06-23 Matej Pekar

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, June 23rd

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What's my name was called. Just Candace five AK. Great organization obviously. I can't explain it on me it's still it's the kind of shaky this. I would imagine I would be sitting in this chair and I get in at least two for for awful and again yeah NHL. So like a second X five days just like and so excited to. To be yet to get shafted and and also it's been nine dollars is is the beginning. And the end. When you and your game called. Who comes to mind. Obviously family timely coaches that coached me and. And metallic flakes second family and race and expanding these cities. 333. Groups that are that are it's in my mind. Is it. I'm so I sympathies. Saw the office thing that I could. Have a better better exposure better at that ambition. And just. Just tried to try to make his but just I just I would be better opportunity for me from. Hopefully. Separated yeah. I thought I know a lot of coach in the us so much confidence. Systems for the first game at efforts in an effort to find a nice thing with those guys for next maybe two games so which was particularly do my team is a new line. Top Nia company. Many names. Became more mature enough. Diana I loved it. Of does may be a was a motivated even more to to do something because obviously before this. Again by laid out a team by in any attention and interest for the season started so. Maybe that can motivate me. And I just have to look at look look in the mirror and just say. DG and and opportunity came my parks was fortunate enough to. To get this opportunity in and like. Play good when I got the opportunity in. Then worked out. It was definitely couple definite wake up coal. Definitely typical on. Like I. Yeah and then Miami. Coach recruit me since I was fifteen. They hockey school. Good hockey school and I hope. And championship. Please. I think Kandahar working. Or sorry I don't work in map forward that can. Sports tickets or to the plug now I'll only get the (%expletive) up pork chicken. Send my team it's been it's intense and Tennessee yes well. Cannot come out love to watch watching hockey a lot home say as I said the first. Like it's American sports and remember the sabres let the first entering guy I like. Alex played so that's that's gonna cook. Looking back. But no Dominic Hasek was the dictate. They take legend play they're so. I was that it had a video I can I promise I'll listen to legislate. So that'd be an item they know what to say. We have determined their remember we had a tournament there. As a team of I don't know say nearly eight guys on the bench play four or five forwards on the bench I was gonna funny. Yeah it's. I asked them before the flu season now and it IAL's lead draft what is. I'm not in I. After after what you thought of the season Ohio surprisingly. This my and I just like he batted on. Don't slow down a ski bowl in and yes unfortunately it happened. And maybe just in the they status and family feeling. Feeling like my personal feeling that that I'm good enough to get traffic they made that I felt more more confident two to play. The way I can and that way as I think the right way plate to me. And obviously became more more confident mine mine's hockey and way of playing in the yeah. But many. And when he's kind. Of Lou in me. Yeah. Oh AM all of as Saddam knowledge obviously dollar and great player great player I think and on. It's going to be like oh this is this this second chance to this in his buffalo and it might be credit. For me but. And on and on the same and I. In it players honestly it's like at the same right now again into the camp. And and we'll see what happens. I did. I loved it and so while remember they they may my dad. That somewhere in the tournament in my Dallas late wearing. Funny pajama pants. The right things I think. And I when I get that embassy in their hands they relate. Alice lake in my dad's going to be so happy and they were like yeah no way of getting him a new as the favorites ones. Says those kind of cool. David my dad is so yeah.