06-19 Schopp and the Bulldog Hour 4


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Mike show you might be mocking me or you might see staunchly grieving I can't tell. I'm talking penned a Bulldog. What is far better fuel production on WGR. Sports Radio five this. All right. Let's talk about Rasmus Colleen to bill schedule everything else that sounds like something we talked about a lot eagle 30550. Is the number we had a lot on Dolly today gestured to. I'm also a little bit on the Dodgers cubs game the feeling he gave that more than the usual Major League games tension where. A team is either not become real fan favorite here locally or team I've been on him though. Right no let Torre did did did did was contained within the update but it still old there was little more there than normal I wondered why Justin Wilson got the ninth inning for the cubs. And it came out after the game or just be be before I just annoyed that. Morrow is back stiffness or tightness which is worsen I rather have back stiffness or back tightness. I think they're the same. And you know that answer I I think the same and I don't know I what I read was that Maddon was mad at him. OK. Some place. Hum. No stiffness tightness I think if your back is. Totally it's gonna feel stiff. And if it's different probably feels like he's not gonna feel stupid loops. It's the same yet it's that's rom. Just depends on which. Word person doing the diagnosis wants to use our right I mean it's the same feeling here's another subject okay that's been discussed this week on Elvis won two. I wrote about my terrible fantasy draft on Saturday and how badly I didn't that's WGR 550 dot com today. And it's been interesting to have a few people react to it. Pomp. Nice. Good piece. And I just responding responding every time with this full on me for years. I mean. I'm having trouble even accepting this does the nicest compliment about about this. Article. Because of the devastation your feeling about how bad the draft when I'm just so upset with myself. Well you've never done one of these before have you. No okay world. Bristol and I should have valued you nailed it I should have been aware. Of more than I was aware of as the draft was playing out and that. Like to explain it I'm explaining that with the fact that the draft was in my house. No more drafts at my house. 'cause I can't eat the draft person I wanna be in my house and it's not anybody else's fault it's just I am think. Let's get the pizza now. Do you have a comparable seat. I need something more to drink does this is all barking Joey go get her up to the draft three times let me ask you Joseph here does this hold water here ID look for excuses need to. Then we both you worry you were there it was squishy. How long does it take to go should we get pizza now. Oh yeah reading it again and say it again. I hate to say. Should order pizza of our. Respect. Not even three seconds three seconds then you're collecting the money then you're making sure that your realizing that it's not enough money. And you make the phone call you make sure it's whatever but he wants. Just tell him like he should know we want if you wanna tell me this is not reasonable. To be distracted by going to say it but it's just saw him. Wanna make sure your happy you're my house and what you can be impressed and happy and good. I guess I'll have been good everybody was they got all the good players area that's so happy everybody else was I succeeded. This this those that I don't think this works at all. I mean. I just I'm not denying that you would anyone would well anyone I mean I've been to people's houses where news was very clear that they had me. Not the slightest idea currently holds people personally I don't say anyone but most people. Are going to try to be accommodating to their pets and try to take care of them and make sure that they're okay might gal. Bly. I mean how hard how high maintenance is silly you had. Ike wives girlfriends children. Beat you got twelve guys. Like and got a beer he got. Whatever you bring up what you don't want beer yeah so OK you right Blake. That's not what I mean this group doesn't matter as though Leo we're right summary falling in the poll you're right you get you get a bunch of grown up. It doesn't matter. I know you're right it doesn't matter. No matter who was there. But no it's it's not like it's not a direct line from. IE didn't big more and Ezekiel Elliot because I wanted to make sure that jolt was happy in his chair. I mean it's not a direct line to that is just I'm thinking about. Yeah and impressing. When you were hosting where I am posting them thinking about impressing. And there's just a little bit. When a coin a phrase here you can left there's little bit more mental freedom. When you don't have that restriction. When you're not worried about your someone else's house are you think about Philip owning it you invited to a party he shows up in the gym is right right Canada India mr. But you're not going to be in the gym is it your own party. He he will tomb. At least my mother in law if no one else always be the guy who showed up your house introduce us. Does which is awesome what for him that's a good school exit either on the board with my mother in law my mother in law might not know five people when I've worked with a with yours. You know Greg you. Andrew Jim guy you right Ryan admitted I don't know if she's got a great memory of Thomson achievements are top off him. But yet anyway. Soul you know O yeah out. I mean are you trying to soul that if you who hadn't been hosting this you would have sensed. Beings that were happening in the draft sooner than you did. Probably. I can't know for sure. Excuses well I mean I have a track record they've been in other drafts and I was able to do that. But this time I didn't and part of that is the quality competition. And Joseph is absolutely include this part of that is there were guys there that know it was loops. I count on from the limited experience the relatively little experience I have with these record against guys that have been drafting like this for decades. And I have not. I'm used to in the limited experience that I have. That these these have been auctioned drafts were people in the room were loops men's one point I've made in my article. And when that did not happen Saturday. I mean I'd probably noticed. Joseph. But I did not and it takes a little bit of time do materialize to which Celek. After three or four picture go man's top Rome. It's after like forty X or thirty projects like nobody's really. Medina thirty but it's at least ten which it goes in for a while and you like nobody's really spending a lot here there's no. Soccer at the table right. No arms kind of feeling each other yes and that was when I think the move should abandon. To go win. And I thirty I should've known to. And look my body language is different and just like uptight I got my arms crossed just even thinking about this makes me upset. Like I knew from experience from mock drafts to went from practice that. I could afford to do this thing I didn't do I could afford it with two or sixty dollar 24 players like it before and wrestled and and that upsets me and it will forever. Forever forever. Member Rosie owning a miracle to talk about. Herb Brooks the right in the third period against Finland. To take your great fear. That's how I feel about just for a can take its micro and the one thing that does make it worse in this league is decided biscuit hurt your team for five years young. Right poet unlike an hour a night that's right. I have one good thing I have is a number of interest thing young players. But are not number one on depth charts they're not starters. They're just they're just possible it's. I have plenty of that and so if you those guys turn out I might be good that can happen. If all your guys get hurt they also might go that can happen. Otherwise. The the odds are against me. One right away and I'm not when much. All. So you can read about all this and I'm sure to want to at WGR IS fifty. Dot com please do so. My wife. At work today. She'd. Is. Distracted. Okay. Upset. And about how there is work going on outside her office window. Well road construction structure in her. Pick the working on the parking lot in her office. And she was texting me like it's solo. I've just. This is a it's getting to me right. And she gave me too. That's very unlike her cause for pop culture which is no way anybody is. Right Chris Pratt as the notorious. Mom and she recently confused Morgan Freeman with Morgan Fairchild. So she's not you know the Huffington Post or something right because she's got paid six. Morgan Morgan search base I know is right now until we've won it's I didn't I don't. She's now paid six and a lot of dollar so. She goes she's she's a mean email I think it was like this is happening outside my office is driving me crazy whatever. And I said you know something back and she said it's like. Kramer. With the chicken. Restaurant right I've just like going losing my mind here with the lights on it. And William Shatner in airplane. So I respond. I respond. I gotta tell yeah that's good I don't know airplanes like I have seen it. But I can't I don't quote airplane that that's not a movie that I have pocket. And then she sent me a YouTube old clip of William Shatner in this beeping go and and it's for airplane to. Okay that's I was gonna say oh item I'm sitting here going. I am not an expert on airplane but I've seen it. What parts of it capitals and more times. Probably seen the whole thing through four times mounting public option and have your right don't go to a point to she. I mean we it's your anniversary. That she and I have. Thirteen plus years I would never ever portal Ronald reference from airplane until. I mean cool as a reference from airplanes to. I I don't know. I don't know that I never even zero point two I know I haven't. Well it's strong it's a strong strong effort is a bit yeah. And then you're confident that Cramer with the chickens whose habits Kenny Rogers roasters with I think that's right that's Joseph we are excited felt right arm that. What's your big site called Q off huge is it Kenny Rogers. The chicken yes right you registered a sign. In Rochester and I lived there there was a Kenny Rogers roasters Darren Rogers chicken yeah. They have that I don't know that I'd ever great town driven past one. Mean it but there might be the only one I've ever seen turn around and sharing your it was a real place is still around. It. Noise no idea no that's assignment among business. Kramer and hit him gave via maybe I don't know I don't know. Don't have it yeah. All right we will get to Rasmus Colleen some more for you that the World Cup both your teams. Lost their first games you know. Poland. Poland gets hurt and Coastr Rico was not that it was not right. That was interesting I mean they I. I mean I'm not endless meter elegant right it's it's hot take central but it got screwed but I don't know screwed it seemed at least. At least I would have to say this guy I'd I'm watching. More soccer than ever I am not any kind of rules expert. I've never seen a goal scored like the one that scored today by Senegal against yes where what what it happened. While I lose a player had been injured. Previously and he he he walked off. They didn't sub in for him in the number I guess assuming he was going to be able to return but he needed to walk off orbits of Senegal's playing with ten man. For some period of time. And I don't have the time frames I was I was not like glued to this is like I had it on I was doing other stuff. And it wasn't until the goal was scored that I even realize like what had happened and they showed the replay in Poland was complaining. The ball was Poland had controlled the ball. Pretty far down there where exactly in the box that they were they were far over half way. Down the field toward Senegal's and and the player for Senegal was returning was. Dividends granted permission which is allowed. By an official on the silently okay you you can go rejoin play now. And Schultz as he did that. Poll and put through the the player of the ball you really got challenged to what he decided to play it way back right we kicked it way back. And it was like a player and probably totally box and hockey this player for some adult like he was just able to exceed what was happening and read it. And get a jumpstart and he but he basically a breakaway of the polls gold cup keeper came way out to try and beat him and lost the race. And the scabs and walked in and tapped into an empty net that's exactly what happens and I just I did not stick around with them that match ended. And I needed to get moving and so did not stick around for the panel discussion. Afterward. To hero all the experts had to say about whether it was outrageous not. But it certainly was a curiosity. For me to see that. Goldman went against my teams that truth is exactly what happened and I did hear one that little extra thing to add to all of that. Which is something about all the polish bench knew. This guy I was going back on the field. So like the polish team not necessarily every player on the field fun but that the team. But in it to a certain sense was aware of this guy I was going back on so it seems like the kind of thing that happens you out and they sent it back. Isn't the lesson never send it back is in the wasn't always go. Forward I don't know I mean don't you wanna maintain possession if you didn't like was going I'm gonna keep the ball and go back and will try this again this is not working our thought it was I say just shoot it it's intends to shoot shrewd to people do that in soccer sure just suit and my lost he goes on Saturdays. That was this. There was what one off thing days they could not. I didn't Serbia yes I did not see the goal. Their goal keeper we talked about Costa Rica but I'm rooting for coach to recovering your quotes because we vacationed there and I really like it. And opened back. But I knew going in but the goal keepers the best player they don't have a lot of offensive punch. So you know gridlock. And I didn't see the goal I never saw the highlight you saw reference to repeat a perfect shot maybe it was off a free care. And then so I got to that match I saw most of the second half it's one nothing. The court not generate. And he's being at all but it's likely work but they were very frustrating to watch. If you're rooting for them and you do they're behind. Is like Karl mob him like now and they got I had nothing. Going on up for me it was to us. It was tough it was a tough watch. Rush over Egypt today and tomorrow we're games is Spain vs Iran. So much of Portugal going to focus being put in Google yet stain and Iran is like AM good girl our early tomorrow. A few what did it if they've been 7-Eleven and who. Tomorrow is like 610. And one result I know sure. Well not coverage OK that's probably what it is sorry I had that happen again to me I'd and you're working we look out of the screen Dicey at times and it okay that fox is always telling you its coverage of our time which is usually an hour before that should be outlawed. I great it's a lie there it is it's fox. Action figure OK so normal normal times you know our it's our. Anyway. On I'm while I'm I'm loving watching. Anyway you know but not yet know really know I'm. Not yet is it is. Meaningful to me I've I just have found this that were not and it. I am I would be more into it if we were in it and not just to watch our gamespot to what the whole thing yeah I don't know who's in which grew up watching it. What's the US open over it. Today I didn't bother with that at home and here I care about England a little bit you know I thought watching monologue I I not. Who was this morning like I didn't turn I could've I thought about it a's didn't bother with the Japan gamers didn't it didn't turn out to do it. We will get back to Rasmus Dolly in the draft is Friday night. Just what are the sabres getting. Fans. For all look the new Swedish guys with more to one extent or another that are coming into the sabres. Were to talk to a guide has been on the station on the morning show other times Jonathan link waste of bias that he covers the NHL for a Swedish outlet. Which other. Swedish Saber. Is going to make a big impact this year will ask him that. When we return Mike Hsu over the Bulldog WGR. Some might show and the bulldogs. Losers in other words on WG. Sports Radio five. All right well let's say earlier we might have somewhat the need for a Swedish correspondents. Where will sabres were bringing a. The rear in this. Morning show is head our. Capital and more. Swedish correspondents and people that played with Colleen or covered in coach Jim. Various levels and we have not illegal and we've not dip into Sweden much until now Bryant we've acquired the rights on the at this John that we've acquired rights. Pro tomorrow morning shows that we can have our our share of these conversations John the only quest for bias that you're in California. I OK I don't wanna sound like you don't you or we hear in this conversation are necessarily limited to the sabres. Players of you know of from Sweden but of course there are about to get up. Oh great one in a restless Colleen will eventually. Hopefully here. Jonathan and see. See Aslan and all mark my Peter starting goal this year in this defenseman pilot. So starting with the Colleen are you among the many who just think he's amazing. Yeah and what that don't have a single person or here. We didn't really pumping. It like. On an autumn all agree to it me or are all okay. And Sweden or what Ferraro all started this season and compared them to. Hole dug defensively like that Germany straight record also. Up OK it's hard to leave. There's something to him and all. He kind of reminds me a lot of like how to market at all in the sense that he's kind of like. I don't wanna pick boring but that's like why keep it it is all about ought. So posters. And at that she got I mean in guaranteed but it seems like a campus frost. Did you feel you say that meaning that it's. A good thing for his chances of being a great player in the league. Well I mean. You're cross Peter David but they have that. Actor for sport how about a month. Died in effect. They're there Foreman I don't know but all of eat what happened on all reporter so it's something that stands out to meet but I won't say that bird got a chance to borrow whatever. Finals. On the top came out and talk and she seems like it's getting more comfortable on the law and you. I mean you could local. Stores Swedish press and I seem more calm all the English too much. Think it's an assistant. In the garden Q if you take into consideration that you know the clintons we didn't solely solely kid. Sold eastern and want to do is get better I think more all for only wanted to come over and that's important. Is really important. One four player. Sure I ended yeah it's important I think to connect with the fans in your teammates and certainly for his level of comfort and confidence. To not have to be. Reluctant to. Be asked questions. You know have that even in the back through your mind at all I guess we do you do want that in a guy Jonathan Daniel can you tell our audience just towel. Familiar. With the limelight he would be from just these couple of years he has spent playing at the level you've been playing at in Sweden. All up whale that's not a lot of media player for one of the bigger teams maybe I mean it's we. You played an actual team as well he saw a lot of media and figure out what the ball. Again like keep. It really good I thought Allen Patrick and apparently mr. McDade with worries. You nice and humble. Needy he's not giving too much result. He's upholding insult in position where he's called in a month for anything under his play and I mean. Porters working at all it will probably would have liked but what Pittsburgh it's right. Popper insult and the kind of person seems to be yet it gets good. Start Hewitt Hewitt. And then out to get comparable potential more person Ali. I think he's always finding and scorched in and Sweden have like he. Brought the guns minding our audience to do so young still it is not. That kind of got out there. Why not eager to move on from him because I can't. I can't listen enough to people telling us how how good of a prospect is. I don't know how much talked about oil or for comparison on this show. Short knew he'd be player or thirteen. That's something that dumped out and that kinda got the spurs the spurs are you we will opt. You people actually comparing him to force predict something. But that's out and he. Altered you got that new spirit a guy who dat models he you know try to stop the violence but he wants you to complete. So that's not about me and and not recognizable largest airport rot inside the it stood out to me so. That it found culture neutral and it was a preference would. Told story that rock was isn't healing at a game he'll come to coach and opted for three things. Not just one but not ought to reaping but the colts thing you should focus on. If you're not dealing offensively or whatever Hunger Games. Yes pretty border so I think for seventeen year old it's try to from the sure way to look at our at the coaches keep calm market. Local channels are going to be urged him to see. Yeah that that's fascinating I've I've heard and read a lot of and I have not heard that specific examples I'm glad you. Share that because the out wouldn't woody the common. Trait be for a guy to just keep pressing and try to figure it out himself. And maybe try harder and that that sometimes can lead to more frustration. Whereas someone willing to say like hey I'm. I'm I'm not. I'm I'm off today can you give me some some kind of guidance like that is. That is a maturity that I'm surprised to hear about in someone's still sleep on. Ops will be and I think another thing that's gonna help him getting older lucky. Common over the right. Some. This will be just generations. A generational order calls and Victor had talked at all awesome and you are called me all all of like a bunch of Swedish pounds and general meeting like. 67 and almost ten years older partners. And sweet talk communities types what hole. And that it brought this reached out to round equipment. All the same expectations but it was picked quicker overall. After the kind of guy who would say OK that's what you should focus on that's what the mistakes I made and all that soul. On top of having sabres are the support system I do believe that he's gonna how our community yet eighty. Specifically to sweeps are done enough to support system dot going to be very. You know that not that this necessarily. Deserves a comment but now that the sabres have had some talent here in the is losing seasons. Even at times looked like a team that because of its talent alone I would have thought was going to about to be better but these these descriptions of doll lean as being so competitive. Business like even mean spirited these are not sabres strong suits even historically. Like me these are not areas where buffalo is putting along as I see it. So if this guy and mic maybe just your perspective on this Donovan as someone who covers the league in those players. Can someone as young as he. Make an impact. In a locker room like we wondered this about Jack article three years ago would the other guys listen storm and follow his lead wanna rethink. I think that ought that is not a guy who's gonna make an impact in the law. All soccer he's more. If you wanna call the traditional Swedish way eat a diet I've dipping in to get it out of all of those small. The leader in this room what do you say what don't you stay. Out of work I think it gonna feel it out. In terms of having an impact. More all that distorted career. I think it's also like for papers. Pro coaching certainly got on the got to figure out whether and how it might be and it seems that in just a plain white rim of the tonight. But if you look at a guy like a circus of a great a couple of top off keep played. Protected. Like a lot of local start. Law patrolmen like you got a smooth transition into different shell the I think you produce favours Europe by consider okay. Do we have to win win win all you have to make sure. We get it got its start as a result for an album you without its all time. Oh yeah and ought to follow that I'm damn that's one of the things I'm most eager to see is just what. What sort of expectations the organization puts on him. Because. This is this is such a valuable pick and and such an exciting player the prospects of him. Beat you don't reaching his ceiling here that I think you wanna make sure you give him every opportunity to do that. So. You know the smoother transition. The better we're talking on the AT&T hotline with Jonathan Enqvist of virus that he covers the NHL. For Swedish media and is obviously very familiar. With Reston stallion this work ethic that your your talking about with him and we we've seen some of the video montage have been climbing the sand dunes. In all this sort of stuff. How Ole hole at another level if it's right to say he's at another level is he in that area with the work. That he is willing to put in a wave from the ice right. Royal what I think for one have been great for him because remember talking to utters these players. Who played him again and sweet and incapable of all it is something else I mean it's. All. Summer and did different in in and we didn't work out during the summer. Promote this summer so I think I kind. So even on yards like you heard stories about him being out here. A lot and working on different stuff but I think Derek back applause when we talk on hard work. Time we talk about June them on him to push or whatever and start Circuit Court. What really separate separate players from players mostly the skill. So if you're willing to also put in the work if you can the single sharper wedeman a doctor practiced. And we've got it also work ethic that I. Based on what ever heard. You have which is just as important. A terrific last part of a work out. Take time out here more of our conversation with Jonathan Enqvist of via sacks coming up after this. John relinquished of bias that your without us talking about harassment style lean. I listed a few other sabres and sabres prospects who are from Sweden did any of those names stand out as someone you wanna. Brief us on John than a pilot is the one from the Swedish league that I think we all know least about. That the sabres signed this offseason either comment on him or another. I would argue article it's part of Mexican pop opera our go over here so the guard Erica workable. Auditor prospect will be a little work. Who it came up in Sweden are or what steelworker from the table talk and I got only a little bit and he's. First of all he used these are you the way you want to go to be. You grew. Like it is the funny but it got to looked Obama jokes I think. Want to get up there he's in particular and also he's going to be comfortable with dot I think he's our he's going to be our favorite if it felt so. And all the guys I think young. I mean I'd be met connect Swedish soared this week I think it starter. You heard they're symbolic or talking it according Bachmann. Or talk about it formal work out and let. I'll work it out of sore. And the gym to strengthen my bomb plot but it sort basically like you re releasing what. If you put to consult in the gym typically. It's gonna help of two people were stronger develop our take. Oracle especially cajole and outlook are about our opposition. Yeah I mean the the discipline it takes to do that work and keep doing that work. Yeah I mean it pays off physically but got the mental benefit is Som is there to. If anything just to give you confidence to know that late in the game you might be fatigued. You're you're more willing I think to convince yourself or able to commit yourself like I'm fine here this is why I don't have those extra routes in August. Stock solar you don't want a public report appalling. I think although he got a great these last and it's also. All the I don't know what you guys probably know more in terms of papers planned for him but I think Derrick walker he he got went out the vote to be started this week it'll suck so if I'm favored a Walt. It definitely read stoop to I think costs certainly me. Like they want him to be an NHL goalie. And that this year he's going to be here it's really question of who they're gonna get the compliment him and how much will that person play. Is is the only question I think hallmark is on this team provided doesn't show up in just melt down. When training camp. Gets here I'm curious how much you who would have to say about the current state of the sabres you've been over here for a few years covering the NHL. And Michael was added they made big trades to acquire people like Randall rally Evander Kane in the north canes are pretty gon and rob a letter and Robin Lehner of course. And it's just kind of gone off the rails here and we're talking about trading vinyl rightly now what you have just a general overview of all of the sabres. You know what. When. Its neighbors want the draft lottery a lot of people we were on the people vote. Good deal if you record these days the U seven straight years well what else. The remarkable. And the remarkable years Ottawa five record. But I think honestly. Just look at it from brought this perspective about redoing of the Swedish media. It's way better a lot of options it's yard perimeter ownership it's a good hockey market. You opt out dark cycle and on our routes and they're talking about potential like. Top five. Players on their position. And it's hard you Karen really get up like let's drop that the character of the sort. Soul. I know it corrupt rough year but overall perspective. Are you saying. They however shot at doing something good and awful and a few years it all above. I mean these two leaders say as an outsider but you have to leave that. And look at look at what we go there let's make something up. All right Jonathan very good. One more thing there was an interesting day in the league already with this Mike Coffman business. And if you want to weigh in on Ottawa here with Carlson who seemingly. Probably going I mean I think what. There are already clear rumors but I feel like the Hoffman business today almost. Is like a sign that he's about to go Carlson do you agree that. Well. Yep and the one thing you could argue gather. Could be a spot that autumn like doing everything they can't comedy Carlson. Like it at all well but I do think that regardless or it's not gonna play at the first one Akita comes around. I mean it secure too much for being there's great things organizational ownership. It's not it's not a bright outlook. I mean I think they're looking out. I'm totally gut at that brought Pamela Anderson ball O Arctic you know other audible article for Arctic so I I think there are. We're going out there at its spectrum question I like. What are you outlaw it. When he made a comment about the market value to all the great outlet at all or sort of rubber. More of law and is it book crossing EER. And go to team. Do currently our order our next governor would keep but you shot the went like. When you look about potential Carlson designations you have to get teased out was sought are where the cup would have liked it but I think. I'm what I beautiful that law would have. I wonder if you think Vegas qualifies after having been in the final. Because I don't wonder what they've done you think is sustainable there was a lot of talk about them as a destination at the deadline. So if he is going to get traded out I'm sort of anticipating their biggest will be in the conversation. Or long story are every year ever or cultures that they are working there were all lined. What everything changes now obviously a sense. At that point you can find the contract he couldn't stop our student player props. That you would get they get caught up. Soul. I think bigot that edit. They're up we are looking to Paula I think our target in Baltimore mark organs and they don't want the one that thought and really meet any sentence. It is but I don't get your topic is your readers. Like are older and their people say it but I just urge you to be easier call to become the next but stick to their readers. Sold out that the team that I would. What are my little wonder Barbara talk Burke also. Jonathan nice talking to you will maybe be in touch again here is things proceed here with the sabres and it should be a real exciting. Offseason but hopefully season two for ones. How I'm absolutely. Yup it's I think you got your ticket or an awful sure aren't like I appreciate you guys have a lot off. Denver must look forward to may be seeing in town sometime to come cover Rasmussen person to. Artery. That's it for us thanks for tuning us in will be back tomorrow at three actually I'll be back home. Itself the popular in my point dignity off to watch news for the Braves. That's it stay tuned for the nightcap Joseph will be along with Derek. For that your W. Government. Petrie.