06-23 Sports Talk Saturday - NHL Draft Special w Brayton Wilson HR 2


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Will the sabres draft. For the defense for that privilege and third quarters and a short performances actually we're pretty sure we know they'll draft Asian and it cold by car. GR Sports Radio 550 for a chance to be NHL draft. And the NHL. We'll see engaging workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard. In western new. In part by out. How much quicker and by how Ross for all of your screen print. Printing and embroidery needs. All right we're in round three of the NHL draft coverage of the NHL draft here WG are rolling along with. Sports thought Saturday's special edition Brey will sit here with you referred the next couple of hours here as. The NHL draft one hour and a goal actually lessen that because the draft tackle got started shortly after 1115. Cell. 45 minutes then one round down. And we've got. Five more ago songs by math is correct 34567. Yep that's five. Sabres of course if you if you miss that have selected the TS Samuelson with a 32 overall pick. He is off the board first for the sabres in first in the second round of the draft. In that kicked things off that is the sixth book four to an eighteen pound defenseman. Comes over to buffalo he winds at the US under eighteen development program and an interest in quote from. He's teaming with the program bode wild and actually we'll get that and just the second but. Joining us right now from Dallas the special guests as we were just not to mention that he is Samuelson defenseman from the US under eighteen program expect to go to western. Michigan this year he joins us now live from delta TS first off thank you for joining us and our congratulations on getting drafted. But I do pursue what was it like hearing your name getting called by buffalo right off the bat. I mean to steal your name caller also we're experiencing some well dream off for a long time and then. Knowing like it's a world class organization like buffalo it suits dismissive ten times out here. What did you meet with the sabres while you're at the come behind and on your cell what did you guys talk about it. You know we I'm Alabama it was. Those trees standard the standard type interview with the basic questions with. Fell a ballroom went really well isolate both sides walked. The end. Behalf these so I was excited come with a what did you think of buffalo while you were where you're here for the combined. Well do you two times or walks around news Susan beautiful city. Lot going on in we laugh laugh on live there. So for. For people that may not have seen you play before can you give us a little bit of the little scouting report from your own sense of the UN and you're typing game. My game's two defensemen. To defend it to play against like some vote Markham north. Miller physical game and should be in the office are right now. Of course your dad played for several years in the NHL what what is he DVD to give you any advice heading into. The draft your whether you're gonna be drafted they wondered dates UN Don you know how big a burden of help Asif Ben throughout the years of without hockey for you. Allegra I was literally Tom area noon. Me on the heart declared today because of him. I'd rather have my family and my mom for maker on site places with no siblings and just today yesterday in the solely with the draft process he faces. You can't control waving pins that are. Susan enjoy and so things it's sort of like to do for fun off the ice order Samir interest in nine in what you do away from the rink. If big bass boat. Let loves whose roots are on soleil and from New Jersey saw excellent choice this time of to ensure that the. Yeah I mean with with being as tall guy you you probably. You probably pretty good aren't yet. Like thinks. Oh the fifth. I don't know I don't know I would. People say about the native. I outlasting that I wanted to ask you real quick here before like to goma TS with. With you'd decide to go to western Michigan yeah of course your brother just finish his freshman year there. Was that a huge influence with with playing with your brother or what what stood out to you about western Michigan in you wanting to go there. You know broad Lucas being there was this is huge factor. But it's live in the whole cause experience bill Hulu full. It's only dream about men. Like their coach Jamie Murray coach and NHL and he knows the ball players. Despite having the rest of the coasts there they're all work to play the shelves so. And that's world's one of the citizens going there and play on that team and in broad thus vision caused talks you close perfect temperament. Moments he has what we understand your busy so we'll let you go here congratulations on getting drafted by the Buffalo Sabres and we look forward to seeing you here in development camp later this week. All right thank you Yasser resolutely matier San us in the air live from Dallas he is the 32 overall pick first pick. All of the second round he goes to the Buffalo Sabres and he was just now with us. And and with. Paul Hamilton has also talk with him he was on with us just now and if you case you missed that in case you just literally turned on your radio which baby you gonna. You find that on demand laid around a little bit at WGR. Fight it the dot com he'll real fight 5188. By fifty to 550 are the numbers here are currently at pick 69. On the clock that is the Chicago Blackhawks they are up now with pick number 69 and we are currently. 25 picks away from the sabres picking at. 94. Overall and as the first pick of the fourth round and the sabres will pick again with Minnesota's pick in the fourth round of leave that one. Seventeenth. And then of course through rounds five through seven they'll have the first pick in and barring any trade. That sees the sabres move up move down. Sabres. Pool will be sticking their. Brooks or take is not on waivers for the war for the Colorado Avalanche now. Joe Sakic yesterday said he would respect him by letting him go to waivers and letting him go to free agency to get another shot. After he'd acquired corporate from the capitals yes it's part of the filled grew by our trade. And it's a huge deal for Washington because it allows them to free up some cap space as well. In order for them to re signed defenseman John Carlson who sent to the free agent market this summer. And hopefully for the capitals are able to get Carlson locked up to a new deal at some point. Coming up before July 1 because like percent of course everybody gets go to free agency negotiation period actually get started at I believe. If not tomorrow I think it's Monday that. Players can officially start talking to other teams about free agency might help a double check the date their real quick but. I'm pretty sure it is Monday when they can start talking to teams. John Tavarez apparently he is going to have a discussion with the islanders about. What his next course of action's going to be whether he's gonna go to the interview period or he's going to. Resigning with the New York Islanders course. Having bury trot and Lou Amarillo there are probably really helps the islanders cause now the first out of thought for sure no doubt about it. He's gonna be going to. Free agency no way in there why would he want a state with a New York Islanders but instead. Lever all comes then he gets very trots to come in from the Washington after he resigned from his position of course very traps are set to become a free agent anyway. Sell. He comes over now from Washington who just won the Stanley Cup to the islanders. And John Tavares need be now all have more enticing. Factor with. The the idea that he's gonna maybe have some sustainability for the long term. 8030551808550. Are the numbers here if you like to get a whole bus. Sabres will pick 94 overall. That is when. They will. Pick first pick in the fourth round. Were currently right now at picks 71. 69 chewed the Blackhawks is a nice pick. And pick number seven B was Jacob radner send to the New York Rangers defenseman. There were still little bit aways away buffalo picking 94. And OPEC once again with the 117. Overall pick in the fourth round. And then from there they pick 125 first pick in the fifth round 1561. Pick in the sixth round and then 187. That is the first pick in the seventh round and yeah not a lot of trades happening. Which is something I wanna get too. Man what a disappointing week. And it's not just because you know paid. We want trades of course we all want trees we want you know trades that happened and we want some excitement. Just just the fact that we know all hey Eric Carlson Mike you treated here and you know all these names be thrown out there Carlson Ryan O'Reilly. And just. This the talk. Trades that could happen and just the fact that we unfortunately haven't seen any big trades happened yet it's. Kind of stinks it kinda stinks but it does get me thinking it does give me thinking enemy and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna slam any the national reporters is because. Well hey there they're getting all our hopes update. Their speculations. Are. Leading us to believe that all yeah we're gonna have some big trades let's get some BA trades going. That's not it's not what I'm saying I think that these guys that I respect. Everybody that puts up all their Elliott Freeman I respect Aron trigger Kara LeBron Bob McKenzie all those guys that are. It's closely tuned in. To the NHL and what goes on around the league these guys know what's going on these guys are busy these guys are all over. The thing that is that thing that is just disappointing is that fact that all hate. We are a team that probably could use at some more assets. But again these these moves have to be the right fit for Jason box we just can't have. These trades just because all man. Well we got to treat somebody we're talking trades lets trade some. Now known. As much as we all like trades and trust me I like traits I like the fact that. Change happens and we can bring in new guys courtesy of exchange with. Different people. You don't. I just I wanna see trades just because I think that it's he just keeps the draft interest thing. He keeps things flowing and yesterday there was to trade three trade's overall the first street happened before the draft. They they traded I mean Phil group our Brooks corporate go to Colorado course or picks getting put on waivers city for the purpose of a buyout. Courtesy of Joe Sakic just. Showing respect for Brooks corporate and group hours now go to go to Colorado and ballot out with Sammy in Harlem off to be the starter and yeah I think some amber alarm last time there is is pretty much come to an end but you know. We'll say. We'll see I mean but the trades though that the the whole trade situation. I just like the flow going for these for the strapped because yet it can get a little stale. Any dressed and get stale without a little bit of excitement and I think the trade certainly add up to it but. Brian Riley broke quick I did wanna I mean this is where I was trying to lead up I apologize and it'll be this one get your butt the whole try to rally trade scenario. With Brian O'Reilly. This is a guy who. Obviously. Is a really good decent two way senate he wins you face Nazis got some good scale. But the thing is he just is not fastened opt to play on a team that Jason Bob troll working wants speed and skill he wants. Things to be process much quicker he wants passed is going from point a to point B he wants guys that can move up and down the ice with efficiency and speed. Ryan O'Reilly certainly has. Some great skill I mean we've we've seen how much skill Brian Riley really pass. But the thing is is that his foot speed is just. It's not enough to be able to keep up with the pace of play that the sabres for the wanna keep playing at moving forward here is organization. I think can trade and can change down the road of course we couple. For Pittsburg won a cup and when he sixteen. Chicago they were a team that was playing with a lot of just Smart hockey Internet that a lot of fast guys but Smart hockey physical hockey. Teams like Anaheim they were they were primarily built on. Sides in this cal the ad in a few points and over the past few years. You'll get the LA kings they want what size and musicality. And and I just. Now with the penguins winning the cup and when he sixteen everybody saw speed and skill and Smart hockey. That was what started winning games. That they win again the next year the sabres failed to. Realize that that the first year of course Dan miles and Tim Murray. Move on they get fired. Jason bot took comes in and he tries to build a team that is fitting today's NHL he's got some pieces here but at the same time it didn't work out unfortunately. Now Jason Bob troll is trying to move along and he's trying to move forward and build a roster that is going to fit today's NHL and give the sabres the best chance of winning. Rest is selling certainly going to help the sabres in that factor. He's fast he's skilled player he skates each dream -- well as some of the best skaters in this entire draft. He's gonna be a rock solid player from the Blue Line for several years to come in buffalo. Jack eichel same thing he's gonna come here he's gonna bring speed and skill. He's a smarter player he anticipates offensive plays very well he's gonna come in he's gonna be here for the next eight years at least and be a solid. Top line Saturn in for years. We hope Casey medals that develops into something really good for the Buffalo Sabres it seems like he already I mean he played six games sure. But in the six games that he played he's started to look much more comparable as the games went on. Any seem like he belonged. Now the saver now geez vital task is to go out and find other pieces that he can slot into this lineup. And figured out and with Ryan O'Reilly. Sure you don't wanna see him go because the easy good Saturday and he's a good it's almost say he's a good leader but. I don't think it's right rallies locker room in March Jack cycles. This is Jack Michael's team. Right Reilly sure he's skilled but I am completely ready Q. Move line from O'Reilly. If you get some good pieces for him in return get some scoring pieces bits and pieces that can help right now. And in the future. Whether to prospector a picker whatever. Gay guys that can certainly be a factor in the savers. Organization in the depths from the HL are the and it's a level to the HL level. I'm I've just. Ready to move on from the slow pace of hockey that the sabres tried to build right after Tim Marie was hired. The slower but Smart and skilled. To this pace of the NHL today where teams are blowing by the sabres I mean last year. And even the year before that when Tamarine Dan miles or so here teams just skated all over the sabres. Buffalo couldn't get gathered on zone because they couldn't take the pop from point a to point B gate down the ice and sustain any offense is time. Because they couldn't keep up with the other teams that were much faster than them. It think it I think that might show pointed out in article few weeks back that. This league is a copycat league and it couldn't be anymore sure. It is such a copycat league. This is going to be I mean. This doll play is going to being. What the NHL's all about for the several years to come until the next team that comes about when the Stanley Cup in a different way and everybody's gonna say. We have to build a team just like that we have that acquire assets and and get pieces. That can help us win the Stanley Cup just like that team just it. And right now everybody for everybody it's that it's the Pittsburgh teams of the past. Three years course this cashier they lost to Washington Washington went on to win the cup. But even then Washington's still played with a bunch is being scale they brought that physical tenacity and they also brought some Smart hockey. I'm just waiting for. And I think a lot of people when I when I see units are waiting for that time in the taught that hides its turn and change. Because as high as one of the callers brought up yesterday in the morning shall the the sabres fans have then. Down in the dumps have been I guess. What he wanted to see was suffering yesterday but they've been. Which troubling to I mean they've been just the even dollar on this team ever since Drury and Briere left. And it's. Then sold mediocre since then the team wants to continue to try and and do their own things and eat it hasn't worked out. It didn't work out under Lindy they made two playoff appearances since then but they were out the first round. Lindy gets fired. In comes Ron Ralston darts for your still there. And then it finally realize well it's time for huge overhaul let's let's fire both them and bring in Tim Murray in trying to build wade simmering wants the bill. Well obviously Tim Murray. Was. And I don't wanna slam too hard but he did he did he was not the as good enough to evaluate her as he talked about to be he would talk the talk but when he came to walking the walk. It was apparent that he couldn't walk the walk he couldn't. Execute what he wanted to do sure he went out and got Jack cycle that. It's pretty easy. Eat all I mean when it at that point the draft lottery was just for kicks wanted to and you had one generational talent right at the top. Followed by a possible second generational talent right behind. There wasn't easy. Area arena wasn't hard you just. Go to the bottom you tried stayed the bottom and he did that and buffalo lost the draft lottery that loss admin since the economy David goes Edmonton Jack I composed of awful. But then after that it was now what are you going to do to build around Jack eichel and to continue to sustain success. And try and be a successful team and build for the future. Well he trades. The first tropic for Robin Lehner. Obviously that didn't work out because now he's going to be going to free agency after the sabres don't tender him. Any adds a bunch of pieces that. Okay. Sure I mean the Matt Olson contract wasn't a good one. But that was of course before Jack Michael they've they brought him in thinking all you know it would be an easy. Beatle. He'll provide some scoring he plays just fine in today's game but it really became apparent after the but I mean when. You know Jack cycle came in here in the team got a little bit faster. That's up it was unfortunate but Matt Olson couldn't keep up. There was going to be streaming hard for him to be able to keep up with today's NHL and it clearly show because this past year and a in the small portion games. He just looked like he had. To a cinder blocks on his feet they were just dragging behind him every they were just dragging him down. And he couldn't he couldn't keep up. So then he gets weak and he goes to Ontario in the ONE HL. He's obviously able to produce their but the HL such a different level from the NHL. And he does a mean if you will go to the HL you perform like that obviously you belong in the NHL most of the time but at the same time. The difference between HL and NHL is quite significant. Go to whatever team I'm telling if you go to whatever game if the arts are going to be better just because that a lot of the sabres prospects are ready to now move up from juniors and and wherever they are College Hockey. They're coming to the HL. And they were able to step up and be able to. Play a fast game and play in the way to the sabres want a played for years to come and they'll start doing that in. The HL. It is going to be Seoul so fun to watch the airports this year because I think the air Merck's. Are going to have some decent pieces in the organization to be able to be successful I mean they made the playoffs this year in a year that you know. Of course didn't go so well near buffalo but. You look at what they did in Rochester and he gives you a lot of hope. CJ Smith he he was its memories pretty much the cat is saving grace like hey guys they're ago. Yunel. Thanks. Just you know TJ spent. Here really. Right off the start the year with start to score and put up some per auction and it was really promising to see. I think the thing when I talk about speed you don't necessarily have to have foot speed. Is you'll just have to be able to keep up with everything that is going on in this game the pace of the game you have to be able to keep up. Matt Olson. Can't keep up with the pace of play any NHL mark. He's a super nice guy and I really liked Matt Olson an item and you know it's unfortunate that he had to go to the HL he's probably going to be there. All of this year and he's gonna finish is contract out with the sabres in the NHL but the fact of the matter is. He can't keep up with the pace play anymore a galaxy. He's certainly mentally is able to keep up with the pace of play the speed of play you have to have that Goodspeed. Whether it's in your feet or whether senior mind you have to be able to keep up with the speed of the game. And CJ Smith before he got injured in how the injury problems lash here he was able to do that and it was really fun to watch him play. Because next thing you know. He sees an opening the defenses is. Working their way towards the Parker trying to avoid something also on CJ Smith just blown by everybody had straight to the net and scores a goal because the pot gets there to all. And he's their perfectly because he sees how the play is developing any he understands the speed at everything is happening. So we time's up perfectly gets there and scores. CJ Smith was great to watch last year Casey Nelson the way that he adjusted his game from being more of an offensive guy to more with two way guy. He played really well in buffalo when he came up here. Brendan gold it was fun to watch last year and the time they got here we just all markets finally developing into a potential starting goaltender in the NHL. I thought the past two years old in its hallmark has been. Ready but. It would never hurt him the BB HL never hurt for him to get those starts and get more experience and get the the experience of actually being able to go to the playoffs. And at the end of the year he was upset that they didn't move any further he is very upset that they. Lost in three games got slot because he expected his team in his play to be so much better. And when they were swaps he was emotional about it I mean you can talk to Paul Hamilton about it he was very emotional. So sabres. Have some nice pieces. And this is having moving forward this team is going to be. Fitting if you're going to see this team fit in today's NHL much better than it ever really hats. They have some pieces already in place Jason bot troll is is doing a nice job of evaluating he did in Pittsburgh he's doing that now. A Jason bot troll has the right mindset. To adjusted today's NHL like he. If he does that mean sure Pittsburg is a great example for ways to adjust to today's NHL or create today's NHL for that matter. There are the ones that won two straight Stanley cups with the way that they played and everybody was like yeah we ethically just like them. And we've got one of those guys that was even. That was kind of a builder in that sense for the for the organization in Pittsburgh Jason blog troll kind of put together that team. He was a huge factor and and of course they had Jim Rutherford in the N a couple of other guys but he was an assistant general manager. Scioscia general manager whenever you want call but he was their try to cap biologist who made sure everything fit the salary cap. He also was a guy that pretty much of Bill Scranton Wilkes-Barre from. The bottom and made them into week top contending team year in year out. Now Jason bottles gonna do that here in buffalo and he's got Randy sexton who is also bright mind from Pittsburgh. Coming in working with Rochester he's done an incredible job so far both of them have. And out for the sabres moving forward here you've got harassed us the lean here you got Jack cycle here maybe samurai in our comes back maybe Iran rally comes back. But Ryan O'Reilly. With him. The foot speed. And even in even the mental speed is a question. Because sometimes. When I mean. With Wright or Riley who Aziz saying that he lost love for the game you can I mean could've seen it when. He was going on the ice last year. Just the fact that if you lost a love for the game maybe he just didn't get to play is at certain points maybe he didn't necessarily. See things happening that you know maybe somebody else could've seen share certainly. But then again you also gotta seem right rally as he's very well respected around the league he's still got that skill he's got. He's got a lot of good things going for him. But he's gonna be the one guy that if you trade he's gonna get the most value out. That's why what does he write a rally moved. Yet if they keep them I'm not going to be like oh man we we can't we can't. Ryan O'Reilly can be here and be just fine I would be completely OK with it. But at the same point we need pieces. For the future that can help score on the wing actor playing and keep up with the speed of the game today whether it's foot speed metal speed or both combined. Industrial by 5188 by 52 by fifty. What do you know there relate for the break let's go to break when we come back hopefully about a time that we come back where actually about ten picks away from. The sabres picking with the first pick in the fourth round we are almost through the third round already. It's only been thirty minutes. Which is great it just goes to tell you how fast this draft actually goes forward. The reverend just made their picks other and that our nine picks away. I would get the break we come back will hopefully gain on Mateen Samuelson with with the media and Paul Hamilton. And then we'll hopefully have the pick ready to go by the time that that comes back. You know drill 55188. By 52 but if you break Wilson here with you special sports hot Saturday edition for the NHL draft on WGR. I welcome back here as NHL draft coverage continues on WGR Sports Radio 550. Britain will sit here with you as we continue on through at least the third round of the NHL draft right now. And were quickly approaching and I mean quickly approaching buffalo steak at 94. Overall here in this draft. Industrial fight if he won 88 by BP to fight it these are the numbers to get a hold of us here. They I got a tax stand hot asking me about Jeff Skinner and if there'd be any interest for the sabres. The thing about Jeff Skinner is he's he's skilled and I mean he's he's really fast he skates incredibly well. The the problem is is with Jeff Skinner and that has been right on him is that he's a selfish player at the pot he really wants the puck out of sickening almost. Gilles doesn't wanna give up the pot that's the thing about Jeff Skinner and you know. Pay immunity as long as he'd score goals and he can put the puck in the net I'm OK with that but I also the but he's also. Got warmer your lots on its contract he's gonna be due for payday. And at that rate I don't know if I'm willing to make a trade for Jeff Skinner to. Hate him. And then you know. Human new contract the sabres don't necessarily have each ton of room right now. And for the future I don't know I really want a guy like Jeff Skinner. In on it. Dan I think just scanners and a good player but I I definitely think that mean now. It's. One of those situations where I'll probably take a passenger scanner. Now it up before what Carolina has reportedly been asking is well. No thanks no thanks at all. So currently right now were on pick number ninety's or three picks away from buffalo and taking their next selection with the 94 overall selection right 91. And there's been a few trades today but none of them involving any players. Apparently that Johnson Dave peg note up from the fourth period just tweeted out that. He has reportedly confirmed that John Tavares has inform the islanders that he will speak with five teams this week when the interview period opens. All right so John Tavares is not given any confirmation on whether he's going to be returning to the islanders or not he's gonna go to market. Maybe so to speak to five teams see woody likes at a meeting on July pursue makes a pretty quick decision that or he just. Drags on. We've seen happen before it could happen again. Consider that John stars makes a decision though the batter right. That means that we could potentially see Iran rally trade I always kind of thought that or ride a Riley trade wasn't going to happen until we knew what apple would Johnson arts. Just prizes the top center on the market. After that a free agency is Paul Stastny and he's 32 years old and he's kind of coming on that point now where it's okay. May be be here. No hit. Maybe the. You don't. Completely lost a tree thoughts I I completely apologize there but with John Tavares just. He's gonna go to free agency and with. I've I found myself thank you I apologize there sold pulse that's the navy he's starting to come around and he's starting to go on that downward trend. In his career to the point where he's not going to be able produces much sultan then at that point you look at. What's available on the free market and the trade market. And maybe the sabres look at it and say well. Or not the series but other teams we'll senses well. We don't get John Tavares there's not really any other good setter options out there top two Saturn in in the league. Maybe that at that point a team would jump all override a rally being able to. Give up what they wanna give up. We'll see we'll see what the sabres exactly want to do. Or not see it but another team will wanna do with trial Riley and we'll see if the sabres will want to make a train like that and make. A move to. Acquire. A bunch of pieces that can help the team out for the future. We're now. Three picks away from Buffalo Sabres were picked 91. What I jets are on the clock. Minnesota is next after that followed by Washington to pick 93 the ball blows up at pick number 94. We will have that pick for you live right here on WGR. We will get you also the T Samuelson speaking with the media we did talk with Sanderson lied here on WGR Kasay missed that interview. You're pretty check it out on demand it is their rate now at WGR fight fifty dot com to pretty check it out. Please do I would. I tell you you sell. Again. Just couple picks away here awful picking at 94. We'll have a picture library here. On WG our coverage of the NHL draft the WG are presented by low seen gay anti workers compensation of personal injury attorneys working hard for hard working what's New Yorkers. And brought you park by outlet liquor stop in and stock up at New York's only outlet Laker and by Al Ross for all your screening printing. And embroidery. Needs. So let's see what happens here with with buffalo. Ryan O'Reilly. Could it. The guy. That could go off the market in a trade. Once Johnson ours makes his decision and apparently. John Tavarez is going to talk with five teams coming up this week I think that's I think that at this point that would the way that this threat has been going. We're not gonna see any trades of players at the draft all the talk all the hype and nothing happened. Washington is on the clock in 93 and apparently they are taking Riley suitor. So that the sabres are on the clock third round is over. Browse through through three done in an hour and twenty minutes. Super simple. And I the sabres are on the clock and we'll see what they do with pick number 941 pick in the fourth round where roll along were back on the clock. And we'll get that picked you as soon as it comes about on whether it's the NHL network feed or whether comes about here on Twitter. And did pix or come along relieve faster on Twitter. As we'll get that pick for you very shortly here momentarily animal also give back with dot its use and he Samuelson who was Buffalo's. Second round pick the first pick of the day here in the two. Buffalo of course now shoring up the defense a little bit here some good things said about. Mateen Samuelson and we will will get some of those comments for you a little bit kuril will talk about those. Once this pick is made but that number 94 buffalo ease on the clock. We will see where they go here do they go forward do they go goalie today take another defenseman maybe they just decide blood stock up on offense than all the sun. But entities Sam isn't he will be going to. Western Michigan. And the pick has been made and the Buffalo Sabres take much hedge. Packer of the US HL. Paul Hamilton just tweeting that out. And he's a Saturday. Some attention Paccar. If thought if I have to double checked to make sure that you lead prospects has a pronunciation. Of multi sheer. An AT EJ. And then his last name is spelled PEK a he's from the Czech Republic. But he played this past season in the US HL with the Muskegon. Lumberjacks. Fourteen goals 54 points in 56 games. For risky and he is committed to go to the mind is University of Miami and Ohio. As a freshman this upcoming fall. Oh there is a pronunciation Derek do you mind you might pull up his not. His web page Italy prospects dot com what's Getty let's get to hear what in league prospects has to say with pronouncing eighty his name. I wanna be able to get this right. Mattel age. Packer that would be my guest the car I'm not sure if I doubt when Derek has a ready will will get it up here will. Get the pick and all the picks oriental will get the pronunciation. Of the player here. You know I haven't. Apparently one needs an account to play pronunciation just sit and now lists. Well boy. All right well you know what we'll sign up furniture home we'll get this then. One that just started but the sabres have made their pick they have they've they picked with their first pick here in the fourth frown and they will be picking again. Mean around. Twenty picks 117. Is the next pick that is Minnesota's pick that was acquired. In. The Marcos and dollar trade that was the trade that buffalo got the fourth round pick from Minnesota. They will pick there and will see. Where this goes here with buffalo in their next pick but of course. Much has sprint car is the next pick for the Buffalo Sabres a sediment from the United States hockey league played with misty and last year. He is chuck born. He came over to actually came over to the to North America. Three years ago. He played. These junior hockey here a little bit he was in the Czech Republic then came or here to play. And he just recently completed his first season. That with mystique in in the in the US HL and he actually play also at the world under eighteen championships. With the Czech Republic scored a goal and five points in seven games. And of course Paul Hamilton. Is down in Dallas he'll meet up with but ties and he'll hopefully be able to. Eight get a cracked pretty neat announce our pronunciation because. You know we deathly want to make sure that we get this right. And we'll see will see how they pronounce the name and we'll also get that maybe don't know a little bit more about him. As the meet with the media so it looks real fight if he won 808550 to five it did the sabres have made. Dare pick here in the fourth round they have another one coming up at 117 we'll have that live for you when we come back for the break but their pick at number 94 is much cash the car. Easy Sadr and the US HL. 8030551808550. To 550. Sports socks on Saturday excuse me I'm using sports on Sunday but it sports Sox Saturday NHL draft edition rolling along here on WGR. And we'll be back right after this break. Are you back here on WGR Sports Radio 550 sports stocks Saturday the NHL draft addition. Here on WGR break Wilson here with you as we continue to roll along were through. Rounds two and three we're now into round for the sabres have made it their next election. And next slush and as much cash car he was seats that are in the United States hockey league. And he's big number night for the sabres are coming up next here a little bit. You have about fifteen picks to go until they're back up on the clock at 117. Here in the fourth round. Eagle three all 550 is the number one eat eat eat by fifty to 550. The other numbers if you wanna get a hold of us here. Couple of notes from. A car. He. You won the silver medal at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament. Excuse me with the Czech Republic and that he was also named to the US HL all rookie team and it was also named the US HL rookie of the year. Good for multi national car who again will be going to the University of Miami of Ohio so here's one thing that interest in Derek. Jason Bob troll in his two NHL draft with the Buffalo Sabres has yet to take a player from the Canadian hockey league. In any of his straps. They've all been European players. Players in the US HL or in high school. And that's it. No players from the OH LQ and JE HL or the western hockey that the WH I'll have been selected. By Jason botched roll in the draft in either of these drafts. Don't mean comes from Sweden from prolonged up the Tia Samuelson was with the US Sudbury team program and on the cash for car ease with. It was with the USC HL in the ski and. Man people really got to be freaking out about the what if they don't sign here after coming out of college people it's probably got all of them riled up tell for sure I'm sure that. Everybody's freaking out about that. Which you may or. Now we're just gonna continue to get calls and continue to get people say low moon you'll. People they know their dog does that of those. Brady and take he's going to be I think signing with the sabres as soon as new hits on July 1 it's like Paul said multiple times throughout the week it he wouldn't have. Jason Marshall and made this trade if there wasn't a contingency in Plaisted did and signed. Exactly. Tim Murray made the trade Jimmy DC because you know hey what the heck third rounder is don't always pan out and let's just take a shot on this kid. Their work out and everybody freaked out. And they ran on will butcher. And didn't sign it and cal Peterson decided to go to free agency after being with the sabres for her that's your career one that's only one fans can really have a legitimate gripe about. But his decision making clearly is not on the right page you don't want to LA now he's period again because they just traded for Peter broad idea yup. Now. Our atrial 5518550. To fight it he will hit a quick break when we come back. We will be to pick at 117 are currently at one all threes and our fourteen picks away from the sabres. Selecting at 117 here in the fourth round we'll hopefully hear from let's hash the car when. He meets with the media after getting selected by the sabres then we'll also hopefully hear from the who are the sabres decide disliked at 117. We'll take a quick time out oh come back with a another hour of our NHL draft coverage right here on WGR sports real fight fifty pre Wilson back with you here in just a few moments.