07-11 The Instigators HR 1


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We need your swing and it's a great revenge. Here's presented by. Yeah and Marty you're on here and Marty and I'm scrolling through Twitter. Yet and I am oh. And scoping out our. Who we could potentially be playing on Sunday is replaying in that. Eleven a power play game on Sunday were in the final shift from three to 6 PM. If you're not aware instant gators Andrew Peters Marty bureau running for Kregg re bay news. Sending us nice postcards by the way for there and a personalized postcards nice I hang nails and everything in in his pictures of the Burke and stocks in the lake. But Craig's away instigators as a mansion where WGR 550 amnesty if you're not aware. Last year the eleven day power player raised one points to lie of the four or somewhere in the Arab well over one point two one million was their goal. They raised media was around one point two. But Tom the point is they raise forty guys went into this. Korea last year for eleven straight days they didn't leave it and it loudly about record they were going for the Guinness book world record and a Mike in meaningless because he has brought that charity game back but it's eleven days but it's. Multiple teams and there's 15100 different players and hundred different teams have been great to see on Twitter and on social media the pictures like everybody's poses a posting pictures of after before they're shipped after their shifts. I saw let's go into our. Does it and yeah wit camps okay you're all done right of I don't know glass and I know that from an I don't know cam that well we handle them trying to goaltending it's absolutely so it was kind of cool to see. You know fodder and sun can it changing. Lace in a Nazi did you see the picture. Last standing in Nat and his sons standing in that you let me. And he's accidentally hit it's it's great I mean it it's it does the way it should be like father like son. I'm so if you're not busy or you want a argued out of the heat go down of the harbor senator you're walking around down on the harbor front there. They heard there's nonstop hockey going on around the Clarkson of leaving the bar for AM head on over there and our route on. It'll take some rowdy rooting on on from some people coming him in the bar they did last year I guess one of the bars rolled over. They brought everybody they shut down they did last calls late all go to over the eleven day power play. And like 200 people from the bar showed I showed up at 3:30 in the morning to root out of the guys that you can imagine right I've ever talking of the guys were saying what a boost. Because you're sitting there you're doing them the late that the dog hour shift and everybody had to do it in the way they had it worked out. The rotating gold goaltenders and each player had to play goalie even if you were want to goal you had to do a shift in net. And they just so you know it's amazing people rolled in a four Clark you're halfway through shift your your bag tired your eyes are closing your legs are seizing up. 200 people show up to cheer. You were only thinking that twelve guys or fifteen guys may be. Remember what he did that shift but they didn't all part in all right they're not reporting I have an eleven straight days that are thinking of this sixteen I was seeing guys the like ball. Plus de -- at six guys on the ice and if you want to change right oh it's yet fourteen. Sixteen guys on the eighth you know two and a shift only thinking of those you not think it was the other 25 guys that are trying to sleep. And at 4 AM Watson a bunch of rowdy guys just. You know make it fun so. It was pretty amazing their bunkers to did you see what they had some others you do the whole tour is. This week period with those guys are unbelievable they did it for cancer and it's going and hired a fun thing is like if that's you have. Thursday's Shia from midnight to four. It's a fun thing to get up forcing you'll go to bad. I'd like right after dinner you'll wake up back then you'll drive down. You'll have you know all your time which your buddies and it's a completely different atmosphere. To do it the middle of the night or do a demo of the date. I wanna say that the idea to continue to eleven the partly by change of format throughout. All these teams and all these people involved is amazing. Mike's Mike basically said he is like let's open it up to the community aid you don't always have to you know girls team grinds down forty dice and do it from the Guinness sparkle roll record yeah Stewart for a great cause they. I know they've already raised to believe and don't know they have raised over another million dollars already already area and it goes until Sunday and I'm proud to say that I'll play I ref the first shift. I was terrible officiating so I guess that's par for the course worldwide. Com and we are playing on Sunday from three to six myself. Arlen alana. Back to let them EU your brother yup Ellison Michael packer isn't there as well Matty Ellis the illness may be mentally and and you know. Cody McCormick and he recorded McCormick I know all Alex talked is doing everything he can't get in for the game to come and help out and play that shouldn't. EA have few golf will be utes. You stop of that as well as soul yeah it's gonna be a great team that's gonna be put together I can't wait. It just exit George Babcock last this morning may be. Or yesterday you said they are you going to be around the next couple days I need to come in and get some equipment because I'm playing Sunday sell option dynamic here. I have. Actually no I have skates. I have. May be a blocker and glove that at dad's old. I have one of your catches a few audience exactly but I have the chance of Buffalo Sabres fans that I got from the sabres and last year I played the an alumni game in Toronto and I borrowed some old judge Johnson gear that they had in a back room. Because it was about the same size and it worked out so yes I'm gonna go borrow some some equipment. All right Marty so we're playing that is Sunday three to six come check it out it's at harbor satirist on and more importantly support the cause and if you go to Twitter you can or I'm sure FaceBook too I don't have FaceBook but I'm sure. Are you go to any of the social media platforms and you'll find eleven a power play and other is a number the you can text. Where you can follow my closet cow ski in and get all the information you condone eleven dollars. Just from text messaging so that's going on and there's a lot of other stuff going on around the world of hockey. And one of the conversation pieces is Max patch are ready to party bureau and as we sit here and on the as gators and WGR 550 amnesty and think. What you look good in the sabres uniform. Offer one year rental because they argue what the odds of him resigning. OK let's forget the one year rental of there because the Montreal Canadians are not trading away Matt Spencer eighty. Add the rice. Should be a one year rental thirds rating him. Knowing that I have the long term I learned is that like you're getting a player that you won for long term. This is not a me acquisition of the trading that trade deadline. And and you say OK well. Here's the deal. We're gonna give you area a conditional second round pick if we are able to re signed Matt read Matt patch ready. We will change act or first rounder know when you make your trade in the summer. You're making that trade. Looking at the bigger picture especially for the month rocketed a lot of time. They like the rumors at the drafts word that. Montreal had a deal in place with the Los Angeles kings' big gave Mac that's radian has banned agent pat Burress on. The opportunity to negotiate an extension with the nearly kings. That extension did not come to fruition. And the deal fell through a lot of times in the summer like this just like an Eric Carlson trade and Max bats are the trade. Would it have been extension added to it soul you would say if you're the sabres you'd call Montreal I would like to talk to Pat's ready. This and that not outlaw. And then you would contact that's readies agent and say okay we have is Dylan plays but let's work on an extension. To make the deal happen if it doesn't happen it's not so. This and you're going to be paying a time to try to get answered especially now. Because there's there's not a lot of options out there. To acquire a player what it's like what's time. Let it so well over one European NM a ton of dollars because each day taking out and or eight million a year. OK so let me ask you this soul. Would Jason Marshall consider bringing him in here on a rental and and and here's the reason why because if you're trying to completely re face this team revamp this team you wanna give the fan base something to be excited about. You want them to be competitive. Throughout the year you know you want to maybe be in the hunt past Christmas in all the sabres were out by November last year. By Thanksgiving you know everything was no we weren't very thankful and here we are. Here we are you have an opportunity maybe I don't know how serious of an opportunity your chance you have to land this player but he can really bolster your team and you look at the signs they've already made. That is the player that you would need to bring in to play alongside with Jack cycle that would shift everybody down share recount. You got a college here in fort Nelson down. And the reason is because I guess you're dead the mud at about reckoning is in the sabres had to be in some. Contract talks regarding Ryan rally three because hey are you saying that it that. And a look are you are you saying that if if push came to shove and you had an option on the table for sharing your patch ready you would have taken share. I'm not saying I might have by the way because of this actually because I say to that. I understand that the price to get Siri was not the pricing out that's ready as the worst case scenario it's a third rounder and a price to. Keep sheer read long term is not the price to keep pastor Eddie long term but I think if you are willing to raid Ryan a rally. To the Montero Canadians and acquire a Mac that's radiant return as a package of whatever return you're gonna get. Then I'm okay with that because you've made a big move the sabres have made the big move going to get burdens Ibaka these Dobson a first and a second. Denigrate then forget about the answer ready he's not gonna factor in to this line up in. What do you have to three now. Prospects. Next. No I don't want to trade goes dad dad dad value formats that's ready a guy that is gonna want. 78 million dollar a year and a long term contract whose 29 years old. Il and really. Witty shown me is is is strength. Of character. And all of that the last few years and questioning the coming. Did you ever fire an agent yes okay so. It's or this to me. Patch ready as you know was with Pappas on and now is without watched. Why does a player in this situation and I mean I can speculate I can publish my own thoughts but I mean I'm asking what you fired needs while you're during your NHL career yes so what is what happens where does that turn in wild patch ready say. Are right Garcon who by the way. Pappas on represents some of the. And chaos in the Iranians an LA I would say he's the best I tenacity represent some of the biggest name which I don't necessarily one means the other but a console for mean it was I had the same reason for fifteen years sixteen years old when. An agent from back compliment real Zulu. I'm reach out my parents as the year before I was gonna turn. To be junior player it was a couple in the form Mitchell draft. You are now former telegraph any soul I had the Sunnis have for fifteen years that we it ended in Philadelphia. Where. Apparently the flyers and made a somewhat of me. Very lol. Contract offer. Dat we and not communicated it wasn't presented in mean we. It didn't go well there was an offer made by a team and it wasn't presented by theory by Europe. It was may be preside at the bright side here but I'll steal a saying. Fighter. Exactly. Thought Ed did not and I don't know that it would we would say it wasn't presented but. When we were talking and they gift if you think you're gonna get a five million dollar offer in the offers three million. Yuri cannon like well known like that's not gonna work and words were gonna look at our options but. I'm just in the communication wasn't there and it had been a few years where the communication. Was rough and ended. Their priority at switched. Vote on mine and an onions and and whatever so we just decided you know I called them after I said. I'm gonna make a change I don't know where I don't all Howell but I feel that we've come to the end to wrote fifteen years it's great. Fifteen years we need. Can move. Both are ways and it's fine. Op so now I had to make a decision so I called to tackle Chris Drury and Dan Avery and I said what are you guys Egypt have define it died quickly. The draft is next week in July 1 of the week after and I have to have a guy represented me again. Danny for years agent with peppers on in Ellie you just talked about it. Chris ciresi agent was mark Witkin and Peter fish wrap presents Jack cycle in Boston. So I interviewed potable and I decide to go with it. Mark and Peter in Boston which was a great move and they were great for me in so that's what I did. Which pets are ready it's completely different. I find it answering the may be over values himself because he's been such a bargain of late. That he's put them in situations like all I should have been making 66 and a million dollars seven million dollar the last years and I'm making. What is he making five. Like I mean I think it's a lower number. So when the raid in between L in Montreal wins. Potentially made. Briefs on god the best deal he could get. As an extension with only presented it to his client and said hey listen this is the deal agreed deal at the Portugal and how much it. I don't like he was 81 now isn't quite that much. Eight may have been six year seven year deal six an awful series seven years maybe. Maybe but it didn't regard as the numbers don't matter at that point because the agency that does the as the on again for you I think you should take it and the players is no I want more. Well OK I can't get you more. In all and indeed the idea in this situation has just like look you're asking me to do something I can do for you. I think this is the best deal you can get advocate the marketplace I think this is exactly. Where you should be getting on a Montreal is put you finally get near the money it's doing all of these things and the players has now I want. I want deference I think we should part ways that simple is it wasn't like you screw me go over. You'd didn't pay my taxes are you stole money from me it was just a difference of opinion. In them in the marketplace with when again like Max maturity will then match archery is delusional while the Eagles island long trait an octagon is. I wouldn't I wouldn't it Max factory Wharton app right I know. Octagon is is not a agent as well an island laws Walsh has been outspoken aids. Very Smart guy. But he's represented players like Marc-Andre Fleury I believe. Derek sarge has been a lot of players that it was great oracle for alarm I think that you yards to a better leader and the union and knees on Twitter. Basically. In all putting stats out there and say hey. It was representing Yaris and black right and he kept saying I. How lax numbers cards this and that when he was in a competition with Carey Price. I'm so lost his candidate that the guide it stirs it up a little but likes to. Murky waters and get get himself. In them in the spotlight taking some heat away from this player and I think that's what. Maybe Patrick he was looking for is finally get some bills. Right spotlight often mean and get an agent that's gonna do all that is not a marcher I'll start right there. While here as it did to work now is pastor Eddie we were told that the draft by some French media does that answer the I had played his last month rocket that it was done he was never gonna return to Montreal to play. Dan there was some rumors that oh maybe he should sign an extension. On pastor Eddie and keep a moron now. It's gone back 180 degrees the other way it's sure looks like pastor Eddie will be out of Montreal why I want him there in buffalo know. That we made the moves that we made and it's perfect for me and really I think frustrating shot itself in the foot so Ellie went and got Kovalchuk after pastor Eddie. Deal fell through worst passer rating and ago. Saint Louis got Ryan O'Reilly and it just got that roan. Whose guys. At Winnipeg doesn't have the money for Patrick the only team that I can see passer rating go to. Is the New York Islanders. And it. So you're gonna wanna go to the New York Islanders the only reason why me why we are governors want. Because he's a boy from Long Island ball OK but I mean what's their what's their main goal policy studies goal scorer he's a guy got. Quickly would bars now it could could find some chemistry right there. There's a lot different reason he's a good hockey player. And you definitely have to have good hockey players offer me for me is that if you wanna go of the islanders be like why would mechanic back to my Treo. Won't panic is like three games that we for pulling a thousand games in Montreal Canadians uniform. He was basically. It was an agreement I can tout his radio Rondell and then I'll come back at the end of his career he does one more year you but can he be rental it's Brian Gionta coming to buffalo. Well that's our guys are playing games to hit a thousand later panic going to Montreal is Brian Gionta commendable flow parliament they'll come and back I was just asked that question the gentleman through about it this is its leaders in moving back to buffalo plays to. Her thirtieth game. Investigators. Edgar Peters know Craig very mart tam beer aren't here to my left on WGR 515 amnesty were talking a patch ready. Because you know right now he's the biggest name I think circulating. Out there and and trade talks and I think. I just I don't know buffalo would be anonymous I don't know. I don't know that they need him right out. I guess my question is what would the price be let's say that waksal did one let's say. Because let's be honest I'll be the first one to tell you I would love seem Patrick duo line which act. It's if backstretch ready what is squeezing in on aligned with Jack Nicklaus samurai are. He gets thirty goals next year he gets thirty Eagles he's had thirty goals minus last year 123. Force street season's third in the lock out year Maria at fifteen goals and 44 games can have got thirty year. Had 33 the year before that 79 and at fourteen the year before they act all the way back to 1011. In 37 games. We're targeting years ago was that. Other than last season seven years ago was the last time he did not score thirty in a full season yeah. So he's a vehicle's core gay who did the Montreal Canadians give up to acquire giant android. Surgeon surgeon so what would the Montauk Canadians like having a return especially since Shea Weber is out for six months but the man Gmail. Soul what kind of a deep man has. No hard sabres are you know they are asking for all of Cooley Cooley. That's a no that's a no that's a Hartnell awesome over McKay. Would you do would you do you think they'd wanna be. They would wanna be forced her. We date we'll so that's a well if if if the sabres have one area where they have some currency would be in defense but it still able to part ways with -- but with Nick Cave in you have to the something significant alongside. Is that Alex mile and while that was what the discussion one as you know we are talking about that for the show was. Where does bought troll value to kneel and her in you know. That would be a guy that I would say that much or Canadians would want. They would. I don't know of they would because in a lead they got nags the only big guy Johnson drew Randy got all these young. Ten of guys that. You're not 100% sure which you've got an and you add the Lander on it out on top of that. How much more than they need a CNN how much more of Islam. Then Jake McCain can give me would they want to. Means it's it's we are just sitting here talking about negotiating players I don't think Bailey perhaps he's played any role on that trade I don't know dollars Larson does. I don't think arrogance and does. That would be that's the only issue from announcing that the sabres really have. Dead widgets for purity to me they would want do you think they would want to Samuelson at the drafted in the second round six foot five defenseman. It's the second round project right now I mean the Armenians had three Florida enrollees still Ashley still a second round project while Brenda duly analyst only played seven games pro. I understand but Brendan goalie is way ahead of what you would seep second round there's. He's considered to me a first round talent and a first round prospect right now he's OK if plus prospect. Brand Brendon goalie is a little bit what Brian McDonough on. Wasted a Montreal Canadians when he traded him away to the Rangers in a Scott Gomez strayed straight. He's a little bit of web search of was when the Canadian straight to voice of the Canadians keep trading away these young prospect defenseman. And they keep regretting it. And so now they have their gonna make a deal with Pat's ready they're gonna want a young prospect defenseman. The egg he got nobody got to get all their they got Jordy band they got. Victor met payday got Shea Weber being you don't have. Does that up and coming dear. Are all 29303132. Years old and plus there's a couple of prospects on defense. I've met the is one of all that is a young guy but they have a very aging group a defensemen when it was like I'm looking at. Or prospects right now. They have 123. 45 the in the minors bird just that are sign I came house names but look at their defense okay. Shea Weber 32 breath at 330. Called alzheimer's when he nine but he'll be thirty. In September. I David slam code 31 Jordy bend thirty. I just name you five the others Geoff Petrie dealer in. Absolutely awful at five million dollars a year for three more years. Created a lot of my old three plausible movement clause. I mean so you got five guys whether really ordered mayor art is it that are really wanted. They really went after pastry that here they just signed at Xavier will Latin. Who believed we had the Detroit Red Wings lasso is there I guess so here's my question that if if they were to take a shot at patch ready. And you know you're gonna lose in these ran to door to try to get something back if you're gonna maybe part ways with the prospect of goalies magnitude. Doctors say it's Cooley don't just from maybe something a little more in a few pieces there that you might be able. Would you do this you really estimates. They don't have much like I think there are like in trouble but we Judas. So. You say to the Canadians are okay woo we were working deal. But just make it fun to make it interesting. I will trade you our first round pick next year and for your first round pick next year. Let's bet on who's going to be better or who's going to be worse I don't need that. Canadians are going to be we work I think the Canadians are going to be way it works I think that. I'm not gonna securitize the sabres are going to be rushing for a wildcard spot but tell you what we're not gonna see this nearly the same product that we have guys last year actually you guys at that you got that and it helps Phil Housley we talked about it the other day. It helps Phil Housley be able to do certain things when his roster I think. Patch are ready to me doesn't fit what I would want the Buffalo Sabres to look like he's not a guy. That really shows a lot of. Analysts in a lot of heart everybody has a lot of heart but. He doesn't have got much of a heartbeat he doesn't have any fire he doesn't look like he ever gets. Worked out for charitable dollar and and it's like okay I score goals it's grade and there's a little bit lay's lawyers speaks like Jesus sounds mob like on my way he plays monotone he sounds monotone he just. That's just how I would describe as any great pressure player he's a finisher is not a great market is a great hockey player but I just know it it's not for Michael McKee. Simple as. And it may be that mark cream and sugar in your team. I don't know them don't drink tea or coffee so that's why he's not my cup Petit. Know if you had the. Told me OK I can trade Ryan rally to comedians I'm gonna get past radiant let me begin. A package of the first round or something like. I would of did in three because yes you're look at that may be putting pastor Eddie on the left side with Jack Michael. And hopefully passer rating score 35 or forty I'm not go idea. I would rather have the deal from Saint Louis secular Arabs and Connors era getting a steal or Saint Louis. Getting a score early patch ready book and you're getting a good sentiment number again a very good sound defenseman I've always been a Bruin fan. And some Boca. I mean a defensive board but you balls but right but you need those guys aren't public and the other kind of sharing deals so you got cutter Cheri and they're returned from Saint Louis. To me that's always whenever you're on panic whenever you're gonna get from Montreal. That is we've. Our Colby Murti here's what I didn't even mention it's summertime but Jeremy Roenick is going to join us here in a few not few moments so stick around for that we're gonna ask what are everything that's happened in the offseason as we were off. All last week we will ask him about the Eric Carlson trade Colby. As you tweeted in asking what's going on there are Carlson. Jim tweets in you don't think he's second round pick in McCabe. Gets you Max patch ready question mark. Are answering that right now OK yeah Mike brown and will it stick around we'll read your answer when we return in this race who added there. And yes the nausea. It's easy GA are coming up next a legendary general Eric right here with us Marty and Andrew. WGR Sports Radio 5:15 am EST the instigators. Right we're not gonna wait. Weeks and we're not gonna waste any time we're not gonna wait either we're not gonna wait either right or waste any time here. Introducing our next guest who's gonna tell you JR's nonaligned Jeremy or art Jordanians the gators in the offseason. Legendary. Can't thank you enough it's. Seem like you're the only guy not a vacation on Wednesday. I. I don't even know. Who they shouldn't. Security vacation would you cows gonna say would you consider like your your life to be kind of like a vacation. Who have seen them in airports and hotels in different cities pretty much weekly it's. And then some countries into this year alone or in. Yeah I would have that I would say that the prince's couldn't this just. So we had a party are on Saturday by the way I know Craig remake Craig's resignation grades. Reds is that the leak any send us postcard it's fantastic but that. Yeah let me ask you the so we got our golf tournament Monday. Here in about fluid the WGR. Celebrity golf tournament and I and Mamie thing plate. What golf course. Have you played that was the first time you played it this summer and where is your handicap that right now. Questions. All the won't intellectual deliberate. And huge etched deeply king. Foreman BC. This weekend one. It's for. Me but you can do we hear from Carol it. And so people look at it. That that we hope you can actually been here it is whose disciplined. So well we routine security news. Forward. Or if it's a huge play won't it won't mean it'd. The think of it. And play through it all. It was a it was a PGA. PGA golf course with a human there. What their LPG stopped and it was actually court is over with producer reporter was. Lot of water on the water so the you know what those weapons built beauties that certificate focus the he everything that you play with. Got a chance to play with got to put in when a recruit. What do my buddy just played Pebble Beach last week have you ever played pat. Oh. I think pebble are Pebble Beach and the whole of the motor and Jews is secretly in the world. Obviously you're in San Jose right so you'd you'd just make it strict accurate down in Napoli the morning of the game. The fact that the. Yet they hit that hit it it's called Pettitte. It's Marty it is to literally you have no it's five or 67 golf courses call. You know within seventy miles of the you know that's consumer drive there in its most beautiful live in the house is beautiful. The ocean is that baiting that they cyclists for the first time ever last last. Last December. And this is it became my number one or the golf course as a reporter it's good that the culprit that's blocking call Americans that look. Well speaking of golf by the sabres. Assigned a coach today who was born in Glasgow Scotland. Really you know who that might be. I don't Steve Smith. Who played at the beginning to you don't get it. But he beat the Greek I have played in Chicago without the guy. Very cricket coach in the very. He's he's just turned coach he knows how to get the players who knows how to. Really beat the you know the threat that that extra extra guys that that I could really turn to a lot of look closely. Route right he's coming from Carolina and you look at Carolina's young defense and how they've come along I mean you have to wonder with ross' missed Darlene branding Cooley and some other young players here. That that's got to be you know some train of thought that goes into it. Oh no question about it. When you have that are clearly so slowly that took a bit. What are outside is that these guys there helped him progress and help them get. You know compare it and and be ready to play and in national. Guess is that what he's playing. Newt goes through the rigors of what it is and here he's missed it through the ringer many times and you know one cup and he he's slot cops and he took the field adversity. Oh great yeah I mean that at the bank guardrail near us here all alone I mean a guy that can. A mostly come back from that speaks volumes about somebody's character I mean there are a lot of geysers and sort of folded after that it would have gone into hiding. What do you think about the offseason JR I mean this has been unbelievable Johnny T all year long I can't remember what your prediction was did you see was staying or going. I know I said he was going but I don't know that I ever really believed it. No I think he was going but I think that is great and I I I come and I thought it would be true are don't put it didn't think. And really make a prediction route go great Britain and that you were her. I think it was just written in stone just keep their journalists want to win them though. You know I don't think do you do anything over the last few teams that choice to help him get to that point or help him win. Think he should be criticized for leaving his or is there a question of loyalty here because they feel like that's all we know that's all anybody ever said was always loyal. And I don't killing us GAAP. Actually that that's what sports is about to vote create cute but being able go we want it's it's it's. You know being good soldier and he was a soldier he never complained. He he he can do this fairly sure that professional. He sure did and they'll play what would that if you know what some political party. And routine that quote get a player to that can play with them people critical cancer they continued to you know to. What has sputtered and standing in general Tavarez goes out. And just play any produces and he's a true professional but he played out of contract he could sit out there. Don't let that locker rooms cancer. So he didn't you know anybody anything you'll himself with the opportunities we. What about the fact that you have some money on table number one he didn't take an extra a year within your calendars which would have been. Another eleven or more. On his contract and the fact that the San Jose Sharks reportedly offered him 91 million for a seven year deal which is fourteen more million dollars and what. The Toronto maple Lee who gave them. I think that close with a person's. Those who want. What school play squares and you. Speak into the phone JR. He got a little needle he grew up he grew up in Toronto. It would be pretty. So let me ask you this buy sell trade he has silt Toronto maple leaf bed sheets and his new bad. Like that they don't maybe some Cashmere ones for the wintertime he's fallen down a decent pockets. Yeah you know I don't know veggie millionaires have JR wanted to know a series ago. Like I was little I guess but I did ask my wife look at direct my eyes and there yup it's all about one million thread count those bad boys and AJ are a they lifted. I can sleep anywhere you put me cheer you could be anywhere permit a plate of sleep with a lot of. God what. Yeah. I got we had a fight over kind of she's Johnny T where's OK so here's a question for you we talked a little bit yesterday are the gonna name him captain. Well greater good question because happens and it's kinda seems like they had no captain for a couple years they brought in Marleau kind of thought that might have been a no brainer field felt like maybe they were waiting for Matthews to be mature but were they really waiting. For Johnny TDs can't name Matthews captain over Johnny T. The IRA is that the I think that's a great great point and I think. But if I was a betting man which are AM I think that they would that police make a couple of the clock and loved so long circular. That happens in the game. I would have to say that yes except that he will become a captain this year so good that team that team that need to pick I would see mr. But do you think that would Robert dilate Matthews the wrong way Arnold doesn't you don't have Marleau if he doesn't care he's there to win and he you know he wants he would he'd be a leader without the latter. What in what would that would that. Ruffle feathers for Riley Matthews who's probably going to be here for the next nine years anyway. Absolutely not. Have you ever talked that there are certain order you know dog ate my class he's Peters not Roenick I don't get the Department of Justice. Well he has is one of those are all soft spoken of it and he wants to win he didn't hear. You don't care what would letters on a sweater he hears about on the cup scene and the winner may win this team have. So he did he could care less what you I I think he can let captain of the shirt. That one of the happy guys in in hockey Kevin juggler on the street. All right no captain but they'll pay him more that sells a probably a better deal. Let me ask you this to just checked out the Ryan O'Reilly trade what you think about Andre a lot of it is based around that one finally came through and here's your thoughts. Well I mean at no. It's kind of surprised me as a person but but the outlook that's the big guy that. Really good shipments back in return provide a right to beat it did not I think screen graphics some of them younger players. I was really surprised that they would keep up as much as he did it for right now I'd love and step your rusher what I think are possible really. Really you know really well they saturate some. Quality players and some some traffic as they can improve. You've you've obviously done a lot of national coverage with NBC. And a player that's intriguing to me is obviously I'm glad there's Ibaka. Because I think. That there was so much hyped wit him before he left in the contract dispute to go back to the team HL and he fell out of favor with Saint Louis what do you think. He can bring to the sabres and what do you would like what have you seen from them on the ice. I really like watching him he's he's you know he's very underrated player he's a great either either very particular. He's elusive. And he really strong Marty it's no he played he played the playoffs two years ago. And was one of the better players in the playoffs after coming back I respect his right when he came back. And he was so noticeable that. No I said something every single game that got this focus in east this guy is good talks courts and Nicole. So I think that he's going to be really good addition to team I really really like that back it'll what about birds and if Berkeley is is the heart and soul credit card you know certain regard in that it works to keep the plumber. Exactly so therefore you're. But if he's. He's that the work courses that you need two in a word game hard he will crush street. Other team's top players. And don't copper plate yet and they could conduct I'd like programs. Swedes taken over the game rosters stallings said that right here on our show JR. Yes well that's against the kind of remorse we wouldn't have a generational player respect you can't possibly can. When we get into a person's well for a transition development. Who's the best we you've ever played with. Where. You. Who. Good question that the request. About let's let's look did you ever play with. Christian group tubes you Swedish. I did play a Christian who indicated he would you restrict its search for public option back in the early nineties and he came over yet. And you know during his tribe. He's finished no. Yeah I I thought that I was seriously I have known that because the other reason that it might he was this week. You know I everybody's eyes and what I've played I think it was a professor and market record. Or who are different I think is it is a fantastic guy really sure how the judgment. Or injure her her. Sweet I played a more defensive reason. Houston Magnuson why does that name ring a bell. Recognition mark records rags and yet here. The big solid excelled at certain kind of kind of kind of remind your ritual that. More skill that they put. Exists only as it's Drexler. A big part. You know I. I throw that joke out there Gregory May was extremely skilled and I was yeah he was yes lose key to keyword there being was. JR 7-Eleven day. You know that means slower preserve free at seven a lottery and had over grout on. I don't figure at a 7-Eleven where present I would senator Marty you're gonna go so we're gonna do this thing called the summer six pack we got a we got to take our six best things you can buy at 7-Eleven. What's the one thing if your role in his 7-Eleven what is it going to be what he's getting. I'm getting a Red Bull is no question about it. It's us that late in the night before yeah yes exactly. Yeah exactly exactly asleep on the list that I got I can I get that little piece of about a little trick or assorted trick it knows where he's and you get your Braintree. Okay you know try to get rid of brain freeze really quick so let me did you roll the tong you back your mouth and does that present at all. Don't take pinch. Change your hand right in between your thumb. And your flow and here and Europe index finger and I can squeeze it sweeter as far as you can it hurts like a mother but your brain freeze will go away right away. I didn't like it I just always say is let's put it thumb. To the roof of your mile and his breath will I see here's the thing is all these legends are an imaginary pledges. I was told and it's always worked for me took about five minutes is b.'s brother wasn't working. Cookbook but you're roll it back in and you're getting the brain freeze because the nerve at the back to your mouth gets extremely calls you your tong will warm and company goes away faster. I'll I'll try that out trying to wondering where any pitcher next Brittany gets your next religious regular Red Bulls took quick and have a brain freeze assets and what's eyes rapidly getting to leader. Get and get that first one that gets my hand at a cure what is the goal of the it's a nice yes this in a water and Ibuprofen and Expedia like you'll feel even better gun. And yourself a wonderful round of golf will be watching for you want to tell everybody what you're doing again this weekend. Up playing in the American century. Merkel urban park on Lake Tahoe on Golf Channel Friday. And NBC. Saturday and Sunday. So hopefully you'll be in Iraq group. That's a great event that that it's fun to watch as you get to see some athletes that that are not known for golf in. But they can really go also and some celebrities or two usually right. You know it showed lots of them but ninety whoever's here this weekend will be the about a 100000 people locker room most famous person there. Michael Jordan there since it's gotten their current Barkley appeared. You know we have. I'm just. Seth Curry's poignant and Justin Timberlake laying this year he he's not playing on tour this the first you're yeah a couple of years to put toward then that's up to. When you see chuck Barkley and I only called sharpton's you know all of you tell him the investigators want to talk to him Bob Hawke I know I know. We're out it will happen. That it would be aren't believable JR you were unbelievable they thank you so much for your time especially in the offseason we know everybody shut their phones down. We appreciate the loyalty man. Expert regards that we'll talk to literature erotic kind enough to join us as always here on Wednesday even in the summertime. We're gonna take a break here when we come back Marty what are we got he little what will your six backs and we may do this or down IV aids yeah. Sabres played a sweaters we have a bunch of different things for second hour's hot spotlights what evenings of my several analysts and he had a narrow it down the six. Pack of smokes is going to be axed out I don't think that's. What legal but known and get there I do have alcohol on him to get their party. I S I at a 7-Eleven story happened the other day I would end. Now tie when I came back drove me absolutely. Not talked about that we come back we outer district that. And a whole other hour of the hits theaters Marty Andrew WGR 550 and amnesty will be right back. Hockey talk. That hits the ice he's the investigators. With the Andrew Peters had great web page and. Welcome back to the end scares everybody just Jeremy Roenick on Annie was fantastic handed over to lake now complain that. Celebrity golf classic which is filled with entertainment people's athletes. I'm integrate event so cats on the Golf Channel or on and be Thea Bellini said over the weekend so. We'll see you DI wish sentiment and you know culture where on. He definitely. Anyway where it was those golf shirts are like gold and there's a lot of people out there and want the Garcia yesterday. And yardages but well deserved it out but now we're gonna do this or that because. I mean last night was. Such a good TV night last night. I put it on Twitter rate because the Mighty Ducks were playing on CMZ. And young blood we're playing. On the NHL network as you are leaking onions here. But anyway so I dis heard that on Twitter last night and I said. You know tonight the Mighty Ducks and young but our boat on TV at the same time which one would you want to assert that. I said quack quack quack oracle mustangs don't PD. Call must things don't go mustangs go yet. I would say go must things go as well and less I'm getting a date with Charlie's mom. Soledad if that works at the diner double what's his last name Charlie the Borough no. Apparently keys on the poster that we UConn. Charlie come down. Aren't banks. Banks is an outer banks is the big time it will hawks player making more and got prostitute that up by his buddy. Former team anywhere close to winning our present day isn't 64% of people on Twitter said quack quack quack and only 36%. So when a bus things Dole's age Democrat Y and it that hard that's our people there's a lot of young people out there and Twitter and so I under the age of wanting. Who followed view is voting for quack quark class you're going young blood and over the age twenty five's young blood all day long and means rob little Patrick Swayze you've got the bowl key. Mean that's awesome day deal while since we are gonna stay in the Youngblood Mighty Ducks team here. I this or that. If you got to pull one move on a breakaway on a shoot out would you go triple Deke. Oh we gold the hurdle. A the girl AKA. The American League Eric probably should have. AKA all of calls again. They priorities you know why I'm going to have to. I'm gonna say a this that because I think I probably do a triple deacon angle hurdle and so you would go like as coach Bobby says like coming out and anger and working on your tripled the no 123. Triple the I'm like this is about as simple as a move as you can him again just. You know trying to teach basics of the does that goalie not keep up with Charlie you know too fast man he's the grass and I probably do. Do both I'd be able. The quite honestly yeah. I would do well and you shoot a Q let me ask you yes. Best or most flashy way to start your penalty shot or you should got a can't. Dean young blood witness Steve you know more or do you remember lying to us all mark. I did this panorama. It's an rights with the Edmonton Oilers I'm asking you Charlie runway you're putting your whole situation here. You've got that triple Deke hurdle move. But how do you start that move do you go to dean Youngblood with the skate. Or do you do that Linus hallmark and Graham of Florida. I would probably. I mean I gotta I again dean Youngblood the legend and you know hallmark is now nothing. Even close to a legend but a very good shootout. I'm go to skate Marty you're just standing at center ice you're doing now have to learn and pick application or you know why because I'm fearful that if I were to try to spin. I'd lose an edge. Spaniard done that use the pocket your your. OK so now you've put your whole. Shoot altogether here come in and the young blood taken up with this key. You're at the Blue Line you do your triple Deke move in as you get close you do the hurdle. And what's the result. Over the net. Without question but that. So you lose the game. A day that's focused on hockey last one quickly. Patton road sign with the saint Louis blues. A one year one point seven million dollar contract I believe. There's a couple players and Edmonton Oilers that. We're very similar cut maroon and Milan Lucic. For the same price and it's not fair right now to take. The contract in consideration because Lucic is making six million we overpaid for the same rights. Who do you think if you got to give a one year two million dollar contract to pat maroon or Milan Lucic. Which one would you pick this or Milan Lucic it's so wrong you are so wrong. Not what's your opinion. That maroon is wave pattern two. Met your opinion. That is why might this or that appear. I'm going to say Lucic save money on taking Lucic. I just can't see it right you and I have just become worse. We're not going to be our kick in Albany pomp and later I guess we are not going for settler pigs so you don't come through the garage is that when you're intelligent don't like likable okay well there it is this or that I appreciate that 2500 people that voted on Twitter last night when he 500 C that's unbelievable happens when your celebrity and I think we'll poll out there I'm lucky to get maybe one REIT week 400 votes you know. When he partly a passionate with the movie selection people's love you Marty themselves it's okay to admit that okay writes in I I said it during Charlie Conway is the guy's name is. It's not music on on. Charlie con Tim Connolly was right here that was and do all of that he can call. Sickest hands analyses sick very often sickest hands. I've ever seen on a teammate that I've ever rally this player ever all in history should be in all of the all time. My most skilled guy I've ever seen in my entire okay well we got second hour coming up so we got the update from PD we got daily dose of dull mean that we got. Let ice filled trade we've got yes. Sabres might sweaters in a six pack I got a eleven story that's fantastic so stick around we'll be right back Patrick our I got pet peeve on every day DR five in Tennessee. P.s.