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Sunday, June 24th

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On WGR. Sports Radio 550. Sports talk Sunday Jody DeOssie Ryan gates no great Molson today Mike you fiery. Behind the board as always one more hour. For we get too deep Canon's fast track right here. On WGR 8030550s. The phone number you can tweet at me at DB Osce WGR what are you add now corporate gates recorder itself not ma am corporate underscore it's sold out corporate underscored its just corporate me and dues corporate inquiries do corporate where. Corporate quitter. We'll if you didn't wish yeah new job by now like that you know during Tennessee new job in that mobile like corporate men now they won't like from a corporate quicker. He also Texas at 55550. We were more talk MLS segment primarily Ryan O'Reilly your mentioning about the report and purely abroad and where he mentions that there was discussions between the blues and the sabres he still expects that Montreal would be a player in that. But the sabres have made it clear that the price would increase post July 1. I think part of that also would be someone is going to win that John Tavares sweepstakes whoever wins that. In palm may be absolved guys still sold at San Jose all offseason I thought it was going to be down they clear more cap space without the Hoffman trade. There's actually also that report that they acquired catcher Eddie yesterday. Yeah I just announced and not be true right there was that report in the end. In this piece that Marie from LeBron on the athletic he said according to sources those two teams never even talked. I mean that's that's that's one of the volume up right that's the one thing about the source gamely got to be careful because if something doesn't happen. For the most part people are gonna didn't hide that there was ever read in chatter about it because you're protecting whoever patch ready your. Everyone else that gets ready he's pretty much on the market and discussions about them. But you don't want it like to BE. If your Montreal like well we're definitely shopping your buddy even though he might have asked for it because he was confused well. The direction of the team patch ready to lead goes any signs of the new age in the middle of the draft yesterday. He raised his agent human to Alan Walsh now sell catcher he's interesting because he's been super productive. Throughout his career. But he is also reaching that age where everything tends to go down hill rather quickly. And he's back and pretty much underpaid his entire career is always going to be looking to get that big payday finally. He might not be able to find that huge payday is really looking for it was report that he was looking for the Evander Kane counteract. He's given. Not a neither candidate McCain's what three years younger than two years younger than him yet he's three years younger than him. So you've got those extra fifty dollars outlay on player though now he's not. Not even close I mean not not not loaded and what he's pretty close no does Petra readies had a lot of Saturday goal I think seven of the last eight years he's been on a beast at thirty eagle thirty goals or thirty goal pace because of the half lockout season. Canes don't it twice in his career that doesn't really wants what's his career the past few years came to spend like 292020. Its lead out right there are near the thirty goal. Threshold but patch right I mean what a deal that Montreal is actually deferred for years now he'll be thirty in November unbelievable to containment. It's the Canadians and markers against Virginia the first. The first thing I thought of when I saw the tweets that oh Patrick he's going to the sharks is San Jose. Has the potential be the closest thing to a super team the city were that the financials overseen. Because if they had treated for catcher Eddie and I only cap. In the cellar camper I firmly believe they are in my opinion I think they're the favorite for ours. It makes it might be mean just because I've been on them all off season and now it's starting to trend towards them a little bit more than I'm kinda getting swept off the net. But it just makes so much sense for me. For Johnson arts to go plea for the San Jose Sharks if they edit a patch ready and their top six could have been Tavares catcher Eddie a dander Cain. She open Belsky low and future. Thomas heard old Joseph Thornton is their third line center and then burns and classic on late. That team. Would just have been so complete. If they were to add those two players and I think we know rate to 22 of the five teams that are gonna meet with the bars or Toronto and San. It was wasn't Vegas in the nation and do another one Vegas was in the and yes there editors of two teams we don't know. Yet only know the story there is moving this this LeBron piece which is just. It's talking about like the news and notes from the NHL draft of things that happen like O Reilly's mansion pantries mentioned and to bar as hands. The brunt as saying that he wouldn't be surprised the Maple Leafs would toss the idea out of just throwing Tavarez a massive probably the 50% chunk. Of the salary cap deal because this don't have Matthews and its owner. I'm there Andrew bubble contracts. And just say it to bar is league. Do fifteen million or 15%. 15% of the cap is the most you can give a player out so that's like V the threshold because always when I was thinking about stamp Carlsberg the meek leads the sabres. I was saying why can't we just gets Campos an escalating deal that each year is 50% of the cap like you can only do. 50% of the cap the year pitcher signing the contract. So there is apparently were brought the same that Maple Leafs. The the heat. This is not a report really decides I wonder if the Maple Leafs won't entertain the idea of throwing a massive one year offer to virus taking full advantage of having Matthews and martyr an entry level deals for one more season. And sell the idea of going for the copped to arm ours. Much of an idea deal like that. That's like he's not necessarily the same thing but it's like LeBron signing one year contracts and just pretty much on getting that Max level deal. It's the player kind of banking on his own health though it's a lot harder to do in the NHL and the. Or zero Revis tried that the NFL and he almost got burned by rod signed the long term deal with the jets. Right there lucky her sick timed it right when he started to decline. Severely so yea read we really don't see that a lot in any sports not the NBA com. He's the type of player word it would work in the NHL but. It is it's not really hockey players nature. I was gonna US and in their nature it's not the way it's such they hardly leave it all right it's let alone that he made such a team mentality that. Family mentality almost sell its. I don't see that happening but I'm kind of and I'm hoping for a day in the NHL and sing I want it to be like the NBA because it's it's so much different image on the MBA with the way that teams are created the amount of money that's thrown around out there. If you have a superstar in the NBA you can be so much more competitive than if you just have a superstar in the NHL look at the Edmonton Oilers who. Al right now the best player of dust off parts of player on the planet blogs look at the islanders and guitarist for decking right on not so. It's it's just the way they build the team is completely different but I like the idea. Of the may not necessarily the maple leaves that would be the Dow audience and it would sock because many reasons. I want the sabres to kind of be words their at now over the sabres are at. Thought I like the idea of a team doing that realizing that they have Matthews and martyr on these deals in that okay. A word go for it would you be willing to take this one year deal where you meet our fifteen million dollars or whatever it would be. One year fifty million or are really Gil foreign nine. Won't make a decision next year as to maybe we'll bring you back in Matthews maybe you'll find a way to ship about one of these younger pieces that bring back. Some other pieces that might be more. I don't know value. Kind of players. I just I'm interested to see with dubious over there now the guy who's running the show I think he's going to be. One of the guys that is kind of taking the NHL into does the new way that these GMs are going to be thinking supply deficit to see what he does this offseason. Tyson the sabres to I would almost be super I would be. I think don't be surprised if for Riley was traded before Tarvaris is. Decided where he lands because this points it just makes too much sense yet that you're waiting for associate the blues are one of the teams that are in on Ryan O'Reilly they've been linked to two bars. So why and it's not really confirm whether there one of those five teams we've seen the other three. They could be one of the other two but. To me if your team like Saint Louis you're not trading for right a rally you don't and bust you know Johnson are not coming your team yeah so that idea you would think you are rather hang out. All right if you're saying I mean SARS virus receiver Louis Hurd enough for free but without giving up and yes. I was getting up and you assets there's definitely that I think just it's the kind of player that they need more of these kind of the player that they. Always had easily this really nice to a player he can. Chip in offensively. And besides Kara single they've never had that real the elite offensive type of talent he's better than Paul Stastny was. All right Reilly yeah policies of stats these. There's these really hasn't put up a good good season is he like selling five years forty admit yeah he's mid fifties types of players sell Riley's deftly corporate mortgage assistance in that and Brady and shack I kind of view I mean O'Reilly is a better faceoff guy and two way player. But they're kind of right in the same rate as in terms of production and I'd I don't need O Reilly traded either that's been my stance that sense all these rumors started coming but. It's gonna feel weird to me if he's on the line out in the lineup opening night it's like when I look at these missing yeah I wonder what that conversations like between him and Jason bottled he did have that sit down with the aaron's record during the world championships recently I want to be a part of the change of buffalo on the -- the difference makers I've had a good conversation with the GM. I wonder what conversations like where. Jason bilateral sits down with Brian O'Reilly training camps coming up tomorrow he's like listen ambassador Ryan. I did spend the majority of about three weeks aggressively trying to treat. Grandma I did spend that and aggressively trying to trade you I guess might be. Oh a little. Moon what do you believe. Greg is is just about total one out they're making calls or is he just fielding I facilities fielding I think he's more he's doing there that board and easily. Yet actively shopping or leave he's probably again. Pretty much everything's on the table here at home when he got so. Yeah it's it's it might be aggressively shopping him via hyper. It's it's not that. I think he should be treated but won't it feel like. They kind of failed. In the offseason if you still on the team because so much and maybe this is just the reporters and the fans bill in the sub because we really. Had no other moved to talk about that yeah that great an idea. That O Reilly being on the team opening night is going to feel strange in the fact that it fuels like they kind of failed. In making that big change in lassie come somewhere else which I don't really see it coming anywhere else in less it's trading Bristol line and I do not think that's a good idea. To meet. Its its gonna feel really weird if he's on the market in the lineup opening night roster because we've seen. Stuff out there now they needed him and Jack are. You know the best of friends there's those videos from February make what you will come of it Jack. This pumping everyone on the way to the locker room except for right a rally to meet that doesn't really matter to me because I watch them on the PowerPoint. Those to make cross ice passes to each other right in the tape every not every single time but and more consistently than almost any pair IC in the NHL but it castle. Malt and style. Late on that penguins power play. Those two or always hooking up with over rightly Michael always media passes across from each other so aren't on the ice I think there is a mystery is yes fine. It's me the which. And that to me you know you don't need to be best friends with every scene right there on your hockey team these I go to work and best friends of Mike sorry yes hey Mike have there. It to be honest Mike. I'm not a big believer in old putting the C on someone is really that big an impact but. Ads like the symbolism of giving Jack cycle the captaincy whether that happens this year or not I think you probably will happen. He gets that seat it's like oh it's definitively Jack's team and maybe that can bring some more clarity in the locker room. Whereas it's late it's Jack's team. So not ever get out of the way believe that's our leader. And that's the guy that we're following behind act and write anywhere is late last season wasn't it kind of it was the league of its leadership still it was all right Ali and I grow it was a question of whether this was true. The going to be Jack's team that was going to be O Reilly's team because it IP you know it was kind of brought in. To. Be kind of that leader you are talking about him being the captain Wright who years being being capped and then after Rita the records. Right yeah I know I was I was for all the home port with Gergen since being captain after the strikes you still can do it. Let's go to Dave in buffalo Dave you're on sports stocks on what's going on. They've got here we are you. So I'd like. Eight acre old epidemic is. Like very well. But. I don't EEL. Low end but. You're would be key. Away get away like that you. I'd like these difficult. Now. We need your appetite. Partly it's a bet that go get a look and see you know. It equity there are great you know ever dug in and let us Achille. What. We currently an hour at bit. And well we're allowed it can be eager are well I think it any better better. Quality. Or. Our. Ability to gently. As he got to the and everything so. It. Dave thanks McCaw I don't know lol whether he wants to be the players current and where he. This does he want to be that guy or he just had to be that guy that's kind of my question with a two he was thrust into that role in buffalo it may be in an ideal world it's not. I think an ideal world that's not the case I think that's. Partial lead. A reason. Keeping if if you're on the knee. Train of thought that keeping the keeping wrist is a good idea I think year. Thinking that because you look at it like Casey and it'll stay you look at the grass is now leave. And you're saying we don't have to put so much on their shoulders at such young age we got these older guys. Twice I've been in what is this 23 I think did you got for me got these veteran players who can shoulder more the war the vote as these players are learning on the job so I think that's definitely part of one of the reasons why keeping those players is at least. Interest in were talking about when we're talking about trading at the coastline and it's always depending on what your getting in return. August it's not just your treating these guys for the sake of change and I think. Bilateral proved over this weekend because I think it probably got some pretty decent offers for a lightly but he did not think it was the value that. Was deserved for a rightly so we didn't pull trigger on the deal because he needs to get what he considers to be good value for. You pretty much have to look at that trade. And look at and think that he won the trade. For him to portrait I and another teen has overpay right so it all went Emery was the GM of the sabres to trade for a better team in the trade for oil. With a bunch of stuff as a slot I pieces a lot of stop helping necessarily has to be like many pieces. But it has to be something similar words. Roster flare up prospect. High draft pick maybe first or second rounder I think probably be okay with the second rounder depending on. The prospect that's coming back but it's got to be multiple pieces there's going to be a lot coming back and trade to. Mean it's it would have to be something substantial and the reason Jerry white. Puts me up on her website about players over picks on Friday and that's always the mode I'd been in with an O'Reilly treats me I don't wanna just treat and even if it's. Amazing value. I don't wanna be treating him for futures. You can tell me oh you're getting 21 round prospects into for tropics but maybe you know once the prospects that you acknowledge superstar prospects bullet you and they're like yeah but who was traded on the on yesterday Adam fox at that level prospect. But not a superstar. Like notes because I know he's pretty good the way I did when I'm looking for right now much that we. Sat there and look exactly pretty good part of that inside you know what this guy he's gonna come up. Is going to be the guy and we've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and. I'm John we thought right I'm done waiting three years for prospect turn into a super good player I know that might make sense. Especially where the sabres are right now because really they are still in the rebuild it's it's shocking to say it. But they really are calling back to go. Keep going backwards deeper into the rebuild that's kind of a right way to look at it is treating it like the for expert picks us. Players who are eighteen or nineteen or twenty that might be good few years you're taking steps back from where that's. Productive right now to me you would have to get some sort of peace that. Still helps you right away that's what scanners always. Spent an interesting idea to me if they were ever going to trio rightly point gilt China was always an interesting idea me if they're gonna treat or Riley because. I know that the team was in last place last year and I know that maybe they're not ready to they're not they're not ready to certainly to compete for Stanley cups in the next. Year or two but. At some point. I'm ready for the schemes their polling meaningful games past Christmas. And it spent a long long time since they were even any playoff race let alone in the playoffs so to me I'm losing a little bit patients on that end. And I know the futures are nice but I spent we spent six years or more talking about open. Here comes a big Betsy is gonna when he shows up Mano you could be a legal score. Oh Justin Bailey could yet when eagle score do you just wait until you see this GT count your show up a whole army. Mark passes and talk to Brady McNabb. Hudson fashion. All of these prospects that we got over and over and this kid could be super good yeah how many of them are on the team right now exactly and any of them on the team are now. Bet he's a fourth liner. And that's about it. So Timmy. Kits are not opposed to get it your first round pick in the deal to. Nice I like that this then you'd have 31 round picks in 2019 that's pretty yet so maybe if you're in important games you can make a trade at the deadline for next year's version of Evander Kane make a push for. But. Timmy just treating for just futures makes absolutely no sense. Yeah I had it had to be for me a sword oh. Hockey trade where if you are you're you're getting it. Players are really close if you got to be if you're not giving up a roster player really have to be a super high prospect too is. Just right on the gossip that's about to break through. And he going back acting was Bob McKenzie on the outcast mentions the return that that's the flyers guy for her. Mike Richards it was Mike Richards was Mike richards' words. Or jump the Jeff Carter trade related both Jeff Carter went to Columbus and then treated for Jack Johnson ripe for LA's so was the Mike Richards was. Point sevens Brady and shine. And each other stuff like a high second pecker couples pecs and I think that's the kind of returned there looking for because they do. I think they're going to trail either going to be looking more towards the youth factor and adding when battery types through free agency probably. Because you get those young players now because you get the young players and if there really good. They're usually our team for until they're 2728. Or you can't afford them. So that's the young players are so important in the NHL today because you lock them up and if there got you locked them offers as you possibly. Industrial fight to use the phone number will talk more about Ryan a rally in any moves the sabres could make. Coming up in the offseason we'll talk a little more about rest is dialing as well as we roll our sports talk Sunday Jody B Osce rank gates are listening WGR. Just in general our team does have to get faster or talk or vote it's bringing players in the that. Can physically skate faster and it's also kitten the coaching staff from players on the same system to play faster than just a few with the puck quicker up. Is that forwards. A team just looks faster altogether from that standpoint but yet it's something that was so we focus on our interest and a poster from different trade options. Of trying to brings more speaker lineup. Sabres general manager Jason box you'll you'll hear more from him. Coming up before we hit the top of the hour his post draft. Press conference Joey B Osce rank gates might you fiery here on sports talks on even talk a lot about Ryan O'Reilly. In the last segment Sino rate Billy that's been the top which really when plus I'm mention Ross just. While. Like it's it's your. So let's just which is pretty much because we did the d'alene yeah fox for a month view them here for awhile greatly brilliant Spaniard since they wanted her so but he is very attractive family there at the draft with some really good book and sweets. He's pretty novel and let them. She's living just a mom I think he said Justin come over buffalo. And I knocked in a live with them Olson's now speaks only ailment here anymore. They don't. Well. But that's part of the reason why they loan and California's because it's not serve that threes for somebody to be. Over there and you want to be in the region they should have Miller's wife and his wife he answers I think quakes brother us. So they're all connected somehow so we want to be over in their regions to be with his friends and family. You know Max hatcheries brother in law's. Jody via C Max of thinning and Norway you legend. They are not connected to your marriage. Just actually. I'm not somebody who sister someone's sister got married. Brother sister I don't know someone's brother sister had to imagine real quick. Just doesn't seem that your players getting into that it gets wrapped in the NBA draft the NBA draft was Thursday night. If they get drafted but Jalen Adams signing aid deal. Wit the and hawks you'll be playing GB instantly basketball in Erie Pennsylvania. So you're part of me is about get a real rise in attendance because saint dodger fans are absolutely insane and logo watch this kid just because he's a seat on an actor guy. And there's also Mobley who today signed a deal with the Utah Jazz. And a former body Demetrius Conger who played over in legally Europe for a little game that he's duty. Summer league trial with the Celtics I try to see Wes Clark of you people's he has assign any prompted in. Duke's. From Niagara visas and this January. What I can tell what some some local basketball prospects leads. Get an opportunity to make an Indian authorities in Nutley Coakley in the Chinese basketball association. With Jimmer Fredette with Jimmer Fredette and asked martyr mull bumble. What problem when a name that's great game my Obama there was always a guy in English crook she. You as a guy that was drafted yesterday in the draft. Agreement that is and guess Croce. So if if you didn't know you you prize if you follow us on Twitter you probably annoyed with us for a month we had a grey buffalo sports name bracket determine the best sports name in buffalo sports history booby decks and ultimately won as a ninth seed huge upside. In my opinion but not another apparently. On did you see that a no other national radio show kinda. I don't know if they. Stole the idea from us I don't think it's very original idea. Brighton but one of the names the big name they had in their poll was in our tournament who. So that their loved art show. Our show put up a poll this week. That said who has a better name Zinedine that Don or peerless price. Disease Seaver is PDA. Right we have peerless price and our term I think you made it to the sweet sixteen before because we have somebody at BB vs PP. Right to pry her off at Caesars is Treo sports rights so. You know one. Between all. I don't want to recognize. One. This is such sweet game. I think that's part of the reason you liked so much besides the fact that he had bullet guy in the middle World Cup final in in extra time. Went over time. Such gee. That's just it just doesn't care doesn't carry the eighties and so. A different guys and trying to bust Clark. He's got to talk because Z transferred happily through. Transferred buffalo only was able to play tougher ones to master in in little Versailles theory too little wonders. So that they'll be tougher for those guys but I expect those guys probably chances overseas colonial Duke's mask. To me prompted that they've got some pro basketball ones. That's if real fighters is the phone number will take a break we'll hear from sabres general manager Jason doctoral coming up next sports talk Sunday Jody the Osce rang gates are listening WGR. Welcome back to sports talk Sunday right here in WGR Sports Radio 550 Jody B assi rang gates stepping in. For error Breeden Wolfson who's one of the Poconos. A writ of Poconos I've never. And the Poconos I Yunel actually a different way there this weekend though man and they flew private plane. Is when I think of the pocono is I think of life. Read it see like rich people. So around him that much because they're the wrong is it in the Hamptons present the same thing as the Hamptons or that some are doing is Pennsylvania Hamptons. Oh crises in new York stock and that's like. Area things. Where your from sabres general manager Jason botch a moment here first let's get buzz in on sports stocks on a buzz going on. Yo what's up I don't good how are you good good. I heard regular at making the call of cookie monster strikes again I said in cookie and I am like programmed to just call it show aired in May cookie what's such and start talk and upn combing bracket thing. That's politics just the word cookie and it. At that I could be weeks you know all about via the radio on and and you stated we're cookie I get up and called shell. I will remember that next time I am a starving for callers who. Who are okay. I wanna talk a little bit about Ryan O'Reilly it's good topic for today you know I I really really like to see him gone. For a couple of reasons I'll make that analogy they I never met him. I never met Russ Brandon will pay and I think buying Brian you'll you know that I. Called Kilmeny timing and said that I thought rust frame with a scumbag just by hearing them talking eat the lead back and sure enough look at that you resign. You know or wealthy tires. Under rumors that he's Herbert you know and he couldn't keep the perversion at home or to be Gerber at. So he'd come back and he's gone and I always said that this. It's been built to order sabres they would not win anything but. Now he's gone we with a draft lottery. And we got this guy or a teammate and seven and a half million dollars. Who we treat for you signed the big fat contract was key to driving the vehicle into a building. I can't remember he would hamburger but I don't think it matters that sober or Hamburg shouldn't driving your vehicle into a bill into a coffee shop. And then he comes this being. And we hit eichel. And he can't play nice which. And reportedly for Paul Hamilton is under in his organization yet to go to all rightly intones stopping it sure to check. It also I don't want him around Rasmussen I don't want to round middle that you know we got to get rid of on her back pocket epics like first get rid of them. And that's that eight to beat me on the radio and try and take care. Buzz thanks for the call palm. There. I will saved it's. Everything then bus about his alleged. My name is Newton. Yeah there's a lot of allegations and there. But it's now lake O'Reilly ED I kind of don't really want them here a lot of these players either blood in hopes camera. Oh. That it work. Me BE. But more so. I mean values stale not given away for nothing and he value Malia as the value fund values are more. Let's get to sabres general manager Jason Basra he talked to the media after the end of the NHL draft here is the sabres general manager. I think it's that there's nothing shy away from an all. I just believe. Especially into mid to late round picks. The fact that he controlled the race for only two years Jeff McMurray quicker decision on that and a scenario where you have. And then works in period four years. In most situations for Europeans are current players going to college just gets you I think it allows you more opportunity for them to develop. You. In a link in the later rounds I think it's a situation if it's if all things are going to be equal. It's something that's just going to equation. Well I think it's it's a scenario where you can never after me defenseman and there was something that we did talk a lot about vote. Trying to add some more defenseman with certain degree ticket number one. But it was a situation where we looked at different things relative to lessen the couple days and there are some reports at least we're looking to that your group didn't materialize. But it. The way we wanna play. Just you look at our pipeline right now I think it's sooner were we had to have more defense minister our troops. So we're very happy how the day turnout and the well I think just whenever you come into. And you're efficiently connect you wanna have ups and obviously we're very excited about. Developing a young Billick particularly we've seen some of our decisions. To get it fairly picky. What's on the success of our planet electric shield prisoner. Authorization to. So especially we're excited about particularly we wanna make sure there's more critical is coming fan. That was on a point of emphasis horse like this it's. Blue we certainly like like they were very excited about having him at that position we've watched very closely Pina. The national program is obviously to get a lot of attention there. All the big tournaments he's gonna part of and he just his leadership skills you we found out a lot about. Just on the ice than off days talking not only to him but also to his teammates. The Columbine. Just look at the size has range out there how we can move. Was so we think he's afflicted is gonna fit very well to fill system Ehrlichman. While we're hoping he's going to be accomplished a lot of for players student. Nine is just. We're we're looking for players since we talked about before this is exciting couple days for for players that you want these players to have that work ethic. And determination to continue to continue to improve and that was one thing sets. From our research that we did it. With people around that program that we which is really has that work ethic and determination that leadership that will perform an artist. Where you. Getting a lot of lives. Every organization wants strong goaltending every organization a strong offense or residual wants. Good cinnamon and and it's going wins and a scenario where we feel we have some good. Cinnamon organization Jews. A young clearly Kallis Neil under. We read and then it's as you know we've brought in players such as CJ Smith. You know we look at the players such as Baptiste merely. Have scored different levels that we wanted to help not that regards so it's important that we should you develop our young players in those roles but. Yeah it's were we can Julie wanna look at. Finding different ways to bring more sworn into our group but. You know it was a third round pick this year that cash like what we like a lot about him is just this massive visibility statements Billy can unfortunate just. We shall want players score global we've definitely as we talked vote trying to find a way to bring more speed terror group upfront. There. Our guys just like his again we talked about it just looks the style of play relentless on the fortunate getting after it we think he certainly has to work on. He's underdeveloped from a physical stand. And again what everything we've heard from behind the scenes that's. He's working very hard at that and help you develop over next we'll let me. We like to his corner of your program at Miami university in. I think that's gonna help them picture. There. It was just a situation where we certainly has some players scoreboard we felt comfortable we can get them the seventh round that's what we've journalists there and we just felt it was a situation and bring in another precedent for next year. Talk about that rumor around and documents in the situation where it's never hear me and being moved. It wasn't that we distance our comfortable what was. Presented last couple days. To me those are things that we'll see how things progress of next week or two but. Our main focus was to draft and bricks that we're at plus students. And well it's it is like the question that had yesterday very rarely do you think this stimulant drugs it's it's just very difficult to. Figure out wrong. Sometimes I think there are a lot of things makes sense and things just don't come to fruition for different reasons. There's sabres general manager Jason doctoral after the draft wrapped up. Yesterday day two of the draft was rounds two through seven sabres made five picks you can read all up and at WGR feisty dot com you can listen to box trolls. Press coverage in full in our odds of an audio. At WGR. 550 dot com that's gonna do it for us stay tuned fast track with the Buchanan. Coming up next thanks to bring Wilson for calling and rang gates for tagging and with Britain had not to the Poconos and much fire has always. For producing sports stocks and it will be back next Sunday will be back at noon. And Jeffery sees a week from today will be back at noon. To update you on any moves the sabres will make on that day thanks for listening sports talk Sunday Jody B Osce rang gates are listening to WGR.