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Wednesday, July 11th

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We'll always deal you know and it was. Fitting that I got the opportunity. To come back the ball long retired as a bill that. They got made that known in the entire Palmolive and buffalo that I wanted to finish my career both lol in it but didn't have the chance of finesse player in buffalo might become backfired Buffalo Bill been able to do that it's something that I'm really proud of. Former bills running back Fred Jackson who's. See in that like football league yeah it was it was funny. Mike and Joseph DB ICS they're having this this credit I guess was only Merv and emerge show right. And from conjure like. There's just coincidental or was that like the McCord story comes out and all of a sudden Fred's on the air but I think because you dislike had a big weekend in the off. When we called all American flag football league or something like that. I think he had a couple nice plays and had a big week in the price saw that and that lets just get front on the show I don't think it was hailed Shawn McCoy isn't might be in trouble let's get front on the show and see if he's coming back now. Just happen to work out that way I've got a get a fantasy football thing I wanna run by you. Before the end of the segment so we've got time of the wanna reached at reset polish Shawn McCoy thing sure so there there's not anything new from last night so if you're wondering like to we have new information this morning not yet I would in the last thing that happened was the deleted into Graham post but then the woman who deleted it said she was told by the attorney to delete the post to make the count Parker I think that's the last in the game. Actually you know what Jeremy maybe that the police in Milton confirming that they believe it was a target home invasion. So that that was not part of the original story yesterday afternoon. So those are probably the two most recent. Parts of the story so police in a suburb of Atlanta were investigating and a home invasion. Of a house owned by LeSean McCoy. The woman. Said to be there's a woman said to be an estranged girlfriend of LeSean McCoy who was allegedly beaten and robbed in this home invasion what happened Monday night Tuesday morning Tuesday morning around 3 AM. A friend of the victim. In it and dram post put pictures of the bloodied face of the victim and claim that was Sharma course responsible. Correct me if I'm wrong Jeremy could summit called about this earlier that original and Graham post which has since been deleted did not say he did it. It's that he was responsible for and try to select look what you've done okay. It didn't necessarily Edgar and physically was there were attacking the woman now it also pointed out. In this polls that he has a supposedly allegedly. Beaten his son and their and his dog. They get that post has since been deleted and apparently at the at the advice of the attorney of the alleged victim here. Let's see shot a LeSean McCoy his post said this is all totally baseless it's completely false that he said no direct contact with people involved for months. McCord back story apparently has been trying to evict the estranged girlfriend from his house for awhile. It was scheduled to go to a court hearing which has since been postponed. But it was it postponed both for the whole deck I think it was postponed before the attack as a whole the attack happened and then they said we're doing this August for. Right to be a good reason they've been they were doing court think it got postponed. And then this happened I will double check that but this targeted only be one led to the other. So yes so that's well he's one could've let the other but the order of them would certainly you blend two different stories and many have said while OJ listed as deny that they are for court and the answer is well that was postponed before that. That changed the story quite a bit timeline does matter there. Okay court and breed from the ESPN's story court records. Show that accord been attempting since last July to evict the woman from the home a hearing was scheduled for Tuesday. Was rescheduled OK it was rescheduled because of emergency in the attorneys Stanley attorney for the woman who was emerging his family they've rescheduled hearing figure attorney as a woman. Oh OK yes. OK there was and the attorney had an emergency in the family what went. Just says the hearing was scheduled for Tuesday. Did they rescheduled on Sunday to be rescheduled on Friday he known yet the date of the reschedule it's not mentioned in the story. But it was read anyway so that's the latest on that. The other eight the other interesting part of this. The attorney for the victim. Has said LeSean McCoy previously so there's a home invasion police have said its target it was a random. In the invasion this woman is attacked and is robbed of jewelry. The attorney for the woman who was attacked said bushel on the court previously had made comments to this ex girlfriend. About wanting the jewelry back from her and said she could be robbed because the jewelry was really expensive and again according to police. You know the attacker went right for bracelet and the attacker asked for specific jury this is apparently not break at the house. What can I find the attacker asked for specific jewelry and attacked a bracelet went after abrasive she had. So that's part of the story as well again. I don't know what to what to tell yeah other than if it's true he's an ex bill someone tweeted and said what's your take on shady I said. While it's on the Erica it's too long for me to tweet join a real real real cliff notes version. If this is true he's the next deal here's your clubs don't version right there's that'll gives any debate about that. I don't think the bills would hesitate to do that that's not a guy that would keep on the roster the text there says her post to set I can't believe you did this to my best friends insinuating McCoy did it himself that does not mean that that's the best thing you physically actually at night that means you sent someone if you send someone ominous say how could you do this if you're responsible for it yet you are believed to be didn't commit the actor sell you were responsible for you say how can you do dishonor. So you know again everything that's out there. Would sure all the facts that have come out again mostly from the attorney. For the victims side of this. Does make you look back LeSean McCoy I don't know if he's guilty out of all these innocent what I've read so far. It sure doesn't look good for him it's a lot of circumstantial evidence but if you connect dots it doesn't look good for him. Bills are investigating the league is investigating the bills have no further comment the league has no further come of the bills that say they have talked the LeSean McCoy. So there you caught up to date as they said. I don't know how this how quickly this will go it's important to reiterate again the NFL can operate independent of the legal process. For those who will call in and say hey guys he's innocent to proven guilty yes. Legally in this country. The NFL doesn't necessarily wait for the legal process if they investigate and find something. They can act suspend. Whatever they wanna do and as south pointed out does the last hour of the if the bills have the bills wanted to take it released LeSean McCoy today. And if they've done some initial investigation they think something's there they can cut it today. So the legal process doesn't have to play out and I would you would think that Brandon being in Sean McDermott I have been doing had discussions already about. Okay what happens if he suspended what happens if he has to be released. Where do we go from here because he was checking into camp two weeks so that's where you're out that's very rat that's what I think I don't have an answer for area. But I do know again if this is true. He won't be a Buffalo Bill that's about pretty much all I can guarantee at this point. And they guy I think I can guarantee that it's true he's gone. Yeah and if you want him. Give us a call we've not taken too many because you know we're slaves there is that right is that it's were it's all speculation it's. Well it's not all speculation at the speculation. Of how the whole story but this isn't a claim a I was attacked this person was attacked plus again I had him there are some suggesting it was staged a it is no I don't mean that whatever but my point is though. That this did happen right bought for example. The attorney says he told her be careful about the jury to be robbed the we have documented evidence I don't know what's it turn off saying it's possible maybe maybe they have that somehow. But it's you know the the it the damning evidence if you will that have cut that is come out. To me the most damning evidence is what the attorney listening. That you know he changed the home security system he one of the he had the security cameras removed. That you know he warned her about this jewelry. So the the most damning evidence is from the attorney. There's been really nothing from LeSean McCoy other than the state when he posted yesterday. And as far as we can tell there's been nothing from any legal representative LeSean McCoy to this point. Though that's all I got that's pretty much it. Human fantasy book out and out I had that I say fax allegations that the most damning allegations. Were summoned. Treated instead be careful to say out right at that means they all the facts the allegations that are bad right now are the ones coming from the attorney thank you very much for clarifying that. Yes. RIs so offense hopeful thing for years few if you got a minute. You know. I tend to be obsessed with a few things including. Carol I went in the cup. 321 point system offside challenge. Well site should be if I'd known for getting lots of missing the big one. Pharma fancy football Stefano just in line ever talk about defense to football team on the air no talk about where is miss in the big one missed Monday when what time years that. Paul's delete no not fall summer. It's a lot. It's July offer sheets oh gosh I'm sorry I just skating evil liar earlier we we're we're we're talking about Nikita could trough through so. You know I've talked so much about it joked about it and I mean Mike Shields we've got the dynasty finished the volume and a dynasty league in the and you really whatever you want. And the beach and here like if people can email me and text mean what what is unique about your league sometimes we do what's a great last place thing. But I talked about it with Jody B Osce and I. And Mike actually text me and said you know what your your idea about how you turn our league into league with our offer sheets. Write it out offer sheet in a dynasty league yeah you could steal a player. Poach players from the team is their compensation have you well thought they've given it to me to say like if it you know this is something new ones just right of a proposal sent it to leak. So this morning and I wouldn't work I've I've got a right here I wrote down could just come up with a price for a player I've got there I can model the way the you do this. Right in any league can do it in anyway mean. Just like you know leagues. Put together their bylaws whatever so here's the urged just my first try at this now we have huge rosters with 24 players on a roster. And the current. Format is eighteen are kept correct. And then six or drop and the rookies. Would be next year's draft to be the rookies and guess all the guys that are dropped Oka now it's my opinion keeping eighteen is way too many. So my proposal is keep twelve. Drop six. And Expos. Six cut. She of six players that are on your roster the U decide you do wanna keep but your not gonna protect them and they are exposed. It's kind of like I think about this with a Mike Gillis sleek. Write the bills what is said we kind of want to keep yet here's two million dollar contract and that means another team can come and it shouldn't. So like a version of that so what I thought of for this was. You'd have that where your players that are on your exposed list. Any other team. Would use like a supplemental draft format. Let's say you'll leave a player exposed I don't know who it's going to be. DJ Moore. Wide receiver Carolina he's a young guy. And he did it a big year one guy you like him. He's out of my primary other old man and I think I want that guy a guy so what I do is sign a waiver I exactly I make an offer yeah. I'm gonna say I'll take him for a first round pick. For my first round pick in the upcoming draft and if you wanna keep them. You've got to spend your first round pick on it and if you don't you get mine. So would be more player movement more trades more. The idea is. Leagues should have this every league except the NHL kinda does. It's so stupid it at some moments us of the Sosa's I can't get in the NHL I want in my Fantasy of Flight B. I would abuse depicted take him know that I was due it was an auction draft. OK so I am I am am OK but I was gonna Seve giving up a second clicked for people there's a couple deploys do from here on out. We're going snake traps. For the rookies will no longer doing auctions I do have a different format if we decide to switch auction and R&R. Whenever our rookie draft in our free agent draft but. I laid it out there's a lot of different ways to do this we could do the NHL virtual where you you time money and picks. Where I would be spending. So I thought you're gonna boldly say every dollar amount yet let's say we each get a hundred dollars on the rookie pool on the free agents and we would put. A pick compensation. On a dollar amounts are you DJ Morse and they're like all right. I used forty dollars a my auction take him right and the tier is second round pick. So I lose forty dollars on my bucket right you get a second round pick as compensation Red Bull that's what I thought you Rangel is a lot of the voices don't we we we RO fledgling league in we've got. I want and I want an opportunity. To poach players and have players. Taken from me I want there to be strategy just so you know if you if you come up we'll offer sheet you will be an outcast that's what I'm told the other sets and I'm told the guys are not on a trade with you guys about what you'll be frozen out. Of the league and in Mike might never talked again. He'll probably on follow you on Twitter too. I'm who knows he knows well. So I'm trying to her and try to establish a format where we can have an in our fantasy league because you should absolutely want it. Where you have tough decisions on who to protect. You know you believe a guy out there knowing he'd it's just like in the NHL he could write not right now. In the sabres could have signed him. Instead he's out there they know. You won't be because the NHL but he could be offer sheet and if he is then they decide. All right we like that contract that we like that value but the fact they've gotten to this point means they've allowed it or isn't Jack. He didn't get what a couple weeks past the year before he was able to me. Given that sort of compensation. So you identify. This many players nobody touch in this group of players. I want to I want to keep maybe. Anna and for the right price will get more player and so it's up to me to district to determine how important I think this guy's going to be doubt it is a dynasty league yup so it's up to be to determine what kind of player DJ Moore turned into an up I think he's gonna be really good. I might not necessarily maybe not this year but I want to make sure I keep my just gotta give you a sect whatever the pick as the second round would like determine I have Lamar Jackson in this time Sealy in the Arnold contracts you keep him as long as you want. So either on your team you know often worry about pay him. Lamar Jackson doesn't play a single snap this year in Iraq but that's not why you got him right so what's my decision to white guarantee it's almost like the expansion draft and went to like guarantee him a spot in my twelve. Or what put him in the in the sixth and say are right. Let's see if anybody's gonna do this. You know there's a lot of the for ways as the NFL style I could place. I can use the six guys in place for the second a third or fourth of fifth and a sixth. Pick the guys in order those are the best for compensation I get if you get these guys. Or more people offer my matches there's there's a lot of ways to do it every way as more fun in the NH question. Where nothing happens and you should obviously have these kind of things happening hang on to Lamar Jackson its own offer sheets. Keep the ball defense and wanna get them American multiple firsts my gotten Emmys or another quarterback it's got. It's these are the positions and as we work at a side deal with someone to not take a play offer sheet a player off your protected list. No there'll eleven other owners say you know artistry Kitna is not this is not George retreat telling summoned okay sure I won't take this guy after a list but what else you gonna get before. So I sent an email taken ideas. Anything we can get player movement to get any feedback from anybody and just sent the dolls mornings are the probably not even awake that's fun. It is fun and the other coach frosting is funny Nikkei good truck just signs eight year or 76 and a half million dollar extension. And the reason he signs that the reason they're able to do that is because. Tampa Bay went completely on challenged on his last contract you signed three years. For like fifteen million foursome average okay less than three years fourteen million somewhat as under five it was annual that was under five and they got and a signed for under five. And just what the sabres are gonna try to do here with Ryan. They kid redo whim and be the only team with the ability to redo them right. And the fact that and they give up the Max extension yup and the fact that they were able to do that NB unchallenged is a mark against every single. GM in the least so what does would have Ab so little we've been worth 21 round picks he would have absolutely been worth eight million dollars two years ago and nobody even forced Tampa to do it. And as a result they got him for cheaper three years and then they got to extend it and now oh yeah we can we still got room for other players no one is challenging Tampa and the next team to get away with this nonsense because nobody challenges these teams. Is Toronto I was singing about so basically can get hit a three year deal originally this is your three covers it easily taught elementary years out of Nikita couture they did. And what what what should have passes like Toronto when the speculation was they would give to Burris a one year deal so they can then give a mate and essentially get him for nine. What should have happened is he should've been offer sheet it and if Tampa matches that's fine. Then they're paying him. Eight million dollars each of the last three years mean Tampa has had to make trades and and can open up money and they're still cannot believe they still have yet. That they're still labelled that to do things like this. With would all the contracts I was just gonna look up their contract situation because I know that I guess that if with the crew truck deal it kicks in next season. They're gonna have twelve guys taken up like most of their cap two years like the 1920192020. Season. It's gonna be ridiculous and yet no one's ruling them out of the Carlson trade. I don't know how Steve bison is making all this work financially but that's phenomenal. Two at CK salary cap is okay sort according to this 23 signed players in the organization. For Tampa. 20192020. Accounting for 71 million dollars. How are gonna make it all work I really don't think 65 million of them is there's twelve guys twelve I. Ice taking sixty but we'll that is the cap goes up honestly that's how you build a team. That that is really how you build a team the cup winners of the last few years and how these schemes are great are you pay guys at the top U pace SARS yes and you filling guys at the bottom in those guys you. You know swapping and out and try to get the best you can if you look at it I'm just looking at their breakdown from spot tracked. You would sure think like Ryan Callahan would be a goner I mean he's the first guy that jumps off the page. Two years from now not next season stand coast 85 crew dropped 95 they got a Callahan 58. Whole lot 53 JT Miller just re signed five to. Tyler Johnson five. Alexander Lauren 44 that's your top six forwards basically are all getting over five million dollars and I take it your third and fourth line guys draw gonna make like a million dollars. The be like no middle class you'll have to pay your top two lines and you'll pay. You know as little as you can for your third and fourth liners and by you know what that they've they've done also this is how they get Carlson. Essentially they're deep they're defense and are up after after the season the only guy under contract to admit there's tons of room for the Donna stroll in Coburn Girardi. Are all understood to free agent after the so they're gonna have a straightforward we're gonna help Gary Kelly pentagon I think Callahan at five point it is a goner if they move on this. And but like you set a but the nice thing is they're locked in all these forward contracts. But outside Hedman. They've got nobody on defense I mean that there's there are no long term contracts tied in back there are so you could have admin Karlsson and then. Just fill in a whole bunch a guys somehow I guess that a that aren't that bad. Its interest could maneuver ended. That depend bishops contract cup we have that was phenomenal they get to that stuff their goalies are taking up five million dollars combined. That's a Huskies apart and he's at three. For how many years two more years left. To bargain. Good stuff how he played so reacted good for a good for Tampa permit managing the capped a trying to each and offer sheet for mile under Mike's iceberg is coming up in a moment he covers a lease for NHL dot com. Went to Verisign my first reaction was crap. No my second reaction was there's no way to keep this team together right plus you're gonna find out what's going around Austin Mathews and Mike Babcock Kyle Davis says it used RS it is that they can keep to together he's probably right because he'll go unchallenged. Well delve into that in a moment 8030515. To join us. 888550. Q for the fifty had it tweeted out at us with the hash tag hoagie Hyundai yet if not you'd still can't. It's Wednesday Wednesday as sodium to here's how we celebrate we get a chance to a 25 dollar gift card didn't stick out in all you have to do is tweet at the each year 550. When you do. Use the hash tech Hokies hump day. And that's all it is here in the running for the 25 dollar gift card from Jim stake out good luck in joyful hope everybody. That gives us a buyer are up front are still being said that's going to be a demon unless they address their needs gone on defense and may be a look get a little bit more consistent goaltending not a they understand. They're going to be involved in a lot of five or 65 by game but if Ronald and get that he'd been shored up or watch out for them in the Eastern Conference. This fourth NHL dot com we'll talk for a police and all the quick update as I screwed up member of on McDonough he signed a seven year. Extension with the lightning on July 1. My bad spot check had US de listed for 1920 to 20192020s. But they have numbers after that so he is under contract with had been. And the thing about Tampa or so. All these guys that signed all these big long term contracts have either no trades modified no trades or no movement clauses so. They're locking themselves in the lightning are all these long term deals and yeah I'm not sure how they're gonna. How you pull off the Carlson trader at this point those guys have no movement clauses. Lawless Shawn McCoy and if you miss the story there are allegations about LeSean McCoy from a an estranged girlfriend. That McCoy is somehow involved. In a home invasion earlier this week where this woman was attacked and robbed. A friend of the victim posted as something on and Graham yesterday and said core was responsible claimed he also beat his son and he beats his dog. Coy says it's all false. Baseless. And that he said new road no direct contact with the people involved in months. The bills have spoken to LeSean McCoy the issued a statement. And their continuing to look into this we'll have no further comment the league is investigating they had no comment at all. I believe they can too caught up to date on fact we have more information available for you at our sister station at WP EN dot com. Wimbledon. Serena moves on to the women's semis. The men's quarters are underway as we speak. World Cup France is on to the World Cup final they beat Belgium yesterday one nil and Rinaldo who's leaving Real Madrid. For you Ventas in the Italian league yankees. Lost the Baltimore Manny Machado had two home runs maybe they give it to be traded to the Yankees. An enemy time Boston won again the Red Sox won their eighth straight jays beat Atlanta Mets lost to Philly. Vlad Guerrero junior this report that when he's healthy he's injured right now he will be promoted from double lay. To the buffalo fisons Nikita could drop speaking of the lightning gets an eight year extension worth little over 76 million. Patrick room gets a one year deal with the blues and the Canadians have reportedly told Max patch ready he will not get a contract extension. And their planning to trade him as soon as possible. Those your headlines the next update coming up at 9 o'clock yes we've been talking about Sean Coyle morning if you care to contribute you can if you wanted to listen you can 8030550. Joints. I could I wanted to get them my eggs iceberg rod because I'm curious about beliefs. Tenaris Austin Matthews offer sheets how to make on this work. So Mike has been on before he these days is within HL dot com still covering the leafs and joining us on RE TT outline Mike. Howard Jeremy Wright a nice touch again. Morning guys. I gotta say there's never sort of fodder for you guys and talk radio built there is third the people that do what we do it. That the machine that gives keeps on giving you the. Yes it is yes it is and I would assume in Toronto the talk shows are still buzzing. About John Tavares I was up their last. Tuesday Mike went up further the Mets series in Toronto and and you could still. Just walk around the streets hanging out talking to people listening to the talk shows you could still feel the pause about taveras is it's still going on. Aria and here's something like that mean. The thing is you know you know we don't have to go into the history of the main police and everybody knows that and yeah out there are extremely bored doubles cup but. You know it's been 51 years now. It's a lot won a Stanley Cup. They haven't won a playoff series. Now lie in fourteen years. So people here kind of look at the collapse happened Ian eagle when there were that the notion that oh yeah outlawed you know trip to Mars may come near. You know people are always gonna look at it and they well you know. They're doing is they're just keeping he's not gonna end up here. Toronto kids are scared to play here because of the spotlight Yani Yani got. So. When he actually made the announcement. By a total media that he until wide berth that he was going to be a lady. Any included a photo on its Twitter account the Olympics yet he's sleeping under. Blue and white Maple Leafs blanket before actually sitting while. That there were not we're not a prop them some of it happening and so. You know I I don't think that you know what I don't think that that city and a little British rock. That that happened but I do think that it reflective of kind of the culture training that has been around the team for the last two were a year and you know that the the way the needle point and upwards in terms of where the team is going in the future. We're the innocent until after two very signs the first question I think a lot of his hat is. How to they make this all fit you know you have taveras and it is likely urged thought about Tampa Mike like they have a ton of big contracts on the roster now a lot of them in the forward ranks. With Toronto it's what's still to come you know how they like Matthews and martyr and Neil Lander. Fit with the vote I mean I know no JBR no vote Zach but how to mimic those guys that with what is going forward. Well yeah yeah I figured that. Map going begat. I call money you're not nor the bike or money. You know north of ten million a year just because you know per per. Conducting weapon in the fact that that the salary cap would have gone are like O line is deal. So that the question becomes are you that Margaret you Lander there I think that. They can get something done with him that made you a little more bought. You know maybe between seven and made by. Martyred going to be the the big wildcard the only way you can do this if you've got guys coming up. Root of our system and on the Blue Line which they think they hop that they can sprinkled throughout the line. You know guys that are making one million guy sitter and they're entry level BO thumb. For example this year you know you mentioned that KBR vote backer dog. Obviously give up their free agency. They've got they're gonna have a guy like I enter if you ought to step in the air you the Winger from Sweden he played a little bit with police this year. But he ended up being the Calder cup and BP. They have two or three of these guys that they can poured into the lineup. That actually in the Casey Johnson could be a second although probably more like a third line Winger. And make minimum money so if they're going to make it work. It's important in the guy that are making one point two million dollars. They're going to be an important. Whatever martyr and Edgar and mapped out which is going to be 81012. Oh is there any concern Ernie anybody in Toronto even thinking that someone would offer sheet one of these guys. You know what they're they're talk about it. But I mean. You can count on one hand how many crying somebody's actually deliver democracy. Sheet as opposed to how many prime revolt talked. Oh. You know I think they're cognizant of it but I think it's just been such a rarity that I don't think there's a lot of your. Therein I think it. All the guys. You know yak is sometimes Mike Babcock can be a little upgrade their work with some of the players and stuff like god but. For the most part everybody seems to applaud him especially with the addition of the bar at. I think that pretty much everybody wants to stay here because they can be. That you know there could be you know significant suspect except. Or at least the potential for about in front of the team for a few years now and that. That's actually one of the reasons. That to our site with two model and he's the first guy to say about it yeah. I mean obviously the money and obviously the being back in his home count. But I don't do it police via also. What out of land in front of merit bank business how weak link continuously. Be competitive. Over the life of your contract not the first or second or third year so. Do we do it pointed out a way that aren't that they could keep all these young guy. I get what you would have released it to the media let's say that the the F are trying to audience that you guys. Thank you you let's go ahead as you say is you know some players and I would imagine. Tomorrow's his one to care about this quite a bit I'm trying to find who was there is a freeagent that the kind of knocks were after. And the player effectively told them no thanks your blue line is in rough shape not gonna win there. So the players in our free agency allows these players to do their own research or make their own judgments and rule out teams not a location. But on talent and so that'll be your little one's good enough I'm never gonna sign with you. Nada about the great point from what I don't. What went from our opening it is kind of recruitment meeting that the BAA offices in Los Angeles. From what I'm all right there are areas yeah that and what suffered yet it was just believes it was the islanders. There with the sharks. The stars. The Bruins and the lightning all of those teams met face to face with John. You are the act I thought yay together on each of routine. Going into the pros so he had done his own freezer so yet your your point. You know especially with a guy like ours you would very very well prepared for this and you know there were a lot of doctors that we went into it what the one guy who is the fact that. You know I used to be mica tech guy we scared to come to Toronto. Because you know you can't speak you'd probably like the at a Buffalo Bill in in buffalo and that you can't go to the grocery store you can't. Really go out in public because everybody knows you well. Police are trying to turn that into a positive they don't. They make all the players available but they're they're very. You know caught it. Keeping the players' privacy away from the rink. And the other thing is they've got right but your Carter brown. Back Haim intimate partner were Toronto area. No longer. You know that that the prospect of playing with a lead is no longer stuff like oh my god look at all the publicity were gonna get in their minds like. Oh wow we're actually playing for the team we grew up cheering for and I think back goes to the culture change and I think that out of big big play. In light of ours came back because like I I mean. Going back to when he was a kid sleeping under blue and white blanket. You know they're they're they're what all helpful or do. Like last thing you brought up Babcock a moment ago and how he you know he can be tough to get along with. Anything with this Babcock Matthew stuff that could give me hope that Austin Matthews what would like to leave Toronto at some point. And they're go to Bob Lurie what averaged out of Toronto Mike I'm not going to be picky I'd go let's go near I I got an extra room I don't mind. No rock know it it's funny because they UK it is these Matthews did this year from CAA took your group and Bobby Orr was quoted the other day at a golf tournament under today to root out to vote they're kind of abrasive that's. Between our so called. A break submit between about caught in Matthews and or response was there's nothing there about all of them blown blown out out of report in the goes. I think what you eat goat what player didn't have issues with with with the coach down the line they don't always agree but they'll be you know. They're willing to play Portman and guys. Here's something you know I do think that that that this stuff with about these about Scott will be worked out and here's something important to remember back that relationship. Thought ours. And Patrick Marleau. Both came to Toronto on their own police bulletin. And Maine knew that they were going to play for Mike Babcock they've played for him at the Olympics we've played for him at the World Cup. They want to wait for them. And so we met it and I think that well it helped that it will vote players are they want these players to kind of be a bridge between the code. And the younger players. And so I think about another he later added to that the bars signing and I think that'll be a positive so. Sorry didn't mean to rain and. And I'm starting here all that kind of ruined my day but now I'll I'll learn to live with a leader meter ruin your body. Jarred Canadians. Mike thanks as always we always enjoy having on the show thanks for coming all of us this morning. Pay any time guys and with that have a great summer and didn't hearing any type thing. Thanks Mike that is my eggs ice burger from NHL dot com joining us on the AT&T you wanna play the trivia game you guys play yesterday. Of rip retired retired number game and I needed that we got to come over the did get a team get a pick a different team. So yesterday Anaheim we mentioned that the ducks are retiring Korea and neater Meyer they only have one other it's. Teemu salami. So the game minutes yesterday we went through the Rangers the Oilers. The doubles non Muslim in the only three right so pick a team that cut and you give me is many of their retired numbers as you can before you get one wrong. And whichever one YouTube gets the higher score is the winner so pick a team and roll Tampa Tampa Howard's gonna go to Tampa. Tampa Bay like obviously to the Tampa Bay Lightning coming numbers that they have retired the answer is too great that's a great pick break and pressure is on it beat top. Please throw one at zero a if I pick if you that the cabinet are tiny numbers tonight and you get is how you get 0% score and that's fail cat. Ari although the Calgary Flames flames OK so it's going to be Calgary against Tampa who's gonna go first off how it goes first is Braden went first yesterday. You know why should we it's game we should not tell you how many and you should have to say I'm Don that's all of them but when there are two. Tampa Bay Lightning who weather in the coming correct. OK honestly I'm now I'm trying to think of like. On my part to Saint Louis it's got remarked that's really believe yeah August I'm trying to that you would have retired Dave freak dad for chuck Martin Saint Louis correct Howard's two efforts to bring your team as Calgary style that letter retired you have to get all. Three. All three Al ansari dirt 22. All at their two while there's a shoot out. I. Lanny McDonald that's correct Carrie. And the last. Of the flames who have their number retired Al MacInnis he incorrect as Mike Vernon wa power is our winner I would never got Mike Vernon Mike Vernon's number retired by the flames in without light and jewel I wish Al MacInnis is a fear gas Luke Scott hit a great Saint Louis retired his number now. Well. He's still in very nice decent career and Calgary not counting Wayne Gretzky because we were talking about salon the other day remember we're talking about Winnipeg and whether they have. Players who had Jersey retired by multiple teams. Job not counting Gretzky. Are there. Did Dickens did you tell me that so I was not retired technically by the old by the coyotes slash old Winnipeg jets. IRA wasn't hang on let me get to the ocelot he was retired by the docks retired by multiple teams. Yet. Number retired right team from. By a team for multiple players now I don't have multiple OK I am curious like same player. Two teams retired his Jersey adult OK yes there are few OK there's our alphabetically ray Bork. Colorado retired as you know up the shorted room yup. Okay. Go to go to the and that the honoree I know those are two different as busy dose. Voids there are not many Gretzky bright. All out all everybody's time right but and the Oilers and the kings both data for Gretzky oh yeah I'm sure there's another one you should know think. Buffalo. Ashok. Shield their throne and Roberto all the Fontaine. No. No with the islanders. In care now who else is retired Tim Hortons correct Tim Horton. Mark Messier. Oilers and ranger pitchers right okay multiple teams retired number. I'm scrolling down were in the horrors. Patrick watt. Colorado and from Montreal okay. And that appears to be. It on my just quick squirrel here that appears to be it. Pay can you play this game tomorrow jerk I'm gonna take Colorado the avalanche you just Jamie two of them today. Yes I did so can't be too much of a longer list beyond me take a look at Colorado. At a number that really this is. And won't qualify as big. Good number how many retired numbers of the Colorado Avalanche at 586. Good luck. So there you don't. Fund game. I wonder thing OK yes so you know but I'll try Colorado tomorrow. It is a fun game I enjoy this this is between this and guess the country and get the prospects. The shoals almost worth listening to. 8030550. To join at least hear what I have for you at 9 o'clock from I'm serious I did say almost worth listening to try to take definitely were slipped my goodness. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 speaking of the 9 o'clock hour coming up at 930 we'll continue our bills. Trachea previous for bill's opponents we did Baltimore yesterday and today it's the chargers hoops are saying. To win the AFC west we'll talk about them. At 930 with the Randi Kurd or he's gonna join us from K and ex radio out in Los Angeles. Dance. Well I can. Hey that means we gotta give away Eagles tickets. They're gonna be a key banks that are Saturday. Night. We have one more pair ticket giveaway so let's do this right now minimum value of prizes fifty dollars they're courtesy of my nation general contest rules apply. You want a shot tickets cost now 6449878. Brayton is wait for your call clear out the lines of gold collar fifteen. If that's you you're gonna see the Eagles Saturn and keybank setter against 6449878. For the Eagles tickets if you do not win tickets. Apparently they're still available you can now get them on sale at live nation dot com and make your call contest number 6449878. Dollars check and running backs are still out on the market now but it was worth it. DeMarco Murray is the biggest name guy out there are Al Agassi Jim Peterson be big name guy he's 33 those guys are out there Jamaal Charles Eddie lacy. Some guy named CJ Spiller I don't know if you heard him before I guess he's been in the league. Yeah not to. After that boy. About it Eddie lacy but yet like the whole bunch of weight issues so with the cubic names that are out there are DeMarco Murray and Asian peers in our thirty and Peterson 33 or can. Felt remorse. The newspaper yeah it is it's 2018 while a Dodgers took me to a time warp. Eddie lately CJ Spiller to natural Murray yeah tell us who doesn't need Tina. Alfred marks. In the good fantasy month I think at some point. And NATO and former bull Brendan Oliver so you know if you're thinking about. Running backs tonight it was the one dollar Shawn McCoy a with the bills ever have to get a running back that is what's out on the market right now. You in on UB this year yeah Brad talking about a study was pretty pumped about Jesus and driving back from the for the golf term I don't know about undefeated season. But yes I am I'm nation bloc they were six and six last year. With. Losing two quarterbacks including Tyree Jackson. And what do could or should games against I mean they should it should of the western Michigan should be more than a lot should've beat Akron Tyree through a really bad and reception in that game. So yeah I'm I'm shot I feel really good about their chances this year you know they they should be in a bowl game. They should have a winning record yes how much I don't know. But I feel really excited about their chances expected to be going to mobile game this year. They were that close last year those injuries. They should be better this year sure. Bring it on then you know what. You don't terms of the draft to Brad was talk a lot about Tyree Jackson and you know two he could be drafted next year or become back and he'd be maybe even a higher draft prospect the after that. We keep hearing stories about was it Anthony Johnson right the wide receiver he's considered one of the top receivers in the draft class. So there are a number collude Hodge their linebackers what should be one of the better players in the Mac. It's a really good. Talent you've got to a tremendous quarterback in a big time quarterback in the Mac. You should dominate that league so I think some big things are coming up QB this year absolutely to be fun. I. But he headlines topping our yeah I'd it's not a job buffalo LeSean McColl light is the top of our headlines this morning. Police and a suburb of Atlanta. Are investigating what they are terming now right targeted home invasion. At a house it was owned by LeSean McCord is owned by bullish on the court. Reportedly. His estranged estranged girlfriend was beaten and robbed. A friend of the victim in the attack on n.'s Greg yesterday had posted something that said McCoy who was responsible for that. In addition to that he's beaten his son he's beaten a dog. That post has since been deleted at the advice of an attorney apparently. Alou Shawn McCoy issued well he posted something yes that is an all these allegations are are baseless and totally false. Bill the NFL is looking into it the bills have talked to LeSean McCoy and said. They're looking into it no further comments from anybody else at this time. World Cup semis. France is awaiting the winner of today's 2 o'clock matchup between Croatia and England. For Sunday's final. Renault goes on as witty event it's usually the Real Madrid Serena advances to the semis at Wimbledon. The men's court is going on right now Djokovic won his first set which I keep updated on that. Yanks lost Red Sox one Jay is one Mets lost and Nikita could dropped it to that your extension from the Tampa Bay Lightning those are your headlines here on WGR.