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Wednesday, July 11th

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It's always Simon and Jeremy White men are idiots and idiots. Stupid things how we signed me oh. Jeremy White and blue. Do you. Non WG ER I really didn't think he could order Bart station Sports Radio 515. I'm about to lower the bar I should thing. Her never never count us out of anything we're over achievers I have. The what I think is a fun question. So are you on a recap the mccoys stopper like every nose is going on this point. Right in the mid if you want you to do it. Now we just didn't headlines forgot okay. So I've got to ads not sports of re doing your ears you got the story here's here's the quick answer okay. If it's not true he's a bill if it is true he's no longer a bill that's there you go there's your there's your quick early Shawn McCoy a opinion for the day there's your tech. It's very black and white there. If you want like more of an explanation that we have on demand out there we've been talking about all morning but there's a black and white OK here's my question. Soul watching who knew I got a new Netflix show we're not quite being Jeanne we're watching it once tonight one or two night. It's a show called mark Chela it's about are our top it's about serial killers it's at London so it's kind of like easy fair you know one thing about. Netflix slashed serial killers and murderers and it shows that are about murder. Hans say this and serial killers because they're definitely darkened tent site ITI don't look for dark shows that's. London and Britain they do a better. There's an added element of drama. There's an added element they just however all the shows that are made in Britain there that are set in London street into a murder. Serial killer show London is the best place to do it a pact. In our our cop shows are always like cheesy lines all day long and like gets it the Internet. But do this this show Marcello is good you should go back what's the old old old life five how Wi-Fi evoke option she'd laugh cheesy lines you know this is not a cheesy show and all there's a lot going on. So anyway I ate something struck me the other day and that makes him a million other movies and I wanted to ask a question because. The whenever I just thought of it. If you see in the Dark Knight rises. The main one. Yeah or may be easy as old old right instinct maybe it's even adjust the dark at the Joseph one. What are appointees I did seem both of them are doing there you know how any time there's a movie this always happens in movies this always happens on. Elaborate television shows. There is a board room. Where someone gets off the elevator at the 74 floor they walk out and the whole floor is nothing. But a very a table because a board room guy and that's the floor going. Is that exist does that exist anywhere in the world you're asking a NASCAR you are I don't doubt I mean I would I would like we wouldn't know we I've never worked in that kind of building mercenary where there that might even take place. A floor or nothing but a table. Nothing but a table. It is a waste of space that's what I need it they're everywhere in movies. Where the board room is this all look at this place is such a clean look it's glad it's ceiling to floor glass and there's nothing in this room. No deaths or doughnut holing a light fixture and a bear a huge glass table with chairs around and that's how wealthy this corporation is or what they're soul wealthy. Their land developers and you know you've got. Intrigue you miss. And then they have those I'm gonna say yes but those know filing cabinet I'm gonna say there are conference trims that sold exist with table chairs in May be telephones for conference calls. Where their phones on the table. I don't think there's. I don't know if their phones phones are like if there's a phone this clutter these these are the cleanest race yet nothing conference rooms in the world do they every phone on the they exist in all. Conference phones are for other conference rooms this isn't a conference call this is a board room this is a poor girl but you might not want Michael somebody up a can actually did you know all in the movie lawyer corporate attorney in the movies. There are now are these would less than we saw a conference call a movie. I I am watching I'm watching a special or have been on showtime about the New York Times and their coverage of Donald Trump. And from time to time the Washington office in the New York office they get together their in their respective conference rooms. And there's phone there's a phone in the middle tablet during conference calls on a daily basis okay so that you want that's not the movies. Does your life yet the documentary about the New York Times. Our current fascinating stuff so they are but that's not a conference table that like it comparable and that it occupies a full no I don't well. No gosh no that's not on their office I'm saying arm will be just the table are movie board rooms. Do they exist or microwave to heat up pizza hallmark and and god one last time you saw a board room with a minor waivers yeah egg. Some nice boardrooms Iberia Kaeding has never first up I've never been to a company that would have won these. Boardrooms of the delegates we've got one it's got the television right there it's like it's our it's more over traditional accomplishes put this way after filming a movie about Bruce Wayne they're not doing it in our board. Probably not it's a nice televisions flat screen showed bigger there's tables there's a table is known jacares shares have wheels up exiting closets closets. I'm gonna guess yes. OK I got fortune 500 companies somewhere. Has a board room with nothing but a table at tables here and chairs the meetings are sol high level and private the -- like maybe Google has one of these happen to try to like what are these big time. Co op fortune 500 companies. Has one of these rooms. Not your average run of the mill. Company come to elect a knock a thome closet and die hard you get out there's just like it's nothing but. A model of the building and then as that but I think there's like a you know whatever. These are the things I think don't wanna watch this show I mean you. Here you go part of the in the boardroom and a re really in the port they originally they were in the CEO's office Justin writes in the scene where Bruce meets god for the first time in Bruce almighty always try to big open it right open floor plan with a table just columns you know he columns in the building. And wasn't the file cabinet that room though. I don't know yeah al-Qaeda and I don't like Victoria and file cabinet he had had to and he was and he was mop the floors. And clearly that that it that building exists in buffalo since. That was. Stud dog got anyway it's good show it's it's it's interesting it's it's murder in Alex and heavy stuff. I got better forget at fort McKay a quick couple tax on this though the company that border when not a phone teleconference is viewed through a speaker system with the keys located in super fancy sleek box somewhere below navy yeah right okay sure apparently is one h.'s beat Asia's species out overlooks the ballpark downtown used to security there and I watched games. But promote texture but so there's nothing on the floor but a table we're not talking about a room with other with cubicles around it it's just. The whole floor is devoted to a table and chairs that's pretty fancy. And I guess you're a big company got like eighty floors at a building somewhere. You can afford one to be just reserved for a table. I pulled editor forget it time. Flashed it. Now okay he's kicking back some that I swear to god but look like you're doing like a flask and a football tailgate. Chris Rock probably should read up on the haircut that that's probably not a good thing if you're drinking during the show. I would never drink this early in more value should delisted you have to listen to us every day you should drink copious amounts of liquor actually. Better forget it brought you by Seneca poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino the real deal winners on the we got drunk we got playoff odds we got franchise tags we've got Jason Bob troll what he wanted. An amateur and and whenever you god thing I Rob Gronkowski. And a bad mood. Rob Gronkowski so. There were reports the patriots actually called teams about a possible trade as recently as three days before the draft involving Rob Gronkowski. From Greg Bedard of Boston sports journal dot com. The lingering absence of a a new contract extended contract has prompted talk once again. That group gronkowski remains available. Better or forget it the patriots will trade Rob Gronkowski this season I will not that that no. Forget it he's still looking for a new contract he has threatened retirement. No he's threatened retirement already priced console contemplating not threaten contemplated retirement. OK let's go to the with the dipped to about franchise tags. So Monday is the deadline Fred players to our slapped the franchise tag teams still have until this Monday July 16. To agree to a long term contract if not those players must play 2018. Under the one year franchise tax. Prominent names include. Let gun belt to Marcus Lawrence against them and LaMarcus Joyner uses for what franchise tag deadline is Monday. Senator forget it what any one of these guys will still be sitting out come week one of the regular season. They don't settle long term deal they got a plan with the franchise stack. They don't want a report. They don't get paid so let envelop Marcus Jordan to Marcus Lawrence Ziggy ounce up one of them will not be showing up by week one of the regular season Jirga. I would bet Lovie and also sell ever a week of training camp got. Yeah you just got to shop I think what is the rule you got to get in. You gotta be in by like we tend to get accrued and accrued season so I mean out heels of that long but I credit and one rise and on December 1 guy. I get chewed up and try to restructure it's it's out camp. Playing guys don't mind sitting out camp and it's showing up the last week to Gerris Purdue that may be one year. Show up like with a weaker two left in the pre season get yourself in shape be ready to play regular seasons you can bet one guy will miss Wednesday. The mom up up up up up I got it that's just let me throw this one and for you know what's in giggles. The falcons announced their Sunday July 29 training camp practice is going to be at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. And they're charging five bucks proceeds are going to the Atlanta Super Bowl host committee is capital improvement project however wanted to bring us up to you okay. Last year the Panthers started charging for their fast five dollars a ticket but the don't donations go to the money goes to charity Burnett. Tampa. Has limited access to the camp this year they're using it as bait to get fans to buy season ticket packages so at times you wanna show opened camp. Immunity you wanna get can't buy a season ticket. Better forget to become standard practice for teams to charge some or all of their training camp practices. As a way to make money for a foundation as a way to get season ticket sales. Some other revenue stream we're gonna see more often teams will start doing some kind of price. To observe their training camp practices. Please don't forget that. Chair for gonna. Odds are out. From odd shark opening odds to make the NFL playoffs come and go big time for you said you're in the mood to bet. Defense I'm gonna go with a bigger rides OK this is not to make blessed I'm just gonna go with there are ten teams on this list. That are plus 250 or more okay to make the class we're not go with small time teams here we're the we're gonna spend your money big time. I'll go through the list you tell me you would actually bet it OK so this is now cracker I got this right wrong. Hundred dollars to win this right but the bills are plus 450. You that a hundred dollars to win 450 right. So here are your odds Arizona is plus 800. Or you're in the mood to bet on the cardinals plus 800 to make the playoffs. No bills plus 450. No money Mitch plus 415. Now. I want to do this when you were off our like it was or anybody ever do so I just applied like fifty and higher it's not everybody I like the browns. Browns and it's. It's Washington on this list and I must be missing some teams and so I don't have the complete list here Washington okay. No on the giants you don't like throwing their first. And I feel like I'm over I'm overestimating Denver is ever gonna sock this year. Yes OK I feel like a mole may be able arresting the Broncos I just feel like throwing them in is a wild card. All the because I don't know how to divisions gonna fall. I don't know the raiders are winning it or they gonna miss the playoffs entirely again people are playing up the the chargers as an AFC west favorite yet somehow they find a way to go nine and seven or 88 and missed the playoffs every year. Kansas city's trotman a young quarterback unproven and Patrick Holmes. If you like Denver would be Denver plus two whatever it is I'll throw a couple of blocks on Denver plus 275. In large purchase because of that division I just don't know how it's all gonna play out in the last editor forget it is Jason Vontrell. Does the sabres GM have another trade and in this offseason. I'm not pen and I think for the sabers at every year it's a little bit of no we got to develop. Well we will say. That the and a better forget it brought you by cynical prince of the senate and our groups into the real deal for. Winners only. Up on the topic of hockey actually let me get a little pub entries are gonna wanna remind you about the eleven day power play again. Britain's got an article of the WGR 550 dot com speaking of the sabres roster whether Jason Bartlett has any more moves left and in this offseason about the left wing. Which was a massive problem. After the trade event or Cain projecting out left wing where you're getting scoring down there. Including the depth the organization and so little thumbnail Brighton and we'll get some people to click on your article take a look at it. What's the outlets the left wing situation these days in the organized nation. Well it's not great but it's. So at least battery can't share in the picture and you know and that's the point maybe you teach Thompson and you know. Switched to left wing and I think guys like Alex mile under need to. Prove something this year and if he can do that I think there's an open slot for him on the left wing in video like Victor Olson has that as a potential chance but. Him being a scoring machine and offensive skilled guy as long as you make that transition from Sweden to the North America think that anything's possible. It's a pretty good sized void those still obviously going on the organization yes it's not great and not yet again not just here like you you put together a chart of of various players. It's not just looking at the sabres roster it's looking at the organizational depth chart including Rochester. And I assume including you know guys they've drafted and prospects that were crossing our fingers and waiting for some development it's still a big area of need for the sabres. Check it out at WG Arafat to deduct up and I didn't wanna remind everybody the eleven day power play is going on down and harbors and the WG our team will be out there at 2 o'clock chew morrow. Two to six to a stop by. And cheer on the voice. But also if you can help out with donations. The guys involved tweeted out links. At their various Twitter accounts so if you can help out. One to all of them whatever. Obviously it's a great cause they're raising money for rougher Roswell park cancer research. So if you can head off to one of the Twitter accounts or various Twitter accounts used a time to donate. And make a contribution for the eleven day power play. Again GR team will be on the next Thursday from 26 at Harbour center. Rumor has it. It's possible they'll be a Paul Hamilton siding not on the ice. But Paul their for his guidance leadership hockey knowledge maybe unofficially coaching the roster on on Thursday for part of Thursday. I was thinking of showing up to get outta water boy. Or is there anybody do you use someone to open and close the door the bench on changes. I think what I could possibly do. Like anything is anything is good. They can bring a guide on how to sharpen skates and I can't do like an equipment guy I'm certainly not a trainer someone gets hurt you're on your own. Filled water bottles is probably an open the bench door to him that's problem the extent of what I did you probably supplies to some Beers well. Like I got like beer run yeah I can do that if you guys. They are the eat during the power play like responding to get snags the bench yet. I can I can basically were talking about an intern if you guys had an intern on the team so you're the intern for the life power I would be the intern on the GR hockey team that's essentially all in good for all right I played intro floor occupy a state that probably wouldn't help with Cuba now probably 80305 chip to join us 888552. For fifty we are do with them training camp previews yeah believe it or not. The bills check in two weeks from today the first practices to Richard tomorrow which gives a couple of weeks to get through. Bill's opponents and you training camp previews as we get ready for the opening of cancer around the league. We opened up yesterday talking about the Baltimore Ravens when we get back we'll talk about the LA charges Philip Rivers are still there charges of course were in that mix for the wild card playoff spot and lost out on tie breakers at the end of the season. Had a big injury in the offseason with hunter Henry we'll talk about the charges because. They seem to be gaining steam. As people are talking about them is winning the AFC west while they play the bills we too will find out about them. Moment I'm WGR. I look back. Training camps about don't actually two weeks away but we learned today the ravens are gonna have the rookies in shortly they're gonna have the rookie camp and then. And I have to open up Campbell of an earlier there in the hall of fame game bills check in two weeks from today and they will be on the practice field believe it or not two weeks from tomorrow yes you've been talking about. Shawn McCoy this morning who knows what will be happening with him over the next few weeks. As the story continues to evolve again details are available at our sister station WB yen dot com. 8030550. Can churn opinion on that it's started to get an opinion when there's speculation at this point. But if disappear if this turns out to be true I'm pretty sure everybody would agree that he will be an ex bill that he would be released by the team again. Row long ways away from that since right now. It's just allegations and nothing really has come out in terms of hard facts but yes we've been discussing them if you have an opinion to chair that too. We've also started our our previews for training camp opponent opponents of the Buffalo Bills yesterday we talked about the Baltimore Ravens. The chargers are up in week number two although maybe we're not getting our guest at a make sure we get okay. Record aaron's gonna join us war from camp X radio out of Los Angeles we'll talk a little bit that LA. Hey Randy it's Howard in Jeremy thanks for coming our first log good morning. It hey I am reading more and more for some reason about the chargers as AFC west favorites where's this coming from and why. Well you know you think about that a new thing while the way to the end of last year they won all those games in a row in the way they were playing and and the fact that. They have some changes coming up but really not a lot I think it also you take a look at the rest of cause the rest of the division I mean. Kansas City we don't really know what to expect from them especially with a quarterback change. Denver is a mask and the raiders well they could be good as last year probably better but. You'd take a look at the teams and you wonder wheel which is the team it's best suited to really have a good start. And it just comes out chargers Sunday on the ticket they're kicking scenario put together and we all saw what happened last year that. There's a really good chance of the chargers that they get a good start wool load the have a chance to prevail. And yet killer Randy with the chargers like the theme of the charges in recent years has been. You think they're gonna do better than they do they end up losing games you can't figure out how they lost and somehow they missed out on the playoffs. Oh absolutely that's really been an error modus operandi of late but you take a look at the way they ended their season last year with all those wins in a row and there was just something that was collected everything seem to be going especially the way they lost in the first few games again I bring up the kicking game which was horrible. They went through kickers like most of us. Go through car cups of coffee in the morning and they'd just have seemed to turn that around thinking yet that fixed up they brought in some question I am still not totally sold about geno Smith is back up quarterback Philip Rivers. And then of course they brought in part they'll Jones from new guys in buffalo it's going to be interesting to see if this team could avoid injury. If they can keep going the way they ended the season last year. You brought up quarterback. You know for a number of teams including the bills this was an offseason to think about the quarterback of the future. The chargers aren't how many how much longer as rivers plant. That's a good question but he seems still a really be a quantity can be healthy and and I can't. For any team in the NFL health is important especially the chargers could restart kick up some other top guys for example hunter Henry the Qaeda into play so while last year. Well he's done for the season so you're gonna now rely on it the ball went Braden Bowman your look at the ban job to do look at the guys that you may not know very well. So that top line guys are gonna have to perform for the chargers and more important stayed healthy this season. And as far as you have seen in terms are river's level of play any drop off any troublesome signs. Not really I think it's a pity thing he showed the end of last year that he was getting better I mean as long as you can make that connection as long as Keenan Allen stays healthy as long as Melvin Gordon out of the backfield stays healthy there's law and his cellular guys Mike Williams that he can stay healthy and and you're talking about. Well that Philip Rivers is gonna happen so we're pretty good season because. Again with the wave Melvin Gordon's been taken to football and running at this last year. Remember when they bombed two years ago that's when and you had all those injuries that's when Keenan Allen went out that's when somebody guys went down to injury and and really he had nobody but himself that the road to an essential because that. There receivers just weren't. In a position to do well they weren't relieved somebody you could rely on don't doubt that law that these guys can catch the football they're going to be in good shape. Don't mention Keenan Allen anymore I'm having very bad flashbacks to the the game. When it when it comes Su and you know you mentioned the kicking game where are the other biggest bigger big questions as they get set to open training camp. Were there other questions about the when he eighteen chargers. Well I think defense is going to be interest in a year bring him back to. Branded me bang you got Melvin Ingram you've got and they'll Paramount you've got guys up front we're gonna play well Casey Hayward is also great in the backfield you've got. The big question is the rookies Derwin James coming out of Florida state of the draft pick the chargers first guy they chose. He's going to be a guy that everybody's going to be testing this year because he's new and it's gonna be interesting to see how that all works out of course they've got Chile boasts Jason Berry is back from injury. Now Barrett is able from all reports we've heard him some of the show offseason practices. He has looked really good since coming back from injury and missing most of the season last year of all these guys can certainly put together a good performance. Chargers defense is gonna certainly helped them. You mentioned your when James who else from the 2018 draft class could have an impact. Your idea that because it's funny there's kipper USC I believe it's. And I always have trouble even pronouncing it when he was at USC goes along soon and that linebackers. Who chaired them all so yeah okay that's. Look at us it's better than me I you did a much better job than I would have trying to bring him up with you. All my buyback plan was to go is anyone would do whatever it. But now you're talking a delicate it would be ridiculous they've but nonetheless. The keeping guys that you're gonna really keep an ally downpour eye out for you've got to other guys that are coming up for the most part till the defense is going to be based on a lot of the veterans but I according to those two and a kid named pat. Friday I believe his name is that an outside. Good defensive end that's gonna back up Melvin Ingram he's a kid that's going to be somebody that you're gonna keep an eye out for. Certainly so many other people that could come in but again like the offense the defense cannot stay healthy this year. That's what the chargers are gonna start labor. I forgot you bet you mentioned hunter Henry I honestly don't even remember did they bring back Antonio Gates or if not they are considering doing that. There is a lot of talk at one point to the chargers would. Would once again approach Antonio but so far no. It hasn't happened which is kind of interest income and no gates want to return and I know. C'mon some of the guys other teams in the NFL. After a lot of veteran that knows how to catch the football again has shown that he can do it over the years but if he comes back and EP joined the chargers again or that will be somebody else. That does certainly hopes the cult LE chargers situation. Ready final thing for you know ticket sales and you know other team the opponent having lots of fans in the stands is a big story last year. Will it be any different this year and LA for the chargers. Well it could be same place yeah. Of course it's just kind of an odd thing you're looking at a soccer stadium. That the charges are going to be playing in and they do try to expand that they do try to make it look good. But as we saw last year at the end of the season really didn't matters under the chargers were able to play some good football once they got over it I don't think they're worried too much about helping cancer in the stands. Of course the new stadium is being built that's going to be coming up in a few years as well. Randi thanks thanks for the information on the charges appreciate given us some time this morning. Randy could Jim from K index radio in Los Angeles joining us on. Ari AT&T hotline chargers in week two on the field scheduling and look when the schedule came out we looked and thought crap Packers vikings back to back that's not good. Who knows when all's said and done perhaps the AFC west division champions are in week two on the bill schedule which would add to a difficult September for them. All right great you ready to fired up oh quick update effort I wanted to give you a Wimbledon update Djokovic split his first two sets. Federer won it their all in the third set but Federer won his first two sets there and set three Djokovic also set three split. The first two sets and Wimbledon men's quarters are continuing. So Federer match win streak her. It was a set street Greg is approaching that rectory he he thought his own record at Portland so he's he's probably gonna break it. And we went yup yankees it's 11 of them aren't ready forgot the country. Jerked again getting the music. They go OK once they have that part I'm good. It's still great music will always. I just keep playing and all throughout the year I guys let's get this started here's the number one for you guys in this edition gets the country. Beer was illegal in this country until 1989. Paul we're getting just a little nugget there are continuing I ran. Guess which posting something so we read your view illegal until 1989. I don't know Russia no one's ridiculous. Hastert or just make clear legal wasn't right after the wall may mean is that how it okay. Owning a pet snake and lizard or turtle in this country is also illegal. People can put no beer no pets. It's got nothing. Pass. Anymore. There are no surnames or family names in this country while first names not previously used in this country must be approved by its naming committee. Brazil. As the naming committee. South Korea. I. In this country babies are routinely left outside to now. Kim I'm definitely not moving to this country. Babies are left out okay Spain they got in Spain. Peru. But that they can. But the thing but it pays yes both a siesta so I figured the babies is that there's yes there's outside. This country had the first democratically elected female and openly gay prime minister. No idea don't remember the story so I could even as that against. Alarm moving to Spain I love doing that. Senegal. People in this country watch more movies than any other country in the world. Japan. He is. Denmark. He should go all the segment bring plays the ball's at he's enjoying it I do I love the buzzer. Let's see here this country is the most eco friendly country in the world in terms of their energy sources 30% is PF geothermal origin the rest is generated by hydropower. I've no idea what that you just you could've just. Talked like Greek to me I've no idea you just said. Kia something or other PF flyers geothermal that are sure means there's gonna be active. Geothermal. Iceland. I don't you why should have paid attention in science class. All those years of my mom said you know so to be important and as that I'm gonna go into sports casting how science can help me. Would help me guess nice up yet won't go until the early going nicely yup yup here's another old you are now somebody tweets and a half here's another interesting facts about this country here. It was the last land in the world to be settled in populated by humans about thirty svelte 396000. Square miles that's about the size of Ohio. This country's revenue from whale watching exceeds the revenue from wailing the official sport of Iceland is handball. Crime is sold all in this country that it's the lowest in the world and police don't even carry guns around really and let's see here do do do do. There are no force in this country the only mammal needed to this country's the Arctic fox. My brother recently went to Iceland said it was beautiful laughter I assume Reykjavik I'm not sure where where he was but I'm gonna guess that's is that they're largest city I think. I've heard it's a very very beautiful country actually probably the only city I can name in the entire country is Reykjavik. Did you. Can you find and I guess I can find that I don't have to be lazy why do they put the babies outside to sleep. Coming ice outside pressure there is good for their lungs. Pressure's good for the long's a residual. And and that's probably my sons I'd babies you know wisely. And it's probably not at all that populous although it's getting busier now tourism would be sleeping problems the practice is widespread has been that way often to the amusement of visitors. I'm gonna do some research. Because I this is driving me crazy about why they sleep outside. Tension really stop to show all right Bob also have an answer where we get back and extend this with about wide babies and ice and sleep outside. Breaking sports news airs first here here. GR Sports Radio fine. The thoughts. These Internet is an amazing thing for those you that are my age. Is growing up or whatever to break up he rolled book of encyclopedia. Letter I and look up like babies sleep outside in Iceland. And here's why. Sometimes nap outside yet not sleep that night over that map yet right and not what it's like stupid cold some times actually when it gets under freezing parents with a baby step outside. But here's how it here's how it started. For a long time endorse sleeping conditions weren't great in Iceland poor air circulation. Overcrowded living conditions. Traditional homes were muggy and sometimes smokey from cooking. Sold somewhere in the 1920s. Someone came up with the idea of having the babies sleep outside strollers became available. They became available and ice and I thought hey you know all doors not so good. Let's put the babies outside to sleep. So. They didn't start in the 1920s it became a tradition and it continues to this day and give their wrapped in sleeping bags they're warm and everything and again. You know if it's 1010 degrees below zero other not outside. But to this day it's a tradition that began back in the 1920s because sleeping indoors wasn't good. Let alone pressure and I people in Iceland live ten years longer than anybody else in the world on the average so maybe the notre don't want out there. Though they got. The they have like cages on the windows PC that New York City right days. You seen a famous video the pictures in of New York City when you have like a baby stoop cage I have never seen that well really. Yet you've got to Wendell exercise and air conditioner and Pitt and David have sleep out there. I know they said that said something about hang on a second or something about how it became stick that they just put strollers on. Up in in balconies for apartments. Just so everything crime rate low that is. Is there are days when the Kate it's merit and coming up shop I don't know 1930s outdoor baby case civic. In a grueling baby cages disease you know get some on the stump these days don't do them I'm afraid to even ask. Well I mean. Watch the news. But here here's picture of they had these little case hung outside the windows so why did they ever did that in nineteenth in 1930s well yet. Andrews yeah they leave they absolutely babies outside like houses coffee shops you know they could be in getting a snack they leave the stroller outside in the little babies wrapped up nice and warm in the stroller and slips so. They go. And as Brayton said the crime rate is really low rise since the don't have to worry about that. That's when the thing I was gonna find you know like your article guy got humor thanks. Investigators on the way next well one other quick note from the world of sports. In. Looks like one and done it's going to be done. Adam silver came out yesterday and suggested that the one and done rule go to college for one year. Probably gonna be changed is going to two or getting to know get rid of it completely but it probably not until 20/20 one as at the earliest. Reports suggest high school players or be allowed back in the NBA draft as early as 20/20 one good an official with the NBA players association hinted in announcement should be coming within the next few months I feel like it was not good for college basketball. You had players I thought it would be I thought they should get a free year and they did have a chance to see them in your your programs would be better but. Now I'm I'm happy to that rule go away and I never like that and ever support that I felt like that was the players association. Doing their best to protect their own jobs. By pushing players back a year though in the Delhi I'm I'm glad to see that going for what it's worth. In this article points out in the most recent NBA draft nine of the first eleven players. We're one and done guys that played one year in college in the they left Kennedy half of those guys would've decided not to go to college maybe maybe they all would anyway you you'll still have players that do of one and done right but they'll have the option of doing something else perhaps that is the elite elite guys maybe the cream of the crop that end up the duke or Kansas or wherever decide to Disco randomized so anyway it looks like. Out of several looks like they're gonna chase that shoot some. Ideas skaters coming up next we're back tomorrow morning. Adds six have a great day.