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Mike Shields got a different. Perfect fit. And no bulldogs. Rooms don't know. Myself my kids don't know. Your world might show. You want to know Bulldog. A lot of drive. Over over to this topic. We've got to throw it. Once you've dealt with a warm beer. Jupiter's. Outfits don't know. Why walk when you can have a vote. It's might show. And a Bulldog. On WG art Sports Radio five to. Hey before we get two important things like your anniversary. Is is this gold we're just seeing now at World Cup going to be reviewed. I should we be. Commenting on that if it happens. If you watch any thing word's been reviewed. Yeah yeah it's I've seen a couple of things that column that required. Review. I can't recall if I saw anything that it got turned over. But that was Goldman was turned into an old goal or vice Versa like. Aren't so I but I I have seen that in fact I was watching hum Poland and Senegal earlier today. And there was. A moment where they were reviewing Poland scored late like 85 minute to make it 21. And the officials before the ball got put in play again they they showed what kind of a split screen error or just above a partial screen of the official. The head referee standing there with his hand don't sort of waiting to hear that it was a good goal. And then he boy stood down in the cup play. So I'm assuming that was video. Written review. I. OK well not this one this is an all gold you know for Russia. Meaning that Egypt put the ball and its own that that would suck it. In this sport they really charge you for that like hockey does not do that right if you deflects. A shot in Euro netted hockey you know. Once in awhile you can get blamed doing that but usually not your mortgage market blame but it's not going to be like written up that. Yeah I just so in the box scores and goal your name does not go with the box score for that in soccer does yeah that was where they show rushes one goal what's the name of the Egyptian player and it. Just a long pass and an ease in front of a guy he's fronting a guy. And the flexible all into his own that the one to nothing for Russia at home in the second half of the World Cup early in the second. Happy anniversary thank you may accuse you know what the years nineteen. So you know it is the like the Stanley Cup was won in buffalo and the last time was one here the the nineteenth anniversary present a whole. Yeah I guess I should know that on vinyl. Don't Jewish. That Huckabee go around right. No kidding. We hear his final joke that's written its final on what was to be an important that they make you wait now. Going to be that much Foreman. Nineteenth this bronze. And it's something bronze apparently you should get him. In the presence or are there it is over it. I drool I am. Yeah out of it was not a lot happening well guys I've Lloyd B. In a position. Of I might have misplayed. Things but my wife is really busy with someone else's wedding that's happening tomorrow. And they're just really wasn't any time to do anything today or tonight or even tomorrow so were pushing something perhaps in the Thursday. And hopefully that'll work out. But there was not there you know there were some pleasantries exchanged that was doses is that nineteen pleasantries is that on the way it's no artist that's the prices for nineteenth anniversary what was what we're just pleasantries it's the anniversary happy anniversary. Got tenderness to have some coffee sure. I think pleasantries and says like the one to seven and is different medals a nice things and an eight to infinity is pleasantries throw you anymore they mix in a gold or Brian's been mostly it's pleasantries it this anniversary. Is so you have the combat game one sports wise give the combat game one of this one good bad. You have different ones that get pointed out. And maybe guys like us spend five minutes or world day talking about those days Super Bowl 45 and this one is really involved wine. That IE like not because of of course like how it went sports wise but. It is of very memorable day for me and of course it is for human and I didn't know you. But I was at a wedding on June 19 1999. And then I went to the hockey game Heath it's also my father's birthday. And in 1999 he turned fifty so was his fiftieth and it's pretty significant birthday the day he doesn't care about sports but on the day the sabres lost to Dallas. And it's really your data talk about by. I I'm in my case. IE hall sold from Rochester to the arena and torture going to go to Dallas yes the deal was. I had a flight to Dallas I've never been to Dallas even still but I had a flight to Dallas for game seven at like 6:30 in the morning. From Rochester. On Sunday the right so I mean I needed to get. Back to make it right big hockey game goes past one bright and I decided that. Third overtime would be all I could give it. After that I had to drive home and pack and get to the airport just in case right okay brother when they lost it was just canceled them. That would have been where right if he's out right I went to Dallas on need to go to bill only for the parade. To receive pain and terror attempt to copper whatever happened yet Knoll no need to go to now. Yeah well I it is some yeah it's it you don't meet the anniversary of of of that event in buffalo sports is is significant. It is always been you know pretty weird to me that dot ma a my part in it as someone who was already on the radio. Was. Nonexistent. Really to such an extent that I didn't even realize until like about maybe Wednesday or so. Over the following week that there was a controversy about Gallo I mean I think you sit there was. You know a really long hockey game his mind are wedding. Reception was was going and our prince the steam donkeys were there to play whenever the hockey amended that was the plan. They were going to play. And you know. Bad debt that never really happened so you're bands there that never played all they've played they've been deployment during an emissions because people largely in depth people watching games that they they played. He says are called they may have ended up playing for longer stretches than that. But if it did and we won't result in an apartment friends with most of those guys now for a long time. And it was a joke that they were like they relate reduced to a jumbled and basically they were Clinton did with the intermission entertainment. At the wedding. And I I didn't. I didn't know what happened in the game really I I can have always been sort of proud of this that I think I remember that night. One of the distinct memories of the night to me is a conversation I had with my age and older cousin of mine who I love dearly jobs. He at some point. During the night. Was like this hockey games crazy he says it's a military it was during intermission and we were sitting outside of these big ten's we had at the cottage where we were fortunate enough to have this reception. And I setup and I'm not really. I'm not really I've really been watching. And he's really message I'm. Kind of happy about that but to me it would have been a bad sign to me if I had. It was 200 people in this band and wife who lighted just married earlier in the day. And I was sitting in front of the TV gritting my teeth biting my fingernails. But the hockey game was very much a sidelight event. For me. That not mean lots of people that were there. At the reception chose to watch it and were fully invested it and I had no problem with that put me is the group I felt like I should be. Paying attention to all the things. The gusts in the whole the whole thing. So you think if the sabres have been up 32 in the series that would have been different that there was the night the record of one. I don't know Ole. I think the fact that they could've really and did lose. Feels about the same to me like I I I I really don't know I think you would have been to offer to miss the have they been up that might be right like they they could win this thing I'm gonna wanna see that all men but I mean honestly. I just can't I I'm I'm sure there are parts of the game that I saw but I don't ever remember. Sitting for ten minutes. Paying attention to the game and ensure by the time he gets overtime maybe eat. If they're all in the series. That's different but. I'm very much like focus on the task at hand sort of person and by the time the game was into the third overtime but we head. We were getting a car is picking us up and taken us to Pearson in Toronto applies to Mexico. And that was happening hell or high water at 2 in the morning the cars coming and we're out there so I was a wedding. The wedding was the reception was like 4435. O'clock like dinner blew it basically launch. And then get payment so that the thing just went on the party was it was of righteous partied the band was still their playing. I like to be no well yeah in fact they played I think after the game meant to be played. And then got out there but by the time the third overtime asserting. The realization. That we needed to Clinton and literally we need to do or open the cowards and signed checks. So that. My in laws could deposit them. In our bank accounts that we would have money to spend on our honeymoon when that was that was a real Clinton and that needed to happen. As I was not sitting on any kind of north my wife of pilot dull that like OK let's go spend ten days in Mexico but we needed to. The money that we were getting that night. And in order to make sure that that was gonna happen and what we needed to sit down and do that moves so that was I was in a back bedroom. So the opposite end of the house from the lake weir and the band was playing down towards towards the house where the lake was and I was in a back bedroom. Listening to the radio. The game was on the radio and just signing checks and making deposits slick that was and the gold outscored. And early oh they lost okay. Real ago. That's also excellent is also the Rigas is an assailant. This makes sure they write I decide to check for the team left for this summer and just a rounded out for anybody who has heard the stories Bruton who once or a hundred times. Or maybe eighteen times. I didn't know what happened like we we got in the car. And the radio reception was sketchy so I remember what Kevin Sylvester and are bred writer our friend Brad was on. And but I couldn't quite hear it but the radio was company and now the group the driver of the car home with that but I I didn't get that there was a controversy. We got to the airport. Slot for a little while I'm on a plane and we are in Mexico went on wasn't there were no Smartphone there was not enough and I I was detached. And by late Wednesday of that week so this is Saturday night Sunday morning we fly we get to Mexico. And by Wednesday I called to check in on the show. Just like you know there's an 800 number to call from our resort like hey what's on our. And ever Matt Franco was the guy either that answer the phone on the show those days and he says. Oh man it's crazy he just likes it to streamed out all the stuff at me. And he's talking talking talking and he's really excited and I'm on the other and only. Trying to go do what I hit. Never know what you're talking about what what is what what is happening. Anyway call to food. Seriously you know what happened that might lead early lost. That's all I know I don't I don't know what happens like at all. I don't even know sort of started to it was a mess there was a whole state was in the crease in the late. Wendy said no bull rail in Malaysia has been great to see what we're getting back on the GOL it. Wow. If you don't just bide my plane. But I had no idea we've missed a lot. Just I mean that's him at. One of the most significant sports stories over my lifetime let alone my career on the air and I ignored you it was a happening as it was happening so that's that's the sort of thing is is almost. Impossible to America happening right now I know even if you're not in sports casting right it's just been with it seems. Soul ago far removed that you wouldn't know about a thing like that for days right no absolutely. I mean absolutely. I'd catch. Here's here's a little juxtaposition for you Ian. In 2013. Or 2015. Am trying to get the earnings 2013. Darcy used RC still here. They signed. A defenseman of regal they signed late in the sleet in the season they signed Chad will regal college freeagent. And we were in the Bahamas I think. And we've just gotten to the Bahamas. And I got a text. They're very excited Chad will regal. For bus hopefully right I mean so that would assist sixteen years later. And her or for whatever they Revver was taken over the year now but I am Richard Darcy was Jeremy times anyway so that would make it. Matt 2015 but anyway it. That's the difference you know waste. I'm in Mexico for three days four days with no clue that there is this roiling controversy. In buffalo I work in Sports Radio. I had no idea authors this this incredible controversy about. The gold it won Dallas the Stanley Cup. And you know if you are two years later I'm chip Reid went home and I can't imagine going for days that finding out your kids games ago. Greg. Riley that an hour ago. That there. I get a I did those updates whether I want him or not utterly innocent defeat you know right. So that is pretty crazy news that that you know Bruce Bruce really and it was a berries and at that time I mean I'm still you know my honeymoon and wanna enjoy that. But I felt. Bad. You know what I'm animal we feel like I'm twenty years in here this is this for years I mean on the radio anomaly. This is bad for me and I'm not there right the demise in trouble. Into the block and a double bosses can be mad when I get a whole movement what buttons. That's right no there is a certain feeling that we share that may be almost all of us share that if if you miss a day. And there's a big thing. And he goes on without you you think today maybe I don't think they're not needed. Right right like could you want to be there really don't think about it as early but you wanna be there for those moments scooter badly those big moments and if you just you have I have tomorrow off. And if something incredible happens before finally is traded tomorrow and I thought it one of my gonna do what bush has come in or mutate and about the video republic while program league entry yeah. I mean if that if the blue to report like Pittsburg they got command but I'll provide very upset that I got a Veba I got to see my brain ought to be loyal to your team right. It's like that aren't sure. Well there was hockey action today there has been some as Mike Coffman was traded twice do we know if he. Like what he knew over the course of the day I haven't seen anything I have not solely yen old count I've read about what has happened here. As to me included any comments from him so maybe when he gets the Florida assuming they don't trade him again. And they introduce him as a new member of the team will be ghastly what you knew when win. I did you know that San Jose was gonna put you would they tell your agent that when they made the trade or will you and quit just like everybody got I got up of the morning. And eventually I see. OK Altman themselves out with that's nice they sign Kenny like OK and then. A couple in Florida we. I'm sure he sure I would expect that he knew beings. Before we did but that doesn't mean the timeline would be different if I found out about him being traded to San Jose at 8 AM ED found audit success. Or in the middle of the night hopefully he didn't take gobbling money between men and then click whenever that you might bottom a couple of hours earlier than we did he was instead going to Florida. But it's just that would be quite right thing to beat these. Inglewood California and its like may be. When your kid in school and your on the Boston you just remembered that you need to all the bus driver roaming below this anymore to let you while your grandma your grandma's house where you walk up there and they actually need to get out right here they would have Mecca and now the bill that happened yes yes I actually just get out right here we get out your friend's house or doubt Maria and her they were they might like you. I think I don't think they'll let you do that only need you might need like collision. Bird like so there's there's a process you need to go to bingo I need to actually I need to get to Florida instead you went to Regis. What can I. What do you do permanent. Well. I mean Carlson is probably going what what the Altman business you have the issue with the girlfriend and the scandal there that. They've denied knowing about her being involved in mean to Ottawa gee. Kind of roast them I mean he. He talked about character and leadership. And who knows if we might have that here in a few days I don't know what the Ottawa GM talked about it was pretty much Keating. About like what we need to fix here and what they're really doing is trying to save money. And this is in in the name of that again I don't know if that's the rightward opponent but today. They're trying to save money so they're gonna do that with this trade Altman's good. But there also was this other thing and that's what they're claiming here is what they're doing and parents Leo good Michael barker is which is whatever. In Seoul. It looks like Carlson will be next. And Travis is big on Vegas for him and he's mentioned that pearl while he's talked about that but that was a real thing at the deadline and yet it was really was after. Trevor shows from TS and who's on our show often. But he's he's plugged in with Ottawa. If not also Vegas or other teams I just think he's probably gonna be right there. And then you have today. Elliot Friedman I am all others. Reporting on panera and all of the Blue Jackets. That his contract. We'll have a year left on July 1 of July 1 is when they would be able to negotiate a new contract with them. And his agent is reported as saying we don't wanna talk about this right now. And Eliot reported that they are listening on an Aron. And you know. You tell me if I'm wrong here but and therein Carlson. Whoever free agents whoever I ice I'm sort of back to feeling the way I did three people cool about. The sabres and their potential for these kind of players. Is that because. The par percent arisen nice person is now because the city hasn't you know change a lot in these in fine. But I don't feel like I'm anything in this league. And so to say that. I don't anybody take that too seriously because any player can. Come along from Beckham. I don't have a specific idea I don't expect the thirty team forever not gonna get their Carlson of 49. The senators are traded to somebody probably everybody else is gonna not have gotten him. But they did the thing with all rightly portable Riley's. Story here. Is that they traded for him and paid him. And that's not a free agent but still. An Opel also comes you know don't am not long later and they paid him. And so we'll pay you guys but look how badly it's gotten. So wanna. But saying all that wanna hear what you think about all that and I don't want this to be like. There's about publicity this I'm going well you know most teams are not gonna get these players. So it's not a big deal but I'm just telling you my feelings which are. I don't feel like I exist in these conversations I don't feel like panera and Arnold what he's angling for I don't either but. IE. I did YA and in you can expand on those reasons and I'll tell you what I think of home but I hear that he is an interest sitting signing an extension in Columbus. And my first reaction is why would he want to assign one here. Bet that that. That's the first thing I think of is what. What reason we have the wanna do that with us but if we were able to trade for him we could put a package of salt together that would entice Columbus to wanna do that. I would only wanna do that I can sign him. And quite blunt why would he want to do that there is the quite as it I think is a good question because right now all despite the willingness to spend money. The state of the organization and not Ottawa Ottawa some hot mess. With with a lot stuff I mean the assistant GM in and it just it's backlit treatment of former players help Watson's name comes to mind but they've got issues. But the sabres. Reputation. Their locker room I would think around the league. Is not viewed favorably. It's really their record to reassure our regular go there and win and whatever so just a thought I had eagle 30550 is our number talked about this. With O'Reilly who knows. The draft is Friday arrest missed Colleen de. We'll have a couple guests on today's talk about all these things a bull's name Jonathan. John the only question on the Willis on Colleen and soft Golden League right now. Sabres fans are welcome to join us much open mobile blog here on WGR. I think it was very unclear what everybody at the end of the season and the remarks that what to push it Lester wasn't good enough we need to make changes we don't know that we need. What the roster frequently we do need to make changes. And we're working on several fronts in parallel to improve our team both in the near term and the long term we believe we have from cricket young players in place and so perfect middle aged players were quite that can be what's this for years to come but. But clearly we do need to make changes and that's the plan that we set about to put action. Randy sexton sabres assistant GM on WGR earlier today Mike show in the Bulldog here. Three days away from the draft. We've got actually two trades involving the same player just this morning. There is lying in Craig cost senses account of what happened to Mike Coffman today. That uses the word instructed that the senators were instructed. Not to trade off and within their own division and really the only. I think the only way to interpret that used to say that the older men. Mean sure wanted to make sure he was not traded. In their own division which I think is dom but you know this puts a sports thing that people say and think sometimes. And so what happened he was traded to California to San Jose and then San Jose. Almost immediately traded him back to the division so I wonder if like Ottawa is met at San Jose. Did the way we didn't do any thing that Jose get there with security than pure legal or don't wants right we we were we were honest with you we we don't have to tell you this other thing. I saw some comments from the Florida GM dale talent courtesy president of hockey operations were whenever he is the rivers title was I saw some comments attributed to him that. Said late date they had talked to Ottawa but they didn't like the asking price. And he also said that he did not offer. What he ended up paying San Jose for off. So Billy bit I guess if Ottawa. If they were instructed then so be it. If they were willing to consider it there ask me B was different. Roster player high draft pick Ers or something number one pick him up and prospect may be is what I what I thought I read. And that talent wasn't willing to go there. Instead ended up flipping 14 and fifth this year and two. To San Jose for Kaufman and he says he didn't bother even offering mad dog like a seatbelt it that. Blue was no way from that context of the conversations they had that that would've been worth. Which Travis Yost interprets this way. And he somebody. That has written a lot about and talked a lot about the senators older. And just be be they have money problems. I always see me because I haven't went on my research but it's it sounds like that. And hit his interpretation of all that is because always rebuilding so you would want draft picks if you're rebuilding. He says I think I think this is right. They have to be worried about the floor. In Ottawa. Girls why do you trade for Michael barker if you can get draft picks instead you'd want draft picks and sat via ups but. He thinks that's a sign that they're worried about. The floor and among other things that that would mean is that other guys are getting traded and that's obvious that the top. Let's that they they won't have even his existing cap hit this year. Let alone moving forward what what I've seen would be a 101112. Million dollar. Tight salary. For Carlson definitive they were to be fortunate enough to re sign that player like that's the kind of money I think you're talking. They have Bobby Ryan signed for four more years at a total of 29 million. They have Marion gavel wrecked on the books for just under five a year for three years. Now blocker. Four for two Clarke macarthur's owners he retire. I think his careers are done. Anyways so Ottawa has. There's a lot of stuff with them. So when you read as a sabres fans are are Tommy and therein might end up being available from Columbus. 46 years old this guy's numbers are almost perfect everything about this guy numbers wise looks perfect. The counting stats is I'm getting used to saying thing about this all in fantasy context pointing game player. The possession stats are agree. He I looked up today he's eleven for seventeen all time in shootouts. Like right it's an amazing record right here three years he's an elite players in the that lead player. To live I'm buffalo. I'm a fan not the sabres if I'm the sabres right. Wanna make a coal probably because everybody would neo do IA as a fan and think about it at all. Sure. Because. I'd I don't know what Columbus might think of what I've got. We don't we we all gonna be trapped in. Trapped you know do we are all ever were were victims of what we've seen in the opinions we've formulated to some extent. Are these players and the losing can sell you an awful lot on. But I. Is it possible that Columbus thinks that the missing piece to their championship team is Ryan O'Reilly. Emit they've got senators they've gotten purely bar there that there's only they have they've got these two right right and they have a huge need but. Maybe they feel are missing some intangible. All around quality wood whatever made Ryan O'Reilly attractive to us in 2015. It might still very well be very attractive to other teams. So. I can't know that so if on the sabres yeah. I wanna I wanna call them I also know if if it were to get past like a cursory standpoint. I'm gonna wanna find out whether this guy Darren will talk to you about a contract extension July 1. Before I commit Mickey making the straight that's a deal breaker no yes so yes. Yeah okay getting him for one year. It is not what I want out of the Ryan O'Reilly trade or you could you could you who might like. Strong army into except being that well he's here and we can show how great it is. And you know he might not be willing on July 1 but once he's here may be like oh okay. I don't know what else is out there please you know you have the best that I can do when Ryan O'Reilly trade. It is again assuming Columbus use him really favorably. Is our Tami. I don't know that I need to trade Ryan O'Reilly. Am you know way to I I think I wanna do something better than that for my future. And and arron is certainly someone who qualifies but if he doesn't want to stay here. Then that's a lot let's look at the big piece to give up for one year obviously ranking are Tommy and earned for year. And no. I've not Betsy if my year of my year doesn't right if my year doesn't go well. What what do ma am I'm spending January until the trade deadline talking about what I can get for him but no thanks. So yes he's he's good enough and he's not super young but he's still young enough. That I can sign him to a long extension. And have him be a part of. It's another player that is seemingly the in playing. Is Phil console. And there's a story at the athletic today that. Starts fill the headline is Phil Kessel not opposed to leaving penguins by trade. So you don't his numbers. That it we had a huge year delete delete the old Marty is like eight. They did among the money is that the money list sir I really wasn't trying to be Q using the word fat to describe the council's money. Because of his reputation. But anyway. I six point eight perform or you also thought it was more than that even okay. Many. Years does that sound good. Well even if you can get the tree dog does that sound good. I think and scoring weighing on I'm gonna get in and he's even though he's got this reputation for. You know being not in the best shape did and that's about it reportedly calling his contract that. He is still someone who you want speed on the wings and once scorn on the wings he is someone that capsules boxes for. No movement clause we got to want you back right. I don't hate I'm not I'm not entirely opposed to exploring the cut cut do you have as age there Andy. What is he 3039. I mean four more years. That's not the subtle horror show equip him at 3344. Doesn't have to drop off. So do we know what Pittsburgh wants to accomplish. Today's wanna get out. From. A big contract I don't know what I'm spot trek Pittsburgh's cap allocations are 81 point nine million. The bets the women. These two or whatever that's like but that's the limit and if I'm reading this right that's where they are. So they probably need to work will want to dump money. And Saudia do that what do they have to sign. Barely who. Who is up nobody nobody there visited those young guys are all still look at their entry levels right so such as such says again soul. Rust. Woolsey I think you know there. Cherie is another one I'm thinking of paid paid but I golf Solis one more year entry level okay. So Lum yeah okay that's where there aren't. They might just that they want to do anything to tweet their team they might feel castles them they have to make to freedom to do much of anything free agency they want to. Is that still the that's a place. Right. John Carlson. Is going to be a free agent Pittsburgh calls. I think you smile when it happens if your him you if you wanna go. Right can they can they afford to pay you. Well getting vertical castles may be a way that they can afford to pay it that you know I'm just strip area that's the kind of thing. Otherwise probably not that's a big move. And Pittsburgh will make a big move. But they would need to make a big move to make a big. Craig they've given either blew big money out in order to do something like Kyle's got. So maybe that's their motive or or any other player automated like usual cultural I've got no idea they can bidders are any number of guys Pittsburg is a desirous spot. For any top free agent it's a question whether they configure money. And sports cliche ahead. Their window is closing Newton Newton. All right. Well. If there is a trade. We've talked about what it is the sabres would watt and that could be any number of things really almost anything in their course. Coming from 31 place that goes without saying geez about world self was used that a few times when your last you know you need everything. Works of that fact. So. I think it's a wide open. I think in terms you don't generally speed right what what is it about their their characteristics. Wanna change it would firstly be that. But defense. Wings' scoring goal lead. Depths youth picks there's nothing that they couldn't why. Really I mean there's just nothing right is you want to make the playoffs again some day it's been they've missed for seven years in a row. But they're not that strong coming up there just OK coming out right so with. One of these this move Herschel all the remove were for youth. I would I would get it. I think Howard feel bodies depends on what it is but but I would get an I would think that they are not what they're what they're not. Doing probably. Is. At least two point what Marie did which was. Veterans but Murray's guys for young to the right lawyers haven't saved big moment. Actually get a that. No problem they acquired. That's what could be an air and to me he's not as young as O Reilly an arcane what he's close. But so as they weren't as they were yeah right so when they were treated for my memories so base he would qualify. To me to to fit that. You know castle is different than as someone who's thirty that's not that profile relief at all. But you do bomb. You need yeah I mean you need everything. And it's. Just how old geezer Randy sexton fifty minutes ago orders we've sort of the segment but talking about it like we we we don't we set it when he meant it. We need to do you don't do something about it because it's not working. And basically what I take away from his comments is how hard we wanna go at that probably depends on what we can find out there. You don't like how much. Carolina we've talked about a lot. And there's a lot of do you there that they might be willing to move one of there's also Jeff Skinner there and like so. I covet scoring on the wings and speed internal Riley trade. But if you wanted to do it bigger with Carolina and they wanna invest in a culture changed to. And you wanna start talking about Bristol line in and it ended the common back along with Skinner and O'Reilly like I'm met a massive trade. That's nine million dollars no Q so it's twelve million dollars in salary going out in the war. You can talk Orion. You can't talk about a post so we can't talk about. Well then that's are well he can't talk about him. I think probably probably can't talk about Jason pomp or Bogosian. So part of what you wanna do on the wing is open up. Up place for somebody you know when Ryan Church really interesting like that too. He could be so long that they like just fine but also would move button. Well. I just I don't want to be tomorrow. Today is good I don't want to do tomorrow. 8030550. Jonathan Ling quest who covers the NHL he's from Sweden and we really need Swedish correspondents me in the morning shows that a few of them. With Colleen now and of course all mark and pilot. And the Lander and asked one. If these erotic aside relevant names. And so while we're talking about those guys and more coming up about fifteen minutes might show in the bowl blog here on WGR. It's a deal with a pair of tickets right now not all of you would be amazing our caller 56449878. When a pair of tickets and receive Dave Matthews Band. Wednesday June 27 at Darian lake campus Peter minimum values prizes ninety's box courtesy of our friends wise nation. General contest rules apply. Each paid ticket gets you free same day admission to theme park tickets available online at live nation dot com. Began even when compared Dave Matthews Band next Wednesday 6449878. Collar. I gotta I gotta tell you feels like this is always true but it's national martini guy him now. This is like its other beer or. But today or martini day or wind day every every day it seems like it's one of these days much early. My brain playing a trick on me probably is because I it seemed to fuel book editors don't knots. Horror bagels. Horror oh. Pete's. National that day national that de martini I would call my favor drank. Okay do you what I'll tell you know I like it don't think I know put Ari. I'm probably a snob for this. But it matters to me what your normal office. And by the way a martini does not have vodka in there is a martini and there is a vodka martini this is probably also something that sounds a little sloppy to people. But they're a martini is a gin drink right they vodka martini is a vodka drink right on the on the customer auto martini. You go gin or vodka no. I mean I'm an answer you want somebody else for America prop up a couple. So. It matters with the remote that is the most places almost every place as your basic whether it's martini Rossi are tribunal a bit of a basic she. Promote some places have different ones that are that are interest and can't say I've got a lot of lot of Ruth. Expertise. You know recognize those names is being on borrowers. In places or even in homes like opening moments of the rule. There's the promote competition verbal there's wine that did it changes. My problem with that is I ate the even I like IE don't go through bottle very fast so by the time. The depending on which brands like it goes bad for me before I've always dumping some well I mean I'm always dumping some of the bottle and but anyway there is really cheap you know. And after that well. I want ice. All have olives I don't want I don't want to have olive juice usually. Bright that that makes it dirty. That makes a dirty that's dirty martini generally don't like that that mocks what I want the I want and columns I've sure I'm not a big martini drinkable when I get what I want. And if you or are really on it. You'll have cocktail onions available bar and met putting cocktail onions in the scene drink instead of olives makes it Gibson. And I think even more but I don't trust places usually when it comes to cocktail onions because Dominique people order them. And they get more sheep and sometimes it's like the big ones and there's like a smell to. But there's like a perfect one for me is like a little bit crunchy it's smaller. And if you're like so good your bar is so good at changing those out a lot and moving through those rights then I'm all about you and I wanna Gibson from Neil. I don't know too many places. That you don't. Do that run through the onion stress and off for your liking if I find out that you can make a good Gibson your bar I want a long view. So that's on national gives and they go no that's right it is national martini day and there's good Jin made here in Western New York. Real garlic award winners aren't so. If you haven't tried what the local guys you should if you like Jan and haven't for the local guys should it's it's worthy. Are able to back the hockey here now that I've said everything. I can say about march heating engine of growth probably yes. Liberal open up for calls later on Britain. Next though Jonathan when Quist from bias that talking about these. Many Swedish sabres and their soon to be one more and maybe also just off men and Ryan O'Reilly what else going on in the league much over the bulldogs that is next here on WGR.