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Avoid situations also gonna talk just about the probability of guaranteed contract in the NFL. And he's gonna talk about the players union newest grievance against Philly days right where you are one those live starts right now. To show what goes live presented by try to help the company from Orchard Park and another beautiful day in. OP New York for records stored in order field where in the air pro sports training center. Right inside the front door where it's our one on both those studios right there he'd work on. Yes the we have been scoreboard. You know or else going on. We should mention this too if you're looking forward to the season this is significant. The trucks are here they're loading equipment and weight room equipment headed for a saint John Fisher College right to me and aliens are here today it's amazing how much stuff they take care Wear them a minute they got. Truck after truck load of equipment at saint John Fisher is pretty well appointed anyway. But there's certain things they feel like they gotta have for their guys and and this is how long I've been out there are some walk and by the eldest v.s equipped the added weight machines and all this other steer the so this specialized equipment for these guys right now Walken buckeye has been so long since since I've done any kind of physical activity let alone any work out but. Some of the equipment that I walked by. Like what this is how does that work cooking up I mean I see the pads were I think that. Won't eat what you do if that's out that's how far off five how far away I ambulance to. All that you and I did not look at that in student learning how awkward time believe me but I couldn't like just look at it figured out. That's what's going on inside the trees that are here today the approach which streets that are. What's brought out on the bills vote you know the story we weren't shell shocked. 24 hours ago that was drama going news came out just before went on the air 24 hours ago. It's eight and realistically it took us all of three hours to kind of process even stuff leaked out. A little more information today but it's important to note that there's nothing official. No police reports and filed yet that we know of no hospital reports yet. The bills stand by the statement from yesterday they are aware of the situation and investigating. The NFL says the same. Overnight the attorney for the victim releases statement pretty detailed statement outlining a couple of pertinent details about what happened. Was no mention of LeSean McCoy but look. Things do not look good from Corey it's it the very least a bad look for Shawn McCoy what it means for his future with the bills what it means for the future in the NFL. Who knows it it does not look good that's for sure it does not look good his if he is in fact involved in this situation but. We don't know any action at Seoul. We cannot talk about it I guess but I don't know what to say we know a little bit more about some of the allegations and we have you know kind of one sided down. We have looked on some denial from yesterday and we have the report herded letter written essentially by. The attorney for the victim effort terrible crime I mean it's important note to this is a terrible crime that's been perpetrated on this this young woman regardless of how it happened. Certainly that's where you first instinct is right to say how does that happen who does that. Secondly you start to think about is McCoy involved in what does it mean for him what does it mean for future what does it mean for the Buffalo Bills we do not have those answers as of today. We stood and obviously Kennedy can appreciate to that. For now. And and for the time being infants receive a few we have any idea I mean he's on the team we get it you know we got to learn to you gotta find out what that means and now. We're all kind of the same way if fans are right now you're kind of going through seniors on your head or what's gonna happen what possibly could and we don't know enough to even get a panel around that works we're just like everybody else for kind of hold our breath see what happens what. What what's the next step from somebody who has some authority in this. Situation can and can give us you know and aren't. The police can do something nor do representation the victim gonna do something is the show McCord got to do something or the bill's gonna do something or anybody else. I reached and and Murphy are sitting here kind of hold our breath. Wait to say which we knew Warren these gay or nightly targets was middle west 989 PM the attorney for the the victim. Said that according Al allege that McCoy orchestrated the attack. Attorney kind image of Graham says is. Her client was physically assaulted and happened yesterday morning Tuesday morning. My game 3:30 AM. Perpetrators were at home with no signs of forced entry. The man according to the letter demanded specific items of jury that had been gifted to the victim from a court who requested America many occasions that's good the bad luck part. And that's apart bit and you know it has not been alleged by a police reporter but he also we just don't know what were to go what is today on the show I don't. What does it mean for the bills what does that mean from record what does that mean for your future doesn't look good I want you I think you have to acknowledge that it's hard for it's hard to envision a scenario where LeSean McCoy comes out of this completely clean and North Korean exonerated. I is a bad look all the way around and and it's going to be action to see. How it affects. His future. And that's and you know law and of course you know bill's fans and and the both of those cells or interest to you know hi Ian yeah. So we are prepared to you know entertain discussion about this I guess I did I am. Reluctant to. Here wild speculation from those of us who don't really have. You know details on exactly what happened I think it's still too early for that is. Eat yours you may be moved to move on but we are gonna get a guest on at 2 o'clock today one of my favorite guests Andrew Brandt who deals with the business of the NFL on a regular basis. He's an attorney he's the director of the more at center for sports law at Villanova university in Philadelphia. He is a former assistant general manager of the Green Bay Packers so season me Edgar Brandt is well equipped Steve to deal with a set this early early early stage about. What teams might be thinking what the league might be thinking what the best possible. Path forward in this for a shot accords agent Drew Rosenhaus. What that might be and again. Bring it does in audience and into this particular case I do think when he joins us at 2 o'clock today and your break can provide us. Sort of a roadmap of what might be going on both that the bills level that the league level and and for accords represented. In one of the things two's we've we will round around this yesterday and social media have a real what tool and a while weapon we used to help us prepare for for the show we get kind of a pulse of what the what you the fans are thing about our listeners are thinking about what the people on MSG watching us think about. It is as a social media world we live in but were not social media. Were mainstream media so if you if we have to be patient and can't. Fly off the handling a lot of times can't even acknowledge some of the stuff we have on social media to get thrown at us and you can all imagine you know what what gets tossed at us. Through those outlets because you know this and there's no accountability. Here we have to be more pace so book more measured in what we talk about and how we say it now certainly Murphy and I have opinions about all the things and all the aspects of this case. And the situation how it's gonna unfold. But for the time being weak in the we don't know enough to even make. Conclusions as to how this might play out so were if if it sounds like we're being a little bit hesitant to jump into this we car. Who because there's just too much it to to take in at this point and it is a big part of what we're gonna talk about today we've got a couple of things will. We'll take a break from it and an anti depth Andrew branch going to be an angry at great. A great resource for us because he's gonna have some interest in things about the process that this gonna go through he's seen things like this before. Or situations. Of this magnitude before the NFL he'll get isn't you know gives a chance to get some insight as to how. The process is gonna work and that that to me will be is insisting is any. It's happens he will we get Andrew Brandt I'll I'll tip of the theater producer Jane there's been talking about there's nothing Donaldson in Branson show in its bowl. He's loaded with him is one of my guest today really is kind of a thinking man's. Analyst of what goes on in the NFL whether it's television marine sometimes or contract negotiations collective bargaining agreement. You talk about at all and we target Alina. A lot of idiocy come at 2 o'clock that he not just about the awkward situation but. Also about the job. The protest scene at the protests at yesterday's move by the NFL PA the pilot grievance against the league cadets enter Britain to. Interest in this coming up at 1 o'clock and might sneeze and knows. That's a good. Debra get him on wall sold. Was gonna talk to about there's have a little bit about Twitter storm went on yesterday Russell Kong. From the Seattle Seahawks came on and he added a very well thought out series of about thirty tweets came out about. NFL players getting guaranteed contracts. And the the obvious. Justification for that is because the players take such a physical risk in the game that they play. Bet you know they need to have some security to go along with that risk. On the and plus they played a league that dwarfs. Financially in the revenues of that that is generated by this league NFL. Dwarfs the NBA the NHL and Major League Baseball and because of that. And because of the role that the players have in that. Making wise I think somewhere between 47 and 48 and a half percent of the growth of the revenues of the league just isn't enough and they feel like they're full partner. And it's always and so you always get players like that who have and is it you can see their rationalizations for but by the same token. It and billionaires who own the teams are pretty easy targets you know that there easy it's easy throw darts those guys because their courage and the problem is. Just because they're rich doesn't mean he give you their money for for whatever reason and right now after due to its hard sell when the players start talking about not getting guaranteed money. But they are making seven figures and so there's the others so other side of that I think that their league is moving towards it you got. Kirk cousins with the three year. Guaranteed contract with the war Minnesota Vikings for over eighty million dollars or right at eighty million dollar so I think it is on the horizon like I've said a million times I think the league gets it right sooner or later. There's going to be some guys are some guaranteed contracts and we'll see how long it takes to get to that point. And whether they ever do is it a question for Andrew Brandt. And to read it to 1 o'clock custody David Halberstam. Now that's a famous name David Halberstam his deceased though died several years ago one of the all time great. Nonfiction writers I think in America especially in the twentieth century. But that's not act we have on the show because he's deceased. A distant relative saint named David Halberstam to join us at 1 o'clock radio play by play voice of the Miami for about seven years in the nineties. Former executive vice president general manager at Westwood One radio. Author of sports on new Yorker you'll play by play history he proposed for the sports broadcaster of the cross our desks. About the most cherished this is interesting content I'm gonna actually give up this the most cherished all time same market play by play payers I think about it. It's like Evan buffalo now right regenerate the sabres and Dunleavy as neighbors I do bills. You know couple different people doing jobs. And I am. David Halberstam has gone historically. And come up with the twelve of the best two broadcasters to ever grace of market covering different teams at the same time right. Number one on his list the best broadcast here two teams one market any thoughts on who it is. A song list OK I gotta be honest it's chick Hearn. From Los Angeles who did the show lakers. And installations in the dodgers' you know that right number to have his list. Did the others to break went to Harry callous who did the Phillies and Merrill Reese who's that on the recently though she is admissible win by the for the Eagles. Number three this is going back a little bit in the forties and fifties and sixties Mel Allen. Doing the Yankees in Marty Glickman who did the giants in the next number for this this Louis away in this why we got that David Halberstam on the show. Number four. Multi an all time. Best broadcast pair. Same market two different teams are ready for this band Miller doing the bills and regenerate. Do in the Buffalo Sabres and of course degrees is well that started in the seventies generate and and Miller and continued up to look. 2003 bands last season were gonna talk with David that was Tim about this about his most cherished. All time same market play by play pairs. To admired announcers same market same time. Covering two recovered at least two maybe more different sports it's a great cuts at its its pretty good progress he put it up on a sports broadcast journal. I spoke with David Halberstam briefly this morning get on the show like it would companies. He's an eager talker has. Perfect as we need him. Are we also have a a Twitter question out there and it's you know world we're on the countdown to training camp. And we've put three guys on this list about. Which is. It's a pretty big question which defensive player will make the Pro Bowl 2018 and why and of course two babies whites run away with it Micah Hyde is also one they're in Jordan pour your corner in two safeties. It's interesting too because there's so many question marks about the front seven is how many guys we don't know about that are going to be new faces up there it kind of falls to the secondary in the great year they had last year that all three of those guys have a chance at it. Two Davey is white though and I and I think some of the people of tweet it and I think are right on the money. Did you read the Twitter question. I just did well kept. It's part camp countdown series yeah bills Buffalo Bills that count. And it's number fifteen will too important to Pro Bowl but in the question is which defense player. Is provoking area and an ace at one of the things about it isn't it I just read this is actually not on my tweets she right here but it said you know that your greatest white turner wavered most people think about this like this. Today this white had a great year she's great player he's gonna have another great season stay sell it to. The reason trade is white is such a good candidate because he's got even after the great Yuri had last year. He's highly motivated for being the guy is always looked over. He's not getting national attention yet great you're in a leap year is a corner last year as a rookie and yet. And Lattimore from New Orleans also who also had a great year quarterback for them. Is over has been overshadowed he was left and trade is why it was left off a couple of lists as one of the top young quarterback threw who's gonna have have another second great year. He's been overlooked by so many national media outlets that even though we had a great delete years a quarter last year he's highly motivated committee show everybody's wrong so. It's a great answer that question of why two Davies why will be the guy on our list you'll make the pro bullet from the defense side of the bills and and and and the reason why. Which bills defense player will make the Pro Bowl this year maybe it's more than one give us a call but to discuss phone lines open eagle 30515. And number. Or upset about the local recall at 1888. By fifty to 550 and I toward you can vote at one bills lavandera Twitter site. Which bills defense put me to Pro Bowl overwhelmingly 78% of you say to reach for Davies white. 14% say to be Micah Hyde 6% say Jordan Porter 3% have somebody else in mind. Give us public Peter reports about battery anything else regarding the bills which defense Applera meet Pro Bowl in 2018. From our tweet sheet from Ian Campbell. He says it'll be white he says I think you'll thriving year two with more experience plus we've added some nice pieces to the defense. That's pretty good -- look at it right at that stage is set to debut seems motivated after being overlooked in some quarters for his tremendous rookie year. And there are some new pieces particularly. Attempts do you know give better up front defensively that may make treaties even more effective in the second years ago. Ed is a good answer on and on another tweet from Bobby be in this is wonders why we came up this thing uses cannot I can't pick more than one question mark hide poitier and Trey he says he thinks they're all gonna make it and that's why we are sitting around they can. Yeah that's a tough choice because they all. Had worthy seasons a year ago. And we put him on the list think it -- but the most likely as the one they MSG viewers are watching right now to David is white and he just. It's unable it and the thing about it is it was fun to watch him play last year too and he sees some even some of his highlights always in you always catch him dancing in the snow. Against the colts and and and other games as well that was kind of his thing he. It's just a fun guy to have on the team he. Played with a lot of happiness a lot of joy it was fun watching him play for the Buffalo Bills last year and it's kind of easy cheer formed. Haven't had a great year. Pump from wondering check your frequent contributor to the tweet sheet. All three are excellent candidates he says Micah Hyde arrived as top flight safety last season and will now be in consideration every year. Probably right in the previous white should have been defense of rookie of the year and showed he's a future lockdown cornerback he has my vote put a player has an undated you're like last year. He will get notice those of the three I think most people focus on when it comes to potential probable candidates on the buffalo defense those of the top three. If we thought about that we like among others. We and that's that's the thing about it though this the secondary last year I think was an enormous surprise. Everybody was brand new back there EJ gains for navy's white Horton and Jordan poirier. And Micah Hyde all four guys were brand new last year he had no idea how they were gonna play. And they ended up being. The strength not only the defense but really the entire team they were the engine they're really gave the team a competitive chance every year they're nastier and throwing league in the NFL. And you've got a really good secondary who's doing all kinds of things to get. Interception to get in turn over they kept the team in games during the season they continue to even. Deep into the season the playoffs it was a it was a I think the most surprising. Transformative. Part of the bills. Changeover to the Sean McDermott Brandon being error last year was the four guys they had starting in the secondary. And this year. Kind of the fun part about it is they've upgraded the front seven or at least signed a lot of new faces on the front seven that trying to give those guys in the back in some help they can help those guys in the back end. That's it that's why I'm sitting here jumping up and down her policies in immune topped it defense. And I can't wait to imply. I wanna see imply I wanna see these other teams come into scored nine points a game ten point two you know wanna see him struggle to get thirteen points. It will be fun. To be fun. There are other candidates to run defense I think I Williams with what his fight Robles would have to be in consideration. And on the tweet sheet from Tiffany Daniels she tweets him. I like the veteran Jerry Hughes to have a big season with the additions to the defense of mine teams will not be able to double team him I predict double digit sacks and a four stopping the run you a solid 2017. Pro Bowl bound and 2018 maybe I mean. If he gets double digit sex you'd have to think Jerry Hughes. Could get Pro Bowl consideration he is snubbed in Pro Bowl consideration earlier on when he did that a couple of double digits next year's. Back to back. So he's overdue I would think but he needs to get the cancerous productive not a question about that. Yeah and that's that's right and it. I think I forgot like Jerry Hughes if the entire defense has a phenomenal year like like the big one I'm you know most trumpeting that they should have. A lot of guys gonna get noticed. Lot of guys are gonna get noticed and you're right Kyle Williams will be rubber stamp to go back to the Pro Bowl again even if he has a warm minor role than he has in the past. If the ease of rotational player on the inside now they have a couple three guys that can actually give him some rest. Guys that they trust on the front line with Phillips and look to LA. It'll be interesting to see but a lot of guys will be if they do if the entire defense takes a big step forward and in year to this system with some new faces on the fronts in the front seven. A lot of guys get noticed and Hughes could be one. So give us call us don't you think 8030515. Tool free. 1888. By fifty to 550 boats and or tour polar weigh in you know on Twitter. Which bills defense of player or players. Make the Pro Bowl in twenty team we'd love to hear which antsy about that a couple of other things going that it exceeded 1 o'clock. The NFL supplemental draft five players eligible. I'm not sure the building going to be a factor in this and if if they are. If anybody is an awful heavy in. You know an announcement by 3 o'clock today the July 11 supplemental draft. It's for players who did not declare for the spring draft but are eligible now and in the NFL after B three years removed from high school. Change in their college circumstances were the most notable one be all right same BO right it had to do with them now been academically. In eligible to play this fall so he is declared for the draft a weighted lottery based on the April draft order. Teams will get the supplemental draft dirty just report begins. Starts at 1 PM today eternity what do you need to know. Yeah that's it man we got to it was the bills have been linked to Zambia they went to his pro day in the lead up to this supplemental draft. The browns have been linked to Sam BO being interested in him. You know and of course snooping around a bit it's part of and nobody's here the meaning it. And the guys that are here the can make these decisions they may be here but you know were. They're the other in the building and I if you like walking and yet we're not we're not privy to what they're thinking. We don't have conversations with the Sean McDermott and Brandon being on a daily basis and like they don't want us talking about it probably. Get a preview what to play right so we don't know what they're gonna miss so but but there isn't you know believe me they're not setting up a news the newsroom for a news conference Sam Neill slot and EST only tip off I would get. Yeah it doesn't appear that there's going to be much. Well policy I don't wanna speak before that they think starts at 1 o'clock I'd be surprised if the bills were amateurs in the supplement GAAP wanna get crazy either but. Don't know who who knows if if if I mean I I would think to the bills are probably gonna put an offer in on that guy the one that they can live with like a fifth rounder now he's supposed to be sec around physical talent. Good change direction is the you know that you re discount reports his feet tell you that he's going to be able to cover he's got the size four he could you know he could stand to gain a little weight but he's. He's got a lot of things that they're looking for physically and a quarter. So the bills would probably say listen. You know they may like where their roster is right now. And plus after the OT gays and a mini camp they're promising now I don't know I like these guys to. The guys have already got signed so he's just one more body I don't know that they be willing to risk any kind of draft pick. For a guy when they they like their roster has this is different in the regular draft. Now they've got almost their entire roster in place. And they've been able to coach him up so they've got a good feel for the guys they've got and if they don't think same deal from a pro gay. Can overshadow the physical abilities the guys they've got on the roster right now. Bill passed plus it costs you use a third rounder hey you know have a third rounder next yes. And that's that's a yes so it's it's hard for these supplement has been it's been times in the past where they've done it works a little guys come in and kind of splashing. And made it Cris Carter we mentioned yesterday back in the day he played for thirteen years all of thing. Was a supplemental draft guys so you know there's always that rolled the dice. But it's a blind auction you just put your bid in at summits as yes somebody put a bit in and you didn't get it you know somebody put it higher draft continued. So. Okay and yet be won a live with what our guess yes. A date George physique talk to us about Pia bi annual convention of the pro football researchers come to buffalo this weekend at a really nice note from the president pro football researchers. Can encrypt and who us that they trimmed Georgia Okeafor in this part that entry received that I hope that if you are available for part of all the week and you would stop I would that debuted and I. Go back you can find you want to go. They invite the public and go to the website pro football researchers association. Or. There might via. Elect your presentation or two that I would like years of issue's going to be it's what's the weather no wonder if my yard work done. I idle pro football history I think their beards are you don't have root canal you're him he may go to them. I might check it out America's middle weak and their but I think and prepared for the invitation. I know will be a roomful of interest in pro football researchers and historians many of them local and you just like I mean we you. Your imagine it now imagine yet that's I'm not a yeah I'm not a big history buff although you know my. Answer so. I'm taken. Yeah man how much do you think though. There's some great stories in that room yes those guys do nothing but go back and look through and and it's not just that's the thing is not just about the stats it's not. Like all the website you've got now a pro football focus and normally you know those stats gruden in Jesus and all the stuff that we use for. For our research. It's history its stories its teams its franchises it's big picture stuff as well as minutia. The gets lost in it and you know with. One small detail that has a ripple effected effects of me you know all that kind of stuff they have books out about it it's. The interest in that way. And you think about the multitude of stories because I know I was just I was on one to a two teams but. One team for eleven years and there's like a zillion stories coming on that team and I know every other team has the same kind of thing so it's pretty fun to think about. All the guys in there that. They have access to that. Pieces. Pro sports starts Friday runs through us Saturday they have a tour here at the stadium on. On Sunday bomb and you don't have to be remembered great guest speakers Thurman Thomas and Murkowski. Bob Schmidt who played with the giants in the bills and patriots. Even a deeper routes he said Denny lynch. Great speakers I check out I am I'm happy they're coming hope I know they're going to be great weekend in the it's. It's a really doesn't it's. Happened here in buffalo yeah and it's something this is a group has been that it was formulated at the Pro Football Hall of Fame forty years ago. And it's the researchers. America. Pro football researchers. Of Americans are association. And a sunken yes. Lasting peace and comfort and this week at currently we are talking about whether how much we appreciated it and appreciate its in him. You can duck I would just say I don't aim at the ADIA's ad may be there Imus AB DI I see him ever wants to wallet but still. I've I've met I've heard at all is here I've heard only the stories and I see it right so OK art this weekend that is our right. Which bills defense of players will make them make the Pro Bowl in twenty team this topic we start with today. Love to hear your voice on the air the phone lines open 8030515. Your tool free. 1888550. To 550 or on Twitter at one bills while we were talking about the supplemental draft happens at 1 o'clock today which is you know half an hour away and Dylan tweets and you know he wants to know what happens to the supplemental draft pick that you spend on a supplemental pick. What happens the draft selection after that there's just disappear and the guys that are in that draft just click up one not so I think that's how it happens at that pick. So they say for instance as if it if you're. Prisons or use the first round this year is an example of the bills used their first round pick. What a year ago that number seven pick a year ago. On a supplemental pick that it just disappears and everybody in the the team right behind buffalo which ended up being one Miami or some yep Miami yes Miami would have access. This year so I think that's what happens that it just goes away it just disappears he'd take it out you were everybody moves up quickly. A break we're back with more one bills I'd be just getting started were presented by providing health governor from one bill's life. Her company from one bills drive goes like the show as a it's revealed that. This is Buffalo Bills radio Europe yield. I'm a beautiful. What's today Wednesday keep a program note we have no show coming up for you Friday Friday so a couple Fridays off. Laugh about your work if you want all I do is something we re read the tweet sheet and we take avail. There. Should I though it did so Austin. This Friday up. X Friday up and then we are a lot of there's good reason for a while Europe it is you know relive it here and instigated one extra staff at. A this Friday no show next Friday no show and then it's camp timely new government. Thursday August point six which is two weeks from tomorrow bills training camp lesser we talked about the Steve you were not. I didn't detect a lot of enthusiasm about reporting. How you doing with it. Two weeks and call me more knowledge can be great now. Now did you hear the responses. Get it wonderful yet you know what none of those people who respond aren't quarter pole ever wore Helmand in the NFL training capsule. They data weren't out there. Now so little scar tissue left over playing their emotional scar on camera. You drive and we don't assume and I had one of the easiest training camp histories here in buffalo all time all the golf too much right exactly and I still. I still. Why. Look yeah topic argued drive to Rochester EC what's Kona and you get to show together you want to practice early in the morning it mostly wrecked his that we wait fifteen right 8:45 AM. Practice ends at 11103011. Jump on the set do a couple of interviews. The sun is shining there's people walking around in shorts over and we were at their worst onscreen is yeah I do either grow but I'd. It's great bands all over the place people kind of watching the show jeopardy the show this at a camp Lester. Knows well I I didn't go to I would training camp like. One slash week or more this year but this and I love it I look at that I loved me you know like we are carpooling and drive over and do them. We do that one what. Why would throw it and why wouldn't we Nelly only you know otherwise minutes from an otherwise you'll likely with some excuse week ago. Contrast. Here. It's going to be great late Merv farming sat there salmon Batavia. It starts. First training camp practice starts two weeks from tomorrow. Thursday August 26 at harper stayed there. That's via by thirty practice you'd union ticket that go to our website Buffalo Bills that countless more information about those training camp. The 2018 goes training camp coming up. Eighteen Euro at sea temperature college that writers in 1990. Any rate will be they're doing shows and we got eight or ten shows coming up in the months of July and August get you ready for the season edged thing Stevie get you need maybe you don't need this. But it gets mean into the total. Bill's friend of mine like by the time training camp is about halfway complete. Be honest with you I'm like. Don't talk to me about anything else or nothing else I I wish I. I'd lose track of the baseball season I'd lose track everything except bills football. Once I could really you do birth YouTube bills Lott won bills live year round I mean take but this is total Immersion. This is total Olmert and so in the 2018 bills to the point where by the training camp you wrecked you don't mean no names and numbers. You recognize. You know what 87 guy on the roster that sounds so he's pretty that are there have played practice and that's assuming it's that we can like build up. Your storehouse of information security duties pre season games you could probably benefit is one crime out I'm sure I'll get something out of that if. If nothing but a sunburn but if this thing about this time I get that we say and it's one of the you know your kind of immersed in in your team win you don't even. You can't read helmet or you can't read to jurors hear anything you see guys walking all the others. You know yup I remembered you know I can remember names are guys back then but yet he EC guys daily others there's currently do you recognize everybody that as easy as you recognize how Williams. You know that's you can tell you'll get there if you go which I think you're. You'll be able to tell who's who by the way the run exactly but by the wave receiver runs you don't need to see the name and number that Soto because I recognize what you rugs. I can tell you what it would've would've post that is what an aid that is. When you get credited broadcaster preceding all yet we don't mean I don't know the way to catch on and it's got to be him. Exactly the exactly and that's and I get that is you know pity you and unite. You know we're neck deep in this thing so. That's that's where you have to be nice recount hectic you'd be union. You can when I used to go in and talk to the training staff a lot during training camp about you know and get their their take concise while you were playing well. Oh no while I was no when I'm just have been a broadcast that like to talk the training staff and get their take on guys not not like who's gonna make it who's not gonna make it what. Just what kind of guys they'd you know they seem in the locker room at tape and their ankles or your converse during conversations with. The two players in the team at their position and they're here to interact with each other. The real good feel about you know how the kids doing how guys Phelan. How he's playing good days bad days how he handles the bad days how he handles the good days and it's really in insightful. Because. Jesus you know these guys pay their football player that he's just young guys trying to make their way in a really really difficult game. And it's it's a really pressure packed. Atmosphere for the players at training and I asked why you know that's why carry so much. You know. Carrier grudge against training camps because it's. Pressure packed yeah I mean your. Your life is on the eve your livelihood is on the line your dreams are on the line and every time you take a rap. You feel like it's. Either you know nerve on or yet you know hell on earth and it's it's you know it's you ride. You ride the fence between those two. Things have constantly and it's it's pretty rough and I would say I acknowledge and appreciate tenements in I'd I'd welcome mat but I know that it's. Pressure for those plays and I'm sure there's. A lock on I think that's part of the appeal of training camp for Franzen and observers knowing that what they do out there matters to those guys and their futures. I would doesn't ID pack. You know we. They live like they play like they act like it in and their live and it's it's. It's pretty sobering to think. About how much these guys have invested into their football careers they they then there. They're coming out this is in it if you equate this to another industry outside a sports. These guys are all masters degree holders in football. They are. And some album and the veterans are Ph.D.s he's. I mean they've got to go on they know the ins and outs and how it's done and how it works or upcoming announcements they're like it's like coming out of Princeton economic Alabama. After playing division one football on scholarship for four years or three years or whatever. And it's like coming out of Princeton with a business degree. It really is your their people who want you play for. And a. There's pressure that goes long when it. I've often wondered. If other professions might benefit from a training camp style setup where once a year. You get away with candidates for jobs that your picture is nation and people currently work there. And you Canon. Rehash here's what to do this year you don't mean and hour I think immediately every treats or corporate retreats but I mean a serious. Almost numb. You know. Reality show. Battle for your job and and other people trying to get Georgia you know I think that's corporations and I think about it I don't know if they mind that the corporations might benefit Richard talked about. You know reckon people's careers. Yet some guy who impressed you over the two days of weekend. But well maybe long ahead but I mean as CBS when I wouldn't for the season I a couple of days off coming have to take the later on in August or less class CBS what. Because if they have a sample they call a seminar we go to CB we go into New York we go to the. They have a big theater in the museum of modern art we all and all the ever RAZR from Jim Nance and Tony Romo all the way down to schmuck like me. Are in the room plus. The BA CAD the broadcast assistance the assistant directors the producers the technical not to technical directors but. All the people that are on the crew that you're gonna be doing your games with are in the room and also the studio guys. You know that James Brown's bill towers of the world Boomer Esiason those guys though there in the group. Plus you know and then you get the executive branch of of CBS with. Leslie Moonves and somebody stratosphere like him steps in and says a few words well but they give us. The the overview of what the broadcasters oh look like in a network level and what their with the foundations can look like what you need all the new talent. Last year James Lofton was in and added on tour our rosters are at UC James again. In them in the seminar will go in and do that same thing and so you're right I mean train there's different types of Natal looked different. But that would be. A two day. Series of meetings as what do training camp looks like into different industry and nobody's job is on the line. At no meaning no. No nobody was there accurately that's correct you don't run awfully local question please cart and loyalty card yet. I great conversation within once interview when he was still playing. It is special team again cardinal well he. I would consider a friend so yes he's good man he had he he got this he got me thinking about this he semblance. You know are arguing. Every person in American business would benefit from covering kicks at one time or another. I don't character dressed up in their suit with via add to shake these in their hands run down in your suit in Europe. 800 dollar loafers and cover kick I'm telling you it would be the best thing for American business and that he was dead serious listen I guess at the same thing I said it's great they're Icrc. It's great therapy and and you wolf is that because he's the end he's the radio analyst for the urban radio broadcast he's a mark Kelso the Arizona Cardinals. And you wanna talk about the guy with the best. All star wrestling voice call a time it is wrong correctly at he is that he's great and he's he's hilarious but I've said this I said the same thing and I've been quoted in articles. I think. A lot of people would benefit from being able cover kick once we. Because it you know you can just cut it loose and run as fast he can hit as hard you can dive in just you know because you do have that feeling of of invincibility. When you do we've got common pads on and you're the one that's the aggressor. There's a lot to be said for that. I know with bullfight audience ice that you should suit in my body and saving back after years in your Armani suit. It's. It's I gotta be honest with and I know we you know in the in the climate which we live it's frowned upon they almost did away with them it is a blast it. It is so is the funniest thing is special teams targets to do is run down to kick off fifteen just scored or the opening kick. Of the gain. And your trot downturn and you know when when I was when I was good for a minute. You don't have an add on your shoulders being able to beat you guys tonight though you know you feel confident I'm going to be the guy when this thing's over him to be attack on the ball. It's a lot of fun and it's and it's. You know that you know it's like ball. Human come government is out the window been just be you just be some guy yeah now and it's it's awesome thanks. It yeah I know that's right he's got some of the great radio now eligible I can't get into an art. He's he actually said this on this on the Radio One. And Ira what was all I heard was that called you. Get out your eyes out throw away cajoled never done better than. If you're at Orchard Park zone willfully and he has he has never changed its name you know it says on their show wants. Great break here Rebecca are gonna talk about which defense of players which get the pro ball for the bills this year. It was a call 8030515. And toll free 1888552. By fifty. One bills drive from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills Brady. We're here today one bills drive from one bills drive Jeff Murphy Steve tasker here until 3 o'clock today we got good guests coming up in the dark with Andrew Brandt. These sports business expert will talk to wobble quite situations come up with to talk about play by play tandem in markets different sports with David Halberstam. Coming up at 1 o'clock. In the meantime we'll take your phone calls it 030515. Tool free 1888550. 2550 Terrence calling from core few New York ahead caricature in the year. I don't know I just yet thought about. McCoy situation. And yes and I mean another scenario could be. If you really trying to picture from this property there. That she's got to be a so I appreciate it more on another guy over people. You're there could be another guy that raptor up but it is still mad at him. Territory parents are you are you just saying that she. Pay somebody to look to rough her up is that what you're saying no. I'm sick and that it could suspend somebody. That she had over and that happens to be there and I. All I see who knows Terry I don't know that it thing we who knows this is it's. I don't think that. The girl's friends would have pointed the finger to automatic well I don't know in another start why would they start accusing other people doing what. Obviously happened from somebody else I mean that's. Yet that you write openers there's really no scenario where this turns out really well. So Huntsman guy I get it I mean we're we're all Terre set and that call thanks for called terrorist. That let you know how much we don't know. You can any minute meeting your doctor trying to get as anything you want and there's. You know every you know bill's fans are trying to invent some scenario where he comes out of this and we don't have to look at them. With suspicious eyes. And it's. It's it's rough it's rough it's bad situations can rent to sit patiently. And frustrating only. See here wait. And it's not just us by the way I would say that is C entire bills organization. Not to mention bill's fans will get an animal would put the entire hour look these folks around this place of footballs I know. How critical LeSean McCoy has been to the operation sold together paying attention to this and considering a bunch of stuff I can bet assuming there. He lives he lived here in buffalo has been a bottle obviously this is not kind of LeSean more than anybody in this building probably knows. Mrs. Shocking to them like it is anybody's so you know I think I get their mind around that they're waiting on the waiting for more information there's no question about it but and there. There waiting more with more on the line mini buses feels yet if there are very. Keenly interested. In any information they get from sources that that no. And we're not one of which we knew Morse we did and where and as we don't straight that's the frustrating part of the army for three hours and it's frustrating how much we don't know how much we can't say and because everything weeks could say or possibly say just speculation and hearsay guesswork and and it's a little bit of that like I said it began to show its social media reaction rather than facts and reason so I call on this from Jose in buffalo go ahead Jose. Hey good morning guys are gonna listen. I mean this whole situation it is really met you know obviously. You. 01 hand you got hurt you've got people saying that you know he's been scientific circles here you know there hasn't been no power on in the house he's actually try to get irritable bowel but then on the other hand you guys you know this senseless. You know something that happened we know something's happened you know my thing is this. He's an activist Baghdad if he let's say let's say the city's own innocent. If he's still gonna be our. You don't spend a blatant you Elliot lake. What was the other one. That was just that was hearsay you know I mean does this thing we gotta say the body in it like this Foster and we got to think about you know. What was the consequence of these people that are that are making false accusations. And these these NFL players don't get suspended you know false accusations and we've got to figure that minute within it in Miami at the time of the act. I don't know if he uses this is really bad I mean. This really bad day you're right you're right that there's I don't know but it it also exploration I think we're all waiting to see. The validity or the truth is there and that's as we don't know you because it has been an acrimonious relationship obviously but that that this situation is this we've all seen somebody cry wolf once. Twice whatever on now is like well now we've got to wait until now is this another one of those is this something. That isn't what it appears to be here what they're trying to make it look like so you're right Jose it is. It gives everybody pause because we've seen. Athletes being targets and passed it it was that way. In the mid eighties here in buffalo. So and it's going to be that way. As long as as people think they can be one of those who can get money out of an athlete but. For the time being he can't her injuries are real somehow happen. And you feel for her. You don't see anybody go through that. And he would like to see whoever it is. Be held accountable for those actions so that's west were rat were waiting to see and noticed none so nobody with more interest in the Buffalo Bills organization coaching staff and players and the people who live and work with child. Court and off fans are interested and concerned as well and and you can't do anything about that I just. Repeating kind of what I said yesterday you know we don't know what happened here. You have to have a certain measure patient you can speculate. If you want. Steve and I believe me we talk about it we talked about it all morning pretty much unite and Andy and we decided we don't really know enough about this to say this is what's gonna happen this is what should happen. If you can exercise their restraint. Please try. I think yeah he's got to wait a little bit and and that's in no way to minimize how serious a situation it is it's. It's tremendously series it's horrible. Crime committed. And that young woman but we nobody really knows quite yet what happened and so. We don't wanna jump to conclusions and look at well whose necks will play running back who should do you what's gonna have a machine will be suspended. Who knows I don't know. Nobody knows. Yeah it's. Yeah and asked a frustrating part about it for us I mean we're you know we don't. Quite Frank Beamer from Ottawa city here for three or about what we don't know if they expect to be listened to people's account yeah and he had this like I said to this we're Murphy Meyer or mainstream media not social media so we can't reacted just while they handled anonymously. I'm not willing to go out on the limb in this case at all I want us it won't be patient and find out what happened in. And let the people who wore informed and with the authority to do something about what happened do. And and take and then go from there so that it's it's frustrating for Merck and I'm very frustrating. Ruined our day yesterday today. It's your at it why tech got this whole thing came to us and what were the victims in all but now and domain. What it did come to work and have this drop on your lap fifteen minutes before we literally fifteen minutes before we went on the air and find out. After about three or four minutes that it was real. And a and then try and regroup just like bills fans are trying to regroup today so. We're in a muddle through it hang in there and we if you wanna call us you can call us tweet at us. We're talking about the bill stuff we've got Andrew frank coming on which will give maybe shed some light be some interesting stuff you're 2 o'clock about. What. The process is going to be through this entire scenario both in the football and of it and in the law ended and I think that's going to be interest. Coming cabinet setting this going to be interesting to a coming up after the top of the hour we're gonna change said there's gonna talk about. Play by play voices. And to cherish voices one market at the same time. There's an article written on that sports broadcast journal from former Miami Heat broadcaster David Halberstam. Who says the bills buffalo had been Miller regenerate the same time for many years. And one of the most cherished play by play combinations ever altar and we'll talk with David Halberstam about them we come back. It is one bills drive from one builds up from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills three.