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Wednesday, June 13th

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Slope kicking off 21 days of camp starting on July 26 with the team's usual locations ranging from saint John Fisher College to new Arab field. Our Osaka populace more details on training camp and for more on that story visit every jar by fifty dot com for the lowdown is it's going eighteen season inches closer. Elsewhere in the NFL jets' offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates says a third overall pick Sam Arnold is definitely in the running to start we won. Based on on to say quote we're throwing everything Adam and if he can handle it than that will take place from the time comes. Reader running back. DeMarco Murray reportedly turned down a tryout with the saints Adam Schechter stated that the bettered his patiently waiting for the ideal opportunity. The league is not expressed much interest in the thirty year old as his last team visit came back in March with the dolphins. The World Cup will be returning to North America a three headed bid at the US Mexico and Canada beat out Morocco for hosting rights to the 20/20 six festivities. But the the first time that the US and anyone else in North America for that matter get to host the World Cup since 1994. This will also mark the record setting third time Mexico has been a host and first since 1986. A miner who was maiden hockey today to kings and lightning swap some depth pieces goaltender Peter boot guy is returning to LA in exchange for forward India Andrea off. Would I appeared just eight games for Tampa Bay last year posting an 876. Save percentage. The buys his finish up their ten game road swing this evening the team has gone five and four away from Coca-Cola field during this stretch. They'll wrap up before him setting as the eye and takes in just moments at 705 you can hear that game over on ESPN fifteen point. And several games in the majors departing on final the break shut out the Mets to nothing the rays walked off the blue jays won nothing the brewers like the cubs you guessed it one nothing. The Red Sox downed the Orioles five to one. And the pirates are currently being the Diamondbacks five to three. It's hoagie hump day we hash tag hope he hump day today at WGR 550 for your chance to win eight point five dollar gift card to Jim stake yup and never miss breaking sports news again. Download the new radio dot com app and favorite WGR Sports Radio fight fifty today it's brought you by Geico local office west Seneca. For WGR on Kyle Powell for breaking sports news text the word sports to fight 5550. He saw a nightcap with Ryan gates and the owners. There is enough. None cap on WGR. Sports Radio 515 here. Welcome into the nightcap Jody the Osce once again with you tonight. Kyle Powell joining me in studio. You probably heard him doing the F sports updates over the past few weeks during the afternoon show and it's a much of our Wednesday. Mike too far in the house. That you hated the wrestler. Kind of race of the little bit so it. That that's the theme song for Ted DB Osce the only other human being on planet earth that I know it's not in my family. With the same last name. Or he's at least the only famous person in the same Blackberry guys that's wrestling scenes who'd us. The million dollar man. Of your better ones it's RA it's close I've heard about a country. 8030550. Is the phone number we know we're gonna talk about tonight. So we kind of wing it. First time I really thought about doing that is when it even happens. Not really about it and thoughts were and go we're gonna here at 730. We're gonna be joined by channel four it's WI DB's nick still policy talk a little Ryan O'Reilly little Saber city sparkles and bills and as well they had their second date of mandatory mini camp today. And a wrap up tomorrow and then it's on a training camp. Bottom of the weight training camp schedule came out today and what was what was pointed out to me by. Former nightcap. Host Bryan gates who stopped in to a sense paperwork today he points out to me in the training camp schedule for the bills. That there are some are some special base. Sunday July 29 Christmas in July. Wednesday August 1 princess and superhero de. Toughness awesome Thursday August 2 wild west day. Sunday August 5 military appreciation day nice Tuesday August 7 one buffalo day. And then Tuesday August 14 is pirate game and pirate day is got to be the best one of them was rate pirate day. I'm looking very much forward to going to training camp on Tuesday August 14 drastically Jack Sparrow. When the local racetracks does that and that's the beauty their biggest night panic while forest is pirated Alia. The fans. Now we had a interesting discussion to before the show started here the Christmas in July on Sunday July 29 at training camp that practices at 8:45 AM. Who was Santa Claus it's got to be Kyle Williams right. Scott Phillips now here's a thought for sure now it's got to because you got it here you gotta do health. Harrison will. Harrison Phillips is certainly an Al I'll go to Santa clause which is Kyle Williams delegates lately you know helped bring me this dad yet okay then they clearly he's called sleeps. Went out well today. Danica and helpers the Santa's helpers of nature like. Yet that he had a similar beacon toys Ayers they're saying they're generous helpers. The saintly here indentured servants at the very least OK that will will will look at the Gaza be a reindeer. You know I like it they threw the star princess in with a superhero today. That need school we had their own day in that apartment a Makinen. Grudge over that princess and superhero today also good one wild last. American Samoa in the east themed practices. And I wonder how much the bills players will get into them I hope I hope that they do. Could see Josh you don't drop back pass dress like a pirate. Shoot to kick it has an actual cannon that he fires football down to whoever's. Running open down field. When a subway car start firing guns in the air if they score a touchdown for a while last day. Be fine there would be you can not check out the Buffalo Bills tree can't schedule on a website WGR fight to deduct power to do it. At the bills Twitter handle or do our Twitter at WGR. 550 you wanna get involved showed tonight calls it approved by fifty Texas. By 55 fit your tweet at us at DB Osce WGR. I was gonna talk a little bit more about O'Reilly tonight but there's a lot of reaction. To last night show. Where I I put some cereal rankings out there. Puts a serial rankings out there and they were met with large large amounts of criticism. Hogwash. Has been a term thrown around. My top five with three c.'s boss lucky charms I puts mores in there. Due to public opinion might have taken out never heard of it it's my it's one of my favorites but. I'm sure I didn't it's I didn't term says. My favorite cereals Ira termed the says the definitive Siro rankings so maybe some more should have to be taken out of that three spot. Honey Nut Cheerios and a touch in their four count chuck chalky. I am not touching. Seasonal yes delicious yes over cocoa puffs is Coco pops at the university told a house is an average chocolate cereal. Count Jack does matter yes sort cocoa pebbles that it does the list goes editorials and the Orioles so. Believe that three spot open. Have been a lot of suggestions. A lot people are coming at me with honeycomb. And I'm a fan upon your eyes and a helmet silent. All golden grand getting a lot about Wimbledon and some cinnamon toast crunch. Now now now if it came down right Christie's if he's got about Simon talks drug screening golden Graham's adding that would have to be that the frosted flakes weren't lakes Wheaties this isn't that when you're Ausmus frosted Cheerios. Frosted Cheerios real mean nothing Iran's right at Hahnemann it's been years their their elite cheerio there and chair there and Richard. If you would hope that any thoughts on cereal or of course open to that. In a real fight it. Eat I do wanna give back into the right a rally saga though. We're gonna do that with nick Phil Powell ski in. Fifteen minutes or so. Not really locked coming out today on it but. We're getting closer and closer to the draft single digits now nine days away. Next Friday and I think the feeling around the city the feeling around fan base is. Becoming pretty clear that while not I don't think there's a lot people up they're like okay we have to treat this guy has that happened. Everyone's kind of in the middle were willing to do it we understand the value in doing it. But. You know what. If they don't trade will be fine. And I I could go both ways right now I think a lot of people could go both ways I'm looking to see. And when this next team that's going to vote should jump into these rumors it is because I think Vancouver's not a legit. Team this I'd do you think Montreal as I do think Carolina's. And now there's odds on write a rally being traded he's more likely carnival Bada. To be dealt Benny has to be on the team. You can bet. You can bet on the front Reilly well. You you can you can bet on it for a rally is going to be back with the team. So what are your thoughts if you're up by fifty do you think that this is something that savers actually need to do what your feeling BP's on the roster day one night one. I'd be okay oh that I think he's going to be the number two senator that's the scenario and it's. You know we talked so on the afternoon showed today a lot of talk about if there was any Joseph read draft. Where Darlene go we're up -- its costs and a lot he would be top ten for Fisher and that's the other thing that I think. Is. Making me realize they could afford to not. Keep right rally around is. I would think this is the year Jack Michael takes a big step and the comparison I would use to that. Is Nathan can and for Colorado Tony two year old signer he was the first overall pick in 2013. Similar. Stature. He came in as a generational prospect Jack article came in as a generational prospect you look at McCain and first three years in the league for four years in the league. He really didn't do them much. His goal totals in his first four seasons were point for 142116. Jack cycle three years and its views his career Tony four point four point five. McCain and took that jump ADH 22. Michael's 122 this season and I think he did it with lesser supporting cast off per share. And McCain and jumped from sixteen goals in 53 points. 239 goals in 97 points that's the type to jump I think maybe we should be expecting from Michael but. We need to hope that its employees can make a jump like that go from say a sixty point player to eighty. High ninety's. Low ninety's even. Get a bubble point game. 64 point 267 games last season. If you're play. 75 games can he gets in ninety. I think that's the jump you need to be looking for and if you get that jump. Suddenly. That. Intensity. Of bringing Wright or Riley into the fold. As your second line center. It's it's not as important. Important the were knows it's not as important he's your second most consistent score but if you're number one score has taken a jump like that suddenly. Maybe you can afford having avocation middle set your number two in the B less pressure on him because if you're number one center is getting. I don't know. Forty goals. Ninety points. Suddenly you don't need that second guy to be doing quite as much especially ice time and Riley we know that he's always been out there. That's my thoughts right now and rightly. More serial. Debate going on a Twitter now. Pat mallet Karl chimes and lucky charms it's not even close and discuss. I always knew he was my fear Verizon's broadcaster. The high fifties because of lucky charms or charms but they're not number one the -- With a margin over one. Now you don't aim one players you know leisure did you know you can now buy lucky charms that are all marshmallows. That's too much that's gross that takes away at it. The genuine what is there that's my point. Because. Also aggressively it has to be can't stand alone game needs a supporting cast. The marshmallows need a supporting cast I love the marshmallows I think that's what makes lucky charms great but he need a supporting cast they can't. Be successful on their own. So I'm I'm taking book turned down packed Reese's puffs. And fine. All agree I think we can't 'cause our hurry it spots that's just me. Because the candy is so good it is you know. Recent spots are reliant on the each other he triggering a chopped up their capital ought to take a way to peanut butters their cocoa puffs. News of which aren't peanut butter crunch talks about a crutches delicious you take the people are weighing their cocoa puffs goggles are good too much in morning. When you eat your cereal. You you chop apparently. Alia. Is also us in more parity agree another great serial I won't have that eye is crave. Which is clearly jest. It's just real it's talked to talk about. I think it's I got corn flakes I I quickly Sabena meaning you defer cooking recipes two it's a classic it's got that rooster. Named. I don't know who brought the point. Currently has Asia. It's like prostate corn I I can respect frosted flakes they can do with corn flakes well I would I would still give tipping it to court which frosted flakes meted. Because you know that's just more sugar on top of the court likes. Tre Evans were gonna hear from early later on in the show. There's not much more than can be said all it is now which is bashing my top five over and over you have taken your door audio and then that's your. On the we are in your entering Edmonds bills linebacker later in the show welcome back to the nightcap here on WGR Sports Radio 550 Jody the Osce Kyle pol like you far Wednesday. Frothing and out serve at the end of that last segment and some tactical difficulties but I think we got to figure. He should be. Virtually a playback that a train Edmonton view from earlier today bills first round rookie linebacker. By all accounts is looking really good so far many capture shorts teacher. Can't take away too much but he's probably going to be this team's starting middle linebacker. You can you be taking either right he got interception off Josh Allen does good and bad in the same thing seem to seemly. Micah Hyde with tip yesterday in mini camp. Edmonds gets the interception. Here's the first round Brooking out of Virginia Tech joining John Murphy Steve tasker. Earlier today honor airwaves on one bill's life. First round draft pick remain Edmonds from Virginia Tech linebacker Jermaine good every year we talked on the phone at your drafted now that junior Patrick remind you we appreciate it and that's how to go to what you think. It was good another good day at work you know is getting better every year every day. You know it's not perfect Democrat. Steve's tired hearing me say this but I say a lot. They're asking a lot for minority. We you have to admit it but they're asking a lot from you governor right from college at a at a very young age and stepping in here that just plain but count them. Managing what goes on out there defensively with the first team. Yeah I mean this is this a big staff everybody has sought to discuss transition from college today and if on the economy and mistakes out there and I think. The no more things is a min today like you you know you not going to be perfect out there you gotta learn from these mistaken. You know move forth from there what's the you know what's the biggest been the biggest challenge for is have been the complexity of the answer how. The speed of the installation now what's been the biggest adjustment. I just learn and everything I think that's how it is with every new system that someone's and you know even in college you know it's this you gotta get that system down pack in game you not think things historically can't you know you stop my fast and and and things happen that way. Between we've talked to you about this before with chemical acted draft night for cited draft first round. Bills of Marty made a big splashy move move up to get the quarter catch him. What what where were you in what was it like we were you home if we have Virginia Tech we only project I was actually at the draft Jordan error our standards are as. No I am a fan me there and in with our seven minutes on just waiting for the call him what is the draft went down to you know where you came up yet you think it's coming my tent coming your soon that would mean I was ready. I was very different things that. You know from from the beginning hundreds rabbits it's alike got picked it today and other you know houses I was ready now is is ready to see what happens and where and how that McCain be more proud to be when what do you think when the bills me that treat him for a team to treat to get to you indicates that what they think it means a lot to me. You know just to see me as the type player to fit their system and you know I can be more thankful for the opportunity in take for evidence of what your dad says former dolphins that your horrible awful. He was as happy as he native rain and it I don't know former animosity generally did say it's principally. But you know nothing bad about he was just happy you know support and stuff for visitors kilos. Different for home guys is this your home field right yet. Oh yeah. Tell me about your Brothers and the Steelers mini camp this week as well. I believe so there are among the astronauts are Yemeni count every day he talked he reached I try to talk them every day both my Brothers you know try to save a little summit is not markers on Moscow as a kind of different. Maybe sort of protection and I'm always on the forward but maybe you should much sexier everything going and move for from her house have been going off of it like in the classroom in the film study and you've been. You're in the defense of room here work with the coordinator mean how's that been going with the film study with the groups in the position groups also and that tongue in defense of meetings and talk talk about the atmosphere and and the attitude guy's got command and goes yeah I think it helps out a lot because you know someone a veteran guys you know they they do on a whole lot of communication and there. And I you know talking about what they see out there on the field and is good for us young guys to hear that so weak it. You know here before we actually did split out there on the do we can already have a feel for. And I just acts in all our courses and there are indeed everything. You know corrected so we can take to the foods you feel like your kitchen because these guys are illnesses there a year into this system I mean not changed much indeed couple players and their a couple of veterans who also like you brand new into the system so it. Do you feel like your kitchen up to those guys Imus a long way to go right. Yeah disarm every day it's you know just study in my study monitor you. And I just couldn't control of the things that I can and has his meat market in the playbook and making sure implements arm. Tell me about some learning your assignments you know you were got here a couple of Steve's that a couple weeks after the veterans. We're here they throw playbook catcher how much more work if you had to do to kind of get used to what's in their playbook and understand what. You got to do a lot you discuss that is that is starting and openness and more pain you know. Whatever it takes to get that thing down pat you gotta make you dormant. And you know is different things but you know his ministry needed now so it's. A little bit about you know we got out there I mean obviously. You know you. When you first got here how did you find out like this in your guy your top guy on the dip depth chart I mean how to they tell you like. How they communicate with you about the role you're gonna play which seems to be right in the middle of everything I mean years they've put everything on your plate. And how they tell you that how would they say. I mean it's kind of just you know just keep stressing the fact that I got to communicate out there you know I'm I'm I'm I'm you know I'm in the middle so I gotta make sure I'm communicating out there it's a civil defense in. You know it's a lot of guys and exceed on your assignment that's the one thing they told me as well also make sure do that in maegashira get a job. So. You college defense isn't in your learning the playbook of aches and the defense in and you basically have to repeat it everybody right even tomorrow. Yet but what about other than that I mean do you are you with appoint now you can notice things and say. A shape this way you're eight take a half step back or something record will that take some time to get to that level of your understanding of the Stevenson and start moving guys around it. Yes definitely you not guy got some things down you know just trying to take a step every day you know in those type a things down pat you know sort of star recognize images react and but you know like I said I'm I'm I'm didn't. I'm understanding the defense more every day and I think that's going to be and for me. Yurt twenty years old right yet armed your plane with you know children's whoever tendered Kyle Williams or fifteen years old and you hear any hesitation at all kind of move them around tell them what you see what you do what you sense what you think people should do. No sir I'm me in this game you gotta be firmer which you say and I want to make a decision has got to go would it. And and so you know that's what I'm doing out there allowed back on those dots for help and advice while I'm out there are so they don't good job with that and can thank him enough. We asked Josh Alice listen after this week you know you're kind of they capture she got the building for like six weeks until you training camp very become anxious to make may be taken deep breaths a camera to sit down and kickback for just a man knowing what your plans are for the next six weeks after this week is over to get out of this building go back and start train you know and taking you stay in shape and mean are you kind of ready for that. No I think I think we are common it was not really very I mean it's a break but at the same time you gotta be logged in and because when we come back is going to comment. Gotta make sure you have everything down packed and I think that's going to be a lot of his break does me. Maegashira get back in the book you know stand in shape and things like that you know channel my Brothers. And estimated to account for me as we can both we can all talk about. We viewed gaming from office aside differences it's a break is not a break. It's. Featuring your your play is. You're yet teammates noticing it we have Lorenzo here on the set a couple weeks ago he said. I don't hear this or that he said to me is going to be all pro performer and a couple of years. Com why teller college teammate of yours from Virginia Tech on her show just last week sets up the news effect that I said Duma. You know how did you know that in Virginia Tech victories going to be good and he said just look at. What do you think when you get teammates noticing your play and how you look at what you've done wonders what are very short time. Appreciate it. You know about. A lot more wrongful for improvement. And I you know things that I have to get better with you know us on the set out to get down. And so you know in order from footers team you know to take the next step is just on the about everybody's is out there you know communicating everybody out their plan is one. And that's going to be my my my responsibility for myself to making sure I have my son in down. And all the stuff that you've been through all the drills and all the stuff now 1111 you watched who if you noticed. From just offense and defense was it was him there is that while it as a really good among the viewers for their abilities and their you know like like wow I never saw anything like this Virginia Tech kind. Well for me right now is this is Connor everybody on this loses you know just meet China. I'm kind of locked him Tomas on there right now so you know I see a lot of guys out there making big plays and and things like death from both sides so. It's kind of hard for me it is just you know. Give you a couple of names but. This is this is a lot of market is going to we talked about locking out your assignments we're going to do that when did you start doing it to be that serious and that focus on what. Was being massive. I think getting engaged. Both my parents did a good job with that exists always kept our heads on straight. Just speaking on my desk since he played in the lead just just told me at a young gays would have to be successful. And I he was my coach and high school so it'd be several times when I want to do other things it. But he said no we've got to watch them so this is this I've learned a young gays that. I mean you've got to sacrifice sometimes and you know that's the number one thing did you make sure you focus. You think when you get playing here regular season I guess we are making pre season would you. Would you deck and watch film now or we can all get film all point to fill you think he'll compare notes with him what do you see here what did you see there maybe be valuable re. Source I'm pretty sure our producer is always the last on the said the my game just like in college. It is on its in my benefit like is going help me out to see and what he sees because he played tight end so soon we see from office perspective. Slacken applied to my game so I'm pretty sure would be tone. Would definitely gonna do. And get engaged. I got a brother played in Pittsburgh and your Brothers at the saints season. When Leonardo has put up a figure they have figured it out administered and out my whole life so we have three different spots now. Hey I'm gonna do whatever it is they always are planned for us. Is there like if you tell me about the rivalry here that the competition between your your brother's I mean you're all playing in the league now mean you. I mean you got up like compare like you gotta measure yourself against your brother how they're doing what they're doing is Ernie that door on you guys get get this Thanksgiving dinner and say. I had a better year that you did. Right I don't I don't know what's gonna happen initiative has you know there's been efforts that we are in the lead some nationalist I have on most can be a little bit it's on target. Read a little bit reflected on you know will be you've been through and you know you're out of the driveway playing hoops against each of these units off. Oh yes we always talk like perfect right now. And the train a couple of years ago the Gradkowski you know rob had two other Brothers playing in the Lee Christmas played in the league and Danny was put in the league all three at once. Ever called talking on the big grip run here. Did you guys into as I said to him did you guys anticipate this would ever happen they're like. Well yes this was the plan Ottawa this is the plan the Edmonds family to have you when your Brothers in the NFL the same time. I was there was definitely plan that was our plan professional ball whatever was. And we all played multiple sports. So so you could choose NBA NBA you know we could never you know you can't put its that would of the by the stake and so yeah you don't know one wants to be a basket Butler won't be a football player but like I say we are played on those sports. We we ought to be allowed Goran have so. We are wonderfully professional balsa wood over that was note though they have always been a part 48 and you think you got something now playing multiple sports I always thought as well I mean I've iPhone is great to have. You'll kids choose one sport not play anything else and you do you agree with that. Which you've been better office better served as maybe pick in just football you're shall never planes you know not think is good this is my perspective but I think is gonna plan multiple sports discuss. You don't know like with those of us was have offered so if you just so alias of the plea wants sport. Did and I mean you miss not own mate will be what may be an opportunity for yourself and I say from there you can kind of pick and choose was when he won a plea which one that your assessment after law there through. What is your question about. Yourself as a player. And I know you're gonna want NC I gotta get better understand that but right now what's the best thing you think you do what's that. The biggest thing that you provide the Buffalo Bills right now encourage your skills what do you do well. I think I'm talk Vatican did. You know doubts on Vatican do low. I think you know talk about some nonsense that grossly you know not being able to bending knees but you know I think I can get low. It I do a couple of bad here a month 56 weeks now leaving the highlighted. You know but I got them off famine I haven't really done much is because you know there is kind of a moving fast kind of been locked in and so. It's been trying to get my son is down and things like this I really haven't have a whole lot of chances to actually explore but from what I've seen everything's opinions on. We're glad you're here we're glad you're locked in we encourage you to take a look around buffalo as talented and you know beer while we are open. Drink thanks for this a good luck to you we pray for me thank you pursuit. There is Jermaine Edmonds bills first round pick sixteenth overall out of Virginia Tech he will most likely be the bills starting middle linebacker come week one. Against Baltimore we're gonna continue our tour around the bills' locker room from. Locker today after practice the two of mandatory minicamp here Jerry Hughes maybe Kyle Williams rank growing cable and play. At Yarborough all of that coming your way. Jody B Osce. I'm a much far Wednesday that I kept you listening WG for the back to the nightcap funny Mike just Fareed Wednesday. Jody B Osce in the gang hanging out here for the next hour so. Buffalo Bills wrapping up their second day of mandatory minicamp to date down at one bills drive bile accounts Josh you know look pretty good. Got a cannon on. His right shoulder. All of savvy veteran Kyle Williams still sticking around fickle I don't know which. It's a 35. Year old man hole. However I spoke to media after today's practice he is coming back. For at least one more season here's bill that's tackle with the media. No I know them by filled me in on that when we are out of practice and I haven't seen it so. Hopefully there's some good things and you know some the last hour there. Would you pick up to picket the would you pick short practice. Thank you I Kyle just you know so far with us some of the changes on the defense of lining the addition of star. Would it be seen from this unit is altering. I think all the Gaza we've added in half million kind of come and seamlessly and you know taken everything in stride in good players the united some pins in drafted paerson. I think of the officers had a really good spring so. There's been there's been a lot of positive things coming out this spring in which have to build on it and you know as we go through training camp and even into the season. Speaking at Harrison some people like kind of calling India kind of the mini mini me preferring to use sort of buck what do you see for himself. Not think he's done a good job you know is Smart and everything you're trying to get the ruling that what we're science the world speak in the same language and you know I think that thing is that he's gonna continue to learnings entity get better the more reps he gets. You know even all the way through the season and you know as it puts years of his career what you learned about this next six weeks after tomorrow obviously you know we Heidi hi. Are you have to approach things before you get into training camp. Well you know try to encourage everybody he would take a little bit of break. Especially you know rookie guys you know as they're going from. Bowl game to Senior Bowl come on trying to become bind it is me camp. You know your rookie years is long this year ever imminent never really stops almost a full calendar years of try to tell them take a little bit of time refresh your mind your body a little bit. And then raptor workouts as we get in the training camp because those guys and Lawrence which you had changed in the fact it your all the your body changes and you have a feeling that's grown as well. Well you know my family's great because they really when it comes of this what we do they allow me to go out chase it and you know. And you know its use of our backseat but they really just kind of fly around of me and everything knows that there revolves around this as far as they go they're great thumb. I've learned the altar of gotten the things that I need to build up in to make myself to be the player wannabe. So learn to work smarter hasn't gotten older brother and just a lot of all humans. As lost as Richie and Eric and tire out some of the guys other than yourself that are considered big leaders on this team last year who had you seen kind of step up and fill that. I mean there's a number guys you know that you've seen offensively that have done that. But those those guys are gonna could continue continue to rise to the top through. What they've done this spring as we go in the training camp and when the real bullets are flying you know in the pre season in the regular season so. You know. The guy with the C is not always the guy that has to be the leader mean we need a lot of guys that can set the tone as set an example of whole Gaza Campbell what we're doing. You personally how are you feeling in your decision to come back. Vernon and they know that was up in the air and Olathe. You know I've gotten reservations Angela being around. The city and in this team and play in this game you know I mean I still. You know 35 years old are still. Have enjoyed going out there are cracks in football in getting after competing with guys and you know I don't know that out I ever dive you know I'm I'm really good place US. And yes. He. Meets. The a lost art that's. House like you view that. A guy like yours and felt so common. There's always expectations. What's out what's impressed you guys his work ethic and I think he's he's coming and tried obvious bonds which is the most important thing unity. He would young guys and you know and you get some you know maybe you hear more than steal you know and he's a guy that if he's trying to so could a piece from the learn. He's in good position where. You know where I'm at my career when I have I'm gonna try I'm China's foreign him and teach him everything that I can't. To help him be the best because in my opinion. If the better we can make him the better our football team is going to be now and in the future and a minimum of Buffalo Bill forever so black and watch him. You know go on and on and on. I'm port allotted to the world were all kind of bouncing things off each other but he's done a good job of reasonable and accurate you know next year old after this right now I'm trying to figure out what this afternoon holds on. I you know I'm I don't put anything. Put anything out there and nothing concrete you know it found a way have been in my career you know Monaco album from the stuff on today some of the best like him today and we'll figure everything else. What about McDermott's alters. The bills so quickly. Or. Well I mean I think it's something your continually building because you're adding you guys. Whether it's free agency draft you know you're trying to take a core group of guys that have been here that have been around it. Are kind of emerged and they're trying to teach it and bring other guys along so. You know we're kind of early and that I mean I think that type of Gaza drafting bring an end. Kind of reflect that stuff out hardworking guys guys that are you know eager and willing learns. You know we're gonna continue to try to build this team we've got you know. Five or six weeks of camp before you play in a game so. We still a lot of time left to get this the steam iron out. About your former teammates DOC's gonna go to the induction ceremony. You know I'm never gonna begrudge it got of his own free will so. I mean obviously that's a huge honor. Whether he's there or not I mean it's it's a great achievement is a great players. Teach their own. There is the Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams. Pretty amazing he played for loans. Because that seemed like. Decades ago. Prosecuted and so. If it was a decade. Or when he turned off some are coming up next on the nightcap next hour. Or an F tiles. One minute to baseball. One minute of baseball with Kyle Paulus and at some thoughts on Tiger Woods ten years ago. This term US open was last time Tiger Woods won a major in. On the PGA tour all that coming your way Jody B Osce power Powell. Went too far you're listening to the nightcap on WG.