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Thinks he's done John Murphy show. Presented by apple ought to. And welcome to the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts on Monday edition Chris Brown's with you again in for John Murphy. He's taken a nice long weekend here in the summer months is you can understand. Donald Jones alongside me again as always I was I was your weekend I was Father's Day weekend. You ought to do is you know I'm sorry for the affected rain back home in New Jersey. At a soccer game to them a sense are the guys and it was like pour pouring down rain. Out there and it and wanted to because. Think it was their last game number one there was no light undermine his is a lightening your get yes you know and I'm dead so bad ass stand out there with them can't go running to the car and sit and watch from the car's not this month. What do data supposed to do so busted out there I didn't have an umbrella or anything like rookie. I had a lot of soccer as well as well I was determined coaching couple of teams and I have the most wicked farmer's tan. After this weekend if you are hostages finished fifth with a magic and it's worse on my legs my arms yeah. The back in my legs must have been basing this on on the sidelines the whole. Weekend. Because. You lift up and Wear the shorts and and it's very evident that Nazi delighted day all week I thought his at bat a it is really you really bad now ours did indeed burned or no earlier I did OK Edmonton fort I mean I believe him. I'm a little. Dark darker up top a little redder up top here and I at seven via. This weekend and it was really humid here. 87 on Saturday. And it was like 80% humidity. And your ages you're standouts on when there's no shade you know fifteen point soccer fields out there you are. You're ready to pay somebody for a shady trees and the CI. You know I think I was supposed to be fat you know because I look at the Anatolia big counsel's defense I mean us let. A lot you know in the us I don't Wear hats because if I I can't Wear hats went with much much yen was he like. I don't like when the sun is his beaming down right eyes on coffee so I Wear hats but I just sweat like. The worst summertime it's a slob like spring and summertime mr. Like summer I'll deal I'll never complain to the community. I doubt they always say you're not the heat it's the image ST yeah and that's what gets you is if you go out to California I mean there's nothing like Laurie Arizona's open is nothing like yeah over here. Now I am Guinness bring this on you a little bit with some help the guys behind the scenes on our production and here but I saw when he your tweets over the weekend. And you know you were doing a nice little happy Father's Day thing Trinidad moved. And I'm looking at the photo and I almost fell out of my chair but there because. Donald Jones looks exactly. Like his dad the only difference is his dad has gray hair and gray beard that's the smile is exactly the same the eyebrows are exactly the same the eyes the nose and cheekbones they're all identical. It is uncanny. As spitting that's basically what you're gonna look like it is ready I don't know it's Eagles are saying great now outside Nomo a right. I went dead people tell me I looked like my dad it is nothing. Compared to this side by side photo IM SG viewers are watching this but if you haven't seen this photo and you wanna see you are radio listeners should just noted Donald's. Twitter handle to see it. It is spitting image thirteen you do that thing on the computer Mike thirty years later this is what you could look like right you don't need to. At the at the ligament that it got a lot right I did all the time it is all the time and he that is are you saying you would be. The delight while Oakland let me get some Jesper Anthony's he's you. Right right but he he would never dies there ever now you know as I hope mammy everybody's story and aegis embraced it started wandering about there the two. By the time it was 37. He was fully re I was I was done I almost fell out of my chair as to cruise on Twitter late yesterday and if that's like it. All. I could not believe it. As he still live down there in Jersey case to them and there's nose and with him yesterday. Well. I thought I was going over to him with a measly need to go remove these couches. Come over here to work and get renewed through on the ground is. He wanted he wanted to do some work so whatever. The best one for me is that we have the weekend. Com. So I didn't have a lot to do outside of you know the internment and everything with the kids. And I was at wake up Monday morning go into the office in the house. There's like honey do list. Maybe it as long as mine are. It is with a I think the weekend's over the right time to get some stuff done this week. I guess I guess we'll be putter around now's the lives and these couple weeks it didn't last long. So take advantage of it for the dads when you have that Father's Day weekend as the muses on on let me get that Korea. They can put your feet up and soak it up because it's over. And is it is over rated is over time you backward but. We got some good stuff on the show today. A couple of pot fund guests that will be talked into a little bit later on at 1 o'clock we've got Kevin gill right former bills' offensive coordinator during those. Drew Bledsoe years specially 2002 when they were air in the ball out a ton thrown Eric Moulds peerless price. And you know you look at that Athens and how successful it was at least for the first half of 2000 Tuesday came off to a roaring start and scored 3040 points a game was a lot of fun to watch. So we'll catch up with him because Kevin is no longer coaching in the NFL but he's doing some. Coaching clinics and just finished one over Father's Day weekend. As part of an NFL initiative so brought talking about that as well as he's doing some nice stuff along with a couple other. Former bills coaches who are also part of that programs are gonna catch up with Kevin maybe also talked to him a little bit about. The top ten offensive players of all time for the bills that when he probably coached one of them and Eric Moulds because that show airs tonight on amnesty. At 9 PM solely his thoughts on that what he remembers about. Eric's career and then at 2 o'clock we've got our good gallery and so Alexander he's gonna join us on Skype. And will be taught in him an interesting thing they get written it's also in our bills today on Buffalo Bills account today and advanced metric. Where Lorenzo ranks very high based on his performance. From twenty sixteenths and we look forward catching up with him when reading give him much time either he just has lest they were last Thursday were ringing them up on the regardless got a lot. You're not a day ago when the article like this stuff yeah and yeah it's it's evident that he would like to be in the media wants he wants them I think you want to continue. His duties with if so BA. Is there would be very evolved and that but I think he really wants to get into the media like he has owned setup and everything at his house that. Andy Agassi bought all this equipment is the Vietnamese illegals to the next level at the last I would try to get Monaghan who work so you know have the in some. And I stuff and left it Hamlet to check in with him but one of the things we wanted to start with. Right off the bat. Was. Uninteresting piece that showed up on line it some people came across including our producer Jay Harrison. You know interest thing that people are trying to dissect this already. Across the league but basically. What was done was. ESPN ran a story and they projected. Every NFL clubs. Most important game on their 20s17. Schedule. And some of these pics were not the games that I think a lot of people would have anticipated then to be. You know a lot of people would just say. Division games got to win the division. But I think the conversation is a little bit different especially. For the bills in the other AFC east teams knowing a stranglehold. That the New England Patriots have had on the division. So. Espn.com. In picking of the bill's toughest game on the schedule. Went with their. Or urgency toughest game most important game in terms of how it can impact their season they went with week 5. October rate. At Cincinnati. Now pat just at first blush. How does that grab. In Cincinnati. To me it doesn't it doesn't. Really made sense to me I would be one of those people that would say he's got to win your division games as well now I do understand where they're coming from because Cincinnati's a team that. This typically right around playoffs if not in the playoffs. But I think I would go with this year one of those teams that you're gonna play out in the AFC west. Because. There is C west last if you talk about last year's schedule mean they have three teams that were right around playoffs in Denver Kansas City. And Oakland you know they went all the way down to the wire with missile I would think that one of those teams would be in the wild card if we're talking about a wild card berth. And they would be one of the teams that need to be. Yeah I'm gonna read what espn.com. Wrote in assessing. The dangles game in week five for the bills which is in Cincinnati. Why they feel. It's the most important as it relates to there. Football. Power index projections. So they say the bill's best chance at the post season. Per the football power index is as a wildcard meaning a win. Overpaying Eagles team as a football power index has among its most likely wildcard participants. Would go a long way. Especially considering tie breakers mainly because the patriots are projected to run away with the AFC east which is something we address briefly here already. Buffalo is the only NFL team whose highest leverage game falls outside its division so they went strictly with analytic here in making this decision. However this football power index is constructed analytically. It's saying. For the bills it's not a division game they're going strictly by these analytics they say. You win over the vandals you give yourself an extra fourteen point 8% leverage. To make the playoffs so it's almost of the team percent spike. In chances of reaching the post season if you win this week five game. Over the dangles now what other. You also got fifteen other game play by the way but so I you know we didn't delve into just how this FPI is constructed. But it but it's an interesting take that it's not a division game. I would think that they're saying this Cincinnati's going to be. A wild card team I think they're they're projecting similar success for them and that. This will be a key tiebreaker. For whoever wins this game and easier they picked for Cincinnati. Because that might tell us something to. They have while now they have a division game for that they've got their key game last week of the season against the ravens in Baltimore. They claim that the week seventeen matchup in Baltimore may end up in a win and in scenario. For both teams with jives with the fact that the Bengals best chance to make the playoffs her FPI. Relies on winning this game they're saying it's 53. Point 3% chance if they do win the game. That there have been well and it's a play off leverage swing if they win the game of 23%. Now. We can get all bogged down in the numbers I'd prefer to just look at it at face value is that's easy easier for me for you and for our listeners any 030550. 1808550. To 550. What do you see as the most important game. On the bills' schedule ESPN dot counts as week five at Cincinnati dude AFC wildcard. Projections. And implications. While it's probably premature to do any of this I think it's fun thing to do here in the middle would you program if because. You know now's the time of year where. You know a lot of bills fans are looking at some of these games and saying you know maybe I wanna pick a road game to go to what could be important. You know this week five game there's going to be a lot a lot still in play and a lot still undetermined. And so I find it interesting that this analytic breakdown has that. As. The most critical game to Buffalo's playoff chances now it's probably easier to say that to. Because by the time they get to week five they still only played. One division game opener against the jets. And Agassi division team again until 23 weeks after the body and it's the jets again and then they don't see anybody to the last five weeks of the season as it bills fans who have. You know. Kind of dissected the schedule know full well so. I would still maintain. That. Those dolphins games are going to be pretty important because that is a team that didn't make the playoffs last year yeah you know. Fought through some adversity losing their starting quarterback to NEC on the injury. And still kind of powered through. And found their way it granted they losses Steelers in round one of the playoffs but. I think that dolphins team that. You know the bills are trying to stay ahead of so there eligible for the wildcard I wanna take care of any first in my own division. Does that tie breakers are a little bit different there. And they are with a conference team that you might be tied with I'm not saying you should beat Cincinnati news many AFC wins he can't because Stanford's record. Comes into play very quickly. But I would argue Miami. Not only because their division team which got plane twice you beat them by why you're you're pretty good shape. Mean. I think. That December 31 game down in Miami that you could be in the same situation. As they have with Cincinnati going out to Baltimore to played in the last game of the season because. It it's win and end and I would think the bills and the dolphins would probably be in the same situation unless the patriots just fall off the face of beer. The bills and dolphins abusive situation at that game at bats in the season. Who ever wins this game is in the playoffs and last you know wild card slot something like that. So I would probably say that those dolphins games are important as well but if you go outside the division I guess that I would have to go out to the AFC west Dallas. Wonder what senior had in mind there what are we thinking of AFC west lies as their team that kind of jumped out at you that you said. Yeah this team or this game. I would think I look for me I like to think of things like kind of in momentum. And how look at the November it's. 126. Game out in Kansas City right. Because you know if you win that game that team is probably gonna be probably a while Carter playoff team. If you win that game menu you get some momentum going to or coming back home plate as the patriots. And if you can beat the patriots here in buffalo you protect your home turf. Then you have the colts and they knew going through that last three games stress you know so I think that cease game as a game that you need to win. To make sure that you keep momentum as you go into that that. AFC east and that's a game because it seems like the bills leniency almost every year and almost always seems to be in November and almost always seems to be a situation where it's the bills have to have this game to stay ahead of some other AFC competitors for a wildcard berth. And almost every time the bills come up shortening game. You know I still remember the game out in Kansas City. Where bills get up early CME's cut them up you know get behind the defense scores a couple of touchdowns they've got a first half lead they can hold onto it. And up losing that game in a horrible weather game by the way it was Iranian calls like thirties rain. But it seems that every year gain that your referencing is one where the bills have come up short now could it be different this year certainly could. And it comes what is that 123456. Weeks after the bye so it's like. Right in the middle of that back after the schedule. And it's right around Thanksgiving which only seems to be. The case is always some kind of November game with Kansas City. And unfortunately it's not the bills' season off the rails as far as playoff hopes have gone. The last several times they've had to play him. In the regular season what do you think 803055188550. To 550 do you do you believe. The analytic gurus and ESPN that counties in there. Football power index saying it's bill Cincinnati week five in Cincinnati. That's gonna make or break the bills' playoff hopes for the 2017 season or is it another game. On the schedule 8030551888550. To 550 yeah maligned let us know what you think. In terms of what teams strike she was the most important. On their schedule. Naturally you know win over New England is something everybody would like to have the bills got one last year against the team playing its third string quarterback. Up in New England last year sixteen nothing shutout win. In the end. It did mean a whole lot because they finish 88. You know I think a lot of people are gonna make an argument for division games. But as espn.com piece. It was do we point out. A lot of people of saint. Illegals get a run away with the division again and with the way the pre loaded in the offseason. As long as it got number twelve quarterback it's very hard to argue that it is. You know what what's gonna turn that for them I think. Even with catastrophic injuries that they've had in the past whether it was Brady himself and only eleven and five. Grounds been in analyze a prolonged stretches it has an impact in them and you can make the argument that they've made themselves deeper. Definitely at the running back position you know they have deal asleep beside expert at weight Rex Burkhead away from Cincinnati. You know another multifaceted back. To team up with teams why in Dion Lewis I mean they just they've got. Apple's stable veteran receiver multi dimensional that's right and then Brandon cooks in the trade so they're deeper wide receiver. So. Offensively they've reloaded. And defensively. We all know about the deal more acquisition in free agency they're stronger quarterback now so. They they look like a deeper team on paper. And we know that they're one of the most consistent teams in terms of execution every year so you have to. You have to say okay I get the projections I understand why so where do you go after doing. To me I go to Miami because I think if you finish ahead of Miami. It's like them the dolphins finished ahead of the bills last year. You're giving yourself at least a chance to be in that wild card conversation. You've eliminated the other division opponents now you're just hoping. You've done better than the other AFC teams in other divisions and me for those that don't remember. The playoff teams last year in the AFC. New England obviously Wednesday's Pittsburgh wins the north. Houston wins the south on tiebreaker over Tennessee with a 97 record Tennessee was also a 97 did not get in as a wildcard. Kansas City AFC west winner on tiebreaker. Over the raiders who slipped at the end. Finished twelve and four it was a wild card to the dolphins in the raiders with a two wild card teams. And that's kind of how it went there so. You know there were teams right there behind them. You know as we mentioned raiders twelve and four Tennessee 97 on a tiebreaker. Nobody else was really better than. Eight and eighth except for the Denver Broncos who finished 97 but were a distant third in the AFC west. Because of the 212 and four clubs opening Kansas City. How much that changes this year. You know. You know mountain we just don't know I for me. When you look at the bills schedule and you look at the last five games you have four divisional gains in the last five games. You need to be on a roll going into those games you don't need to be in a situation where a slight. Man you gotta win. You know X amount of games three these next five you need to do is be on a roll going into play the patriots were coming back home December 3 plated patriots because we all know. The pages once you get into December I mean they're rolling if they are like. Also in his move forward they are rolling and it's tough to beat them at that point years so you need to be rolling as well also for me I look at that Kansas City game which psyche said. They play out there a lot in November. I don't know why they always seem to play out there. I don't know what's going on then if so. Editing in as a three years now since they've been here well I mean our plane they were gonna play the chiefs. No matter what is the AFC west is interest Brett conference slate that's up on the rotation this year. For the bills to their you know the plane chargers raiders they get the raiders at home got to play these chargers now lastly if the Broncos here. So you would think I mean the tees I would think would be a good team even though they've done some things out there like they let Macklin go on the may have lessened guys go off that team. That would make you wonder will market all gnarled right exactly what's going on out there but at the same time you think they would be right back around the playoff picture yeah it's not in the playoffs and so you need to win that game as you go into. A five game stretch you have. Four divisional games yet here's the other thing too to consider when when if you're gonna pick that game and like I am pick and can pick in the two Miami games at the end we fifteen week seventeen I think the thing to think about also is in year one. Under head coach John McDermott. As ready as he's gonna try to have this team at the beginning of the year it's still new schemes on offense and defense to get adjusted to. And as much as you try to replicate team's speed. In the pre season games it's still not the same as. Real live regular season football. And because of that oftentimes. You don't see teams in their first year under a new head coach gain traction. And playing consistently. Until maybe get today at week 56. Maybe even later depending on how quick the team is on the uptake collectively. Not individually. And so. There's a chance that. Based on how that often goes and the dolphins you can use as a perfect example. Out of the gate slow in September. Under first year head coach and engaged last year. And granted they had a pair of his schedule I think that they were at Seattle week one it's like they do thanks that's a nice welcome to the NFL for me says that at a certain. And and and a couple other road dates mixed in there I think their three of their first four on the road they were just taken a launch that first month but then. They kind of pulled it back around JH I starting going off. Including against the those and they got a role there and then despite whatever adversity was getting thrown at them injuries. Tanning hill out they were still able to kind of cobble together winds. You know so at the end of the year they're sitting there attendance six now they go in kind of a wounded duck. To play the Steelers on the road in the wild card game and it was just too much for them at that point in time I think they have put so much in. To finishing strong to get in just watch I remember watching that game feel like they just didn't have and have much left to give. To kind of get a playoff win but I think it's an example. Of may be what we can expect to see. From the bills not to say that I mean their schedule is in a bear by any means in compares into the dolphins schedule and 2016. Mean they get the jets at home which is a team its camera have a fire sale right now really doesn't have a quarterback. Of any great concern routes mean it especially of Josh McCown doesn't even wind up being in the starter. And then your at Carolina that's not an easy game by any means. You know two years removed from win in the NFC and put your home against Denver. Which is got a quarterback situation that you can definitely argue is not as good as the bills situation. And then. Tough one at Atlanta. OK and then your at Cincinnati the game and espn.com referring to you know if you can get that in there. Winning your two home games and then. Steal and one at Cincinnati much like they did last year. Still one is Cincinnati didn't play the best game. But didn't play a mistake filled game got a couple of turnovers away from Cincinnati and on two interceptions stuff but he'll bark. But they they got two takeaways and they made it stand up they went sixteen to twelve. Last year out there so. It's certainly possible. Two to kind of get out of there three in tune to the pie. You know you give you put yourself in decent position. As you get to three the next four games are home after that yeah granted not against the easy opponent gets on high octane offense is dominant. Tampa Bay Oakland New Orleans I mean those are all high flying attack suspect in a Tampa bays can all kinds of pop. With all the things they've added DeSean Jackson OJ Howard in the draft. And they Ari had some pretty good weapons are ready and Mike Evans even Cameron break you had a nice season as a tight end last year James Woods. But if there if they get to the by three and two. Five weeks under their belt in their new systems. Extra week to prepare. You know maybe that's where they can hit their stride and it and it would lend it a little bit more credence to where they are going today at Kansas City game that he ended November. Mean the start of the schedule they don't they don't wanna find themselves in the system recently viewed my the dolphins demise I mean where you have to win. You wanna win auditing what when you get into a situation. You start off very slow in the first mark first five weeks and in the Tampa Bay game you had the wind opening game you have to win. The changes. Just stay alive you know in the open topic to you need to start out on top you know like you see it like three into something like that how crazy would it be for bills fans. If something crazy happened around Denver tech stars. Well as as did David bath on that one out there early. David ever exactly the. Eight process I don't think Paxson lynch is locked by any means some people out in Denver the reporters at the instead you can make an argument. That. Jake Kelly the most talented. Quarterback in the group. Of those three Paxson lynch Trevor Ximian. In terms of just pure physical skills. I think a lot of people would argue that Paxson Winston pretty darn good arm to me indicates that six. And he can move. For being six foot six. So I think that is one of the better quarterback battles to watch in training camps this summer no question about it but. The bottom line is sin means the only guy with a any real experience in the league. So that team in week three you have to hold that better quarterback play in buffalo can take advantage of what you anticipate would be more mistake prone quarterback play. With Denver in week three inning game you've gotten all. But we're gonna step aside here 8030551888550. To 550 tell us what you think. Is the most important game on the bills' schedule when he seventeen. Gotta keep them alive in the playoff hunt espn.com. As their opinion we've got ours we wanna know yours kicking can more hang on the line Italy to sell off. The next segment here on John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. Chris Brown Donald Jones a few here on the John Murphy show filling in for Merck here on Monday. Earth will be back tomorrow. Along with Donald. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts. And Donald and I are knocking around on ESPN dot counties. Where using a football power index. The means of which we do not know how they came up with and I don't feel like pulling out the slide rule of the compass and trying to figured out. But. They've basically determined what they what their analytics are telling them is the most important game. On every team in the NFL schedule this year. Concerning their playoff hopes and believe it or not in a lot of cases the key game for. Probably about half these teams is not a division game and the bills are in that boat. They argue it's week five at Cincinnati. Saying their analytics tell them. A win there in week five at Cincinnati would increase Buffalo's playoff leverage by almost 15%. What do you think 8030551888550. To 550 to join us got a couple lines open for you. Donald thinks it's that game against Kansas City what is that week while it's November 26 Sosa and needs it. Week thirteen I believe it is and then I'm arguing that the Miami game week fifteen and as well throw in the rematch in week seventeen so. That's where we stand where do you stand we're gonna go to the phones and as promised we're gonna go to Jake in canned more. Who's got his feelings on this one so NC state that is a is he where in the khakis Jake GO NS. Yes. When he got four's today. I wholeheartedly believe there'd be Nam. Bit the that the patriots are going to be lower our biggest problem home are being have been in. For many years. All I believe there if we. Are able to or beat these guys. Finally. No Cuba's federal leave the Euro and the confidence. But it also would be. Note to overcome the pressure team. Attitude to take the division. And you know you're small we need to. To at least give him the clear outs yeah. I mean I'm not saying that can't happen Jake that's a pretty lofty goal for year one under Sean McDermott I mean they'll be gunning to do that no question about it. But I do you seats or do you see the patriots game as the most important on their schedule because. I mean there are teams that have proven they go four and two in the division have a division nemesis they camped and still find a way in the playoffs mean the dolphins did that so. Indeed and weirder. And where beer capable. Adults. We've shown so. You know. Maybe got this proceed in you know with with he that we require them. Eking out. Destroyed on. I think it possible game I've really looked to see him a more. Part of you up and in in order. You know to detect these. Teams in our inner division. Alms. In the end you know an outside you know Tom Brady. Is little quarter six. Airmen the record is confused. And right. Yeah no I hear you Jake and and we thank you for the phone call we do have to move along but you know I. Brady's doing some of the most advanced. Body. I'm trying to find the words sculpting. Preservation techniques you can possibly imagine. I mean this to somebody who. Is on the inside. Major advances and the cutting edge. Strengthening conditioning nutrition. Body shaping body sculpting body preservation news. Was telling me when I was down at the scene double that. Tom Brady's doing things that have to leave it be doing in ten years so he's that far. Ahead of the curve with this guy wants to play as long as can be good you know he's got five super balls in this and that it would shock this guy's got pain. As you know the ultimate goal for him and Nazis in doing but. If this guys playing at 45 based on some of the stuff people told me he does nutrition wise exercise lies. Everything I mean this guy is straight to the latter on just about every regiment he has his professional people giving it. Peter King wrote them and on that wanna say a couple months ago when he went up to use when up to breeze. Hideaway in Montana. It was. Some of the things he's doing is completely cutting engine and revolutionary. So it's not a shock in all this guy's 45. And do the job all that being said. And he doesn't it. Well as the biggest and most cases yes yeah I mean does it for the most part it doesn't take heart if he he he goes down when he sees it coming he will go down yeah. And I think as speaker and that's why don't think a guy like Aaron Rodgers. Will last. That long you know not tonight where Brady will last if he wants to. Just because Aaron Rodgers likes to play outside the box he takes a lot of hits you know and he has a lot of injuries every year radius have that same now. Same seat toe injury so it's out like Jake was coming down on New England you know for the most important game for them I think he's looking at him more with. Whip it. Getting this team to where I think everybody wants it I think he believes if they can vanquish the demons that are New England. That it'll put this team on a faster track to perennial success. How realistic that is in year one remains to be seen not to mention the fact that you don't play them. Until. What is that 7016 it to for a week thirteen. Who knows what they're team's gonna look like in week thirteen based on health. Who knows with the bill's gonna look like and we thirteen based on health and that's a very difficult game. To pin down much like the Miami games that I pay but I think Miami and buffalo are more. Closely. Ranked in terms of caliber. Of team. And New England which has proven that once again they were better than anybody else last year. You ever seen the movie right. I didn't know I wonder if there's anybody in control there does seem. But on the date sounded just like the guys in doing all he did dance around visitors slow and methodical. He hit his voice like exactly as I hang in. Next words it was done. At that death is voices there's definitely. Just like they. He died from from right in the truck killing people. How wonderful I hope it's not him I hope not I don't know what Tom the patriots are tough team played once. It's a tough team to play. Later these realities is because there are typically wants in that groove again did air and a group at that point you know you wanna play them early in the season like it did last year. Where they haven't really. Jelled together yet by the time you get to week thirteen Brady in those woods used leads yelling but who knows who did the bills come out on fire him and it is never enough. Let's go back to the phones let's go to Mike in Staten Island who's gotta take on what he feels is the most important game on the bills when he seventeenth schedule concerning. Playoff hopes what he got forced my. Very bad for Robert this what their loved the show him up and you guys every day you've got a great. Arms I I think the most I think the most important game it could have been. Being economists say it went skiing with the Cole is an independent you know under the hood of the division. Three game home stretch that area. It's also is the sandwich game and a three game home stretch down at the back half of the season so you know you look at the last five weeks which might referring to. Where you've got four division games he goes home New England then it's home in the home Miami and new England and Miami. Why do you feel that's the most deport one them. But because the because I feel that it seemed that the bill have to where they want it that bill that the bill wanna make the playoffs. They have to win their game because they're they're going to be playing and they're going to be playing the dolphins the patriots and and the dolphins. So they have to win it not go to regain they have to win those those specs wise I. That's what I. Yeah so you're saying that's got to be the gimme game they have to have. Absolutely look at it you know I mean and and it's it's we've somehow get a win against the the patriots. Doubt be great but I bet and I aren't they are mired at the end you know what you are saying earlier. But you know which saw McDermott for I don't say them. Look at our look at potency and hope you know. I hear you Mike I area and we thank you for the call. And the kind words as well we appreciate that but if he's an interesting game I think. And I think based on what we are again for Mike their I think the reason he feels they've got to have that game because the rest of them around them are tough. Right they're all division games two of her against New England we know what kind of hill that is to climb. And then Miami as we've mentioned was a playoff team last year where are they this year it looks like Channing hill spying to go never needed knee surgery. Although I've only hit that thing once it's the and it's probably in rough shape. But the indie game advertised as that strike you. I mean I can see where he's coming from you know that's the game winners I mean you'd you'd have to win this because you have. You have three more divisional games after that he does is give and take that when it's a conference game so you need to take as a conference game. But you know people look at is in the game I don't really think anything in the right I think you know. I could even make an argument those first three games of the season because they are against conference opponents. It's yet it goes well known for jets Broncos. If Cincinnati three. Of those 51 games as conference games need to. Kind of get a leg up on everybody else in conference. You know as you unions in camp oh and kind of rushed so. You wanna talk about a team that your really don't know what they looked like. It's probably Indianapolis. Mean it is they just announced last week. Frank Gore is still going to be their bell cow back I mean what is he 37. Could I think he's 3334. And you're really pushing. The risk reward there is is leaning heavily towards risk is opposed to reward. He's been unbelievably durable over the course of his career after suffering some catastrophic knee injuries college. Com. His durability in the NFL has been remarkable for the position he plays. But he still supposed to be the bell cow back. Andrew Luck is still not throwing. They don't know if he's going to be throwing at the start training camp although they indicate they believe he will. He's coming off a shoulder injury throwing shoulder. You don't know what you're getting there you go on offense let alone. You know you get two week fourteen. I mean that are writers throw it all up in the air play 52 card pick up you don't know what your hand there with that team and you get them at home. And so I understand Mike's point. You know those division games a lot of times you don't know which way they're going maybe you know the New England games that it just based on the level of their success. Natalie it's the bills and everybody else in the division so you say okay knowing you may very well have two losses there in the two New England games the last five weeks. You better sure as heck Wayne and Indianapolis game otherwise you find yourself. Out of the playoff race if you were in the hunt going into that five week stretch at the end the year so I think that's a decent pick I don't mind that one at all if that's. You lasting gains on the road you know because the the hockey. He says that's going on here your last two games on the road so you need to take that game and you need to take Miami here at home. As you now have to go out to New England in the gold down in my address and his opposite. 803055188550. To 550 you wanna let us know what you field. Is the most important game on the bills' schedule with respect to 2017 playoff hopes ESPN dot camera and the analytics. They say it's week five at Cincinnati. Donald likes to Kansas City game in November I think is one of these Miami games at the end of the year for me. What do you think in 030550 to join us we're back on the other side of the break this is the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. One bills drive this Buffalo Bills radio. We close in on the end of our one of the program here on Monday it to have you with us. 8030550. That number to call 1888550. To 550. As that we are debating. And ESPN dot counties which used a football power index analytic. Statistical device to determine the most important game on each NFL teams 2017 schedule. And the one they pick for the bills was week five at Cincinnati with a human let me scratch my head a little bit. Donald thinks it's the Kansas City game in week. Twelve we twelve. And I've got one of the Miami games pick your poison probably week fifteen game home is more important than one week seventeen got to have that one week fifteenth. Probably still be tread water at the very least what you think 8030550. We do you have one call that we should squeeze him before we get to tap the hour. It's chuck in buffalo. Chuck thanks for joining us what you have. Yeah I get good shots. If we would've did the jets poised last year that would it changed our season totally I believe. OK so. All right that's last year but what about this year. You posted it just toy again this year. You're still in the same hole. Well no question about it because I think a lot of people are saying what probably. Brilliant have a tough road hole with the patriots you were an athlete so you know let. Don't know what to damage his parents though are particular to. Her. Off. Right at the putting yourself on April any time you lose two games. To the same team in your division to put yourself behind the eight or any gaming in your division you put yourself behind the people I think people. Are looking at the jets like those days that you need you better win. Well and not to mention the fact you know this whole patriots factor. And that reduces your margin for error in this division you know you're losing at least one. In many cases most of the division teams lose both the patriots they finished twelve and four and lose to some other first place teams currently on the road somewhere. Co twelve and four and cruise news division com. You know they were five and one in the division last year so. You know your security losing two to New England. You better you bittersweet the other two yeah go foreign to that's what Miami did and what happen again in the playoffs so. You know that I understand his point you know you gotta have those jets gains but if you think about it even if the bills had those two jets games. They're three and three. Still not getting it done. So you know for me. I think you've. Your margin for error is very reduced you gotta be four and two in the division I think if you wanna BA head of one of your division opponents. And no one in New England could very well be. Two losses right off the bat you got Federer on the table and the bills actually did that. The year before when he fifteen they swept the jets that swept the dolphins. But they still didn't get their heads above water ready Nate so it's unfortunate but. That is at least the formula division wise as long as summaries play quarterback for doing so where you go from there as long as Brady's still plane. You better when the other four is that there's really no other no other way through it. And I like the fact that they are playing the jets here at home and we won like that a lot I think it's very very very winnable game. Because right now their offense is put a lot of new pieces together that really is at some largely unproven pieces right now Quincy known as the number one wide receiver a lull right I mean. Had a nice year last year as a slot guy in their third option but. Holy cow like number one. The jets that are. You get depleted jets in the first game of the season. The bills need to win at home opener you'd you'd have to win that game. Against that team that essentially looks like they're taking this season I mean you have to win that game. For record purposes divisional. But even just psyche purposes you know for the psyche of your team in the psyche of the city which the team doesn't really care about what you lose that game at home. People here will be lied down and out and who knows what do you know what the team will look like at that point. 8030550. If you wanna join us chime in on what you think is the bill's most important game it's when he seventeen. We're gonna step aside now the coming up in our next hour. Relief and off with the former offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills doing some NFL initiatives with respect to coaching retired coach now it's Kevin gill brought you be talking it's. On the other side here on the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio.