06-19 Jonatan Lindquist from Viasat with Schopp and the Bulldog


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John the only Quist. For advice that you wrote in California. Currently at all but the career itself for our. It'll catch Jones beat. That we're out. OK I don't wanna sound like you know when you or we hear in this conversation are necessarily limited to the sabres. Players of you know of from Sweden but of course they're about to get up. A great one in no arrest missed Colleen and will eventually. Hopefully here John and see. See asp one and all mark Mike Peter starting goal this year in this defenseman pilot. So starting with the Colleen are you among the many who just think he's amazing. Yeah you know what. All right John wrote in a tough time hearing you I think Joseph is try to couple times with the connection it's not going well also sorry. Will try again if we get a better connection with the juggling quest. Does anybody not saying don't always think it it did is that I've I've seen. With these on numerous appearances by people who are familiar with him. That howry and Jeremy have had on their show. That like I'd I'd seen Howard. Mentioning on Twitter and I've heard state on the show like every time they have someone on T done exactly bracing for some sort of a let down. But they end up making it more excited yeah because of how they talk about him. It is there there is it does not seem. Anyone. Dead is really the paid pump the brakes to slow down own this isn't going to be that. That out of the deal. You know I think. People are generally across the board expecting him to show up and be a great great player in the NHL. We've got a job than Barack on the line below will try this again. We're curious I think where we we got cut off Mikey just ask you Jonathan. If you are among the many expecting d'alene to be a can't miss prospect. Yeah and the thing that I was trying to say is that what that don't have a single person or here. All Sweden it's really pumping. It like. On an autumn all of it for readers I mean Mercer bought okay. And we didn't remember. Rural all of started this season and he compared him to. Ball said defensively like that so many street broker call. Up okay it's the heart you. It is something Cuban and all. He kind of reminds me a lot. Like how to market at all in the sense that he kind of like. I don't wanna be boring but that's like like you it it it's all about ought. So posters. That that. She got I mean in guaranteed but yeah. Seems like a campus frost. Did you feel you say that meaning that it's. A good thing for his chances of being a great player in the league. Well I mean. You're thought you were like David but they have. Actor for sport out on. Died in effect. They're they're Foreman I don't know but it. Eat what happened all the reporters so it's something that stands out need but I won't say there's got a chance to follow what I'm. Finals. On top all came out and talk and she seems like it's getting more comparable and the law on the I mean you can local. Stores to Swedish press and I seem more calm all the changed you protecting you. He's English isn't it good but if you if you take into consideration that he only played in Sweden told each solely kid. So mr. and want to English get better angels more. Spurs always wanted to comes over and that's important. It's really important. One. Four player. Sure I ended yeah it's important I think to connect with the fans in your teammates and certainly for his level of comfort and confidence. To not have to be reluctant to. We asked questions. You know have that even in the back through your mind at all I guess we do you do want that in a guy Jonathan can you can you tell our audience just how. Familiar. With the limelight he would be from just these couple of years he has spent playing at the level you've been playing at in Sweden. All the stuff Leo there's not a lot of media played for one of them are thinking maybe I mean it's we. You played an actual team as well. It all laden yeah. And figure out what the ball. Again like keep it really go to our columns to pick and apparently mr. McKay that worries you nice and humble. Needing he's not giving too much or insult. People putting himself in position where he's copping a month for anti others play and I mean. Porter's work at all it will probably. Have line is that what portrait that's right Popper and salt and the kind of person seems to be yet it it's good. Yes. Store Hewitt Hewitt. And then out to get comparable potential more personality. I think he's always finding a scorched. In it and sweet and so much he brought the guns on us now our audience to do so young Dillon is not. That kind of partner. Why not eager to move on from him because I can't. I can't listen enough to people telling us all how good of prospecting is. I don't know how much talked about the oil reports record person on the show. Shorting you wouldn't you put forward thirteen. That's something that dump out and you know he's kinda doubt it spurs the spurs are you we will opt. To she deeply to comparing him to force predict something. But that's gotten up to deduct that you spirited guy who dat models he you know try to stuck with knowledge but he wants to complete. So that's not about me and and not a single largest airport rock of our community. It's stood out to me it's OK so. That it comes culture neutral on the what you preference would. Told story that rock was isn't healing and gain he'll come to coach and opted for three things. Not just one but not ought to reaping but the colts think you should focus on. If you're not feeling affront to real whatever it is under some games. Yes pretty water so I think first seventeen year old it's kind of a mature way to look at our at the coach is Jeep problem marquee. So cold troubles are going to be merged entity. Yeah that that's fascinating guys I've heard and read a lot of and I have not heard that specific examples I'm glad you. Share that because the out wouldn't woody the common. Trait be for a guy to just keep pressing and try to figure it out himself. And maybe try harder and that that sometimes can lead to more frustration. Whereas someone willing to say like hey I'm. I'm I'm not. I'm I'm off today can you give me some some kind of guidance like that is that that is a maturity that I'm surprised to hear about in someone's still surreal. I will be and I think another thing. That's gonna help him getting older lucky. Coming over to write on send. This will be just generations. Of our generation of order calls and Victor had an awesome. I'm acute or call me all all like a bunch of Swedish Huntsman and general meeting like. 67 and almost ten years older rock this and we talk community's current. Hole. But it practice reached out to round pick at the same expectations but it was picked but overall. After the kind of guy who they are okay that's what you should focus on that's what the mistakes I made all that soul. On top of having savored a support system I do believe it is and how we talked community at eighty. We typically do sweeps are done little to support system that can be very well. You don't but not that this necessarily is deserves a comment but now that the sabres have had some talent here in the is losing seasons. Even at times looked like a team that because of its talent alone I would have thought was going to about to be better but these these descriptions of doll lean as being so competitive. Business like even mean spirited these are not sabres strong suits even historically. Like me these are not areas where buffalo is putting along as I see it. So if this guy and mic maybe just your perspective on this John even as someone who covers the league and knows players. Can someone as young as he. Make an impact. It'll locker room like we wondered this about Jack article three years ago would the other guys listen to him and follow his lead wanna rethink. I think that that is not a guy who's gonna make an impact in the law. And soccer he's more. If you wanna call the traditional Swedish way you guys are getting in to get it out of all of those. The leader in this room what do you say what don't you stay. Out of work I think you gonna feel it out. And terms of having an impact. More all distorted career. I think it's also like for papers. A pro coaching certainly got to the got to figure out whether and how it might be and it seems that interest to playing wait a minute tonight. But if you look at a guy like a circus of a great a couple of top all keep played. Protected. Like Lotto also starts. Law Salma like you got a smooth transition into different shell the I think you produce papers you ought to consider okay. Do we have to win win win ball you have to make sure. We get it done at the start of the choker out of tune it out of time. Alia and ought to follow that I'm damn that's one of the things I'm most eager to see is just what. What sort of expectations the organization puts on him. Because. This is this is such a valuable pick and and such an exciting player the prospects of him. Deep you know reaching his ceiling here that I think you wanna make sure you give him every opportunity to do that. So. You know the smooth the transition. The better we're talking on the AT&T hotline with Jonathan Enqvist of bias that he covers the NHL. For Swedish media and is obviously very familiar. With Rasner stallion this work ethic that your your talking about with him and we've we've seen some of the video montage have been climbing the sand dunes in all this sort of stuff. How Ole hole at another level if it's right to say he's at another level is he in that area with the work. That he is willing to put in a wave from the ice right. Well you know what I think referral on not being great for him because I remember talking to utters these players. Who played in the lead and then came to all of this is something else Biden. All. Summer a bit different in in and we didn't work out during the summer. Most of the summer so I think I kinda. So even on yards like you heard stories about him being out here. A lot and working in different stuff but I think Derek packet loss when we talk on hard work all time we talk about you and them on him. You push or whatever and most characteristic about it. I'm more really separate separate players from players who mostly the skill. So if you're willing to also put in the work if you can the single sharper wedeman a doctor proctor and and we've got it also work ethic that I. Based on what I've heard from some. You have which is just as important. The critical aspect of a work. I agree that point about the skill totally and I love you said it. Juggling Quist of bias sat here with us talking about Christmas Colleen. I listed a few other sabres and sabres prospects who are from Sweden did any of those names stand out as someone you wanna. Brief us on John than a pilot is the one from the Swedish league that I think we all know the least about. That the sabres signed this off season either don't comment on him or another. I would argue article it's Pope actually came up opera our go over here so the guys are welcome bolts auditor prospect will be a little work. Who it came up in Sweden are postal worker from the table talk and I got only the old red and he's. First off he. These are you the way you wanna go to be. You goofy in the malls all the sun but the worry. Like it is the funny put it got to look go about jokes I think. Once you get up there he's in particular and also he's going to be comparable with Don I think you are gonna be our favorite if you stop. And on the ice I think young. I mean I see you must connect Swedish start this week I think it starter. It is very they're symbolic or talking yet according Bachmann. Or talk to voted for her work out and let. I'll work it out of the war. At the gym to strengthen my bomb plot but put basically like you re releasing those. If you put to consult in the gym typically. It's gonna help him to be but we're stronger out of our take. Or goal especially cajole and outlook are about our opposition. Mean. Yeah I mean the the discipline it takes to do that work and keep doing that work. Yeah I mean it pays off physically but got the mental benefit is some is there to. If anything just to give you confidence to know that late in the game you might be fatigued. You're you're more willing I think to convince yourself or able to commit yourself like I'm fine here this is why I don't have those extra routes in August. Our solar he's somewhat I'm humbled report appalling. And I think although he got a great western great so soul. Whoopi I don't know what you guys probably don't work in terms of sabres planned for him but I think Derrick walker. He he got Wear out the vote could be stored in the league and also. If I'm Trevor outlaw. It definitely read stoop to I think costs certainly me like they want him to be an NHL goalie. And that this year he's going to be here it's really question of who they're gonna get the compliment him and how much will that person play. Is is the only question I think hallmark is on this team provided doesn't show up in just melt down. When training camp. Gets here I'm curious how much you who would have to say about the current state of the sabres you've been over here for a few years covering the NHL. And Michael was added they made big trades to acquire people like Randall rally Evander Kane in the north canes are pretty gon and rob a letter and Robin Lehner of course. And it's just kind of gone off the rails here and we're talking about trading Arnold rightly now what you have just in general overview of of the sabretech. You know what. When. Its neighbors want the draft lottery a lot of people we were on that people out. Good deal if you record thirty days either seven straight years well what else. The remarkable. And the electable for years other lost five. Richter. But I think honestly. Just look at it from brought this perspective about the redo and the Swedish media. It's way better a lot of options it's yard perimeter ownership it's a good Arkin market. Dropped out dark cycle and on our routes and get out there talking but our true potential like. Top five. Players on their position. And it's hard you can really get them like let you drop than the character that it's so heart soul. I don't corrupt rough year but overall pick perspective. Are you saying. But he however sought are doing something good and awful and a few years it's all about. I mean he could be Tuesday at an outsider but you have to leave that. And look at look at what we go that let's make something up. All right Jonathan very good. One more thing there was an interesting day in the league already with this Mike Coffman business. And if you wanna weigh in on Ottawa here with Carlson who seemingly probably going I mean I think what. There are already clear rumors but I feel like the Hoffman business today almost. Is like a sign that he's about to go Carlson do you agree that. Law. Yep sentinel the one thing you could argue got to start could be a spot that ought to we're doing everything they can't comedy Carlson. By getting at all well but I do think that regardless Eric is not gonna play at some adjustment. Mexican comes around. I mean it secure much. There's great things organizational leadership. It's not it's not a bright outlook. I mean I think they're looking out. I'm totally gut at that brought Pamela Anderson ball socket you'd better off article or are things so I figured that rock. We're going up at its veteran question I liked. What are you got lost it. What you greater common good ought to market value is all that made outlet at all or sort of rubber. More of law and is it book crossing EUR. And go to team. Do current market where our next cover we keep that thought you'd be just went like. When you look about potential Paulson designations you have to get teased out was sought are where the cup what are the next step by. I'm what I beautiful that law would have. I wonder if you think Vegas qualifies after having been in the final. Because I don't wonder what they've done you think is sustainable there was a lot of talk about them as a destination at the deadline. So if he is going to get traded out. I'm sort of anticipating their biggest will be in the conversation again. All long story are every year ever or how does that they weren't you there were holes is mark. But everything changes now obviously isn't. At that point you can find the contract he couldn't stop Bob to play our props. That you would get they get caught up. Soul. I think bigot to edit. They're up we got a team that's all it I think I'd order in Baltimore mark organs that they don't want the want to let up and really made any sentence. It's but I don't get you up and get your readers. Like Eric Holder and the regal phase but I just urge you to. Hear call the company that extreme but the Rangers. Sold out that the team that I would. What are my little wonder Barbara talk Burke also. Jonathan nice talking to you will maybe be in touch again here is things proceed here with the sabres and it should be a real exciting. Offseason but hopefully season two for ones. Her absolutely. Adopt the I think you got your ticket to order a bottle sure and like I appreciate you guys out of luck at all. Denver must look forward to may be seeing in town sometime to come cover Rasmussen person to. I arteries. So open or because there are a thank you again Jonathan handling Quist of virus that. Talking rest missed all lean and more. 8030550. Is our number we're got more hockey later. With Jonathan Willis it is bulldogs anniversary which also means it's the anniversary of the Dallas. Brett hall caught fiasco. And you know we've talked about that too and how bronzes the game it digested. Though. Anniversary gift big speaking of relationships how about that bachelorette singing. We've got a lot to discuss Mike show on the bulldogs WGR. Ottawa Senators forward Mike Coffman was traded twice this morning. Once to San Jose and then by San Jose to Florida. The reports have it that the senators. May be because this is what ownership wanted is that most things. Would not read off men within their division which is also the sabres divisions of the treated in the sharks have been traded him to a team in the senators division. Enough Florida it was a nice little drama there possibly on the trade market are are Temi panera and of Columbus. As it's being reported that he is not interested in talking about an extension and his contract. Will be a year away from expiring. On July 1. And also Phil Kessel all of the penguins the athletic reports that castle was open. To being traded it's already been speculated that the penguins might want that. World Cup continued three more games in the books today Russia. Won their second straight as the host country DB Egypt today three to one. Earlier today Japan beat Colombia to one and Senegal. Over Poland to one. One afternoon game in Major League Baseball today the cubs. All 32 lead on the Dodgers take game is in the top of the ninth so the Dodgers are batting. Trying to tie the cubs. Who are three outs away from winning that one the byes and have a double header in the pocket first pitch is right now the right now five total medal. Right now it was also eye opening. Game two is a make up from a rain out on meet the fifteenth. It's an outcome of the snow Furlan. Probably it was probably was right was all right next update in thirty minutes right.