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Will the sabres draft. For the defense for that very much for orphans and a short performances actually were pretty sure we know they'll draft creation and cold hard. GR Sports Radio 553 chance we NHL draft. In the NHL. We'll see engaging workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working. Liquor and YL Ross for all of your screen printing and embroidery needs. All right we are in east sixth round of the NHL draft here at WGR Sports Radio 550. Briton Wilson are they're break Wilson is back and we are yes I know that's terrible monies restart over. Take you again for tuning in WGR sports pretty at 550 prequel sit here with you back again. But as we are in the sixth round of the NHL draft sorry I got tied up because. I just saw a tweet coming from granola loss saying that he feels like the Canadians are going to announce a trade soon. And it how to perky little bit weird getting back with some trades here and of course. The major trade that just happened minutes ago. Between Carolina and Calgary as cal requires no what had been analyzed Linn home from the hurricanes in exchange for Doug Hamilton Michael Furlan. An offensive prospect Adam fox. Seoul see where this out granola block tweet is is I'm going to go with the Canadians announcing a trade soon. We'll see if and see if they're going to acquire Ryan O'Reilly. Who knows. I'm just speculating here don't don't quo means saying that I know when I'm talking about all the time. Because. I'm just throwing out there that hate Carolina's team that's in on Reiner rallies so if they really wants a you really want eight. Sadr. Ryan O'Reilly. Mean the he something's gonna come about this self. We will see what happens Ryan O'Reilly has not been traded yet however the new tweet from. David amber from sports sensing mark version and Doug Wilson have repeated conversations on draft floor maybe something brewing between Montreal. And San Jose. The sabres are involved in any trade talk with without wondering now. Eight and it seemed like yesterday Jason Matra pretty much said that we weren't talking really traded all we are just joined the grass is telling peck. How are they did trade the sixth. Round pick that they had the first pick of the sixth round to Toronto. Exchange for sixth rounder next year so the sabres pretty much punting. This year is draft we'll see what they do add with the seventh peck. In the trade that went to the sabres have taken five or four defensemen in the strapped. For. Gunpoint from from attacks are saying. Pretty much something along lines of it's very significant having these four defensemen because serious covered was so deprived young men. That any trade involved in the likes of glue was immediate I checked out early and I actually have the depth chart here from sabres prospects with Chris Baker. The Blue Line here and of course some of these players have yet to be edited just because they haven't resigned like. Austin us Stansky and which had booed a poll had not been. Drafted at all here in the draft so here are some of the names that are on the Blue Line right now right handed defenseman will Borg and I'll scary lax and and Casey FitzGerald and Philip Nyberg. Nyberg is a guy that I think will be another one of those wasted Tim Murray picks that. Geez awful to say he wasn't my guys so you know. I don't really have a so affiliation with him and that's understandable because Nyberg last year was hurt for development camp didn't do much but. Taller guy certainly guide that if you can develop they'll be equal but. I haven't really been impressed with him on the left side of operating goalie Jacob pricing and you've also got picked that Lawrence pilot. Dovonte Stevens. You've also got Ivan chew Graf who if I'm not mistaken has won warrior left college or dizzy already gone I'm not entirely sure at the double check. And Elsa price and Maarten who. Martin Stephens of both play in the EC HL and it barely been able to get out of the EC HL. We'll see how that changes if that changes at all this upcoming season by. Sabres yacht they've been pretty depleted on the Blue Line Lawrence pilot is gonna come and we'll see victory Teepen decides to stay with the sabres organization he does want to stay. In the NHL save the sabres even. Offer tender spend lease and it's been said that he wants the state North American continue to play North America will see that actually comes about by. If victory Teepen is going to stay in the NHL others there might be chance that he is gonna be playing somewhere else. Heading down the road still nothing from that Montreal San Jose situation that was brought about but we'll see what happens here but. Montreal looks like they might be in the process of making a trade here depending on who is that they're going to trade went. Once that happens so we will bring up again there's only Ben. Pick for picks being traded except for the one that just recently went down which was a huge trade in a really was a big big trade. A bigger traits that I can remember and while. With the lights went home and no camping going to Calgary in exchange for Doug Hamilton Michael Furlan and Adam fox. It's pretty significant deal but. You know unfortunate for Carolina and everything that they do seems to get wasted unless they have any sort of ups. Just a semblance of gold and. Well I mean you know what they can't hurry love you I think now those that's goodness yup. They also have been a kind of a mediocre team they've been a team that hasn't been able to make the playoffs and hey he had. It's just. They had the longest playoff drought in the NHL and watching them consistently trying to add these pieces being a what a great addition for the hurricanes. It hasn't worked out and they've gotten Don Waddell who's been general manager in league before and hasn't really done much. Our rob Brigham Moore who's a first time head coach in the NHL. That's probably going to work out I'm sure quite well. But who knows. Carolina right now and also their situation with pet. The situation with their ownership in in the way that nobody goes to their games. We'll see if they get moved at some point or they're just gonna stay and continue to try and legged out. It's still sucks to say that they want him. If Israel by 5188 by 52 (%expletive) it let's actually how beautiful minds here we got Dave calling in behavior on WG. And had. Hey guys I'm I'm really sick and tired of hearing you know the media and you. You guys and other. Local. Talk show it on the short scene talked about trading Ryan O'Reilly Wright or Riley. Is I didn't like it Ayman. And I don't like his game all the time and it got well I don't like the fact that he has appeared playoff beard when they were camp in the playoffs and wish he gave. I'm until it's old sabres actually earn a playoff spot. I don't like those that bottom but the bottom like is and if he'll sit here history of this team the sabres have had a history of. On the Heatley setters you know whether Elop unfair parole. It'd also been fortunate to have some matters that are very eat fat so like Michael pack as. But they have never ever rightly that plays a complete game. They can win face that they currently it'll go on our play so betrayed him. For some of the things that every pocket about. Is. Is is is pointless because if you're gonna trader right are rarely if you're going to trade in which anybody can be traded. You'd better be getting Carey Price you better be getting something of equal value. To our team bottom line is used very valuable this game because. We have had in the past and years are we any pieces batters and we finally do in a lot of trader boy. All. You know I'm not a banned for treating a rally unless we get something that is eight bulk load. I'll forehand and last you know it if we don't get that what's wrong with keep them on the scene of last I mean the media would all. Is he is he would train wreck behind the scenes his knee causing throw line seems is he a one of those guys lake. And Connelly you you the all the time and it will what is wrong with Ryan around it to me a lot a lot of air. OK well thank you for the call Dave appreciate your call in and Channing and it's your thoughts. And that the playoff beard comment. I don't know what to say that is because some people just like Kevin beard grow exactly Alec having appeared I'd rather keep my beard but eventually had you have to shape and rhino rally for his case. He gives beard he wants to putt. I have zero problem I zero problem with Bryant Riley. With him leaving him staying. We know what Ryan O'Reilly is he has he's a very skilled player he wins face talks he can be a leader. If he I mean truly if he wants to he can be a leader and he has shown in the past but. He hasn't hate him or he hasn't exactly. Taken that leadership role over the past few years he's not the same type of leader. That he was when he first came here when we first came here everybody was pegging him to be the next captain. And then next thing you dole. Oh wait he's. Not really being a leader what is going on here and the things that he kept saying well I got to be better I have to do this better my fault that this is happening I've got to be better. It's. It's off the top that he is he keeps saying. That really just kind of you and you think. Of the white you'd done it yet. And I like Brian Reilly I think he's a good player. It's just I truly don't think he fits what Jason Bob troll wants this team to beat I don't think he's fast and I don't think that he can keep up with the play sometimes. It's it's bad when you have a line with the guys like Kyle pulled so write a rally in San Reinhart. That it ever play together but I'm just throwing assault their hypothetically like it's a it's a line. That is too slow for today's game one guy has to stay behind its steel with another guy. None of these guys are. Able to keep up with one another so when one player has to go slowed down for another player eats holes on the entire piece of your game and your team. And that's just something that you can't haven't today's game if Ryan O'Reilly can't keep up with the pace of a guy like. I don't know what Evander Kane was here sometimes out and saw the Evander Kane just wanted to go boom like I'm ready to go let's go. Get down the eyes of school create scoring chance these play with Ryan O'Reilly he's got a slow down for these guys who would be Cano Riley and oppose so for instance. Better Cain had to slow down to the pace of Kyle post on write a rally just because. That those guys were exactly the best players. Again as I mentioned before the speed aspect that needs to be a factor in today's game is mental speed and physical speak physical speed ease. Being able to skeet and being able to. Keep up with. One another and being able to keep up with the pace of the other team. Whereas mental speed it's getting in on the plane anticipating where something is going and being able to get to that spot before the next guy and I think. A large part about what we've been talking about with Brian Reilly. I mean even as a collective. But I know I can speak on this for me and Joseph on the nightcap in particular. We have continuously said and the saying that has been is. If we're trading Ryan Reilly I want a dollar fifty to the dollar. And that's exactly it and if someone doesn't like the fact we're talking about it that's fine but. Were all saying. Yeah let you know Bob Toomey says doors blown away efforts for offering right which has been reported by the way. It's just fun to talk about it speculative buy outs. And exactly what you said as well. Right around doesn't necessarily have the truth. For what Phil Housley when Jason marshall's vision is put those guys aren't any rush to trade rhino rally again Jack. That he has he's still a good player grade he's still a good player and you still have to get the doors blown off for a trade offer. In order for that to happen. And that is something that you know. Hey you know some icons sometimes I'll be honest I come across is like all I really want this trade. Because I want the excitement of that we all want to talk about it that's the thing a lot of the things that we talk about his because. Oh hey we want that because it would be fun to talk about words like. What are we really want Ryan O'Reilly trade. Maybe I mean I think a rhino rally trade depending on the return would be a good thing for the sabres organization if you can get assets that fit today's game bit what he's about from Phil Housley. Want to do here in buffalo that is the best that betray you can make in no way am I saying that you have to trade Ryan Reilly I'm just saying. If the trade ease right if you get pieces that can help the team in the short term and the long term. That is going to be super beneficial for the sabres and just if that means of wiring Max patch ready for one year but they are something else that the deal that is more important. Cool but I'm not any rush to trade right rally I don't have a necessary need to trade Ryan rally. If the sabres to go trade you know go trade O'Reilly get some valuable piece and return back and help now and later perfect. You're not getting Carey Price back in return for a Ryan rightly the sabres are due to acquire a ten million dollar goaltender. And I don't think Canadians wanna trade price because they know what kind of goaltender he can be he just needs to stay healthy and they do it. I don't know. I don't know he'd say healthy. Sounds like. Things are heating up here at the NHL draft apparently. The sharks and Canadians might be working out a train. Also op from de peg note the New York Rangers had just went up to the central registry. Maybe some sort of movement there. Sharks did just recently make a draft pick or currently dwindling down here on the sixth round. Sabres of course trading their sixth rounder to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for sixth rounder next year's about will have to his sixth round picks next year. And buffalo course we'll have the first pick of the seventh round. One guy that I'm really interested in an eye actually would be. Intrigued at the sabres did this. Had heard the name William fork. I think that's it's not for. What's is name Leo mom. While I'm William Kirk William Kirk my apologies Eric it he heard the name William Kirk. He is any of British. Hockey prospect. He was here for the NHL com Biden and he is looking to be the first. Even the first player from the United Kingdom born. And raised and trained in the United Kingdom to go in the NHL draft. The area I mean with William Kirk bell I mean there's a couple players that have been born in. Great Britain or England that has trained in the United States and North America are trained in Sweden wherever. But where that were drafted but no player in history of the NHL draft from the UK. Has been born raised and trained. In Great Britain to be drafted into the NHL. William Kirk is going to be it might be that guy that is the first and if the sabres salute Watson offense. He. He won't be that bad option. Partly to the break what's what else is new industrial by 51808552. But fifty. We'll take a quick break sabres are coming up on the board here they will be taking a pick 187 they are epic 180 right now from what I can gather so we will lot. We will take a break we'll come back and hopefully have that last pick for you for the sabres and we'll see. What happens here with Buffalo's pat feels real by 5188 by 52 I think the NHL draft coverage continues on right here on WGR. Looks like another potential. Target for the sabres in the trade market shares up the board. Puerto mulch or ports now. Friends Lawton gag me on from NCA these from party yes in Montreal. Has tweet it out in French that it seems that Max patch ready it's been traded to the San Jose Sharks. The sharks seem to be going forward all this year. They go out and they acquire. They got acquire Evander Kane at the trade deadline has captured and they re sign him. They seem to be in the running for John Tavarez. And now they just acquired Max factory. From the Canadians. Guy that was thought maybe to be part of a right to rally deals now. Now looks like he's heading off to San Jose. Very very interesting as the trade market has all the sun now decided to go off in the sabres are actually two picks away so the sabres are just about set to make their final pick of the NHL draft. They're two picks away is NHL network has taken away the the tree the draft tracker for whatever reason they decided to do that but. So a data showed the draft board in Ali's sabres are at 187 and her pet currently at 185 that's the biggest gold knights. So once the final pager that day comes then. We'll have that for you and we will be shirts you gave you that. We still have to play. The interview that Paul Hamels and the rest of the media had with Buffalo's fourth round pick. Right off the bat and that was. An embryo it's not meant tape pay car the tape car cell. TI he we will get to that as soon as we can and the sabres are actually now one pick away from being on the board. As as we will see what happens here but Max patch ready again he is off the board he is going in a trade. Sue the San Jose Sharks who get those details as soon as week ten. But as of right now. It is. Max patch ready go to San Jose and now we are one pick away from Buffalo Sabres picking with the first pick in the seventh round to be their final pick barring any. On for seeing trade here in the seventh round which job which. Was geez Bob troll I would not do so we will will see what's going on here as. As we will await hearing the OK so the sabres now how are on the clock. They have pick 187. Vancouver just finished up in the sixth round. We'll see what the sabres do here with the first pick in the seventh round it's the final pick and they actually. Let's see. The yup so he's going to be as the sabres are up they're going to be make in their final selection here of the draft as of right now. We'll see we'll see what happens here with this pick. What the sabres decide deal. They're on the clock final pet. After this pick is made will hopefully get the chance here from Paul Hamilton Jason Bob troll we sell have imitate Picard to get through as well. NHL draft wrapping up here as we and it the seventh round buffalo has just the first pick in the seventh round. Audio of course traded at the sixth rounder. In this strapped to send that to Toronto for next year's sixth round pick in the sabres have selected for defense finishers draft out five pixel far. Well that's funny. A tweet was brought up from market Dumont from a few years ago where the Canadians have identified their leadership. They're they're leaders in 2014. State is from twenty this pictures from 2014 Derek. Can you guess who's in the picture for players are in the picture of the quote local leadership group in Vancouver. But before we do that the pick has command pic number 187 for the Buffalo Sabres and dom. If fighting guess this is another European guys European name. The official guy is that seat so actually Willie and Elliott Freeman before we get the name of that has some. Has actually sad that he's getting denials on the patch ready to San Jose rumble so that's interesting as well. But the sabres have made their final selection of the date to this point. And the guy that they have selected. Its name again I'm going to apologize if this is wrong William. Morgan crew. William basic spelling William. Ward is WOR. GE. And a crew is spelled KR EU. So again William FI get your name wrong. I I apologize ahead of what you know it's another Swedish defenseman. That. Jason but troll has gone to the full extent to go out and select all the Swedish defenseman. With the exception of their fifth round pick and of course the TS Samuelson who is. Eight an American. Who his dad is Swedish and William Kirk the the the great Brady and Great Britain player that. I mentioned who might be the first. Player from Great Britain training Great Britain to be selected the NHL draft the coyotes just selected him. I only selected him and so history made at the draft where he. He's the first player born and raised in training Great Britain to be selected in the NHL draft but the sabres. Making their selection. They have selected William board crew. He's Swedish he's a defenseman so now five of the six picks the sabres and made in this draft. Are Swedish. Or at the Swedish or Scandinavia or defenseman or have some sort of Scandinavian. Descent blood in them. Want a yeah. What a day what a trap for the Buffalo Sabres state revamp the Blue Line completely. In their depth chart at least well obviously the means going to revamp their blue line completely but. Sabres. Drafting five defenseman in this draft five defenseman one forward. Very interest thing. Way that Jason Bob troll has gone about this we'll see if see how this pans out for the long term here as buffalo this stocking up on defense especially those. Of American. Swedish and Finnish. Dissent. And I should be it. Mean Ellis the sabres find a prospect that they really like and they wanna get back into the seventh round I'm not entirely sure but at this point nauert just waiting on. What's going to happen between the Canadians in the sharks and it's the Rangers have anything up their sleeve for trade. Kristi peg note three out just sixteen minutes ago that. The Rangers GM and that their GM Jeff Gordon he walked into central registry not sure if that's going to come about it anything but. Interesting day here at the draft it's winding down as were now in the seventh round savers and made their final pick again another Swedish defenseman William. Borg crew. 80305518088. By 52 but if you let's actually take a phone call here let's go out to John right here on WGR John good afternoon go right ahead. Hey good afternoon and I just want everybody to calm down and so under your tree. And think for a moment imagine. Having the NHL's most prolific. Think soft and drawn the puck back. Q what could be potentially. The best defensemen. Ever cordial like to have or I know I'd work it. And I'm talking about of course will rightly Ali. Yeah yeah I mean I would certainly be intriguing that would certainly be a a nice enticing thing to think about John thank you for the call. Definitely. That sounds really nice but again. I am trying to just look at this as what does Jason by trophy and Phil Housley had in mind for this team moving forward. Do they see Ryan O'Reilly is the potential fit for the long term and I don't think they deal. I think they would be OK with him being here for another year. I don't think this year there necessarily in a rush. But again I think some teams are eight watching to see what John Tavarez does. And other things happening out on the market whether trader free agency MB. Other teams might be waiting to see half of buffalo. Page. Ryan O'Reilly. The. To pay the bonus that he's due on July 1. Apparently there has been a record set at the draft according to the prospects 29 Swedish players had been drafted the previous record was 28 in this. And the sabres. Of those of those Swedish players and the sixty eights they may be picked for Swedish players. For home. Really really great dull that the sabres are are starting to restock on at the Blue Line they're they're getting. Players saying that they're hoping can developing continue to work on. Their game. Some of these players though of course coming from. Sweden. So Hulk. I mean I I just can't get over the fact that. Jason bot troll is gone full lean not on scandinavians and all that he has been he's gone through two drafts now Maria has yet to take one single player. From Canadian juniors. Not one player Aziz drafted that has banned from the OHL the Q I'm JE HL or though WH well. Just. Just some amazing. And the sabres just picked up four more Swedes this year. NHL draft record of 29 Swedes drafted so far there could be more drafted. 29 of them though so far this year. And the sabres struck before. And they drafted five defenseman. In eventful. He eventful draft. For the Buffalo Sabres to say the least very much so. Save at least 803055188. By fifty to 515 John thank you for the call all calls are welcomed here on the shell as we odds were wrapping up here from the NHL draft. We are in the final round the sabres have made their final selection of the day depending on if they decide trade. Back into the seventh round I don't know why they would but it has happened before there's a player there that you know is surprising maybe but. Geez about running traded a sixth rounder for a sixth rounder next year. And he takes another Swedish defenseman in the seventh round self to get quick break we come back we'll teach you. A recap of what's gone on throughout the day today will give you all the picks will get you. That some of the trades that's been happening and also play you back. The interview that was conducted. With fourth round pick the tape he car as he was Buffalo's first pick in the fourth round we will have his interview with the media coming up and we'll see if thought William aboard crew. Was at the draft and is available for preferred talking but of course Buffalo's other two picks. In in the fourth and fifth round. Our base were not at the pretzel see what happens there it was real fight 51808550. To fight if you listen to any till draft coverage here on WG arc. All right back here on WGR Sports Radio 550 break wells and here with you continuing live draft coverage here on WGR the NHL draft. Buffalo has made their final pick of the day. Actually Jason bottle is speaking with the media right now and apparently Jason bottle has told the sabres media that they will not talk. With John taveras that's according to Jason bot troll himself will get you Jason bottles interview in just moments when we get that in from Paul Hamilton will also talk with Paul Hamilton. We come back and at the top of the arbor right now wanna get July an interview that we've been saying we get to you at some point let's get to it right now. Let's listen from Buffalo Sabres fourth round pick imitate the car. As he spoke of the media following being drafted with the 94 overall selection by the Buffalo Sabres in the fourth round. Obviously but. Let's find Nemo schooled. Just came just five AK. Great organization obviously. I can't explain it on me it's still just a kind of shaky this. I would imagine I would be sitting in this chair and give communities to. For for buffalo media and and Rachel. So like a sack Eric's side viciously and so excited to. To be getting adjusted and and also it's phenomenal races the beginning. Of an end. When you're damn it all. Who comes to mind. Obviously family timely quote as a coach me and. And metallic my second family and trees and spend these students. 333. Groups that are that are it's in my mind. United States. I'm surprised that the safe saw the opportunity that I could. Have a better better exposure if that happens in. And just. Just tried to try to make his but just I just I would be better opportunity for me from. Oh hopefully. Decorated yet. If you. I thought I know a lot of coach in the us so much confidence. I remember ancestors for the first eight at differs in that ministers plan stated those guys for next maybe two games so which was particularly do my teammates oatmeal line. Top media company. Many names. Became more mature enough. Diana loved it. Does may be AI was a motivated even more to to do something because honestly before the CIA. Again by but not a team by in any usage and intranet for the season started so. Maybe that kind of motivate me. And I just have to look at look look in the mirror and just say. DD and you can do it but it just has to work harder against. And opportunity came my parks was fortunate enough to. To get this opportunity in and like. Play good when I got yeah opportunity in. And it worked out. It was definitely couple definite wake up call. The photo wake up call and like. Yeah and then Miami. Coach recruit me since I was fifteen. They hockey school. They hockey school and I hope. And championship. Please. I think Kandahar working. Or sorry I don't work in map forward that can. Ports they can't put it to welcome I mean get the (%expletive) up or chicken. Send my team it's been it's going to Kansas and Tennessee yes well. Cannot come out love to watch watching hockey a lot home citizens actually the first. Like it's American passport and emirates sabres let the Burris and featuring guy I like. Alex played so that's that's gonna cook and a looking back. But no Dominik Hasek from mr. Vick take. They take legend play they're so. I was that it had a video I can I probably sound listen don't legislate. So edit the item they know what to say. We had determined there remember we had a tournament there. As a team of I don't know it's they Bentley a jazz on the bench play four or five forwards on the bench so whales in a funny. Yeah it's. And I ask is this color but this is an island it I don't like trapped what is. I'm not invented like. After aptly put it this season I had a surprisingly. This my Bentley just like he batted on. Don't slow down the ski bowl in and missing fortunately it happened. And many just the they status and family feeling. Feeling like my personal unit that I'm good enough to the Internet I think maybe that I felt more more announcements to to play. The way I can and that way as I think the right way play to me. And slate became more more confident mine mine's hockey and way of playing in the in yeah. But many. And when he's kind. Of but we will remain in a yeah. 0:0 AM all. Saddam knowledge obviously dollar and great player great player I think everyone. It's going to be like oh is that if this guy gets sent to this in his buffalo maybe it might be credit. For me but. Sort of on and on the same and I. In it players is like it's like at the same level right now. Into the camp. And and we'll see what happens. I did. I loved it on a solo. Remember they they may my dad. That somewhere in the tournament in my day it was late wearing. Funny pajama pants. The right things I think. And I when I get that embassy in their hands they relate. Alice lake in my dad's gonna be so happy and they were like yeah no way of getting in new as the sabres once. Says those pinnacle. They've in my debt. Yeah. All right that is sabres fourth round pick McCain. Pay car he joined obviously the media after being selected with the 94 overall selection in that was the first pick in the fourth round. He obviously played with Muskegon in the United States hockey league this past year. And now he is a member of the Buffalo Sabres and who will be heading to the University of Miami and Ohio this fall first and watch him. At development camp. Coming up later this week which starts Wednesday at heart percent. You know Israel fight 518085. To two putt too quick correction in and think for Texas a point this out as I kept thinking about. Finnish defense and at the cirrus address the sabres actually got a three Swedes one American with Swedish parents want Finnish player in one track. The three Swedes are added to the picture. Still can't you know five defenseman now five defenseman three Swedes. But. Four of but you know. Five of the six players all have some sort of Scandinavian descent themselves. It went sabres come away this draft will recap with. You coming up very shortly on what happened this strap to the sabres selected we'll check in with all Hamilton will also gave you Jason doctoral. After meeting with the media. As the draft concludes in Dallas and the sabres seemed to be at this point unless something the bar a leak happens seem to be done. With making selections. And done deal and the draft with their six packs yields real fight 518088 by fifty to fight to keep Reid Wilson here with you for a little bit more here. On our draft coverage on WGR. All right welcome back get a WGR Sports Radio 550. Braden wells and here with you wrapping up NHL draft coverage as. The draft still continues on from Dallas Texas but the Buffalo Sabres are pretty much gone case Montrose already spoken with the media. We will hope to hear from that very shortly also the fact that. I mean he yard spoke so pretty much a less than anything. I'm for scene happens with trade talks. Which I don't think all the case then the sabres are gone they've they've made their selections and they've taken. Three Swedish players they've taken a fan. They've taken an American born player in the they've also taken attract player and all of the picks. On this expects five of them five are defenseman. Jason bottle doing his work. Restocking the depth on the Blue Line for the long term we'll see what happens in what comes about it. As we head into the future of course you'd see most of the buffalo draft picks. Maybe if not all of them you'll be able to see them later on this week starting Wednesday at Buffalo's development camp. At Harbour Centre triple Hilton who is is wrapped up his conversation with Jason bot troll now draws. Well Paul. Five defenseman out of the six picks Jason botched roll replenishing the Blue Line depth of this organization. Exactly that's what he felt that. They young depth. Wasn't as good on defense so he felt and that's where they needed to brush up on as far as. Not taking CH delta players he said it's it's pretty simply especially when you get in the later rounds. He says you only keep their rights for two years. He said in the college in European to keep them for war. And he doesn't like going Evan writes for two years and so that's why when they get into the later rounds he says he respects the coach is there and is an overview of the league's. Or anything like that but he just feels. It's better VMware have those rights for a longer period of time when you get in the later rounds of the draft. I was going to be back next question you was asking you if if he had said anything about. The fact that they had didn't take any junior players from Canada again that I mean. Yeah the four years of development and being able to try and develop on the right way that's that's got to be the huge. You know talking point for bot troll like comes few. Not drafting. A a player from the Canadian hockey league but again you you look at the two years compared to the four years. Two years really is a very tight time to try and get a player who might have any third fourth fifth rounder and beyond. To be able to develop and be able to. Get a good look at them and see if they're gonna be. Able to play in the NHL. You have those somebody he felt strongly about earlier in the draft entry ticket now and everybody knew with the number one pick was going to be it wasn't going to be. You know anybody from Canadian junior league so. Maybe it makes sense what are you trying to say some of the other things he talked about or rom. You know teams can start talking to John Tarvaris next week he said the sabres will not be one of them. And makes all the sense in the world to me because your party got Michael's contracts. Now lane is their release he spoke to correct up to be. And three years here and at his contract. If priority improves and all of a sudden does become a seventy points or. On a consistent basis you would have is Casey middle stats contract. You know you're viewing you have to look down the line with those types and there's only so many big ticketed contracts and security at the bar as you may have to report to me you might have the day. Max value on it and you want to strap yourself for thirteen million on your cap. I know this seems like and maybe not a question Paul but I know that the sabres got. Dull leaned a bit short of that aspect on the Blue Line but do you think by any means of what they did here is gonna have any influence on what they may try to do in free agency or do you think it's the same plan as we've talked about. I think at the same plan I I would hope they are real busy on July 1 and I think gets the flu that's fool's gold. I think that's when you get into trouble and then you have contracts worth two years later here. Shakier and going on over your readers contractor to review that part of that contract and I guess I would get involved in that first day match where you. After overpaid bio watch you don't just over pay by a little you overpay by a lot to get in on that so. You know they'd be more second day third day free agents I think can and still looking for trades he said quite simple way. The offers that he got the last two days were weren't that great and they weren't he wasn't comfortable with them and and he said they'll keep adding they'll keep talking but there was nothing offered him that he thought it was time to jump that. Speaking out. Potential trade partners Paul. Did you do you understand do you know what's not going out with the Max Patri situation in what was kind of going on there at the draft where they thought that. Montreal San Jose had a trade that it fell apart in all son Max had surety as a new agent. Yeah it's such an ear thing that's the thing with rumors. Everybody loves to talk a bottom and then things like this now right and then all the rumors that you're here inflatable what was all that about. And that's exactly what happened that all of a sudden they can just start falling apart. And you know that that obviously is what's happened here and that you re probably feels he's been getting bad advice. And he needs to move on to something else. Hard ball well now that the draft is I guess over for the sabres were attacked we still going on. Development camp starts on Wednesday what are you looking forward to the most is out maybe outside of grass installing. For sure. And don't forget to they have to have a qualifying offers self by Monday night. I wasn't gonna go through one by one but I did ask specifically about empty and you would not answer the question is that. On Monday it will come out with a a statement about everybody we're not gonna. And so we talked about Robin one and that's as far as we're going to go yeah it's so. He wouldn't. You know that was viewed a big one be thinking I don't think there's any. Other controversial ones that. With surprise anybody one way or the other as far as qualifying offers goes to their best to get done by Mon day. I probably will. And then. You know he'll of course be at camp. On on Wednesday and well maybe instead look I hope Chris cliff who was there an iron there be no reason why he wouldn't be. I liked him in training camp they'd be nice to see what he can do again. Need land there I mean Billy went to a bunch of them so I would think you Lander is going to be there and I would hope. That his father talk some sense into him soft and told them that you know you employable harder than you play in if you wanna an NHL career. Because certainly he did not play that hard and in Rochester. And if golf was ever gonna get anything out of it. He asked if he has to be playing much much harder. Well Paul you stick around in Dallas further arrested today are you flying back and come in a no fly about column. Momentarily I'll be packed up and headed to the airport all right very good well. We out we look forward to seeing you back here in buffalo and unless something unforeseen happens within the next. You know few minutes here Paul lot like to get going and enjoy your trip back and we'll see you soon. And the draft just odds are now the last pick just went by so. In nineteen or nineteen Jesus it's. It speaking. NHL entry draft is officially over all right we'll perfect thank you Paul thank you for coverage throughout the weekend. And we'll see back here buffalo shortly sounds good to care. All right Paul Hamilton. Joining us from Dallas the draft officially wrapping up and buffalo of course coming away with six picks let's recap those for you right now is of course. Yesterday number one overall grass the Celine was taken by the Buffalo Sabres have no brainer there's he was the best. Prospect in all of the NHL draft this year. Arguably one of the best defensemen come out in the NHL draft in several years and the sabres of course opened up the draft today by having the 32 overall pick. And they took defenseman matier Samuelson an American born. With Swedish descent he his data was shall Samuelson who played. 800 games in the NHL plus. And 64 toward eighteen pounds he'll be going to western Michigan once the fall comes of course all of these prospects to you'll be able to see hopefully. And development camp which begins Wednesday at Harbour center. Sabres didn't have a third round picks of that in the fourth round their first pick in the fourth round at 94 overall they take the tape pay car Saturn and with the Muskegon lumberjacks in the United States hike in the six foot SATA 170 pounds he was the US HL. Rookie of the year with his exceptional play there than the sabres had an additional pick in the fourth round 117. Overall the 24 overall pick in that round. And they took Linas lynch ran a crime home defenseman in the Swedish junior league with Mel mall. 64172. Pounds of course as you could have guessed two more defensemen come off the board first in the fifth round of the 125. Overall pick. They take miss Scott Cook and ended defenseman from Finland. Playing in the finish junior Lee six bought 100 in 98 pounds sabres and with their sixth round pick traded that to Toronto exchange for 20196. Rounder. And finally buffalo wrapping up. The seventh round. Whit pick 187. Taking William board crew. Defenseman six foot six that's one thing that we that we did not get the chance to pay pence to six foot six defenseman their Derek 172 pounds playing. In the Swedish junior league William. Borg crew. He is the final pick of the day for the Buffalo Sabres won 87 overall and the twenties in eighteen NHL draft is officially said and done an interesting tweet from Bob McKenzie as the draft of course wrapped up. Tweeting about Ryan O'Reilly and awful. Sabres had considerable trade talk Colorado rally at the draft but expects to leave today without a deal done. Saint Louis Montreal amongst the interested parties for all Riley big signing bonus deal for O'Reilly and June per ads like first I should say. If not treatable before July 1 or Riley more likely to be a buffalo to start. Next season. Interesting tweet there from Bob McKenzie and again as we've mentioned trading Ryan O'Reilly would be a decision that. Some people obviously that we talked to already today would not be in favor of however if Jason Matra Phil Housley do not see if that for rhino rally here and they get back the right type of return any deal. Not be necessarily a bad thing you get players second fit today's system in what they wanna do in today's game and you move on from their and you just. Just make the move but at the same time a Friday rally comes back. That's a guy be competitive you know slot in right behind Jack eichel maybe like he's in middles that develop more and become more of beam. An adequate sediment and maybe eventually trade ride around in think he's middle second slide in from three to two. And middle second beaten just the buying second line center and of course you know. With him being drafted he was drafted to be. That second or first line center potentially for the sabres and of course the sabres already have a number ones that are in. Jack cycle but you know paint if if keys minerals that can. Come out of it and have some sort of effect on the sabres in the long term that's perfectly fine. Bob McKenzie also tweeting out commodity trade front at this point the plan is to keep him in the lineup that could change but now. He is the and he pretty much Heinz half. In which. Says Powell I'm a terrible French please forgive me if I totally butchered that but. Next patch ready not going to be traded earlier we did at their could be something between the Canadians and the sharks but that is followed through. Nothing going there and of course patch ready has its fires agent and is. Signed on with the new agency. On me coming away with grass does the mean that is the biggest. Piece of the puzzle to the sabres moving forward. As Deval camp starts on Wednesday here in buffalo goes through Saturday get the first three sessions of the ending of the development camp are free and open to the public while the three on three tournament. It's gonna be fun you get the chance to watch Rask is a lean mean he's a middle sat albeit development camp once again I am. I would think he would be eighty Lawrence pilot would be there. Of course Victor deepened he wasn't there last year but again he wasn't exactly a price is already an established professional. Maybe the same thing is is applying for. A guy like towards politics or Olsen will probably be a development camp he's been their for the past few years we'll see if those guys are back again but I would assume double the number there. Will to see that those of the roster for development camp sugar released honestly within I mean probably at any point between now and I NC. Monday. My guess would be tomorrow it's released. Should be fun time if you get the chance go around Harvard senator go check it out because. Sabres should have some good prospects on hand ready to go. For the upcoming development camp industrial by 5188 by 52 but at the top of the bullets it was a good call from John John you're on WGR Graham had. Yeah. A little strip saying it's got some good players a little like a bit. At a venturing. He was on the Panthers cryptic it's an inside look and you thought that was great value I mean I'm happy that we spoke up our. But all all very happy with the draft I think the islanders killed this year they get really good. I think it where we are gonna trade O'Reilly well. It would via satellite earth would we take on that then I think there's value would be. A lot higher death X but yet I'd. An excellent job today. Thank you thank you John I appreciate that appreciate your phone call and hope you enjoy the rest your weekend. With Bryant Riley again. I think more teams are gonna be enticed to trying to acquire O'Reilly wants John to ours is off the market whether you re signs deny it in New York or. He decides to go elsewhere but. Saint Louis seems like a team that is still hot on O'Reilly Philadelphia has been reported to talk to buffalo about a potential Riley deal. But as of right now it seems like nothing is coming about it again. Time between now and free agency things to totally change I mean one of the busiest. Pure breeds of activity in the year happened two years ago when Taylor Hall is treated for Adam Larsson. Stephen sand goes three signed with Tampa Bay and 45 minute period. In one day. Anything can happen between now and free agency free agency day and it's as Paul mentioned sometimes GM's tentative. Signed some guys is some really weird contracts. You know that's unfortunately here buffalo that's nothing really new it's happened multiple times but I digress. Sabres again our. Going to be now looking ahead development can't maybe they make some moves before developing tampering and after but at this point. I think now the focus is just give back to buffalo focus on development can't see what happens and die if something comes about something will come about we'll see what happens but. Absolutely nothing at this point is going on on the tree frog for buffalo and of course the draft over buffalo taking. Three Swedes. Five defenseman out of six picks. And now. We continue how would the off season free agency comes up next Sunday July 1. We will have live coverage of free agency day right here on WGR OB myself and Jody B Osce with a special edition of sports Sox Sunday. We will not be on sports Sox Sunday at 9 AM and our normal time will be on it knew when that date. We will goal for at least four hours depending on what type of moves are made of the sabres are active whether it be on the trade market or in free agency. We will see what happens there with the sabres moving forward but. Again next Sunday sports Sox Sunday from 12 to 4 o'clock with live coverage of NHL free agency here on WG RB myself. And Jody the Osce carrying you through. That day but of course. We're we're wrapping up our coverage here will take a quick break when we come back we'll hear Jason bottles comments to maybe take one more phone call here. As we were still take some phone call but we come back Jason bot troll you'll hear from him we'll wrap things up there NHL draft coverage here on WGR Sports Radio 550. I welcome back here. WG RC 430515. Special edition of sports talk Saturday today the NHL draft edition as the Buffalo Sabres have officially made six picks on the day. It to five defensemen. Three players from the sabres that they drafted are from Sweden. One of Swedish descent bought. Ease. In America more player and t.'s sandals and one Czech player and then also a Finnish defenseman as well so sabres busy replenishing the depth on the Blue Line. And you'll get the chance to see all those players coming up on development camp on Wednesday. I'll be live from harbor center in you can go see them. It's Friday Saturday inside Friday confusing. Wednesday Thursday Friday sessions are freed opens the public while Saturday's three and three tournament is exclusive to season ticket holders. In a real fight 51808552. Factor that lets multiple lines to to call phone call from time here on WGR Tom Guerrero had. I rate move what ought to be you know lumber camp begin rotten stoutly. And I find it curious that you know we get five out of six the and then on the lower court in Little League but the thing that really annoys me. Is sending the sixth round draft pick to Toronto or further six around the next year. I mean why are we doing trial as of April. Maybe we should. Spend that extra minute goal the war from the mayor and forward. Or maybe even Carroll talked to moguls who can read draft him but not the tour. Look at our general Tom thank you for the call. Sabres were the only ones that made trades like this there is actually number teams that made trades like this ready traded their pick this year to another team fur there. Pick of the exact same value next year. Sabres are the only one there is there is a handful other teams that did that so it's it's nothing new it's odd it certainly is odd it's something that we don't see very often but. I mean. It's not really that big of deal there really isn't. It kind of backs up because affected and you've managed land allotted just aren't Jeremy and you know there are couple of draft analyst that we're saying this isn't really a deep draft right and punting on a sixth round pick is on. Fine to me right it's okay right maybe they think that next year at the draft class will be a little deeper but I mean at the same point a sixth round pick. What sixth round picks ever really get the chance to make it to the NHL there's not many of them even if the guy does mean inning just not like they're doing trauma favor necessarily they just don't seem to values that. Right us the players in the strap right and there's nothing wrong with that there's no need to over think DOS it's a sixth round pick it's not something that we have to over think and sure you could have used that tool choir of another forward current goaltender mean but at the same time. Maybe another Swedish defenseman. And maybe another Swedish defensemen. There was a lot of sweetness players drafted today as we mentioned earlier there was a record of at least 29 defensemen are at least 29 Swedish players drafted which the old record was 28 cell. A record in in that standpoint from the NHL draft again with treating the sixth rounder. I have no problem that it's not something that I really taken a huge value it's just not trade. You know just kind of scratched my had a little bit but at the same point. What ever you shrug your shoulders and you move on because once Paul explain a little bit there it made a lot more sense to me right. So that you know noting to make a mountain out of a mole hill looking ahead to next year's draft knowledge does buffalo have to look. Sixth round pick sales of 21 Olympics. They have their own and they also have San Jose's. The is part of the Evander Kane trade. So buffalo looking ahead it spoke to bring up cap friendly here real quick just officially confirm what picks the sabres actually happen next year. Sabres of course have picks in the first round two picks the first round two picks in the sixth round. And they've also got. Their second third fourth or excuse me this is already looking ahead to 2019 so. To the first one and the second one of the third to the fourth no pick in the fifth round two in the sixth and one of the south. And the picking us fourth round this San Jose Sharks fake. The sharks have the option of keeping that pick and then if that's the case ended it immediately becomes a third rounder in 20/20. For the sabres. Next year looking pretty good in their their pool. Which is also good thing because the sabres managed to become a contender next year and actually be able to ten for the playoffs come trade deadline day. Those picks might be of value in order to acquire somebody that can help you out. Down the road and pushed look for push to get into the playoffs but. We'll see how it all pans out for the Buffalo Sabres moving forward but again in case you missed it the sabres. Picking up blitz let's run through each picked warmer time of course raster Celine no surprise first overall. First round. Sabres at Knoll would doubt about taking him theirs is known Doughty was aides can't miss prospect in grass it's only. He's going to be an awful for seven years for several years not seven several years. Moving forward first pick. Today in the second round admits he has Samuelson a defenseman out of the US and under eighteen development program six foot 4218. Pounds he comes over. Some good things about Samuels and being sad. And it'll get those in a little bit here but this and you'll send coming from the US program he's gonna go into western Michigan. The tape pay car was the pick for buffalo in the fourth from the sabres in -- third rounder first pick the fourth round but take a car. He is a Czech born player who played in the United States hockey league playing with mystique in this past year he was the US HL. Rookie of the year 6470. Pounds he will be playing for the University of Miami at Ohio. Coming up for freshman year. This upcoming fall. Then in the fourth round they also took. Defenseman Linas lynched random crime home he's the Swedish defenseman 117. Overall. 60172. Pounds playing in the Swedish junior league of four Mel moll. Then in the fifth round with the first pick a 125 they drafted this get cook it in from Finland. He's 64190. Pounds in their junior the and then buffalo in the seventh round after trading their sixth rounder they selected 187 overall William aboard crew. Defenseman from Sweden Swedish junior league six foot 6100. In 72 pounds so again buffalo stocking up on defense in nature strapped. And we still have drafts where the sabres have not picked one single player from Canadian juniors. And as we talked to Paul Hamilton yup. The main point that his job in DC doctoral likes to have players that he can develop for four years justice that it tears get a full look at. Whether some of these players can develop and anything more than just. What their you know what they dating Canadian juniors. And there's no problem that I think I mean I mean. I honestly think that I think it should be more like that where every prospect that you have either has four or like three years. The three years is plenty but you know. Four years is nice hold their rights and see what they can do and then if they're ready to go there ready go if not and you just let him go to free agency. But it seems like that it's as we get closer to an expiring CBA there's going to be more chances that. We can see some changes to the NHL draft including the draft age being raised to nineteen years old I think. Ellen Freeman talk a little bit about it he's 31 thoughts podcast with Jeff Merrick. Where he might said something to the realm of that. The first round would consist. A select few eighteen year old that would be eligible to be drafted but then after that. If you're going to be drafted you have to be nineteen. Self. That would be interesting certainly would be an interest in interesting. Change to the draft. For the NHL I don't have a problem necessarily with that the only thing again that I would maybe change is. You know changing just. The the amount of years that you have under you know with with holding onto player after their drafted. A the only thing maybe I change but even that that's that's a very minor thing but. Changing the draft age from 1819. In certain aspects would be huge game changer for the NHL. Art again. A couple of other notes from around the NHL as the NHL draft went on there was. Eight trade a major trade. Outside of just treating picks for picks and multiple times it happened today but the major trade that happened was between Carolina. And Calgary as the flames acquire defenseman Noah Hannifin and forward Elias Linn home. Two starters for the hurricanes. They acquire. Them from the hurricanes in exchange for defenseman Doug Hamilton Ford Michael Furlan and defensive prospect Adam fox. He huge huge trade. That happened in the NHL that I think is been mixed bag of full this team won and then the other team won in all of you know just a good trade for both teams. Yani Audi onyx that are that are Serra. And outside of that there was a lot of chatter there was a lot of rumors but nothing really coming about as of actual trades. We involving players it was all just. Trades involving mostly picks. So the Buffalo Sabres and the draft taking six new players. Five of them being defenseman and again you can catch all of them. At the developing camp coming up on Wednesday in in case you miss anything whether it be interviews whether it would be. Any stories that you might have missed out on head on over to WGR fighting. And get the latest updates our coverage of the NHL draft Karen WG ours is that I low seeing anti workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard for hardworking western New Yorkers. I brought you in part by outlet liquor stop it'd suck up and your only outlet liquor and by Al Ross fraud all your printing. Screening and embroidery needs are it will take a quick break only come back we'll keep you Jason box comments at following the NHL. Draft. Sabres making their picks they are done the NHL draft is done sell. The sabres coming away six new players will get Jason but shall spots on how that all went for the sabres moving forward and of course a again. We'll get his thoughts next and will come back here on our NHL draft coverage right here on WGR. I welcome back here WGR Sports Radio 550 great Wilson here with you. Right now we're gonna get you Jason bot troll on his post draft comments after the sabres wrapped up their draft today selecting. Three more Swedes. Sue their stock actually the selected to more Swedes today but there threesome leads overall including grass and style lean. Also the sabres taking America in the TS Daniel sane and Jack forward. Attained. A car itself. The Buffalo Sabres again wrapping things up bills to the Finnish defenseman but let's get to Jason botrus comments right now hearing is with them in the meet with the media following. The NHL draft. Oh I think it's that there's nothing shy away from an all. I just believe. Especially into mid to late round picks. The fact that you control there it's throwing two years shift McMoran quicker decision on that and a scenario where you have. And then works in period four years. In most situations for Europeans are Kirk underscored college just that you and I think it allows you more options for them to develop. In a lake in the later rounds I think it's a situation if it's if all things are going to be equal. It's something that certainly does going to equation. Well I think it's it's a scenario where you can read to me defenseman and it was as something that we did talk a lot about about trying to add some more defenseman was certainly knew who were taken number one. But it was a situation where we looked at different things relative to lessen the couple days hands. There are some reports at least looking to stature group didn't materialize. But it. The way we wanna play. Just that you look at our pipeline right now I think it sooner were we had to have more defense minister or groups so we're very happy with the turnout and the well I think he's just whenever you come into. And you're efficiently connect you wanna have options and obviously we're very excited about. Developing an idea for electric group we've we've seen some our decisions. To get it fairly picky. What's on the success of our quarterly FitzGerald listener or authorization to so as much we're excited about particularly we wanna make sure there's more critical is coming. Am. That was fun and point of emphasis horse like this so. We we certainly like like they were very excited vote having him at that position we've watched very closely being out there. The national program is obviously to get a lot of attention there. I'm all the big tournaments he's can be part of the he just his leadership skills you we found out a lot about. Just on the ice than off the ice talking not only to him but also to his teammates at the Columbine. Just look at the size his range out there how we can move. So we think he's afflicted is gonna fit for loan to fill system. While we're hoping he's going to be accomplished a lot of for players student. Nine it's just. Where were looking for players this week I've talked about before this is exciting couple days for the players that you want these players have that work ethic. And determination to continue to it continue to improve and that was one of the things that's from our research that we did it. With people around that program that matches really has that work ethic and determination that leadership that looking for. Where you. In parallel lives. I. Every organization wants strong goaltending every organization with strong defense of residual wants. Good cinnamon and time scoring list and a scenario where we feel we have some good. Sermon organization Jews. A young player like Alex knew under. We re and then that's as you know we've brought in players such as CJ Smith. You know we look at the players such as Baptiste merely escorted different levels that we wanted to help regards. So it's important that we could you develop for young players in those roles but. Yeah it's were we can Julie wanna look at. Finding different ways to bring more torn into our group but. You know it was a third round pick this year that cash like what we like a lot about him is just as nasty as the ability State's Billy give him a fortune just. We shall we want players score global we've definitely as we talked vote trying to find a way to bring more speech or. Front. There's. So we. Our guys just like his again we've talked about it just looks the style of play relentless in the fortunate getting after it. We think he certainly has to work on that. He's underdeveloped from a physical stand. And again when everything that we've heard from behind the scenes that's he's working very hard at that he helped you develop over next we'll bitten. And we like to his corner of your program at Miami university and I think that's gonna help moved picture. And it was just a situation where we certainly has some players don't aboard we felt comfortable we can get them the seventh round and that's what we've journalists Aron. We just felt it was a situation bring in another ass into next year. Talked about rumors around him arguments in the situation our network here and move. And it wasn't that we distance our comfortable what was. 0% of last couple days. To me those are things that we'll see how things progress of next week or two but. Our main focus was to draft and very excited where we're at plus students. Who. Well it's it is like the question that had yesterday very rarely do you think the stimulus. It's it's just very difficult. Figure out wrong. Sometimes you think there are a lot of things accents and things just don't come to fruition for different reasons. Well. It. Plus I don't think it's surprise generally just you look around the success they've had an international game and the National Hockey League. House so me and Swedish defenseman a step in and played extremely well and I think general sync job as a country from the development process I think it especially on the back against the mobility. How a lot of NHL teams now our house which players play grown up. Good mobility and good hockey since know how to move the puck and those judgments that we're looking for organization. And but. Not at all because this highly talented players in the city jail and that's a scenario where we continue look at players and and then environment and excellent coaches and excellence at the moment there you look at ours gonna system. We have a lot of players a lot of people tied to hockey Canada. And Europe pro spores usage. And it. I don't participate in the process them. We've KJ talk about. Two different teams what trade possibilities and look for this week have an opportunity to discuss with some create something. Now that's a fair system for sure yes. Yeah you look through arteries issue we had its it's something we have dad and our minds we feel we need at least two goals. A I was greatly I think this was our first draft. With courage with all learn New Hampshire skeleton there and I think. That is a great job of preparation for a we're very happy how some players very default social situations and we came away with really had an a lot of depth to it to our defense court within our entire group there so. We we feel as it is. You know processor right now we're we have doling stepping into your team right away and some players now in the pipeline. I. Everything and greatly. Now we're very soon and we're very excited for our prospects to see the national level that's going to be in buffalo my daughter development camp last year over Iverson was exciting. You throw in the mix now with Alex and under. Casey middle stat. Obviously with all the in sandals and we'll have a few people there just to watch and it's it's it's an easy week just a for the interaction with our prospects or players to get to ignore coaching staff for bill stuff will look better. In the way we look at visits of the certainly enjoyable week for characterization. And and we vote to discuss I think we've been up front with with problem there and worse situation as sin but I think for the rest of our qualifying offers will look at things more on that statement Monday. And it. Without a doubt and that's behind the scenes. There's a lot of craft not proficient at it there's discussions and it. There's a that you're looking for passion you're looking for strong opinions from your statements that and that's what I was excited though we. Change cover models. And over and took. Policy here. Sort of a structure that we feel very confident and and especially in the mid to late rounds were looking for individuals coaster to step up and special special before and thriller means that both at feet and demand won't last few days for certain CNET. Well it does just that there was an awkwardness last year he's come and you're trying to get a feel for people and there's unease Jesus what's gonna happen I'm so. You know bring in Randy sexton. Him going in the staff and we'll keep your part of am just giving you certainly I think all throughout the terrier but it is a situation where you have to trust those people in this in those rules if you dabble in a little bit I think you almost miss a couple of times you have to trust you're having those guys are focusing on the entire here. Where is the general manager. You know you folks financial team folks and pro games like in different scenarios there so like to not have. You can't be active and amateurs get all the time you know so. I felt very comfortable. With the people that retired Isaacson about sort of going through our workshop last year. Then get out there and you know whether the mid season means in some seasonings. Very proud how they handled so often how they were prepared to Basra. And not at all I'm an exit you know I think salmon a great second half and our discussions. With great roster nervousness that has been positive from that standpoint so I don't viewed as a difficult situation on hopefully. Alone will look at some. Different structures have been impact upcoming weeks and instantly gets up and down. I think everybody in the ninth after reading that correctly and. Ari there's Jason botched roll live with the media following the NHL draft. He's wrapping things up right now of course the draft is officially over and they'll probably be heading back to buffalo relatively shortly here. And that'll do for our coverage of the NHL draft as well. We'd like to thank Paul Hamilton for his continuous coverage here on WG are also at WGR 550 dot commie too and it's a few times today so we think Paul for. Everything that he's done. So far this off season of course he'll be busy as development camp starts on Wednesday. And free agency starts next Sunday of course will have live coverage of free agency on WGR next sunny with myself bring Wilson in Jody B Aussie from 12 o'clock. To 4 o'clock also wanna think dare Kramer who's stuck around with me today through the long haul. And help meet run things here for free air for the NHL draft. And also want to thank the tee sand is and he was kind enough to join us earlier in the show after being drafted with the 32 overall pick. And heat. Was he's a great listen if you get the chance go to WGR 550 dot com go to the on demand section and go take a listen to what he had to say again. Development camp starts on Wednesday at harbor Saturn the first three sessions Wednesday Thursday Friday three and open to the public and in Saturday's. Three on three French connection turn it will be all available to season ticket holders. Thanks to get everybody for listening in brief Wilson here signing up for NHL draft coverage would back again tomorrow with sports sought Sunday from nine to 11 AM with. Jody B Osce and grind gauge joining gel as I will be off. Enjoying myself on vacation coming up here. As I've well beyond heading out to pocono it's appropriate self thanks to get everybody for tuning and we'll talk to again tomorrow sports such Sunday. Coming up tomorrow at 9 o'clock a WTI.