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The lawyer for the ex girlfriend of McCoy says the bills running back. Is responsible for orchestrating an attack that left her bloody amid attempts to get her to leave his suburban Atlanta mansion there is no police report on the incident yet. And a hospital report that we know of the bills maintain that there monitoring the situation and have been in contact with LeSean McCoy and that's about it there's not much news on that today. The Baltimore Ravens Buffalo's opponents in the season opener have already had their rookies report training camp today. In Owings Mills Maryland veteran players report next week. Baltimore brought in rookies like get tied and beaten her escort American Mark Jackson offensive tackle Orlando brown linebacker Kenny young. They're going early because the ravens participate in the hall of fame game they are eligible to report to training camp. Earlier than the rest of the week we. Grievance rookies reporting for duty today marks the beginning of the end of vacation time around the National Football League. Sabres announced today they've added Steve Smith to their coaching staff as an assistant coach in nine year NHL coaching veteran Smith joins us sabres after spending the last. Four seasons as an assistant coach with Carolina Hurricanes where he was responsible for the team's defensemen and penalty kill. Tennis. An upset. At Wimbledon today Roger Federer lost to Kevin Anderson in a four hour five set epic. Today Federer seem to be heading for routine victory with match point to complete history it's when in the third with. Anderson held his nerve to level up. The produced remarkable surge to take better deep in the fifth set Roger Federer loses. At went in today. To Kevin Anderson Anderson. Stuns top seeded Roger Federer today earlier today Novak Djokovic reached the Wimbledon semifinals. With a win. Over PA new issue Corey and World Cup semifinals and it took like England in Croatia oh in Moscow today the winner moves on to play. It's in Moscow on Sunday. That's the update from one bills drive John Murphy Steve tasker a veneer from one Buffalo's studio skip across our desk today and extremely interesting note. And really an article posted on the web site that deals with broadcasting really sports broadcasting sports broadcast journal. The most cherished. All time same market play by play pairs. Two guys same city. Different sports loved by the fans ranked. By our next guest he is area former radio play by play voice of the Miami Heat executive vice president general manager at Westwood One for a while. And the author of the book sports I'm New York radio play by play history happy to have authored David Halberstam on this David John Murphy Steve tasker in buffalo thanks for joining us. I know what we're doing great and it will act act I ask you this when we spoke on the phone earlier today. I don't just so there's no confusion can you tell me you'd you did mention to me that you are distant relative of the great Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Halberstam right. I sure am he passed in two wars and it. A wonderful and versatile writer David Wise he wrote about sports. And he wrote about politics and he wrote about business and he wrote about culture. And he warned that the exports man. The history of the sport to the book on Michael Jordan. He did a book about. The New England Patriots coach Belichick can. These stories on the. Yankees cardinals and 1964. In the nineteen point nine Red Sox. Or why am. I have felt like trying to emulate him to me I use on air. You know management. Did write a book about a sport where I can't history. Yes well it's a great name to live up to that's for sure. David tell me where does this idea come from which to look at. Different markets different sports different play by play guys and ranked them tell me what the inspiration for that. Well I started a you know web site. Back in January. It's now coal exports brought can't journal that can't exports like cancer journal dot com. And the idealists a profile various broadcasters might write that we turn as the weeks continue until someone ask too many have. And guys like Ken Levine did screenwriter in Hollywood who do you articles the tunnel for. Rudy march key in and a whole bunch out. Doing those four leak to the web site is really growing and have had. Really lit. Profiles. Trends patterns and so on and have them a lot of stories in the treatment scholar you know unchecked current. And one day I was sitting around thinking patient has any market ever. In any way compared. It compared to repair. Announcers in the same city like chick Hearn who did the lakers for forty some odd years and of course and Scully. We didn't dodgers' 67 years and overlap. And dominate a market place the way. Hearn and Scully do it and have that all sorts of list on the side I'll be doing more as the summer goes on both. I started getting it some thought. And ask myself what are some of these. Two great announcers. Who have worked together in time. And I thought it Harry calluses political view is the Phillies this and many years of the great Merrill Reese says Eagleton. They overlap but thirty some odd years and it went back to Marty Glickman and Mel Allen in new York and so on and so forth. And then I thought of buffalo in person is it always comes to mind when I think of buffalo sports announcers. Believe it or not is the name bill may user. Who is an absolute legend in buffalo until you have a New York in 1964. And in fact it was later. Who told me. That Tim Miller. Just a great great for black would have been Luke who really. Told me about it and I started listening to and. I thought it can and of course we can wreck in all the years since they've worked in the same market. There are no other pro teams yet there was some Minor League Baseball team but no mate to the team. And at this point no NBA team itself. Guys like Miller is in Iraq all the years in the same market where you pick a play by play. Over the course of years and I know you can build now but tool over these years. You think of those two games Miller generator so there there probably is in Iraq there. I think right that's right you. They are. You got scholarly and heard. At one and in countless and we should too. I'm Marty Glickman you know Alan and play and you got generous and you got no. David talk to us a little bit about. What your criteria for choosing these guys was like the combination they had to have the same market at the same time. And also one of the things that did in my experience here in buffalo with van Miller and regenerate as their beloved by. The fans who love those teams and their part almost part of the team. So they kind of gain this. At least local notoriety that that may be somebody from Pittsburgh wouldn't even know the play by play guys. From buffalo but the fans couldn't live without on the net and that was also want your criteria. And also they were also exclusive to those teams and and so I am surprised. That she actually had so many groups of guys even choose from you would think you know with particularly in the climate we live in now. The broadcast Anderson is so much turn over that it's hard to find teams and in cities. That have had the it the luxury of having two guys they can depend on season after season. Well lecture workers. That I'll make a point of an initial that I. Load well we love Marv Albert do knicks and Rangers. But at one point it became a joke because Smart doing the Rangers missed more games than he did. So what I meant there what you must be committed to this team. Heard it we found it 300 straight games group. An illness and weather delays and whatever but he'd be at that court case cable come hell or high water. And scholarly. Yeah he did miss some games who uses a great baseball analogy but 67 years is body of war tells the story. So that's what I mean by commitment. And in fact I got some complaints I had thirteen Baker's dozen that was my analysts put somebody says that I omitted. In Atlantis skipped carry through the Atlanta Braves Larry my mentioned the soul legend in Georgia actually. Go late always. Of the Georgia Bulldogs. So there are parts. Believe me and our people felt. And I might have omitted dampen perhaps local markets there are others so it's not that. Necessarily the best announcer. The two at the same time where he walks and one dropped out of it deep sleep at 3 in the morning and ask them. Back you know 1015. Years ago Gordon announcers as these two teams. They would tell you would immediately. We're with our guest David Halberstam was in the post were sports broadcast journal the most cherished all time played the same market play by play pairs. He's got Dan Miller of the bills and regenerate of the sabres as same time live at play announcers I wanna let cards from our listeners. Here a little bit about from the east to I know there familiar voices clearly but let's just is there a call from Tim Miller this is the famous bills game season opener in 1989. In Miami and Jim Kelly takes. Absolutely and and today year to really gain more radio and painting the picture single word that it's an art that that I traded in law. Miller have it without a doubt. I had a great command of the language. He or properly heat filled with drama you can just hearing from the inflection in his voice. When I haven't one thing that I always Florida what I because Dan Miller. These there are are brought care that you look back at them sure you've heard political sex perfect games and I've been scholarly. Then I would tell any budding announcers to memorize it was then. I told the unfortunate Scott Norwood yet. In my category I heard the complete. Cool. That was done by Miller and the way he described it paints the picture of Norwood. Getting ready and setting an active mining that chick. It was just beautiful. I mean I'm afraid you know it didn't work out that it fills that they've got. He's called it. Was magnificent and I would tell anybody broadcasters. To listen to Miller was an. Standing announcer. Yet and I appreciated it and it's interesting too because the game we're talking about Ben Miller and I was actually on the field for a couple of woman or most of them and that it was up. And you're right not all of them are great but the calls can be great and have to be great even if if the announcers disappointed that most of the calls that people remember. Have to do with great moments for their team not not Super Bowl misses or or like that and and me as a buffalo guy now. The things I'm a fan out alive I only heard the highlight evident and for people in buffalo a guy who's actually still calling game down again regenerate. Calling a goal of the May Day gold has read let's listen to that right now we if you bring up the average generous call of the Brett Nagle. You know what I'm pleased eagerly. And a ma. Yeah that was and that was one of the all time great calls office as spur of the moment he and I think you'd appreciate it. Dick crescendo in his voice has always been his signature when he rises up for the goal call. And how it started out solo just the Blue Line and by the time a second and a half later. He's at the top of his lungs call and you know one of the iconic calls in buffalo history. Pollard added out and I am afraid with hockey. Because unfortunately. On radio. Business model today. Make you very difficult for radio hockey to be profitable. And we're seeing a situation in Charlotte where they're going to be in this horrible catch it and get there deal. Hockey legend chuck take much Perez is out. Magnificent and I think that call themselves at all. And as you pointed out the because he. Used his voice inflections perfectly to build the drama. And really put his signature is stamped. What that Gomez. We David Halberstam is in the post for sports business journal the most cherished all times say market play by paid pairs in in a particular market. You don't I'd Steven Wright I believe David that it is some to do with the call you know the play that takes place how the college remember. I think and am curious what you think about this I I think it may have also something new with the market itself. I think some markets. The play by play announcers are are bad you'd more or are considered. You know. Higher than another market you know I think from an idea of the experience or buffalo I think it's important I'd notice it's important to Buffalo Bills fans. Who was caught in the game on the radio I don't know if that's the case in many NFL markets what do you think. I agree it's become very commodity size industry announcing play by play announcing. There are so many answers today. I put games on and on in the business whether it's college basketball game or hockey game. Or even a baseball game I don't even know who in the world isn't matching it should have never really scary watching that game and it's become a lot of guys because. They teach kids. And in a way where you follow certain script. And there are a lot of good announcers but distinguishing one from the other becomes very difficult or recourse at times where he had Miller. And you have wrecked in Munich games people knew exactly. Who they are who they weren't what they sound like everybody now use during the games are for a very long time and they're becoming very comfortable with you. Stay anywhere long enough to the rest of the worse. It doesn't really matter they love you. And it's just the way it. Is like putting is like putting on me comfortable. They're accused. And you adolescent humor. I look at all the guys. You do a great job thanks I'm sure it was tough you. Following a legend like Miller do in the game. But he's seen what happens over a course of time slowly to it again about Miller of their remember immersed in matches where in the world. Makes a kind of batten of hours now you know they've got other guys ever do go and how they have. John sterling and AO lawsuit becomes. Very popular. In the course of time. That they kill it but that of course it's time the timing of the greatest quote the military is got to be here so if you give it long enough. You the love equally as your predecessor. At just what what in the world. Yeah and I am sad that. I David I've benefited enormously from working with Stamford. 1617 years so that worked to my benefit I wanna ask you about a couple of others that. And number eight on your list of all time same market play by play pairs. You got Detroit earnings are well voice of the tigers for decades and it and I confess I never heard this name Bob Buford those who did Michigan football back then. Tell us about those two that a particular. I love Ernie how well I loved him so much as a broadcaster Tommy where you rank him and how you consider him. Well I probably agree with her death row for voices became. Ranking the mansion and he put our what was really behind goalie him and Mel Allen are what was that. Really paint the picture. He can turn a word. He put the or listener right behind home plate he was as good as they come and he had a two way of sleeping. On the people related to use. Sort of your friend that the game and he did it for so long and was so committed to it he wrote too many books he was. Almost interchangeable. They're named tiger is there to all those years. So he was club and it didn't matter which bad times are good times and the world riots in the city of Detroit or bad economy. Baseball season rolls around they heard him the first time in March broadcasting to Florida. And they. Began to believe that that fool now Roland in the went to come to a manageable here early in the tigers will be flanked. There will be away from more problems silk. That's what he Ernie have bought you for you gotta go back to that period of time in the seventies. In the sixties when Michigan was so dominance the lions will. Awful. Did you know for years. And you have the pistons at the time they were not very good yes you have the right way but you currently. Not a trained broadcaster. He didn't go to school like generous. He was a fan he ran track at Michigan. Sold insurance to put some meals on this table. But what he really did and love was doing those Michigan football games and it's going to be sitting in these seeking. And he would sell synonymous with the wolverines program that is nearly two years twenty some odd years it's Harlow and they use for work at the same time those were probably the two best play by play guy events and and that's the way I rank them. I'm Eric its debt burden meet Sheehan comes from Bob you for a never knew that. Yeah yeah argue for yeah. Which they did you know all of those years finish. That. They were applying and they were so good. One of the house ally I don't want it jump in but I wouldn't say yeah we spoke earlier. A great story about to handle it sure let me go ahead. Okay well I there's there's only you know six years. And the color man on TV I worked well on radio. But the color man on TV is inane certainly not screen stability in buffalo there was a stage. Jack Ramsay yeah I object cut coach Steele buffalo braves. And he traveled with the and he backed and they didn't travel on charters which merged. And what you see it that Miller was a prankster. And I know that they never really have met him maybe once. And he said one day there erotic commercial flight plane land. And now here on taxiing as they arrived at the gate and now they go to didn't pull whatever. Overhead luggage in any event. And they're standing waiting for the doors open up and Miller's there right in front of ram in the Bible. And Miller thing he's got a good looking woman ranked in front of and Manchester. This perfectly. Screen tormented him or straight you have these Fister. Then you that you wearing parachutes that don't match. And the woman just totally know. Flushed with what we've. Community being so embarrassed. By forty just say it. And she looks down as she's like frightening in that you see she see Eddie Poland uttered. And they all started where you go play starter is quite. Expect I didn't feel that way that we were probably there. Yeah yeah the fingers at Larry trick you know hey why you only wearing one hearing and then you retarded. Yeah same scenario on what they did did very funny lot of pranks. But he did them over and over and over voice. The FDA if you've heard one you've heard a million government it was credible one of the things that that he did so well was called great. Great games in your right it was. A historic game here in buffalo the greatest comeback of all time at the end of the game the Buffalo Bills that come back from 353 down Steve Christie lined up. To kick the game winning. Field goal and this is what it sounded like when legendary broadcaster Glenn Miller called. Great finish for that game they have overtime victory. And they are part of it to him and not to minimize any of the worked on by any of the people on your list agreed cherished all times they market play by play pairs but you need good game to any drama and noted they have memorable good broadcast notes. I think show wouldn't it be or exceptions in baseball. Because there are guys in LA who went Scully would you regain. For a blowout. It is very moving seamlessly scale and so he's sorry let's all. You know worn when they would down all of those points they made their comeback it's very beginning at the people were short putting out or. You know mind would beat began wandering by today you know radio becomes. Very very difficult because. If you're driving in your car in your mind is wandering you got Chile mine from Rhode. The most important thing to do all the time you know learn this the hard way. Taught him any broadcaster Marty Glickman told me this when he didn't Chinese jets or he is always in the time remaining. The score and who had a reasonable if you do that you do it often enough to know comply he told me that. That's great. David this is great work we thank you very much spent a few minutes with this this summer afternoon to talk about it. Hey good luck to both if you enjoy the football season what. Less than a month off. Come up and is thanks David David Halberstam former radio play by play voice of the MBA Miami Heat. Of radio executive Westwood One author of the book sports on New York radio play by play history and is written this post for sports broadcast journal. The most cherished all time same market play by play pairs. And Buffalo's Ryan Miller and returner at right you'd court. It's great it's it's and you gotta redistributed. The one thing I would say and this is me. Venal guy here's the Ted darling and and generous would tell you this too. Ted darling was an outstanding sabres players want the best hockey play by play men around. And he Cohen said it would mean to so although Rick as. You know ten and fifteen. Odyssey almost twenty years of sabres play by play Emmerich is covered since then but. I hate I don't like to see Ted darling and a you know go by the boards there he was part of it coinciding with with Adam and sabres hockey in and ban. Bills radio those are that was an outstanding group penalty what is its. Telling as well I think smartly most of these French and I hope the bills and certainly over the do you and they did that savers as well. When you get a guy you and I love they stick with. Because you've got a whole generation of people who you need to grow up and and get to know them and it makes you far more fond of the franchise when you've got a voice she trusted love. Given you the games it's just I think it's great broadcast. A great part broadcast rule. But I think a lot clubs adhere to when you get your guy keep him and I think you know are you going into what you're fifteen there fifteenth year. Do and it you know I'll be another thirty. Because that's unique now think about is all the kids that are twenty years old now you're the only voice they now. And that's which should be and I and I hope it stays that way in all these markets you've got these guys we can get these things deserved their coveted jobs. And and they should be because they're they're worth doing their important to the fan base. And it's one off on me so much so much genuine touch which it's. Until late August actually got a pre season game dirt you worked in game. You aren't yet yeah I'm doing a TV game and I think he's I think it's going to be Andrew cattle on who's gonna be doing with meeting guys we did news the do and it. Yeah my partner with CBS for a couple of years. Because he could never do that for pre season game because the PGA. Was on India is doing some Internet work for CBS doing it in audience Hillary platforms they have some of that. But now that's been moved and they revamped the PGA schedule so majors ball once a month throughout the summer now. He's going to be witness on Axl so begun to be good aren't. We think our guest David Halberstam. Who wrote that piece and spent a lot of time of the here today he'd join us on the subway. Press stakeout on subway eat fresh back aboard a moment one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. Signed with Shawn McCoy status with the bills do from here with the echo those from here. Of the years any. Particular insight into the particulars of the deal of of what went on down there in outside Atlanta put. At least so give us an idea of you know what Polanski looks like it's coming up at 2 o'clock. Andrew Brandt NFL knew it was today yes and there was the there is we assume it's still gonna write the yet. Aussie expansion draft and it's now actually is a supplemental draft. Thank you and the NFL reports that quarterback Sam deal of western Michigan regarded as the top. Available player of the five available today has been selected in the third round by the New York Giants Sam BO goes to the New York Giants. React see Nokia. Sounds on the regular the best player available right. Yeah it was a third round of the giants is and that means he was the second player in the third round. The giants' number two in this last year's draft that's the order that they use in the giants. Two with a highs. Adam Schechter says giants hit the third pick in the third round because it's weighted abduction and they used them on the same deal. There had OK it's so. That's interesting but you know the giants are short put together a roster we'll see if that. It takes place but you know obviously third nobody thought other than the giants and you were the third rounder or they did they were in the you know. Higher in the third pick this program so. Com our Twitter poll today deals with the bills on defense while talking about that. Fault lines open in 030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550 or he can do it on Twitter. Our Twitter poll which bills defense of player will make the Pro Bowl in 2018. This upcoming season we've we've put a few bombed suggestions out there you know to stick with them overwhelmingly 72% of you think that it will be pretty these white. In the Pro Bowl this year 17% say Micah Hyde. 8% see Jordan Boyer 3% if somebody else the money you have some comments from where's the postman pilot says he likes to dig deep. Edmonds is an easy answer as well as those three guys but first comes in my mind that he'd love to see take a big step would be Matt alana. With the new front seven DC a guy like him taking full advantage I like a lot of what we've seen from him in the day when you're going that deep your open a lot of guys play well map alarmist or the Pro Bowl also from Alec Penske. Hey guys what do you think of starlet to LA former player under McDermott you could. See he could have a solid impact on the couple of people going off the board with memo auto starlet to their legs and look to let agencies have. He's a big strong dominant defensive lineman he's going to be playing with a deep group up there are deeper group than they the bills have seen in recent years and and he's had some experience in this defense so he would he should you would think he could plug right in know what's going on and have a pretty good season. On the tweet sheet from Aaron Yancey says I'm on what Micah Hyde as a defense put me in the pro ball why. He says simply because he has ease the high street bill on them and nineteenth that's one way to look at it against. They do there are market men. EA they do their homework I don't would echo that. Let's take a few phone calls here Noel from Phoenix dog go ahead you're on airless. Yes I was gonna take a windows you have like 99 years while AJ McCarron starts since last talent take over include the bill to the promised land. Where is an element. Right side of the damage you think about it that. That was the year in 98 was the year. Doug Flutie Flutie job rob Johnson and I I said this you think back and they eat it's funny were you remember up those things and know what's good call. You thunder you remember I remember being in the Booth at a different game and they showed the playoff bracket come out and this when Wade Phillips was coaching the Buffalo Bills and were into the playoffs they were gonna play. The Tennessee Titans. In the wild card round. And ice on the air of a different game my circled the bit buffalo. Tennessee game in the wild card with almost T unit at the New England in the pits personal where the bubble as the winner of that game. Is going Super Bowl games. And I was. I was dead on and it and it wasn't for home run throwback it would have been the bills and its bills were concrete and defense they were crushing it and they were really playing well on both sides of the ball really saw a lot of really good great team speed it but. Everything you know or malls as prime. Yes and guys. And in home run throwback. Tennessee tied to you when you double against. The St. Louis Rams and how do you think we should commemorate it's anniversary moment from which we should do let's get to look at a much. Back there right. Though toy years later can you explain what you saw what you thought you saw what he saw on the replay. Like networks I tell you this as I've said this a couple of times privately. That was the first. I was retired. And when I retired right to I was done right yet I've missed I missed rate be done and I went through whole season in the broadcast boots. For CBS. And I was watching at home. With the family. We and the home run throwback occurred. And that is the only time. In my entire life after I retired or that I thought it might mean the difference. Really am I guess so I covered just in my mind I was ahead of that play I don't. Don't chase the fat guy with the ball he's gonna throw somebody who's fast. You know I was kind of thinking ahead of cassettes you know. And that's the only time. Which have been. You know I'm you and I wish I would have been there but that's 100000 others announcing. Then that the yet that. I was just like every other group of fans and I was like the series this. Here's let's go to Curtis in Niagara Falls on the line with a solo Curtis go ahead. Oh god I don't today and good. I love yeah I don't want you guys know that occurs YouTube. No thank you every time anomaly on the loose I'm quite thing which is unfortunate. That but I don't Colin. Produce an hour and strong market but only gonna make people down about the whole thing. In the pile on the threat from the girl you know at first with the book four and after pictures. There and it was the court that the assault itself in all he'd been doing there 08. He beat his child. He beat them at all if she snatching hit a line. From previous are our inner cell and committed to Iowa and that gets. I mean if you feel. If you walk you don't need to do the Carling. I've coached and that they wouldn't go with me about. Yeah I I get occurs I purchasing her instinct take because you're right but. Yeah I don't know too when you when you saw that posted it came out that really what would land this thing in the headlines. There was a lot of anger there so there's a lot of frustration over somebody whose friend had just been the victim of heinous crime. And she was lashing out and everybody now she probably feels justified in her in her. Accusations and are that are allegations. No question we you know everybody does in that moment. And but she has taken that she took that is to Graham post down but has stood by it. And privately so she's I don't know what that but there's a lot of remote yet there's a lot of emotion there and you're right I mean there's a lot of people are analyzing this from their own point of view and and Kurdish she did the same thing just like all of us did. Problem is you know it. There are always questions because we just don't know the outlaw the authorities don't know there's been no arrest there's been no. Charges filed we don't even know what the rip police reported a hospital report says at this point we do you have. The the police being summoned there at 3:23 AM. Yesterday morning and that for home invasion. And that is where we stand and all the stuff that came out accurate it was packed with emotion as you would you would expect. For a crime that with the horrific result that this would add. And all the things that have happened previous to the crime beat in the relationships that they have come out. Lots of stuff flying around. And he's you're right we all questioned everything these days because we've seen so much and hurt so much so. Until we have answer I'm just holding my questions inside until I have more information. So that answers the questions before grass. The Mets as kind of worse it right now I'm just and there's all kinds of speculation liner we've had a couple caller on the show with wild speculation. And there are questions that need to be answered courtesy brought a couple of them up to bit. That's it simple fact of the matter is and the sad part is we may never know I mean this who knows there's compromise Gary in Lancaster. Gary and tell you I'm sure you remember this name and bring it up. What really bad announcers I even listen to and when I was growing up as many Stan Barrett. Where Pakistan Afghanistan he was and yet again network with a might do news on his. Preformed sports show unknown we met the WB Henry. Play get always listen to him back when the old bite into it played now actively and remember us into an overtime game where. Maybe got tied up at the last second of the game and one. The titans wanted to protect. And it's really interesting. I am I thought your own to a story which I know and we talk about a lot factory called Gary. Stand Barron did buys and hockey HL hockey did buys in baseball the bills football. The hockey game once and I'm I'm I'm certain this is true. And it got to gone back and forth at the old auditorium Morton auditorium back and forth and I thought yours ago that this yet so excited. Guy took a shot and he goes stances are low he hit a leap in goalposts. He dropped and he yes what an and then proceeded. The expletive that you don't want to drop he apparently dropped. Goalposts. I've told it's absolutely better basketball game or hockey talk hockey game that he would deposed enemy called bleeping go leaving open as an athlete I gotta tell you and I got I got buffalo in 1986 and a number 86. And so I don't know whose game baron was never heard him call a gamer and important is that the bison were. The hockey team was gone yet disease say yes so. Yeah that's news to me I'm never here and I'm the wrong I wasn't program guide it to grow up here. This is unique and work them stand one more stick. He would come in he had it he wrote you know is different here he Brody of one or two minute radio commentary every day. For a noontime show and it would be the first scene commander work at three years and the year 211 you know 6711. And becoming evident it was counter right editorial. Of my best days I've been working in the newsroom as Wednesday and was kept operate is DC. John any idea and I I have like a list of three my folder on my desk. A gay stance how about little tree basketball location and how about the bills need to do this when he asked me for an idea and use it. As a 23 year old this past him parent can play your idea. Great great man I had great mentor stand in bandits only people that are worked with them around here. The thing about it you've been a buffalo group and locked me in buffalo. And you. That's I think that would tell me how much is that helped you. Get a feel for the fan base for the teams for the franchises for the depth of knowledge yet to have about their history in that I mean. It's almost an unfair advantage upper right people who come out of town but anybody I ever stuff is their first you think about if you get some interest of these jobs come I mean. You know everybody wants to be on look on radio for a major leaguer NFL football team or baseball team hockey team they wanna be that guy has its you know. And to have a guy like you who you think it was a Dunkirk. You're locked pork you get these guys that are that grew up with the Teamsters I think it's hugely important it's been a huge and I think that's. Maybe more so than in the marketer like other's markets outside of buffalo that's I think that's programs. Give me as we said that it's actually David Halberstam. It it's a lot about these announcers were revered cherished as he put it it's a lot about the market almost more so the guys themselves like. What do you want for your play by play announcer what do you expect you know plus. Plus the fact that you do you'd be the guy for white needed generation of fans to know your voice in and appreciated and and it and analysts but I don't know I agree would name how abortion stand about that. Did you are you gotta be the same guy all the time by that I've patent or with too many good announcers it was some guys who struggle and you you know. Nobody wants listens to a guy who is. Doesn't make him comfortable. Are due to take a break regret that more talk about. The shuttle by coming up at the top of the hour tour Clarke Andrew Brandt. A sports business expert from a variety of platforms he's the director of the more at center for a sports laud Villanova University. He's gonna join us at two we'll talk about of course we'll talk about some other issues as well. That's coming up to we've got a lot more to come one goes live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills three. WGR. Sports Radio 550. Back to show we call on one bills lives we are alive. It's good thing where one bills drive over new air field that looks like it continued work on the reverend scoreboards those look like you're going to be bigger. Maybe better hum NFL. Notes to date Sam deal. Considered the top talent in this year's supplemental draft. Third round pick third selection the third round by the New York Giants the western Michigan quarterback. Albert prayer reports that B it was the first player selected in the supplemental draft in three years. Percy or the first three rounds since. Josh Gordon went in the second in 2012. So it's unusual. Something pretty good player like a long range he got right 61 up particularly heavy questions about his musicality and run support ability but. That the giants are I give big giant credit under Dave Gelman and I know he's. You know under the weather these days the giants have been extremely aggressive this Nazis. And the giants are serious about I think winning now and you know what Steve. I would not overlook the New York Giants is a potential. Challenger for the NFC east. They date I think Eli so it's up the left in the tank. If they're gonna blow that is impeded the Eagles obviously in this and I can see that gap I don't think Dallas is going to be. Former why don't I don't think the Redskins are going to be formidable. So if if you're looking for somebody to challenge Eagles I think that the giants win that. Challenger role by default. But I don't think anybody's gonna touch the Eagles particularly whence comes in week one plays like he did at the end of last season or a two week thirteen of the last season so. Yeah I think the Eagles are going to be there for awhile. But wells. Was I thought the guys back in control we're talking big talking up the giants to. You know fans. Now I'm I'm man. You know we are right. I don't you know not going to be. I don't think to be picking number two in the draft that's for sure but I don't think they're going to be pushing to win that division I really don't you know I mean. I'd just speaking Eli. Of course you know the story right deal for draft accord wrecked score early Eli drafted by the chargers never signed eventually wound up with the giants and all worked out. Philip Rivers goes to the since the events in Diego chargers but Eli. Still has the Jersey. From the 2004 and a pilgrim still has it the one to be able when he went up on stage still owns it I don't blame mom that's a collect. Item right. Listen that that little story that went along with it and he said yeah apps I've still got it it was laying around my house and it was his mom and dad's house Archie and Olivia house. And is moms like me and need this anymore right I want to a suitable to his team than the other and why you needed. Kweisi needed chargers Vietnam it means and and you know like you don't give it away. The road you know get rid of it. And Archie he said you guys about my dad kind of stepped in why's that it. And you keep hang on to remind save that for rainy day you know and sure enough I mean you got it. That's. He mentioned it that way. That's like that's like for some people at holy Grail of memorabilia that's one of those things that might of it and kind of pieces of history. For pro football. You match haven't Eli Manning's charger Jersey that he got held up as the number one overall pick. It was immediately treated to the giants who were who won two super bulls went. Collectors. And if they're not only that he got treatment for Philip Rivers or all thing to. All right Dick isn't it seemed wow we're talking with. David Halberstam earlier today about. Home run throw record note and a Elliott talk about it you've got talking about how it is the time when you thought maybe you would play this week. This is I think says a lot about those it is great to loan tweeted. And it's almost twenty years as we've said since home run throwback. Greg too long tweet and for me home run throwback as one of the first examples of nearly twenty years of exponentially worse over realization by a replay. Forget ball trajectory use your head there's no way a guy in the 24 throws a lateral to a guy in the 26. Greg strong tweets and and he's right. You don't need to look at it over and over and over again and replay it was illegal it was an illegal forward pass there's no question about that folks I. I have a smiley face is it's forty years ago on. But there's a time when I was angry about that it was an illegal forward pass clearly an illegal forward pass it yes Steve would have made a difference if he was playing but he was not. Plane that day but it's a it's a bad way. Lot of things easier to say twenty years later let me stay so that I remember thing listen it's not where. Dyson caught the ball that's where the ball was when he reached back to grab. It's illegal forward pass that was its should've been. The call that I I I admit I saw it on by sought on the day happened. And he didn't even need chase him because that that was a forward pass her when then you know when they start looking at a nice start seeing the replays us like animals they're going to be able to overturn it. And certainly they've obviously. The team goes the Super Bowl because they didn't. I think this guy tweed is in great too long and India can help me in my push because the home improvement one of the first examples of twenty years of worse over analysts HMM replay. Paula minor great we're trying to get rid replay Nomar instant replay using appreciate your story we've pretty literally knee right at night with allies you in the mouth in your pocket no more replay usage in officiating football. Greg it sounds like you're right on board reader. I've I believe that you get ridiculed. Of course on Twitter we get ridicule would be able to say. Oh come on Murphy. Give with the times I am the times I've watched as much football as most people. Replay it doesn't work folks it does not work and that creates many problems as solves. And is great too long points out we saw even twenty years ago for home run for a back on the replay it was. Did not help officiate at play and actually may have contributed to this the wrong call. Is being sent over there and I am UK got ridiculous but I tell them why I mean. If you go back to a situation that was working better before you changed I don't believe what were in better. And number two is I don't think you I'm not. You know and it's like and it's like and then in the Disney movies no matter how the wind howls mountains not in about it he can't put that genie back in the bottle what movie was that it was a move alone. Didn't seek. So why can't genie back in about eastern and every place is still look at it debate it talk about it just don't use it to make calls here's the thing Merv. Yet you're gonna have. You're gonna go back and look at it a name you're gonna know you could've fixed it and became. Yeah you could have fixed it and now he's got yeah he goes on now with Mac play in fact now here's the thing that here's the difference. You're trying to get it right and replay agreed even though they screwed up Brian but right right okay but listen. Then with if you don't give replay out of it you're not trying to get it right. Now we're not trying to get it right because you're you're not giving yourself the chance to look at and say oh my gosh look at that. The guy did bobbled the ball didn't come out when he hit the ground the ball was loose before his hand came forward in the pocket. It was a fumble that was not a you know wasn't it incomplete. Now you're you're giving up your right to get it right if you really subscribe to that theory you would use replay for holding calls and all the other penalties or it's not applicable one user for everything. I gotta wait there and listen and would get into this too. I like you know Luke my son plays in Canada. They can challenge anything yet why not use it like that fact to help. The tide gets last week. Where actually didn't help them but they got into a pot spot last week with a give a big big plan is that Whitman we think there was illegal. Contact or he got to pick the guys on this guy right here there was illegal I can't just say I think there's a penalty someplace look for. But you know there's none of that these sailors and on our number on our number sixteen there was a penalty. When you look at nova back and look at it and eight and if you got big play taken away. You can get it back or vice Versa if the gave up a big play defensively is they hate their guy was offside there was an illegal formation or. What have you their guy pushed off they go back and look at his that your right date and the big play comes off the board so we can do that to have you can widen it. Let these coaches and their coaching staffs up in the Booth. Look at him pick where they want to have a challenge and you get one of those for those speaking and Luke your son Luke is going to be a show is tomorrow is that right you tomorrow 1 o'clock to talk about packets football it diamonds Allen and more importantly the real quarterback yet Jeremiah busily. Plan of their keep and Johnny mints on the bench got a string of nine straight games where is thrown for 300 year plus yards. Tied a couple of really you guys can Austin as one of the quarterback's time Warman was the other I think there's another guy there's like a tie for fourth and the next game germ I'm his only has a chance to set see it's all right with that at least been in existence for over a 125. Years. It's been amazing. This heated depth and history to name its Canadian football hasn't and the quarterback that keep and Johnny men's on the benches on the verge of breaking a record. For 300 yard games or so. To answer tomorrow on the show would receive 1 o'clock say. One. He's others and sad it was a good guest coming up next we will dive into it. What we can about there was some of what situation our guests gonna be hander Brett sports business analyst from the Moret in Los sinners sports loss center at Villanova University. Edgar brits seem divided join us when we return one bills live from one bills drive this is buffalo bill's repeal.