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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, July 11th

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I wanted to get them my eggs expert rob because I'm curious about the leafs. Tenaris Austin Matthews offer sheets how they make all this work. So Mike has been on before he these days is within HL dot com still covering the leafs and joining us on our AT&T hotline Mike Howard Jeremy right when I talk to again. Good morning guys. I got a raiders never short of water for you guys are radio built errors there the people that do what we do it. That the machine that you keep on giving his. Yes it is dissidents and I would assume in Toronto the talk shows are still buzzing. About John Tavares I was up their last. Tuesday Mike went up further the Mets series in Toronto and and you could still. Just walk around the streets hanging out talking to people listening to the talk shows you could still feel the pause about taveras is it still going on. Aria and hear things that mean. The thing is you know you we don't have to go into the history of the maple leaves I mean everybody knows that and yeah out there virtual extreme on the board doubles cup. You know it's been 51 years now. It's a lot won the Stanley Cup. They haven't won a playoff series. Now lie in fourteen years. Old. People here kind of look at the collapse happened Ian eagle when there were good the notion that oh yeah outlawed you know her from our makeup near. You know people are always gonna look at a day well you know. They're doing is they're just keeping he's not gonna end up here. Toronto kids are scared to play here because of the spotlight yardage on job. So. When he actually made the announcement. By a local media that he until viper that he was going to be a lady. Any included a photo on a quarter on the immigrant kid is sleeping under. Blue and white Maple Leafs blanket before actually sitting while. That there were not were not a cut them who does it happening and so. You know I I don't think that you know look I don't think that the city and a little British rock. That this happened but I do think that it reflective of kind of the culture training that has been around the team from a lot to root for years and you know that that's the way the needle point and not words in terms of where the team is going in the future. Where you know shall do so after two very signs the first question I think a lot of his that is. How to they make this all fit you know you have taveras that it isn't likely birch thought about Tampa Mike like they have a ton of big contracts on the roster now a lot of them in the Florida ranks. With Toronto it's what's still to come you know how they yeah like Matthews and martyr and Neil Lander. Fit with to vote I mean I know no JBR know both Zach but how to mimic those guys that with what is going forward. Well yeah happy yeah I figured that. Map he's going begat. I call money you're not nor a bicycle money. You know nor the ten million a year just because you know per per. Nothing like in the fact that there at the dollar cap would have gone are like O line is you know. So that the question becomes are you that Margaret you Lander there I think it. They can get something done with him that maybe a little more bought. You know maybe between seven and made by. Martyred going to be the the big wildcard. The only way you can do bit is that you've got guys coming up. Root of our system and on the Blue Line which they think they hop that they can sprinkled throughout the line. You know guys that are making one million guys that are in their entry level BO some. For example this year you know you mention that KBR owed back her dog. Obviously they're up to create a C. They've got they're gonna have a guy like I enter if you ought to step in the air he's a Winger from Sweden he played a little bit with police this year. But he ended up being a Calder cup and BP. They have two or three of these guys that they can poured into the lineup. That actually in the Casey Johnson could be a second although probably more like a curtain line Winger. And make minimum money so if they're going to make it work. It's important in the guys that are making one point two million dollars. They're going to be an important. Whatever martyr and Edgar and mapped out which is going to be 81012. Is there any concern or any anybody in Toronto even thinking that someone would offer sheet one of these guys. You know what there's there's talk about it. But I mean. You can count on one hand how many trying somebody's actually deliver democracy. Sheet as opposed to how many times we've all talked about. So. You know I think they're cognizant of it on I think it's just been such a rarity that I don't think there's a lot of year. Therein I think it. All the guys. You know yak sometimes Mike Babcock and be a little upgrade their work with some of the players and stuff like god but. For the most part everybody seems to applaud him especially with the addition of the bar at. I think that pretty much everybody wants to stay here because they can beat. That you know there could be you know significant suspect except. Or at least some potential for that in front of the team for a few years now and that. That's actually one of the reasons. The Tamar site with two auto and he's the first guy that they've got it got. I mean obviously the money and obviously the being back in this pulled out. But I don't do it believes GM also. Put out a plan in front of the merit bank that is how weak link continuously. Be competitive. Over the light of your contract not the first or second or third year so. You would do it pointed out awaited bars that they could keep all these young guy. If we're Q what are release it to the media Wednesday that the via are trying to audience you guys. Thank you you make bad as you say it's you know some players and I would imagine. Tomorrow's is one to care about this quite a bit I'm trying to find what was there is a freeagent that the kind of knocks were after. And the player effectively told them no thanks your blue line is in rough shape not gonna win there. So the players in a free agency allows these players to would do their own research or make their own judgments and rule out teams not a location. But on talent and so that'll be your little one's good enough I'm never gonna sign with you. Nada about the great point from what I know. What went to bar holding it is kind of recruitment meeting that the BAA offices in Los Angeles. From what I've all my bare but Mary's yeah and that and let's not forget it was just believes it was the islanders. There with the sharks. The stars. The Bruins and the light all of those teams met face to face with Jon are in Los Angeles and from what I I'm all. You RT I thought he ate together on each of routine. Going into the pro so he had done his own every or so yet your your point. You know especially with a guy like ours you would very very well prepared for this and you know there were a lot of factors that went went into it what the one guy who is the fact that. You know I used to be mica tech guy we scared to come to Toronto. Because you know you can't speak it's probably like the at a Buffalo Bill in in buffalo and that you can't go to the grocery store you can't. Really go out in public because everybody knows you well. Police are trying to turn that into a pot if they don't. They make all the players available but they're they're very. You know caucus. Of keeping the players' privacy away from the rink. And the other thing is they've got right but it caught her ground. At that time intimate partner were Toronto area ahead. We no longer. You know that that the prospect complaint that believes is no longer something like oh my god look at all the publicity were gonna get in their minds like. While we're actually playing for the team we grew up curing or make the exact quote civic culture change. And I think that out of big big play. In light of ours came back because like I I mean going back to when he was kid sleeping under his blue and white like that. You know they're they're they're worked all helpful or do. Like last thing you brought up Babcock a moment ago and how he you know he can be tough to get along with. Any thing with this Babcock Matthew stuff that could give me hope that Austin Nazis but would like to leave Toronto at some point. And they're go to Bob Lori I what averaged out of Toronto Mike I'm not gonna be picky I'd go let's come here but I I got an extra room I don't mind. No I know it it's funny because they UK it is these Matthews did this year from CAA to your group and Bobby Orr was quoted the other day at a golf tournament under today to root out to vote they're kind of the braids of this. Between our so called. A break submit between Babcock and Matthews and or fought wars there's nothing there about all of them blown blown out of report in the goes. I think what you eat goat what player didn't have issues with with with the coach down the line they don't always agree but they'll be you know. They're willing to play Portman and guy. Here's something you know I do think that that that this stuff with map these and Babcock will be worked out and here's something important to remember. That relationship. Thought ours. And Patrick Marleau. Both came to Toronto on their own way belligerent. And they knew that they were going to play for Mike Babcock they've played for him at the Olympics we've played for him at the World Cup. They want to wait for them. And so we met it and I think that well it how it is all those players are they want these players to kind of be a bridge between the code. And the younger players. And so I think that that's another he later added to that the bars signing and I think that'll be a part of it so. Sorry didn't mean to rain and. And I'm starting here all that kind of ruined my day but now I'll I'll learn to live with a leader meter ruin your body. Jarred Canadians. Mike thanks as always we always enjoy having on the show thanks for coming on with us this morning. Pay any time guys and was that have a great summer engineering and I'm saying thanks Mike.