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Will the sabres draft. Have a defense for that privilege for orphans and a short performances actually we're pretty sure we know they'll draft creation an article by hard. GR Sports Radio 550 for a chance to beat NHL draft. The NHL. We'll see engaging workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working. In western new. In part by Al. Liquor and I know Ross for all of your screening prince. Printing embroidery needs. We ever Ryan O'Reilly citing. It's not it's not the runner out you're probably thinking. No it's the other Ryan O'Reilly the the Detroit Red Wings selector Ryan O'Reilly with the 98 pick I believe it was. Overall in this year sure asked user troll Braden user control. Gotta have some bizarre some fun somehow. Also there're so many different ways you could mess with everyone alike put up but you know. I went the I went the way that nobody's really going to freak out. Right rally going through the Detroit Red Wings. The not the sabres try to rally the other Ryan Reilly goes up for drafting he goes to Detroit. Right after the sabres take. The tea pay car. That is how the it is for Nancy needed according to Czech hockey much tape pay car is the way it's sad. So I apologize to the tame after after I butchered his name multiple times at the sabres liked him at 94. And now actually the sabres are four picks away from picking with a 117. Pick. In this year's draft that is Minnesota's pick they acquired in the Marco scandal a trade so. Again we have been. Very very slow on a true raids today because. No players haven't traded. Picks and only picked seventh rated it the draft in the past couple days. That is of course if you wanna exclude the Philip group archery to Washington to that was because that was before the draft that it happened not at the draft. I'm sure haven't and the draft floor but it was before the draft officially got under way in the sabres picked first in a press missed the the buffalo. Coming up here. Within the next few picks as they will make their next election. In case you missed it of course Rask is the lean went number one overall buffalo last night the first round. That was followed by matier San you'll send. From the US development program at the first pick in the second round that got everything started off today. By the way we did get the chance to talk with him you can find that on demanded WGR fight fifty dot com. And then just recently 94 overall here the fourth round the sabres take Mitt and make. I'm the screw this up a lot over the next few days much tape pace car with David Carr the tape pick car. That is the way you say his name tape the karma tape karma came at the car the tape department tape car. That rule of thumb where you say it five times and you should remember it. Doesn't always work but and I just try to see if it will stick in my head but tapered car okay. I'll stop now. Sabres are now one pick away as Anaheim is on the clock and 116 and then up next will be one pick number one's seventeen. As the sabres will make their next selection and then after that three more picks to go. First pick of the fifth round six the round and seventh round as savers will close out the day. With with. Hopefully seven new players and the sabres now are officially on the clock as Anaheim has made their picks of buffalo is now up at 117. Good to see who the sabres are adding this time. They just edit in the tape the car I got Derek. I got it. Saw some interesting news coming about with the John Tavarez. Report that he's going to speak with five teams. This offseason once the negotiation period opens up. Reports are is that he is not going to speak with the Rangers or the blues the blues worth thinking they were would have been one team to a bed and on the John taveras sweepstakes but Vegas is one of lumps of the biggest gold knights will be reportedly one of the teams that John taveras will speak with. As he looks to explore the market before making a final decision on where he wants to continue his hockey career. The pick is Dan. Sabres have made their pick nothing announced just yet. See. I'm I'm looking at Twitter right now seeing if something pops up here. Orbit pops up on TV and there it is it is all boy that is a really real hill hawking came and it looks like another Swedish name. Let's see here at the sabres. Steve Corry got us on Twitter he he said the sabres take some kid with long Swedish name from the Alamo. That's a good way to put it because it is a long named Paul has it here. Here's the take of the sabres with the 117. Dictate Linas Lind Strom corn hole or crime home. Linas Lind Strom crime home from Sweden from Elmo. Jason bot troll picks somebody that doesn't have a really long and it strenuous name. Sabres and and bill hop puts the simple light Saber state Linas lynch from. That is fine. Linas Lind Strom a crime home that is the pick for the Buffalo Sabres at 117. A defense in another defense in the sabres take their third defenseman of the NHL draft. That is. Jason bottle pretty much saying hey we are. Pretty much going to retool the defensive group a little. And of course. Sabres took a couple of defenseman last year. And they've got plenty defenseman now that are going to be part of the picture here for quite some time but. In any event the sabres getting their third offense in their second Swedish defense that will kind of tightly third because the TS Samuelson. Is a US born Swedish kid. Pretty much his dad. Shell Samuelson played over 800 games in the NHL. Swedish. Defenseman. Get all this week serum buffalo. The Sweden the Swedish colors are blue and gold. I mean it's got that somehow right you gotta put two and two together. You got bureau and Jason bot troll is doing that right now is he is pretty much gathering as many Swedes as he can. He signs Lawrence pilot another Swedish defenseman Victor Olson series not a defenseman but still he's eight good scoring. For one thing I'd do one also bring up too is that this the sabres in in people that we talked to about Victor Roloson. He had. People have said that he's got one of the best shots you'll oversee. Which is incredible because. Few years ago when they drafted on he was more of project he was more of a guy that you know meet the take a flyer on him maybe he develops in the something that you never know. He skates with good speed up the fastest guys but he's got good speed. But man oh man this year he decided to start scoring a lot of goals and the war and watching him play and see some of the goals he scored it's just amazing how quick the puck. Is off his stick. And the way did he shoots the puck is just really incredible and fun to watch but I'm and I think. Victor Olson has been antsy resulting camp I think for the past 34 years and he's probably going to be there again this year so again. Velvet camp starts on Wednesday at harbor senator. Wednesday Thursday and Friday's practice sessions are free and open to the public while Saturday's practice session will be. Opened just foresees in taking orders. Linas Linda strand. Kron home. Lynch stranded Kron home. Okay there's lots of different ways this is apparently being Spellman said. Let's see you Italy prospects has to say of course we can't get their name pronunciation right now they're learning and have one day they don't okay. Yes Lynn strand. Krahn home. Pilot. Our coverage here of the NHL draft on WGR is brought you apart or is brought you by Lowe seemed NG workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard for hardworking west New Yorkers. It brought you park by eight. New York's. Only outlet liquor stop up this up and suck up and York's only outlet liquor. Emma L roster on your screen printing in embroidery needs. Sabres have gone through four picks here so far in this draft. They're currently in round four. They will be. Getting around five relatively soon here. As the day goes on these rounds just go faster and faster and faster. Which is fine which is fine. Yet you felt the NFL draft deep. Three. For halo seven Alison I'm the wise. Pain ceases stupid long. But it took my entire ship on sports stocks Saturday with Nate Geary and Jody VIC. And then extended into any what I did Emma in extending into when you came on. And it still almost secure all the way to the draft law yeah. I remember is when we were. In the draft lottery process like the first few picks are being announced in light you know hey. This team rule attain this pick this team or team this tech when the bills had the second last election in the draft as well we were talking with Sean McDermott errant shot a term was at the podium and so is Britain being when. The draft lottery started help who's after the it would have all gone away so. So he's got this is much nicer that this draft is going by much faster. We are well into the fourth round. And of course buffalo will next pick in the fifth round at one point five and currently right now we are pick once went so the sabres love another pic about five. Selections here. Sabres of course. Taking. The tape a car with the first pick in the fourth. The T Sanders of the first pick in the second and most recently the sabres take. Swedish defenseman yes another Swedish defenseman Linas lynch strand Kron home. And won seventeen. Overall. Plays with Nell low in the Swedish junior Lee 61172. Pounds that is according to NHL dot com. And again sabres goalie picking at 125 coming up here in just a matter minutes will feature that pick live. As it happens right here on WH ER yields real fight 51808550. To fight fifty. Are the numbers here if you are interstate teen Chiming in. Pre Wilson dare Kramer hanging out also on the board here filling me in two. Take you through here with me. Lot of people already giving. Lee as giving Linas Lindh stranded Krahn home the LLC. On Twitter kind of like ROR for Ryan O'Reilly or. You PK for who OPEC coup corn and. They were taking another defenseman now Swedish defensemen that is that is our new thing. Here in buffalo. Good young Swedish defenseman we're currently now I take 121. Actually won 22. Tampa bays mean their selection Alexander green at 121 so Montreal's on the clock now for picks 122 and 123. Washington we'll pick a one point four and then to be the Buffalo Sabres coming up at 125. First pick of the fifth round. At this rate if these rounds continue to go 2530. Minutes. The strap to be over just shortly after 2 o'clock. Which would. Not be bad thing. You more like 230 actually. But 230. That is. Find just because. These these drafts do you tend to drag out especially apple dressed as we mentioned but. The the sabres here in the NHL draft distract really does tend to go along quite nicely itself. Sabres again coming up here a few picks we will teach you that as soon as we can't Eagles real bike 518550. To 550. Are the numbers here if you wanna join us again. Things has been a relatively quiet on the trade front here in this draft Knoll player movement has really gone on. The only player movement that did go on was Philip group. They go to Colorado Colorado gives up pick number 47 in the draft to the apple into the old cap or. Yes I Colorado gives pick number 47 to Washington. Washington used that pick to take Cody Clark he's actually I believe the son of Wendell Clarke. He goes to Washington. And then other in the net it is just span. Players third picks. Traded for picks. Pictured it for picks and more picks straight for pics and it has ban. Not a lot of fun to talk about XP trade for picks is there's nothing to talk about what that. President any player movement so where we're just hoping at some point that something does come about polite. It certainly seems like now old with. John Tavarez. Taking himself to the interview stage of the next process with free agency that is. Players being able to interview before they kick the free agent market on July 1. Jobs of ours is going and he's going to be talking to five teams salts it's been reported that. Via the that Tavarez is not going to. It's ours is not going to talk of the New York Rangers and saint Louis blues the blues are a team that were originally thought to be in on the John Torres mixed. As reported at least has been confirmed but one of the teams that's also being reported to all be talking. At the John Tavares for free agency is the biggest golden knights. Are we had another trade that involved next day. Canadians and flames swap picks. Right on cool. Fantastic. We will lie we will again get you buffaloes picked they're actually one pick away Washington is on the clock right now for 124. And apparently they made to pick as the sabres are back on the clock. They are Mitch gets in goaltender goes to Washington for the sabres are now on the clock with the first pick in the fifth round so we're now under around five. Man this is going fast very very fast. Not a bad thing now. The tape her car was the first pick of the fourth round. And and they also take bielsa took Linas Lynn strand crime home Swedish defenseman with the 117. Pick. In the fourth round and now up next 145 in the fifth round in the pick is Dan pet it's another defenseman this time. It's ms. Scott Cook good and I'm guessing that is finish. So now the sabres yes finish right handed defenseman ms. Scott coup good and is the pick at 125 the first pick of the fifth round here. The 2018 NHL draft. The sabres taking another blue liner. So the sabres are really stockpiling defense here and not going so much for any. Wingers. I mean hey defense has been a weak part of the sabres organization for quite some time now the sabres are. Filling up on defenseman starting of course with Rasmussen leaned and taking the TC and you'll send and then they take. Linas Lynn strand Kron home and now they take miss gonna cook and and here. In the fifth round of the NHL draft. You know three all fight 51808550. Q 550 are the numbers here will get some bubble get some thoughts on the T Samuelson here. Real quick a couple of interesting things said about him. Let's go to. Earlier when the T Stennis and talked to the media Paul Hamilton was there he got. Its chance to sit in on entities Daniel since conversation with the media here's some what he had to say. A summit many of them comma pretty well so. We just just vigilant and I hadn't knowing for sure but. Because those foods off. Before the chancellor before minority thing. I don't know I'm really shaking and so fear. I don't buffaloes are world class organizations so. Positive part of irons than analysts who has a fairly and it's it's been a long way to experience. You know it obviously. May have room wants to be. For strawberries so. I mean there is little upsetting but you know going to say in I knew I was gonna via culprit quit hearing. Than the united they got here as buffalo the first wrong. Is so excited I mean just knowing I did it could be part of a bigger position in buffalo. All. You I would do testing together in we talked and solid. Mangle a little bit desperate time and as soon as it did hear him. Policies oh loss you footers so I'm really excited. There's little over. A little more mean one thing I had some young guys you grass that's growing together with his friends. There were I mean rusty subsidies pretty much are legit national player in. But seriously there. The organizations. Like go to guy on the Blue Line for right in many years to come so. Just dreams same draft yours salmon aren't in the told him there. So it responses to watch his growth in the way it you devote slick as a player and person officers. It. There Marriott Starwood business now also. Like Mary didn't talk to mayor Maynard gimme some points there trips long boring. He's always there and it was noses scenario if he knows what. Noses just to rattle those words because it sounds so. He's always been there for me it's it's nice that's only the players. I. It. Carrier whose that is pretty big defensemen so. He's definitely it's our district of myself and I use my daughter to my advantage and legislate not back down and like don't be afraid of that were waiters and traders saw him use my size and theirs by. It's like. Well it's really great coaches that fair. Any murdered coach CX two coats were dead or that we're in Philadelphia. Suit sort of agree relationship her many years and I mean he's coached and show them that's all zero MB so. As him coach and they're and then come over a brother Lucas his freshman this year so who voted for it because altogether next year and smell is so cool and no lessons or did team. In the best vision goes off him I'm all right so alarm over the off on clinical. I was in business who. I mean just worked on Merrill singer of Warren like major flaws that you know but. I learned I mean I'm eighteen years old and have a long way to go today Chela. And like to work on everything. Did there are clear and continued developing. I'm just from my game I play at Stewart's oh like move part of Norris a good defender and I'm being displayed. In any situation. And BMI is my mom's exit from its route goes so. It's a little fairly Iran over there rebel workflow for a. Opinion. The other guys aren't I throwing really well and I'm just glad guys in the room and how it how they correct team. You just tell his top line and they're under your position. Currently. The W we have a house in Sweden and and come back. I've gone back the last two. Last two Summers but before that I don't we electors are and is there for. A month or do you. Not anymore. You lucrative flown by. I've spoken on some new Rasmussen. These new little more. I've been I wanted to do is cause our heroes. I mean there's always log tolerance when you know you're up from buffalo so. Leader experience Virginian maravent. Not too familiar with. Like I know his long history or position on the players displayed virulent. On him. A moonlight immoral thing and I and else. They don't want him. Yes they have a bit larger pieces coming together you know our young guy isn't. Zone I was hoping to be a part of their core group coming out. He can't get into the hearing. Counters and tonight. The you I am borders itself there's there's still live there are so. And love there or go back to instill in all our friends from like middle school and ray player on team Comcast team knows that was huge for me holy developer played for there in concert. So those those infamy and just. I'm really thankful. That's where we're so we're confident. With him. They're fairly good motors. Gets me I'm their photos they've they're retarded and aren't I'm how long visits. It's it's cool room locker room and there's shrink them random people are coming up to a million student. Play with their new when he played so it's cool experience and I mean these two people and then. Swivel when I was when I was younger I mean I'm fine with pressure into so. I'm in Huntington and show us in his neighborhood ball and it. Are at that was the TS Sanderson meeting with the media. And if you miss that you could catch on demanded WGR 550 dot com in a matter of moments. Are we come back we'll also hear from the tape of the car he also spoke with the media will get that audio all we come back and we'll also continue on with our live draft coverage here as were in to around five or well and around five or pick 135 are now on the sabres will. Next to be picking with the first pick in the sixth round. You know it's real fight 518088 by fifty to fight it these ports Sox Saturday NHL draft addition to these roll on next right here on WGR. The second every NHL draft is lying about ideas savers they added a lot to the Blue Line. As first there. First overall selection from yesterday Rouse as dollar in depends sabres keep attacking the needs on the Blue Line in the prospect couldn TA Samuelson pick at 32. For buffalo 64 to eighteen on offense and split last year's with the US development team and he's committed to play at western Michigan next season. The sabres they did and of taking senator tip the car in the fourth round at 94 over on the car was actually the US each Al rookie of the year he'll play at Miami Ohio. Next season and then. With their other pick in the fourth round awful they selected. Linas Lidstrom crime at all. A Swedish defenseman playing in the Swedish junior league form alma last year and and the sabres another defense in the fourth one in five selections. As mis step could connect from Finland was the sabres fifth round selection of more draft coverage with Briton Wilson coming up next. Courage and NHL draft and a B Jarrett present about those seem to Angie. Workers competition and personal injury attorneys were hard for hardworking Western Europe has also brought to impart by outlet liquor stop in and stock up at New York's only outlet liquor and by Al Ross. Brought your screen printing embroidery needs. On the NHL the LA kings will be signing Winger Ilya Kovalchuk to a three year contract the deal cannot be completed until July 1 and sources saying that. John to Boris is going to talk with five teams in addition to the New York Islanders as free agency approaches. World Cup action Mexico took a 21 win over South Korea. Earlier this morning Belgium one Big Five to two over Tunisia and later today Germany takes on Sweden. Those are your headlines more coming for you in at the top of the hour. Yeah. Well boy we. Bob McKenzie tweeting out just moments ago of one minute ago actually big deal. Lies went home involved know what Hanna into. And is trying to track down who Carolina's involved in a big trade with. Where is that from Miami. Headlines they just wrote. A Calgary. Calgary. Calgary going out acquiring a lie as Lynn home and know what happened. This is. This is going to be a big. Trade. Calgary and Carolina central registry finalizing the trade. So we finally have our first player deal at all period. In this entire draft how all that. I walk away for five minutes and this happens. Holy mackerel. A big blockbuster trade coming as of right now Calgary is going to be acquiring Noah Hannifin and Elias went home. We'll see what the return is. For the flames. Beat the flames don't have a pick they'd never pick in the first second or third round this year. Man I I just can only imagine what you who they even talk. Happen and ally is Lynn home to Calgary. The details of the trade are just that there's nothing else there is something else being thrown in right now okay. And that is the name that's being heard is Doug. Them. So Calgary's going to trade Doug Hamilton. Potentially sue. Carolina. And kind. Hampton and allies went home going back the other way. I mean I'm sure there's more to it lets see. Pin and just. Don't know. Yeah Doug Hamilton peer LeBron saying he believes that tell you handle this part of the Calgary Carolina traits of a bit I mean this is a pretty big trade. With three significant leaned in good names being thrown into a trade here with Hamilton of course going to Carolina most likely. Going back the other way is. Allies went home and what Hannifin. My goodness. What exactly they'll. And now lives. Here LeBron picked up on the name their authority Hamilton saying that he believes that it is and yet in part of the Calgary Carolina trade yup hole boy. Yeah. I walk away for five minutes and boom finally have a player deal. Currently right now your interest in the NHL draft is currently a pick 148 sabres will be up picking once again shortly here. They have picked. 156. So they will be up in eight. Picks again to pick with the first pick in the sixth round so the draft again flying by extremely fast here. Distracted be done shortly after 2 o'clock. Right out. Not that where in any rush to get out of here any rush to be doing anything in particular but. I mean fur. Really cut everybody a pulse it's kind of one of those processes where you that would that would be. Nice to have the chance to. You know. Be able to get dawn get back to your respective cities give back to doing what you wanna do this weekend. Full speed relatively nicely I know it's raining right now but I think this weekend the rest this weekend's looking pretty nice. Salt. Things moving along very quickly now and and Minnesota just made their picks and now 149 Toronto is on the clock ball will be picking epic 156. And just to recap just to recap what has happened so far in. This NHL draft. Aside from the big trade that's continually. Getting little bits and pieces thrown out. The the Buffalo Sabres have made five of their seven selections. Of course Rask is a lien was number one yesterday in case you missed that. Second round led off with matier Samuelson a US born defenseman. From the US development team his dad was shall Samuelson played or 800 games in the NHL. He is state with the first pick in the second round savers and had a pick in the third round but then they come back and they take. The tape pace car with the first pick in the fourth round a senator from the United States hockey league got a mesquite and in the buffalo with their second fourth round pick come back and take another Swedish defenseman Linas lynch ran crime home. From the now mote junior league the oval Swedish junior league but from now Malle. And then with Buffalo's. Fifth round pick the first take of the fifth round date take ms. Scott Cooper and an eight Finnish defenseman so buffalo. Filling up on the Blue Line as they continue to look for ways to. Get the get everything really back on track. It is of course the Al. Buffalo with a dull lien will help but. I mean just. It's. It's really interesting to see how Jason bottles going about this draft here because. Paul Hamilton has also pointed out as I have earlier today. The sabres have yet to select anybody in the past two drafts. And yet dislike anybody. That. Has been from the Canadian junior leak the CHL. No. OHL guys. Know. Quebec major junior guys and no western hockey league guys. Sabres have refused to pick. Anyone. I'm more interest in right now in this Calgary Carolina trade because this is something there and I mean. Three big names are being thrown into a deal like this and I mean the flames have reportedly been throwing Adam fox out there fox had a really good world junior championship for team USA. He's one of their top defensive. Prospects. Would be surprised if they had to include him in the deal but. We'll see you heard this kind of pants out all we know Horry now is it's Doug Hamilton going to Carolina. On Noah Hannifin and allies went home are going to count. And I'm sure that and it mean it hasn't been officially announced that hasn't been officially finalized. How Peary go OK so Doug Hamilton Michael Furlan an atom boxer and in Carolina for allies went home and no and a Bob McKenzie just tweeted that outsell the deal is in the process of being finalized. So. Hamilton Furlan of fox to Carolina in exchange for Hannifin and a allies went home. That right there is a hockey trade that right there is a big time hockey trade. He very. Very. That week she up a little bit just because you're because Derrick you and I are both got here just like on man this the street this draft going along there's been nothing fun. There's been nothing really talk about and also on this thing it's like oh. Where'd this come from holy you know a lot. So finally a a trade involving players at the draft. And it's a big one too. I'm one of the bigger hockey trades we've seen a while. Doug Hamilton Michael Furlan and Adam fox to cal beat Carolina I should say. And in exchange. The flames get no ahead a fan and allies went home. I'm correct I think Sean Monahan was the it's. Six overall pick I think. John Monahan analyze Linn home what in the same draft your one on almost like the fourth pick one album was the sixth pick one I was the fifth pick sixth pick. Can't exactly remember but I'm looking this up right now as they speak just because I and intrigue because. Calgary might have two players that went back to backers pretty darn close to going back to back a lesser I'm talking about different years but either way. Calgary now has Sam Bennett and John Monahan and Iceland home who were all of the top ten of drafts. 18 year old. For Calgary they get. He really good defense and know ahead of that and then they get are pretty decent sediment in Iceland home. Well Carolina to get a really good defense and Doug Hamilton a good defensive prospect it and fox Michael Furlan is a nice. Third in mind chipper type of player fourth line chipper. Trades fund that trades as we continue to roll along here with the NHL draft. Here on WGR Sports Radio 550 brick walls and dare Kramer rolling along with the coverage here as we are close to getting to the sixth round of the draft. The sabres are now. Five picks away from selecting. At one of 56. Tampa Bay on the clock file that Winnipeg Vegas. Minnesota and that buffalo with the with pick 15061. Pick of the sixth. Round he'll real fight 5188 by fifty to 550 are the numbers will take a quick break when we come back will teach you the pick. And we'll also hear from the tape of the car. Who was Buffalo's fourth round pick first fourth round pick with the first pick in the fourth round we'll get that unit bit also tried seeping in here from Paul Hamilton see if he if he's able to China and it will have to wait and see until after the sabres make their final pick in the seventh round and once states are wrapping things up. And also of course hear from Jason botch Roland. Willow continue on here. Getting closer to the sixth around here from the NHL draft sports on Saturday NHL draft addition Roland on next here on WGR. Are back here another hour nearly complete others. Sports hot Saturday coverage of the NHL draft turned WGR sports pretty a fight if he. Briton Wilson here with you deer creek running things on the board thank you Derek for everything you've done so far this morning slash afternoon. Casey mr. Carolina and Calgary just pulled off people really big hockey tree. And buffalo is coming up in two picks cell. The trade that just went down that I think is yet to be official audit teams but it's pretty much going to happen. Ease Carolina acquiring Doug Hamilton. Defenseman prospect Adam fox and forward Michael Furlan from the Carolina Hurricanes and exchange. For defenseman Noah Hannifin for allies went home. Went home and no panic in both top ten picks. For the hurricanes in the past. Now they're both going to Calgary. And Carolina getting back ain't pretty decent defensive prospect and Adam fox he was here for the world juniors played really well for the United States. Doug Hilton who of course has had a good. Pass in the NHL and then also. Michael Furlan who he really nice third fourth line chipper type of player but still could contribute scored twenty goals this year surprisingly enough. Sabres are on the clock. Now ordered the sixth round of the NHL draft. Two more got this round and then one more pick the sabres. That happened after that we'll hopefully hear from. Paul Hamilton all we hear from Jason but troll. And of course if you wanna get your thoughts and anything that's been going on 803055188. By it to fight fifty how bummed are you that you couldn't get no Hannifin. Revitalize went home for that matter feel for Colin. To forgive your thoughts eagle three all by 518088. By fifty to fight it is sabres are on the clock right now at their pick. In the sixth round Woolsey of buffalo manages to lot decide to go somebody from the Canadian junior league or they they decide to. Go elsewhere they've taken fort offense another five picks this in the stress so far for. At three of them actually all four of them have some sort of it and they have some sort of Swedish or Scandinavian. Descent to them. Which is just I think play areas but. Savers currently on the clock waiting for their peck Tampa Bay actually had to take eight timeout they'd they'd duel out timeouts in the draft itself. We will allow will wait for upload to make their pick here. As we continue to sit at 156. Maybe the and wait and see if the receivers may make a trade here because nothing's been coming up here and people are clamoring get this pick out. OPEC now do it. Case you missed it. Sabres and started the day. By taking the TS Samuelson defenseman from the US development program is the son of shell Samuelson who played over 800 games in the NHL. Then. That it was. Not tape pay car. Taken with the first pick in the fourth round. Followed by Linas lynch strand crime home. In the fourth frowned as well and then their most recent pick in the fifth round was defenseman. Miss Scott Cook and and with the first pick in the fifth round and up up close up here in the sixth and we actually betrayed. The sabres have traded it. Picked number 156. Q the Toronto Maple Leafs. So they've traded up there they've. The exec is usually trade down to buffalo is treated. You first pick in the sixth round. Q Toronto so now they're moving down. We will get those details for you momentarily once that trade is officially finalized and what have you. To the sabres will not be picking. With the first pick in the sixth round and we up Paul Hamilton here Paul idle since actually online joining us now from Dallas Paul what's the V tells of the street here. Yeah I thought a muzzle hop body would be in order to go find a player over the last two players into the death and are not here that's what we have not heard from right. And the sabres traded. Their sixth round pick this year for a six but that's. Would you think there'd be more to within that he that's what was announced here at the podium is. Toronto against Buffalo's sixth round pick this year for. Toronto sixth round pick in 2009 teams on the new ways. What is the advantage that what the sabres get out of this deal happen. So I would mall that there was something else. Brewing here but that's what was announced here after a floor what was their reaction. Down nine down on the draft Florida in the arena when have they announced the Calgary Carolina treaty better now okay now they haven't. There are no picks involved. Right thinking it probably won't usually those kind of trades are announced that there are some picks involved don't. No it has not been. Announced here at the arena but it's. And it's kinda empty here it's over his New Year's bulls would have been yesterday at some fans here and I mean outing that he read as a quarter full right now as far as fans being in the building. Who would or your general. Thoughts about the trade though I mean if he'd get two guys who were former top ten picks in the lights went home and knowing camping going to Calgary in exchange for doggie Hamilton who's 25 and going to be playing for his third team in the NHL. And then Michael Furlan who is normally a third or fourth line grinder type of player with score twenty goals this year. And Adam fox who is a really good defense a prospect to manage to play really well for at least team USA to assure the world juniors. Yacht and you know firmly and is that that big guy like you know one in Ohio always rant rave about third fourth liners that. You have to get some production on them and they certainly do with him. Even though scored twenty out of consider him a top six guy. But this is an energy guy this is a guy that gets under the skin of other teams this is a guy that hits people. And he contribute to Indians worked when it hit fifteen if I get onto third fourth liners against or me. You know 1213 141518. Somewhere in there the problem with the sabres as they've spent so long. Having third and fourth liners who practically nothing especially the fourth line I mean. The fourth lines of the sabres you go over the years and you add up. They're goals I mean you're lucky if you get five goals combined out of the three or four guys say that you're talking about so. You know that's why I like Furlan I think he's he's a mixture of somebody Beckett can chip in for you somebody that's beard. And somebody that can make it uncomfortable for the other team. Paul. You get the chance to talked to imitate pick our. He was that the draft is one of the players that actually was there or your first impressions of them. Well I was careful to go up but ask him how would you like your games that had a bright side made him repeat it to me I try to do that. Us being in a radio I'd like to let the players. Tell me if Chris but there the sabres this now this is big here this is your moment you into. Add your name renounce any way you want it meant that if it's gone up I wanted to slaves that's okay. In a so that's that was kind of a funny thing is. He said the savers is funny story and he played into the edit well I'll we have not know actually eat you're gonna laugh come at its near the end. He said the sabres that is that. He had Detroit Red Wings like the GM plants back. Wow I. The sabres are remembered it and they said Durham area. We're gonna have to get them repair sabres they oh my god that's fine. It's those. It was written by. That'd grateful that I give the kid the kid pretty excited. He said beginning in the year you would know. Even thought about being drafted back this is a guy I was rookie of the year at USC shell. Almost a point it seemed tempered guy is. Did but a lot of guys do before they go on to college he's gonna go to. Miami Miami of Ohio and played there. Soul but. Oh although most college players placed on them junior. And Steve I usually. In the US HL he did that also went no he he intends to go there and is excited to be a pick of the sabres. Again we. Oh. It's here trying to see if you're updating the traitor not. They have they have not they've actually officially announced today as buffalo trading the sixth round pick this year for next year's sixth rounder from Toronto and that that. Now I'll whatever we'll see if they'll fairly Jason bottle as disable it in the right exactly. Exactly I mean maybe he sees as the rest of the trapped you know whatever but I'm I'm sure that's not the case but. I mean maybe he just doesn't value the right remaining players listed on the drafts that here as much as maybe some other teams do. Yeah he may think next year's draft has quite a bit deeper even than this draft is so he would rather have a sixth round pick next year. And haven't in this draft. So that that that would I would be imagine what the method to his madness is here but I'm very inches and find out. Then we didn't make much of it last year there's as only one draft then and now we've gone through he only has one more that while. And he's gone through almost two drafts now without drafting. A Canadian junior player and I donors and I don't know what's. IRA I have my guess is he's gonna say it's a coincidence but isn't. Right I mean right it's just. Now folks a lot of people are trying to. Tell me that every. Samuelson is not considered Sweeney she's the mayor is in the right in his view and I'm yup he is born and raised in New Jersey. Yes his dad is from Sweden his mom is from Pittsburgh. He said he's been to Sweden. But he grew up in Maurice New Jersey now. Spent his basically his whole life there. They spent a summer maybe in Sweden or something like cell has that Scandinavian bloodied him Polly's got Scandinavian one we have to. Get all the Swedish it depends and I know we heard somebody asked me speak Swedish because not real effect. You know left. People for instance name is Samuelson they're going with these Swedish and he's really not he is totally American right. So it you know I don't want people because people are thinking well all it Newark. Are drafting Swedes and you can tell that it was tracking your opinions yeah. As far as we're not talking about Samuels and to lead everybody else. It's coming from Europe and in Samuelson skates into US college player that they epic now. Well Paul Detroit just pulled a similar trade and sabres they treated her sixth rounder 159 to Columbus and exchange Parikh fifth round pick next yourself. They're doing something quite similar to what the sabres they would look I tried also has the want and expect to pay out 59 and once it's a kind. So that might be why they dared to sprinted out of yeah bit. But my guess is it's it's the it's that depth of the drought that. The sabres just felt they're gonna get more value at the end of the draft next year commitment in the draft this year now. Our Paul Wolfe. We are Leno he got some work to do elect to get back to work and we'll talk to you once the draft festivities have concluded in May be before or after he thought guys thought Jason Bob troll again. Yeah and you can go listen to put the stories that we're looking portrait that's all. Yeah all right Paul Hamilton from Dallas we'll take a quick break and we come back we'll give you the tape the car with the media and Paul Hamilton. We'll get that for you and I'm odd team is on the line here Dave. Hang out we'll get your phone call we come back eat a real fight 518088 by 52 by fifty were in the sixth round the sabres have traded their sixth round pick to Toronto they're. Essentially punting this year for the sixth round they're going to acquire a sixth rounder next year. From the Maple Leafs in exchange for that trait will back more with here of the NHL draft on WGR.