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It's Mike should open we had wrestling in Jim. Oh yeah yeah right yeah although it was not a joy I was probably the old I I held a book. During the rest when it was my turnaround is still a little book out there. That's how we do in Iowa and a Bulldog. I know they human being. And fish can coexist peacefully non WG ER Sports Radio 515. OK continuing. Rash miss Darlene week here with the draft on Friday night. Glad to have Jonathan Willis back on the show. Last time we talked John that are released you and I did. You were another job. Now you are the managing editor of the athletic Edmonton the athletic has recently launched in buffalo sounds like this is all working out. Yeah I yeah I am thrilled we had just fantastic response. I'm working an outfit that doesn't it doesn't rely on ad in the collapse of peace and stability. And what the pictures and things like this is asking that I that I just and I don't think I've ever worked somewhere that would. Posted a 101000 word crap. Well. One. Peace or maybe like the main theme of this piece is a question that for all the different guest we fed on in the last few weeks. To talk about rest must -- there's been a question I keep thinking about and that is what is that going to mean this year to be some numbers. So here's de Alina defenseman going to the league's worst team but for all that he's described as. What do you see as wrong as right to expect. I would go all look at victory. I think. You look at their keep track here they had very can terrible performances with the same level. And you know I really didn't have got massive franchise tree in your round impact greatly in Tampa Bay because you know when you eat just one guy. But I don't think any enlightened and would feel shortchanged by by what he delivered hand down. You know some committee keep these be authentic expectations to minimum but but today he's gonna be real good effort well. And like just how soon. Does that start happening like is that like what we we've been wondering like what sort of role. We could be realistically expecting. Fraud deceit from roster stallion as as an eighteen year old playing in the NH. I think I'd say you know if you can't hear a patient at a second Perry sent me. Liquid out of the gate and that some might be a little bit conservative but he never idea that the public and that list. These guys when they're they're coming in because. It's a different culture different language there's there's so much about patient and everybody Hamilton a little bit differently. But I think without any unions. You know within a year needy people on the outside Asia I don't really call it art and. What do you think Jonathan of what else the sabres should do or maybe specifically want. They should do because of having one. Dollar lien essentially. Crystallized in his easy here and and you with the Oilers around the Oilers. You week you have had many conversations even if you will cost about crystal light and if you were the sabres would you be wanting to scramble like the current roster. Specifically. Even with Briscoe. Not necessarily I played it with all these things that depend on out if there's a GM out there look at the line and then it. You know offensive right shot defenseman about. And I think I really value and they wait they overeat and then. You have to consider trade and Anthony Lake I think back to because what. You know it around Edmonton. I I think doctor that you are all trade with security admin can really really prioritize data marks I don't think the gavel went into the the off season right here thinking you know belliard Adam Larsson. But they got. Made an offer and I think Edmonton are breaking up look at a clip that you got my alignment. If somebody you know and how has this outrageous premium that they think human beings work. Yeah upbringing and don't mean allows buffalo some options there I don't think it put them Al Gore and. Right I'm really curious I mean respecting what you said about a point of entry for Colleen. You know society expectations Lowe's the second pair guy. Think eventually. Though he certainly will be. On the number one pair here and maybe they still have to find that partner. Maybe he's here or but assuming it's not Bristol line and then I'm a different total role and see how that goes. I was wondering if that's where you were going at that and because I had the same spot. But it kind of thing it seemed like it into a hole in the draft lottery don't want to go on the the other people who were the line you know chatter and. You know I mean government collects and he because. Both both because they play you know one guy played collection let site one that played right side but also because if you have. Guy like Colleen increase your top parry. What's to stop you from putting ripped a line in on more sheltered second parent Oregon afterward much about shut down work. And just letting him run wild against second and third lines the other cheek they got to me seem like a place where he might actually see him unlock more often to potentially. Are. The obvious the only thing that would keep me from wanting to do that is if I could trade in particular if you. You couldn't quite obviously you want to do that via right if you can but who knew that was possible and it greatly. Who that was possible before it happened right you can do that that way with John the Willis from the athletic Edmonton. The other or another Edmonton. Parallel I guess is how old comic David went there. And he was hurt the first year they missed the playoffs second here it all goes great. And even with that trade that was. Generally panned. Here are the Oilers in the game seven of the second round of our member right. The last year backward so we know this on a different scale I would say with uncle John of them but. What has happened there with the a player that most people believe is the league's very best. And how it hasn't meant. Automatic. Winning for the Oilers last year with a step back and maybe there's a eventually and even hopefully because you did have the will the one good year the year before with Dolly there's a there's apparel perhaps. Well you know walking out of kept in close greatly Kiki. No team performances straight line you're gonna happen peaks in the valleys and I think 201617. Present in the key court outlawed. Right you know make great healthy have a lot of guys that could years. And then watch season. What Bob was injured playing all year it hurt not plane ticket potential. I'm Adam Larsson had difficulty particularly just tragic personal situation. And under attack on it up to December and he came back Q&A pack it silk. You do that sort of thing compounded with combatants in the summer problems specifically. Shipping out Jordan and the lady who is a flawed player but it also point five goal scorer actually it hard to replace. And he can get pretty big drop in performed pretty quickly. It just one of those things where no matter what kind of tally your building around. People that we can ballclub that these tremendous young cornerstone pieces. You bet you they're still looked up to build quality people around them. There's you know not being given immunity challenge. Just because when a lottery that GM got it doesn't mean you can't. You know build up supporting cast them and not going to be vulnerable guy getting hurt or or guys that poor performance so. Old given where the Oilers finished last year in meeting to have I would think make some changes are. Fans there are sort of dreading watching issue rallied to bet given how a couple of streets recently worked out of luck. Or is it definitely oh my goodness there's another computer hard feelings income segment. I don't know a lot of BM a lot of the commentary coming sort of from the club. The V insiders. Haven't been and that Edmonton might take lower and approached the summer. You know maybe making the pick at number ten and that training for the player. And and I think that there's any appetite do you you Christine wrinkle in all courses that one G rumors which. Mean who knows what you expect there but about the kind of contract where the players committed that such such term and that's that's money that it could yelled at. Might be. I don't want it to be hard to lose but it's the kind of deal where there's some legitimate hope that the team can kind of get better through. We're. What do you think his value is. It's it's hard to figure because he got a unique skill. There aren't very many players that pretty much on which each and as a historically and it killed him and it won't overpay back and haunt an honorable. I think people look at the contract in building on them out because of all signing bonuses and and that makes it difficult. But. I think he probably you know when you look at the player contract combination I think he probably has a negative value but I don't think it. A certain negative value like I don't again and after trait currently on the mode or whatever it to make it. To make it break even so I expect the tree in other got a call problematic contracts. Five years laughed at a cap hit of six million each and he's got. Some power over over worry goes. All right as simply a tough one there was how how long do all it's going to fight on Bible Lester it was like moms want to let. Yeah I think yeah one. And when was Christmas last year but think about that in America. December. All right well there's a lot to talk about around the league Donovan is being the usual this time a year. Although thinking of this that we don't have the expansion draft just wanted to think about like a year ago Pollack citing the expansion draft was and that it really didn't turn out to be that exciting. And then anyway vaguest went to the finals but you've got also was business today you've got to BB Phil Kessel and therein he your old Riley. Obama's Jonathan what do you expect it may be one reporter two things are just generally here in the coming days. Pool. Ottawa and you definitely watch I'm curious if it is that I kind of think again he depicted here because it's so hard it. Because of course they look first rounder cute Colorado either this year or next year after their first rounder. I'm mad at the top spot and MVP and but I I think we're gonna want to thank them and obviously they're under pressure to deal with Carl and why the players their rumored to potentially be available. So I watched them and then 11. Ottawa decides what it's doing I think that's gonna. How ripple effects throughout I expect future or. You know fairly significant deal mean you want to really high and the one. And how does O'Reilly Factor and that to you do you think that's what the what do you make what do you make his value. Should the sabres expect to do pretty well if they choose to trade right around. Yep thank Ike while I'm on the wrong god. The line. But I will I really like a weekly gain. But at the trade become reminded that. When I first saw the name on the rumor know what I see I'm in Vancouver trade and outlined cat bird and a time. I think wiley you probably in that range and anti were calling Cooper got an email. Can do it first round pick up and I eat there was another element packages well. So you know if you trade Ryan O'Reilly you get somebody who can play. In line generated O'Neal could get it I'm an ideal and you get a first round pick and kept pumping all I don't know that I would think decorate them and Riley got. I think they're gonna get value and how many centers all out lately is the art. How about his career John like he has been what eight years in the league full seasons he almost never. Out of a lineup. And the numbers are really good the possession numbers are pretty good the usage. Flight here was just sold extremely was always. Playing the toughest competition playing Arizona and and like almost no team's success at all like. He's he's the king of the world championships like this guy is a very respectable player but. In even two franchises may be going on another there was an offer sheet along the way to some very acting career. Yeah not many guys. But you know what I I think the one of those things where intern did he pick that. I think we're gonna see it more like. Delete you can be smaller than it is. We used to outlast parent dies. I really feel like increasingly we're seeing stories of god or release all the players and do some great things for you. Bowling Taylor roll in and in this case in point. And that you have had to cut could happen in that situation. So I I would I would devalue O Reilly don't go back east. It has secured creditor interest in time. Now what do you bomb what do you make of the hall minimum already talked about Ottawa little bit here but. Kaufman being traded twice today ending up in the division seems like not what Ottawa set out to do when they treat cancer don't say it isn't it released. So on ten and you know. There's been a lot of layers his departure there with the with the accusations in the order protection and all the stuff. But how about just in general like where he ends up and is that a good spot for him floor. Yeah. I. I imagine everybody could be full right now what would happen the first overall pick. It ever feel down and look more. Into the bleacher. I thought yeah. And what I'd like barker in me with the other guys here now you. And cannot do that it would get under that contract in that clip hawk went out there. You know there's been a lot of speculation that Ottawa. Really just kind of worried about Alec. Your hands. I think Gail Allen said that city let announced about excuse both players he's talking to them. And that to me just it it's a silly way to proceed you don't spend money and money. And again and that that return. So comparatively low like that because they got to bear straight big on or after it returns and people like well Michael. Ortiz. Blah blah blah and intently turned around and get a much better. Yeah. That's right the the the senators for all we up all the stuff they did not need that the. Not only is it embarrassing and it speaks to the management. Right. Alright well you know you're right it is a pretty exciting time here with this that lottery win was a huge relief. Four for fans and and maybe eat. The media there is like so that the the relief again in the fan base that something. It is about to change with this franchise because it did does it just does not get worse than what last year was around here you know. But this town loves hockey. And man last year was just so not interest thing at all right from the beginning. And frustrating in your three years and Michael were like we're supposed to be good and run a third fourth coach I don't even know like. It's got to settle down here and maybe dollar lien is the magic potion. Yeah life. He is such that such a special player. And and the thing is like that could be pretty exciting drought for the papers especially if they end up you know having another first first rounder when. If and when O'Reilly it felt like. There's there's a good chance but look you come away with two. Cornerstone defensemen out and struck the mean it's got a lot like Pete Japanese went. You know he's Catholic John Carlson and Erik Karlsson picked and and well and you'll see picked late in the first round into the second round. It looked like they would come out of that with blue line up just unparalleled caliber. While Carol Albert that are really I am one. You want yeah about it. Those are significant building block of hard to lose let's get back nation. Right on John it's always a pleasure thanks for your time. Where Jonathan Willis managing editor of the athletic in Edmonton. I had a slight hesitation there. In the last thing I put to him about whether Jack cycle plea for Ted Nolan and he didn't know right but that is the kind of thing I could complete. Maybe just dead like that. No because that. In his soul not gotten better it's only been to go to Michael yeah poll only two in three years and it is sold not gotten better than to be like there's a continuation from what it. From the Knoll in the second stage now Olin your personnel. That second Noland is that that second. Draft year whatever 201415. Michael is it on the team but the year was about Michael's right we're still so it's possible just sort of connected to Nolan because Nolan is on the bench at all and Purdue was thinking about Jack Michael. I mean really the whole year was about. All orbit David but you know it was that's right so are we we're we're guaranteed. This guy I considered watch all these games I'm fine I'm good here a pimples deployed or got a prize and. We might talk more about him them we probably did talk more about him that your that any savings player Epstein and it is like he was on the team almost as though he was in Rochester or something very hard to come ball you know you have to wait a year but he was going to be here. Yeah you know I mean if you feel like that's overstating it or whatever. Give us a call Telus eagle 30550. Is the number. We have the draft on Friday night Paul is headed to Dallas and will be there for us. To talk to sell next. Cell wrote about LeSean McCoy legal bills talk going after the update Mike show the Bulldog WG RC itself. Why GO. Well cup unsealed so I'll go bungee ills got a bunch shield itself apology that don't jump on GO. I'll go posse don't sound go to our geo on WGR. Yeah. When the bills take a break our self apology though. Takes a smaller break. What time the timing or we're gonna talk to sell and just rap about certain things and specially when he's got a piece off. WGR 550 dot com on the Shawn McCoy I sell. Its sewer all right. So. I think recognize some loose McCoy the these these quotes from when he was talking I don't know what a week ago. May be right. And sum it up force if you would sell forty think his head is that. Push on as you guys know as I've said before here with you he's very very in tune where. He is in his place and if he well. You know personally. Professionally where's numbers are how he's looked at by his peers things like that. And you know key. Lots to get to a certain level this has his career out of these are specifically says the whole thing is the goal. But I you know he's kind of alluded to being amongst the game's greatest and I think he knows the 121000 yards we'll put in that company and that's next up for any mixed doubles about he wants 121000 yards now he's 19100 short he's gonna have to play two more years at least to get it I mean I think UP. Play easily has over the last several years in his career he should get there in two years it might be close. But he should. On top of that you know he says what continues to motivate him is the fact that now is one of the older guys. And he sees himself as the guy that he used to chase now with other younger guys chasing him. And how that motivates anyone because essentially does it. Surprise you who. At all at this point that he does not appear. To have lost really anything. A little because you know we don't we all. Though it TU running back position guys slows down 2930 years old seems to be a little bit of a drop off its audiences research last week on this stuff and Curtis Martin won eight rushing title at the age of 31 was 16100. Yards 31 years old. It's amazing right so I mean it can't be done in you know on the Sean mentioned Frank Gore. And how he has so much respect for him that he's been really doing it for a long time it's in the peace in the quote there about it he says it's not a lot of guys out there like him but he wants to be one of those guys and I think the way he takes care his body the way he's gone about you know are preparing for every season. And might surprise a lot of people maybe she was Sean does it come off that we to a lot of people he's kind of a joking guy he's fun loving straight shooter things like that. You know as opposed to against that on earlier saying. Rest a stallion is all hockey right in front and he's not sometimes you don't see that with which all but he really isn't he he takes care of his body. Immensely in the offseason he gets to a spot where he can be ready to play. And I think that has shown especially the last two years he he really is only this a handful of games guys and now he's aged thirty you know he's pretty much a guy that's been pretty der. Throws yeah the reason I say that about about him and I am surprised. That there has really been much of any discernible drop off is that you're talking about someone who. Makes a living really being been making people miss and its quickness and and that Frank Gore. And then this can couple of voice of Frank Gore is more of a collision type guy. And second cut your career short to. But like I would expect sooner the elusive ness to go away eventually at some of that quick twitch stuff would. Would dissipate and I don't I just don't see you in McCoy and maybe. It'll all happen at once you know and like to be here where we're expecting him to be what he's been and it just won't be there but. If it it. To me is an arguable that he must take premium care of himself because I don't think you'd be able to play the way he plays if he wasn't an optimal condition. I agree with you here's the one thing he has said many times he didn't say that. This and last week when talking. When he's been asked about that throughout his career and especially Arab awful the last few years he said. He's made a point to mention how he runs and how feasible aides he avoids big hits and that's part of the reason not I think to me a lot of times yeah I mean. Utility guys take a pounding the way Frank Gore runs it is pretty remarkable in that he's been able to do it done it's it's why I said last year guys out rather draft Christian factory. The letter for and I still believe that because the weight and or for that runs he may be great for 34 years how much production that you getting out of them. After a first contract with the way that he runs were his Christian McCaffery we think it has played today for example he can play three down to probably do it for eight to ten years. Sean has been. More like that what he has said part of the reason is he doesn't take big hits the way he's able to avoid hits and things like that I'll always reminds me Thurman Thomas. When Thurman with China. Move his body a little wiggle her whole sideways and stomach that now Sean doesn't do that that much but he's so good. Again making people on this phone was in getting small if you will the kind of avoid those big shots and we've seen the. The injuries injuries he has taken but last year was the only hit his ankle rolled up and it wasn't taking a big shot as he's running between tackles. Great note on Marten. 200416197. Rushing yards to lead the league is nobody's had a number that high in the last five years in the NFL. McCoy is also a former Russian leader when he was with Philadelphia. And Martin is fourth all time rushing yards if I'm trying to think of the top guys I will always have to be reminded about him I mean just. I think that's a lot of fans to Curtis mark even in New York. I had a career that in for a guy with his many with with those kind of numbers. It's for whatever reason is harder for me to remember. Well when I wrote this piece about Sean I was very careful how wanted to work one paragraph where. I said you know if he. He started had a solid career but he one day might lead in the hall of fame because I don't think he's there right now right but I certainly think he's creeping up there and if he gets to 121000. I don't see how we got it because if you look at it guys. On only sixteen players have ever done that thirteen are in the hall of fame one at drinking should get and he's been a finalist recently. Yet you are gore Peterson who are eligible yet are still basically play. 101000 doesn't put you in but it certainly get you in a conversation. 121000 gets in and I think what's interesting to me is he only has one year left after the senate bills. Contract and he could hit 121000 of bills uniform and I think it would really love for him to do that. But what if he does it mean any he's close right I mean I think that that's where the conversation takes the next step with them. You well. You know it'll be existing I think we've talked about McCoy a few times and the framework I often think of is one of the season starts badly. But really don't need to ask that kind of question what does that starts well wolf starts well. Then you keep going you keep track you try to keep it up the search badly I think he'll be thinking about. Whether he has value and I don't know it's just not relieved assert asked that kind of question now. What would you think about the bill schedules cell. At Baltimore and then the chargers miss at Minnesota and Green Bay mean that's a tough start for any team. What what do you make of it. I don't like the aesthetics of it let's put that way I don't think any of us that when it came now you know getting those only two. Sunday afternoon games in the first two months this mean that Orchard Park is so great to watch a game and whether it's on TV especially in person at that time a year and a it robs fans of that and you have those home games in December where you hope they're still in it you know for the sake of fans don't even being cold and things like that. Boy I agree with you as far as the wins losses likely. Jiri they're staring at a really oh my god I can't believe they went to shoot a star that's generally think that they could do something here. That would be Tutu was optimistic given those. Given the on the schedule they're facing that's pretty daunting or you could be looking at. Really. You know or start and then thinking about where Josh Allen is in his timeline has already started some of the older guys on the team. As I've said many times you know they're gonna start the players to give them the best chance because they have an op they have an obligation. To the 52 other guys in the room being like Josh Allen or anybody for that matter but once you start off I don't know one or two and five. And all bets are off in the organization has to start making decisions for the long term interest. Zell you mentioned Josh Aleman on I wanna spin back to McCoy because last week he he was solemn effusive in his praise. Four Allen and you know on one hand the skeptic. In me goes well you know. He's on the team soul of course right. And as a as a little bit of a grain of salt but like. It felt to me like a guy would McCoy a while he's a team player is gonna pump the tires per for a new guy. Considering. Palin and you don't even what happened before the draft with the tweets. And just I thought he went maybe further then someone just doing the requisite. You know this guys on my team stuff I'm wondering what your read about that. Once I agree with you in which Sean basically even made it a point to say you know I don't really like rookies you know like I am not a big fan of rookies. He did say late treaty is like cocaine and really impressed them. But he said you guys will see you guys will see he's good. And you know wasn't just about DR. You know he says he's intelligent he's really Smart there's that word. That we talk about a lot and I said really kinda has has shown up since Josh only got to buffalo that I keep hearing people talk about. Things like that. But it's kind of funny because he did and it by saying that he really wants to be really good he needs to give it to sheets when he five times and then try to get thrown out here and there. You know so so the shops always got to make sure you know that push on still got to be the man. Which is funny but he really was he. He. Sounded like it guys it know is that people are kind of questioning who they. Might feel like they have something that is maybe a bit of a secret right now and can't wait for others to see that well you know but Sean has been a good teammate and he's not gonna say he's not gonna. He had to tell you while you know I don't know I need to see more I think that. I would've expected was hey he's a rookie you know I think he's gonna be really good in this league. And you know throw somebody but he's got a lot alarm but the way he set it the way his eyes his eyes and opened his body language really spoke to me that. Whatever Josh Allen is showing that I haven't seen LeSean McCoy is buying right now. Self free go home why do you plan on celebrating. National Martinis today if at all. That is today yup. Probably shouldn't celebrates its petty its people seem to be in about 450. Boy you death that is so true you do not ones I don't want to do that on to I mean maybe we'll tee ball looks a little bit more relaxed. How is that don't and so. Are. It's awesome it's fun you know they you watch kids out there and I'm trying not to be that dad is it's he's for right I mean right right to do this do that H one half on and they are Max loves it that's more than that that's like that's orbit. Love is affected. All the kids out there even on the even on each other's team they seem to help each other like he'll he'll see you. Think my son and other kids they'll take cities can run that way go this second base of outrage other than your coach in and things like that I think that's the coolest part. It's a really cool little but you're a short shown right yes that's a really cool little pockets of the city it's very close to my neighbor that's where our our boys played. The Little League Baseball that they didn't play. And you know this one or seven diamonds there in the burgers in the freezer pops in the whole deal play it's it's it's a good scene in the city Alec. A lot it's really cool and there's lots of fields there and you always lots of kids playing well they've they. But a floor hockey yet you know you would've street hockey bridge street eight I was trying to screen except basketball courts yet so pretty close and yet they got a lot there forever. Well enjoy the people. Thanks cell. Selby and tomorrow while Mike stake in the mail to go see is braves now so Sal has agreed to come in and hang out with me tomorrow for the full show wanna mention cells appearance again today is always speak and as a team day. Outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only hope that liquor. How wants that I mentioned this yesterday coaching my kid's baseball team and just like it I'll watch. Drama there seems to be at the sometimes with the parents. I was asked to be an assistant coach and at this level that means standing in the field. With the players. So I was in right center field behind second baseman and like as coaches were always telling all the fielder's what to do with the ball listen to them man. There was a runner on first. And I was told a second baseman. You can always go to first but you can also go to second. Try to get ready to cover the bag so its way to the game in the pressures on Lee's I'm feeling of the kids are probably not. A ball listen to the second baseman and of course like everybody starts screaming. I always said. Out run run run get the ball get the ball at all first and our first and I think. The head coach was going first first person I'm going second second shot yeah yeah they are kids supposed to function right. The certainly don't. But there's no well. Should I have not. Senator. Really what I what I was saying was making it worse so you logically. Saying nothing would have been better happy that I think he'll like the windy line. At some point you to go on the coach should not be coached no problem again tonight and I'm going to be doing something or else. So. But I thought of that again there are a our little bit more on the bill schedule after this much open Bulldog WGR. Hard up for grabs right now at 6449878. Caller five. An apparent tickets to the buffalo brewers' fast. This Saturday at canal side value of this prize is sixty dollars now you must be 21 years of age or order to win. General contest rules apply check out over 25 local craft brewers like flying buys him surgeons big ditch twelve gates community beer works pearl street southern tier and more. For info go to buffalo brewer festival dot com. 6449878. Caller five is. Number four that. Sounds good. I mean votes these borrowers in writing what what could what would it could go wrong. It's a beer party. Miguel wanna go to that on the walks homes are existing current downtown on the water the arrows on the good who would say. All to each leader and water what's a better win. What's a better bills win. Winning this year at Minnesota in week three. Or winning last year at Atlanta. You. Is that are the same an acceptable against her I don't know that I didn't discern a difference. Com Atlanta. Did end and up. Being the team maybe we thought they were when the bills beat them and maybe there were signs even before the building and of that. He did win a playoff game OK they did they give a lot closer to beating Philly than Minnesota do OK if you want that. I I think I think they feel like the same game to play guy arm I don't like. Causes. But. In Minnesota had an awesome team and like they won a lot of games last year with Christina merry as much I don't like cousins it was mostly about now wanted to put him decreasing money. We're wanted to keep increasing money off of these one year he had worst cousins that readers that are comparable anyway. I'm I'm that that would be a re you re really impressive. I think all of the bills first four games. Their opener is the easiest. And that's apple more thing. And the chargers are set up to be really good that was kind of a trend he thought last year to and they. I mean I guess again as they weren't really going to miss the playoffs by. Nine wins that point differential. They they should've been in the playoffs they couldn't get field goals in the first few weeks they should have been in the playoffs easily. They might be a top five NFL team for me chargers. Minnesota probably is I like the chargers all your last year or so. Who. I have not yet like pat I know everything they did this offseason I know Harmon is a big loss. But I'm I'm probably going to be bullish on the chargers yeah I don't think there's any question. The ball games assault this game really suggest. Even with one home that's been the top five is is a lot may be a top eight top quarter of the league somewhere in there. Pack three is a good player they didn't use them anyway right. Yeah bickering bey the fourth of those games and Green Bay elect. That would be great wins over the same as Minnesota right thing to Roger's like right at the same roster but they have Aaron Rodgers right. And it's Tennessee here. So you wanna be too into. I think. And and the F Tennessee here you wanna win that the minutes at Houston at Indianapolis if you can go then you're doing it opens Monday night game with New England. Five and three. Is tremendous. Tool to ruin that too wouldn't soon. Out of those first four. Is a great yeah it's a great job and then so foreign three I think then. And if you can make it five and three that's the U one. Big road games already if that's your record there than lighten up. Foreign foreign probably take. We. Are. Yeah the second half looks a whole lice or two jets to dolphins right. Chicago. Jet. Jet and nationalist after forming. I think. Right. Yes toughest telstar for them me and who knows who the quarterback will be you know what you could have Josh Allen going to Minnesota in Green Bay in the first month of his career. Not to mention Baltimore and the chargers here as we hard 8030550. Is the number much over the bulldogs another hour to go going to be great. This is WGR.