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Wednesday, July 11th

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Enjoy at all. Cool. I grew up like most kids. I could eventually play that I would've been end that I wouldn't find love. Then I discovered partying and certainly all those worries went to the wayside. I didn't need look. I had kicked them. I discovered I was pretty arranging and reveal wonderful things about myself I can relate to broad regardless of what kind of broke they were. I can be at a party and moving people and everybody would laugh you know be ready. I could play here upon and compete with real integrity insured up to fill my potential. Nightcap on. I'm laughing here because. You know last night it was just me. I never used before Ryan. Gates used to have to do this once in awhile or he would have to sit in the boardroom behind the board produce and host the same time just him. Looking through the glass and an empty room. Yesterday I had to do that for the first time in today. It's the complete 180 I've got. This for us. The jurors four of us here now. That's a lot. Granted you make a story Tuesday that we might have to infect that would have been a good idea and initiative this texting propose then what's to what's its toll now like it's its point four hours after the fact. I'll in the future I'll keep that mind. It is you that much is far too much of our Wednesday here on the nightcap on WGR Jody B Osce tile Powell and Victor Powell the Powell's hanging out. As well 8030550. Is the phone number. Ernie here from Jason botched roll in this hour at 730. Next hour here from a couple prospects. You know he called prospects to the both probably going to be on team Brennan Cooley. And Rasmus d'alene were also here in the second hour. From sabres GM it's assistant GM Steve Greeley lot of Saber sound coming at you tonight lot of Saber conversation. Coming eight tonight. I've got thoughts on this trade from today Connors Jiri and it's. Why can't I remember Eddie hon what thank you white and I remember who met on what is he's traded to the sabres as well. Kind of a cap dump thing. Fourth round pick goes back to Pittsburgh condition. On Cherie scoring twenty goals or forty points or the sabres stream huddle and then it would become a third round pick. And I think via. I think that the top six's you know taking a little bit shake shouldn't literally shape because I don't think right rallies here. Jeremy he's got a lot on the blues and there it being a trade possibly are ready in place with the sabres and another team he suggests that it is the blues on Twitter. So. And then there's the Jimmy Rutherford stuff he applies to our own bring Wilson that that's just what he's being told. After he reports that the blues don't have ideal place are now back could just be Saint Louis. Doug Armstrong. Their GM. Going to the reporter and saying. Hey we see this stuff did not saying this too but he's in his thought in his mind he's thinking. The stuff south there gonna put something to counteract it so he goes the reporter he says hate. This is what's happening right now there's nothing going on that reports files and that it's put out there that's for the blues probably watch out there. I think it's also interesting that elks new Lander is not an adult camp today. They say it's an injury. I guess I should be inclined to believe them. But the another part of my mind goes to both he was a part of a deal Atari in place this probably is exactly what would be happening with them. The oldest and injuries yes he did little to quiet about it wouldn't be on the ice there would be some mysterious thing going on within that it's causing him not to be on the ice. And this is what will this work is what will be happening to me elks new Lander was in a potential trade so that makes me question that a little bit as well. Also I'm gone on the camp on Saturday I would see him. I mean I've seen him at two development camps now. I haven't been overly impressed sort of like seek to have the opportunity. To see Alex knew Lander on the ice once again gets other young players and see if he really does stand out amongst the others. But doesn't sound like we're gonna get that opportunity. There's free agency suffered today. I hadn't seen this until really the last half hour Darren trigger on the its ears this morning suggesting the sabres could be an on jeans van riemsdyk. And also Paul Stastny if the trade Ryan O'Reilly this ST part that makes more sense to me. Because. Van riemsdyk is going to get a lot of money to report yesterday is that there's at least twelve teams in on him. It beast which means there probably are more. And if you're in a bidding war against half the week. To erode wanna spend seven million bucks a year on James van Riemsdyk especially for just getting rid of seven million bucks. On a younger player in Ryan O'Reilly is only 27 they agreed six point nine. Stastny makes a little more cents while I don't like the idea of Jason botched roll going out in pain. Whenever we're costing it says he's gonna get some big money because he's the next best center out in free to this year he played really well for Winnipeg. With them going deep in the playoffs to the conference finals. He's gonna probably command a long term deal with a solid cap number it's not going to be crazy media would indeed the 77 half million van riemsdyk might get. But are we ready to pay. A center here that is in his thirties I wanna see what is he 303030. Theory it will be 33 next season. Do we really wanna pay that guy like a five year deal worth 56. Million bucks somewhere in the range I Don and don't think that's a very Smart idea. And it does make a little more sense to me go because if you do trade Ryan a rally that talked about this before do you want to just throw casing middle stat right into the fire. There'd ever see those. I guess there's and something out there where you teach kids swim use the Romans Irma yes throw in the path that would be like what they would be doing with middle set he might swim in fact he could be. Like an Olympic swimmer league did the wave this kid's talent is I didn't see you see that video. Offended development camp today I mean the guy's hands case metals and talk and hear his hands are. Magical. I mean. He's making quick speaks through guys and chipping a backhand top shelf date is looks effortless when he's handling the puck. And I think that's gonna make him wanna their players because I love those players the Datsyuk was my favorite player that wasn't a Saber on. Love debris air thin again off although he was more. Speed the legs and speak at the hands and Tim Connolly even I was defended him because I like to do to stick handle. And that's in the eye and entertained watching elite stick handlers in middle stat is that but do you want him to go right into their roles and number two center right away. And this is assuming they were to trade Ryan O'Reilly to meet Paul Stastny is not a great idea. And you find another guy it's cheaper because at some point middle stay is gonna be ready for that number to several. He's I reduce the number one ranked prospect by hockey news last year. Of guys drafted. He would project is and number one center on other teams you're reason he's not here is because a Jack Michael's presence. So. Timmy you don't have to go down the road of eight Paul Stastny invest big in a position that you might only need for six months. And then maybe he's a third by Sutter after that that might be all takes the media doesn't take that media week goes by if Phil how's he realized hate middle stands ready. Which he's on fire he's what Michael was in his rookie season he could put up 5055 points this year so. Eight author of I think he's number via thoughts on any of that I know I was a lot that was free agency that was elks new Lander Casey middle Staten. I have just got off my chest right there. I could go back into the same Reynard discussion we had last night to wreck feeling that would probably be on top. We'll also have one minute of baseball with Kyle Powell coming up shortly. One minute exactly no more. I'll take less. Which her you would I certainly what you can do ten seconds and I would be absolutely fine at that. Who we actually have baseball on here and organ state Arkansas that's gonna have to change. Data through a fight to diss the phone number if you got thoughts on any of this I would start though. To really dive into this penguins trade with the sabres today because. It's an interest in one in that they are taking I mean no other body in the Blue Line they're taking on another guy that has. A decent salary on the Blue Line. Look at what you had last year Josh Georges was a hindrance he was. Over four million dollars. Not giving you much of anything on the ice. It was kind of a hole on the roster. And really all they've done is they took the four plus million bucks that they were spending on George's to not do much in their blue line. In a kind of feel like now they're spending over four million bucks do the same thing you'll difference it's in two guys with Nathan W and now. Why am I forgot his name again. Kyle the defenseman. Mathieu on Matthew hunt I'm gonna write this I'm forgetting Mickey on. This will be the last time. To your investing over four million bucks in Hardwick in W to meet that's similar to what you had in George's is not. It's. In it's over four million bucks and not much on your boo now much production. Guys that really are gonna plan power play because you've got ballerina he covers the wind you've got goalie. You've got Casey Nelson so. Brill league I'd obviously the public. Part of it is just salary dump. But then. We've got guys talking about maybe he will be like the seventh guy appear maybe he'll be your Justin fall and that's fine but I just. I think if you want to really improve this season you don't wanna have a guy like that its contract on your books and to me it's even a bigger hinder its next year. Because next series got 2.2 five million that's when I would really want this team to make ticket jump if they show growth this season under want them to make a move. Edit a lot of fans will want them to make a move next July 1 but says okay. The young cores in place. They showed growth. Now we're gonna surround them with some really really good pieces and we're gonna go all in to be really good team finally. And you'll have a guy on your blue line that's worth over two million. Dollars it's really not gonna give you'll. Then again. Maybe that you couldn't buyout Gallagher Bogosian which there are moves that could be made that's why it's not that big a deal to me the biggest part of the trade is you're getting Conor sheer. At a position left wing they had nothing it was a bear the covered had nothing that it was. You'll hum Larsson playing out of position last year's end is here instant. Who really plays all positions having to play a lot of left wing with Jack cycle over 40% of Jack cycles five on five minutes last year were with them to skier since and a lot of that was. Is that guess on the left wing. Now you don't have to do that as much. Because while Schering is. Not some superstar. He's a nice player that's scored twenty goals scored eighteen last year and down year. I don't really know accounts for his down year because if you looked at his stats and by late share Garrity Massa Connor share that's the name as he says. He had a real like he went. From almost eight point game player. To a thirty point I last year. Twice 1617. He had 23 goals and thirty assists for 53 points and 61 games 53 points in 61 is almost supporting game. Last year thirty points in 79 games. Not only gets a huge drop off that's 2.3 less points. What accounts that. It could have been there's less ice time Sidney Crosby because G cancel was getting that spot especially towards the playoffs. And he wasn't gonna play a mall in because mall in thirty plane with without Karl Hagman slot playing so a lot of that mean he came with. Third liners. Airports are Riley Sheehan who are well growth polling center. In Pittsburg it's not Malkin and Crosby in operating near the same production and also this is not a guy that's ever got top power planets because volume when he played a lot Sidney Crosby he wasn't on that top power play unit that was mall in castle Crosby with tanks or coolest. Watch the penguins in the blast it's there was always the top are clean. And the reason I think he might take a jump he might be closer to the player he was two years ago which was 53 points. Is because it's hard for you see him not playing with Jack eichel. A partner at school thought I was enrollment questions yet it ID's I don't see another guy as of right now they could do something free CD could make a trade. They could signs they're evicted tree for Jeff Skinner who knows. Robbie fan every human opulence here. To me there's no one on the team right now that would threaten him to. Play with Jack Michael. They're not gonna put some gets there over him I would think start the year at a U wanna see a guy with speed like cheery cherry. Playing on Michael's wing. So I think he's going to probably start the year with Jack Michael and Timmy if he's playing with a center of that talent and I've. Think Michael might be ready for. A big jump this year. I always compared to Nathan Kennedy McCain in what from what you 5560 point player to exploding. In 97 last year not even a full season. Net could happen with Michael this year is that happened with Michael. But there's no way to mean if kind of sure he's on his wing he's not putting up at least fifty points and then you're talking about a fifty point player that you kind of got for free. Because a third fourth round pick is that that's rarely an NHL player. Rarely is bill had Naimi as Saber third or fourth round pick that's. Played a lot of gains them the FTC mural the answer probably in heed. That is what played thirty games the NHL forty games Clarke MacArthur. That is so long ago I know what you think Clarke MacArthur restricted. I don't know draft playing with my eight year old NHL and I saw his name recently. That's why these freshman. He's 33 city kind of and that line owed and what fifteen years ago Clarke MacArthur stressing to us. OK so 2003 is the answer than I asked for early regular. In the NHL for the sabres from that. That range. I like the trade at a height could not like it they really didn't give up. Give a little bit of flexibility and your salary cap but. I'd know prominent you're trading amid rampant that depict the you've got Michael you've you've treated Mike Webber for third epic once upon a time. That's a really tell you but the value of those tax. Mike Webber who was at the end of the NHL career. Got a third epic fears of rental. I think the top six is beginning to take to take shape. I'm gonna pencil in middle sat there for right now because until. ICO Reilly in training camp. I gotta think he's dealt and journeys stuff on him today just furthers after me so until. They dip the proved to me he's going to be on the roster. Middle stat I would pencil and right now as a second line center. You've got Sherry in their you've got right heart in there put him on Michael's weighing just just on paper. Oppose though with middle sat. They're still hole. There's still laying another left wing spot in your top six. What avenue getting off that. They could go free agency. They could go with one of the young guys we want them to do that last year with over a member of the top less offseason hopefully. I did Hudson bashing nick at T Easter Justin Bailey takes a step up and they can grab one of those top six spots it didn't happen. This year. Will probably be talking about the same thing until they bring in another guy that we think can fill that role. And the young players are going to be talking RCJ Smith would've really nice year to Rochester Americans last year real nice year he's a little bit older Tutsis dedicated. He is. 21 me adjust and hear my computer decided to die eight point three TDs this week result you've got. Other I mean I would expect these guys to get in their mundane you re in on schedule will be to kick out of out of five Notre Dame that they sign. I'll figure expecting rot Victor Olson to go right in there but like those of the names we're talking about we're talking but the young players that you would hope. Could take a step up. Daniel Regan. McCarty mentioned him. And pass that just pocket Apollo. Sunkist garrisons again order talk about Evan. Scott Wilson. If he's even re signed based don't have no other top six forward now that you could put in there and say oh PA defense. The Dow makes sense I like that idea he's top six forward. Skinner could be that maybe if you make a trade with the blues like Robbie Fabbri to me that's the avenue I would go. Whatever you trade a Riley for I would hope you get another Winger that you could put in the top six I think that's a need for this team right now. The needed to a bump I think cherry can be won I still think you need another one and you've got a plethora of double digit guys. McCain but Goshen. Boy you Heimlich. Bristol line and Colleen obviously being traded but they're gonna be on that line Lawrence pilot Brennan goalie Kasey Nelson. There is a Hawn a defenseman. If you wanna trading daily cheat McCabe you can afford to cause he's. One point six million every team the leagues don't want that especially since you still have his rights after the season. He's a nice defenseman. He's not a top pair guy but he's not gonna kill you on your second pair. He's going to be really really get if he's on your third pair in protected minutes. So maybe that's the next move may be it's trading at a McCabe maybe it's trading. May be scanned Della. To acquire another top six forward. Media package in OPEC may be packaged in a prospect you to another possible to package and then maybe take a little last to get rid of bug ocean in an Writely deal. I wonder if they'd be able to do that because we do see if he picks and salary for sheer death Tate and may yet maybe maybe not though because we seem to salary dumps I mean conflict today. Is owed knotted. Big one big example of that but I got the salary dump I think of the towers or eighties and again they took less to get rid of the York. I say yeah I can see that's so. But what would that look like and does that does that look like. Alex and are you trading Alex knew Lander way nom I'm not I'm down on LT Lander I think a lot of people are. But are you trading away him while specially if just to get rid of the oceans contracts I mean that one defenseman rumored in that area eco current mean breakup. Yet yuppies right handed defenseman like that makes a lot of sense does that mean. I'm glad I'm glad you brought him up too because let's saint let's just assume for a second to Saint Louis things Janet and there is a deal in place with the blues. What does that look like it's O Reilly. I'm not gonna assume you Lander would also be in it but it is interesting he wasn't the only camp. So for now let's say he's not and it was a state torrent. And what are you getting back from the blues. That the one guy out really want is cooperate you know who is a really good young defenseman. That puts up points like he would be a top pair defenseman scheme based maybe second pair just because we're slide in value there. He's a real nice piece that might be a guy you need this week and a little bit. Because of his age because of his position because it is important on that team so I don't even know for Reilly straight up would get that done. To me it's not likely though that that players in the tree to meet. You're probably looking at a package like Darren jagr outlined today or peer LeBron outlined one of two. And it was the Bryant a first round pick. A prospect. Jordan Kyra just to throw a name out there and it's a player that can help you right now Robbie Fabbri just thrown him out there. Not a great player I don't love the idea of acquiring him because I think he has a lot of value but I'm not sure but here's improve and he's 22 years old and 37 points 29 points. If promise. But. To me I would wanna be swinging bigger but if that's the move. That's the guy. Robbie fat that's a player that does help you right now that's a player that you putting your top six. And then you just let it go from there then you pretty much sat. Injuries you'll deal with but on paper to start the year you would have. Like a real top six. Not gear incidents Larsen. And mop who EI. That's not what you're doing. There is the free agency route as well my least favorite idea that's van riemsdyk that's genes Neal David Koran Michael Ratner. Mop Julia again. To me that's what you're looking at you're going down that route in your looking at aid contract that you'll probably regret at some point. Because what you have to paging zeal. You're probably giving him a few years and you're giving him over five million bucks at least the guy I mean an all star team last year he was. One of the key players and team and reach the Stanley Cup you're gonna overpay that's sufferings he works is generally you're overpay. So. If I can get a younger player in its age two was not a factor that every six Tony nine James deals in his thirties they've grounds in the thirties. Those the three guys that you brought up the most. You don't wanna pay a long term deal the guys advantage. The bass idea is to get players that are young the you can control contract wise. And that can give you speed in your more likely get faster player he's younger. Just how works. So. That's the thing I'd be looking if I gotta fill in that other top six spot Mike and abetting the best idea to do that is to find a way to do it while trading right now. That's so it gives me. 8030550. Is the phone number. We'll get Kyle's one minute of baseball in this hour we'll also hear from Jason basho sabres general manager. That will be coming up next stay tuned for that that I can't Jody B Osce the Powell's and Mike chief Arianna much referring Wednesday you're listening to WG. Iran O'Reilly trickle probably turn it into something that. Will benefit and put some younger players and prospects and guys that maybe our taxi right away but they're gonna say what you. Com I like the way that I've seen him handle himself. In public settings and in speaking I think it used or held true to his own style. Jason MacKey from the Pittsburg post gazette. Polish open Bulldog earlier today if you missed that on demanded WGR. 550 dot com. Buffalo Sabres began development camp today. Process Colleen on the ice in buffalo for the first time first time build public they're pictures of them. Couple days ago on the ice but. When I teacher that actually happened given posing with us on development camp opened today coast through Saturday ending with the three on three. Internment bunch of players sound from today burning Cooley rustic style lean that included in that you'll hear from them later in the show. It's assistant general manager Stephen Green we also spoke also hear from him first though. Let's hear from the Buffalo Sabres general manager Jason box show talking about development camp and also. The right already rumors as well as trade today Connor Sherry and Matthew hunt went to the sabres for a conditional fourth round pick the can become a third if Sheri. Scores forty goals or forty points or the sabres end up trading hunt like here's sabres general manager from today at Iverson. Talk about a acquiring a cheery and now how the tree came about in your thoughts on the on the two players that you got. Well. Whose situation where we're looking to improve our Richard you district scoring. We knew that we had to try to go look at scorn from our wingers and what I've always liked about Carter's game is. Played a playoff situations have successfully to Stanley cups in Pittsburgh. I think especially industry. Treats a lot of chances of there. So help we're very excited about bringing them to organization. Matt Hendricks a player that a follow closely over the years. Just for the ties at University of Michigan new parent how we handled himself as a pro. No his mobility on the Blue Line I think will help other groups so Rick says to get that the two players interpreter. Who you read that. You. Or. Well I think it was. In part its merger position there was this is a success story NHL contract the kid who comes in. Performed very well HL playoffs and it's an opportunity. To step in the National Hockey League can play with skill players and and help them when Stanley cups and that's what gets us success of our situation here is that he can come in with whether it's Jack Ryan. Casey. Can play with one of our offices cinnamon I think finish off chances from them but also give them fortunate get pucks tourism. End. Yeah. Look I hated Jimmy eat until players get on the ice you're never gonna know that for sure and we're always looking to add to our group. Inspection of wing tad more skill and I'd. Being part of some talented cinemanow Pittsburgh beat those guys are always in flux and all the commotion that's what gets us success of our group here. Right now is no. Yep channeling typically middle obviously Jack. Brian Casey. So that we have counted seven promoter group there and you bring a Winger in the chemistry doesn't work performed well there's always other opportunities there. Us. Well I think it's great he is it he knows how to play in prep pressure situations against other teams. Top defenders top players. And that's we talked a lot about it you're just bringing in players. Who have playoff experience it's why we interest of brilliance and bella and on the last year. Bring in both public and honor who have played a playoff game to think it's very key for our group. Well I would just say with Matt I do have a little bit of past just knowing from Michigan they say it ID cancer. Real tight relationship from. With him but I've always been oppressed from afar how we handle himself. I was taking care so population. Only round pick who found what I found a way to plan nonchalantly and with Conner just and got a kid who goes where it goes through the process and just. Found ways to. You know people were. Thing you can do it he found a way to become and America are we all start that he found a way to get the National League and found a way to find a way to. Help Pittsburgh when Stanley cups and that's certain termination. And compete at work ethic is something that we're looking for InterGroup. You think that. Where you know with the with the iPad. App. It's good looking young guys hotel. I and you vision and vision the game back after. Well look I think the good thing that I like about our group is that we have we have some great people locked room. Or or. Good pros who have been through ago and that's news to me in the situation leadership nowadays mr. ship it's never just one player. Should before the days of Mark Messier I think are gone it has been a group effort. And having players that just can't go we're Bogosian oppose so. We're parliament on a lot of I think just helped anyone all Oregon players included these apparently process. Like we've always had the last couple because it's very difficult to predict if something's gonna happen and materialized. We continued the conversation with different. Players with the USA talking period different teams. But we're obviously access to vote for me today just to help her team we feel we're stronger team today. Like it's that you have a ton of rumors out there right now Ryan and I think a lot of them are very period of and I would just say it from day one we've been very happy with Ryan being a partner group and we've said before that. It's no surprise that things are on it's a great reputation. Throughout the National Hockey League and especially what it's accomplished or national likely to understand what people call it but. The ability of a lot of rumors are simply untrue. You believe. And to the local. No. Jason not true literally laughing off. The talk about. A potential trade draft that was yesterday air angles from sports that reported that. The sabres islanders and Canadians were close on a three way trade on draft night but troll. Literally laughing it off. Now but here from a change it up a little bit let's listen to ross' missed Colleen sabres first overall pick. He spoke to the media as well after his first practice at development camp today at Harbour center. And that. How is your first day it take us through and how did you feel out there and awesome. It was a fun fun training was all because some of the tenets of so. Chris special but. Funk we've surprised how many people were out there yeah I was surprised to pharma Americas cheered for him. The haven't been a crowd that ship me when escorted un Cheney so that was his special to bug. There was boost farm you pumped up like when did it kind of help you score some goals knowing they're gonna there's crematory actually I haven't scored that many goals for. I don't know how many years but yet today escorted logos and that was fun. Yeah Bailey who. That was awesome. Smith on. Like this sponsors was so awesome. And it's they get to know them and now. Yeah to get a renewed relationship is pretty futures thus those awesome on them so much fun. Did you like meeting shall bear mean that's history I mean he was the first guy that was number one Erica did you enjoy meeting shall bear Pirro. You know as it was agreed funny guy had. And of course the legends. Louis it was awesome music. Don't quite. You got it capable of it was like. Back of the online game. The crowd here let's. If they may be what is today reported seeing all the fans here and and picking the taste of what might be coming in to have an awful important problem. You have four. Just like this court case have been hey everyone is so friendly and I wish all the best for yourself. There and it's been amazing here love it soul. Yeah I just waiting discs is sort of merchants and how many times so. Yeah maybe 2%. Your roommate Brendan you're always been through this two or three times what can you learn from him. That he's been through all this before he. Courses and do you see. Knowing a lot of this kind over. Tampa and is comfortable and he's a great community is a great guy and a great player I don't know I saw learn a lot from him. Yeah so that Japan is. This was due look at him and made it. It's gonna be good news here the other room with a guy that's you know a development that veteran like him questions get more familiar with. Yeah of course let us that he is. He is knowing what this is all about them. Yeah of course some lasting traditions and daisy is having NASA's I'll Port Authority to use knowing you get to finally be out here with the team. Says been this time but yes. Let's today finally I get our allies went all the guys and to get back to like the real hawk in all that kind of stuff so. Yes and right now I am just enjoying. The second thing is. Date of grant and put in perspective what. I think you. Not right now actually say it to be honest. Probably coming. That's thoughts when I'm coming home to Sweden. So but that was just fold in on time. Your parents having fun here your family your parents and added during this time. I am now a mom. Yeah and it's like she finally did come knives too much to get back. Consider it to the hockey thoughts from all accounts of the yeah elect finally back and I went to get us here at home. What's the first thing walk. Meet all my friends. Have a great time remember. When we. Yeah those but fearing. But saw no wonder group finance and now X what else can you please. I seem to been. Cut a brief really short but that was browsers don't lean with Paul Hamilton and other media. Members after. Session to. Can't development camp at our senator this afternoon. Critical minutes here and Joseph has vacated the area against you know we do with these these golden moments during the nightcap. We talk a little bit of baseball we could fitted and it was a Telus Nolasco Mike here's tonight's line back up Victor smile on away so he's. I I can I can really cannot find the Kyle others. I want to toxin Jayson Werth I think amendment of baseball. OK retires today and now. Give me some good memories over the years you watch any I just think beard I think more think. Grizzly an idea is to go man of the mountains here exactly yeah you I mean. When decent playa hater. Absolutely he really like when they say players have their prime he lived and died by the prime minister Ivan your contract would Washington Adams prime and Philadelphia. One. 2008 with a Waltz won they won the World Series in Philadelphia 36 in 0927. Informing ten. Certainly proved its worth. He didn't sorry guys NIC did prove his worth for. Yeah. It goes here are just there we were rom we were talking Roz was summing the admired her and get them at. Lawrence Eagles and things phony issues. You have an iPhone issues. Are election they'll talk more about that in a cent per affiliated baseball timer you guys can actually help me. With us and yeah we're gonna do one minute of baseball with Kyle Powell it's coming your way we get half with Europe. Really we didn't know that's sorted and Demi Juliet thirty seconds we have glossy. That's. You with some realism but so what's actually the thing called before we get to the break let's go to mark in ten more market and I kept going on. He. I look betrayed at the bottles every may keep in cherry is gonna help them meet enormously. Them. I think you'll that we talked on how to cops that but I only had about a player. Have you bought a player that owned almost made this change lashed urged and he can't but look we talked about them at all. Look who will be key selection and I think it's the Rochester ball well and juniors. I'm not eligible. On. I do believe he is still eligible. Means he's definitely he's the perfect fit for what boxer wants what Phil how's he wants he has speed. Any scores. He was not adult can't today. The media's injury I'm not sure how wealth I'll find out if he still has junior eligibility I would think they'd would wanna send them back to juniors offer one more year. He signed his entry level contract. But. Generally he signed it for a year he's twenty so maybe he would go to Rochester and archer. On an answer for you on that market thanks for the call we'll do one minute of baseball with Kyle Powell as well coming up next more Saber sound coming. They're out the night 80305 the is the phone numbers yet any thoughts on how the sabres can fill another. Opening in their top six as well as what you think they should deal with Ryan O Reilly tonight cap Jody B Osce the Powell's and much Ferrari and a each year. That's that I yet is that he's the moral is looking for a first round pick and pop prospect and a second round that is part of the returner or the return poor Ryan O'Reilly. And I think that you know. Packaged changes a little bit if the deal happens after July 1 you know more and more. Listening to these potential packages coming back for Ryan O'Reilly all I'm thinking about is how would Jeff Skinner. Makes so much science for the sabres and a deal. 26 years old. Always putting up production. Perfect age for it you've got to sign im sure but he's not aged he's. And it just makes so much since he fills the spot on your left wing he would become your immediate past left Winger and would not even close. At a position your super thin that. May be detonated at the deal that could be in place. Mean that the hurricanes. Have and open about it that Jeff Skinner spent on the trade block. And he still on the team as of right now. So I don't know what else they can be waiting for. A lot of teams been in on Jeff Skinner and see a lot of him over the past couple days. But when I'm listening to their drag their talk about a first round pick a second round pick and a really high and prospect sure behind prospect intrigues me but. And I don't wanna be waiting 34. Years for some mid first round pick to come in in maybe be decent player. Or maybe never meet the week. If I'm flipping. One of my top assets. I think that they are positioned where. I almost would only do it if I'm getting a young player that helps me right now. That's tough to do because I don't know other than Skinner who was out there it's like that. But sometimes his players up there you just never hear about players who treated you would have never thought would get treated. Reverend Seth Jones a traitor for rang Johansson came out of left and it Johanneson part of it wasn't surprising. But Seth Jones getting trading came out of left field but today would have never thought was available. So there players out there right now the were thinking that we're not thinking about because we don't think they're available that might be available parents the other guy. That's young like that and super productive but. I feel like you be less likely to re signed the sabres were to trade from art let's do one minute of baseball here is Kyle Powell. All right lowest area Major League Baseball since may nineteenth I need your guesses. Justin Verlander ansari answered always or Tyner. The team with the lowest teen area in baseball since may nineteenth last five weeks. You need New York Mets gear giant. Credible about seven years ago now. The Padres a Padres knelt. The reds and wrong like if it. You'll get it eventually you'll run out of teams I want or I won't think of all the teams the Expos. Yes. Also the nationals now thrillers that's not the brewers. Absolutely you waste your tired the minute here with us gas output on hurdles annualized while I do assume that may raise. All I think immediately. On May nineteenth they started employing. The opener. The opener the opposite of closers they've been having bullpen arms throw two to three games a week. In order to avoid a starter facing a lineup for the third time and since then there were eighth in baseball hero of four point 45 yeah RA. On May nineteenth since then there. Still that's a minute that's a minute I hear the question is noting he he's got a huge delayed on the clock is well the beginning that's it it's only gets. Our top the hour coming up. You'll have Kyle and sports if you want to throw it and it was up the evening he'll do that tonight cap Jody B Osce on WGR.