We don't care about the deals right now we're trying to. Trying to draft the best players put him on the team because these deals aren't necessarily guarantee. Like LA giving eleventh pick in Dustin Brown. To Vegas right read it are so we ended off for Chicago. And artistic quick recap here if you wanna know who we drafted. We see we the three GM's appears three wise man. On forward in no particular order we did this alphabetically but this is how they fall. Salary wise and analysts stamp the act Jimmy Hayes Kirby right now known on our current William Carey Alex chase on Peter hall and Josh Manson those are the only players that we have gotten to so far. We left off excuse rapid fire we left off the Chicago you make in the team right there you put them in but you know in that those guys draft where we're at Chicago now. So Chicago let's source Chicago up and it's just get rate after Trevor van riemsdyk is it that easy question no question who went on a Colorado we don't need analysis for gonna move on its goal Colorado Leo Colorado. I have if I have a suggestion for you guys got cal Gregory go yes absolutely boom Shaka Shaka really he lives in Macedonia no question com. I I looked him up yesterday and you you know it's much as she's they hated guy from. In all the Buffalo Sabres he you know he's he's 23 years old need put up some some solid points and in Colorado moved forward he's. He's pretty solid he just needs more time to our continued develop known as I say impact is just because he's. Former first round pick. You know I wonder about you know our guy like I don't know Gregory ankle what I wonder are all kids you know like going to Vegas and what that's going to really but he's a guy that I think has tremendous upside I agree you know I think. A lot of people hockey world by going to Colorado playing for Patrick Wahoo coach some for the ramparts and come back in the correctly it was going to be go but with. Patty one no longer there and a whole new. Kind of looking in Colorado it might be and might be that the kids got some upside there's no doubt about it then. You know could be you know one of the young guys who have whose course bowl form yeah our Columbus. Blue Jackets next and this is interesting because supposedly remember we're doing just this side draft minus the deals that are in place. And if I were Vegas I would not be accepting any kind of a deal to pass and a guy like Josh Anderson six foot 4225. Ounce can out of Burlington. Had a great first and last year was first full rookie season in the leak. Question. Just not even it it's not even a discussion. The guys you'd be taking from Columbus he is he's a monster and he is this this first you're second round pick I wouldn't I would who's to say the first topic they get to not take this guy will ever be what he absolutely. Absolutely. So we sort done that is easy up and current I was good and let's move on Dallas Stars. Texas a hatred for this team. Or are bringing up past that kodi can. Move her bone in her I got Cody can. Little fiery redhead. This guy this guy can fly. He is he's put up some solid points. Last year had a bit of oh lol. It is point totals but. He's he's done quite well for himself. Nobody on. They got Alexio act doesn't interest anybody. I like peek into armies or some ball players who pushed the pace in practice they they help make you better play or practice and. Aren't point totals like I mean three years ago he had death sixteen goals 35 points than he had in nineteen goal your forty points sixteen go a year 35 points last year he was eight he was injured he only played sixty games had three goals and twelve points but I would definitely take a shot at him for. I a fourth line penalty kill high energy guy that can really move. All right on to Detroit the because they're a bunch of players I think that when you look at players that are available. To. Vegas. Luke clan banning Darren Helm Drew Miller Riley Shane and probably deal in place for him we're not worrying about deals right now. I mean. His taxes are one guy. Were there more than one guy I mean as I could see Darren Helm but Reilly chain and yeah I'm erosion in his first round pick. Young big kid. You know has come out of a good culture in the Detroit Red Wings organization. And just keep amassing those mid twenty kids that are in Asia seem like the rated a pop. You know big strong kids one of the things to that we don't have to take into consideration here. Is all these RFK's and when he eighteen outward about having to pay them next year. Which is drafting guys the best available players that are left unprotected by teams of not worrying about the rules Edmonton Oilers. The Edmonton Oilers. You know what is the one that way I mentioned you guys earlier. I have down Griffin Ryan hurt. He's a 23 year old restricted free agent. He's going in the a minor league defenseman but he what you need to know book this player is he was drafted in 2012. And he was the fourth overall player taken. On hasn't really seemed to find his game right now but I would certainly not give up on on a player like this that was drafted so hard. I would be drafting this player from Edmonton to put him in my minor league system and allow him to continue to grow as he's still very young player. Taxes than your guy he is we talked about this earlier use. He's one amateur. All right let's let's do just a quick recap of our team's sole. Upfront. Up front we have tests Cody he can least stem the act Jimmy Hayes Riley Shea yen. William Carey de Alex chase on Peter hall and Josh Anderson Macau Gregory going on. Griffin Ryan hearts. Not a bad squad Seles not a bats water at all to see you know. We're really off where we are Florida Panthers. Florida Panthers. Anybody on that team fellows or the past three player who we are looking. Jason to manners and good Johnson marxism yeah. Now remember everybody was devious tuning into the investigator expansion draft were not factoring in the rumored deals that you heard to protect players were not draft players. Assist that they'll save that for Wednesday but Jonathan marches. You're gonna have to score goals this kid's zone and Florida. Make a lot of sense. You know we've reverted drafted some kids in the from the 63 to six foot five range. So you know despite him being a little bit small trees he's very offensive wears reckon he's going to be your partly guy he's going to be your first line right Winger he's thirty goal scorer in the National Hockey League. He's his best years are still. Largely in front him he would be he would be. A huge players I think you guys have no clue what you're talking about moving over to defense and I'm gonna draft this kid McKenzie weaker and I just think this kid's got. He's lights out and he's he's untapped you know what I'm hoping any wears number 52 I get where you're going to rate. So MacKenzie me we years is my cousin. A right handed defenseman wears number 52 played for Florida this year the best thing for him is if Jason's emerged gets picked. From Florida is that would directly open a spot. MacKenzie wieger Jason Jimmer are are basically the same mold type defenseman but. You know what a four pick in the team Jonathan mark is so is Erica but I'm drafting the mayors I'll cave again you got overruled PD night it on park tonight your right overruled. Well except that the LA kings. This wind this one's interesting because I think we all heard about Dustin Brown type deal but. I got to ask you this if you're Vegas you know are considering brown. With the Deal or No Deal like would you not even. Considered Dustin Brown for our pick or for what would. What we're I don't know which all for hours or for very well I'm picking were picked in the best team available in the best guy on on this list is Braden McNabb. Why it. I'm not assuming I just wanted to do that reaction. Where you're at the start I was maybe. It's a mixed bag here. It is a mixed bag and it's you know it's it's not like this is an easy choice because you can see here you can say what is marrying Jabber account laughed well. Ripped off looking like that but the question still got to come up your gonna need some you have to go it Mary Garrard doesn't fit. Where you're looking for a veteran players and he's not gonna score Paisley Keith has in this sin. You know what else is going to be able to offer you and who's won Stanley Cup with the only kings. But I don't I don't know if he's the right veteran player to bring in. Considering he's not in the beginning in the Aussie you're you're bringing up marrying average but he you know I think things you have to understand when you're sitting there trying to put this team together all the players that we've picked. Have been young. That how a a very big upside given an opportunity. You were here you're talking able marrying average Q yes he has been no lead scorer in this league for a long time. But he's at the end is likes so we're looking for young not old. We are going to post our full team on Twitter after the shows you can look at us we got to move on so we took we took Brady McNabb from LA. Now we have to move on to Minnesota is this an obvious one we're obviously do and dumb. We all agree on that movement for we are doing the investigator expansion draft minus all the deals that are in place. Montreal. Montreal Canadians. It's interesting I looked at Montreal and there wasn't even a player that I would want to pick from this this team that's the amazing thing. Naming a guy that you would want. Alexander I still have. All right there's one. So he's an undershirt to freeagent why would we picked back. It's implement I guess what if he doesn't wanna play for banks. Who policy and economic aperture you're not going to be hectic. I don't think you went through and take a while we cover plain bad it is now. I think he wants to win I think he has a better opportunity of playing in in Montreal right now with the core group that they have there. But pacts this fragile off his fragile office in it to win it hers in cash and what are you thinking. There's no I don't I guess I don't think I think he goes home if he gets drafted area and you do at that point in his career he wants to win. Maybe Allen he would have a nasty guy in the back and he's probably the only noteworthy guy that. You keep throwing your lineup. Unless you looking at a young guy. And even then I'd even though is this plus there's no don't go hard list I would be totally white cane when you look at that list I would be picking. For the miners not necessarily for your team and it's it's a it's great now. You know Amylin. It is someone that certainly raises my eyebrow but. He's 31 years old on going to be unrestricted one year after I would be looking to go younger. And and hopefully develops solely draft and that's a Brandon. Davis and now we're gonna take Charles Hudson I'm per recruit on an enemy the executive on this national Nashville predator and develop this can turn him into stark. National predators. James Neal. In my opinion maybe a matter when defenseman. A book called system. That's about this horrible LT young cared how old boats. Craig. It's Smith Craig Smith. Makes four point 25 million dollars. Three years left on nine DO I really liked him and he is absolutely. Loaded with speed. We took them. Well James Neal is another guy that scored 28 goals and had fifty plus points so it's you know you you you have two guys. There that are. Colton says and this is is outstanding like they have a lot available Austin Watson here's why I'm wrong I like cold citizens and it's a young junior. So obviously you wanna be chase in the park all the time he's a good kid you when you watch the president Hugh wins face off after faceoff after faceoff Regis did you. Puck possession you know 7% of the time 65% of the time so it's. It's a matter. Face I mean puck possession matters saarc in you know on being sarcastic yet. Let's throughout and jerseys was that but there are some good options let's grab by the New Jersey Devils last before we get the break your normal rifle through the rest of the teams we come back. Beau Bennett. Yes. And former first round pick of the Pittsburgh Penguins yet 62095. Pounds. Odor on the throat of I I would I would definitely do combo that he again beau Bennett is probably going to be in your miners. All right Bob Bennett it is when we come back New York Islanders through Winnipeg jets with Michael packer Kregg surveying and appears is to gators expansion draft. We're gonna summing up mommy come back here. Hockey talk today idiots. Thinks he's the investigators presented by end Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back to investigators final segment thanks again the captain Michael packer for coming in for a couple hours live on WGR Sports Radio 550 an MSG tune in tomorrow a lot more talk about what this Marty here on back. Craig Rivera is going to be here I'm here. You're gonna be here where are going to post the remainder of our expansion draft on Twitter so go check it out at the investigators. After the show because we have got to get to our buy sell trade which is presented by Buffalo's sports. Go to buffalo sports freak and buy sell and trade good new and used sports equipment. On McKinley park we just passed wegmans and by some tree here's our Beisel traders were doing our expansion draft. You know it's not really contradicting ourselves to rest what base we took our pact we took William period that the question is. Will Vegas draft Linas hallmark in the expansion draft by sultry. Ex conservative. You know what will we we started breaking down and we went through the expansion this little more I'm back on two were I think it's applied and the reason I say that is. All when George McPhee and his staff gets to Washington I don't see over the past on the Schmidt care and management yummy Schmidt for who looks like Morgan Riley out there in the play I mean he's just. He's our place but like Erik Karlsson these young great offense yet he's back just as fast. So real left with that decision on there's been a lot of speculation matured and feel like they goalie. He always trade for the goalie but only you can pass up. UNH meant so for me that kind of circles back to why this all mark. As the as the guy. Next final marks no longer will they did protect planner. Well I I'm gonna say that. In the best available guy is my assault all mark I believe that he will be taken. On whether he plays in the NHL next year is to be still up in the year I think that they could choose a a player like this and give them another year in the minors. And and know that they house of a number one. Guy. Moving forward. So your bias I'm gonna buy that they won't they will select him house. I'm gonna trade because they think would be a mistake because I think William Carey as much as I wouldn't listen I'm Linas hallmark is he going to be the starting goalie for the sabres and years to come who knows what I do know is William Carey can play in the NHL yeah not necessarily going to be a superstar in the NHL. But he can play in the any challenged a lot more along with eight other left. Wingers that we mutual and areas assaulted her that packs thanks for coming embody. We'll see you we'll see you Thursday Ann Arbor center for the eleven day power guy. Don't forget puck drops of art from our talent all the hockey challenge you can challenge Mike packet of bubble hockey I will challenge you to vote like. That is one thing which actually he was showing that. Tune in tomorrow Marty here on here more expansion talk Saber talked WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG DNC gators.