06-23 Jason Botterill Post-Draft Press Conference

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, June 23rd

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I think it's that there's nothing shy away from an all. I just believe. Especially into mid to late round picks up. The fact that you controlled their rates for only two years Jeff McMurray quicker decision on that and a scenario where you have. And then marks and period four years. In most situations for Europeans are Kirk underscored college just that you and I think it allows you more opportunity for them to develop. I. In a late in the later rounds I think it's a situation if it's if all things are going to be equal. It's something that certainly does go into the equation. Well I think it's it's a scenario where you can never have to me defenseman and it was something that we did talk a lot about vote. Trying to add some more defenseman with certain degree ticket number one. But it was a situation where we looked at different things relative to lessen the couple days hands. There are some reports at least looking to that your group didn't materialize. But it. The way we wanna play. Just that you look at our pipeline right now I think it's sooner were we had to have more defense minister our troops so we're very happy how the danger now and into the well I think just whenever you come into. And you're efficiently connect you wanna have ups and obviously we're very excited about. Developing idea Billick earnings grew we've we've seen some of our decisions. To get it through keiki. With six at about a foot electric shield listener or authorization to. So as much we're excited about particularly we wanna make sure there's more critical is coming am. That was on a point of emphasis course like this it's them. Blue we certainly like like there we're very excited votes having him at that position we've watched very closely being active. The national program is obviously to get a lot of attention there. All the big tournaments he's going to be part of and he just his leadership skills you we found out a lot about. Just on the ice than off days talking not only to him but also to his teammates. The Columbine. Just look at the size has range out there how we can move. Was so we think he's a productive is gonna fit very well to fill system. While we're hoping he's going to be accomplished a lot of for players student. Nine is just. Where we're looking for players as we talked about before this is exciting couple days for for players that you want these players have to work ethic. And determination to continue to it continue to improve and that was one thing sets. From our research that we did it. With people around that program that matches really has that work ethic and determination that leadership for our. Where you. Getting a lot of lives. I. Every organization wants strong goaltending every organizational a strong fencer residual wants. Good sediment and and scoring points and a scenario where we feel we have some good. Cinnamon organization Jews. A young clearly Kallis Neil under. We read and then it's as you know we've brought in players such as TJ Smith's. You know we look at the players such as Baptiste Bailey scored different levels that would or could you help them. Regards so it's important that we stingy developer you players in those roles but. Yeah it's where we can killing one a look at. Funny different ways to bring more torn InterGroup but. You know it was a third round pick this year at the cash like what we like a lot about him is just this massive. As the ability of states that we can unfortunate because we shall we want players oracle believes that Lance was talked vote trying to find a way to bring more speed terror group upfront. And we. Our guys just like his again we talked about it just goes to style of play relentless in the fortunate get after it. We think he certainly has to work on that. He's underdeveloped from a physical stand. Again when everything we've heard from behind the scenes that. He's working very hard at that and now you'd go for the next we'll bitten. We like that he's going rogue program and university and I think that's gonna help no picture. That. It was a situation where we certainly has some players go overboard but we felt comfortable we can get them the seventh round that's what we've journalists there and we just felt it was a situation and bring in another accident for next year. Talk about rumors around him are you in the situation work that her life and move. And it wasn't that we distance our comfortable what was. Presented last couple days. To me those are things that we'll see how things progress of next week or two but. Our main focus was to draft. And very excited we're at plus students. And yeah. Well it's it is like the question had yesterday very rarely do at this stimulant drugs it's it's just very difficult. Figure out wrong. Sometimes you think they'll let things accents and things just don't come to pressure for different reasons. You won't want to play it. Plus I don't think it's surprise generally just you look around the success they've had an international game and the National Hockey League. House so me and Swedish defenseman a step in and played extremely well and I think senator Nelson and Jarvis a country from the development process I think it especially on the back end the mobility. How a lot of NHL teams now our cells which players like grown up good mobility. Good hockey since Noah Adams the puck and those judgments that we're looking for organization. And he. Not focus lose highly talented players that CTO and that's a scenario where we continue to look at players and then. And then environment and excellent coaches and excellence and almost there you look at our scouting system. We have a lot of players tyra a lot of people tied to hockey Canada. And Europe pro sports usage. And I don't anticipate being a part of that process. We could. Two different teams what trade possibilities and look forward to this week have an opportunity to discuss with some free agents out there. Now that's a fair system for sure yes. It. You know you look through arteries issue we it is it's something we have dad and our mind we feel we need to add at least two goals. Oh. I was greatly I think this was our first draft. With current issue with all learn New Hampshire scouts and I think the degree driver preparation for a we're very happy how. Some players very default social situations and we came away with really had an a lot of depth due to our defense core within our entire group their so. We we feel less as it's. You know processor right now where we have doling stepping into your team right away. And some players now in the pipeline. I'm yeah. Right away. Now we're very soon and we're very excited for our prospects to see the passion level that's going to be in buffalo I thought our development camp last year over Iverson was exciting. You throw in the mix now with Alex you know under. Casey middle stats. Obviously you with all the channels and a flew up a few people there just to watch and it's it's an easy week just different interaction with our prospects or players to get to ignore coaching staff furcal stuff will look better. In the way we look at visits of the certainly drew Weaver characterization. And we vote to discuss I think. We've been up front with with probable winner and worse situation as soon but I think for the rest of our qualifying offers will look at things more and make a statement Monday. That's it. Without a doubt and that's behind the scenes. There's a lot of tough not proficient at it there's discussions and it. There's a that you're looking for passion you're looking for strong opinions from your statements that and that's what I was excited that we. Change cover models. And over and took. Policy here. Sort of destruction that we feel very confident and and especially in the mid to late rounds were looking for individuals coaster will step up and special special shortened. Thriller mean simple fatigue and demand won't last few days we've certainly seen that on. One thing. Well it does just that there was an awkwardness last year he's come and you're trying to get a feel for people in this unease Jesus of what's gonna happen. So. You know bring in Randy sexton. Him bringing the staff and we'll keep your part of them just getting certainly I follow through to terrier but it is a situation where you have. Have to trust those people in this bit in those rules. If you dabble in a little bit I think you almost miss a couple of times you have to trust you're having those guys are folks in the entire year. Where's the general manager. You know you folks financial team folks and pro games like in different scenarios there select to not have. You can't be active and amateurs get all the time you know so. I felt very comfortable. When people that retired I was excited about sort of going through our workshop last year. And then get out there and you know whether the mid season means census seasonings. Very proud how they handled so often how they were prepared to this draft. Not at all I'm an exit you know I think salmon a great second half and our discussions. With great roster nervousness. Has been positive from that standpoint. So I don't viewed as a fiscal situation on hopefully alone will look at some. Different structures in and act upcoming weeks and Enceladus and I'm.