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Spending the last four seasons as an assistant with the hurricanes. He also had sixteen seasons as an NHL player winning three Stanley cups. And he appeared in one NHL all star game as a member of the Oilers. For Patrick maroon signed a one year one point 75 million dollar contract with the blues yesterday. Maroon at an NHL career high 43 point 74 games last season with the doubles and Oilers. It has been reported. That the Canadians will not be negotiating a contract that to a Max patch ready the Montreal captain finished last season with 37 points. In 64 games. The NFL players association officially filed a grievance over the league's new national land the policy yesterday. He statement released states. The new policy is inconsistent with the collective bargaining bargaining agreement. And infringes on player rights the NFL has agreed to proceed with discussions to find a solution. And a fellow supplemental draft takes place today where teams will put in bids. And the highest speed gets the player five guys are up for bids this year including cornerback Sam Beale western Michigan quarterback. Adonis Alexander from Virginia Tech both of which who. Are the most eligible to get drafted. France beat Belgium won nothing yesterday if fifa World Cup semifinals with Samuel. Who meets he's scoring the only goal of the game. France will now face the winner of today's match in Belgium or face a loser of the third place slot at 2 PM time Croatia will take on. England one nothing game SE Marty must have been a barn burner. Out of against the gators that it GR 550 an amnesty snag. Accounts. You said there was a play teams are bidding. Bidding for players that supplemental draft whenever you just not a mouse house arm of bogus about this. Does Cristiano Rinaldo. To transfer fee. From. To Juventus you've been tennis is a hundred million. Euros. And you just to trance just to transfer so for him to go from one team to another it's gonna cost that team that gets them 100 million not to mention money paid and they're gonna pay him. Witness reported somewhere in a thirty million euros a year as a while my kids start soccer tomorrow. That's like this since this is insane I mean it's a ticket agent of there was a transfer fee peers a no brainer I play in the NHL he starts talking tomorrow is next for an album is now works. Jeanne it's there if there you watch any of the soccer. Odd this afternoon Croatia England more soccer Wimbledon because I just watch Federer royal yacht is in the fifth set by the way I've got it I Kerry got three threes that he was up he was just sets him 76 and anyone down 5746. In the third and fourth set they're tied at one. In the fifth set. The Dow is up one nothing on del potro Djokovic won in four sets and Milla. Those Ruddick feminists. Is ethnic and oversee it. Can mean those Ron writes. Who the Canadian unity cannot pronounce your name. Well Eugenia Bouchard is easy route back to. You're way off so anyway it's grown grown Jeremy Roenick is rail and John Isner John Isner is any. Big Paul. Serving machine 68 is sixty an easy stuff so ER Brad Richards I'd hockey player Brad Richardson played with the Rangers it was good but he went on users are used to go to US open and watch them all time. If we could have the heart of a two day tennis match was not at Wimbledon like a few years ago now dubbed the longest match at Wimbledon years ago was more than two days it was like three days that he started leap. They got. And I stopped by governor mark. Acts at the 2010 Wimbledon championship yeah all the records for longest tennis match both in time and games played eleven hours and five minutes. It took two days to play. Yeah it was insane. And it was like dad does fifth set was wildly. 37 to 35. Are seventy to 68. Unbelievable. Anything that you play up to six and it's over and it went to seven need to 68 in the fifth. They went 6436677670683. Days I'm sorry about unaudited three days three days. Hello yeah the complain about a lot. Or to or periods or back to back three and I got for a chance at seven nights are we gonna do it these guys played tennis for three days straight match are right. So with that being said let's get this thing back in the rose got to ask you this part because a lot of people are wondering about your Carlson yes. How is one on. Well. The tenth of a lightning were trained to deal with some internal business Andy signed Nikita putra opted this eight year extension nine point five million. A year. Starting. I did 20192020. Seasons so coach Ross and I'm happy to be in Tampa for the next nine years. I'm so short taking care of that and then after taking care of which robbed and you realize okay how much money do I have left. For Erik Karlsson what do I have to trade how does that. Happen. What ardor teams are willing to be trading partners. Whipped Tampa and two Ottawa to be able to make that happen so. I'm there's a lot of moving pieces here and. Although we thought it was done. Last week Ed probably won't get done for another couple weeks we are gonna week. Ford this one Carlson is golfing in. Scotland or Ireland or whatever. I don't think he's worried about it so we shouldn't really be. Too eager to have that deal happen is gonna get done. Dallas. Tampa Dallas Tampa we keep going back for acting camp was more to offer. To Eric for Ottawa into Erik Karlsson but Dallas may be the that team that's what's in there and makes a deal. We. That yesterday I just don't see how Dallas and I feel like were were beating the drones on but. I don't feel like Dallas has enough. To get that deal done I don't know what it's gonna require but I mean if you're looking at our one what they're looking to do. What can I just know their prospect in their young players often I don't know there prospect prospect either ocean out of that have you Barnes on they don't have a ton of and ask him. Get in my text right now. It's two words you know how many people love to hear Stu Barnes and we're gonna get his number two could were gonna do a number a day. Right sweater Siebert legislators savers by the sweaters every day leading after the season. Is that what we're doing what numbers to Mars where he. 41. So. I'd I was starting to blank and I could not notify don't be honest I was pitcher is that money in my right irony check I know you're right it's a it's definitely 41 I'm like I'm like 41%. Sure yet forceful at the F fourteen and Pittsburgh. And any team over and could not where fourteen. And got to forty in order remember about Stu Barnes. Karma sauce you know that is Carl softkey Poland Czech player played for the hammer to reload and he was drafted receivers. Hit Stu Barnes. When he was just a rookie. When not to bars Ricky went soft he was just a rookie he hit him in the corner. And Stew had to leave leave the scrimmage. And I remember it was nightmarish. Shift for massage ski after that razor was chasing him around and all these other guys her word chasing him around because he went after two bars with captain time so I'm going back to like since 2002. Was super 1001 so it 99. Wright was the the finals with the Alice so. Stu Barnes were treated at the deadline in 1999. And so he did not score a goal to finish this season it took them until I think the conference finals to score a goal and the story goes is that. Mr. Rigas who on the team the time adelphia had given the guys. Each a little like I'm matchbox toy car you know he we picked out of a bag. And that car if the sabres had won the Stanley Cup was going to be your playoff bonus what. So guys that like Lamborghini is in Ferrari's then portion whatever needs to just keep that in their stall. And Stu Barnes after a while Winslow out assure that. He had his car. But he wasn't scoring goals and then he started rubbing a scarred and stick like they're giving good luck and Joseph blue in the. And a Major League right. And then I remember he scored a goal in the playoffs and you saw the expression on his face. That he. He did finally had scored that goal that was gonna in all. Let them play a little bit looser after that unfortunately. We did not when the cops and nobody got their cars. He can understand his frustration because he was coming from Pittsburgh with 64 games he's twenty goals and twelve assists he he played for buffalo its seventeen games Google's forces. Yeah and well this playoff numbers when he won game seven goals so he is still out there and it doesn't listen up GAAP. Investigators Andrew Peters and Marty dry here on WGR Sports Radio 515 MSU I conversation. Start about two bars started because we are talking about Eric karlson and Dallas and that is one of the teams we talked about Dallas not having enough. Currency is the word we're using these days. To maybe make the deal I can be toll could be totally wrong on that. But the conversation about not having enough for Dallas. Brings me to buffalo who has a ton a defenseman now this year denying the so we're gonna do our daily dose of Dolly and off another Swedish defenseman Erik Karlsson. Treatment the question what safe and do. Trade war. Cooley is gonna have to start the year in the minors no. No that's not an option. This not an option for you were honored I'm not an option period not an option period I think that if you have a guy like that seek peace in the house and who doesn't factor in in to your top six. You can put him on waivers and send him to Rochester. To start this season. Our double dose of Dolly like it. So you would send them to Rochus and nobody's gonna pick Jason Nelson up on waivers sheriff I am sure about tonight you got your eight defensemen I think the sabres. Start with eight defensemen because of the numbers come in just see if if they have injuries where did they stack up I think that's the first guy to Gordana Rochester to me looking at this as the lives. Can't cool ego. To go don't be stirring the pot here not because we have to fill in. You're about me question other than Dolly he's young defensemen on the car under contrary one of them in Rochester. I would be old and I'm and I'm a collective like I talked to my kids that's yeah that it's you know. Could it I can't handle that right now party. I candidates and then we'll get well it's yes and Oakland have a child didn't want bullied to start Rochester. I'd be fine with cooling yes okay you answer yes and yes I figure out I'll play along with. Yes now. My hated men now because the wrong hands why it wisely so that. And how much is taking the side because there I want arguably I had this conversation before you showed up at 955 today and welcome. Let him I. This conversation with the guys before you arrived at 958. And I said if Cooley ends up in the minors why is everyone lighten their hair on fire running around thinking this is the worst thing ever happened he's only played. 77. Gains professionally. Professionally. That's American League it is what nine innings of games he might have. He hasn't played a top teams professional I don't necessarily think that. I'm not saying he's not ready and I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve to be here and I messy he has earned the spot and just seeing the luxury of having Cooley. Is that he can't go to the minors without having to. Loan to worry that we're about this then there's O'Donnell all wrong and we're back do you have down now but aura about the rules in the fact that he's. Except except exempt. From the waiver wire he can be going back and forth between Rochester and buffalo at will because he's only his second year pro. I don't hear about that his F Britain goalie doesn't make the opening roster for the Buffalo Sabres. Other than the fact that may be there would be an injury and he'd have to do some rehab in Rochester but if all. Healthy and ready to go he doesn't make opening. Day roster. It's a step back it's a step back for goalie it's just that that's the back for the sabres. Before you get absolutely destroyed on Twitter ti 83 games I missed six games top okay. So he wasn't 77 inches disease three games which toll right now put him in first first paired the offer. Why do you have to go from zero to a hundred I got the reaction I wanted you know they listen I. I think sabres have got depth on defense which is fantastic and maybe. Goalie plays the first five games and may be asked to sit out a couple of games after that. To watch it and maybe work on his game in practice and maybe Eagles back in but to have them start in Rochester I think would be wrong an I think really to be honest that you. Because this is daily dose of dollar mean. Is I think another young defensemen. With the wrath ms. d'alene in their sabres top six would be held. To Delhi to know that hey there's another guy that's dealing with the same thing in dealing with. There's another guy I can do acts or on the ice working on my game working on the I. You know plays a lot doesn't practice all locked in Dallas same thing a veteran. Became a bold goal on the wit blow you make that guide ideal relate to guide at rest as d'alene will be able to practice with and say. A in all that's in the ice and work with Steve Smith new defenseman coach and be doing the little things. Pay that Steve Smith hire I mean this this is nothing to do and nothing against Chris height either but says Steve Smith hiring only helps Chris height helps ease. I mean that's that's huge offer these guys have more resorts is dilate lake Steve Smith who he just came from Carolina. I don't care if Carolina's playoff team and opera Scotty Bowman came on the show almost one year ago. And said Carolinas got some of the best young defenseman popping coming they've learned how to play the game properly. They've done it by committee deep they paid their dues and this guy clearly has fallen under the radar as one of the raises the widely been he think about slamming the double fault you think about Hannifin who some people might say Hannifin. Hasn't panned out but. He is I like no signs even any child's eighteen year old defenseman. I cut these guys embrace the expectations people put on these players it's it's it is infuriates me. How how much pressure they put on the Soviets used argues that aren't you said follow up why I'm fine with instead go bars and offend. How about coin toss laden still Slava what I say ghostly basic point off. At some point operas I haven't yet to take us that a guy completely forgot about wow. Eight and flurries are young defenseman via the maybe be more like to Brendan goalie tonight. The guided went through the juniors and team can Enron hostile. Bravo. Right now that put the wrong awful one. The wrong M process on the rise reliable yeah that's exactly. At the wrong position. Nobody anyway I mean you look at goalie he has to be on the team he has to be. Progressing. And whip the NHL speed with the the NHL schedule. And I think that helps press ms. Dolly in the long run I think that helps. Having somebody that's going through the same thing you're going wit through. OK so. I'm going to go back to the traditional boring points that you make about developing players and I just argue them for me. Why would you if you know the cool he's not going to being your top four to start take as you have. Ross' missed and Rasmussen. Yes scanned Allah. Bogosian may be if that is Cooley I don't know but all I'm saying is if he's not going to being your top four consistently. Why wouldn't you have and start the year as your number one in Rochester and therefore when he does come up you do you really don't like this idea. All William in your top four. And unfortunately at the same way they are gonna put Linas all marked as your number one goaltender and give them all. The chances to succeed the same way. Organization it's not the same people but does the way you pencil in Britain going your top four. Okay wrestlers on your top four. Probably scandal or Bristol there's your top four does that mean that deeply on the top two players know it may be that. Goalie and Colleen are two different parent they're number two paired number three. But these still are gonna get partly minutes they're still gonna get my penalty killing time. They'll get your minutes up at the end of the night you'll have missed the line and skinned Allah. Goalie and d'alene played a top four minutes on your back again you have to have a millionaire you have to put him there. That's simple start this season that way. No if ands or buts about it. Well I haven't we I text that I got from a friend of ours Beatty first before we do something else they gimmicky as this thing I show right and what's up what he said. I pick I peeked in the Regis is bag and pulled out two ferraris kept the boat in my stall assault. It was trying to get a second gone on of the outline yet to Ferrari's top stock. And what was for him a woman for George Babcock. Well that's what he writes what I was for JA and the other was for George thought I wrote LO Alley goes yeah and then George Wendt went out and I wrote off my. Which is a great story when we got by and nice to Barnes by the way and I think straight story because nobody fired Null because George Babcock was a dot giant love Jamie keys viper and decide they cannot in the parking lot yet to tell that to paint the picture Cheney's had the gorgeous red viper with the yellow lol at the yellow wheels remember this. Whole basic things on the old George took it out for us. And in the parking lot at the door down senator and ended up wiping it out and hitting a card and hit another car that hit another car that hit another car. And dad walked into dead. Does nor down senator would basically did the war and says Jay I think something wrong is going on. That's number one number two is that you are doing it argument I'd like to mirror something something came out. Number two we talked about Stu Barnes is Indians portable the regular season. He did not score a goal until game one of the conference finals that Danny at seven Danny had won game one to game two won game three. And any scored game one game three in game six. Of the mighty. Finals though he turned it on he scored one and then he went boom boom boom. So anyway we'll try to get them on and talk about them. Some of the Dallas prospects than what they would have to do that you do wired house I would I would love to know about the Dow's prospects and what they have to do to acquire Eric Karros and see what he wanted to Marty wanted to have little I was talking to me in my ear but we were talking dual jerseys written by this letter violence when argument that it's going to be yet. This is gonna be an easy one but we're gonna start would double zero. Best save her to a warrant a double zero that holds the hole that was you know that is an okay I thought. I remember the date Jim his tally. Deep view your doubles zero Jersey. At the rink it was your birthday in Jeremy do at all and I took it Jack casters for your for your birthday that you might have been. Yeah I mean do you ever that the three of us want to knock us and I got the doubles or I'll be honest that you. I didn't know I was gonna get it in training camp we're number two or not he got the Jersey back has yet to switch that summer you'd they had taken away OK okay. But going to to Pittsburgh on my first NHL game and not what number is gonna Wear and I got to the locker room and he had given me doubles here yet this is after they changed it in the actually the savers TV year your answer you gave they gave your doubles here at Illinois they. The old graphic Goran and throw for a sweater Biden. There. Law. Okay that's fantastic as we know and that is you know that is this is from. Ice hockey now. Stock from Andy's that's not from ice hockey is that from any so it's from Sega Genesis initially any three times on 99. X and. Nine the three I think OK 94 for sure. So listen thank you so we're gonna skip over double zero. And we're gonna go to number one who are the sabres that wore number one the list we have on TV we'll save for the ones on radio. Roger Crozier 71 to seven. 178882. Jacques Lou TA 83 and 89. And we had David Littman a little bit in 92 Darren who put little bit in 93 he didn't Wear number one later John Lu. Jonas and rot and and ray my car wrong. So what I like act is whom. Is most remembered for wearing the number one who's not who's the best Saber player to Wear number. That deep specific number because. Like Rick Marten were numbered nine es not remembered for wearing number I'd. I'm so out of that list here of it and horror like eighty when he's not known for he or 81 in eighteen and actively one right so he's known for 81 but right for eighteen. So we won't really have them on eighteen but I certainly saw that list Roger Crozier Donn Edwards not that she Littman who pop. Blue and rot and my car of who was the best. Saber or most memorable sabres to Wear number one of us remember them one. Well OK so when you when we talked this morning you asked me who do I know in the sabres organization that worn number one in the first name that popped in my head was Donn Edwards face but that was only because I think I just recently saw a picture from toll forgot the Roger Crozier. I'm worn number one and I think it's between those two. And respectfully I don't want to news is they're both so ovary why are respected and loved in this organization that I have to choose okay Roger. Both played six years what the Buffalo Sabres. Okay. Rolf Roger Crozier did go to the finals yes against Philly against Italy and it was very good. With the Buffalo Sabres in and making it to the Stanley Cup finals in our problem is in his six years would buffalo. He had 74 wins seven. 29 ties. Donn Edwards. In six years with the Buffalo Sabres at a 156. Wins which is 83 I would just say Donn Edwards though had packed doc came into a team that was a little more let's say. Settled in by that point there eight years and by the time he got here Roger Crozier gets here they're just barely an expansion team I know what they did in a few years but still they were able to it took him a few years to get going Croshere problem there. It's great point and Donn Edwards scheme and rate at the beginning of his career is 21 years old played the first six years of his career where Roger Crozier. Came in as a 28 year old first year of the Buffalo Sabres expansion era in played six years for six years of Buffalo Sabres so. It's not easy I'm gonna say Roger Crozier because it addicted to the cup. That's what I would say I know Don Edwards probably had the best. Better numbers. Especially when you consider wins and losses but I will say Roger you know what. We're gonna have Danny Geron soon and I am and ask him about that too I'd like to know Q just any curiosity is all of the history of the team. Who was better back then like who who was The Who had who was the better goaltender they never really played against each other because Croshere retired. When done Edwards started he played three games for the Washington. Capitals in 7677. That is Roger Crozier. And that's the first year Donn Edwards team into the league so. Yeah I listen they weren't. In direct competition. Ever. And we just skip through number two right now because we're trying to get the two was easy to a week doing a bunch of number we don't have to do bunch right now the two was it happen. No one number twos attack happened to this this happens we'll skip through because Tim is Tim Horton hears a really got coffee in his thoughts every day. There's a bunch of let them that I trust you know I know. Don Luce as the best story about how he used to go to Tim Hortons house in the summer and Tim Hortons would have but he would make don't he would do recipes. Two to get ready for is business venture. And Don Luce as a sweet cute loves you know cakes and donuts so they'd be in the pool. And and the Morton's would say hey I got some air this is a chocolate. Which beat Kansas is a dozen they would try I don't not. What they like what they didn't like India and Neil continue on so that's not important scan and build his business. Got to get dollars up again to I saw him about the prospect camp his grandson was in. So I skating with the sabres unbelievable stories and the hole in the deal only thing and he's got a cool little business going on to it now after hockey self. Com we'll talk more what what Roger Crozier rock that's our that's our vote some people on Twitter saying Donny Edwards both. Outstanding choices you know he can even throw Darren poop when there because simply put a poll the greatest hair maybe ever on the back of a hockey card. And then they and a back to argue guardian the mullet and it's and any single ladies. Back in India on his all star hockey card when we get when we get back review by cell trait presented by buffalo sports what else we have come. Sometimes six sometimes six pack to my 7-Eleven story drove me nuts PDs peeps coming up WGR 550 MSG. Are welcome back like you enjoyed the savers by the sweaters getting some good feedback on Twitter and some people love the song obviously that's it's actually used to make your Lincoln lineup changes right. In yes so that was the opening scene I think that's 95. I mean Judi says Danny forming these kept the same song. I feel like that's 95 I could be Iran if you know all text means no tax meet tweet me a map site crate he's at Marty beer on 43. And lot of hockey talk today obviously rocky shall but I mean we watch amnesty would say in 94 in YouTube upended and antsy with the music comes. It's sing you focus of what you gotta do I don't even know what was most right now I'm more intrigued by what you're doing because. Electronic arts that's the art E. A. SPORTS and MI score. At this election as are desperately presents is definitely 95 as an and it's. Yeah this is 94. Check five. It was definitely ninety it was definitely 94 but what's 95 music and I don't you you do what you got to do our cell trait presented by buffalo sports everyone knows this go to buffalo sports on McKinley parkway. Reach him by solid trade new news sports equipment. And they sponsor of the segment. Buy sell trade here we goal Marty saint blues are the most improved team after free agency. Who. Buy so horror trade. Yes I rules and now I say no. That's not an answer some say Ternium occurred all this is cell. The Buffalo Sabres are the most improved team after street it's amazing they say that because I feel like people. The gloves are really good team they added both the federal rally the added maroon. Added Chad Johnson as a back up. Good moves but nobody. I would include grass is now in and I'm gonna include. I Carter heartened at trades. Sharing. A card or Sherri so I'm looking at and it's an awful sabres to me the most improved team. Rate ahead of this it was news. You know why I think when you look at it the way the we word this it's probably because the blue puts the blues their moves might put them into. I don't wanna say cup contention President Clinton gals K that was an contender. But what you're saying with the say this is a completely. Different team. Period end of story and it kinda starts following back from Evander Kane treated the deadline all the way through the moves that they've made. Which was not a good move when you think about it because you did not get anywhere near what you thought you're gonna get prepared for McCain. It works out good because he resigns with San Jose but if he didn't. Is a much you are isn't our. Is much gone on the same situation patch ready because he could basically walk out the door for nothing what they're looking down it's worked out the door for not that. So I mean at the end of the day you got somebody which turned into a first round pick which agency is oh do you traded you bought this. Which governor traded. Only because you changed my mind for the of the of the teams that finished at the bottom Buffalo's by far exceed buffalo was by far the most revamped team and eighteen weeks in a minute. Seles and agree with you I was going to biased. I was actually devised as they don't know what the other thirty teams of the National Hockey League have to talk about this summer other than. The Buffalo Sabres a Gonzalez ballad of Vegas dot Stastny I mean that's a big one it's one beam. Here here's a price the next one Dallas and across. I think it denies mr. Dallas will trade for Erik Karlsson by sultry. Cell. I think it's no gonna be the Tampa Bay Lightning seem guys have been made a comment after signing which are that the culture of signing does not affect. Their business they're dated in business there ongoing business and the only ongoing business they got great. Now as what to do it to acquire Erik Karlsson. So all that's wooden stand in his zealots on NB docile but I'm gonna sell to I just don't think Dallas has the stuff that. Autos gonna want are right next topic last thought for today hammered owners are summer six pack on 7-Eleven days Shiites are in honor of seven elevenths. Captain rifts in short shrift in Toronto was real Bobby Orr obviously interviewed. Yesterday saying that Matthews is not his nose would not be at a joint if taveras were to be named captain yeah he just wants to win but I. I can't tell if that's true or not I don't know Austin Matthews and am I mean you have to give off the impression that he doesn't care but I think. Deep down inside wouldn't that be something you wannabes. These franchise player you wanna be captain with a question. Captain rift and try Israel. Captain rift and throw line and it sells this no it's not real I think that. This is not a situation where. Mark is she comes in or are Steve Ariza and comes in junior organization and he's known Johnson case coming to Toronto. And all of a sudden they give John that they used was from Toronto signing in Toronto you got to give them the captaincy. And it would be a bit of a rift if he wasn't given me captaincy John taveras is a different time player roster matches at different type of player. I don't think that they should. Be concerned. Which who is gonna get the captaincy or not it that's totally fine do I think delete should get a captain yes dreading the sabres should get a captain yes. But captain rift in Toronto is not. I'm gonna sell it to. I was exciting. And made a lot of money today I sold sold. It was a very very exciting by sultry you know some more exciting our summer six pack so yeah that's eleven today and put the two together 7-Eleven. July 11. 7-Eleven 24/7. 7-Eleven twenty team. But just when it for seven. There are open twenty fours. It's 28 team 7-Eleven twenty team top six things you're buying it so eleven if you really look at. I have a seriousness. Like if I'm going into a 7-Eleven and I'm going to get something it's most likely one of these six items. OK and I guess that they are you go for. I don't know how to say milk and French anymore so milk. Wall. Good. Yeah that's right lay Allen yeah so anyway. It's not just and it's chocolate. I'm going in and I'm getting chocolate milk that is gonna mourn that. True it's hit and this is bad like you're driving around your car you're going to Rodrigo insert physical and rats whatever aid. Barbecue Pringles a barbecue stats they're very different. What is lazy and Pringles is I don't know makes them but anyway. Browse Pringles but what do those because they're easy to reach in their night greasy very can mean for car. The ruffles all dressed chips. As you can see I'm a little bit of a job food type and I was just about to say. That I put talent all because I always have to have come on hand if I start having headache tunnels get it going and sell. And number one of the Nolan that. And and the last two little trickier. Molson export of the habit of there was a little harder for bears great idea why not. Right and in exports to address gravity acts and all of those maybe a pass toward a roll up some. What kind of small and import export any text. Export aid exporters in this last Molson export rules and export is actually in some patsy. That's an Essex that's it's not a bad trip let's start you know what that that is a realistic. Trip two to seven and I'm not going out late. Getting a dime entering at 7-Eleven because just for the fun of fitness so Marty summer six pack is a chocolate milk Pringles. Horse. Tylenol. The list of examples ruffles all dressed ruffles. And and export Pepsi can throw mine up there. I got I can't remember that I united two point things he would teach in an attempt to AJ you don't mind might even get one. Now you're gonna go up that's not yet hearing oh there's an who's quick hook up. Zeke well quell a terrible corn dog I've never had a corn dog but I've seen them they look awful good a pack of smokes I didn't put that on their by us hey. They did well let's say I truck and JJ. Lottery ticket. Goods purchased I'd like what the lottery ticket came. Ben and Jerry's ice cream and Heidi is the local room area you know the last when there would be a bag of chips but they'd probably be penal. How. Tina there currency and you JJ would which puts him. To lop and Ricky would call it. Why didn't. Just you know what it is it's the cherry cheesecake ice. Every now and every now and. Is the one buffalo Perry's ice cream with Perry's you guys went to Perry's eyes union reds went over the yes we did he says that all yes it is and you're basically just turn your back and your no no I'm saying that the chase it's okay elements and Angela and they don't have cherry cheesecake you are talked Perry's ice cream they had the cinnamon bun. Ice cream where it was like mix cinnamon bun I can't find it anywhere. But I had a one time at my son and it was like. It was unbelievable the icing and everything right into the Vanilla ice cream best ice cream but they get a cherry cheesecake. Is by far used to yet when he items what are some items that did not make the list but you'd seen honorable mention slur. You know you might need a loaf of bread like an emergency type places and it is how bad did that white that would not like in a box like the little place. Yeah Marty potted hole on prodigy and those are gonna be there right there on the there on the list that the story wanted to type of 7-Eleven. See garbage newspaper you know well read at a guy like Steve revenues eight there's a newspaper analyst yeah I mean on on our it's. Didn't make the cut alert the is that the use settler there is supposed to be here I would die hockey news in there as an honorable mention. The South Park season. It's in its. I would think so instinct cantonal and Campbell team and brought us to. Two yeah job in the unaudited drafts though he got to get your I can use. So my story about seven elevenths like going to 7-Eleven and they grab some water races like hundred degrees or so hours. And I'm 52 bottles of water once we want my son and restraining their. By three lottery tickets. What are you doing you buy through lottery tickets disappear scratch and if you win come back. Scratches all three while I'm standing there and I'm not gonna sing digging out like a cross word one way all doughnut on rock solid wage anyway distracting you just need to match up of you have three cherries or whatever boo you win or something that. He wins. One of the tickets. Trade that in for however many tickets and in return gets another two tickets tests like a stimulant as one cash. Fifth scratches. Wins another four box. Gets another ticket and sit there and I finally said AD have sandals with socks. Sandals with socks cargo shorts down to his knees and a tank top. Age approximate 484. I asked was holding. Expressing these things like your tan. Move along. That was that did was that a life lessons for your son price out there and I said demise on the all time and the other ways that don't overdo this. Don't buy scratch tickets and scratch from offering here and if either one lake. You know that 1000 a week for life and decided to share with you fours for being so patient firm with him. But then you are all day you can scratch all day long when we come back. We're gonna scratch something I don't know what it's gonna be we're gonna talk about something here and house to do with hockey in the next segment when he got Marty. Yeah you know. We're gonna finish up a little preview for tomorrow and we don't naturally are about death signings were signings we think it I'll tell you the worst signing when we come back yeah has got a couple words are there some bad signings table that we come back worst signings of the off season so far rate here final segment is skaters. Before one bill's life. With tasker mirth coming up WGR 550 amnesty. Hockey talk. That kids these these these investigators. With Andrew Peters and great web. Welcome back no Kregg surveys this week or maxed or next. For the next and Marty's in this week and next week soleil may be the next rules. You re in the next after maybe maybe Roger Federer is up 76 in the fifth set but down the 4030 right now Anderson so it probably be 77 and Willie Kennedy 7275. Between those two I'm gonna write them back to watch that Don yes vote on the big Roger Federer and watched. The one bills like rate and yet no disrespect seminal moment just cuts in the first. So let me ask you this is the worst signing party that's who we were talking about we have one minute here before re. And I hear what you were signing for the star. Well I got three and Korver signed to a go. Onto and herself for years three million a year JB eagle four years three million a year. I had to me that's way too much money for those two guys and did bronze forty years four million yeah we had a good year and in in Vegas but. He's not the biggest then walked he's not the type a guy reform. Was yours. That one different yeah because. He was kind of invisible the last round of the honestly I was sick values entered. Yeah I know I'm I'm with him that the Tyler and signing was a good one though for trials that. Could be could be the steal of the summer if now all right while we come back. Which are going to be does is going to be Mercer tasker right here with one bills live on WG ER 515 MSG were back tomorrow.