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Sports Talk Sunday
Sunday, June 24th

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She yard. Ball Kelly you GR. Ryan geeks. And relaxed and we lied and. Nightcap. On WGR. Sports Radio 550. RA. That wasn't necessarily sports talk Sunday opened it is sports talk Sunday. Jody B Osce in. Much far of course as always and writing gates. Stepping in for the apps and Brayton Wilson I'm here. I'm back he's back is the first for this your first return onto our airwaves it is it is there are. There's that's a couple times I've been listening to the to the show. My children Bulldog McMahon. Mrs. and then there's other times swine IE just forget that even as ever radio person I. I think we're still the point where you're referenced pretty regularly but it's a high tech are ready regarding this idol I keep your myself referenced not only did it's not not so much gas he asked specifically by. They go we don't have a producer anymore right that's me that's me that's not the producer anymore that's very it's definitely more in those those linked to and it's. But they're they're they're all over the place. 8030550. Is the phone number sports talks Sunday and of course savers draft roster styling will be joined soon by breed Molson Colin. In a few minutes give us an update on some of the other prospects that are not Kabila tell you pretty much. Much of anything about. Bomb now I'm not to be able to tell you anything about any of these prosper that's pretty much including rats was Dolly brought defensemen are all the thoughts on its Sam's car. Right that is not defensemen or is it the Jack guy you know that's that's the check our car is check guy and he sat there. Otherwise it's all defensemen and a couple of three of our Swedish. We're calling it is singles and Swedish knowing Yeltsin knew and everything else you Lander I think should be considered Swedish because his dad Swedish and knees. You know he plays for Sweden but. In the US foreign national development team. Yeah it though Suggs is named in the TSA Nielsen. That is a very Swedish name how can that I mean it's it's like. L still Chechnya sound eruption but he's Americans so. Yeah guys are no I think you I think he's I think he's an American maybe it's just because. I'll I want to claim him. That I eat pork for teen USA for team US sailing oddly like this and I've seen this guy please don't play out western Michigan. I don't know I don't know maybe he'll be great maybe he won't be great buy it's. I'm a claim them I'm a player for team USA has been where the red white and blue. For a long time already that he can't go back. Once you Wear those those stripes the stars and stripes there's no gone back to the Tre kronor. Wolcott and Dowling a second here but that kind of and I've made this point before but doesn't seem like teen USA is plagued. But the hockey team seems to be getting closer to Canada. Oh yeah talent you look at even yesterday. Or yes that you Robert are right. Friday night. Every Canadians were drafted in the top end of the draft vigorously to in the top ten maybe it's it's DeDe. The shift of power in the hockey world and the Canadians will always have a lot because. Bills ball have that doubt I guess that was the day the always have the depth because there's so many kids playing hockey. But it's definitely evenly now. It's gonna be evening out sooner rather than later I mean you still have. Sweden and Finland those teams are consistently good team USA is getting better and better each and every year. I love to see Olympic hockey this year because I think what about actually super interesting life. TV assay in Canada and it's all those other teams involved as well but just listen and to be that it's. A lot of to what's happening is all these NHL former NHL players that may be or even. Canadian or Swedish or Christine Samuelson. They're kids are being born in the United States which is feeling that's more hockey players that are playing for the United States via the chalks the Hughes. And there's other families out there with the new Lander placed and for Sweden but I think that's happening more and more. Of course Friday was a huge night for the Buffalo Sabres a huge night for the organization we all knew it was coming now. Was once drama. There's there's certain to build up a little bit of drama because we didn't know prior rally would be treated. And whether they would get that third overall pick especially. And there were a lot of reports that Jason boxer tried to get that third overall pick but Matra sat there and took. Finnish center men who I'm not gonna try to pronounce the name of for you yet. Me neither so huge I for the organization huge need that's filled for that blue line and just a huge. A huge gap of hope that I think was missing from this team right now because as we point up forward one when that seats when the season ended last season. There was and I did nothing laughed I don't think that was for. Of the feeling for a lot of people just okay where are we gonna go from here because there didn't seem to be a clear move that would be okay this is change is the move we can make. And at the already moved really wasn't right on the the forefront of people's minds right as the season ended and that built up as the off season is gone along in this move really I think has just. Revitalize the famous I mean I. The debt three on three scrimmage next Saturday development camps gonna be harbor senator I'm gonna be surprised if they don't end up moving that's the arena because I you get a. The sense that it's gonna it. Jeff people leaving the accuracy hockey again you well what I will say is a so you have the end of the season. And I think everyone's worn down and O'Reilly makes comments I fell you know I don't demo of the game anymore sometimes. Hockey fans of buffalo aren't that that was. I'd. I kind of oh loss at ripped his statements Paula and it really want and here it's because I had felt the same way I think. But you've you're you're sitting there at the sabres fan in your thinking what is the lock finally going to tell an Indy sabres direction is this going to be the year. That the luck turns and that he gets. The lottery balls go their way for once. May get the defenseman that everyone's talking abouts. And maybe that's this guy in that things are turning. Turning around it's just more of yes sign from the universe that things are turning around and it. That. Prospects camp is going to be absolutely wild with middle state. Adds Dolly in three and three and then you Landers going to be there and not mean slandered you under is probably like man. I was I was the man here a couple of years ago everyone was coming to Simi and now. I'm probably be third or fourth before the list Justin Bailey coming back for cancer and how big is a lot and now he's fueled at least you'll are you have to be under contract really wanna see middle sent valiant scene team and a feeling that might be unfair to the other three entry teams just to put those two in the same yeah your if your early in Jacob aces and who was in the fourth round of last year you guys you're the only comedian the only Canadian ever draft by Jason bottle Jacob price then. If you've got those two coming action figure you're pretty happy Scott Wilson American Scott Wilson. And so we acquired him he might the American nation Dallas I've got talent was talent show Obama in my theory. Before we hit the year. My theory that. Okay they they drafted all these defiance in the draft and all these Swedish defenseman. And what is what is that a sign of who is this a sign of Jason rock throwing his drafting strategy. I mean it is load up the load up all of these defenseman five defensemen. One from Sweden and off for. Four from Sweden won it from Finland's. And and I'm Samantha okay who's really defensemen that's on the trade block is that the rest mistress to lie and in a dead Finnish boy he's so apparently. Jason box troll is very enamored with the those. The Europeans from that area of the world or is it Brendan goalie because he's a Canadian. So I'm I'm thinking about how Jason bottles trying to build this team lots of Americans. He got Samuelson American drafted. The middle stat American last year was Davidson and broke a tackle Luke and in the world. Americans. Finish. Swedish. So I'm thinking you know what. I don't know what we'll trade value for an angle I would be high I actually thought about him once in awhile when thinking about because they have ten guys under contract right now. All hurt just and they don't wanna say loaded because. We've been waiting a sabres fans to look at a guy on defense that Dolly it's supposed to be that guy that maybe can turn the defense around but he still on eighteen year old kid in England. I think you'll be really good right away but money's really strike and two to three years is when I think you you really feeling to see that big big big time dividends. I think talking ugly sexual interest in because he's not a guide it's counted on as much now that Colleen here. Before we they won those that lottery. It was hoping and praying that it burning glee could become the first pair defenseman because otherwise you did not have. A guy in the organization probably could've became that you were hoping he can do that if you were actually a projected. You probably wouldn't project ten to become the first pair guy but you knew because the skating ability and fiscal to a CBS and maybe he could put it together and become. Now that pressure's not on him anymore he could become a second pair defenseman he can beat. Third pair yet many of you really good at that they're talking about the stimulus and character. As a top four defensemen so fierce kind of looking at the sabres to fight score. And you're trying to projected out over organs two or three year period right well Morgan and you look at how you got. What's well bore and going to be what Samuelson going to be what's Casey Nelson going to be Medicaid. The Bogosian. And go to figured your pilot Europe was yeah what's pilot going to be so you are loaded with ten of these young it. Maybe up and coming Maurer. Of the puck moving type of defenseman that the NHL has been going towards and I think goalie goalies interest and but I just think he plays the game that policy we wants so badly right now where he just is always up in the play and he's he always looking to make that rush Angel in the offense I think I saw him join the rush morn two games last year that I went to during the season. Then it. Really I saw any other defensemen do for the entire season constantly. Up in the rush he gets he carries it up it gets to about sunrise passes it off. And that adds up stopping at the Blue Line because whoever he passes it off to as fast enough to get into the cell before he's already at the Blue Line. We'll get into more trade discussions throughout good morning here but. Let's go to the AT&T hotline because Brayton Wilson is joining us Britain Britain are you right now. And so apparently in all my had a blast but I will be leaving. Probably about our perhaps bring all where you what's. Real. In those Pennsylvania and going out here. All of so what's there you got I don't know what it. Now there's it's it's wedding season now in the Poconos. He had no just. You know what out there are. Do kayaking. Actually him. Britain you're you're you know more about these prospects then especially Meehan Ryan deal. On the T and T Samuelson and Picard Kron Holm Ku can then. Do we know how to pronounce the seventh round picks guy's name is awards crew I'm sold war group war group. And but seeing via W kind of like oh these. Forge crew I'm not entirely sure. Or for a okay I'll cookies out of these guys a second round pick a couple fourth or fifth in the seventh but what do what you like about. These prospects of any specific and also. The dangers in general Jason doctoral going with so many defenseman in this draft I mean you only takes one player that's on advancement. Yeah I mean it's certainly what the draft perjury and botched roll back. He's just three stocking the defense of death in the in the organization. I mean. And that one defense was right and Maarten and he has been nothing but a disappointment competing. And then you know Tim Murray draft that few other guys in the league organ. You know. Couple guys that we hope to have some success but. You can buckle over the past two drafts has done. Decent job of getting the depth on the Blue Line back in order a little bit. Especially distress where he'd get W first overall course he's going to be the NHL right away there's no doubt about. He'll be ready to go by the time the season start Arco report there are accused scandals and it's very interest in the bigger defenseman but there's been a lot of good things about him that hasn't said where. He's kind of a can't miss prospect where. He was playing about the putt apparently it Patrick Miller who is paying about the Rangers in the first round. And no one of the one scout said that if you're comparing. You help him with. The cheers Daniel and gathered lawyers more volleyball. Project essentially whereas. Channels and more public this year player can't this guy who you know you can reliant and he has reliable way to and and you can rely on him chew be able to jump up in the east in the rush. Or you can you know let him sit back. And had the other defensemen go do his thing so. The end of that of course is going to be going to western Michigan. And they'll be good for him just because you'll be able to develop this in the further will be able play. You know. In one of the better hockey conferences in the entire college hockey world. So Dan has been will be a nice addition and three quarter daughter from what I understand with the other. Three defense and that. Receivers drafted again kinda like FiOS very lax and then the last here where there are cut off before they were kinda. You know guys that nobody really knew about self. You know you'll get the chance to watch and no development camp this this upcoming week is doubly care part starts when there are percent. And bring spoke to the TS Samuelson yesterday on sports stocks and if you miss that defined it. In our on demand audio at WGR. 550 dot counts that's a big influx of defenseman into the prospects system they've got. Guys they get ten guys under contract are readies a lot of them are young cool Lee Nelson pilot do you think any of the guys that meet your under contract right now. Could become expendable it's kind of what we've been talking about the first ten minutes is that all these defenseman now. That would somewhat past the go but if they wanted to be really can afford to traded defenseman here they wanted to. Well absolutely I think that. For the Buffalo Sabres paid athlete could have the affordability to move. It defensemen are still the name that comes to my mind again the guys that apostle movie JBK. I think he's the first guy that can't deny mine because. He's on the final year of fairly the very team friendly contract. She is a guy that won these states healthy you can rely on to play some peace and then it is good two way defensemen. And I think the team that maybe he is against the. To cap but one good up from the defense. Could using direct the cave to play. Well good reliable read or 56 defensemen though I think McCain would be an interesting name that comes up. Now. I mean Nathan all you hear probably has got to get. But waived consent to Rochester unless his scheme turns around he's and shows of pre season and training happens. You know shows that in your game turnaround but you know I heard judging by last season. I don't think that's going to happen just because. Jason Butler or in the a couple of moves that makes it very well you know I think they've they're ready to move on from all you. But you know now there's other guys that you just never know what's gonna happen with it want to get training camp in the pre season. You know he got guys like who leave now then pilots on those guys that the kind of brings players they can either be. Ian ball below for the NHL and you know start to see here or. They could probably be down in Rochester haven't played you in they'll be getting called up here and there. During the season you know for their injuries you're happy while. The defense is going to be interesting this year. Though. We'll have the you have an entry fees and training camp but from from what I've seen there's going to be good battle for propositioning there are on the line. Of Britain Wilson joining us on the eighteenth tee hotline normal. Cohost with myself feared Bryan gates stepping in for him on this Sunday morning. Right yet and yet improved so brain over the past few years you've you mentioned it a little bit about trolls gone off the board and kind of taking these guys that may be. May they aren't on the central scouting list are unranked. What do you make of doctoral I guess taking the initiative to go out there and take some of these more unknown guys especially with the late round picks last year was third round OPEC. This year it's a fourth OPEC Toledo round pick but taking these guys that aren't necessarily on the regional radar. Yeah I mean it's. Global divert different draft strategy yet insane and bar troll you know. But must know something about these guys and nobody else I mean. You know. Papa had over and over in Sweden a lot last year just because you know he was talking about you know lack of and then you know. Seen these guys that nobody else did and you know this year he was over there got a guy like all of them a lot eat you know getting to see apple and then I'm sure that as. As out for. Getting the chance to go see. These guys these guys they were also getting out of other people and they probably are. You guys and you know may negate the bottle saw something in them that. A lot of people and so I mean it is certainly an interest in draft strategy for for the Buffalo Sabres and their scouts but. There in. I guess I I guess I'm just wondering if they're not really on the NHR radar could you potentially grab someone else or is that like a moment where. If you're really strongly feeling about a player that you just make sure that you're able to get them but maybe you would would have been able to sign them. I am so confused about the the NHL draft rules so you can't just like sign these players like late undrafted free agents right. Proper. Because when they they did break over pilot and he was undrafted player and anti Kennedy who was a little bit older blind. Yeah but they're that there 22 and 24 run right off the bat. Oh and I'm not sure they and kind of guys that something that. I had to double check but I mean you know the thing about that I was intrigued when it but ought in the media after after the trapped over and but it happened like you know the Normandy and Canadian junior player you know. What what cut edited that a coincidence. And thoughtful polite well you know. We were directing Canadian players but you know the routine that broke for a pop them. So you know I'm taking guys from Europe in college because. These guys there are going to be able to be our system for four years that a two years old and be able to. Get the chance to fully developed and see if they're ready for the NHL. And if not then you know will move on but you know go at one time and our system to be able to develop and I think that the that's important because. I don't like two years necessary as an opera on our way around guys especially for guys you know a look at I like rain cable and you'll pick dialect. You know what I booted who shot. Was released through the draft again and you got traffic again. I mean. They were here for two years and in the two years that they are here we saw a little bit of food at the Mary Helen. Opel does it two years in the system and they really didn't necessarily have the chance to fully develop and you know what their current college they'd be at least in the system for up to four years which would be a nice little. Active for the sabres so. You know Jason but throw it it was kind of I I was pot all in your pocket like that is a little weird that they haven't in anybody from. You know in Utley didn't you know all that well. We'll see what is about. Toward to went there are you know that planned out and I think Jason is very methodical is draster. Doesn't also seem a little strange to the only two goalies in the port in the and in the prospects system. Notre dating draft one again yesterday it's just Johansson and who could tackle Luke and and I don't know if that's normal cross the league how many. Goalie prospect he would normally have but it seems like we generally had at least. Four words sometimes even five and they've only got two guys are now. GAAP net really weird that they don't have a lot of goalies in her system but you know at the same time. You know they didn't think it certainly add. Add goalies. You know via free agency won't hurt the HL are aired here in the NHL but yeah it's certainly weird that there's nothing down the pipeline that we can. Certainly look forward to me look good in financial contract but he probably going back to Finland for another year to continue his development. And of course your constant is gonna get the chance this year be able to start the HL in its chance. Showed his work itself. Yeah it's a little weird to a lot that there's not article that the team but you know. Cal Peterson might have missed some opportunities and he's in LA or knows a million goalies over here he did you know right economic committee in the NHL and him and all mark don't for the job this year. Would have been cool and nice can now. You know geez I mean burger got it out here I mean he played really well and LA area non. Our Ontario this year yeah. Brittany Olsen on the eighteenth tee hotline are Primeau let you go I enjoy go broke into one do you think cal Peterson in mammals and our bodies. I mean maybe they formed a bond over the he's in what mammals went to Ontario I. About a terror mammals and you'll monitor. Yeah I mean match I mean. And that's something that supported your right I talked a little bit about that yesterday where when guys go to the age eloquent if they had any doubt that the past. They go to the HL they. Play really well that's because it's jealous just such a different league from the NHL having the H out you can go and played really well the suspect get the average out to all we differently disputed different the waiting game is played it is really different so. And then the readout talk about because it's popular on the Apple's support of that. He had to get way to put DHL because he just can't keep up with the pace the speed of the game. When number USC d'alene where. Point six. You think it's going to be torn sixty want it to be twenty sex. Why it could and I think it should be OK fair enough. Our great thanks for joining us then let's go see tonight enjoy the Poconos. All right guys earlier and but yet if there are extreme. Ducks and Pringles and on the AT&T hotline it is pouring buckets out there right now with the hell's gonna I gonna make a decision because of ice that have yet to acquire tickets for this concert tonight yet ends I have everyone else that I'm going with has their ticket. So I feel you would be. A it would be bad form to bow out now you need them but you'd be abilities pouring outside. Yet is absolutely pouring out so I don't know like those. It is a concert during my exact round in concert as you you did you probably maybe maybe you want some tickets we try to call with some tickets here on WGR. But right now it is really coming down out there you know what they'll end of the week the week that come. Yesterday was pretty nice it was supposed to rain all day but it ended up being pretty decent and I got some. Rooftop bar timeout in downtown buffalo so that was nice. But it's so pretty nice all week long and then you know us a sweet day warriors. We go out on the weekends and now his will we get is the reward we get. I also made visa jello drinks so. Jello or in jail for right. So I don't really like they wouldn't go to waste by. You make over a certain event just sit home and eagle on the couch I like jello you decide myself eat it you don't like this that's yeah intake of a lot of their shot form you put a bit of all did you get what you really came on top of that and just boom there isn't a nice healthy drinking snack. 8030550. Is the number will get into more trade discussions primarily still buffalo sabre. So we'll talk about that Jason Abacha said the and the C a press conference that they need to be changed. Really is but a whole ton of change coming for him just yet we mourn that also if you wanna chime in on what number he's a roster style mean. Should Wear all talk about that a little bit as well sports talk Sunday Jody B Osce in rang gates are listening WGR. Only make one thing perfectly clear we're gonna win today in the draft but our goal is to start when it later in the year. But obviously we're excited about the prospect of tonight tomorrow. These guys these guys that Jason run in there very thorough and that you know like they concede that they put a lot in business. Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills owner Teri Pope good luck. He missed that on demand audio WGR 550 dot com he joined the instigators for the sabres drafted. Ross has Colleen he was on stage of course you know I was kind of hoping beads yet new third Jersey. With Colleen holding up yours did that a couple of years ago kind of surprising abroad the orange Jersey and David or not. Nice house. Didn't come to fruition. No I think they're probably working on those third jerseys. Because they thought teams unveiled on some teams unveiled Arizona next season they said I think it's like 120. 26. Guide first of all because unlike jerseys to meet that also says the sabres are. It recently chance I would think to have one because how many the original six teams are gonna surgery if five teens are getting a third Jersey. Would in. Five. Vote on the original six teams Leemire Rangers would go on. Because they've had every ours yet they've had but the liberty gambling Montreal's not getting it figures he. No Montreal royals probably not Detroit always had that one white Jersey with like the stripes into us at red wings in the middle of that you now. Big big picture where those assets in the video game they they were those immediate bosses in the video game I assume that everything's in the video game happened in real life. Because they try to make the NHL games as close to reality. Now Blackhawks. In the black top and the black on yeah right okay I guess there could be third here's the original six teams. But I also think about OK for the sabres. My expectation is the fifty year anniversary of all probably unveil some new Jersey's are they getting oil deal third Jersey now. They could. Which they could just do a third Jersey now and make it something different and then move on and just to unveil the fiftieth anniversary jerseys but for the good I guess it when a class standard dating girls school deals. Or they can just stick with what class would win and that is probably them the most is just stick with the house did a Jersey it's Rangers agree it's white belt. Yeah that's that's horrible and he do you wildly the other color was another team with a white thirties. Olympia Washington Washington as one they do a throwback look in thing. They have one trust the new idea now the navy throwback that one in the polls eggs. That's all that was in Asia Pacific classic go to go to calls ex. That's that's I was autos the I was thought it was a missed opportunity to do liberty heads vs go ads that would have been sweet. The Rangers and liberty head. Jerseys modernized versions of dollars and modernized versions of the sabres go ads Meeks and ninety's this college or not he's coming back the ninety's are coming back these girls out there. Girls out there and outerwear and flat panels that time rather waste gotten. The converse. His or converse certainly on the back. Right yeah. Covers nominal away. Chalks classic there's classic as American pie it was a little plateau period was there eighties was in the eighties only recently. C'mon you all you multiply that leg to heal he states we Hewitt what a modest progress converts waste over in congress was out that's great and then NN concerted. Running over like they going over staters in schools like face first and it did and do you have feelings I did not I don't think ahead you least I've ever had if you don't always are by the way are jealous of everyone who it was he sneaker with the wheel in the back he'll. Did you did you skate around on. Not a little mention now instead of heal these kids just have those hover boards and they don't even need the wheels in the shoes that just got those hover board race. I'm driving to work the other day I mean this couple weeks ago to see this kid. He's. Both his parents are with them. And it's a busy story you know it's not just your normal. Side streets of development whatever it's pretty busy street. The tariffs or walk in this get across the street crossing guards out there blocking traffic and he is just on the phone. Had phones. Hover board as he's cross century ago while we did this kid he thinks he's Elon Musk. He quick on Rebecca jerseys I just south Carolina's for the first and we think of that. I like their ideas pretty shirt after the double. Weird to double hurricane flag like the black. They're nice museums. And they're pretty nice I agree shoulders yes a black preacher looking. A lot of teams don't have a black the black. Yeah sharks over the blacks the Blackhawks have had the blacks and a few years back. Hopefully the blacks there super sharp looking. On the ice especially gonna Wear them when another team is wearing like a contrast of black and mostly that islanders had. All black challengers either one year. Yet. I'd like to see I would like it more if there was black vs a color though not always black vs white. But why couldn't we have the those Carolina Hurricanes black jerseys verses speak into the sea of blue because that's darkened offer it's almost black but. Believe they were gonna lady. I don't know the big sharks sharks one of the where there teal jerseys like art and helped or national the yellow if it doesn't increase it's. Eight with real fight fifties the number it's just an old school I love them yes tack a Jersey yeah the gas tax the chalks it all most of the jokes to me. What do what number you're signaling that gorgeous. In no one when I. Get into these kind of conversations in my initial gut reaction is always the same wages. I don't freaking care I just don't like that was number X number that he or public normally what number do you like where you work. I fixed I think he wore 26 I don't know if that was his given number or be chose that because he was a teenager of area again a lot of work sometimes over here and when marks Leno got called up he yeah I guess in 82 rise so he just ended up sticking with just is that you know what I had 82. And then he goes over to Minnesota I think he switched seven years teen. Bella hero and I are wrong it. But like maybe he 26 wasn't the number he wanted to use is given so he could what's already aware and like the world juniors eights which is Casey Nelson's. And so I would say I think a number Shia casinos and you need the number ETC Allison go out here he's got seniority. A lot of here it's I know a lot of it got me Dolly and doesn't doesn't mammals and have a seniority he's still technically a part of the team. And still on track he's in the. Payroll he's not really a part of the team digital locker. Knew now then he's not part of the team and hope as of right now I guess he has but when the season starts. Very unlikely I think number we should watch out first when he won. Because it's noted in he's admitted over and over that he loved Peter Forsberg groin. So maybe Blake he just says they love Peter Forsberg out when he wants available bright. Whose heart's going one they want to know there Stafford staff has gone. Yeah toward one I think keep and I and that I would like to team where number one just a straight number one yet. And I never seen a non goal he Wear number one bought. Now now I've never seen that either so that's maybe why he wants yet. What's up with the number that no other sabres players ever worn I wanna see him. Pick a number that no other CIT has ever worn I 898. Audio that on the tour who wears 98. Than. Exactly what the question 98 yet. No one's ever or ninety in fact only two numbers in the ninety's a government warned of savers 1993. Joey Juneau and. Doug Gilmour and deepen yeah Jim doe and stand toll Simoneau off was the other that's right yes. Arnelle and ninety my number in the ninety's is a budget eighties numbers no one's ever or 8586. Yet those are numbers are like just. Not defense numbers like last year bowl youths running around out there wearing number 82 ladies Marcus we only heard you play defense. Eagle lower numbers you just under fifty appeared on defense Alec iron numbers 55 ethical and the number 44 he can't go to his birth years you know nobody zero eagle 44 that's like the classic defensemen number. He can't go eighteen because he's well Michael Michael went fifteen. Right out of the draft because it was under case number. Was number nine was being McCain's number so Michaels went fifteen the draft bullets. You Dolly actually teams retired I got it Michael goes to nine notes available dialing goes to fifteen no chance you can't have Michael go out and sign. Why not valid because that's your Jersey you can read it okay if a little re stitched follow Reid into our jerseys you know a lot of the fans. Counterfeit Jersey out there they sent a bat to China's Michael got his number change I'm not saying he will it challenge but it if you really wanted to do it and he's gonna be here for a decade. You guys will do it now. Now can't do it sorry Cody did it who Kobe yeah alone. No like Colby that's archer and I rate and it now that you liked him as a player but nobody like personally liked Coby. Geez everyone hates Kobe near ocean can't switch to eighteen career Olympic eighty here that. Dope and hash with 17155. But not quite as important when it literally every single person has Michael Jersey go to that yeah. Arena and I don't need. The jerseys in the arena are likely jerseys you cannot change Michael's number because so many fans already have the Jersey you can just that they did this okay so when the sabres traded I ceramics when the sabres traded. Derek Roy for Steve not. V offered hate you view Derek Roy's Jersey boring NN will change. Roh eight top hot now totally three letters had changed but this is just the number. Now like it. I'll like it I don't think it I I'm not such a sharp number they got it right folks at okay fine whatever Alienware and make Dolly you like nine dialing nine or switch yeah I can only Ali dialing for nine. Single digit number here and look at whether one can he do other than one. Three George Donny take for AT and available the number violence Tina yeah. Well who lost were for a will let me there were those guys the monitor or Warner capacities. Warner pool all out war saw this number. What else. 830550. Is the phone number will take a break here will touch on hate golf. Useless sabres numbers pretty much prefer that I'd gotten into the numbers let's stop here so maybe we could. Do some fond of that at some point will also get into. Right O Reilly still a buffalo sabre weathered there is she and it whether to change is coming to. We're gonna have change in ross' missed d'alene. Is not true we're gonna swing for the fences here and make a big move there really overhauls the roster 8030550. Is the phone number Jody B Osce rang gates Mike your fiery sports talk Sunday in WGR. I've said to myself if I get the chance of and sent to his sentimental thing I don't. Sports talk Sunday rolling along Jody B Osce grind gates Mike you fiery behind the board that was Buffalo Sabres defenseman rosters Colleen. First and I said that yes the first time meanwhile the greatest time our guys ethic catcher. C'mon he hung out in the Reeve or Mike almost neighbors property ross' missed Dolly's. He he hung out on the arena that was one of the cool things someone. Tweet out that. Dolly was still on the Reid Dodd DH you could he want to greet all his future teammates you still walking around in the sabres and New Jersey and like most the other prospects they have the hats on their way and there are a nice clothes and they still just have to hats on. But Colleen is still full and sabres everything uniform hat. Greeting all the guys they come off the stage just like I gladly do I slept in it. Up at the top Dolly slept in a Saber if you're a young man who got drafted I mean one time. For Christmas I got a full ball. At a football I think I was eight or nine years old Alabama football so much a sloppy with that night. Now you're drafted by an NHL team obviously do whatever they gave me. Track suit with the Jersey over top that have gone to everything it's all going on all fall asleep and it's gonna be like one of those sleeping bags that. Cover you from had to tell and only your face sticks out of bed so it keeps really warm in here hiking Everest. 8030550. Is the phone number it was a little bit into the Ryan O'Reilly. Stuff he's not treated yesterday it is a report from Bob McKenzie that. If that it could happen that if we get past July 1 and sabres pay that bonus that there's a greater chance he's on the team that went against what I would have thought before and because. Especially the Carolina stuff the hurricanes have been mentioned as a team that we probably wouldn't wanna pay that bonus. So make more sense for them to acquire a guy like Ryan rally. After that happens which will be on July 2. Or what I will say if you're if you're Terry to go look at what point do you say no where and when I just keep paying people for that to not be on my team because when you win a Stanley Cup. Right and that's what that move for me that would be yeah out but I mean I know that the guy is a billionaire. But paying someone seven and a half million dollar bonus just haven't shipped out the next week probably. Leads a real sour taste in your mouth I don't care how much money you have. And he's paid he had files buck and Tim Murray and Rex Ryan Rex Ryan's got the ESP on buyback program I think ESPN pays the Bill Lester had Nolan she's getting paid but he's paying so many people know what's going to air soft do you stop the open. Paid shocks of the open checkbook and say you know what I need to stop paying people who's not going to be contributor to my team's curse there are Ville Leino. Scoring options they'll get yeah it yup. So I mean at what point do you stop stop paying people to copy your team hasn't stopped yet he has stopped and he did mention that he would do the gas off thing if they needed that's our money but. I just at some point it's not like. All right Lee is a useless piece that he was something that's like okay we need to pay him somebody goes away completely. And that's the case you don't necessarily have to pay him so he goes away I know that we're all hungry for. That big tall people of change that's going to shake up the identity of the locker room and I think he would be the one. That caused the big shakeup in the identity because he was brought in to kind of that. Not necessarily the bridge leader I think Brian Gionta and Josh Georgia's Mori is the branch leaders but he is supposed to be the one to take it what to that next slot. That's something if it broke right we let's assume for now rightly does not treated at I'm not going to assume that because he's still very early to be treated any moment. Really but. But see he just for six conversation and write a rally still on this team opening night. Where's that is there a major shake up because he taught Jason Marshall talks about the need for change the end of season press conference. And really Timmy if you don't trade O Reilly he's he's talking about samurai inherently he has a part of the score yet he's going to be around for a long torso. As the yet won it's it's risk Brian ended. Could tell he doesn't have he wasn't the latter where like right all right we want as a proposal Pulitzer Bogosian was bought he is the other one where he's been a part of this team for the longest. He is the longest tenured member of this team and if you're going to do that. They should a company might change the law identity of the locker room I'm not sure how much of an outspoken piece of that locker room Bristol linemen as. And Paul's talked openly about him being aren't comfortable bosh yeah right in to meet the way free agency is trending to VAR Sabato confirmed yesterday that Tavares will not meet with the sabres that they're not one of the five teams. So they're not getting John Dumars or not can you shake up there. To me John Carlson's not making it freed C because Washington is cleared a lot of cap space for him by getting rid of group Bauer getting rid of that works over Patrick I'd be stunned at this point. If John Carlson was not a washing capital next season. To meet. It doesn't look like you get a major shake up going to free agency I would really prefer that anyway. And if a right he's not dealt doesn't look like Reinhart would be dealt maybe we should be talking more Rasmussen Salina because if there is going to be major change on this team. I don't really see what it is other than a Riley arrest this just lining getting dealt in those are have always. Because major players are yet. Because if you wanna change the idea and he needs to be someone who's who's just an important and off right it is important strategic McCabe is not changing your identity but that. He's a nice player in fact I would he's probably second pair defenseman got a great second pair defenseman but he's not killing you fees like your third or fourth defenseman. If he's dealt though that is not some major shake up in fact he was here for a lot of the season last year everybody was a part of the team for awhile right seriously. I was like this defense so Ben I'm edging McCain is still around it's that the guy who's on this team. Is. Pretty decent so why I like I can see a trade like that happening with a guy like McCabe but to me that's not this big strategies and doctoral. Talked about lessons he doesn't necessarily mean like big change where he's going to change something like that it's more cells. Being the the additions we talk about what they adding. It's something I try to get a does that how battle that senate Frieden C. No prepare and James Avery cycling that would be it but. Who else out there Michael grabbed her. Yeah that's that links the Geneva over talking about is similar hockey team told we had last season if we're signing my program there. To me that's the guy filling in for monopoly. You can sign queries and that line up Malia and yeah but late you've got a lot of empty net calls the Alley got a diplomat. You know serious dude knows others know what's this about the empty. We've thirty goals much force us he did it just doesn't pass the puck apparently but I just don't I don't know where that. Shake up is coming from I think if Albright he's on this team we could be looking at an opening night roster that. Looks very similar to what it was last season other than maybe Omar being the starting goal Ian Ross installing being in the lineup that it happened to treat it like Evander Kane. This thing. In terms of one major shake up shirt that's major player. I mean. To talk to change the after he was already gonna answer so to further the change is that they played well once he was out of that lineup either. So you haven't filled in that spot. Which you're change could cut it might be Smart to just. Do what you're doing right now wait to see how great Darlene is in his rookie season Steve goalie progresses Marie was last year CIA middle middle at. Casey Nelson C Omar looks like but that actually might be a Smart idea. Are you selling that to the fans that they were just gonna let it grow we're gonna basically go with the same thing that we had. Yeah I'd be that be a tough sell but I'm wondering what the expectations are referred next season to me it's going to be an awful lot like the season that Michael Kamen. Where it's not you're not expecting necessarily the playoffs should showgirl you're expecting a pretty nice show of growth so they get to that eighty to ninety point region again I know we're going to be pushing for the playoffs. But they have that much of a point growth in one season to the next. I think for the most part fans are going to be at least satisfied if you're giving them. Decently meaningful hockey games in March not sitting there in December and January thinking oh my god it's already over. A row before we we hit break for sports year. Pure LeBron on the athletic did report there was a lot of discussions between Saint Louis and buffalo. Bear now a ton of traction on that he still believes Montreal has interest as well the sabres. Have reminded teams that the price for O'Reilly is higher after July 1 because of that bonus payment. And apparently they did not get the the value they were searching for and the trafford for him so. It's going to be a team actually after July 1 they miss up to par is gonna be willing to give up the amount of assets if it's more. That and what was required this week guns it it seems that beat the sharks are just. I'll take my ears yeah. Ultimately the sharks. I am I don't know what the prospect system looks like they do not strike me as a team that has super strong prospects system they don't have a ton of picks either yeah. But let's let's talk more about this after the break early to the break here will get sports and then we'll come back and the other side with more of this discussion on O Reilly any changes sabres could make. 8030 fight fifty is the phone number to get your thoughts and Jody B Osce rang gates much safari supports talks on into the GR.