06-19 The Nightcap Hour 1

Tuesday, June 19th

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He enjoyed had told cool. Dude. But what I'm doing. What in God's name are we doing. All lives. I exit fees. Like children but not then no we're not we're not meant beats the nightcap bowing to sit nearly sixty like two minutes. We should be having dinner. Our sons but we're sixty. We'll put that I know that's got like I don't know that apathetic on WGR. Sports Radio 515. So that you asked your selves. Isn't there something more. This. Woman Williams. There's. There really isn't. No truer words have been spoken in those are there. There's nothing more to life. Depressing when you think about it well I mean hey you know what there is though is rest installing guy d'alene week. That's right out and I feel depressed when the sabres are about to get the second best prospect it's uttered the NHL in fifty years. That too much that might be. Second best in ten years. Fifteen. Five. Three. Yeah 183. Gilani here three at least is the most palpable one. At the very least it's via the nightcap by the way Judy the Osce enter Cramer here tonight 79 as usual. On a weekday and like he's placed there to said Dolly week three days away and I am not really beginning pumped up because. I mean all the drama. Was lottery night. Finals to see how Friday's gonna go. Because there isn't going to be drama late Friday never did NFL draft day and there are a the Joshua Allen rumors that are tweets and it's started. Excuse me coming out that baker mayfield was gonna go number one in them. Then there were reports on the field is not going number one in the years going number one and Al Rosen Mike so we mixed it was like back and forth and back and forth. What was gonna happen in this Friday it's as we know what's gonna happen it's exciting. How can you not be excited the sabres getting this player but. The drama is gone those lottery I mean no way happen there's some part of unknown factor though in game one of the draft knack could be either could be trade. That happens that involves savers that we don't know of course. Yet Jonathan Willis who from the Edmonton athletic will have on him will have that interview you social and the bulldogs played back. In the second hour of today's show he sat. You know there's there's scenarios where buffalo could come out of this thing with two franchise defenseman. Colleen and then you get another one with the first round pick maybe a year for Ryan O'Reilly. So I think that having your movement is plentiful. On NHL draft night. That I kept on WGR 8030550. At DV RC WGR at deer Kramer WGR. Texas at 550. 550 there's been. NHL. Maybe. Unprecedented. For how many big names and the league level players are on the market. Because. Look what our average now. Erik Karlsson. Almost for sure is gonna traded. Ryan O'Reilly here in buffalo. Looks like he's very well could you traded I would say it's likely but it's not unlikely summer between what you 5050 this point and that today. Phil Cassel who would worry about in trade rumors a little bit. Update on him. From the athletic and Pittsburgh. With. A report saying that he would be fine with the trade away from Pittsburg in fact that he would even be willing to go to a team like. Arizona where richt pockets the head coach is former assistant coach. And then throw our tiny hair and a top that. That guy. Watch him in the first round of the playoffs Columbus heads a lot of struggles from game three to game six against the Washington Capitals. Every time our tire are ten and aaron's on the ice seemed like. He was. Creating. Eight plus score chances. To great player 82 points and 81 games last year he was amazing for Chicago. Stan Bowman whose band three shaping that Chicago team for years and years and years. He got a lot of criticism last season for treating our Tony pare away for Brent its side and that factored into that team not making the playoffs. So Alec Freeman comes out with a report the tweet. Gulch we report this at this stage it's when he team and it's. He's not gonna sign a contract extension at this time with. Columbus he can as of July 1 but it doesn't look like that's in their cards. So what does Columbus do with him. Because that's an elite level player at the point A game player. Too young fairly young guy Tony five point six years old. And the thing is though. He's the most interest staying too knee from of Saber perspective because Carlson. The ages there and I just don't think they have the price they don't have the assets. Because they're not treating d'alene they're not treating Michael. Pass that. I guess you could have enough to do it. I'm sure guys like Sam Wright are. And Brian Cooley in the sharks' first round pick would they could get a darn if they want it to but do they wrote the sabres really are deplete their assets to sign air Carlson. And Carlson like artillery and Aaron has one year locked on the deal so how Smart is it. If you sabres. To. Trade all this stuff for air Carlson not how ever good he has best defenseman in league. Or trade for attorney air cover but he has elite level forward. And then they just leave after one year it doesn't make sense. I imagine they're gonna do kind of treatment that they would do their due diligence in nature to have. An extension planned and that's why I don't think you'll get done because. Project an air for example an errant I think there's one word that a wrong kind forgets about without attending our tape and Aaron Nat bread. Bread the bread man group that's not the work now. Toward raw. Done. That might be a factor as to why he's not signing yet and but if it's not that. He's probably not signing in buffalo are big it is toward maybe he just doesn't want a plea for drug world anymore to play that's happened before. Players and wanna play form rank giants got shipped out for. So yeah exactly so maybe you could do it. To me it doesn't seem very likely end. It also doesn't seem likely that he would. Give a guarantee. That he's gonna sign because you still would have to treat for him and then have him at his word that he's had signed. And if you didn't contract details that he and his agent are very pleased with your I'm sure that changes everything. That's right. But Carlson to me. The ages their castle the ages their castles thirty years old I don't. If it brought up the thing to me where we're kind of back. Where we were when Darcy for Gere was the general manager. Pre Kugel. Where any time there was a giant name on the market it seemed like the seat you can throw Johnson arson for this for now seem that the sabres. Were not in on that player. They just couldn't get it done and that's the idea that media doesn't have to be right. Because we don't know what's going on behind closed doors right now sabres could be in a virus Derek trigger is reports that. He's gonna probably meet with five teams if he doesn't get a deal with the islanders. Mean a sabres royals five teams who knows but the feeling I get is that they're not in any of these big names that could be a good thing because. You look back and we'll save before you get on history. It's really for different reasons I'd suspect more than anything else I think it has more to do with the fact of the team's lack of success and they want try to rebuild things. In a more proper structure. And whereas before. The likes Terry Google showed up it was. The team didn't wanna spend money. Wilshire I face different reasoning behind it but I do feel the sentiment is seen that the sabres aren't in on the bright eyes you would agree that we end up at the same point rate that is don't just sabres aren't yet which is I'm not reaching for the stars here or got stars in my eyes because of the fact that John Tavares is out there in free agency and air Carlson Phil Kessel our ticket in our media available for trade. Exactly and that might end up being a blessing in disguise because when you do look back at history. And you look at. When the average year. Got all that money to spend. And he had no idea what to do it and he just started out. There's air off I'll buy that there's Robin over here I'll buy that. Ville Leino I'll buy that if you look at. The big name players the sabres have brought and since Terry Google became the owner it's. Questionnaire off. Robin ever gear even that was an huge name but it was a big move Ville Leino. Matt Olson was a big free agent acquisition come bringing back. Kyle post so. And then the sultry guys in their right Reilly a Boehner Kane and if you want Zach Bogosian is for all big names. When the sabres brought those players then all of them. Probably don't have gone great. And even. I would say around these on the Bassam we're talking about treating him almost every single thing. I think of entertain. The flight all right Detroit went fine it's just that you couldn't take advantage of his tenure here. And that counts because that's what happens sometimes when you trade for big name players some of Fulmer gonna leave not all of armor gonna lock in for seven years at Wright or Riley did. You might get an Evander Kane that's what cap to a parent. He could just walk away and I think maybe it's a blessing in disguise for the sabres are at right now. To not have to not be making those moves to not be signing Matt Molson again or signing Kyle postal again. Because when you look at the difference between where the organization is right now when it seems like picking these big players vs where they were. Ten years ago when they can get those big name players ten years ago they needed to do. They had core pieces in place that had them at a bottom bubble team every year. After Drury Briere left they were you know in the playoffs aren't pretty much every year and they missed out more times than not they made a couple times. But more times than not they were not and they worry that one piece away that one or two peace and away from. And getting in and maybe even doing some damage in the playoffs and they never were able to do it because. In the breakeven. But at the same time. Where he sat out after your real life. And an even when Google stepped in and they were able to make these news they are still that team they are still that floundering team that. You know they didn't make the playoffs. But they were close to it. And now in the tank cap in and then here we are now I went there discretionary off Ville Leino it still leaves a pretty bitter taste analog people's ball great but I wonder I think that's more hurt those guys and it is the moves because. It didn't win when they're became a big name on the market what Paul Stastny seem like he was on the market for ten years before he ended up gaining. Treated her ship 'cause the stylus because the senator blog jamming Colorado right back when it was rightly and machine and McCain and yet remember says. In Colorado that always seemed like a good idea to bring him yes it always did and they never made a move like that the instead signed Ville Leino and Christian are off. If they have brought in the caliber players would write a rally European Cain. In two. That core that they had going with Roy Connolly and vanic empowerment Bill Miller not a great cork but. It was. It was right it was decent that you're going to be the worst team in hockey any given year. And if you added in a piece that was. As good as bright a rallying event came it came later maybe you would have ban that sixty more consistently or five seed or maybe one extra division championship or something like that it could have happened. And they we were clamored that move year after year after year. Then the moves came when they had nothing to build around when the when those moves came when it was a Riley and Cain and the Goshen stepping in here. That became the core with Jack Michael. It may work added pieces to what you are already had so. Now we're in a place. Where. I think we pretty much know who with the court this team's going to be for the next ten years to reject cycle KC Mittal sent a roster style. Pretty much we know that the way guys on the cornerstones by the way how fun is that three after a timeline all unbelievable like I wanna see that now. Can Michael Lotus development camp just a beacon CAD in there. To middle set d'alene going to be there to stick is Michael Young after legal development camp I just once he goes three you're clearly are only can he respect. So you're gonna have those three guys. Suddenly if you add in Evander Kane down low down the road but if they were to trade for. Cook also plays warmer your Pittsburgh in NC restrained form. 31. Don't castles not argue court. He's not a part of your foundation. Castle suddenly becomes complementary piece to with the young studs that you are already half. And then suddenly moves like that work a lot better. When you're not relying on them in nearly as much as they've relied on the guys they brought in Michael Riley came. And all of them. Even scan tell last year Marcos in Dallas basically playing. Asked to be their number two defenseman because like. Polls five form and it's an average ice time per game. That's the way it went. I mean look at that list. Air Huff Revere Leino Molson oppose so. Boehner came right Riley Zach Bogosian was all big names sabres brought in pretty much none of them have gone great. A lot of them had just. Gone to zero. Special air Hoff Plano. Molson. They've all stunk. So. Now we're in a place where they're kinda have to build the draft. And you need to draft well obviously we went through power many years Tim Murray were pretty much it looks like the only player that we're gonna get. That wasn't the first. Couple picked guy second over OPEC. Was. Burning go. The books a Dem might end up being it for players that are income impact players past the first round it might be. So a botched joke and put together couple dress here last year. Middle Saturday looks pretty good. Hopefully they'll second third fourth round picks he'd get a couple. Guys that can come in employee a third line role or even. Forgot 61 guide can kill worth spurs are Johnny dutrow. Where's our got to pick out of the third round it's becomes a star player in the league that's never happened thousands or back. And what was it Friday we went over the detailed history of them not hitting on these picks and simmer year's team. To get any those kinds of players so. Exactly where is that guy that you hit on and it's just. Even like a Brayton point and give me something like that yeah but the part that's frustrating and I don't even want I didn't necessarily need to ask for good drove right now that's you know that's at a high quality asked that you need their. Did recently to Britain point. The part that's frustrating about that though. For me for fans for everybody is that process takes so long it's not football football it's. Trade Edmonds is gonna show up here. Day one of the season he's probably going to be one of your most important offensive players that are starting middle and a third round pick Harrison Phillips is going to be guy putter going rotation right away. You bright hockey eights. The real load the rebuild that is sold warts so much more frustrating and you really need to have more patients. And a lot it's hard to have that much patience when you've draft the guy. Like. Nick didn't it wouldn't bet when it Baptiste was kind of coming up any book take a really he certain book that really the prospect in the which we use scoring goals the OHL. And he certainly pretty well in Rochester. It was a aren't we didn't have a serious player in our hands for the star viral. And then now we're sitting here with them. He let it eighteen day one. They are not under. You might not be savers and how long it was he drafted six years ago seven years ago. Not been maybe not that long. Biggest point thirteenth when he fourteen but it was its been all body years whoever the sabres strapped on Friday it's going to be 34 years of the d'alene. It's gonna 34 years before we know we're getting for the most part. You beauty trends coming but you're not really gonna know for 34 years Ellis in his five years ago and those bandied players. Those. What second beat this offseason the Paul Stastny east. The Ottawa called John Carlson of any player has I think he's a widget to fatten defenseman and he was number one. In the league in points this year Michael Graham there. And a player. Jonathan Byrd yea the goalie bandy player Blake or even like some of the guys that you could maybe tree from Rick Nash certainly is that. If your covered up your holes were those kinds of guys players you know who they are. Players you've seen played hockey before it's gonna be a lot more appealing to a lot more people but it's not always gonna be the right decision in fact we've seen it. Over and over and over the last decade not be the right decision. So they kind of backed them to savor the backed themselves and a quarter being bad seven years in a row where they are not a destination to get free agents because they've been so bad. I know there is a little chatter about Johnston farce last month may be considering the sabres. I tend to think he ain't candidate he's not and it gets at the sabres once and because he's come from a team the islanders were probably the most frustrating part appoint the islanders is never being contender for the Stanley Cup. How are you gonna convince him to come to a team that finished west placed three of five years. You every last five years. You have to not only back to bring struck him for him but at the same time have to have something there. That can be in the playoffs right away and that's something receivers can't necessarily guarantee it. No McCann direct and back to bring struck and I Italian everyone's gonna do that. So yes what are you gonna do different I'm looking at San Jose right now. They'd Hoffman traits that what was your hilarious finally Mike Coffman he gets sure Ottawa treats him to San Jose and San Jose trees in the Florida for more. I mean the senators are just an absolute embarrassment right now their tire fire. The search garbage fired what's what's above a garbage fire or tire fire probably the Morton. Grease fire. Good grease fire with rank below tire fire but maybe above. A good dumpster fire sounds pretty strong dad dumpster but that's garbage ours on depart arbitrary it's the same thing dumpster holds garbage. That's got to be text I 5550 what's the worst smelling thing though that what makes our fires and also much worse. On text that the dumpster I think dumpster fires the worse dumpster fire I think dumpster fires were so it's I was a dumpster fire what's more it was on San Jose San Jose. In all this movement if they they get good but the depicting a second round pick if fourth and fifth round pick they had another fifth round pick from Ottawa even. They did well on picks they also shipped out. Mickell bunker. Off their content off their books. Who wasn't a huge contract he was like four million or so maybe now there in a place. Where past this upcoming season. They have true forwards under contract that is it. Evander Kane who they just signed to a seven year seven million dollar your deal and now Tucker Carlson who makes two million bucks. For one more year after this year. Every other player on their team is. Gonna be up whether there and are fair you think they have. Taunts of flexibility. With their cap so imagine being the sabres walking into a meeting competing with that. They have the room to pay Johnson ours just like you do so that's no longer an advantage. But look at San Jose. They can sell him on all right you've come to our team we made the Stanley Cup final couple years ago. You come here. To go with Cain who also didn't have a couple years ago pitcher but Belsky. Thomas hurdle to a pretty nice player not to mention our Norris candidate Bret burns. The big Norris winner anybody won the Norris last year we got him out of blue line and got a solid goalie. Your big buffalo over us I just don't I don't. They're not they backed themselves into a corner where they can't win in that situation. And it might be it's gonna hurt with a guy like John Tavares. But that same sales pitch Mikey being made to guys like Rick Nash or Paul Stastny. And maybe it's a good thing at the sabres are gonna win no sales pitches even if they want it to everybody want to effect and I think they would want to. Three agencies is not the option I hope they don't spend a lot of money freed to this year I hope they kinda. Go with what they got other then. Treats I do think the trades is where you need to make your money our number one of the one of the names we come up with one you're talking about free agency couple months back cooler side. The likes of David Tehran. Bright priorities of freedom to do is call battle and that's a divest suspecting now my eight and of getting paid more than recess then you recently. Thought. Tina and a little more careful it's still more than player should be getting as much as they're getting. But it's not as crazy as I think it was fears and it wasn't as crazy but I could see this happening with their apparel on if they lose it players if teams those exceed our style. Jews and it's but the other thing is he's not. One of the upper tier free agents and not a lot of times are there even jeans and reams ice free seas. Let alone Johnson ours I think the presence of those guys might drive bronze price down. Because you've gonna have less teams that are trying to fill needs of this team up there. Looking to get a Winger. And they're willing to spend 89 million dollars. If there's no James van Riemsdyk on on the market they might be willing to tell Dave price equals bull pay six million bucks on a three year deal. Come here. Whereas James van Riemsdyk. Is and the market they'll pay back IE eight million dollars and suddenly for David per on its one must team up that'll do it so I wonder if he might not get as much this season because there is another tier free agency. Then their sometimes isn't. And Jane Niels another big fiscal denied may be the throne that mix that could hurt so. There's enough guys I think going to the market this year that are good players. The may may may the sabres wouldn't have to spend. Boatloads to get solid players this year but. If I had to if I'm a preference they're gonna get d'alene. You continue to just build through the draft you'd. It's I just it seems like a Smart decision ran out to avoid free museums altogether except for those little moves like they did last season. And I think trading is just where yet do it. I did O Reilly's a huge piece you get a lot of stuff for backed debt that is real change is treating. Not slapping a band aid over it with. David Brown. Nice player but I'm looking for something more. 830550. Is the phone number next up we're gonna hear from sabres assistant general manager Randy sex and he was on with Howard and Jeremy. This morning that's coming up next that I can't Jody B Osce in their Kramer right here. On WGR. Welcome back to the nightcap on WGR Sports Radio 550 Jody B Osce and they're Cramer here until 9 o'clock tonight. In ross' missed Dow lean week. A little fired up. Also fired up not just for Colleen coming to town. I dare we're playing for our hockey game in three weeks yes we are and I almost. I don't both wound up not. 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Can't stay healthy we did one for our practice to do a run through there gets hurt halfway through. To be fair that wasn't quite all week the week I don't even dated date week to week. Now I am I am. In suffering through and you sprain and it's it's not one because now. A doctor told I can't play hockey for three weeks. What is a grown man supposed to do with his wife with a good news is you have three weeks that have little more than three weeks that's perfect recovery time for the 118 power play. Which means I will also be fresh will not have run myself dogged. Through the whole thing but what does a grown man supposed do for three weeks about hockey. Drink do not. I do not want answers from people to employ British arms Gilliam. Travis you get you can donate at W irked at eleven A PowerPoint dot com search WGR. 550 wanna watch us play and watch me. Played Derek Bulldog. Much Fareed. From Mike too far in Wednesday's he'll be playing Thursday July 12 two to 6 PM at Harbour Centre are. But I said before thrusters Dolly week. And Buffalo Sabres assistant general manager Randy sexton joint Howard and Jeremy this morning talk about. This draft class and where they are with team right now he also addresses the Jason botch her comments towards the end of the season were optional talks about needing to change. And sex and go through a little more detail about that that is in this interview so keep your ears peace. Ears pierced. For that. That's owners on here that's how I want. You know what you know and this is why should donate to me now what well what what what word I looking for either I'm not getting to this interview until a final word ears. Use and the ground and all what. I didn't take a phone call us now I missed what you said. Here's the sabres in general mentoring you sex and our power in chairman's point the captives this week and we are. Going to our AT&T hotline were joined by sabres assistant chief Randy sexton here and WGR. And Jeremy and good morning welcome to the show today. It Eric quick thing happening. About. Twenty minutes ago Mike Hoffman traded did you know that was gonna happen or. You get the breaking sports text from Moscow how to deal with the world of GM's wanna trade goes down it's over to kind of know what's coming or did this come as a bit of a surprise. Don't have to commit a surprise moment for going on Ottawa but and and we knew that there was to treat him and at the you don't always know what exactly which team and we we did believe it was he was going to be West Coast that would work quite aware but. Weren't surprised or sorry a few minutes ago. Did Ottawa did ought to look call around and in C anybody's best offer were there any contact between the Buffalo Sabres in the senators on this. While we're at we don't talk to publicly about discussions between various teams but that is the process the team. Like a lot of what would target area teen either because they got the putter they're looking to move what a good fit or because they thought they. There were players that they desired of their team that might be good fit so maybe you make a call a good start and more often than not things don't work out but in this case with Seattle in a bulletin. I'm just impressed that. Doug Wilson was up at 4:45 in the morning the consummate a trade it's early and a mom and I barely capable. I mean what what we're okay morning we if you guys ever make trades tell Jason. If you ever if you're gonna make a trade feel free to do it between six and ten. We never get anything of note during the morning show so we're all good with morning trade that works right well for us anyway. Andy what what some generally speaking what is the sabres approach this offseason sure you're going into the draft. But all the jams are together traits can happen trade trade talks the three agencies about to open up. What it is the sabres approach were open for business are we tweaking the roster. Are we re rebuilding their what what it is very general philosophy of what the approaches to this offseason when it comes to. Your roster. I think it was very clear with everybody at the end of the season ending remarks set what what to put your last two wasn't good enough we need to make changes. What we we don't know that we need to blow up the roster are clearly we do need to make changes. Cash and we're working on several fronts in parallel to. To improve our team both in the near term and the long term. We've we've. We believe we have some cricket young players in place of corporate middle aged players and place it can be what this for years to come. But clearly we do need to make changes about a plan that we set about to put an action. Any you know it would look on paper. For sure you guys could use some scoring on the wings I'm sure you you guys would like to get faster as a group. How home. Do you have. Answers as you alluded to a moment ago other answers internally or do you feel the need. Colombia's escort by the its us tied at one do you feel the need that that you have to search outside the organization. We have the circular red organization and when it got to 31 you can leave no stone unturned. And we're really all our approaches I think is. Is exhausted in that we're looking internally we're looking externally via trades. We're looking externally via create a seat and we're getting ready for the track we do believe that the player we picked first overall this year will step into our lineup. It is not likely barring a trade. That we. We'll get a player that will step in our lineup at 32 point at 32 what we do believe there will be very solid player there. Porsche might need a few years so a season in either college junior in the bodily. But what you have to look at every alternative and every option to improve your team and that's what. How much whether it's in person or whether it's on tape how much have you seen of harassment styling. All right I've seen them play for two years now a lot I watched them a lot last year Pittsburgh when I was in Pittsburgh because. There were players who were getting his team that we clearly we saw him play a lot again this year. Just as we see all of the top prospects play a lot in only that the amateur scouting. Processors. It's an exhaustive one so we've seen out of wedlock both liven. And on video. We if you can call the first time we had a chance to watch him again whether his live or on video what were some of your thoughts and and may be as you have watched him other times over the last two years Randy. Have you what else has come to mind when you've seen when you've seen him play. Well like it like every great player you remember at first I mean some claim a lot it was all of 2016. I was working with the penguins and I was in London sequel on the plate. Several other players we will watching that horse goats are Europeans go to or anybody else I need to be watching here they sit now don't know just watch the guys we have targeted. I can hit the player out there with a not gone I think army and broken nose or something. Opening ship to grab the park eagle and and doesn't score makes an unbelievable play at night around my finger along the program to see his name. And I look at his age sixteen years old and I look at their. Europeans go to have a big smile on her. On their face that says it is a good one but we won't get them. And thought that it the first depression have a rough going in the course everybody's seen them play you know that he's got that many many times. It's funny you you mentioned that story. We had Shawn Bergen I'm on yesterday and we I asked him you know he he told a similar story to some of the other the coaches on that team we had Joel Lundqvist on. Everybody has that first moment story and is at Bergen I would say it was the third practice that they had at prolonged and he did a coast to coast moving like. He just looked at the bent on the bench to the other coaches and Everest is kind of shaking their head in disbelief but it's I think it's really funny how everybody who has coached him. Or played with him or watched him has that. First Rasmus Dolly moment we just go plowed decades as do that. No doubt that's a great players do there's there's a little scouting saint nick great players find view. And our players like Darlene and and in a hot a topic that mean. Could trip all the top players in mr. trapped you go to a game they find you you don't need to look or. Think about. His his. His knowledge of the game and his his his vision on the ice one of the things again and our conversation would Shonn. Randy he mentioned I estimate that you know adjusting to the smaller ranks is that going to be an issue for Darlene. And essentially the answer was you know he thinks the game so quickly he sold far ahead of the game. That even though have to make a decision quicker because it's smaller rate it won't be a problem for him can you talk a little bit about what you've seen. Of his knowledge of the game in his decision making on the ice. But I think there's three components to true. I'm being a star defenseman had. You know I think today number one hockey sense number two his vision and number three is the ability to process the game and executed hi Rita completion. Can't rapist go in after the announcement has Altria of those out on top of that as the Keating and. You know he completely he gives them self sufficient time. And space to make plays regardless of the sides in the arena. And the truly great players do that you know creators we've read that Wayne Gretzky became. What process can have mine at a slower rate than was actually happening and not allowed it to do. The things couldn't get. I don't know that's true but clearly the way he was able to actually cute in the way that going to tabled action cute they have that you need to I need skilled and others. And most others don't. What are your thoughts on the level of talent the depth may be in the draft like you mentioned you guys have a pick at the top around to. What I mean in terms of overall what this draft is like what are your thoughts on the group of players that you're going to be pick and from. And it's respectable to be candidate it's it's. Not at the you know the last couple years of drops but it is it is still a very solid draft. You know. I Darlene aside there are another six or seven very very good players and certainly you can argue depending what your needs are that this that popped the top players. Are all going to play absolutely the national hockey we've just depends. The question of why so. We we are pleased with the dropped the way that it is we're pleased to be picking purse over although we don't ever want. Finish last and it would again. And certainly don't believe that we will. That out of sight we do believe it'll get up there solid player at 32 and it. You know to discredit the drafts over the years. It really starts to splinter teams take different directions asking a different philosophies are practices or policies. And it's it's not unusual to get a player what third or fourth or fifth round that you might have projected to be in the second round. Because of what other teams do and how they manage your west so. Where we're cautiously optimistic it's going to be about double trap force but we won't know for sure until on Saturday. The is there when it comes to Jason bottles philosophy on the draft Randy is there a a preference. When you're evaluating players do you lean more is there a preference for European players is it juniors is it. College players in the US does it does it matter in terms of where you find a guy. No it it really doesn't mean case and I were together the very economic think. I certainly don't wanna speak one but I think we we expect and similar actions of our viewers this we don't really care where the player comes from a long are good human being if they're characters strong we don't care what nationality there. Because what we've seen over the years you know that players come from all corners of the your now become from nontraditional and the job market they come from nontraditional. Hockey markets and the still show up and are able to play at a high level they excel. Nationality or or location recently is irrelevant we didn't want the best player at a high combination of bass player and high character. Okay yeah I always wonder I was thinking more from a development standpoint do you feel players that play in Europe for juniors or college are are just. Any more advanced then you know the other area. Quick question if again it really after the player. I mean there are typically you know some of the that laid around and that. The Europeans are kids going to college because they are late bloomers they do need more time. Ideologically or psychologically to to develop. That the Canadian junior league of particular tend to be. Stocked with. Early bloomers players who are physically. And mentally more mature more advance that that's just a fact of life so. You know it it really we we don't watch any one league more than another our our job is to watch that watched the globe and determine what players had that it can criteria the sabres and what players we want. What players mapped to our desirability of the current list together and go to the drop. Well good luck this weekend with everything after the first peck. And we appreciate given us some time on the show this morning. There is the Buffalo Sabres assistant general managers keep your ears peeled. By the way. You'll keep yours pierce not here's keep your ears pierced everybody. 8030550. Is the phone number. Willow will dive back into our Teddy canary in Phil Kessel. Can options might they be savers really wanted to go for it also. Recap will let the other Mike Coffman trades at today and the Ottawa Senators just being the absolute disaster now in the embarrassment of the NHL. The Ottawa Senators. Talk more about that coming up next that I can't Jody BI seemed Erik Kramer on WG. I think you look at their key dropped here's. Gary can parable performances with the same level and you know I really didn't have that massive franchise trying your round impact greatly in Tampa Bay because you know he's he's just one guy but I don't think any enlightening and feel shortchanged by when he delivered and you know so committee PP the offensive. Expectations due minimum but he's going to be real good player a couple of. See you can't just play Africa and expect me not just watching the karaoke. That was Jonathan Wells by the athletic and Edmonton. You'll hear him at 830 stick around long enough. You don't wanna stick around long enough you can listen to it right now and onto main audio at WGR. 550 dot com coming up on the top of the hour at a replay on here Russia Egypt nothing else on. Where it if if you're there if you're going to the TV. Baseball. Or World Cup replay. I mean. Nothing from me. I would probably go with the World Cup replay me Dan and for. Yes I kept it on here just to see if you'd be challenged enough to the fact that you actually would give don't you don't you don't. That I can't on WG air. Jody B Osce their Kramer sports coming up next. Jonathan Willis at 830 we'll play that back from a chill in the Bulldog earlier today eight a real fighting before your thoughts on. Should the sabres you know should they be going after. Big ticket guys that are ten and Aaron Phil Kessel who might be on the market. Get your thoughts on the next in the neck after he be asked their Kramer WG.