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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, June 28th

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Tell you play in the offensive zone compared to the defense of zone offensive on the three win the game. There's less chance for amber check camera check for the in the December. Right Jack went back trick here again. Have a third boy could probably ever threaten passage dander jacket there's a discussed it goes straight there at Jerry Smith and big gap believe it happened at a four nothing lead. Roby in the late Ted darling talking about they dead or chuck we're gonna get to the David numbers in a moment and how that affects. Jack eichel who the sabres can talk to about an extension come Saturday signed him if they want. We are joined on the AT&T hotline by former sabre and now hall of Famer Dave Vander chuck when this year on WGR David Howard Gerri good morning and congratulations. Traveling guards are very much not required. Quite a world where in the last couple of days like it's just kind of also think in the end it's. Pretty special. I was wondering about and it's been almost 48 hours since you got the call. So what what are what are even thinking about what's been going through your mind these last couple days since you were told you were going and. Yeah or yesterday didn't do much and just side around the house. We actually. Little like your forty dinner that night. So why don't last very. Which most of our employees and today about our prospects camp. Or watched got a little bit short kind of business as normal by. There's still a little bit different feeling underwater there a couple of critical. The you know what what what was Monday like for you you've been through this before you've had those days are here waiting for the phone to ring. What was this one like was it any different was it the same. Well the last few have been pretty much the same I mean I really I think you know after the first couple years and you know that next Hugh. I looked pretty tense moment not wearing that day. But the last couple notes three or four years there have been just kind of business as normal. I'm hoping that I get the call. To be honest you are really. Had no idea the process of what and whatnot all our arms. I'm sure you know where they announcement. You know 3 o'clock but I didn't really know what the call was. Got a lot of technology on Sunday night smaller party saying. Did you get the call that your regarding its salt salt. Turf thought it was over and sure enough you know 2 o'clock hour or. Led McDonnell called me and I doubt I don't know what the process. Dirt a few words. I'm sorry devers aggression though the last I mean did you figure. I'm gonna get and it's a matter of when or were you ever like worried that it might not happen. Not really know I I kind of figured it was her copper this you know I. You know the numbers are bare and talking to. You all onto bodies. Over the last couple years. You know I just knew what their I am I'm really not that my family especially my error. Argued you really want this drag on bird Mormon moment I will still be able to enjoy it. Are what you which would which they can really he's got. I would go to the wait is over I'm not a word about it anymore it's we're look to or November. With David and chuck on the AT&T hotline so you're playing and I I don't I don't mean this as an insular saying the other day. When I watched it was a player I never really thought this this guy's gonna be in the hall of fame but you go on to put up all these great numbers. When did you start thinking about it do you ever think about it as a player when you top 500 goals when you topped 600 goals when you won a cup at what point did you think. In an up I'm going to be in the hall of fame. We honestly you don't really think about it. I don't know another guy there with it what they were over talk such. I don't think my game on your Alter it here and the wind chill out. Each other major gene better. Bob I guess you retired in historical look at the numbers they're so it's thought that I like quality. I think I might have a chair but well you play I really don't think about the shelf. You know what you look thought you know martyr brigade and lot slower. You know I can certainly remember children approached by her all partnership. Ticket bears are unbelievable 500 calls. Note to take it that I would buy dot number this article is. That's one thing out as obscures about Dave I think anybody in your position when they get an honor like this I would assume at some point. There are so many people in your career who they're there's they're passenger your brain you're thinking about all these people have an impact on your career to the point where you are now in the hall of fame. What do you think about from your time in buffalo. How well we're early days for sure hope there are you know. Very core rapper Jim shot shuttle obviously the next error when you are right or you know. You know Oprah tutors certain. You know and then all of our bodies are you know John talker not a great so obviously. You know normal call mean those early days and bought or were really real special tortilla. I definitely look spot on though. Right away. Go to the guy who got me on the top right you know a guy like Rick where's your guilt or in order reaching 1940 years old B. Those were special times or they had dark. You know I would applause and reaching all cheer let there weren't thirty. I never really moved out of the area shall you know I I grew up there who they are such special. Did you have a number of text messages that you got a how many what was the number on the. I'll I mean I got a fight with a lot of guys right like you don't worry you're only should he go art I had over 500. As. Some players alone club which was just overwhelmed really really overwhelming every lot of guys. You know that's Saturday Renault is still your number. But. Congratulations. I really wish it was it was really really hard so although although it. The support that I got off it was it would not really I'd better not try to what I did yesterday were just agricultural all the all the messages that. It was shall call. Did you get back to all 500 is on the to do list and Obama later. That the arts are Smart golf and sport or if and remember mark start our secure. It straight or not your Twitter link here and ignore everything shoots and it's been really really got the real. I dialogue pile up on change for example he thought is sort the call also urged all options or he's working. You know actually proposed date issue or are you sure it's really really important that we don't does. But it worked side it it would really be over there was. Surveillance pictures. Is your chair put into words that are the support. So what was. Day before I let you go you brought up when you're taught about buffalo you mentioned Phil Housley would love to get your thoughts. On the guy who is now the sabres head coach. Yeah no I think you really do it ought to watch your not at all we were out here. We had a good conversation about you know there's. Current coaching career was really in part or much else. You know there's under eighteen. And what he started. Talked a little bit to Bret Peterson at the time to vote in the house bill at all insult at the very. I think it's great move or really do a novice users who also won't go him I think he's ready so that next up for you to respected guy. That those guys who play forestall. You can relate to those younger players but also law thought I'm looking forward to watching him. You know there are always a few more are the possible search. Well congratulations again and now make sure you tell all your bodies if you're out in Republican friends are introducing you to other people they have to say this is my friend hall of Famer Dave Andreychuk not just this. Danny that I'm I'm having a hard slowing not respectful. Well congratulations again. Thank you David hall of Famer Dave and chart joining us on the AT&T hotline here on WGR. Going in as the clay in the class of Tony seventeen.