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Will the sabres draft. For the defense deliver much third quarter was special performances. Actually we're pretty sure we know they'll draft position that it cold hard. GR Sports Radio 550 for a chance to beat NHL draft. To be any children. We'll see in gauging workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working. In western new. In part by Al. Liquor NYL Ross for all of your screen print. Printing and embroidery needs. All right good morning allowed no one is the time here on WGR Sports Radio 550 welcome in this wasn't a special edition of sports sought Saturday break Wilson here with you hosting. This week as the Buffalo Sabres are down in Dallas right now for the NHL draft and of course last night in case you've been all my guess sleeping under a rock. The Buffalo Sabres with the first overall pick finally making things official with drafting defense in restaurants only out of the pro London the sweetest hockey league. They'll lean is of course the second Swedish player ever taken with the first overall pick is the first defenseman to go first overall since Aron act glad. Just about four years ago. And sabres have got a franchise defenseman now well that's that's a position that has been. Long. Overdue here in buffalo and indeed been trying to find one for several years it hasn't come about now brass is selling hopefully will be the next. Superstar franchise defenseman that he has been highly touted to be from many people around the league. And the sabres got him. What a great day it was yesterday. I was down with not prying co zeal at party in the plaza and the sabres fans came on full force they were excited they were happy. The course jeering every time that they'd seed brass is the only in on TV before he was drafted. They were booing every time they carry Batman came up on the TV. They they booed any time that the Dallas Stars showed a highlight of this hour's winning the Stanley Cup. So a yacht. A great night last night and hopefully today this afternoon in the Buffalo Sabres will continue to add on to their. Socked here in their depth in their organization as they've got six picks coming up today one in the second. Two when the fourth one and the fifth one in the sixth and one in the seventh round of course they do not how he third round pick this year but they do of Minnesota's pick. In the fourth round. Eagle 3055188. By fifty to fight fifty are the numbers this morning for you to China and feel free call in with your thoughts on. How the draft is going how excited you are four rests with the lean also wanna get into way out. But discussion on the possibilities of of Ryan Reilly. If he gets treated whether he gets traded today usually date to with the draft there's still some good trades in last year there was the Travis Tammany trade. I was kind of looking up a little bit history of of treats earlier with the but the flyers the flyers had a history making trades on this day exactly. They they treated Mike Richards and Jeff Carter on the state back in 2011. He traded James and reads like this stay back in 2012 Scott Hartnell on the stand 2014 and last year. This is the first the the the first round of the draft last year he treated Braden show and sell. Maybe today bill they'll decide traits and the else we'll see work coastal let's go to Dallas right now let's check in with Earl Paul Hamilton who is. Live from Dallas says he awaits the sabres to make the first selection of the second. Round and get things started Paula good morning how are you down in Dallas good morning I don't know what the local news here. The sabres should be on the clock right now Jim Gregory didn't roll call from the NHL skip the sabres and they're here they're pretty skip them and roll call and you know where to be found the sabres by no means that we should've. Part of me picked by now. There's still seeing. Highlights from the NHL season right now so. Don't know exactly what the hold up is here I can tell you when I got here I saw last missed we've and his mother wander around. That this one area got to save Mercury beyond that it has wandered around you that you honestly yeah. I don't know but that nobody would bother him that maybe even just hanging out there with kind of funny thing about there. The draft yesterday didn't seem like it took a really long time for to get going yesterday and know that they have these pre game three ceremonial things that they wanna do quite. Mean is it just they wanna get this going get out there and then get back to their respective cities. Yeah they have. They. And I see somebody heading to the podium now they have the honor the humble Broncos which I think. You know was proper I I was appalled at how the the fan behavior here and I totally understand you want a boom period Batman. But the Boeing started. All this ceremony basically was still going on defense that was approaching the podium. I thought it was completely and utterly classless and an appropriate. You gotta you gotta be bare knuckles. As far as people that were in this building in ways you have to understand the moment you have to understand what's going on. Your bet it's going to be at the podium. All night long. They're going to be plenty of opportunities to move him you don't boo him wire on very humble Broncos. And I mean it was an unfortunate circumstance there but you gotta get the NHL credit for the amount of the amount of honoring the the humble Broncos what they've done not only here at the draft but also the other night at the NHL awards they they did a nice tribute for them. Garcia how game one the Willey a real war to. It was the first ever really re award handed out he won it in his wife addressed every NHL has done a fantastic job. Honoring this team and and really putting it out there that. You know the hockey communities all with humble. Absolutely and they put it out there a couple of months ago wrath. About. You know NHL play by play people and people limit on any field games he's doing a game for. Fumble during the season and I told them a mall and then you. If there's a weekend or Wear on our bye week or something I'll pay for my way out there I don't care I would. Absolutely love to do game. I would be honored and hopefully on down. Haven't that would be great to us. Along with you there's been plenty of others that have been interested in us. Calling a game for them course they have lost their own broadcaster Ernie could terrible tragedy but good on the NHL for for doing their due diligence and an honoring this team just because you know stuff like this and I mean. I've never had the experience of forcefully but I know Paul you had the experience and I know that. Others that we we are very close to have had the experience of riding in these junior buses and going from town to town and you know going to hockey games. And numb it it truly was a tragedy around the entire hockey world not just here in North America but did it was felt. All around and he never even think about it I mean we had our trip to Colorado Iowa Colorado every year and you know we played air force and in Colorado college's. You don't I mean we're the most for fourteen hours. And good for you that. Something like fact that I have at least an expert Neil speak for myself. Seem like that's your safe place with your teammates and me play cards do you view all sorts of things he has enough on on the bus you never think it was something like that happen. Well Paul looking ahead Q would be the draft today to around two through seven receivers of course taking with the first over a the first overall pick in the second round here that is the most. They they decide to trade the pick but. After she does pick here in the second round we've got a little while to all week for and expect only. Ellison and they do it unless they move down error. And again I told you something is approaching the podium but he got halfway there walk the way myself. Again I still don't know what is the layers about were already delayed by about nine minutes here and you're right I mean whenever you like if installing it does go fast once it started. This usually sold between one and one birdie. So they get they get these rounds and quickly and it goes quickly. But you know the sabres would have moved down maybe they could get into the third round or I get another second round pick you never know what would happen there. Soul I will be if you'd see if they get themselves because. They have the first picket every round except the third which is a trade with Minnesota. Where you know they they gave up their pick there so they don't have any extra picks and they are basically using their own picks. All the way through this draft picks up the third round. Yesterday a relatively quiet day on the trade front no player for player trades just picks being exchanged between teams. Fully think that anything's gonna pick up today or has the ahead you've gained any sense that things have died down forty what are your thoughts from. Being bearing and if you're hearing anything. Well you can't go by all I mean if you will have gone by yesterday you would have thought fifteen trades were going to be made. And basically non all the only trait yet the group. Group our trade right and then you had picks for fifths. You know nothing that's all that interest to anybody left to your team right that's that's making itself. And I've that's my experience of these things send. But throw was talking about it in the morning when we were chatting with them that you can't predict this. Just when you think it's gonna be crazy busy and are there all sorts of people moving nobody moves in that. I think a little bit what was going on yesterday in. And that's the thing I think a lot of people are just throwing darts hoping they're going to be right via. Or Riley's gonna go here he's definitely gonna go next thing you know while the all right things cooled off now scanners gonna go. You know and I think this is people. Those pressure of these people these insiders and everything is pressure for them to. You know come up with information and some are more credible than others and you know where you know you're LeBron usually pretty. MacKenzie Ian Gregor usually pretty good. Elliot Friedman. 5050 at best I mean he he has his problems when it comes that stuff that. He comes up with the obviously comes up with the stuff that you if you've already thought of yourself but well maybe this can happen and maybe that it happened so. You know he's not that big of a deal but you know we'll bronze and McKinsey stood in triggers are pretty good you know even with something that they were talking about not so far. And I want to stress that nothing has really come. Right Paul Hamilton joining us live from Dallas here on WGR he'll be there covering the rest rounds two through seven. Later on today poverty tracker I guess that's up and and the any child network in their corner of the screen here. There's about three minutes and twenty seconds well off until the parents art. What they're gonna be doing so I don't know why they're taking this it is decided it was going to be at 1115 start to fill the gap but that's a they did that it's admitted though that really when they told his team its allies you know they wanted to get a little little pre game in before. Things started going all the hack there. Well what do you think what do you think they go with the right here at the pick number 32 of course you're addressing huge need in grass is a lean with the Blue Line you think that you look to maybe add another piece of the blue liner do you have any thoughts in particular where you. They should golf I think it speed speed speed I think that's the number one thing they're looking for and if your slope where you probably are not going to be drafted by the Buffalo Sabres this year and but throw talks about the best player available and that's the thing right now. We're not talking about guys that lightly. Are going to be. In the line up this year you possible but. Not likely so you're you're looking at down the wind it's especially as we get it by that time the sabres make their next Vick after this one's the fourth round. Well this guy ever makes the NHL we're talking about 34 years down the road right well what are your needs going to be event. I mean you can't go by what your needs are right now I think weight when you can go by what your needs are right now is in the first round. And you can you can view it also in free agency intriguing. You know that's when I think you're looking at what what do we need right now. What what can help Wilson sometimes in trading you are looking for the future but. Jason but for those he said it many times that last year wasn't good enough they have to make changes. Right now that changes have been. You have added Colleen you have added pilots. And you have add AA. Hickey. You've subtracted bashing Europe's attracted. Joseph said any of attractive Robert Weiner. Not good enough yet and that's a start and Vicki you know so it's secrets Keating defensemen so he would be a guy that. Eventually it Netscape depending on where he is in the development is he ready for the NHL or would he need time in Rochester. He is going to be as development camp on Wednesday but he does not have a contract he cannot be signed until after July 1. Jason Bob Jewell told me last Friday that he is comfortable. Network news. That they be able to get something done they have until August 15 to get something done. But. Using the word comfortable like that in saying that he's going to be yet. Prospects camp that doesn't tell me that it's gonna turn into of these he situation or are now Peterson situation. Right it certainly seems like that both sides are. Are willing to negotiate and hopefully by the time that July 1 comes around when you don't look like should the clock strikes near and he probably have a scheduled week saying that. That he's signed contract but. We'll have to wait and Sewell Paul the clock is ticking down to zero here so we'll let you get to work. Enjoy the rest of the trapped in control be talking with you and and media player to that the sabres strapped coming up here. Yet there bill Daley's at the podium now. He is I thought you liked him Gregory who takes on the site and it and wondered and headset on someone that he might be retirees and and along in itself for a long long long. I remember my my memory Jim Gregory remember when. Dominique caution to the swing is Jim Kelly the writer. A long long long time ago I don't and I remember hearing about it at a remember you know. The entire situation but I remember hearing about that on next thing I know Jim Gregory is back at the arena. And he said to me he goes I turned around at the bridging came back I was listening to you would hurt when. It took sucked it back and so. That's my memory Jim Gregory. Very good well. Well thank you we'll check in with you and a little bit later in and maybe get we'll hear some from some of the players and of course you'll be busy talking with. Eventually Jason bottled the other day and the players sabres flex so we look forward your coverage today affordable talked to about all right Paul Hamels and joining us live. From Dallas Texas again Bill Daly currently at the podium right now. And we will get used the first pick of the day of course that is courtesy of buffalo they're picking 32 overall. Some good names here coming up. For the sabres on the board. As a lot of The Sims intriguing names fell off the first round Borden which a lot of us thought that they could go in the first round they didn't. And we'll see work goes here for ball below what they wanna do and and Paul makes a good point though. Pretty much saying that. If you don't have speed you're probably not going to get trapped about Buffalo Sabres in a NG Sabato of course it's it's the mentality. That hate everybody you tell. Everybody here is pretty much got to play with speed and skill we have to fit today's NHL game. And if you don't. Then word not gonna draft you. And I can totally respect that that's the way that things have to be. The game. Completely changed after Pittsburg won their first Stanley Cup and help people saw how dominant they were against San Jose a team that yell Wally so possessed some good speed. The couldn't keep up with Pittsburgh speed and skill and the vocalists and of course buffalo. Saw how Pittsburg won at the next year too and of course to get Jason Bok Choy and here and Jason bottle of course is of that mind that hate. We got to keep up to date with today's NHL we have to. Get ready to go and we have to be. So fast skilled. Smart. Have to see the ice well just a bunch of those different things that. That makes you successful today's NHL Tim Murray wasn't willing to do that after Pittsburgh won. And I think that was partially part of the reason that he got fired. Sabres are officially on the clock for pick number 32 so at this point now we're just waiting for. Then to give the OK to start making these picks and away we go is as Paul said it is very very fast this this rounds two through seven. Should be over within like 33 and a half hours. But will caddie covered here on WGR we will hopefully hear from a number of these players that has been selected Wellesley here Jason box trolls comments from yesterday. Coming up while we've got some time to. Wait between pick. 32 and when they pick next in the fourth round which they believe is picked number 94 is picked number 94. Then they'll have to pick 117 that's Minnesota's fourth round pick. And then from their awful pick 125 in the fifth round. 156. In the sixth round and then at 187 in the seventh round the sabres have actually made their selection and is the TS Samuelson a defenseman. He played with the US underage teen development programs for the sabres have. Kick things off taking a six foot three defenseman in admits he is Daniel since he. Big big kid. Played at the US. All American prospects game they're showing the highlights right now on NHL network. So the sabres kick things off with the cius Samuelson. As the first pick that is pick number 32. And now we've got a little bit of a lol here as. We are have to wait until pick number 94. And Batiste general saying he is an American. His father is Swedish he played. In the NHL 800 in thirteen games I believe I'm saying it's right shelves that Samuelson. Kjell KJ ELL. If yes okay and reporting out aaron's what are some people are reporting an out that he it's it's un American board Swedish kid. Yes that is very true American born Swedish player. And now the red wings are on the clock so again we will have to wait a little bit here as the sabres will continue on with the draft here in the sabres again. Getting other defenseman another defenseman taking so buffalo takes. Dolly and of course number one. And now they take. It's he has Samuelson and with the 32 overall pick one out and check your real quick and see if he is. Right handed shot left handed shot he appears to be a left handed shot. So another look at a defenseman for the sabres are stockpiled about to left handers. Which is not a problem as long as you play the right side one of them being pressed the Celine. He can play the right side so can Lawrence pilot. Apparently the Tia sandals and is committed to Western Michigan University. So be going there as a freshman next year. Last year with the US under reaching program. He had eleven goals 31 points in 58 games. Then in the US HL what the US national team he scored four goals and ten points erred in fourteen points and 23 games. So big defenseman for the Buffalo Sabres again. Elite prospects has them listed at 644218. Pounds. And of course the Buffalo Sabres will now will have to wait until. The 94 overall pick the breaking news from around the NHL which shot maybe can start to swing the trade pendulum a little bit. According to John rose and he is the only kings insider first fox sports west. He has reportedly tweeted that the LA kings have agreed to terms with yulia COLT will chalk on a three year contract. So and the kings are making it official pretty much. They are saying that the Kate tells leading scorer in Olympic MVP political circle join the kings and 201819 agreeing to terms and through your contract. Colts again can't moves officially signed. Until he. Gets to July 1 cell. He'll sign. He will join the kings. At least I guess the good thing is that you can look at this and say well helical trucks going outlast. I would I would have rather had helical chuckle out west and stay out last. And not have to lie and not have to be in the Eastern Conference and for the sabres not to have to face him four times a year. Feel real fight if he won 808550 to fight it to the sabres of course making their pick it's matier San you'll send. And NHL lockout has almost that's it for souls that was 64 sets 63 earlier. The G Sanders and 64218. Pounds played the US national development team this past year. And he will be going to. Western Michigan University coming up. In it 28 in next year for his freshman year he's eighteen years old 2000 birthdays was born in New Jersey. And he was ranked 39 by hockey prospect dot com he was ranked thirtieth by future considerations. 31 by ISS hockey. 39 Diana keen hockey and he was the 2121. Skeeter by any troll central scouting for North America and also ranked 31 by. TS sends Bob McKenzie. So sabres stocking up on the Blue Line. And they of course did the lean with the first pick yesterday and then they have Matisse Daniels and now with the 32 pick the passing up on a few interesting names that I brought up earlier this morning he was a guy that I didn't know with the sabres would. Have interest in but. This on the names that I had that I tweeted out this morning you'll follow me that's where it's at BJ Wilson WGR. Bode Wilde was it was the name that I think a lot of people would remember from that. Are all American prospects came here in buffalo he's a kid though of that apparently mean he has had some issues with. Committing he committed to Harvard then he committed in that he committed to Michigan. Now he. Thank you it's hot taxer is that are bringing up that it's it's pronounced shell Samuelson that's that's not. The TS's father shell Samuelson. So good deal. Yen kings making official the end that I believe coal truck is gonna be signing with them three year deal for you can't officially signed with the team. Until next Sunday. When when July 1 comes around and the clock hits noon so that will be out one of those as we like to call in the the media world. That was a scheduled tweet so at noon they'll probably announce hey we've that you already know this but we've signed. You article talked to a three year contract. It for the kings so good freely cobol jock he was always one of those guys that I always thought was. A fun player to watch here in the NHL what are your last does kind of upset just like national. It's kind of what earmarks citing players a guy that a lot of people can talk about. And he'd just. Last to go back to the king HL did well over there won I won a championship he won two championships. But. Now he's coming back to cage Eric to the NH LPI and age of 35. Put a great if you woody came backlash here but. You know he he would have had to get traded he would have that it got traded from Detroit. And that there in Detroit and excuse me. New Jersey. Who's scrolling through Twitter here and saw that Detroit just made their pick. And they they took Jerry Kaiser could defenseman from Halifax cell actually. Nick at Detroit taking two players from the Halifax moose had in the Q. Taking of course Phillips a Dina. With day sixth overall pick in and they here at 3060 take your Buckeyes again defenseman. Picks are gone way off the port here fassel the sabres made their pick of bouts. 910 minutes ago and dirty to pick forty with Edmonton. Some notable names going off the board here early but. David amber from sports that expects global trucks he'll be similar to Patrick Marleau six point 25 million dollars. Per year for gotta hasn't played in the NHL for awhile. Okay. Good deal. You're a global truck going two kings and and it's in just made their picks here with the fortieth pick. And waiting to get. Pick here. And the team goes with Ryan McLeod. So the younger brother of Mikey McLeod who was drafted by the doubles two years ago in the first round Ryan McLeod now is gonna be heading out to an intent. It will drill pipe 51808552. But it was so that well while the weight. But for the Buffalo Sabres make their next pick with a 94 overall selection but of course. Buffalo with the first pick in the second round selecting defenseman the TS Daniel San from the US development program he will be heading to western Michigan. Next year and hopefully of course will be hearing from Samuelson coming up at some point with our own Paul Hamilton and knows they will get the chance to talk with Samuelson here coming up. On WGR industrial by 5188 by fifty to fight it do we that but more of day two coverage of the NHL draft right here break Wilson with you on WGR. All right back Sierra once again for deeds you coverage of the NHL draft on WGR Sports Radio 550. Bring Wilson here with you gonna take you all the way through until the end of round seven right now currently were pick number 45 in the second round. Boating while going 41 to the York islanders Jack Drury the nephew of Chris jury former Saber goes 42 to Carolina. Lo yuk in his realize that that is the not sound right. 43 the islanders are up again and they told Bruce line is a half. Our ish ish car hop in Asia could cause. They don't target. My out my Russian isn't exactly that great. Alvin Ericsson goes forty port of the Dallas stars and just recently actually at the 45 pick Scott Karuna bitch. The an American defense and goes 45 to the saint Louis blues furtive which actually was just in buffalo this past this past winner for the world junior championship playing for the US so Washington now on the clock with picks 46 and 47 that I will be up with pick 48 file like Columbus at pick 49. You know it's real fight 5188. By fifty to 550 are the numbers here if you have any questions had any comments about. The draft about. Trades why there isn't a trade yet. Weddings O'Reilly gonna get traded if he gets rated feel pretty Colin chime in with your thoughts were were open for discussion today we deathly want to get everyone's thoughts and a possible. I just wanted to bring up real quick about what was what's been said about the TS sandals and this is from the hockey news draft preview. And he was ranked number 31 by the hockey news so right around the area where he was drafted so. Matier Samuelson of course sixty Bayless sitting here 632 with sixteen and on NHL dot com he's 64218 but we'll stick with the 64. Here's what. The hockey news had to say a little bit of what they had to say about the T Samuelson if you want it he's a scout this year ask him beat to pick between Sanderson and teammate K Andre Miller who. I believe was selected. When he was like that got the tracker here just a second. Candor Miller was selected with the 22 pick by the New York Rangers Rangers traded up. Q 22 to get Kendry Miller cell. If you wanna ask between the two. Both team USA defensemen have axle resonates that are vastly different Miller has raw potential worse Daniel sin looks like a solid cut you can't fill prospect. He. Here's a quote from the scout he's going. To play for a long time top pairing or top four guy with a nasty streak soft hands high IQ and good folk work. He's the son of former NHL shell is any shell shell Samuelson that he is is committed to Western Michigan University where his older brother Lucas just completed his freshman season. But he is also captain team USA at the world under eighteens and there's just a lot to like about the kid that has so much going for him already. Another quote here from a from a scout quote he has sizing good poise with the puck. He can be he can keep the play going and he gets pucks through to the net. He has the make up to be a really good NHL defensemen. What I don't like is that he's casual he's gate he gets a little sleepy sun times. Problem is is that half. Any time that I read some scouting reports about players who play in the under eighteen program and that seems like a very generic. Reports scouting report on players that are playing and with the under eight with the under eighteen program at the gun from USA hockey. They're not consistent enough they're sleeping in in when they play and the guys they don't show up every night and seems like Kia. Seems varies all familiar I should say. Blessing they say here is assuming Samuelson can shore up that aspect of the game that dislike the sleeping as part. He's going to be very solid pro in the not too distant future. Coca. I'm good with that. Sign me up. Admits he has Samuelson the son of shell Sanderson who played over 800 games in the NHL. Is now buffalo sabre pick number 32 and hopefully coming up here soon we'll hear from. Samuelson with our own Paul Hamilton who of course is down Ian. Dallas right now life from the NHL draft fuel provide you with live coverage throughout the morning and into the afternoon. 8030551808552. Practically let's hear from Jason doctoral last night. So of course last night after the draft was over we had already gone off the air. Jason got drilled it was addressing the media after. Pending air really exciting day. For the Buffalo Sabres taking of course brass is Celine first overall box without the chance to speak with media here's some of what he had to say. You go through the process obviously. Nature's gonna make that the correct decision. And I thought our staff did an amazing job throughout the year and look let that there was only talented players talk the draft so. But there is always situation from the start of the year. Processor as a player that we're seeing Keon and we obviously look what he did on the ice. And keep it and meanwhile the race just the passion level that he has that you know. How humble Lee is this as a person. Just their exit of them farmers insurance. And I. No there's he's looking for a lot of feedback he's as an enthusiasm and passion for the game. And I know our fans and in buffalo are certainly in the exit Washington next few years but. Well. It. Now it's it it didn't surprise us at all. Obviously you're in our conversations with them has been extremely passionate about coming to buffalo here about new things about buffalo. Effectively spent the world juniors here I think was it was very nice and just it is understand the city a little bit pressure. But it's it's same for us that we can now talk about you know I think edited Dalton that he would talk specifically just. How much we like about things on the ice starts things off the ice can start now planning things this summer incorporated and preparation for the years of service sees her now. It. You. While it's just it's obvious to be part of him and you know it's a situation where. Going we were gonna have successfully recorded music we've become a more cohesive unit good to ease the family is as a group here. It is the one thing that I absolutely loved working for the clueless is how they treat my family. How they treat my wife my ticket to go girls and it's something that we're trying to treat here now to just put their players and management and not at so I don't obviously. A very. Exciting day for their family you think about all the sacrifices they've made as a family to get to this point and there's a lot of more work to be done but it should be a celebration it. Was there anything that you learned about him at the common interviewing that you didn't know that really. Do you love about him. Well look I think our our staff did a pretty good job gets normal that on the scene and given us information on things bite. You know just in sit down with them having dinner with them and just how articulate it was with even. The coolest you know sit down they're being able Lyndon. In this not been his first language it's still being able to communicate should blow them and just how polite he was about things and just. How is able there's particularly his feelings that you know. People that it's been a little bit intimidated they sit down with with the owners and it until team so. Just how he had himself a situation that was very impressive. I'll handle I. Think he's. Well it's obvious against. Today can be a big celebration we can have a moving on now and next week to it that are filming campers can be a lot of fun to see. But they get there and he's a young players teaching usual there's there's high expectations. Down the road but it's going to be imperative for us to protect him. And put human rights situation so we can have success and the draft is great thing it's you bringing you know. Players and you're edition of your very excited about its own projection now it's our job as an organization not just with restless but we're repaired tomorrow. To help them develop and achieve what people are talking about from expectations and wrong. It. And Selig your team a lot last year and might. Yeah. Look at but that that's why we were refine that you know I do believe he can come in contribute to our team. But. You can't expect me to you know that played its other teams' top lines irony in crucial situations all the time that's why. You know it's so critical for us and and knowing the success for team that we don't grasp this to have people like the ghost and people like Jay McKee healthy. As we have to surround with better players and department in the right situations to help his development. And we Russia had some players offer that a rarity. When Africa on the lottery which is great to see the bishop from that standpoint. We've had some discussions are they just. About those possibilities for us at that we'll have more discussion of that over the next couple of weeks here but we also have to understand. There will be a transition coming from Sweden too has states wanted to so I couldn't imagine myself and ET EG team going over Sweden. But he also after the seventh but the press was used in Arizona since at least fifteen the known zone since fifteen so it's something that they're very customers waited. Well I think it's a situation where there's always a lot of talking like we've talked about before sometimes. Think some Christians sometimes it's just it's nice talk but that's going on there. And you never know what things are gonna has set up possibly tomorrow or even next week as we've you know we've moved forward but. I think it was just in the situation where maybe after the first couple picks. A lot of teams lists for different so on one had to say or surprised more teams in trade up. But I also think well it seems as though they are gonna get one of the players are really like Poughkeepsie where Matt Harris. Isn't earned him. No no I you know we had some had communication throughout the day of some different things that. Overall we just enjoyed beacon hospice almost. Well that's a situation where rule. You know can go back and drove IT sin and rebellion with the temperature staff but we've always known. Did that number three to remain good quality player and there's still some players that we're very excited about this on the court we'll treat it a little bit more and make a final decision for certain drop off again tomorrow. All. Don't surprise me at all if you aren't teams Alter the same thing as they go back and sort of reevaluate things in the draft him. And sometimes Muslim Marxist and delicately that player still there on and look look look and that's a situation we'll talk to the team to see if if we make a movements. Ethical had to make a pick tomorrow we're friction book a couple of players that could have. It. These aren't. I think we'll be in the coming up it's. Arm. I'm well aware of the passion level that era are fantastic and you know as as Applera fell to witnesses that are exactly but in the team I still felt it coming into buffalo and I saw this year obviously it was in our team. But you talk about one buffalo the passion when the bills made the playoffs and we're well aware we have a lot of work to be done here in buffalo and it's been tough to beat out Buffalo Sabres fan. But. Today is not something to look on the past days is an exciting day for our organization and no little skill that Rasmussen is gonna bring to our organization for years to come. But you see I think you've seen in his quotes hoax it is a come to the city. Can be part of not only vote will be part of the sabres organization you're part of our community and that gets. The coolest thing gets me very exit. All right that's Jason ball from last night's. We will hope to hear from Jason Bob troll once again later on today after the date to. Out the NHL draft has come to an end. It's real fight 518550. Q 550 here are the numbers as the NHL draft continues to roll along here. The Buffalo Sabres of course taking the TS Samuelson and with pick number 32 in the second round. Sabres now will not have a pick until the fourth here as the second round continues to roll Long Will catch up a little bit on some of the notable names that you may recognize in the in the second round here. Let's see John John it's an bear brand goes off the board right after Mitzi Sanderson with the second big the second round he goes to Detroit. Then Detroit goes Jerry Kaiser to defenseman from Halifax it will join his teammate from juniors. Is Phillips and Dina along the way jet will one of the more interest in fund names of the NHL draft jet will he goes to Vancouver with the 37 overall pick. Ryan. Excuse me rhyme MacLeod of course the younger brother of Mike you MacLeod of the New Jersey double those fortieth. To the Edmonton Oilers boating while the name that we had all kind of talked a little bit about. Lot was and he went 41 overall the New York Islanders. Jack jury again the nephew of Christian jury goes to Carolina as much as that really hurts to saint. He goes 42 overall a couple of other notable names here Jonathan it tight chop it patriotic he's a defenseman from. Western Canada. Good moving defenseman young Arab smaller but still good puck moving skating defense and he goes to Ottawa pick 48 a kill Thomas goes fifty one's the LA kings. And the last few picks here. Kalin Addison goes 53 to Pittsburgh. Then we have Ben wa Libya gruel Hugo 54 to Anaheim Kevin ball goes 55 to the Arizona coyotes and Jakob Olsen. Goes 56 to the Montreal Canadians eat 030551808550. To 550 when we come back from. The latest. Buffalo Sabres pick. That is matier San is that he had the chance to speak with Paul Hamilton. He will we will get that for you coming up next here. As we roll along with DE two of NHL draft coverage right here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Or. I welcome back here day two coverage of the NHL draft on WGR Sports Radio 550. Britain will sit here with you. Create UT San you'll see an injustice sack and he met with the media including Paul Hamilton down and Dallas. Just wanted to. Remind you that our. Draft coverage here on WGR Sports Radio 550 is presented by low seeing Kenji workers' compensation personal injury attorneys working hard for hard working western new Yorker. And brought you in part by outlet Laker soccer and by Al ross' throw your screening printing. And implore you to read means we did have a trade recently. Balls and anything special. Pittsburgh moving up. Let's see. Six spots yes six spots. In lieu of six spots. It's from 64 of 58 meals to give up an initial pick lead Iran in the draft and with that pick of course they took Philip Hollander Swedish Saturn and and currently on the clock right now Vegas with their first pick of the entire draft and it's pick number. Thirty yet it's the second the last pixel were almost done with the for the second round of the draft already and we had into the third round of the buffalo will come up with the first pick in the fourth round and then we'll have an additional peck. In the middle part of the fourth round that's Minnesota's fourth pick that was as part of the Marcos Kendall trade. That we will be seeing buffalo select here he'll real by 51808550. To fight it these are the numbers here if you wish to get a hold of us. Coming apple here from the TS Samuelson we give back from the break. Also we will continue to cover are the NHL draft here for you as we are closing in on the end of the second round. Will be approaching the third round very shortly here and of course LB kicked off with Minnesota picking with. Buffalo steak at number 63. And it that'll kick off the third round action here so one hour rain and we have already got the second round pretty much all wrapped up here. In Dallas in of course will be live with you all the way through and we will continue on with. The NHL draft coverage coming up next for you here I also wanna talk about trades because there's been a huge lack in trades and hopefully they'll be something coming up especially now regularly called trucks off the market but. The real person that we have to worry about is John Burris will get more of that we compact. Need a real fight 5180855550. Listening to sports sought Saturday the special edition of sports such Saturday the NHL draft addition. With less operate Wilson dare Kramer's rankings on the board listening to WGR.