06-19 The Nightcap Hour 2

Tuesday, June 19th

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Oh yeah it's. The nightcap. Yeah it's. Not cap yeah. It's there. Nightcap. And this is an. Time now for the nightcap on telling you she our Sports Radio 515. Welcome back to the nightcap Jody B Osce and dare Kramer one more hour. To go. Talked a lot in the first hour about the sabres and kind of the style of going about. Rebuilding your team or building a team. And you know they are Rivera. They were the worst team in hockey last season they've got a heart of holes Winger defense. Depth that both of them. Goalie. Depth the goalie. Basically Sadr is the only thing they got figured out. It's pretty much. So. There's some big names. In the rehearsed and our Tammy and errant. Reportedly will not sign aid cut extension right now. Trending towards a situation where Columbus could be looking to trade him. And may already be listening to offers on him. Anders Phil Kessel stuff out there. Cassel was in trade rumors couple weeks ago now. Report from the athletic comes out that he would. Be fine with a trade out of Pittsburgh. I wouldn't expect. The sabres to really be in on either of these guys let's worth talking about. Throwing up that happened in the next four days and less a rally gets traded. Three days. Obviously Dowling extracted on Friday. I don't really think it's a great idea it like to fight to choose between these two guys canaries about a place. And aaron's the diet rather half he's younger but he's better he's more all around. He's a playmaker as well as a sniper. Cassell thirty little older. Blocked. If I'm the Buffalo Sabres and I'm gonna you ought to try to get a big fish and I don't they egged it Johnson our summit does see what's out of deceiving you when these two guys. I would prefer castle. Because he's under contract. It's not as bad as you might think. Because he has that big deal but Toronto was retaining one point two million a year that. So he's kept it is six point eight million I don't know Pittsburgh would even be able to retain anymore that be nice. He's thirty years old that he would have to agree to come here anyway he only eats his it's a modified no trade clause so he would submitted eighteen. Treat us he would be willing to go to. May you wave it go to buffalo maybe not. And he'd be willing to waive it to go to Arizona I know it's former assistant coaches there but I mean to monitor go to Arizona. Go to buffalo. He's got term. I'm safe in knowing I've got Phil castle for. Four more years if I were to acquire him right now. And he's value was not as high so you're probably not treating nearly as much. Euro trade something significant. For sure. But can their argument to break the bank for. That's a guy Columbus went out last off season and traded for him to be their franchise. Player upfront. You got a guild ball whole Al blocked again. So from a value perspective hundred if council. From a style perspective. Castle fits too. Because he's fast on the wings. He's fast and willing he's not. He's not a physical freak. By any means. But. If he's been able to do what he does already being maybe a little out of shape. Then he can't do it in his early thirties. It's not like. I don't know he it. A lot of what makes him great is his shot his release the kinds of things that I've the like a player can still be successful. With even when they lose a little bit of speed in these fast enough. And he's shown that he really has declined to the Pasco Beers and declined to give his career year last season in 92 points. His best season of his career was last season he certainly not on the way down yet. I think I can acquire him I'd get three of those four years and is contrary to be really good. And that's the type of player are you gonna put him on the wing with Jack cycle. Or even Casey middle sat. And I think that's the perfect kind of when a guy that can just buried the puck in the back of the net. Which they have not had it at playmakers. Around Michael. Mike Bryan Hartnell Riley and even oppose ode to an extent to guys on the power play. But this is a different kind of Winger that he necessarily hasn't had Q Cain was the guy that. View might describe as a sniper but I can't big. Only little more aid he was more by volume he also was a guy who I've played with a little more sand paper to his game. Little more physical and a guy like Cassell would be or part oriented manner if one thought about him as well. I just. Now Cain was a little more of the tougher to play against by what you said by volume shooter. Right castles more you give him the hockey might score right now McCain is on the fire department at thirteen times tonight I've might score one. The difference I mean. To be fair to his credit good things do happen though puck on the net but there are some times where. There's like oh that there was a bit of a lack of hockey IQ you know where to put the puck if you're shooting it. You know try to put Woolsey and rebound from team in or something like that. Phil Kessel. The castle's been doing this for. Most of his career beating goaltenders with him. Better place on it's nothing against anarchy so let's face Jason voucher wanted to land a big fish player council. Needling that parent is one more year and is deal and that that is where I mean let's say let's say but let's say you have to use your straight form. Yeah there's no there's no locked in toxic sentiments saying he wouldn't sign here but you don't know if he's in your long term when you acquire our Tammy and her. To meet. Cassel looks like a better idea exactly ethic that's where I would go siting on the castle thing is because the fact the do you have for a little bit longer. And it would really be for you know the it would help you I think longer term knowing that you have the guy for more than one season. It is and it is a modified country cause no movement clause of things go south with Kessel real fast unfortunately while. Welcome back it is capped held by it. I think though in the and the other thing is as I'd like Phil Kessel I think the council's awesome. And it would just be great if he thrived with the Buffalo Sabres in front of the Toronto maple leaves Citi rub their. Phil Kessel loss hot dog stories right their base. There that the right. If anyone's wondering by the way why Cassel might be available it's not because Pittsburgh doesn't want him it is more. The bears they're out of Atlanta's cap restraints right what there was rumblings from last season that came in the head coach Mike Sullivan. Were having issues. And it was based in castle not playing with a either Crosby or mall in for pretty much the entire season. And the playoffs. I mean if your castle. Mats we got traded to Pittsburgh for Toronto. If I were him I'd be thinking. Oh my gosh you've got to be kidding me I'm Dora the player Tyler both Zach anymore let's go I get to go play with Crosby and mall in. My stats are gonna go up. My reputations gonna go up I'm no longer relied on to be the star player in my line. Less pressure. I can just the rise in that role. And he kinda didn't really end up doing that last season he played a lot with. Will lose their pre start later in the year in China McCall who referred by terrorism for Riley Sheehan I think Bradley Sheehan. So how is pulling out a third line he's getting number one power play unit minutes. But I mean you go to Pittsburgh and if I'm Phil Kessel and why you might upswing of of getting Balkan or Sidney Crosby. And more so it was multi. And that's why he was. Kinda. Got into it with his head coach killed. Why are you playing me with a star center. And yet to think about that to have the year that he did point production lines. 92 points race even sound even more attractive to get a guy like the castle. So I wonder actually sell them and if I can sell them on our fill your magic play at mall can last season. Because you deployed their priests are grown each and if you come here your point Jack. Decent stat that your player they really talented center. So maybe he would even weigh that who knows if it looks like if that's the reason he wants out of pets or doesn't want out of Pittsburgh but he would be okay. With the trade out of Pittsburgh it looks like that's the reason because he wants to play though each signer. You got you can offer that. So. And that's different than. An errand because if I got to convince these guys long term on how they're gonna stay here. Erin I mean it's it sounds to me like he just wants to task free agency that's what it looks like. Maybe he just doesn't wanna play John Porter all you mentioned first hour. Maybe he wants the plane at about her Sutter to a mean act on this actually about that tore all. Thing he had his agent actually made public comments saying that it's not about coach that doesn't mean that. I know but they're telling the truth I know that that doesn't mean that but usually you know that from what you thought comic. It's forthcoming and eight plays more into the heat probably just wants to test trees. Then we've got. Just opening up some Friedman quotes. You know if Elliot Friedman Bob MacKenzie they do their radio rounds in Canada and generally did some juicy stuff the comes out. And recently. There's been a lot of juicy stuff on right reverently. Supreme these record. That not much. Starting about Freeman does talk about right around. I saw right rally here Ryan O'Reilly here he just looked dead mean he started laughing I said good luck he said thanks very much. This was in. Chicago. Pinch thing. Nothing new and are. No new trade rumors Tony trade. Teams that can be linked. Still sitting here at Vancouver Montreal and Carolina. And to which by the way in Montreal on thank you for crushing my hopes and dreams. Getting my second lines and immediately. Back in outspent ten. Jonathan your installer yeah day. I mean he's good he's good he's not sent. Well I don't tell that the Montreal as they don't think he has I would've loved having might you see coming back in his trade in addition to something else. The sole thank you mark Burton and and then by the way appeared dory on immediately took heed off U by the way. Yet what is going why why. Can't anyone can at a higher at top of the general manager or Montreal I can suspect it's one thing. It's because they need to guide to be able speak French the French reporters in the QL French and everything else. Version van Dorian. Maybe I don't I may get a lot of the door in the speaker because especially if their those reports are true that mayor she spoke group that is owner was telling him you do not trade this guy and division. So the trade that was the better trade with Florida maybe he was never allowed to make. But let's Thurman effort. Bershard man sure Kelly Jim Manning. This is like yours pitched yams trio Riley can't similar to what a shelf to show the layoff yes no doubt seen snow is doing at this point and non. Are we forgetting one we are. Hubris. Looks pretty good so I'll do this is won the Calder cup. General manager I want that young wizard three type of general manager. Clinton teams should be looking towards so. So yet but like you said five of the seven Canadian. GM seem to be. Tripping over themselves. More times than not in the betting is done battered lately for Vancouver. Sorry but sometimes you go back you'll stripes of silly moves. So these Mike often treats for a minute. First actually. Blood and it our way to account search go to donate surge WGR. 550 go to my page. Jody BS you can also go to my page for their exit in the contest. We're all fighting to be answering now we all were all fighting cancer Joseph. That's what the latest that's what the competitions against. Always. I'm Mike Coffman. Says he catcher it's voice. And but I think that we've we've covered the ground of okay. I was an embarrassment they treated it but Doug met Doug Wilson the general manager of the sharks middleman them. Acquired Hoffman and got more form I tried to do that fantasy. Fantasy football. It's so it's like I know the process. And what's what's funny is he apparently. Was in contact with Florida's GM last night about Hoffman before he even acquired him. So imagine getting that call your Florida and it's the San Jose GM he says are won't you give us from Mike Coffman. What what what. She did you trade for Mike often known I yet. And and the conversation we just be okay wanted to go acquire Mike Hopman Cup he can't do it. Ottawa treaty as you're in our division somehow even though your Florida and their Ottawa. You're in the same division. Interesting how that ends up going down but anyway. The interesting part another interesting part of this is. Mike Coffman seemingly. Had no value. For a guy. That has scored twenty goals four seasons and arrow. That is only 28 years old that isn't on that bad a contract. 27292622. Or his goal totals the last four years. I mean c'mon the guy should have value and he goes for basically nothing. From Ottawa San Jose like Ottawa's gets a player back that. They probably just wanted to help get the cat four and it all right prospect. And then they gave up a fifth. And got a six backs league downgraded in terms of picks. So that's Ottawa's candidate. And San Jose which are they middleman them and they got good value. In terms of what they had just traded for him but even that they still we get second round pick next season. Where's that I know I know yet the off the ice stuff but even that's only allegations right now that that makes me think that. There might have been GMs around the league that did their due diligence on that and navy they think that it has legs. Maybe I don't know it just got off cents because like you otherwise it doesn't you're right it doesn't make sense because housing guide it's had. If he's played four years in the NHL. Four whole years in the NHL every single one of them he had over twenty goals and three of them yet over 25. So I just I don't get it I don't get why that. It's strange how some players in the league seemingly don't have a lot of value like Evander Kane. And Mike Coffman but guys have to put the puck in the back of the net that should be what's most important. And San Jose found success with Cain communications. I mean it's going to be like a late first round pick. And gaining a reunion whose. Not to be vat impact full player if even makes the NHL. And that Hoffman ghost that's I mean. Florida gets Hoffman for pretty much and often. For a second round pick next season that the guy you're probably not if even beat team in NHL player you're probably waiting five years from now. Five years down the road in general manager might not be in that spot anymore. So it's weird how he had no value. And it kind of makes me think. I wish the sabres were a position of the cut down that seemingly they couldn't though because they're coming off a player that is similar to that. That might have had some locker room issues that could put the puck in the back of the net but maybe wasn't the greatest locker room guidance of stuff going on. Not in the rink. And they just rid themselves of that and maybe you Sabato dissent I don't really want this again. Maybe it's not as bad maybe it's not even true I do I just don't deal. He could be saying that amended its understandable. But when there's a player out there would that type of goal production. That's being had for a future second round peck. The NHL's the one sport that really I think values that kind of stuff. Look at the F felony Martinez prank a treated the draft that he's been suspended for half of his career. The browns could trade Josh Gordon right now I bet you they get a first round. That guy's been suspended for more than half of his career. Well I don't legal Latin speculate on the guys that are on the any children Margaret I mean you've got. So costly to our time and and you got right. And there's going to be a decent chance at one of them for some reason doesn't net the package that you. Were suspect. Or you trip to Montreal five times more than you probably oh of course yes because it. Because mark version mango version fan I can't believe they treated Mac Dallas gets if Mexico. Next on he had five goals last year there were a theaters. Think about this even furthermore they treated Alex got China. Shea Weber and Max to. It's almost as bad as what I had intended. A couple times up those two teams. They're not gonna meet in the Stanley Cup and attempts in thank you by the way and in Denver just. Like in Shirley have done this badly in Boston. Are the types he was on track to I want I think he was contract I think that team. Was ready to go. In terms of like Dave they were done another window is closing and then. Sweeney in their GM comes and the current GM and kind. Tied to save the day he's made some really nice moves there some these edits and depth but low key moves. Like. With some solid Riley Nash and your third line kind of moves that's and it's it's I'll draft. Texas law and in one of the picks that he got for a via. The died and concentrate in debt and being. CA he'd they've made some good moves on because I thought they were being done and some adjusting quotes from a Elliot Friedman. Sing a break here now and then we'll get you some of that coming up in the next segment will also hear from the athletic admin tens. Jonathan Willis who was Ahmet Mike show in the blog earlier today talking NHL draft Oilers sabres all of the above all the movement around. The NHL it's all coming up nexus nightcap Jody B Osce in Derek Kramer 80305 V for your phone numbers. Freer calls you're listening to be here. The nightcap on WGR Jody B Osce enter Kramer. Not a lot of big news coming from Elliot Friedman to night he'd had that you know but our Teddy parent thing earlier. He went on Vancouver radio. Recently. Coupled. Newsworthy things pass along. He does think Vancouver's seventh overall pick is still available. So that could be connected to a rally because Vancouver's been on teams that has been linked. So maybe that descent or that would have to be in place if you're gonna do that with them anyway. And Chicago to be eighteen to touch. They're adjusting to. Missing the playoffs last year and really really really bad cat situation I mean though it may be the worst in the league. Just awful. They've got Brent Seabrook under contract for early 8000 more years at ten million dollars or whatever I don't know. They do get their cups only cut so dense. And let's let's get some more insight on the NHL draft movement around the league and little bit on Edmonton Oilers. Jonathan Willis joined Mike show open the Bulldog this afternoon to talk about. All of the above here's Jonathan's visit. With the guys from earlier today. Glad to have Jonathan Willis back on the show. Last time we talked Jon and release you and I did. You were another job. Now you are the managing editor of the athletic Edmonton the athletic as recently launched in buffalo sounds like this is all working out. Yeah I I am thrilled we had just fantastic response. I'm working an outfit it doesn't it doesn't rely on happened doesn't want to keep peace and stability. And what the pictures and things like this it's costly but I just finished I don't think I've ever worked somewhere that money. Posted a 101000 were dropped. Well. One. Peace or maybe like the main theme of this piece is a question that for all the different guest we fed on in the last few weeks. Talk about rest must a lien has been a question I keep thinking about and that is what is that going to mean this year give you some numbers. So here's de Alina defenseman going to the league's worst team but for all that he's described as what do you see as wrong as right to expect. I would do all what could victory at I think. You look at their two draft here's they had very compatible performances at the same level. And you know I mean didn't have got massive franchise trying your round impact right away in Tampa Bay because you don't eat just one guy. But I don't think any enlightened and would feel shortchanged by by what he delivered and down. Yeah so committee keeping the offensive expectations to minimum but but today he's gonna be looked at little buffalo. And really just how soon. Does that start happening like is that like. We we've been wondering like what sort of role. We could be realistically expecting. Fraud deceit from roster stallion as as an eighteen year old playing in the NH. I think I'd say you know if you if you have your expectation at a second pairing defensemen. But spread out of the gate and that that might be a little bit conservative but it never idea that the public that it. These guys when they're they're coming in because. It is different cultures different language there's there's so much about patient and everybody Campbell with a little bit differently. But I think without any union. You know within a year needy people on the outside Asia really solid top art and. What do you think Jonathan of what else the sabres should do or maybe specifically what. They should do because of having one. Doll lien essentially. Crystallized in his easy here and in you with the Oilers around the Oilers. You week you have had many conversations even if you will cost about risk the line and if you were the sabres. Would you be wanting to scramble like the current roster. Specifically. Even with Briscoe. Not necessarily I think it would all the things that depend on ballot because it says that. GM out there look at the line and and it. You know. Authentic right shot defenseman about. And I think I really value and they've laid they overlay and that. You have to consider trade and Anthony Lake I think back to because what. You know based around Edmonton. I I think doctor that you are all trade security admin can really really prioritized data marks and I don't think it doubles went into the ERC is not your thinking you know if you're out of Warner center. But they got me an offer I think Edmonton are threatened but look at a clip that you doubt my alignment. If somebody you know how has this outrageous premium that they pick human beings work. You know bringing names don't mean a lot out of buffalo some options they're I don't think it pushes them out the door and. Right I'm really curious having respecting what you said about a point of entry for Colleen. You know society expectations Lowe's the second pair guy. Think eventually. Though he certainly will be. On the number one pair here and maybe they still have to find that partner. Maybe easier. But assuming it's not risk the line and then I'm a difference oral roll and see how that goes. I was wondering if that's what you're going there and because I had the same spot. But it kind of thing it seemed like it into a hole in the draft lottery don't want all that you know that you were the line you know chatter and. Elaine in government collects gently because. Both both because they play you know one got a collection web site one that plays right side but also because. If you how. Kindly Colleen increase your top pairing. What's to stop you from putting ripped a line in on a more sheltered second calorie content afterwards so much about shut down work. And just letting him run wild against second and third lines and the other cheek they got me seem like a place where he might actually see him unlock more often to potentially see our. The obvious the only thing that would keep me from wanting to do that is if I could trade in particular yeah. You could look like obviously you wanna do that via right if you can't. Who knew that was possible with a great. Group. Who that was possible before it happened right you can do that that way with John the Willis from the athletic Edmondson. The other or another Edmonton. Parallel guests is how old comic David went there. Ands. He was hurt the first year they missed the playoffs second year all goes great. And even with that trade that was. Generally panned. You're the Oilers in the game seven of the second round of our member right. The last year backward so we know this on a different scale I would say with uncle Jonathan but. What has happened there with the a player that most people believe is the league's very best. And how it hasn't meant automatic. Winning for the Oilers last year with a step back and maybe there's a eventually and even hopefully because you do have the will the one good year the year before with Dolly and there's a there's apparel perhaps. Well you know walking out of kept in close greatly Kiki. No team performances straight line you're gonna happen peaks in the valleys and I think 201617. Present in the key coral lot of things right you know they had great help they have a lot of guys that could. Years. And then black season. Class bomb was injured playing all year it hurt not playing to his potential. I'm Adam Larsson had some difficulty particularly just tragic personal situation and Audrey Tucker missed. Up to defend them when he came back it silk. You do dot sort of being compounded with about this summer problems specifically. Shipping out Jordan and the lady who is a flawed player but it also point five goal scorer which is hard to replace. And he can get pretty big drop in performance pretty quickly. It just one of those things where no matter what kind of tally your building around. People that we can box like this these tremendous young cornerstone pieces. You that you they're still look substitute bill equality around them. There's no nothing given immunity challenge. Just because when a lottery that GM got a double can't. You know build up supporting cast and that you're not going to be vulnerable to guide getting hurt or four guys that poor performance. So old given where the Oilers finished last year in meeting did I would think make some changes are. Fans there are sort of dreading watching shall rallied to net given how a couple of streets recently worked out of luck. Well it definitely oh my goodness there's another humid hot and feeling it in front segment. I don't know it a lot of BM a lot of the commentary coming sort of from the club. BB yeah and tiger. Have been and that Edmonton might take Mullen approached this summer. You know me be making the pick at number ten and that trading for the player. And I think that there's any appetite do you you Christine wrinkle in all out courses that one Lucci tremors which. I mean who knows what do you expect there but without the kind of contracts where the players committed to it such such term that much money that it is that the ultimate. Might be. I don't want it in hard to lose but it's a kind of deal where there would come legitimate hope that the team can kind of get better through. It what what do you think his value is. It's it's hard to figure because he got such unique skill. There aren't very many players that didn't seem like on which each ad network historically and Chileans have been warned over pay back and haunt an honorable. I think people look at the contract in building on them out because of all signing bonuses and and that makes it difficult. I think he probably you know when you look at the player contract combination I think he probably has negative value but I don't think it. I certainly didn't sound like I don't again and I have to trade currently on the Mota will never to make it. To make it breakevens so I expect the trade and other got a call problematic contracts. Five years laughed at a cap hit of six million each and he's got. Some power over over worry goes. Yeah. All right as simply a tough one there was how how long he always wanted to fire on five goal Lester was like moms want to put. Yeah I think yeah one law. You get it and when was Christmas last year but think about that in America. December. All right well there's a lot to talk about around the league Donovan has been the usual this time a year. Although thinking of this but we don't have the expansion draft just wanted to think about like a year ago Pollack citing the expansion draft was and that it really didn't turn out to be that exciting. And then anyway Vegas went to the finals but you've got also was business today you've got to BB Phil Kessel and Aaron he your old Riley. Obama's Jonathan what do you expect it may be one of motor two things are just generally here in the coming days. Pool. Ottawa and you definitely watch I I'm curious if it is that I kinda think you can keep it here because it's so hard it. Because of course they look first rounder cute Colorado you're next your to be their first rounder. I'm mad at the cost pluck them to be in but I think we're in a lot of things at them and obviously they're under pressure me to deal Carlton. I want to want to players they're revert to potentially be available. Go I watched them and then one. Went all the way decides what it's doing I think that's gonna happen ripple effect throughout. I expect future or. You know fairly significant deal maybe one or two really high and the one. And how does O'Reilly Factor and that to you do you think that's but the what do you make what do you make his value. Should the sabres expect to do pretty well if they choose to trade Ryan O'Reilly. Yeah yeah I've. While I'm on the wrong god. That line. When I look I really like weekly gain. But the the trade to come reminded that when I first saw her name on the rumor mill would see I'm Vancouver trade. Outlined Kessler and I and I think a wiley is probably in that range and has got called Vancouver got nick did need help. Candy first round pick up and I. So you know if you trade Ryan O'Reilly you get somebody who can play second line center at colonial could get it I'm an ideal and you get a first round pick and copy now. I still don't know that I would think that they terminal island guys. I think they're gonna get value and many senators all have out greatly art guy. How about his career John like he has been what the years in the league full seasons he's almost never. Out of a lineup. And the numbers are really good the possession numbers are pretty good the usage. Flight here was just sold extremely was always. Playing the toughest competition playing Arizona and and like almost no team's success at all like. He's he's the king of the world championships like this guy is a very respectable player but. ME even two franchises may be going on another there was an offer sheet along the way too so very acting career. Yeah not many guys. But you know what I I think that one of those things where in terms of team success. I think we're gonna see it more like. Delete used to be smaller than it is used to outlast parent dies. I really feel like increasingly we're seeing these stories a guy who really all the players and keeps increasing or you. Ball and he'll roll in and case in point com and that you haven't had a piece cut could happen in that situation. So I I would I would devalue. O Reilly welcome back but he's. It has certainly very interest in time. Now what do you bomb what do you make of the hall in a minority talked about Ottawa a little bit here but. Hoffman being treated twice today ending up in the division seems like not what Ottawa set out to do when they tried the same state as they've released. So on can and you know. There's been a lot of layers his departure there with the with the accusations in the order protection and all the stuff. But how about just in general like where he ends up and is that a good spot for him for. You know the wrong I. I imagine everybody Korea be so right now what would have the first overall pick. It ever feel down and look north. Intricately cheer up. Ought yeah. I. Am. What I'm Mike barker in me with another guy who make it out you. And cannot do that it would get under that contract in and flip Hoffman went out there. You know there's been a lot of speculation that Ottawa. Really kind of worried about Alec up next year and they I think Bill Allen said that they. Let's ask about excuse but players talking to them. And that means justice it's a silly way to proceed you don't spend money and money. And again and have to return. So comparatively low like that because they got to bear straight got to pour out their return and people like well my call all these stories. Blah blah blah and then penalty turned around and get a much better are you go back. That's right at the the senators for all we upped all the stuff they did not need that. The. Not only is it embarrassing and it it speaks and management. Right. Alright well you know you're right it is a pretty exciting time here with this that lottery win was a huge relief. Four for fans and in May be. The media there is like so that the the relief again in the fan base that something. It is about to change with this franchise because it did does it just does not get worse than what last year was around here you know. But this town loves hockey. And man last year was just so not interest thing at all right from the beginning and frustrating in. You're three years and Michael were like we're supposed to be good and run a third fourth coach I don't even know like. It's got to settle down here in May be dealt lien is the magic potion. Yeah life. He is fortunate that special player. And and the thing is like that could be pretty exciting track for the papers especially if they end up you know having another first first rounder when. If and when O'Reilly it felt like. There's there's a good camp publicly come away with two cornerstone defensemen out of that struck it. Mean it's got a lot like. You know he has correctly John Carlson and Erik Karlsson picked and and lonely young he'd picked late in the first round into the second round. Ultimately they would could come on that with blue line just unparalleled caliber. While Carol Albert but really high and life cycle and you won't hear about it. Those are significant building block apart to lose let's get back foundation. Right on John it's always a pleasure thanks for your time. Yeah where. There's Jonathan Willis from the athletic and habits if you missed any of that you can find it argument audio at WGR. 550 dot com last column and I kept coming up next 8030550. Is the phone number Jody B Osce in their Cramer are here on WGR. There. Yeah. Should be Osce and Derek Kramer back here in the nightcap on WGR Sports Radio. 550 dare me fired up a little bit here because there's there's a TO story out there. She kept us now. So apparently according to TSN. Terrell Owens has been added to the goat and a negotiation list for the Edmonton eskimos of the CF found. Pay you less. The guy ran a 4430. Yeah you know I little yesterday. Like Dave this is reactionary to that video and that is why I'm laughing I think I think you could still play I think he could I just think that it's funny that you know. A team immediately in the CA AFL simple like a mine mine mine mine did that to net. We'll see what's interesting is if you remember what he got 'cause I why would he put. Yet when he got cut by I think it was right after a couple of the Seahawks. And he had that thing in the indoor football league with the Allen wranglers. And he Alec a little bit of the piece of the ownership. And use gonna play there. Vlade DC FL never call them that. But they do now added so that's that's the one interest in part but. All in there's also the story pertain to TO today that the falcons. Her. Not too happy that Julio Jones is buddy buddy with felons now. No hang out and I mean if the guy a break I know he's a diva and he's the biggest diva probably two weeks ever seen maybe you guys now and and need just a Julio Jones. To waited he has played. Rate in nineteen yes maybe that's a theory I'm Strachan here. Maybe there's one thing you can't say about Owens is that he. Heard the one thing you can't criticize them Forrest did the shape he keeps himself. I mean he's in his forties he's been out of the league for a few years now when he still. In shape and running a 443 exactly. 443. How easy 44 he can't be that adult disease in my younger. He might be 44. ID it's a play. Maybe not the NFL but I. CFO. And pretty good he left wing NFL in when he feel he less poignant felt calling feet then he's been in four years. Figure six point fourteen yes that doesn't sound right now it's 2010 break it you just mean the whole theme Joseph Torre's. In my years hot air. Not to be honest he did make the whole thing two years ago the writer and the committee Justin wanted. World Cup schedule tomorrow. Not really any great teams to go to pot some good teams Portugal plays Morocco at 8 AM. Herb why verses Saudi Arabia. And eleven I ran vs Spain at two. Blowout blowout loss. When I see those three to David at the most entertaining gave World Cup match ups tomorrow but the group. Good group Russia as aren't through I don't know I have Russia in this pool amend my allowed to refer them. I emirate gas. Why wouldn't you if it feels though like something's off something that it's not quite the same I've we have also got Japan. In Japan winning this morning and again let's go and I feel little. Ole. More hesitant to do that with Russia are restless and Alec Russia a watch rocky 400 times that's that's what that movie Tommy we're not supposed to refer Russian. I though I agree with that the fans do turn on Drago at the end so they can do it. Maybe I should be. Yeah I mean you and Drago. No. If the Russian fans can root for the American in me is an American I can root for team Russia specially when you know. Got a few dollars and held by writing on them being good and now but it just feels weird. It does feel weird. I've got. McKee do that no CO goats and and and in. Speaking of this year fell Ricky stand the apparently no longer and see if ever him. He of the former Iowa quarterback depth and former Kansas City Chiefs to pressure our oats on the show with ever since he thought. But I bet Jody B Osce Derek air will be back tomorrow three more days until ross' missed Colleen becomes a buffalo sabre. Tomorrow. There and writer at 930. And then mat Donovan. Former I don't think she put for the sabres beat placing the Hammer's former teammate of roster style he's definitely the islanders had to pay that for sure he'll be on the afternoon show. At 4 o'clock. Former teammate of harassment styling and will be back at seven and Kosovo in an apartment dot com you can donate to. To my page Jody B Osce search WGR 450 in Largo mayor Joseph dvi cease pain ST I capital BI AFC notes ballroom. Or their car statement. There that was CS dropped that I can't Jody BSE dare Cramer and a B here.