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Welcome a 105 John Murphy an Orchard Park we are just extorted new here feel the home of the Buffalo Bills. And we're here in the one bills. And that one buffalo studio urgency ready to do three hours of bills and NFL talk with you welcomed the show welcome to Chris Brown Chris good to have you with us here today you gonna get there forever plugged in literally like an over there and let up. Logistical issue over here that's what happens Chris is doing that the work of three men today including those calls you know show. You posted yesterday show that their when you wind up with a hall of Famer aren't thomas'. Code that was a good wing man to have no question about it and and you know there is that if he does bounce off. All of those player related things yet and get his perspective. Mr. tournament host of things yesterday and as funny as you're talking about. World Cup with holes and Schmidt and and read Ferguson yesterday but we also asked them about our topic of the day which was how the culture of the team. Just get rooted in imbedded in the locker room so quickly in the span of the calendar you seem so many other coaches before them fail in doing that. And they were taught as they're talking. And telling us why the culture yet. You know settled so quickly in the locker room Colmes talking about now. It's fun to go to work with the other guys in our locker room as we know who they are we know what they're about we remember all those. Spill your guts actions that they had last summer training camp. And there is a look at it means Colton saying it. And he said. That he's. Actually he's not he's trying to interrupt ultimately whispering over to me was their you know he was on the radios yes I think he I think he was aware of it but it eating Carrey was gonna say anyway. And the other funny thing was the AC in here didn't kick on yesterday so well 1215. And they're and a long sleeve. Like pull over on. And he was swept analysts so we got a towel but it is funny as caddies watch in the show at home. And squeezed leading at our one build live account on some of my husband a towel. And we waited back were out of work about it Nellie seat that was literally that we thirty K gun during the first segment as those in other a couple of twisted Jersey yesterday children. Got man. Hey I did listen to show I spent yesterday day at a golf tournament in Youngstown New York Niagara county. It's the empowered golf tournament the the minister Jim Murphy memorial named after my dad and I was honorary co chair and M and m.'s team coach here for several years but. Driving up there and I tried to get there on time and just barely made it with the obligatory you know 45 minute traffic delay anger and island for whatever reason I don't know why. But what that then meant was set to get their 1130 wanna I wanna get they're definitely quarter after twelve so I listen to the first fifteen minutes of vote one bills like. And heard you guys talking with the guys about World Cup soccer. It was our area and I do this why this is important. I actually took the advice of last Friday's co host joked area and spent little time not a lot but I watch cops are weak and and I'm proud I know you would be I knew you would widen once talk with Joseph convince you that Abilene and value the last two or three years I'd say a that's not an item with you but. I see how I go into it you are and then Joseph assorted. He was he hit a light touch let's parties it just try object. I am currently does thinkers so I watch yesterday. I got up I was right stationary bike in the morning I'm watching. Sweden and com. Korea right terrible game. It was awful end and it was one nothing game which is fine but one goal by virtue of a penalty kick which is fine and deployment rules but they're just. So many stoppages in play and so much you know so many penalties in Annapolis with the sound down. Does that and so I needed explanation couldn't get it just this is. I know look I I appreciate that the game will be better games and that there have been better games minority Brett and his I don't know about this it's OK maybe keep an oil well. Devote much time to a did you hear about that in Korea and I watched. Yeah what do you think was an awful it was it was not one of the better games played so far but if you watch Spain Portugal as I need to that was three to three that was spread in all there in the game has the hatchery. I mean it. I mean that was and to and even the game this morning. Between Jan and Japan and Colombia Colombia's in a big hole early. Because one of their players it's a red card for an intentional handball their own boxing gets thrown at the game three minutes it soaked levee has to play 87 minutes a man down. Which on a soccer field is very hard to do. Yeah you do it for awhile but that you Wear down because you got to cover so much more round on the field with one. One man fewer on the field. And down but it was and and in Colombia was trying to get a goal to even it up after Japan went 21 so. And to end entertaining action. Senegal's Plame poll in right now and Honda athletes on Senegal's team and Poland is trying to keep up with them even though there the higher ranked team so. There's all these dynamics that come into play because you're on the world stage. Beating athletes from all over the world it's it's the Olympics but it's one sport and it really is what it is. And I'll say the biggest difference. With the fan bases Murphy is. There is no adversarial nature between fan bases that you literally have database is crammed up against one another one section apart team. But it's it's like a world party. And I experiences when I went to the World Cup in 94 the last time is here in the US those fresh out of college. And while at my high school bloody to a game at Giants Stadium it was Norway and Ireland. And you get the Norwegian fans over here in Ireland fans you know Irish fans over here and it's not like they're too adversarial nations or anything. But throwing arm in arm rocket dancing in the same songs it was just it was like a party kind of atmosphere where everybody's just happy to be there which is completely counter. To what we see any NFL. You know between dolphins and bill's fans raider fans and anybody else you know it's just I just was I was. Not taken aback by it but it was just a completely different perspective. On seeing two different fans in the same stadium completely coexisting. Just happy to be there watch and World Cup game. Participants. And the start of the first things first com. I won't watch war and I know why you'd you mentioned you know Yuri influence I mean maybe Joe's it was it was Joseph Friday but also somebody tweeted in that I was vehement typical look. Close minded you know one's self the I am not I am has open now that is not a light touch right. I am and I was open minded as anybody I know I am I love new ideas I'd love to listen it is also know that like. I also know I appreciate and am negative World Cup's are a chance but I think I'm close minded. Don't be efforts twenty years you know yeah I know you're pretty. Liberal but I am right yes I'll say it I am I am somewhat liberal about a variety of things yet including. Scene with somebody else appreciating given its 600 with ups suppress it helped me. I'm not that it's an act to sit down for three hours at a time and maybe I will look at some time off them and you know that. Columns were up arms it was a month so I've done much feel the July 4 weekend I've got plenty of time to watch I can't see myself blocking out. Like it it would NBA playoffs are certainly within a bill so block it Altria are chunks of time to watch World Cup soccer but it its dominant in heaven the background so some. Help me understand what I should look for how we should watch what I should appreciate and any one specific explanation under the do substitutions and get. You only can make three substitutions in the game Oca. There's only three alas. And the analytics of soccer which have been going on for far longer than anything NFL as ever seen they've been doing it. Since probably 2006 or seven like heavy analytics. Tom says the best time to substitute players to get the most bang for your book with a fresh and legs is that the 58 minute. The 72 minute then the last somewhere in the last ten minutes of the game. And you'll see teams routinely make that first substitution around the fiftieth Minnesota yesterday so it they they adhered teams in here to those analytics will do dad. A you know barring an injury where you have to sub somebody earlier but it's very strategic because you can't just so people willing LE. You know like you can't and you soccer. We're trying to kids on the field the plane that kind of thing and so yes professional level is three subs a game. But you're asking what to look for. I mean can't keep mine I probably not much one full game start finish. But I will certainly yup there's nothing on TV now. There's so knocked it on TV so how should watch well there's a host of different tactics that going to games you know with the team is clearly that the more inferior team. They may take a defensive posture which means they'll put a lot of players behind the ball to defend and play counterattack style. I think the best way to translated. In in in a sport that you can understand is kind of like hockey you know meet you you might take a more defensive posture like in New Jersey gavels in you know neutral zone trap kind of thing. And and try to play counterattack when you win the ball back the more skilled teams are gonna rely more on creativity possession time possession time as what's been invoked for the last. Eight to ten years. Because the more time you have the ball the opponent doesn't you should technically have more scoring chances as a result. I guess it kind of applies somewhat to time of possession of football. American football. And so these are things like who's the better passing team who can retain possession longer who's carrying the play who's run entries in the team for most of the time. Then it comes down to a certain bit block. You know who's gonna get about freshman at get a deflection in Senegal today they take a shot it's blocked by defenders you'll keepers lean one way the ball goes in the other side of the net. Ms. Senegal's got a one nothing lead. A two nothing lead is usually safe in most cases. In World Cup soccer unless you're playing a very strong offensive team but. Specific things to look former I think what I wanna do with you is do what I did with Thurman yesterday. His servant doesn't know soccer from a hole in his net and so what I did with him was I went on 538 dot com which is that analytics site that covers a range of things besides sports. And they have a great thing and I'm gonna run it through running with you through the break is I think what you need is a rooting interest. Why did a new team to root for so we're gonna go through seven questions. That determine your preferences. And this will select the team for you know it's appropriate we can either do it now on the air or job I would do it during the break and we'll get to a team to report his Thurman got. England yesterday. And England was playing yesterday which even help so as soon as he got off the Ares I on all watch second. So a third and those so it's a 11 game in the second half. England scores with three minutes left Harry Kahne who's a player he identified on the roster that OK I'm gonna. And and a root for the State's legal stories that EA is this where Google's themes weren't so sure enough Terry Cain scores in the 87 minute England erupts. Thermage. I honestly cannot. Every change triple explanation point no England you know you world tested World Cup so I'd like he talked like no don't you are rooting interest it was as easy. Who should it for you report by the way in the world. Usually I'm in right right and there's a lot of English players on the national team that played for that club so I am kind of keeping an eye on them. I've I've got France in our office pool this pool so gallery you got I'm the whole group of France is favored in the group that I am at group C. Com. I usually root for Italy just from heritage stuff but they're not in it they're not in the World Cup this year for the first time in forty years or something. I'm just kind of enjoying it as a whole I do like the underdog sometimes in rooting for them. But I don't really have a true rooting interest years ago. I'm lightly for England a little bit they've had hard times last year's World Cup and whatnot but we'll do this seven question things will get a team. To root for. And that I think will help you a lot because round Robin plays still just. Underway get teams playing their first games my question is her game today tonight should keep an. There's a gain coming up this afternoon I didn't look at the emir of the jedi so that we get I know it it should start at one or 2 PM I can check. A project. I shorts here right now. Point Russia and Egypt at 2 PM one of the best Dole's words in the world. Mohammed salon pleas for Egypt he plays for Liverpool in the English premier Li in the lead the league in scoring this year. He's coming off a shoulder injury but he. He's gonna have his way with Russia gimme just rushes in and this is unfortunate part about soccer team in these World Cup tournaments there's so much on the line. Russia's gonna probably double teamed all game and hack hack and it just chopping his legs all the time that they did apparently way back in the 62 World Cup. Or the 66 World Cup the opium out so much they broke is like. And good players that term and everybody else got cheated as a result pages. Still one of the best players of the World Cup app on your own. I don't have I was just donate Yahoo! Sports. I do have a live soccer team via so when you're fine and can be. And pat you're the guy felt Arctic. A lot of guys in the office her I mean you go back to our office space. All three TDs have soccer right now genie is hooked Simon is you know getting those roots are lethal and are offering and an even sample watch it he's from. You know he's from down south where football is king so. Everybody's where we got a movement on on the up curve I jump up the bad way I. Well yeah and argued an acute maybe the bandwagon guy that are just going to be happy that your watch I'll want to Lola at its OK I don't watch every dog at the matter now. That might even knowledgeable game. I don't like being accused of being close minded about this in Iowa last week and Joseph was great light touch and but I figure user gave up mommy's arms I had Garrett a favorite you know. Well it's great I'm good to be part of the second autopsy. Chris we'll talk about at a though most of the ways that's totally if you haven't we I got my fill yesterday on your show I got a call at 1 o'clock segment wrong on there thanks for doing the curious too so there's the show today. We want to you know or in the dead period now that the bills rookies around about twenty embers Oprah what they call the rookie development program whatever else is gone. A coach users are scattering it not scattered and is not a whole lot going on here by the courts there I went to this golf tournament yesterday. And if one person asked me to question probably fifty people this question I know it is who's gonna start recorder. Right so or or how is Josh download who knows if that's the one being quest it was who's got the start and that's why I get that there's interest and it's not. The great thing is Chris in the NFL this year and there are those. For first round quarterbacks right for yes. By four. Or. Arnold Payne now 55 baker mayfield Roseanne Arnold. Josh Alan Rosen and and art project five I Berkshire quarterbacks and they're asking the same question everywhere it does not appear. It anyone in the five as of yet as I regret it in the heavens have grabbed hold that job right you consider pretty certainly right now after mini camps and come to. Yeah I mean I think some guys have kind of slotted themselves into that number two spot or will start training camp in the number three spot like Josh Allen well. And some guys certainly are in better situations. To start. Potentially weak one I think there's still a couple of guys that are in the mix for that kind of defeat. And start right away as rookies but it looks like the majority of these five are going to start. At best as the backup quarterback. With veterans in front and that's kinda. I think a lot of people to a certain extent maybe expected dad. Maybe there is some others it's a late drafting guys tie. You should have a mom defeat yet and a lot of people are going by the Carson Wentz model. Which is. If he looks ready put him on the field is now you can take advantage of that rookie contract. Where you're paying your quarterback peanuts. In comparison to the likes of Aaron Rodgers right you know whoever else you one name Matthew Stafford. You can spend your money elsewhere to fortify the team around him while he's still on his rookie deal. I understand economics behind that line of thinking but it's more important that the guys ready right then. Always affordable let's get on the field and have him you know win games force. Don't you think lingering background and all of these for a strong Corbett discussion Chris is. But come back to the states of fear but they consideration that look we don't wanna throw this game and if he's not ready. And run him long term right that's maybe the main consideration for these teams. Is he ready to help us win yes good ball player is he right attitude to. Hold it up his hold his own in the NFL not be embarrassed and and not you know ruined long term prospects for his career I think that's a major consideration for all these teams as well. And it might be a bigger one for the bills. In light of the experience that coach McDermott went through with Nathan Peter and last year he was convinced. In the computer and was ready. It and to start a game on the road no less. Just after the midway point of the season and believe me. Coach McDermott thought about that decision eight ways to Sunday. As he does but everything east. Painstakingly pharaoh. And came out saying Nathan Peter is ready he wasn't. You know when it didn't go right went sideways. And coach McDermott owned up to that decision. But I wonder. How much it's going to. Impact. What the development plan. Is for Josh Allen going forward having just experienced that last year C Peterman it's two different players' rights to different people. But it's an experience that you know. Coach McDermott has filed away in the memory. So that you're seeing you and this week coach McDermott would be more. More cautious this time I think he would be yes there so. Com we'd look at these bills would Josh Allen and again it's a topic in everybody's mind and in the bills or want them but by teams with first quarter wrecked. We kind of want to go through the lean a little bit today get a sense from you think we'll start first of that group they've all had some pretty good reports and most have pretty good reports from their. Training here there OT in mini camp experiences. And the training camp about five and a half weeks now and and maybe get you know maybe things will change but at this point. When we get a sense from you about that and that is our Twitter poll question. And we had to manufacture this one a little bit because of because of the fact that there's five on Twitter which rookie quarterback around the NFL will start first. What you think you can voted for reporting give it to call that lines open now in 030550. Told free from outside buffalo 1888. By fifty to 550 which rookie quarterback currently NFL will be the first. Starting game for his team. On Twitter right now in the early going with the off or 500 votes and 45% do you think going to be Sam Donald of the jets. On the third pick I'm nineteen pursue anything can be baker army field from the browns' first overall pick. 18% say the bills Josh Allen. And that's where we have trouble because it's five and importantly support. Splat pass slots and our political. So we put Josh Rosen and Lamar objects in the last 21 round is picked together. 18% obesity going to be one of those two Rosen rejects what do you think vote on Twitter. Let's go to thing on Twitter or preferably Gibson call 8030552031. Eat eat eat like fifty to 515 which Ricky quarterback. Start first you get guests lined up talk about all of them. Got up at 1 o'clock mr. every show from WNST radio on Baltimore close observer of the Baltimore Ravens will join us. Gotta but 130 or but he Erica Allen western your native who rates for New York Jets that I'm a jets. Who joins us talk about this internal. 2 o'clock Darren urban who covers the cardinals for Arizona Cardinals dot com he'll joins talk about Josh Rosen. And at 230 can't lobby from Cleveland back now to talk about baker made few pages road post for Cleveland back from that that. Browser and the quarterback the rate way. That was his take from the Brown's mini. We hear you though you know trio fight 52031. Eat eat eat. But 52 by fifty you know those desert island earner yes that you would you do it. I know EA a little bit better than Darren yet as we just don't cross paths as much with you know that Arizona Cardinals been in the NFC. Men and a couple times in both those guys do you work so. We get to talk to them and they definitely have their ear to the ground and I guess Amer that's got to be one of the most balanced. Polls I've seen on the show and why well. There is some evidence that tasker and I have an ongoing in the feud not a feud which that we. It would somebody come out of contention yes about the political summit of have a good Twitter poll. And of its lopsided vote where the other we consider that a bad ball when it's even the way today's looks we consider that a good poll. I will say in the interest of fairness to lump together Rosen in that Jackson. That kind of frozen in the right little bit yeah you got to quarterback for the price of one yeah but saw. Well still I mean mayfield and Allen are relatively even with those other two were alone together. And he surprised Arnold's Wayne Alina yes I am I look at guys but I think that's about. I don't know I don't know maybe they're convinced the jets are gonna screw it up somehow line item. This. An account is back there he was there last year in and played very well and you know he's I think everybody knows what he is now he's a place holder for the heir apparent. Teddy Bridgewater. Listed as the backup right now there's already rumblings in New York that they're gonna try to trade him average before training camp in the hope that. Somebody as a quarterback injury and they need somebody. And try to pull a move like the Eagles did couple years ago with the Minnesota Vikings when they sold Sam Bradford. To the vikings after Bridgewater went down ironically enough so. I. We'll have to ask Eric Allen about that to see what he thinks the likelihood of that might be it right you're you've got to wait for the right circumstance for that to happen. But interest in authorities. Are they looking to move on from right as they've got an accountant Arnold and had convert was up visiting the patriots last weekend. After yet released by the jets'. Zone leaders. Or generators to. Right that is in wheat wheat Chris and I of course know the bills passed and we should talk about that too in the bills' quarterback picture and again without tuck your body. At 830515. Toll free 1888. By 52 fact if you would say 90%. A response to the portable thing Josh Allen will be the first to start. Com. Seems about right Chris you know it seems about right 18% officially on the Twitter poll. Look I don't and I topic but the central obviously the golf tournament I don't know that just Ellen look he wouldn't if I were if I were betting neighbor or horse race. I would bet that AJ McCarron is going to be the starter on September night but second choice would probably be Josh Allen. My third choice would be Nathan Peterman but I don't know things can change they go to camp in five and a half weeks and that's exactly where I change. But I do think Josh Allen has chance to be the starter on opening day here I'm not a good chance with a chance what you. I think he's got a chance yes. I just know that a lot changes. In the pants on for a lot of different positions from me camp to training camp and we've seen. A lot of players. Over the years I mean do you remember what an all star Roscoe Parrish was in the in the spring in shorts and helmets now because nobody could touch him you can't put your hands on you camp pressed them really effectively at the line. And he'd be making plays all over the place he'd be like the leading receiver he looked like a dynamic weapon an immediate training camp. And the volume of plays that he would make would drop precipitously. Because team now DBs were allowed to be physical with them jam him at the line of scrimmage. Do all sorts of things and then you say ha. Well it's real football now and it's just not happening is off. And there are a lot of examples of that over the years just roster kind of stuck out for me because every year he glided up in the spring in any would be. As big a playmaker column you know summertime in the fall so will that happened to Josh Allen win the real bullets are flying in the pre season game is. Is going on and he's facing blitz packages. And teams are crossing him up with coverages. I don't now. That's why it's an unknown and I think it is a guess because you don't. Having not seen him before in that type of this adding you don't know how he's gonna respond to all of those things. He's gonna have to take him as they come and obviously do the you know do the best that he can and but is there any guarantee that he's going to be able to handle everything with a plot and move forward every single day. It's a big gaffe it's an F and I think that's why the coaching staff is taking the approach that they are taking right thumb. Speaking of mini camp performances. Espn.com. Reported over the weekend at the end of at the end of a medium. Many camp that Nathan Peter men who was on the roster last year actually the only returning quarter wreck on the roster last year. Make impediment fifth round pick him when he seventeen should be considered a series contender for the starting job in buffalo. Thoughts on that Chris it could happen but it's likely to happen I don't think he is likely to be the starter on opening day hum. That's based on my adoration of the committee the Yemeni camp in the rookies the preceded it. Plus it's based on just kind of where the common front and look at. You mentioned Peter into casual fans and all they think about as the chargers game it's not even in my. If that happens it's not fair you know that happened I saw how it happened which is important. But when I event when I look at a computer and think about his prospects arena starter in this league that gained doesn't really mean much to me and on YouTube but I think that at about a computer. Rangers won inherent advantage in the computer as his quarterback competition has being. And it's his familiarity with the roster. And native Peter and has made it a point to do everything he can to spend as much time. With the offensive players whether it was going over Saint Francis in March and run his own practices with receivers over there. He intends to use the same here in the summer albeit with Allen and win if AJ McCarron bowl. But. I think the leadership gene in the eighth and Peter and he's very strong. I think it's I think he's a superior leader to both of those other quarterbacks right now. And that is not something. That is going to be lost on this coaching staff for a second I think it's what attracted them to him in the first place is draft choice. And I think right now he has the edge in that department it's clear to me just seeing him interact with players. In the hoddle all of that stuff that he age he has a better rapport. With all of these players on the offensive side of the football then McCarron. Because again there is law. Van Allen because he's still feel this way and got enough on his plate right now to learn. Let alone let alone let me leave these guys in you know kind of establish relationships those two guys are still establishing relationships. Peter in large part has those relationships had already and I think it's me. Aid the task of leading. Significantly easier for him and I think it's put his mind duties because and he knows he's got an edge in that department until now we can just go out and play football. And I think it's one of the reasons why he proved it at least in my eyes to be the most consistent performer in the spring from start to finish. He make the most big plays no. But he made the most and from Dave from day one to date too to date three all the way to Dayton devotee days and three's in mini camp. I I listed him as my most consistent performer in the spring at the quarterback position the series contenders are opening their. I think if that continues an AJ McCarron or Josh Allen does not make a significant move forward with their own play. Their own leadership skills and things of that nature. I don't think you rule it out I I think it's. Is would do I wanna say it's likely I don't they aren't that far but I think it's realistic it's possible. And how and and even if we get there Merv you know week one week to week three however long it goes. Do we really anticipating going you know beyond mid season. You know I think they anticipate that Josh Allen and make the rock and look. And I said this before. Josh Allen is the most physically gifted quarterback on this roster it's not even close I mean it's not even if it's miles apart. Mean he can run the read option game the other two cannot do that. And again to his army and things into his arm art unique and rare. So as long as his football IQ follows in makes that necessary progress he will probably be on the field at some point this year but at the outset. I think there's a lot of hurdles he's got a clear to convince his staff. He's the best option in week one and because of that I think it is a possibility that Peterman and or McCarron. Could could start but I think the leadership. Abilities of Peter and should not be dismissed here I think it is a big factor. In this evaluation and I think coach McDermott has proven how much leadership means to him and at the most important position on the field. That's going to be critical. All right so we got that talk about organs are about the bills quarterback situation in the other first round quarterback situations around the league which rookie quarterback. Will start first in the league take a stab at it give us a call. 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To five feet deep and vote on that on our Twitter poll and now we'll read some from the tweet sheet coming up at a moment. This from Twitter ago Chris known reevaluate my World Cup students now Mike McKay. Tweets in Gordon is a dictator with countless terrible traits and policies watching the World Cup only legitimizes his reaching the act. Now I don't know. Maybe I won't want to know there's Hillard Chris gonna find me a team to report that's right we're doing it here during the break we'll talk about that we return on your new lines opened its call which rookie quarterback we'll start first. According have a work up a question for Chris you can handle that. We're back all right Chris Brown is here all day till 3 o'clock it's one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. Hi this week coming up fourth of July week starting July 2 no show. No it's gators that we as well but that's a week or two off which we're about that. So Chris what he called it program returned from the World Cup so it's 538 decked out there the analytics site its affiliated with the ESPN I mean if you marry yet that sort but anyway so after the the poll which we took twice as you weren't happy with the choices yet. You drew Serbia to us so really that is my team they don't play until Friday. I mean what. That was Serbia would what do you think. It's analytics where I can't explain writes. I got Peru if that helps you and I know you root for her mr. Al reform at that they're young team fast serve I couldn't even pick out Serbia out of yeah well I Peru by Serbia. But they're my team apparently according to a fight area and act play Friday. Not on Friday so. I mean of the games that are coming number of you know today is what Tuesday Soviet Russia and Egypt today I mean that's an okay Unionist army game. Portugal's a fun team to watch. So you may wanna consider them as a team and at a normal World Cup team would use they're usually borrow the hampers channel now who's the best scorers in history so they've been in the last several. You're way is uninteresting team. In a couple of good quality professional players on there. And they play an exciting style. Denmark is kind of a clinical team they plan on Thursday that does not so Argentina with messy actually it's one of the best games coming up. Thursday Argentina and Croatia. That will be very interesting to watch more games against Serbia if if they say that should be my team that something there aren't. And we we went through it twice I mean a death analytic still climbers. Our interest trying to get me a little bit more into. Broke up and let me. Let me reiterate Chris I've if I watched one full game it will be allowed them when championship reimport the device yet writer and a real points. RI AA RR port deal with a American football earlier today on the show we do every day Chris Brown is here in place of Steve tasker. And we wanna hear from you the fault lines open 8030550. Tool free 1888. By fifty to 550 the question today is pretty simple. You got the bills with their recorder gap for other teams who draft to Ricky the first round. Which one of them gets to start first do you think. Where does it in the pit look like it's coming from give us a call 8030550. Or toll free 1888550. To 550. You can vote on that on our toward a poll you can weigh in by Twitter or have a couple people have done that are ready on the tweet sheet. Tiffany Daniels a frequent tweetering music pretty thoughtful here she goes the pressure's on in Cleveland won in 31 over the last two years. I'm surprised. They brought the coach back Tyrod is limited in what he can do in the field. I don't see his game change and all they took me feel to push the franchise in a positive direction starter by week four. That's from Tiffany gain yeah maybe I mean. I I have to confess Chris I'm a little. I don't know hue Jackson all but he has been almost. Adamant in his support of Tyrod Taylor what beef with them when they acquired mayfield. At the end of many camp the other day right I mean he has spent solidly. We want to soccer now on the show I was trying to get loaded I'd bet that keep you posted you. You have crossed the line. But he's been he's been adamant about that aren't gonna start our season he's our number one. I I think these are the dynamics that are different in Cleveland Palmer the dynamics that are different are as follows. The last two rookie quarterbacks that they've tried to anoint the starter had failed miserably due in large part to the fact that they just weren't ready. And most of the reports coming at a Cleveland including the guy we're gonna talk to you today. And basically said that. While mayfield looks prepared on the practice field. He is nowhere near where Tyrod is as a leader and somebody on offense that is comfortable in his own skin in the NFL said. And I think after the last two years of winning one out of 64. Or what is it on I 32 games. Com. I think the the penchant for hue Jackson is to lean towards a veteran. That is not gonna kill you because there are a lot of gains that Cleveland was in last year. And a late turn over by the quarterback Kaiser in particular and in large part last year. Just absolutely crush their chances of winning game. So. I you know I think we know the history of NFL coaches with a few exceptions is conservative by nature. And I think in an effort to push the thing forward. He's only got a veteran Earl now if Tyrod is in any more successful. And winning is just as difficult. Well then yeah you've got nothing to lose except more games so put mayfield. Here's what it seems like might happen in Cleveland and we'll talk again Levy bounces at 230 but it. I mean he looked parents probably not if you just enact an illusion many games now they might not be big they can't go winless again right it's ridiculous now think that. But the absolute they're kind of struggling along and and muddling through and pick up wins here and there once and awhile. Wright is not likely to be the reason why they'd lose games at least in terms of turnovers so maybe they just stay with a longer than they should write in. It would take if you're Cleveland and you're ten weeks in and year records is three and seven. And Tyrod is thrown you know in ten games is thrown six interceptions I mean that's really you know he can do lesson that in ten games even. If your plea and you think well he's not problem we really got to win more let's just keep going and why would you switch would it take a bit shipped in and thinking this way. From all the all the devils advocate for that could you could argue he's not the problem but he's also not the solution it's agree you know and I think that's the conclusion that you know the bills came due which is why they decided to move on for him. He's not necessarily the problem. But he's not a solution for us moving this office forward and I I think in large part I think we all notice it Tyrod is essentially place holder. But. Com. It's clear to mean that based on what happened the last two years with young players at the quarterback position for Cleveland. They hue Jackson wants to take a step forward. With a veteran at that position first see how it plays. And if it if they're treading water at least I think about this if you don't want to 31 if you're three and three. After six weeks. You're right Tyrod still plane yet you know me. You know if you're one in five. That's different right soul I think Tyrod is job security is largely in hinge on how the team is performing week over week. Speaking to job security and Tiffany is right now with this the pressure's on Cleveland I'm spreads abrupt coach back. You can I can foresee a situation where the decision on whether dude played baker mayfield and ended bench Tyrod Taylor there. Somehow gets caught up in hue Jackson's future can't see that or maybe the owner and some of the you know maybe even John Dorsey say look it's time to look at the rookie and you Jackson's it. AM one and 31 I need to win to save my job and they could overrule them they could force him into a move Casey that his future is tied into this court practices and clearly he object. Yeah I would I would agree with that but quite frankly so it was Dorsey so you know it all depends on when you wanna hit the start button on com. I wonder where Jackson's head is that on it like and it should I be in a hurry to get mayfield. In the game. I haven't done too well with three quarter basis point. Now granted the roster is a lot stronger there's a lot more around whoever the quarterback is. But is that enough to lift up the quarterback or is the quarterback capable of lifting up the players around him and the rookies thus far for the Cleveland Browns whether it's Johnny Mann Zeller. To show on Kaiser anybody else that's gone through the revolving door there. You know. I think you have to get results first. I think you Jackson is thinking. I just got to get some wins first yet to get a little breathing room. And then we'll go from there you know if we're four and seven. All right name Baker's plane last four games in the year you know that kind of thing I think he feels he's got to get some Marines first after winning one at a 32. Another from the tweet sheet and the brown situation a couple of people who think you make me feel will be the first rookie to start that's our question today. Be bills 0515 says I'm gonna go bigger army field. The browns will see why we moved down from Tyrod Taylor just a game manager who is not accurate on throws and only stayed around long enough to to making simply with a slate. Baker allowed throat Tyrod AKA captain checked out Trent Edwards has kept inject him Aaron tyrants. Aaron as. Captain after on a pit. After an interception and Portman protecting consumers yes. But again it's the browns of people a couple of people who vote tweeted about. And it needs right he or she is right against. The question is the party's rights the browns will see why we moved down from Tyrod Taylor the question is. When do they see that rate act right it's not that yes they probably know better rating watch right. For the late trade they know what Tyrod is. But when did they pull the plug and say enough of that let's put this. I wonder about the pressure at play. In inside the browns franchise what I mean by that is. This guy was the first pick in the draft. So the expectations are through the roof. And you know the owner probably wants to get the shiny new toy on the field sooner ran later. And he's had to undergo the last two years of dread. You know win in one at a 32 games as has hue Jackson. The guy who hasn't experienced all that is John Dorsey. So I'm just a year ownership. Now. Which is not unlike you know what brain and being came into here last year he didn't. He didn't owns the seventeen year playoff drought he tried to understand it even if a goal seven ailing 12014. You know they'd they inherited the playoff drought but they weren't part of the previous fourteen years for the last three they've been you know owning team. So I just kind of wonder how the pressure points are all gonna work there Dorsey doesn't inherit any of it so he might be patient. But Jimmie has a might be like get mayfield on the field why the heck do we draft him number one if we're not gonna play him. And you Jackson might be like and I wanna win some games first so I can have something on my resonate. Instead of looking like an awful lame duck will horrible resonate I have to go on fireworks somewhere else. So the dynamics there. Based on the team history whose new. As can be interesting to see who wins that power struggle. Usually it's the owner. Which rookies gonna start first in the league let us know giving which rookie quarterback gets the start or his team first Gibson call get lines open. 8030515. Tool free 1888550. To 550. More about a reporter Paul or let us don't you think on Twitter Chris Brown here until three today it's one goes live from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills radio. Welcome back to one those like John Murphy here Chris Brown here Steve tasker returns next Monday. Eight thumb you may have talked about this with Thurman yesterday maybe that Chris and in this whole show. Tom Brady sit down with a Oprah Winfrey Sunday that you see that are here when he said. I did not he talked about the knowledge is that he's closer to retirement as he approaches his 41 birthday. I said but he still motivated to keep playing recently I think about it more now that I use to make him seem that there's definitely in and coming sooner senator rather than. I dinner I didn't down see the interview but we talked to Mike Reese about yesterday on the show you Tom Atlantic fairway and that well he said that. You know it's when he teens a lock. But age 45 is not. And I said could you see a possibility where. He's done after next year and he said well I don't think you can rule it out. After next heroes I believe he said I believe that Brady is taking this on a year by year basis. And Thurman after Mike off the followers and the happy used patriots headline in buffalo. In the history of the universe is going to be Tom Brady was just a it is it will be able. I'll and it's Hermanson and every other NFL city on topic mr. The fact that he acknowledges that he's thinking about it you know you gotta I mean Thurmond probably went right back to. You'll Marv Levy when you start talking about retirement your party that was uttered yesterday he did talk about that. So I countless news. Parents like I retired already is retire already. I agree with Marvin net but I think it's definitely worth considering if you. Begin to contemplate retirement a new party retired I don't think it's true but but do think it shows. An acknowledgment that maybe your. Slipping in orbit as. Well your focus is divided yeah I think that's safe. You know he's thinking about and understandably so he's thinking about is failing war and missing time is his company can't get that time back. And being a quarterback in NFL football team is. Demanding job with a lot of long hours and you know Mike was telling us yesterday that. While Brady is still passionate about the Monday to Saturday preparation for game. He also thinks about. Not drive and his kids too you know their youth sports game not watching them at their youth sports game because he's. Grinding tape at 6 PM on Wednesday. Com so you know these are. Things that he has kind of come around to. It's and it's a different perspective I think that he has now than he had even three or four years ago. Which is why the conversation I think has changed the way acts so and I I pose this question to my yesterday which is pretty interest thing. I said. What about. Very commonly held perception that if the patriots won the Super Bowl over the Eagles last season that he would have retired Raikkonen there and he said now. He's at Tom actually answer that question when he was pretty much past that point blank and he said no I was committed. To playing next year all along so. In night I think that. As Mike said in and Mike knows that team better than anybody. It's going to be year by year decision that he's going to be make was Brady's wife on the show on Oprah with. That I don't know but I don't believe so conflicts. It sounds like he it sounds like Ian. Belichick it sort of made up right I mean he went to the elementary. I talk about it told Oprah how much he loves Bill Belichick right I I think he I think he recognizes the relationship for what duties. It's not. Gonna be warm and Fuzzy that's just not who Belichick is. But he's probably the best head coach you can have. And if you wanna win. That's probably when your best options so you know don't bite the hand that feeds you kind of thing so I think it's a professional relationship. Is it more than that now I don't think so. Well that put together just in time right with the speaker's camp and at. Start acorda Rex which of the rookies gets that first chance to start wanna hear from you on our Twitter poll that's the question. Which rookie quarterback first round quarterback will be the first to start game for his team this year where he can costs up to discuss it you know 30550. Tool free from outside buffalo one eat eat eat 550 to 550. What do Mark Jackson they've got packages in Baltimore from the march accelerating we're gonna TARP at their body. Mr. every she'll WNST radio in Baltimore about the ravens Buffalo's though opening day opponent and about. Lamar Jackson that's coming up after the top of the hour c'mon back. Chris Brown has witnessed here today to three. John Murphy reviews well one goes live presented by providing health from one bills drive and this is Buffalo Bills radio.